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									                              IBEAR Alumni

   Federico S. de Alzaga, Director, Aracano
   Horacio Martin Bach, Vice President, UBF Argentina S.A.
   Antonio Garcia, Garcia, Fernandez y Asociados
   Ramon Simon Pereyra Iraola, Board of the Directors, Pinturas Cibel
   Maximiliano Jose Kassai, International Director, Alphagraphics
   Marcelo Enrique Paciorek, Manager, LG&E Energy Corp.
   Gonzalo Martin Rodriguez, Financial Analyst, Nestle Waters
   Maximiliano Klix Saravia, Controller, CardiacAssist


   Bagrat Safaryan, Consultant, PA Consulting Group


   Glen D. Lu, Business Consultant, AT&T
   David Richardson, Director - Asia Pacific, South West of England Regional Development


   Wilhelm Hantsch-Linhart, Head of Department, AWS Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH


   Etienne Geeraerd, President, SIC ELECTRONIQUE


   Julio C. Attilio, General Manager, Saporiti do Brasil
   Airton Beretta, Chief Financial Officer, TSB
   Jorge Alexandre Casara, Commercial Manager, J. Rettenmaier & Soehne
   Ana Maria Strambi Guimaraes, Sr. Risk Consultant, Countrywide Financial Corporation
   Jose Belfort Mattos, Managing Director, R.L. Polk % Co.
   Gustavo Bueno Norberto
   Pierre Francois Ruprecht, Director, Micronal S/A
   Steven A. Suto, Financial Analyst, The Coca-Cola Company
   Antonio Augusto Tigre, Executive Director, Rede Brasil Sul - RBS
   Claudio Filho Toigo, RBS
   Laercio Akihiro Uezono, Sales and Marketing Manager - Latin America, Stryker Corporation
   Francisco Tosta Valim, Chief Financial Officer, Net Servicos De Comunicacao S/A


   Venko Deligrudev

   John C. Baldwin, President, Corporate Performance Systems
   Albert Chak-Kee Cheng, Asyst Technologies
   Shawn M. Coombs, Manager, Hewlett Packard
   Stephan J. Delisle, Tax Sales Manager, Ernst & Young
   Rob Rob Hunter, International Projects Manager, Samling Singapore (Private)
   Angela Carla Tung Che Lui
   Peter W. McCullagh, Vice President, Siebel Systems
   Douglas William Montgomery, Regional Manager, Rubbermaid Japan
   James Sparrow, Financial Services Manager, Export Development Canada (EDC)
   Bruce Adam Tarbet, Director, Assistance, International SOS Assistance


   Rodrigo Juan Baez, CFO, AROSI Enterprises
   Christian Gaston Barrientos, Human Resources and Quality Manager, Autopista Central S.A.
   Enrique Escobar Gattas, Projects Manager, Corporacion Chilena de la Madera
   Jose Frugone, Market Research Manager, Farmacias Benavides
   Patricio Sanchez, District Manager for Andina Area, The Coca-Cola Company (Chile)
   Maria Loreto Serrano, Director, Universidad Finis Terrae
   Carlos Ricardo Ugarte, Chief Financial Officer, Cintra Chile, Member of Grupo Ferrovial
   Jose Luis Zabala, Marketing Manager, Unilever


   DaWei Bai
   Zhongze Bai, President & CEO, UTrack
   Baoshu Cao, Director & Manager, Arrow Asia, Shipbrokers HK
   Zuo Cao, Vice President, Beijing Dynamic Power Science & Technology Co.
   Yee Cheng, Senior Advisor, Zhongxing Accounting Firm
   Yik Man Cheung, COO, Executive Director, Hong Kong Financial Services Institute
   Jizhou Du
   Xiaoming Feng
   Rong Gao, Director/Partner, Tack Business Consulting Shanghai
   Zhenhong Guo, AVP of Corporate Finance, Comdisco
   Yuan Guo, Merrill Lynch
   Xiangyu Byron He, Managing Director; CEO/President, Biz Tunnel
   Bin Jiang
   Zhang Jun
   Bin Li, Millward Brown International
   Chunyu Li
   Huanghai Li, Ph.D. student, University of Southern California
   Kan Li, Financial Advisor, World Financial Group (Member of Aegon Group)
   Wei Li, Assistant Vice President, Countrywide Bank
   Xihao Li, Managing Director, Chinahubs
   Ying Li
   Yingru Li, Chief Operation Official (COO), North America Livestock Alliance (N.A.L.A.)
   Jialiang Liu, Product Marketing Manger, Ericsson USA
   Hongquan Lu
   Ying Lu, Vice President, Fiberxon
   Dan Ping Mu, Executive Director, World Heritage Foundation
   Wei Pu
   Yuhong Qiao, National Head of Broad Marketing, AIG
   Li Qu, Business Manager (Asia) Handspring
   Ping Shen
   Lan Tian Sun
   Hans Fuhong Wan, Owner, USK International
   Chunfu Wang, Managing Director, Cobase Enterprises
   Gang Wang
   Guangmin Wang, Equity Analyst,
   Jingyu Wang, Product Manager, xSWC Business International
   Liming Wang, Shenzhen Landcom Sci. & Tech. Co.
   Xiaochun Wang, Asia America Aviation Systems
   Zhongping Wang
   James Jinian Wen, President, Beimar
   Yan Xia, Chairman of the Board/CFO, BizTunnel Network Co.
   Wenfeng Xu, Executive Manager, Allies BioPharm. Licensing Co.
   Yunkang (Carlos) Xu, Market Development Manager, Sema Priority Call
   Fan Yang, Managing Director, ACE Financial Advisory
   Yongming Yang
   Chen Yao, Marketing Research Manager, Resources Connection
   Christine H. Yu, Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch
   Hui Yu, Chairman, Sunny Medical Device International
   Dongbing Zhang
   Haitao Zhang, Project Manager, PartsRiver
   Haixia Zhang
   Qi Zhang, Financial Analyst, Avery Dennison Hong Kong B.V.
   Senfu Zhang, Deputy General Manager, SINOCHEM
   Anguo Zhu, General Manager, Ingersoll-Rand (China) Investment Company
   Catherine Qing Zhu, Senior Real Estate Accountant, CB Commercial
   Jian Zhu, Director, Mainland Exchange


   Jaime Mejia, Editor in Chief, Dinero Magazine
   Jose Luis Salas, Bogota Assistant Director, Panamco-Colombia-Coca-Cola
   Ricardo Sarmiento, Local Material Supervisor, General Motors-Colombia

                                       COSTA RICA

   Glorianna Loria Ruiz


   Michael Esper Andersen


   Gustavo A. Marriott, President, Marriott S.A.

   Raouf R. Khalil, Financial Analyst, Monoco Enterprises


   Mikhail Maslov, Senior Staff Consultant, Verizon


   Jari Torvelainen, Member of the Board, Evia Oyj


   Bernard Berger, Chief Operating Officer, TaoSecure
   Philippe Malhomme, Reliability Engineer & Marketing Analyst, Airbus Industrie
   Olivier P. Messager, Competitive Intelligence Analyst, ST Microelectronics
   Francois Parizot, Aircraft Engine Regional Sales Director, CFM International/Snecma
   Veronique Le Gall Rossi, Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers Corporate Finance


   Moritz Sebastian Friederich, Manager, KPMG
   Andreas Kiefer, Regional Sales Director Asia Pacific, SR Telecom
   Stefan Peter Schwertel, Senior Associate, McKinsey & Company


