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8 Linkway, Raynes Park, London, SW20 9AU
07707 889 591

       Full time employment in a technical team lead or development manager role for a dynamic
       company, or contract based employment as a senior developer, team lead or development

          More than 14 years experience in all facets of Web Application Development
          Natural leadership skills and team lead/project manager experience
          Strong web-based application design and development skills
          Strong communication and interpersonal skills
          Excellent work ethic and ability to adapt to diverse environments
          Extremely valuable under pressure and in tight deadline situations
          Highly adept problem solver
          Very quick learner

ColdFusion                        Advanced           Dreamweaver                        Advanced
Fusebox (all versions)            Advanced           Home Site                          Advanced
ColdFusion Studio                 Advanced           Front Pa ge                        Advanced
Eclipse                           Advanced           Macromedia Flash                   Advanced
ASP.NET                           Advanced           Adobe Photoshop                    Advanced
VB.NET                            Advanced           MS Office                          Advanced
Visual Studio                     Advanced           MS Visio                           Advanced
Classic ASP                       Advanced           Windows 2000, XP, Vista            Advanced
VBScript                          Advanced           C#                                 Intermediate
Javascript                        Advanced           MS Project                         Intermediate
XHTML, DHTML, HTML                Advanced           Visua l Source Safe                Intermediate
CSS                               Advanced           CVS                                Intermediate
XML                               Advanced           ActionScript                       Intermediate
SQL                               Advanced           Unix, Linux, MacOS                 Intermediate
SQL Se rver 2000/2005             Advanced           FLEX                               Intermediate
MS Access                         Advanced           Oracle                             Intermediate
Database Design                   Advanced           PHP                                Intermediate
IIS                               Advanced           ColdBox                            Intermediate
Railo/Blue Dragon                 Advanced           jQue ry                            Intermediate

       January 2006 – Present: Snr Software Developer, Hometrack/PXS/AHL, London, England
       Leading soft ware development for two of Hometrack’s many child companies (P XS Ltd and
       Assettrust Housing Limited), I have been charged with updating, improving maintaining t wo
       existing web based applications in ColdFusion MX, Fusebox, FLE X, and SQL Server 2000/2005
       as well as developing and integrating new standalone components using ASP.NE T and
       ColdFusion MX. I report directly to the Managing Director of P XS to ensure that t he tec hnical
       specifications given to me are being strictly adhered to. I manage the day-to-day operation of the
       projects myself and ensure that all deadlines are met and that all work is complet ed to the highest
       of standards.
P XS is a specialist service provider in the Estate world and process millions of pounds worth of
transactions each year through their web application. Without it, their business comes to a
complete halt. It tracks day to day activities for each employee, tracks estate purc hases, sales,
valuations & surveys, accounting and reports and basically every piece of important information
related to the business.

The importance of this application and the need for high quality, reliable application development
is extreme and therefore pressure is high. The initial cont ract was for 6 months, but I wrot e a new
proposal to develop a Key Performanc e Indicator (KP I) system for P XS to more efficiently
manage t heir employees. The KP I system launched on time and wit hin budget in late December
2006 and is still in use every day.

Since then we’ve aut omated all communications with solicitors and surveyors so that at the press
of a button all instructions and requests are sent via XML t o the appropriate party and all
responses are sent back to our custom web service, eliminating the need for phone conversations
and freeing up the team to focus on generating profits. We’ve also completely redesigned t he
way in which we make purchase offers on properties. The new component gives the underwriters
complete control over what information gets compiled and pres ents a final product that is
consistent with their branding standards.

Assettrust Housing is a leading property investment company specialising in the provision of
affordable housing throughout England and Wales on a rental or shared ownership basis. They
use a bespoke application written in Coldfusion, FLE X and Microsoft SQL S erver to manage their
property sales for a dozen developments throughout the UK whic h I maintain for them. They also
have a large client-facing website written in PHP using the Zend framework whic h I update and

I’ve also been tasked with migrating legacy applic ations for Homet rack into their new
infrastructure. These applications are all relatively outdated, s o during the migration process
we’ve also taken the opportunity to clean up t he code base and int roduce s ome new
methodologies and standards.

May 2005 – October 2005: Senior Internet Application Developer, TMG, London, England
Working with the development team, I was brought on board to assist in several large custom
CMS solutions for various high profile companies. TMG has a very flexible and extraordinarily
complex custom built CMS using Coldfusion MX, Fusebox 4 and SQL Server 2000/2005. My role
was to learn the system within the first week and begin work on several new high level CMS
functions requested by various clients.

