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Aegis EMBA


									     Your foray into the board room…….

Executive Masters of Business Administration/ Post
               Graduate Program

             EMBA/ EPGP
                                About Us
• Organizations need leaders who are able to harness the power of
  innovation and lead them through a rebirth - they need 'Renaissance
  This realization laid down the foundation of Aegis.
• Aegis, founded in India in 2002 with the support of Airtel (Bharti), one of
  the Top telecom firm in India.
• First institution in India to offer Masters Program in Telecommunication
• One year full time program and two year part time executive programs.
• 45 Credit Hrs Masters Program, accepted across the world.
• Academic Association with Spears School of Business, Oklahoma State
  University (OSU) in US.
• Based in Mumbai, financial capital of India.
                                       Why Aegis?

•   Aegis is among the Top 5 One-Year PGP/MBA program according to Economic Times.

    including Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology & Management at IIT Delhi
    and Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management.

•   Aegis is among only 23 Universities across the world to offer telecom management

•   Only school along with ISB, Hyderabad to be listed in TOPMBA.COM and

•   The most International School in India: 50 % international students. Aegis participants'
    have an experience ranging up to 20 years for full time programs with diverse industry
                           Aegis Advantage
• Diversity of students and faculty
• Small Class Size: Our professors love to call students by their name
  rather than their roll numbers
• Flexible delivery Models to suite different needs and profile of the
• Truly global academic perspective
• Candidates with diverse industry backgrounds and experience
  ranging up to 20 years for full time programs
• Live research and consultancy assignments
• International Faculty
• Affordable Fee
• Joint Scholarships with organizations
• Academic Association with Spears School of Business, Oklahoma
  State University (OSU) in US.
• Industry Leaders speaker series
                   Benefits to the Organization
• Programs customized to Organization & Individual needs.

• Develop next generation leaders with holistic understanding of telecom

• Reward top performers through joint scholarships

• Enhance employee engagement through live consulting project work within
  the organization with a dedicated mentor from Aegis.

• An effective tool for Employee Motivation.
                     Key Programs Offered
• Masters Program in Telecommunication Management (MPTM) – Full
  Time One Year (For BE, MCA, MSc, BSc & BCA candidates). Work
  Experience not mandatory.

• Executive Masters Program in Telecommunication Management (EMPTM)
  – Part Time Two Years (candidates with work experience, Diploma or
  Bachelors Degree)

• Masters in Business Administration/ Post Graduate Program
  (MBA/ PGP) – Full Time One Year (min two years work experience with
  Bachelors Degree)

• Executive Masters in Business Administration
  (EMBA/ EPGP) – Part Time 18 Months ( min 5 years work experience
  with Bachelors Degree)

• Corporate Training Programs - Short Term
Curriculum Input Providers
          Program Overview – EMBA/ EPGP

The Aegis School of Business E-MBA/ E-PGP was developed in
consultation with leading Indian and multinational firms such as Oracle,
WIPRO, Accenture, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Ernst & Young,
Qulacomm, Reliance Energy, Reliance Infocom, Bain, DHFL, Godrej,
ICICI Bank, Shyam Telelink, Monsanto, Crisil, Bharti and Indus Venture
Aegis is collaborative and student-centric. The block week format enables
students and faculty to interact, to discuss ideas openly and to examine
students’ individual work experiences.
               Program Delivery-EMBA/ EPGP
   The models of classroom training are:

• Distance Learning Model (Satellite Program) through Video
  Conferencing at Reliance Web World

• Block Week and Sunday
  2 Blocks of 9 days in every 6 months. ( 9 days is one Block Week)
  Plus 9 alternate Sundays spread over 6 months, between two block weeks.