   Melissa Zafirelis, Regional Clinical Research Manager, CardiacAssist

                                      HONG KONG

   Dana Wai Ching Lei Chan, Assistant Function Head, Gadjah Tunggal Group
   Senia Pang Chin, Company Secretary, Semi-Tech (Global) Company
   Anthony Oswald Cumine, Director, Nordhoek Sportcenter
   Yee Hing Ho, Product Manager - Asia, GE Appliances Asia
   Kay Hon
   Raymond L.M. Hu, Deputy Chairman & Managing Director, Ryoden Development
   Gary Hung, Vice President, Financial Consultant, Merrill Lynch (Asia Pacific)
   Clellen Wing-Fan Ip, Manager, Emerson Electric Asia
   Polly Kong, Senior Manager, Hong Kong Tourism Board
   Tsu-Shin Kuo
   David M.K. Lam, Director, Bennether Investment
   John Lam, Financial Consultant, Prudential-Bache Securities International
   Mary Lau, Director, Gemstar Development
   Phyllis Wai Sheung Law, Vice President/Director, World Consortium of Companies
   Andrew T.K. Lee, Director, Ramona Holdings
   Anissa Y.L. Lee, Manager, Bank of Credit and Commerce (HK)
   Michael Yau-Shek Lee, Director, Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office
   Huai Chin Lei, General Manager, PT. Gadjah Tunggal
   Regina Leung, Bristol Myer Squibb
   Ning Li, Manager, Henderson Land Development Co.
   Ching-Cheng Ma, Head of Treasury and Capital Markets, The Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking
   Hoi-Keung Ng, Owner, Motophoto 2 Portrait Studio
   Kwan Ng, Business Development Director, Sunny Medical Device
   Michael King Shing Siu, Director, Midway Investment
   Sik Kwan Tai, Senior Manager, Ernst & Young Hua Ming
   Michael Y.L. Tsang
   Gordon M.W. Wong
   Peter Y. Wong
   Shing-Yip Jack Wong
   Victor W.T. Wu
   Danny C.K. Yiu, Vice President, Kataman Metals


   Miklos Laszio Bakati, Director, Privatebank Samesch


   Vimal R. Ambani, Director, Vimal International
   Rajesh Aniruddha Bhagat, Strategic Project Analyst, Pacific Life Insurance Company
   Prashant Kumar Chaturvedi, Manager, American Express Company
   Swaraj Chowdhury, Senior Analyst, Dalton Investments
   Sisir K. Datta, Director, Synture
   Kiran Chandramohan Kamtikar, Deputy General Manager, BSNL, India
   Sanjiv Kapoor, General Manager, Oman Trading Est
   Vijaykumar Govindaraj Karai, CEO, Brindavan Beverages
   Dhiraj Malik
   Srikanth Manchala, CEO, Trianz
   Mathew Ninan, Project Engineering Manager, Nelson Packaging Company
   Muralidharan Neeliyath P, Project Manager/MIS Manager, ICE, INC.
   Roy Pereira, Senior Business Analyst, Agilent Technologies
   Srilata Rao
   Pritam Singh, President, Denny's/Coco's Franchise Group
   Rajiv Srivastava, Client Engagement Manager, EDS (Schweiz) AG


   Aida Trisnawati Agung, Consultant, A&J Consulting
   Hendra Alimin, Director, PT. Gajah Surya Finance
   Setiawan Aluwi, President Director, PT. United Dico Citas
   Tjendikiawan Aluwi, Director, PT. Panca Intigraha Pacific
   Rudy Sjahdan C. Aziz, Vice President, Mobil Oil Indonesia
   Tjandra Bachtiar, Director, PT. Multi Investment
   B.P. Kusumo Bintoro, Director, Institut Manajemen Mitra Indonesia (IMMI)
   Dharma Karuna Budhiwati, Director, Lippo Group
   Me Joen Venny Chintolukman, Marketing Department, PT. Sinar Pratama Agung
   Ganang Sri Danardojo, Contract & Procurement Coordinator, Atlantic Richfield Company
   Tungga Dewa, Logistics Manager, Mandala Nusantara
   Darmoyo Doyoatmojo, Vice President, MEDCO
   Ari Fauzi, Director, PT. Tambang Timah (Persero)
   Muhammad Fauzin, Finance Manager, PT. Bangun Tjipta
   Handi Janto Ganis, Senior Vice President, PT. Tuans Sepadan Investama
   Setio Hadiyanto, President Director, PT. Cita Sarana Usada
   Abdul Hakim
   Theodorus Aloysius Herutomo, Bureau of Finance (Biro Keuangan)
   Herman Hidayat, President/Director, PT. Mapindo Parama
   Paul Prakoso E. Himawan, Executive Director, P.T. IRC Inoac Indonesia
   Rusli Idris, Vice President, Mobil Oil Indonesia
   Irawan, Managing Director, PT. Bumisakti Soerya Corporation
   Irfai, Deputy, National Logistics Agency
   Abi Jabar, President Director, PT Debisa Karya Lutuna
   Junino Jahja, CFO, PT. Indosat
   Nicolaas Kanter, Manager, ARCO Indonesia
   Gerry Kasih, Senior Partner, Business Solution Consulting
   Wieke Kodri, Maxus Energy Corporation
   Rudyan Kopot, Chief Executive Officer, Charoen Pokphand Group Indonesia
   Rully Lontoh, Director, PT. Hasjrat Abadi
   Adhi Mahendra, President, PT. Pioneer Trading Co.
   Ulian Taurin Malik, Director, PT. Tempo National Life
   Dyah Nastiti K. Makhijani, Deputy Manager, Bank Indonesia
   Puddu Razak Mansur, Senior Expert, Bappenas (National Development Planning Agency)
   Timothy E. Marnandus, Chairman, PT. Hagabank
   Maryat Nirwandi, Director, PT.Timah TBK
   Adi Rizal Nizar, Director, PT. Toyota Astra Motor
   Igusti W. Bagoes Oka, V. P. Corporate Plan, Garuda Indonesia Airlines
   Paulus Joga Pratama, President, Alta Gloria Corp
   Gregorius Pratiknyo, Faculty Member, Institut Management Prasetiya Mulya
   Siswanto Prawiroatmodjo, Manufacturing and Engineering Director, PT. Astra Honda Motor
   Eddy Purwanto, Assistant Director, PERTAMINA
   Achmad Purwono, Director, Lembaga Immi Manajemen
   Maman Rachman, President, PT. Pillar Pradhana Exatama
   Renold A. Rachman, Marketing Manager, PT (Persero) Indosat Tbk
   Vivienne Rachman, Senior Strategic Planning Analyst, ARCO International Oil & Gas Co.
   Gabriel Radityo, Channel Programs Manager, Cisco Systems
   Rudy Ramli, President Director, Bank Bali
   Bhakti Sadeli, Managing Director, PT. Kayu Permata
   Benjamin Barnabas Salindeho, General Manager, Indosat
   William Hersen Sambalao, Executive Vice President, Bank Negara Indonesia
   Totok Santoso, Bank Rakyat Indonesia
   Budi Saroso, Director, PT. Thamadita
   Indra Setiawan, CEO, Garuda Indonesia Airlines
   Halim Shahab, Chairman, Indonesian Industrial Estate Association
   Effendi Situmorang, Vice President, Exploitation Engineering, Atlantic Richfield Indonesia
   Bara L. Siwabessy, Johnson and Johnson Indonesia
   Sukono Soebekti, President, Lembaga Manajemen PPM (PPM Institute of Management)
   Tjahjono Soerjodibroto
   Meilono Soewondo, Director, PT. Bangun Tjipta Sarana
   Andru Bramantya Subowo, Managing Director, Bramadi Capital
   Nugroho Suksmanto, Managing Director, PT. Abadi Guna Papan
   Sunder A. Sundriyo, President, Surya Group
   Triadi Parmana Suparta, Director, PT. Srimedia Sarana Komindo
   Djarot Suseno, Facuty member, Lembaga Pendidikan dan Pembinaan Manajemen
   Djati Sussetya, Manager of General Services, PT. Caltex Pacific Indonesia
   Ho Yung Tan, Director, PT. Kawan Niaga Sahabat Textile Ind.
   Lim Hoe Tan, Vice President, Universe International
   Roy T. T. Tan, C.E.O, Union Group
   Tjin Kok Tan, President Director, PT. Batasan
   Handoko Anindya Tanuadji, President & Director, PT Broadband Multimedia
   Samsul Tauladan, President Director, Prabu Jaya Interlock
   Surja Tjahaja
   Iwan Tjandradinata, PT. Insan Sandang Internusa
   Indra Cahya Uno, HR Director, PT. Matsushita Gobel Electric Works Manufacturing
   Bernardus Priyono Wanandi
   Abisetyo Widodo
   Kunrat Wirasubrata, Country Operations Officer, Islamic Development Bank