The challenge with this job was that the system was very fu nctionality rich and extremely
dependant on core files, some of which were developed 4 or 5 years ago. I was tasked with
bringing several of these older core files up to dat e and giving them additional functionality in
order to support the new external client functions that were being added. This task alone required
intimate knowledge of the system, and I had to bring myself up to speed very quickly in order to
satisfy the requirements of the position.

My duties varied almost daily, ranging from; ColdFusion MX programming for client-facing pages,
coding administrative functions and reports for the CMS backend, creating and modifying
databases in S QL S erver 2000, setting up gateways and watchers in ColdFusion server to
monitor incoming XML feeds and creating components to extract and filter data, and migrating old
systems from Fusebox 2 to Fusebox 4.
February 2005 – April 2005: Lead Developer/Project Manager, IPSEN Ltd, Slough, England
Working under t he Director of Information S ervices, I was hired on at IPSEN to complete an
online training application using ASP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS and MS SQL Server 2000 that was
started by a developer who was leaving the company. I was brought up to speed on how t he
application was int ended t o work and mapped out all relevant tasks that needed to be c omplet ed
before the application could be released to the company.

My duties also included supporting several clients on existing applications. The challenge was
that I had no previous knowledge of the applications that they were having problems with, and no
time to learn about them due to the fact that my main task was on a very tight deadline. The
solution was to learn ex actly what I needed to know to repair the problem and nothing more.
E very issue was resolved as quickly as possible and I was able to keep my main timeline on track
while juggling the needs of my user base.

Through several training sessions and meetings with the users, the application that I was brought
on to complete was released to the organization on time. It is now being used to schedule
company wide training sessions for every type of course from Information Technology to Research
and Development.

October 2004 – January 2005: Technical Project Manager, Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group
plc, London, England
Working with the Corporate Relations t eam, I was brought on originally for a one month contract
to help with some large ASP projects as well as to design a site for a new company JLT was
launching called Lloyd & Partners. I managed and developed each project from the ground up
which included gathering requirements from clients, planning and scoping the application,
designing the graphics and user interface, and developing the database and the HTML, ASP and

I created a Task Cue application for the Web Team to make it easier for everyone to manage
their own projects and to run time reports for Management. Clients would log job requests and
they would be inserted int o a cue and notification would be sent out t o the web team. Someone
would pick up the job, flag its priority and position it in the cue for completion. The system
tracked the task’s progress and once a developer had completed the task, the system would send
out a notification to the client informing them that their request had been fulfilled. The Task Cue
application was developed using ASP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and MS Access.

JLT was extremely pleased with my work and gave me a contract extension and a pay raise to
keep me on board for an extra few months. Over the cours e of my extension, I was charged with
developing and managing several additional large scale applications in ASP and developing
several databases. I also did large amounts of HTML and JavaScript programming.

I was asked to develop a plan for bringing JLT’s intranet up to date. They had been using an NT
4 plat form with IIS 4 and MS Access as their only database application. Upon my departure, JLT
is now following my migration plan to move it’s 500,000 page intranet to their new Windows 2003
platform running IIS 6 and using SQL S erver 2000 as their primary database solution.

I took it upon myself to overhaul their development process as well. I developed and proposed a
3-tiered development environment to streamline day to day activities and facilitate error checking
and quality control with their products. Upon my departure JLT is now operating in a 3-tiered
development environment with separat e systems for development, testing and production.

This role included a fair amount of client interaction at every stage of the development cycle. I
participat ed in several meetings with larger clients to ensure that the solution we delivered met all
of t heir needs. I walked t hem through testing scenarios and gave them training when necessary
on how to use their solution.
April 2004 – September 2004: Web Application Developer, Ottawa, ON
Employed by Magma Communications to work on their largest client’s website, Zoom Airlines
( ). While with Magma, I completed many site enhancements to their
online reservation system and their back end accounting system using ColdFusion, Fusebox, and
SQL Server 2000.

Designed and constructed new database tables to handle t he data for the new components I was
charged with developing in SQL Server 2000. Wrote and maintained several large and complex
queries, views, triggers and stored procedures to manage the data.

I also work ed on a dynamic Flash Application fo r a new client. The content of the Flash movie
was all dynamically generated from a SQL Server 20 00 database backend and all of the
animation was scripted using ActionScript instead of keyframe animation.

As the only developer on the t eam with extensive ASP experience, I was also asked to quote on
ASP projects for the team, and troubleshoot existing ASP applications that our clients had. I
converted Magma’s shopping cart from ColdFusion to ASP and deployed the solution for clients
whenever necessary.

I proposed and completed a very detailed documentation plan outlining the website
and administrative backend c omponent. The document ation was comprised of database ER
Diagrams, a detailed description of the logic used in any given component, and an exec utive
summary which described the component’s role in the overall application. The purpose of the
documentation was to save the team money by allowing new developers to be brought up to
speed on the inner workings of the applic ation much more rapi dly, thereby enabling them to
contribut e to the workload much sooner.