• Traditional Weekend Model: 3 weekends in every month for 2 years
  Saturday: 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm
  Sunday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (Full day)
                 Program Highlights – EMBA/EPGP

• Best faculty from Across the World
• Developed with the help of leading Indian and multinational firms to meet
  the needs of today's business
• Balanced instruction of the theoretical and practical
• International exposure
• Academic Association with Oklahoma State University (OSU) for a Two
  Week Program from 11-24 July 2010
• Flexibility to study the program in Distance Learning mode (Satellite
  Program) thru Video Conferencing & Web Lectures
• Total immersion maximizes learning and enables team work
• Emphasis on Management and Soft Skills
• Academic Association with Oklahoma State University (OSU) for a Two
  Week Program from 11-24 July 2010
                          Academic Association with
                       Oklahoma State University (OSU)
    Two Week Program 11-24 July 2010
    To Obtain 6 Graduate Credit Hours in Telecommunications Program at Spears School of
    Business, Oklahoma State University at Stillwater campus in US.

     At OSU, US (Optional)
     1) MGMT 5533 - Leadership Challenges
     2) MGMT 5743 - International Negotiations
    Program Delivery & Pedagogy
•   The above two courses would be taught during the 2 week visit.
•   There would be pre-work and post-work associated with each of the courses in order to obtain
    the 6 credit hours
•   Pedagogy would include distance learning as well as face to face coursework when students
    are on the Stillwater campus.

    Business and Cultural Visits
    Besides class sessions, the students would travel to Dallas, Texas for a weekend business and
    cultural trip— potentially to visit telecommunications companies in Dallas and experience
    some of the culture.
                Program Schedule (Yr 2010-12)

a) Distance Learning Model (Jan 2010 – 12)
   Through Video Conferencing at Reliance Web World
   Commencement of Classes: Saturday, 16 Jan 2010
   Application Deadline: Saturday, 20 Dec 2009

b) Block -Week & Sunday (Jan 2010 – 12)
    Commencement of Classes: Saturday, 23 Jan 2010
    Application Deadline: Tuesday, 25 Dec 2009
                             Roll Out Schedule – Yr 2010-12
                                (Block-Week & Weekend Model)
1st Session (Jan 23 – Jan 31, 2010) – 1st Block
Course Orientation – 1 day                             5th Session (22 Jan – 30 Jan, 2011) – 3rd Block
MKT602 Marketing Management                            FIN 800 Corporate Finance Technology
ACC201 Financial Fundamentals                          Management

2nd Session- 9 Sundays                                 6th Session - 9 Sundays
(B/w Feb 2010 - Jun 2010)                              (B/w Feb 11- Jun 11)
MNS683 Decision and Risk Analysis                      MKT636 Marketing Strategy and Communications
HRM680 OB & Human Resource Management                  MKT800 Business Development

3rd Session (17 July – 25 July, 2010) – 2nd Block      7th Session (23 July – 31 July, 2011 ) – 4th Block
MGT442 Strategic Management                            Electives – 9 Credit Hrs
EMB689 Leadership and Negotiation
BUC400 Business Communication                          8th Session – 9 Sundays
                                                       (B/w Aug 2011 - Jan 2012)
                                                       Electives – 3 Credit Hrs
11-24 July 2010 - To obtain 6 Graduate Credit Hrs in
Business Management Programs at Spears School of       Live Consulting Project work
Business at Oklahoma State University (OSU) in US

4th Session – 9 Sundays
(B/w Aug 2010 - Dec 2010)
•ACC201 Financial Statement Analysis & Reporting
ECO608 Macro Economics & Economic Analysis for
Business Decisions
                               EMBA/ EPGP Curriculum
Core Courses                                                  Electives Groups
                                                              9 credit hrs elective courses from
• MKT602 Marketing Management            3 credit hrs         the following areas
                                                              • Business Management
• FIN501 Finance Fundamentals            3 credit hrs
                                                              • Telecom Business
• HRM400 Human Resources Management 3 credit hrs
                                                              • Media and Communication
• ACC201 Financial Statement Analysis    3 credit hrs
                                                              (view detailed list on website)
  & Reporting
• MNS683 Decision and Risk Analysis      3 credit hrs         Live Consultancy Project
• FIN 800 Corporate Finance              3 credit hrs
                                                              Total program     45 credit hrs
• MKT800 Business Development            1.5 credit hrs
                                                              Core courses      36 credit hrs
• MGT810 Technology Management           3 credit hrs
• ECO608 Macro Economics & Economic Analysis for Business
                                                              Electives courses 9 credit hrs
Decisions 3 credit hrs
• MGT442 Strategic Management            3 credit hrs         At OSU, US (Optional)
• MKT636 Marketing Strategy and Communications 3 credit hrs   • MGMT 5533
• EMB689 Leadership and Negotiation      3 credit hrs         Leadership Challenges
• BUC400 Business Communication          1.5 credit hrs       • MGMT 5743
• Live Consulting Project work                                International Negotiations
     Distance Learning Model through Video Conferencing
                    At Reliance Web World