   Dror Glass, Managing Director, Glass Ventures
   Ilan Rosenmann, Director for Industrial Cooperation, RAFAEL
   Einat Zisman, Chief Business Officer, The Weizmann Institute of Science


   Paolo Casa, Senior Consultant, Poli Morelli & Partners
   Vittorio Grimaldi, Chief Investment Officer, Gestnord Intermediazione
   Alessandro Pontoglio, Credito Italiano
   Fabio Puntillo, Consultant, self-employed
   Paolo Sigismondi

                                     IVORY COAST

   Kouame Attoumbre, Manager, Laborex Cote D'Ivoire
   Emmanuel Guibi
   Alexis Kadio Koffi, Senior Finance Officer, African Development Bank
   Foba Jean Mango, Regional Manager, Texaco Nigeria PLC
   Francois Yao, Centre Africain d'Etudes Monetaires


   Llewelyn A. Bailey, Jamaica National Building Society


   Hiroyuki Aiba, Analyst, Tonnen General
   Shoji Akahane, Senior Vice President, Mizuho Corporate Bank
   Hirotomo Akaiwa, Senior Official, Japanese Federal Ministry (Soumusyou)
   Yoshihito Akiyama, Manager, Accounting Group, Keyence Corporation
   Kenichi Ando, Deputy General Manager, The Tokio Marine & Fire Insurance Co.
   Hisanobu Aoki, HR Assistant Manager, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
   Takako Aono, Senior Consultant, Mercer HR Consulting
   Kohji Asada, Professor, Kyorin University
   Yasushi Chubachi, Staff Analyst, Affiliate Finance and Business Support, ExxonMobil Yugen
   Yoshikazu Dambara, Lead Consultant, Hitachi
   Osamu Dohke, Department Manager, Aventis Pharma
   Tetsuya Doi, Manager, Fuji Xerox Co.
   Yosuke Fujimori, Senior Manager, JONES LANG LASALLE
   Hirokazu Fujita, Manager, The Tokio Marine & Fire Insurance Co.
   Hideaki Fukuchi, Manager, Asian Desk, Cargill Investor Services
   Keisuke Fukuda
   Yu Fukui, Managing Director/Vice President, Otemae College
   Daiju Funatsu, Nissan Motor
   Mitsuru Furukawa, President, Furuxus
   Yoichi Furuno, Executive Manager, Recruit Co.
   Hirokazu Furuya, ICR Senior Sales Representative, ExxonMobil Japan
   Hideto Hara, Marketing Team Manager, BBcableTV
   Hiroshi Hara
   Toru Hayatsu
   Masayuki Hinata, Head, Aventis Pharma
   Nobutaka Hirabayashi, Senior Vice President, Sony Communication Network Corporation
   Sumio Hiraga, Manager, Sumitomo Rubber Industries
   Rie Hirakawa, President, TRAVESSIA
   Yosuke Honjo, President & CEO, ITO EN (North America )
   Makoto Hori, Senior Marketing Manager, Tokio Marine and Fire Insurance Co.
   Masao Hyonotani, Arthur Anderson
   Makoto Ideno, CEO, The Reality Managment Group
   Harumi Ikeda, Career Search International
   Katsutoshi Ikeuchi, Assistant General Manager, UFJ Bank (Shanghai)
   Kimihiro Inagawa, Consultant, Interface in Design
   Yoshitada Ishibashi
   Kazuhide Ishii, General Manager, Dentsu Asia
   Shintaro Ishiwatari, Director, SGI Japan Co.
   Hiroyuki Ishizaki, Manager, Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting
   Hideki Ito, Subsection Chief, Itoki Crebio Corporation
   Seiichiro Ito, Senior Analyst, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
   Jiro Iwasaki
   Shigeru Iwata, Associate Professor, University of Kansas
   Yohtaro Izumi, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
   Shigeharu Kageyama, Senior Private Banker, Citibank, N.A.
   Hiroyuki Kai, President, Toshiba Electronics Korea Corporation
   Masaki Kajiwara, Deputy General Manager, The Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance Company
   Fumikazu Kambayashi, Executive Advisor, Tobu Department Store Co.
   Masanori Kameyama, Manager of Global Alliance, Omron Management Center of America
   Kiichiro Kamiya, President, ATMI Japan K.K.
   Yoshikazu Kanbayashi, Managing Director (President), Best Solution Co.
   Masahito Kaneko, Deputy Chairman, Cornes Limited (UK)
   Takao Kanzaki, Catalina Marketing
   Toshinori Karatsu, Manager, The Tokio Marine & Fire Insurance Co.
   Kazuo Katsuike, Director, DC Art
   Minoru Kida
   Masahito Kikumoto, GM, Vice President, Marukan Vinegar (USA)
   Takeshi Kimura, Director, ISID Deloitte
   Yoshiaki Kinoshita, Deputy Manager, National Space Development Agency
   Akira Kitagawa, Assistant Manager, Sumitomo Electric Industries
   Ken Kitagawa
   Tetsuya Kobayashi, Deputy General Manager, Head of Capital Markets-Asia, Mizuho Securities
   Toshitaka Kobayashi, Deputy General Manager, Daiwa Securities Co.
   Hiroshi Kobori, Executive Director, Intercultural and Business Communication Center
   Masaki Koiso, Director, Lion Corporation
   Ryoko Komatsuzaki, Senior Consultant, Ray & Berndtson
   Yoshihiro Kondo, Manager, Dentsu
   Takuya Koyama, Managing Director, Head of Sales, Japan, Citicorp Securities (Japan)
   Satoru Kubodera, Takeda Chemical Industries
   Tatsuro Kurachi, Manager, SONY Corporation
   Toshio Kusunose, Manager, Tap Pharmaceuticals
   Takahiro Kuwano, Kyushu Electric Power Co.
   Riki Maeda, Account Executive Officer, Tokio Marine Fire & Insurance Co.
   Yukako Maekawa, Media Director, NTT Communications Corporation
   Takio Maeno, Senior Deputy Manager, JGC Corporation
   Kando Matsubara, Manager, Fuji Xerox Co.
   Kazumi Matsubara, Aventis Pharma
   Teruyuki Matsui
   Rikitaro Matsuoka
   Shinya Matsuoka, Senior Analyst, Tokio Marine Asset Management Co.
   Hideki Mishima, Tokio Marine Mgt.
   Koji Miura, Manager, DLJ Diect SFG Security
   Toshio Miwa
   Junichi Miyagawa, Executive Managing Director, Rex Industries Co.