September 2002 – March 2004: Independent Web Designer/Developer, Vancouver, BC
From September 2002 to March 2004 while living in Vancouver, BC, I had the opport unity to work
on several exciting projects as an independent contractor. I contracted with an advertising
agency called Hot Tomali Communications and was their primary developer on several very large
applications done mostly in ColdFusion with Fusebox. The largest site I complet ed while with Hot
Tomali was www. . The site is completely dynamic and has a custom-built, simple
yet effective CMS style administration component where the employees of VisionMed can log in
and update content on all pages. All HTML, JavaScript and image preparation on this site was
also done by me.

The other large site that I completed for Hot Tomali Communications was . This
is a site for an international multilingual private school located in Vancouver. All of their cont ent
can be updated by administrators in a very detailed backend application written in ColdFusion
with Fusebox, and using a SQL S erver 2000 backend. Their unique requirement was that they
needed support for an unlimited amount of languages. E ach language would require a separate
version of the website, whic h would be dynamically generated upon creation of a new language.

I also had the opportunity to work with Providenc e Health Care to design and develop a Balanced
Scorecard application in ASP using a SQL Server 2000 backend. They had very detailed and
specific requirements on how the application was to be developed and I was able to design an
application that suited all of their needs.

In addition to t he above contracts, I also had the opportunity to complete several personal
projects: Hockey on Hockaday, BNW Ringette and Renaissance Communications. I developed
the logo, User Interface, HTML, JavaScript, ASP Code and database backend and content for all
3 of these projects.
December 2001 – August 2002: Techni cal Team Lead, Shaw Cable, Calgary, AB
I was employed as the primary web developer and point of contact for , a major
satellite television provider in Canada. My regular duties included HTML coding, graphic design,
ASP coding, JavaScript coding, project planning, time management, task delegation and client
meetings wit h executives from the Marketing, Customer Service and IT departments.

I was charged with planning and implementing a new Shopping cart component for the website from a technic al standpoint. I met with executives from
Starchoice and gathered requirements from them. I broke the business requirements
down into technical specifications for my team, and assigned tasks. I was involved in asll
aspects of the planning as well as all aspects of the development. I was able to complete
some small graphic design tasks, as well as a major portion of the ASP work and the
design and construction of the SQL Server 2000 database backend.

January 2001 – December 2001: eBusine ss Consul tant, Computer Associates, Calgary, AB
Responsibilities included ASP, JSP, HTML and Javascript coding, product evaluations,
project plans, graphic design, user interface design and evaluation, source control
management, portal installation, port al development and the development and
implementation of test plans.

Installed and configured several web servers and web server components. Installed and
configured multiple instances of CAs Jasmine ii Portal (both client and server). Installed,
configured and trained fellow employees on CAs Version Control system, CCC/Harvest.

Assisted in the development of several large scale portal based applications including an
eMedia application and a trucker’s port al web site.

April 1999 – September 2000: Development Manager, MediaForce, Ottawa, ON
Responsibilities included directing the design and development efforts for several online
applications. Designed, planned and help construct a full scale staffing application from
scratch using Cold Fusion, HTML and graphics generated in Adobe Photoshop.

September 1998 – March 1999: Corporate Webmaster, Newbridge Networks, Kanata, ON
Responsibilities included maintaining and troubleshooting 2 UNIX Web S ervers and 2
Windows NT Web S ervers in a Corporate Office of more than 5000 employees. Tasks
included creating new accounts for users, monitoring performance, installing new
applications, user support, server maintenance, and hardware upgrades.         Also
responsible for redesigning, updating and maint aining the Corporat e Headquarters
Intranet site.

May - September 1998: Web Designer, Newbridge Networks, Kanata, ON
Duties included creating the corporat e identity on the international intranet. This included
graphic design and simple page layout as well as the design and construction of
database driven applications in Net Dynamics using an Oracle backend used to manage
resources and employee time usage.

Jan - April 1998: Programmer/Analyst, Co -op, Newbridge Networks, Kanata, ON
Responsibilities included developing a file checkout application in Tcl/ TK for the UNIX

May – August 1996: Programmer/Analyst, Co-op, Revenue Canada, Ottawa, ON
Duties included editing existing programs t o improve performance, maintaining t wo large
mainframes, and designing the Corporation Informatics Sector’s public website.
    Busine ss Information System s Diploma, Algonquin College (Nepean, ON, CANADA), 1997
    Courses included Database Systems, Java and P erl languages, PC hardware and
    maintenance, Networking Essentials, Economics, Accounting, and Mark eting

    OSSD, Lester B Pearson (Glouce ster, ON, CANADA), 1995

    Upon request.

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