 600 hrs program spread over 2 years
 300 hrs in a year
 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sunday every month 3 hrs lecture 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
 1st and 3rd Saturday every month 3 hrs lecture 2:00 PM to 5 PM
 1st , 3rd and 4th Wednesday every month 3 hrs lecture 7:00 to 10:00 PM
 5 contact classes of 6 hrs in each location
 Pedagogy: The pedagogy will be highly interactive taking advantage of
  technology. The program will be a judicious blend of lectures, real life case studies,
  quizzes, online tests, assignments etc.
 Program Methodology: Sessions will be delivered through/ on Reliance Web
  World. The delivery mode incorporates live broadcast video, two ways audio and
  data interactivity to enable the student to watch and interact with the faculty either
  at selective Web World Centers or their PCs.
                     Fee and Financial Assistance
Tuition Fee (Jan 2010- 12 Session)
Weekend Model: INR 300,000
Combination of9 days Block Week & Sunday: INR 350,000

Tuition Fee (May 2010-12 Session)
Weekend Model: INR 350,000.
Combination of 9 days Block Week & Sunday: INR 400,000
Distance Learning Model: INR 350,000

 Aegis extends Financial Assistance in the form of :
  1. Study Loan from Banks
  2. Easy & flexible installment option
Various scholarships offered for EMBA/EPGP are:
1) Leadcap Scholarship by Leadcap Consulting
2) Women Leadership Scholarship in Business & Technology
3) Aegis scholarship for Entrepreneurs
An Aegis scholar gets:
 Up to 100% Tuition Fee waiver
 Guaranteed admission to the course at Aegis
 Certificate
Selection Process: Selection will be done by committee comprising of eminent
   people from academia & industry under the chairmanship of Mr. V.P.Chandan,
   Director Aegis, Former President Qualcomm India
Application Deadline: 20 Dec for EMPTM
                        Fee Payment Details
EMBA Combination model Installment Option For Jan 2010-12
    Tuition Fee: INR 3.5 Lac
   Total tuition fee in Installment: INR 385,000
   20% of the total tuition fee is payable at the time of confirmation/
    registration, i.e. INR 77,000
   The balance amount of INR 308,000 is payable in 15 EMI’s of Rs. 20,533
    The EMI’s is payable through PDC/ECS on the 10th day of every month
    from the next month of the course commencement.

Bank Loan Facility:
 Most of the Indian banks gives loan for Aegis programs.
 HDFC and Credila Finance for education loan.
                  Electives - Business Management
•   Accounting
•   Business
•   Finance
•   Economics
•   Electronic Business
•   Executive Master In Business
•   Hospitality Management
•   Management
•   Marketing
•   Management Science
•   Organizational Development
•   Organizational Leadership
•   Taxation
               Electives - Media and Communication

•   COM300 Interpersonal Communication
•   COM305 Intercultural Communication
•   COM310 Communication Theory
•   COM315 Communication Research Methods
•   COM324 Critical Thinking and Ethics
•   COM 334 Persuasion
•   COM344 Organizational Communication
•   COM354 Professional Presentations
•   COM600 Communication Skills in the Global Environment
•   MUL300 Convergence Media
•   MUL300 MUL460 Advanced Digital Audio and Video