   Tomoyoshi Miyahisa, Tokyo Individualized Educational
   Nobuo Miyamura, Terilogy Co.
   Mikiya Mori, Vice President – Japanese Equity Sales Trading, J.P. Morgan Securities (Japan)
   Shigeki Mori, Credit Manager, Dow Chemical Japan
   Shozo Mori, Deputy General Manager, The Tokio Marine & Fire Insurance Co.
   Atsushi Morisawa, Vice President and Director, The Boston Consulting Group K. K.
   Shinya Motohashi, Manager, J-Phone Co.
   Daisuke Mototani, Deputy Manager, Nomura Securities
   Mitsuhiro Mukae, Fuji Xerox Co.
   Kaori Murakami, Consultant, Lehman Brothers (Japan)
   Kazuo Murakami, Director, Kanro Company
   Tomohiro Murakami, Specialist, Fuji Xerox Co.
   Kazuo Murakawa, President, Sanwa Taiku Co.
   Shiro Naba, Vice President/General Manager, Origins Natural Resource K.K.
   Tetsuzo Nagashima
   Takeshi Nakagawa, Senior Manager, McDonald's Company (Japan)
   Hiroaki Nakai, Senior Representative, Keizai Koho Center, (Japan Business Information Center)
   Kazuhiro Nakajima, Associate Manager, Dentsu
   Kazunori Nakajima, The Henken Gallery
   Tadashi Nakauchi, President & Chief Operating Officer, Twin Dome City
   Kenji Nigo, ITO EN
   Akihiko Niikura, Account Director, Beacon Communications K.K.
   Noriaki Niimura, Executive Vice President / COO, ITO EN (USA)
   Shinzo Nitta, General Manager, Sanwa Research Institute Corp.: UFJ Bank
   Juntetsu Nobui, Senior Consultant, Arthur Andersen
   Hiroyuki Noishiki, Deputy Director, KDD Submarine Cable Systems
   Cauitie Ocada, Senior Manager & Chief Consultant, Dentsu
   Kazuo Odachi, Manager, Lion Corporation
   Toshihiko Ogawa, Manager, Japan Energy Corp.
   Yukihiro Oguchi, Management Supervisor, Dentsu
   Takeshi Ohara, Manager, Work Supply Co.
   Yoshie Ohmura, Division Director, ODS Corporation
   Ryoichi Ohno, CFO, The Gibraltar Life Insurance Co.
   Ryusuke Okada, Assistant Vice President, Nomura Singapore
   Yoshinori Okada, Manager, Daiwa Asset Management Co.
   Takashi Okamura, Manager, The Tokio Marine and Fire Insurance Co.
   Koichi Okubo, Vice President, Citibank N.A.
   Motoi Onari
   Hidetsugu Onishi, Director & Chief Financial Officer, Link International Co.
   Mitsunori Ono, National Sales Manager & Deputy General Manager, Tesa Tape KK
   Masahiro Otsuka, Senior Manager, Mizuho Bank
   Kuniya Otsuki, Assistant Manager, Millea Holdings
   Joo Young Park, Director, Towa Trading Co.
   Atsuko Saiki, Legal staff, Fuji Xerox Co.
   Hiroshi Saisho, Researcher, Intage
   Koichiro Sakai, Manager, Board Secretariat, The Tokio Marine and Fire Insurance Co.
   Fumihiko Sakata, General Manager, Mizuho Trust & Banking Co.
   Toshio Sano, Manager, ITOHAM FOODS
   Yoshikatsu Sano
   Mamoru Sato, Manager, Novartis Pharma K.K.
   Takashi Sato, President, N.I.S. New Investment Solutions AG
   Hideaki Sawa, Account Supervisor, Dentsu
   Makoto Sawanoi, Itochu Corporation
   Masakazu Sekimoto
   Aritaka Senoo
   Yasunari Shigeta, Manager, Nippon Steel Corporation
   Shoichiro Shikano, Toyota Asset Mgt.
   Sei Shimizu, Controller & Senior Administrative Officer, ITO EN (North America)
   Eiichi Soga, Managing Director, MARUHO Co.
   Kenshun Son, GLDP, GE Commercial Finance
   Koichi Sono, President, SONOCOM Co.
   Fumio Sueshige, Yamaichi Hands-on Associates
   Makoto Sugimoto, Senior Manager, TMSw Corporation
   Tatsuro Sugiyama, Manager, Suntory
   Keishi Suzuki, Senior Underwriter, Nippon Export and Investment Insurance (NEXI)
   Ken Suzuki, President and CEO, VITAL-NET
   Satoru Tagami, Chief Financial Officer, Sri Lanka Telecom
   Yasuyuki Tagawa, Manager, Pioneer Electronic Corporation
   Koji Takagi, Manager, INAX Corporation
   Futoshi Takahashi, Deputy Director, Development Bank of Japan
   Shunichiro Takeshita, Manager, Yamaichi Securities Co.
   Takami Takeuchi, Producer, Nippon Television Network Corporation
   Takayoshi Takikawa, Assistant Manager, The Tokio Marine & Fire Insurance Co.
   Kenji Tanaka, Associate, A.T.Kearney
   Tashihiro Tanaka, Yahagi Consultants
   Takuo Tanimoto, Associate General Manager, Cybrid Co.
   Tadaaki Tonegawa, Assistant Senior Researcher, Hitachi
   Ichiro Tsuruoka, Vice President and Manager, Union Bank of California
   Tetsuya Uekusa, Manager, The Boston Consulting Group
   Masashi Uemura, Auditor for Country Management, Asia Pacific, Hoechst Marion Roussel AG
   Michio Umeda, Deputy General Manager, The Tokio Marine & Fire Insurance Co.
   Shunichi Umeto, General Manager, Mitsubishi Electric Thailand Co.
   Keiji Wada, Director, Internal Audit, Yokohama Tire Corporation
   Toshiaki Yakura, Deputy General Manager, The Fuji Bank
   Kenji Yamada, Manager, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
   Masayoshi Yamada, General Manager, The Tokio Marine & Fire Insurance Co.
   Toshihiko Yamada, Senior Manager, Dentsu
   Koju Yamaguchi, CEO, Minit Japan
   Masaki Yamamoto, Director, Cap Gemini Ernst and Young Japan
   Hiromichi Yamamoto
   Takuro Yamanaka, General Manager, Japan Real Estate Asset Management
   Atsushi Yamashita, Director and Head, Societe Generale, Tokyo Branch
   Shigeki Yamashita, Coordinator, Eli Lilly Japan K.K.
   Shunjiro Yamashita, Senior Manager, Tokyo Gas Co.
   Tomoaki Yasaki, Chuo Trust
   Hirosuke Yasuda
   Masato Yasuda, Chief Manager, JFE NET Corporation
   Yasutoshi Yawata, Director, Yawata Building Co.
   Shingo Yoshida
   Mitsuaki Yoshimura, Itoham Foods


