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CHRONICLE                                                                                                       May 2005

We trust that you found the last Crue Consulting Chronicle            Payback
informative and that the information we provided you on Tax
                                                                 This benefit is an automatic feature of all Discovery Life
Planning and Group Life Cover were of assistance to you. As
                                                                 Integrator policies. You will receive up to 50% of your total
members of Discovery Health, you will know that you have
                                                                 Discovery Life risk premiums paid back to you every five years.
access to significant benefits within your medical scheme.
What you may not know is that, as a member of Discovery
Health, you also have access to great benefits through                Enhanced guarantees
Discovery Life.
                                                                 Your premium guarantee for your Discovery Life policy can be
                                                                 significantly enhanced due to your Vitality status. Depending on
As a member of Discovery Health and Vitality, Discovery Life     your annual Vitality status level, Discovery will provide you with
provides you and your family the unique opportunity to benefit   greater and greater certainty about your life policy premium
from the Discovery Integrator. The Discovery Integrator is       guarantees for the coming years.
designed to work for you over your lifetime. By actively
maintaining and improving your health and lifestyle, you are
able to influence your future life assurance premiums.                Multiple Integrator Plans
                                                                 You can now purchase more than one Integrator Life Plan for
                                                                 any member on the Health Plan. This means that you are able
The Discovery Life Integrator                                    to purchase a personal life policy as well as a business policy
                                                                 with the discounted premiums.

     Life Premium Discount
                                                                 As you can see from the above information, there are enormous
You are able to receive a discount of up to 20% on your          benefits to integrating your health and life policies through
Discovery life, disability and severe illness premiums           Discovery. Should you require any additional information
depending on your Discovery Health Plan option and Vitality      regarding the benefits of integration or any other financial
status. This means cheaper premiums for more cover.              planning advice, please feel free to contact Crue Consulting
                                                                 (Pty) Ltd on (021) 530 8500 or e-mail us at

     Reduction in monthly premiums
You have the ability to reduce your annual premium increases
on your Discovery Life policy by managing your health and
your Vitality status.

                                                                 Yours si nce rel y
                                                                 The Crue Consulting Team