    View Complete List on website
                     Electives - Telecom Business

•   Telecom Business Trends and Analysis
•   Telecoms Industry Outlook
•   Value Added Services (VAS)
•   Telecommunication Regulatory Issues
•   Telecom Billing Fundamentals
•   IP Billing Fundamentals
•   Interconnect Billing Fundamentals
•   GPRS and UMTS Billing Fundamentals
•   Revenue Assurance Fundamentals
•   Billing Mediation Fundamentals
•   Telecom Fraud Management
•   Telecommunication Technologies for Sales and Marketing Professionals
    View Complete List on website
           Delivery Tools & Training Methodology
•   Classroom Training
•   Group work
•   Field Work
•   Case studies
•   Presentations
•   Role play
•   Streaming Video/ Audio lectures through internet
•   e-books
•   Online chat
•   Telephonic discussion with faculty
•   Online seminars/ web cast
                      Admissions & Eligibility
 Executives having real life years are encouraged to apply. Minimum 2 years of
  work experience is required.

 Admission process is arranged on a rolling basis.

Application Process – Summary

   a) Download the application form from
   b) Send the completed application form along with two References, Application
   Processing Fee of Rs. 2000/- as DD, CV, Transcripts & Certificates and Letter
   of Employment by post or email at
   c) Interview
   d) Admission offer to short listed candidates
   e) Offer acceptance & Registration
                                Learning Facilities

•   LMS Learning Management System: Aegis has invested heavily in
    providing extensive learning support. We are continually updating and
    developing our traditional library, e-resources and other resources
    within our technologically sophisticated LRC. The LRC enables
    students to gain optimum benefit from the resources available.
    Full access is provided on campus via the school's intranet. Selective
    access is provided through the Internet to our digital library. The
    resource consists of all the study materials in advance LMS & CMS in
    soft copy (HTML, Word, e-books, audio books), Streaming Audio and
    Video Lectures. Online and print subscriptions provide major industry
    and business magazines.

•   Linguistics Laboratory
    This online facility is equipped with pronunciation development and
    English learning software.

•   Digital Class Room
    Sate of Art networked Digital Class Room for lectures and online
    digital library. This class room is having best computing environment
    with a WI-FI enabled laptop.
                  Infrastructure Facilities

• Hostel
• Aegis has hostel facility in the academic
  building, which is very convenient to
  students. Hostel rooms has WiFi internet
  connection. Candidates with family can
  request for one bed room or two bed
  room apartments at walking distance
  from campus.
Learning management system (LMS) and
  Content management system (CMS)
                 Career Management Center
• We measure our success by your success. Our on-campus career
  services are dedicated to opening doors for you. Our past
  experience, strong faculty and network with corporates will help
  achieve the best career opportunities for our students.

 Aegis alumni are employed with companies like Alcatel, VSNL, 3D
 Networks, Planet One, GTL, Dishnet, Avaya, Hughes, HCL comnet,
 Reliance Infocom, ORG Telecom, Uninor, WIPRO Technologies
 and HSBC.

 If you wish to speak to Aegis alumni or current students about their
 experiences, please email your request for their contact details to
                    Live consultancy work
Aegis works closely with industry to make students to have better
understanding of their requirements. To accomplish this we organize 30
days to 60 compulsory internship with industry as a part of the course.
During the course students work on various consultancy assignment with
various companies.
Aegis Student Profile
Satyabrata Tripathy
EMPTM 2009-11
GM Circle Head (Mumbai) - Operations
Alcatel-Lucent Managed Solutions

Sandeep Deshmukh
EMPTM 2009-11
National Alliance Manager
Wipro Networks Pte Ltd.