   Kanat Tulemetov


   Ki Ho Byun, Managing Director, A-Young Liquor Trading
   Dongmin Cha, Executive Director, Lucky-Goldstar Credit Card Co.
   Ki Soo Chang, Vice President, Kuk Kwang Electric Co.
   Saewook Chang, Managing Director, Dongkuk Steel Co.
   Choong-Keun Cho, Director General, Korea Businessmen's Federation
   Chul-Ho Cho
   Don-Young Cho, Senior Executive Managing Director, Renault Samsung Motors Co.
   Jae Hoon Cho, CS Marketing
   Jai-Hyung Cho, Advertising/Promotion Manager, Beverage Industries Korea
   Jinho Cho, President, Arosi Enterprises
   Sung-Don Cho, Pacific Telecom Research
   Yang Ho Cho, Chairman and CEO, Korean Air
   Wu Cheol Cho
   Kyoung Hee Choi, Marketing Supervisor, Jayone Foods
   Sungweon Choi, Senior Consultant, Mercer HR Consulting
   Yong-Jin Choi, Yoo Chang Corp.
   Youngnam Choi, Branch Manager, LG Investment & Securities Co.
   Hun Kuk Chung, General Manager, SKC Co.
   Min-Su Chung, Deputy General Mngr. & Head of Investment Banking, Korea Exchange Bank
   Sung Bo Chung, Director General, Korea Trade & Investment Promotion Agency, Seattle
   Eun Yong Ha, General Manager, Korean Air Lines Co.
   Keehoon Hahn, Assistant Manager, Kia Motors Corp.
   Young-Joon Ham, President, Ottogi Corporation
   Sung Pyo Hong, Marketing Manager, Eunjin Industrial Co.
   Won Jang
   Jiewoon Jeannie Jo
   Solarz Seung Gyu Jun, President, Siloam Food Co.
   Keewon Jung
   Doo-Seok Kang, Assistant General Manager, Korean Air
   Chang Geun Kim, President, SunKyong Industries
   Gun-Joong Kim, Managing Director, Korea Investment Corporation
   Hakchin Kim, President, Weihhai S.Tech Co.
   Hyun Chul Kim, President, The United Nation Youth Association of Korea
   In Joong Kim, Assistant General Manager, Korean Air
   In Shik Kim, Director General, Korea Trade & Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA)
   Ki Hoon Kim
   Se Joon Kim, President, Sae Chang Moolsan Co.
   Soonung Kim, Chief Representative, Hana Bank
   Yong-Soon Kim, General Manager, Korean Air
   Young Duk Kim, Kyongnam Bank
   Bon-Sang Koo, President, Advanced Institute of Management
   Chae Kyung Lee, Director General, Korea Trade Center (KOTRA)
   Dongyob Lee, Managing Director, Vector Enterprise
   Ho Seok Lee, Manager, Korea Information Service
   Hyung Ryul Lee, Senior Manager/Mobile Device Planning Team, SK Telecom
   Il-Joon Lee, Representative, Yuasa Corporation
   Jae-Joong Lee, Financial Manager, Samsung SDI Brasil
   Jae Jun Lee, Iconlab
   Jeung Sae Lee, President & CEO, Hana Life Insurance
   Jong-Jin Lee, Equity Fund Manager, Prudential Asset
   Keun Woo Lee, Kwang Myong Business Form
   Kwang Hee Lee, General Manager, SKC
   Kyung-Han Lee, Managing Director, TG Ubase
   Min Lee
   Sung Moon Lee, Ph.D., President, Hanatech Corporation
   Sungsup Lee, Chief Consultant, Samsung Economic Research Institute (SERI)
   Sung Woo Lee, President, Sung Eun International Company
   Sunghan Lim, Sales Manager, Sun Microsystems
   Chul-Hong Min, President/CEO, C&H Toy of America
   Byung-Chool Min, V.P., Korean Air
   Je Hae Moon, Manager, Samsung Entertainment
   Seung Woo Nam, President, SeDae Engineering and Construction Co.
   Chang-Suk Oh, Director, Korea Trade & Investment Promotion Corporation (KOTRA)
   Chan Sung Park, Manager, Coryo Securities Corporation
   Chong Won Park, Associate, AXA Advisors
   Chulwoo Park, CEO, Dragonfly GF Co.
   Dong-Ju Park, Senior Deputy General Manager, The Korea Development Bank
   Hyeoung-Tai Phoenix Park, Manager, SK Telecom
   Hyungmo Park, Chief Research Engineer, LG Electronics
   Jae-Kyung Rhee, Director, HSBC Seoul Securities Branch
   Jaemyung Park
   Jongmyung Park, Manager, Korean Air
   Kwang Soon Park, Korea Exchange Bank LA
   Nam-Soon Park, Intl. Marketing Dept. General Manager, Korea Culture and Contents Agency
   Soo Kyung Park
   Yoo-Sang Park, Vice-Chairman, Kabul International Co.
   Young-Hwan Park, Deputy General Manager, LG Investment & Securities Co.
   Young Jin Park, Owner, Brand Name Connection
   Sung Sik Ryoo, Samsung Everland
   Dong-Yul Shin, Senior Manager, LG Securities Co.
   Bong-Rak Sohn, Chairman, Dong Yang Tinplate Corporation
   Sang-Chan Sohn
   Keehong Woo
   Bong Hwan Yang, Executive Director, Senju Corporation
   Dae-Seok Yang, Assistant Manager, Pohang Iron and Steel Co.
   In Jip Yang, President & CEO, Onycom
   Yoon Chun Yang, Pierre Balman, LA
   Chul Mo Yon, President, Sammo Industrial Co.
   Ji-hyun Yoo, President, Haitai Stores Co.
   Kidon Yu, Head of Planning and Coordination, Yalge Network Incorporation
   Jang Hee Yun, President, Opes
   Sung-Sup Yun, Certified Pipe & Tube


   Karim Ghassan Taher Fadlallah


   Rosmariam Ariffin, Director, Sales and Marketing, PaduSoft Sdn Bhd
   Ahmad Ghazali Kassim, Executive Director, Magna Prima Berhad
   Waiyin Lai, Management, Sampo Technology Corporation
   Md. Taib Bin Mat, Managing Director, Aliran Permata Sdn. Bhd.
   Paguman Singh, Director, Social Security Organization
   Yeah-Wei Tong
   James C. Wong, Partner & Practice Leader, KPMG
   Chee-Ming Yaw, Chief Executive Officer (Group), Samling Corporation Sdn. Bhd.
   Ahmad Madzlan Zahari, Director of Operations, Sri Communication Sdn. Bhd.


   Carlos Alberto Garcia Teruel Herroz, Director General, Quimica ATSA, S.A. de C.V.
   Cesar Manuel Gonzalez, Manager, Farmacias Benavides, SA de CV
   Ivan Gutierrez, Researcher, Farmacias Benavides
   Carlos Campos Lozano, Sub-Gerente, Banco de Mexico
   Omar Gabriel McCoy
   Hector Ortiz, Nestle USA
   Roberto Manuel Pena-Garza, President, Pego Construcciones & Proveedora Pegar


   Nanneke Dinklo, Manager New Business Development, Avery Dennison


   Khurram Mahmood Khan
   Oddvar Kjekstad, Deputy Managing Director, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute
   Hassan Syed Raza, Vice President, The Citibank Private Bank


   Javier Usseglio, Consultant, Comision Nacional Supervisora de Empresas y Valores

   Arthur Abrantes, Product Planning Manager, Electronics For Imaging
   Ronald Borja Bibonia
   Benjamin J. Cheng, President, TransNational Investments
   Joseph Tan Chua, Member (Board of Directors), Macroasia Corporation
   Juan Manuel Gonzalez Garcia
   Rose Marie C. Hwan, Country Manager, Hewlett-Packard Phillippines Corporation
   Francisco Xavier Lorenzo, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Lapanday Foods Corp.
   Jocelyn M. Reyes Pick, Consultant, University of Southern California
   George Chen Tsai, Consultant


   Ricardo Jose Graca Mata Martins, Director, CESL Asia, Investments & Services


   Lev Nikolau, Managing Director, Emax
   Valery Novick


   Chor Chen Ang, Vice President, Kwang Sia
   Hian-Chuan Chan, Regional Manager, POLA Cosmetics (M) Sdn. Bhd.
   Wing-Cheng Chan, Managing Director, Heritage Capital Management
   Ignatius Chia, Centre Manager, Citibank
   Barbara-Jean Eu, T.G.E.Singapore
   Kim Kiat Goh, Senior Manager, Singapore Press Holding
   Alan Boon Teck Ho, Vice President, Ericsson Telecommunications
   Weng Cheong Hui, Managing Director, Shinawatra Paging Co.
   Steven S.T. Kan, Director, Kan, Wan, Chen Private
   Chooi Tow Kwan
   Donald Lai
   Tiong Lip Lau, Senior Manager/Academic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic
   Keng Thai Leong, Director-General, Info-Communications Authority of Singapore
   Chung-Chi Liao, Director, UBS AG, Financial Services Group
   David C. Lu, Director, Asia Radio 2000
   Zulkifli Masagos, Director, Singapore Telecom
   Celina Ngiam
   Jen-Yaw Ong, Manager, Metro Holdings
   Teong Wan Ong, Consultant & Divisional Director, Singapore Institute of Management
   Thiam Tie Ong, President, Worldwide Automotive Distributor
   Chin Thean Quek, Oil Trading Manager, BP Amoco
   Toong Hiok Tan, Senior Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers
   Siu Mun Cindy Wong, Asistant Manager, Commerzbank (Aktiengesellschaft)
   Leng Siong Yeo, Quintech Xerographics
   Siew Chye Yeo, Chief Executive, Singapore National Computer Board

                                    SOUTH AFRICA

   Ivan Glasenberg, CEO, Glencore International AG
   Steven Jacobson
   Apostolos Zographos, Director, InterConsult


   Pablo Diez del Corral, Asia Pacific Optimization Director, Johnson & Johnson
   Carlos Pilarte, Internet Development Manager, Gamesa
   Ferran Vilaclara, Strategy Planning Director, Roca Group

                                        SRI LANKA

   Ismath Abdul Majeed, Director, Leedons Group of Companies
   Prabodha Samarasekera, Fund Manager, National Asset Management


   Lars Tomas Samuelsson, President, IRT System AB


   Marc Aeschlimann, Director Logistics, Franke CG Kitchen Equipment GmbH
   Robin F. Amacher, Vice President, Capital International SA
   Henry P. Biner, Vice President, Thornton Capital Advisors
   Richard Daetwiler, Associate Director, UBS AG
   German Eduardo Estevez-Rutishauser, Manager, Deloitte Consulting
   Karin Gisel, Owner, Karin Gisel Consulting
   Johannes J. Hess, President & CEO, Leica Geosystems
   Marc Rogivue, Managing Director, Ulysse Nardin HK
   George Ulmer, CEO, OMNI Group
   Carlo Giordano Vegetti, Managing Director, Gutzwiller Fonds Management AG


   Chris Y.P. Chang, Chairman & C.E.O., Taiwan Farm Industry Co.
   Chien-Liang Chang, President, Apex Investment Corporation
   David Ta-Wei Chang, President, China Credit Information Service
   Hong-Chia Chang, Chairman, Holmsgreen Holdings Co.
   Mu-Sheng Chang, Lecturer, Tunghai University
   Wen-Sui Chang, Bao Dao Commercial Bank
   Yang-Horng Chang, Director, Taiwan Trade Center, Fukuoka
   Yu-Dong Chang
   Charles C.L. Chen, President, Taipei Business Bank
   Chia-Yin Chen, Account Manager, Tatung Company of America
   Chiung-Pei Chen, Special Assistant to President, Central Paints Industrial
   Eric Yee-Lee Chen, Managing Director, Trojans Spirit International Corporation
   George Tyan-Wen Chen, Chairman & CEO, The Capital Group
   Mujung Chen, Assistant Professor, Day-Eh University
   Mukuei Chen, Manager, Shin Kong Life Real Estate Service Company
   Shao-Huang Chen, Chief Dealer, Taiwan Business Bank
   Shen-Chia Chen, President, Synco Corporation
   Tun-Yao Chen, VP, Elite InnoTech Co.
   Hsien-Hui Cheng, Project Manager, Taiwan Cement Corporation
   Joseph Tzu-Nan Chia, President/Chairman, Chia Hsin R.M.C. Corporation
   Michael Mu Tao Chiang, Managing Director, Asia Direct Home Products
   Peter Chiang, Acesunt, Product Manager, Motorola
   Wen (Vanessa) Chien, Sr. Analyst, Far EasTone Telecommunications
   Lu-Kuen Chiu, Vice President Deputy General Manager, Land Bank of Taiwan
   Bin Chow, Manager, Bank of Taiwan
   Nora Ro-Ya Dao, Accounting Manager, Action Media Technologies
   Krista Fan, VP Investment Prospect Asset Group
   Frank Chung Kwang Fang, Vice President, WK Technology Fund
   Stanley Chi-Son Fang
   Ming-Jen Hong, Vice Chairman, Seiko Taiwan Co.
   Chih-Ling Hou, Director, Taiwan Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation
   Lin Hsieh, Financial Advisor, Paine Webber
   Fu-Juh Hsu, President, Shanghai Grape King Enterprises Corporation
   Ching-Chen Huang, Director, GAINS Investment Corporation
   Ching-Yao Huang, Manager, Pan Overseas (Guangzhou) Electronic Co.
   Jui-Hsueh (Rachel) Huang, Account Manager, Wistron Corporation
   Shih-Long Huang, Deputy General Manager, China Petrochemical Development Corporation
   Yaw-Fei Huang
   Teng-fen Jen, Manager, Credit Lyonnais
   Tsung-Yung Jen
   Kuo-Lun Kao, President, Eternal Chemical Co.
   Joun-Chen King, Assistant General Superintendent, China Steel Corporation
   Wang-Chung Ko
   Hsiu-Fen Lai, Manager of Investment Section, Mingtai Fire and Marine Insurance
   John Tzung-Yen Lee, Chairman Assistant, Shinkong Life Insurance Co.
   Patrick Ta-Kang Lee, Country General Manager, LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics (China)
   Tsay-Ren Lee, Director, Taipei Trade Center, Sydney Office
   Ding-Jian Steve Li, Financial Consultant, Merrill Lynch
   Tsung-Chun Li
   Michael Ming-Hwang Liao
   Hao-chang Lien, Assistant Director General, Central Deposit Insurance Corporation
   Bernie H.M. Lin, General Manager, Taipei Trading Company
   Bih-Yu Lin, Hung Tai Group
   Bob Bor-jiuun Lin, Vice President, Kung Yu Cement Products Manufactory
   James Chih-Lung Lin, President, Yieh Mau Corporation
   John C.H. Lin, Deputy Controller, Macau Television & Radio Co.
   Ko-Hsi Lin, Senior Vice President, Credit Suisse Investment Consulting (Taiwan)
   Li-Wen Lin
   Tsung-Yih Lin, Country Manager, AU Optronics
   Darby Liu, Secretary General, KMT Business Management Committee
   Mingyi Steim Liu
   Liu Ru-Jye Lo
   Ta-Hsien Lo, General Director, Industrial Technology Research Institute
   Alexander S.C. Lu, Executive Vice President/Chief Lending Officer, First Continental Bank
   Li-chuan Shang, Marketing Manager, L'Oreal Taiwan Co.
   Shyh-Yong Shen, Attorney, Shen and Associates
   Yiu-Fone Shu, Assistant Manager, Land Bank of Taiwan
   Meei-Ching M. Sun, Director, China President Logistics
   Richard L.P. Tan, General Manager, Meigi Trading Company
   Sheh-Yeh Shane Tao, Director, Ministry of Economic Affairs
   Tsai-Wan Tsay, Chief, Taiwan Cement Corporation
   Chun-Kai Tseng, Country Manager, General Electric International
   Rick Shen-Hua Tsung, GM, Global CITS, Underwriters Laboratories
   Simon Israel Shih-Ming Tu, Vice President, COWEALTH Group
   Tsun-Chen Tzou, Head of Human Resource, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
   Ben Yinning Wan, Chairman, ARC Consultants
   Chun-Ti Wang, Sales & Marketing, Shenny California
   George C.H. Wang, Vice President, Chung-Hsing Commercial Bank Co.
   Joe Sulong Wang, Vice President, Hitachi Sales Corporation (Taiwan)
   Tai-chang Wang, Taiwan Fire and Marine Insurance Co.
   Wen-Tsung Wang
   Lillian L. Wright, Visiting Professor, University of Illinios at Urbana-Champaign
   Benson Wu, President, Shin Kong Tower Tourism
   Dong-Whei Wu, President, Unique Bridal Flowers Co.
   Kuo Chen Wu, Vice President, China Steel Chemical Corporation
   Ming-ji Wu, Section Chief, Industrial Development Bureau
   Daniel Yang, Vice President
   Tsui-O Susan Yao Yen, Pescadores Products
   Chih-Chao Yu