 Vibha Yadav
 PGP/MBA 2008-09
 Head Operations, People &
 Organization, Mumbai Hub
                   Our Faculty and Mentors
V.P. Chandan
Director Aegis
Consultant to World Bank
Former President, Qualcom India

He handled very important assignments
Additional member (Telecom), Railway
Board Director, PCL & GCEL
Vice Chairman, Indo- French Technical Association
Member, Governing Council, ERDCI, Ministry of IT
Member, SACFA, Minister of Communications

Bachelor of Technology Banaras Hindu University Varanasi (BHU) India
Masters of Technology Indian Institute of Technology Delhi ( IIT) India
S. Eng & EIEE (UK), FIRSE (UK), Sr. MIEEE (USA),
FIRT, FIRSTE, FCIL & T ( India), FAIMA, FIETE & FIE ( India)
                   Our Faculty and Mentors
Vivekanand V. Kulkarni
Professor, Corporate Finance, Accounting and Law Former
Head Corporate Banking, Deutsche Bank (AG), Mumbai
Former CEO, Abhinav Co-op Bank, Mumbai
Management Consultant to Govt. of Gujrat, Gandhinagar
Former Head of Profit Centre (Export Oriented Units) at
SBI Mumbai
PGDM (MBA) IIM Ahmedabad
B.Tech (Hons.) IIT Kharagpur
                          Our Faculty and Mentors
Dr Abhijeet Gangopadhyay
• Professor Human Resource, Organizational Behaviour
   Ph.D. (Kolkata), P.G. Dip. (IIT, Kharagpur) , M.A.
• Worked in several research and training assignments for over three
   decades in the area of organizational behaviour, organzational
   development and human resources management.
• Some of the important assignments held:
   Professor & Dean, School of Management & Labour Studies,
     Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai (TISS).
        Professor & Dean, Indian Institute of Management, Indore
        (IIM Indore)
     Director, Central Labour Institute, Ministry of Labour,
        DGFASLI, Mumbai
        Professor in Behavioural Sciences, SVP National Police
        Academy, Hyderabad
     Scientist, Defence Research & Development(DRDO),
        Ministry of Defence, New Delhi