   Orawan Ananvoranich, Counsellor (Commercial), Royal Thai Embassy
   Metee Anivat, Director of Technical and Marketing Support, Unitrio Electromech Co.
   Goanpot Asvinvichit, Thai Trade Representative, Thailand Government
   Supiya Balakul, Process Consultant, Accenture, Thailand
   Jatesiri Boondicharern, Director, Charernkit Enterprise Co.
   Arkom Chariyaves, HI-PEX Co.
   Isyaporn Chariyaves, Ministry of Commerce
   Atitaya Charnvirakul, Sino-Thai Engineering and Construction Public Co.
   Masthawin Charnvirakul, Business Analyst, Dow Chemical (Thailand)
   Suchat Charoenwuttikhun, Investment Analyst, Thai Asia Mutual Fund Co.
   Sirikate Chirakiti, Executive Vice President, Central Department Store
   Moragot Chotikul, Assistant Vice President, Toon Motorspor
   Pipatpong Israsena, Bureau of the Crown Property
   Supreeda Jirawongsri, Manager, Bearing Point (Thailand)
   Apichart Kanarattanavong, Research and Marketing Planning Manager, Quality Houses PCL
   Supawan Kanyaprasith, Managing Director, Ocean Glass Public Co.
   Boonlert Kiartsritara, Director & Senior Executive Vice President, Preecha Group Public Co.
   Vithit Leenutaphong, Executive Director, Thai Yarnyon Co.
   Ongorn Lerlop, Vice President & General Manager, The Siam Commercial Bank
   Warangkana Lin, Sales Manager, Yieh Trading Corp.
   Nart Liuchareon, Managing Director, Control Data (Thailand)
   Tracy Ann Maleenont
   Apichat Natasilpa, Director, AIG Investment Corporation
   Yaovanee Nirandara, Representative, Christie's Auction (Thailand) Co.
   Lert Nitheranont, Director, Royal Concord Intertrade Co.
   Jirapa Phongcharoensirikul, Manager, P.Rian Thai Brother
   Punyasarn Phungchittisarn, Executive Director, Petchkasem Weaving Co.
   Punyavit Phungchittisarn, Executive Director, Petchkasem Weaving Co.
   Piya Piyasombatkul, Metro M.D.F. Co.
   Apiradee Podhipak, Manager, United Airlines
   Pasit Poomchusri, Commercial Minister Counsellor, Royal Thai Embassy
   Suvimol Pranich, Room By Design Co.
   Suvich Prechaharn, Vice President, Davitra & Sons Holding Co.
   Chatra Kittivachra Punnarujawong, Financial and Accounting Manager, STP&I Public Co.
   Chalermpon Punnotok, Managing Director, Computer Telephony Asia Co.
   Pongsatit Rajatanavin, Business Development Manager, SIS Distribution (Thailand) Co.
   Nitivat Rakapuntu, JB Company
   Lilly Ampai Rewruja, Managing Director, US Operation, Siam Leather Goods
   Mondob Rojanavisut, HR and Development Director, Advance Agro Public Company
   Sripop Sarasas, Managing Director, Phatra Thanakit Public Co.
   Sutas Simakulthorn
   Patcharawalai Singnarong, Manager, Thai Airways International
   Kriangkrai Siripraiwan, Managing Director, Best Water Co.
   Kanokwan Sombatsiri, Assistance Division Chief, Securities and Exchange Commission
   Kulit Sombatsiri, Director, Ministry of Finance
   Chalermpong Srirojanant
   Sak Srisanan, Assistant Managing Director, Asset Management Corporation
   Kraiwuth Suksong, Electrical Engineer, Siam Cement Public Co.
   Pantipa Tachasirinugune, Purchasing Manager & Executive Director, Ch. Chaiyapatra
    Construction Co.
   Prangthip Taepaisitphongse, Managing Director, ThaiNavakij Co.
   Pravit Tangcravakoon, Managing Director, TOA Group of Companies
   Pratya Thaikla, Group Corporate Executive, Scitech Intertrade Co.
   Suparat Uahwatanasakul, CEO, POP Network Co.
   Chanavat Uahwatanasakul, I2 Technologies
   Suvit Wongsanguan, General Manager, Computer Peripheral and Supplies

                                   CZECH REPUBLIC

   Jiri Hlach


   Hasan Tahsin Cifkurt, General Manager, Cifkurt Tourism & Trading
   Kudret David Oytan, Product Manager and Strategist of B-to-B Initiatives, Answer Financial

                                    UNITED KINGDOM

   Samuel James Butler, Planning Manager, Sigue Corporation
   C.A. Jonathan Cornforth
   Brian Alan Foster, President, Militel Calling Services
   Georgios Kyriacou, Accountant, United Nations
   Mark Lawrence, President, Privity Ventures
   Justin Powell
   William James Russell Maxwel Scott, President, Waer Systems
   Andrew Michael Sheaf, Investment Director, Messrs Cazenove and Co.
   Jonathan Whitehead, Managing Director, Trianz

                                    UNITED STATES

   John Paul Alampi
   John Edward Albin
   Robert J. Allgood, Manager-Partnership Accounting and Relations, Verizon Wireless
   Brian Douglas Andrus, President, Millenia Internet Services
   Bimal L. Aponso, Principal Research Engineer/Marketing Director, Systems Technology
   Jack William Appleton
   Mitchel Auerbach, Commercial Attache, US Department of Commerce
   Gary H. Baker, Vice President, Montgomery Watson Harza
   Jennifer L. Banks, Vice President, Union California Bank
   James Russell Barnes, Senior Petroleum Engineer, Petro Globe (Canada)
   Coy F. Baugh, Vice-President & Treasurer, PacifiCare Health Systems
   John A. Bayer, Consultant, MarketLink Stratagies
   Susan Jo Bienkowski, Senior Program Director, St. Jude Medical
   June Tang Biner, Manager - Strategic Initiatives, Pacific Life Insurance Company
   Hiram Edward Bingham, Executive Vice President, Davenport Resources
   James William Blaisdell, The PepperHill Group
   Elaine R. Bowdle, Owner, Diamond B Consulting
   Teresa Elaine Brown, Manager, Chevron Texaco Corporation
   Thomas G. Burger, Vice President, AAI Japan
   Stan S. Byun
   Ted L Callahan, President, I Get It!(R) Development
   Mike Cash, General Manager, Computer Paramedic
   James M. Cassi, Director, Servo Magnetics
   Scott Chan, ISH Professional
   Bobby Chih-chen Chang, Special Assistant to CEO/Deputy General Manager, Semiconductor
    Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC)
   Angela Chen, Director, Sanjiu (USA)
   Joe R.C. Chen, Technical Marketing Manager, Teradyne ATE (Wuxi) Co.
   Yi-Cheng John Cheng, CEO, China President Logistics
   Kenneth Kai Liam Cheong, Real Estate Consultant, Prudential California Realty
   Joseph Chiang
   Peter Jin Ho Cho, Account Manager, Avaya
   Stephen Choi, CFO of Fincorp, Sportinbet
   Phoebe K. Chow, Applications Consultant, SAP America
   DeLanee Collins
   Matthew Conover, President, Development Management Systems
   Scott Kenneth Countryman, President, NetRep International
   Robert Jonathan Cox
   Thomas Lee Coyner, Manager, ACI Worldwide (Korea)
   Valentino Millan Creus, Senior Manager, Deloitte and Touche
   Andrea Cristofani, Senior Consultant, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
   Karen Dacus, Ascend International
   Christopher Mark Darnell
   Robert Wayne Davis
   David Christopher Dougherty, Business Manager, Primedia
   Matthew Doyle, Risk Manager, Intel Corporation
   Patricia Dragovic, Field Productivity, Cisco Systems
   Sanjib Dutt, Manager, Deloitte and Touche
   Wayne Ellis, Area Specifications Manager, Rain Bird Corporation
   William D. English, Law Offices of William D. English
   Marina Epifani, Director Strategic Alliances, Kmera
   Ronald Escobar, Financial Center Manager, Washington Mutual
   Jim Chih-Min Fang, Vice President, Intelligent Epitaxy Technology
   Patrick Michael Farrell, Account Manager, Bosch Corporation
   Karl Feierbacher, Officer, MCRSC
   Michael Femino
   Stephane H. Finkenbeiner, Senior Manager, Nextel Communications
   Steven Lee Fisher, International Logistics Manager, PeoplePC
   Hannah M. Fong
   Michelle Noel Fown, Wells Fargo Bank
   Michelle Francis, Channel Manager, GoBeam
   James B. Fredrickson, Senior Market Analyst, Bose Corporation
   William James Gallagher, Information Officer, The World Bank
   Mark Neil Gamson, Attorney
   Lawrence Barry Gee, Analyst, Fidelity Investments
   Peter Michael Guyer, Vice President, Nestle Canada
   Daniel P. Harman, Senior Manager, Starkist Seafood Company
   Stephen W. Harper, Vice President & Director, LA County Economic Development Corp.
   John Hauschild, Manager, Auto Suture Japan
   Andrew Held, Principal, Andrew Held Consulting
   Trenton Hill, IT Manager, Capital One
   Ming-Hsiung Michael Ho, Owner, LandHo Ventures
   T. David Hodgkinson, Senior Cofinancing Officer, Asian Development Bank
   Craig Horvath, Vice President, BlackRock
   Richard C. Huang, Manager, Ding Mei
   Mark Regan Huffman, Senior SAP Consultant, Colby Consulting (Australia)
   Joseph F. Jankosky, Consultant
   Li Jiang
   Eric Douglas Johnson
   Thomas Jorjorian, Research Information Manager, Scientific Games International
   Walter H. Kallaher, President, Walter H. Kallaher & Associates
   Johnny Kao, Chairman, Pacific Image Electronics Co.
   Anne Marie Kelly
   Terry Cornell Kennedy
   Daniel Killpack, Manager, Internet Division, Gebhardt Automotive
   Cheon Kim, Associate, McCutchen, Doyle, Brown & Enersen
   Chong Hun Kim, Special Assets Officer, Wilshire State Bank
   Paul S. Kim, Associate Vice President, Prudential Securities
   Sangbum Shane Kim, Manager, Amervest Company
   Vincent S. Kim, Sr. Director, APW
   Kerry Yukio Kiyohara, Director-Japan, Ogilvy & Mather Japan K.K.
   Jane Ann Klickman, Management Consultant, American Samoa Government
   Laura E. Knapp, Account Executive, Factiva, a Dow Jones & Reuters Company
   Michael J. Kohler, General Sales Manager, Concord Dictation Systems
   Otto H.M. Kong, President & CEO, Optoma Technology
   Fredric G. Kropp, Associate Professor of Marketing, Monterey Institute of International Studies
   Luz Esguerra Lacson, Consultant/Business Analyst, Group 22
   William J. Laino, European Sales Manager, Sales+Europe
   Alizahir Lalljee, Senior Business Analyst, Commerzbank New York
   Brian Joseph Laney, International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)
   Michael Lauer, Director of Sales Asia Pacific, DP Technology Company
   Carlton Lear, Regional Purchasing Manager, Pardee Homes
   David Lee, Senior Consultant, Deloitte and Touche Tohmatsu
   Yong Lee, Consultant
   Charles Kouhung Lin, Assistant Vice President, Mizuho Corporate Bank
   Peter Kuan-How Lin, Senior Securities Analyst - Fixed Income, WesCorp
   Robert Lin, Vice President, TradeCard Asia Pacific
   Jeffrey L. Lindholm, President, Vine-Art
   Joseph C. Liu, Analyst, Lake Investors
   Martin Liu, President, Artiesia Technology
   Susan Cheng Liu, Executive Vice - President, Matimco
   Roberto Lovato, CEO, Lovato & Associates
   Fred Love, Marketing Manager, Optoma Technology
   John Lowell, Sr. Manager, Excite@Home
   Dah Wey Lu
   Jeffrey MacCorkle, Partner, Deloitte Consulting
   James Mainland, Executive Vice President, JANCO International
   Raymond Dean Mar
   Mark A. Marostica, Altas Development
   Gregory J. Martin, President, Corvus Business Development Services
   Kevin J. McAuliffe, President, Newport
   Patrick M. McEvilly, Chairman, Mode 21 Agency
   Peter Joseph McGrath, Vice President, FRIESLAND (USA)
   Thomas James McLain
   Tom McNatt, Partner, Effective Management Dynamics
   Edward Medina, Assistant Controller, Superior Industries de Mexico, S.A. DE CV
   Christopher Edward Meyer, CEO, SecurityWorks
   David Charles Miller, Auto Insurance Sales Representative, Automotive Association of America
   Erin Marie Miller, Wellington Management
   Sean R. Montgomery, Business Development Manager, Pixelon
   Edward Oudi Moran
   Thomas A. Muntsinger, International Consultant
   Cyrus Koorosh Namazi, Sr. Director, Infineon Technologies
   Dan T. Nguyen, CFO, Kisal Corporation
   Craig Ninomiya, A.V.P., Private Lending Specialist, Bank of America
   Richard R. Nissen, Principal, International Growth Partners
   Christopher Thomas Noblet, Writer/Consultant, Independent
   Charles P. Ogilvie
   John Cortland Oh, Marketing Manager
   Patricia Marie O'Keefe, Director, University of Southern California
   Robert Mike Oswald, Director, University of Southern California
   John C. Ou, Assistant Vice President, Trader, Countrywide Securities Corporation
   Bhargav Oza, INAM I.T. Services
   Rowen Pastrana, Country Manager, Consistel Philippines
   Ben Paul, Chief Operating Officer, After-School All-Stars
   Sreenath Pendyala, Vice President, Hewlett Packard Co.
   Charlotte Marie Perry
   James S. Person, Director, Asia Pacific, CDMA Development Group
   Ronald Pirolo, Regional Sales and Marketing Manager, Gilat Satellite Networks
   Bretton Stevens Potts
   Philip Propper, Senior Vice President, Trust Company of the West
   George Somchai Pusavat, General Manager, Parkway Laboratory Services
   Brian Boru Quinn
   Jason Paul Raguso, Supply Chain Manager, Rapidigm Interactive
   Joshua Neiladri Raha
   Thomas Lee Rasmussen, Physical Scientist, Defense National Stockpile Center
   William W. Reynolds, Executive Vice President & CFO, Integrated Electrical Services
   Darrell P. Robb, Associate Director, University of Southern California
   Spenser J. Robinson
   Daniel P. Rothman, General Manager, Atek
   Paul T. Rubens, Managing Director, Asia, Banc One Investment Advisors
   Ron Rubin
   Frank S. Ruotolo, Vice President and Business Director, Software, Leica Geosystems AG
   Sheryl Anne Sacchitelli
   Tejinder S. Sandhu, Senior Analyst, PT Rashid Hussain Securities
   Sabena Lakshmi Sarma
   Gianni Niccolo Scatoloni, Associate, CB Richard Ellis
   Barry Lee Scherer, Director of International Studies, University of Brighton
   Steven Louis Scherer, Director, James River Bus Lines
   William James Schopf, Universal Music Group, InsideSessions
   Vladina Hess Seibert, Director of Marketing, LawInContext
   Rajan Harshad Sheth, President, Healthcare Solutions
   Michael John Signorelli, Director, Soundview Business Solutions
   Curt Michael Simmons, Consultant, The World Bank
   Don C. Sniegowski, International Director, AlphaGraphics
   Steven Conroy Soong
   Daniel E. Stakoe, President, Entry Japan K.K.
   Nicholas D. Street, Director, Royal Bank of Scotland
   Brian Anthony Stromblad
   David Sugita, Director, The Interlink Company
   Greta Liza Szalay
   Leon L.A. Tan, CEO, International Paper Pacific Millenium
   James D. Taylor, Senior Consultant, Roll International Corporation
   Scott Taylor, Director, USAID/Colombia
   Christian B. Teeter, Director of Operations, The County of Orange
   Kris Bryan Teutsch, Technology Solutions Manager, EMC
   Reed Chandler Tew
   Peter C. Thompson, Vice President, Union Bank of California
   William Kenneth Tompkins, Director, Optoma Technology
   James Turner, Director, Jacobs Engineering
   Robert Van Sluis
   Matthew Earl Von-Maszewski, Owner,
   Charles E. Wechsler, Principal, Geologica
   Richard Oliver Weed, Managing Director, Weed & Co.
   Marie Kathleen Wehner, Indirect Sales Manager, Air Touch Cellular
   Jason Allen White
   Herbert Nathaniel Wiggins, Attorney, Wiggins Consulting Group
   Daniel R. Wills, General Manager, Grandpa's Compounding Pharmacy
   Paul Thomas Wilson, Vice President, Voice Technologies
   Robert Wilson, VP General Manager, Paragon Sports Entertainment
   Brian K. Wing, Senior Manager, Ernst & Young
   Eric Wolff, Principal Consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers
   Anthony Tzy-Sheu Wong
   Hasting Sun-Chor Wong, Manager, Hasting Investments
   Todd Wynn, Consultant, Teleglobe America
   Lily Yen, Senior Accountant, CPA, Kaufman, Hards & Gross
   Patrick Yoon
   Zafiris G. Zafirelis, President & CEO, CardiacAssist
   Xiaolu Zhang, Senior Manager, Ernst & Young

   Alex Jose Aymard, Human Resources and Administration Manager, SINCOR
   Jose Alvarez Cornett, Director, Roblesoft Colombia
   Alfredo Diaz
   Carlos A. Flores, Senior Advisor, Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA)
   Rosa Victoria Hernandez, Senior Financial Analyst, International Coffee & Tea
   Pedro Marquez, President, Interimex, C.A.
   Marlon José Quintero, Univision
   Gustavo R. Valero, Managing Director, PDV Insurance Company

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