•   Worked as the national expert with International Labour
    Organization(ILO) and Asian Productivity Organization(APO),
                         Our Faculty and Mentors
Anirban Bhaumik
• Associate Dean & Professor, Technology
   Founder and managing director of Aspirtek An IT
   services and consulting organization based out of
   Mumbai and Kolkata.
• Worked in the US for over 8 years, where he worked
   in the financial services industry both as an analyst as
   well as a technology manager. He has worked with
   leading companies like J P Morgan Chase and
   Cambridge Technology Partners.
• MBA in Finance and Marketing from the New York
   University – Stern School of Business
   Masters in Computer Science & Chemical
   Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of
• BS from National Institute of Technology Durgapur
• Head-Aegis Incubator Center for Technology
                        Our Faculty and Mentors
 Dr. Philip McIlkenny
• Associate Professor
   B.A. (Ulster), MBA (Ulster), Ph.D. (Essex)
• Fundamentals of and Applied Corporate Finance,
   Financial Accounting, Financial Reporting
Research interests
• Capital Market Research, Corporate Governance
   and Valuation Implications, Valuation Implications of Insider Trading
• Prior to joining the University of Ottawa, Philip taught at the University of Ulster,
   Northern Ireland, during which time, he was Chairman of the Irish Accounting and
   Finance Association.
• He completed his B.A. and M.B.A at the University of Ulster and was awarded his
   Ph.D. at the University of Essex, England. Philip joined the School of Management
   at the University of Ottawa in 1999 as a visiting professor, and he became a
   permanent staff member in 2001.
• He has taught at both graduate and undergraduate levels in Europe and
   North America and has supervised numerous graduate dissertations
                        Our Faculty and Mentors
    Dr Derek Mowbray
•   BA, MSc, MSc(Econ), PhD, DipPsych, CPsychol, CSci, FIHM
•   Derek Mowbray, Psychology Director of Organisation Health
    and leading authority on preventing stress in the workplace, has
    a unique combination of management and academic credentials
    with a special interest in organisation health psychology which
    aims to harmonise the relationship between organisations and
    their workforce
                         Our Faculty and Mentors
    Elmar Kutsch Dipl Kauf (FH) MBA PhD PgCAP
•   Lecturer in Programme and Project Management
•   Elmar Kutsch completed his BSc at Aachen University of Applied
    Science (Germany) in 1997 followed by his Master's degree at
    Staffordshire University in 1998. Elmar held a variety of commercial and
    senior management positions within the IT industry from starting work
    for M+S Elektronik AG (Germany) in 1998 where he was responsible
    for the successful delivery of a number of large IT services projects,
    including major Roll Out and Outsourcing projects.
•    He served as a Lecturer in Operations Management at the University of
•   He is a reviewer for the International Journal of Project Management,
    International Journal of Manufacturing and Technology Management
    and International Journal of Managing Projects in Business
•   Currently, he is involved in studies on risk and crisis management.
                   Our Faculty and Mentors
Ramesh Sharda
• Director of the Institute for Research in Information
  Systems (IRIS) , Conoco Phillips Chair of Management of
  Technology, and a Regents Professor of Management
  Science and Information Systems in the College of Business
  Administration at Oklahoma State University.
• He received his B. Eng. degree from University of Udaipur,
  M.S. from The Ohio State University and an MBA and Ph.
  D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research
  has been published in major journals in management science
  and information systems including Management Science,
  Information Systems Research,
• He served as the Founding Editor of the Interactive
  Transactions of OR/MS and serves on the editorial boards of
  other journals such as the INFORMS Journal on Computing,
  Information Systems Frontiers, Journal of End User
  Computing, and OR/MS Today.
                         Our Faculty and Mentors
Robert Emmerling
•   A leading expert in the assessment and development of
    emotional intelligence competencies in the workplace, and
    has spent his career as a consultant, researcher and lecturer
    specializing in this area. Since 1997 he has been working
    on the cutting-edge of EI-based assessment and training
    with premier thought leaders in the field, such as Daniel
•   Through his work as a researcher for the Consortium for
    Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations, a
    group founded by Dr. Daniel Goleman, he has been
    involved in some of the most influential work in the field of
    emotional intelligence, including the development of best
    practice guidelines for training and developing emotional
•   Robert currently serves on the editorial board of the EI
    Consortium’s journal Issues and Recent Developments in
    Emotional Intelligence and is co-editor of the upcoming
    book Emotional Intelligence: Theoretical and Cultural
    Perspectives to be published in 2007.
                        Our Faculty and Mentors
Haresh Kodnani
•   Professor Marketing
•   He is also Client services Director for Targetrix Consulting
•   He is marketing cosultant with multi-faceted exposure
    ranging from search engine marketing, marketing research,
    marketing analytics and communications to integrated
    strategy. Skilled at understanding and implementing
    complex, multi-channel marketing processes.
•   Capabilities in • Search engine marketing • Online
    Contextual advertising • Brand management • Marketing
    Communications & PR • Internet-based communications
    and branding • Channel sales • Strategic planning •
    Marketing mix modeling
•   Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) • State
    University of New York, Binghamton, United States
    Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering,
    University of Bombay, India
                         Our Faculty and Mentors
•   Air Commodore S. K. Soni (retd.)
    Professor Telecom Management
    Former Projects Controller & Head Quality, Tellabs, India.
    Former Chief of Technical Training, Indian Air Force
    Former Chief of Master Control Center controlling the
    Backbone telecom network

•   Sangeeth Varghese
    Program Director for Certified Business Analyst
    Professional Program
    Sangeeth Varghese is a globally recognized leadership
    thinker, and the founder of LeadCap, a movement with a
    vision to build India as a nation of leaders. He regularly
    writes for Forbes and BT, TOI
Address   Sarika Gupta
          Head - Executive Education & Admissions
          Aegis School of Business & Telecommunication
          (Former Head - Executive Education IIM Indore)
          Office of Admission Processing
          Mahesh, Block B, Plot No. 37
          Sector 15, CBD Belapur – 400 614
          Navi Mumbai, MH India
Phone     +91 (0) 22 3218 5553
Cell      +91 (0) 93 2252 5977
Thank You!

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