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					     CSM Guideline for Completion of TA’s and TE’s

                   Table of Contents
Introduction…………………………………………………....                  2
Travel Authorization Form (TA)……………………………..          2
Airline Tickets………………………………………………….                  4
Rental Cars……………………………………………………..                    5
US Bank VISA Card (CSM Travel Card)…………………….         7
Activity Codes for Travel………………………………………             7
Travel Expense Form (TE)…………………………………….              8


Due to the volume of travel forms processed annually by the Colorado School of Mines
Travel Office, it is necessary to follow the guidelines herein to allow for timely
processing and reimbursement of travel expenses.


The first step in planning your travel involves using a Travel Authorization Form (TA).
The forms are available through department Administrative Assistants or on the Fiscal
Services Website under “Publications and Forms”.

The TA Form is required for any overnight or longer travel, or if the trip requires
purchase of an airline ticket. Completion and submission of this form is official
notification of planned travel.

       The control number (TA#) for each trip taken-when air fare is booked through a
       state approved Travel Agency, the Travel Agency is required to get the TA# as it
       is referenced on invoices sent from the travel agency, to Fiscal Services and
       serves as the mechanism by which the School charges the appropriate FOAP
       (Fund, Org, Account, Program). If the agency makes the reservations without
       obtaining this number, CSM is not legally obligated to pay the invoice, and the
       traveler may become personally responsible.

       Traveler Information is self explanatory. If the TA is submitted for more than
       one person, record the primary person’s name in the “traveler” box, list the
       additional travelers on a separate sheet of paper and attach to the TA. Estimated
       expenses for the group are to be listed on the TA.

       Title should reflect the travelers relationship with Colorado School of Mines.

       Destination, Date & Time of Departure & Return is self explanatory.

       Purpose of Trip-provide a detailed explanation of the purpose of the travel and
       how it benefits CSM.

       Account Information and Approval
             Account Code: The CSM Banner Account String (Fund, Org, Acct, Prgm)
             number(s) is required and must be supplied to the travel agent at the time
             of reservation. All Research “4” Accounts” must be approved by
             Department of Research Services. This approval will be obtained by the
             Travel Office.
             Maximum Amount: The maximum expense authorized for the trip if not
             the entire cost of the travel. If you are unsure of the amount, you may fill
             this in with the word “actual”.

       Authorized Signature: The signature of the person responsible for the
       account(s), if not the same as the approving authority.
       Signature of Approving Authority: The signature of department head,
       administrator or person delegated as the approving authority. The traveler
       cannot approve their own travel.
       International Travel Approval Signature: All international travel must be
       approved by the appropriate Vice President (for your department) and will
       be obtained by the Travel Office after the TA has been submitted.

       Date: Self explanatory.

Estimated Expenses that the traveler will incur and that will be paid directly by
them during the trip:
       Days: Number of day’s meals will be purchased.
       Allowable Meal Rates: Determined by US CONUS Per Diem Rates: US
       Other Per Diem Rates; Foreign Per Diem Rates. For part day travel status,
       use the Per Meal Reimbursement Rates. Per Meal Reimbursement Rates
       should also be used for calculating travel days where furnished meals are
       provided (such as conference meals).
       Amount: Number of days multiplied by the daily allowable amounts.
       Personal Car: If using a personal car to reach destination, calculate the
       cost at 33 cents per mile, otherwise leave blank. The cost of driving
       should not exceed the cost of available coach airfare, if airfare is possible.
       Rental Car: Estimate expenses if renting a car, if not, leave blank.
       Taxi, Bus or Subway: Estimate expenses if any of these services will be
       used, if not, leave blank.
       Other: Faxes, business calls, internet usage and gas for rental cars are
       examples. Record the estimated expense.
       Total Reimbursable to the Traveler: Subtotal the amount column and
       record in the space provided.

Travel Expenses Paid Directly by CSM prior to departure are not reimbursable
to the traveler:
         Other, Specify: An example is lodging. Sometimes lodging is paid on a
         Purchase Order, FPO or Voucher Request. If so, record the PO, FPO or
         VR number and vendor name in this box and the expense in the amount
         column. If these items are being paid by CSM, do not record under
         estimated expenses, since the expense is not reimbursable to the traveler.
         Airline Ticket: The cost of the coach airfare is given to the traveler at the
         time the flight arrangements are made. Record that expense in the amount
         column box.
         Registration Fee: This is the cost of registration for the conference. These
         are typically paid with a separate Voucher Request or by Credit Card if
         you have a CSM Procurement Card. Please record the VR number and
         vendor name with the cost of the registration.

               Total Travel Expenses: The total of estimated expenses to be incurred by
               traveler and paid by CSM.

       Travel Advance Requested. The amount requested by the traveler to pay
       expenses during the trip. This amount cannot exceed the total estimated expenses.
       Colorado Revised Statutes 24-302-202 (20.1) limit the maximum advance to
       $400.00 for domestic travel and $1500.00 for international travel. If a traveler has
       a CSM Travel Card, this should be used in lieu of the Travel Advance for
       Signature of Traveler. The traveler must sign and date the TA indicating
       agreement with the statement above the signature line.

Once the TA Form has been completed and necessary signatures obtained, immediately
send the original to Fiscal Services. The TA Form will be forwarded for the necessary
approvals. Retain 1 copy for your records. If requesting a travel advance, make sure the
TA is received by Fiscal Services at least 10 days prior to departure. If travel is for a
student, grad student or non CSM student, a Travel Waiver Form must be signed and on
file in the Travel Office before travel commences.


       Airline tickets are ordered by the traveler from State approved travel agencies.
       When making travel reservations, a Travel Authorization (TA) control number
       listed on the upper left-hand corner of the TA must be provided to the travel agent
       as well as the CSM Banner Account String (Fund, Org, Acct, Prgm) number that
       will be charged to the travel. Travel Agencies will deliver paper tickets to Fiscal
       Services located on the second floor of Guggenheim Hall. The CSM Travel
       Office will notify the traveler if they have a paper ticket to pick up. Tickets
       cannot be released without a TA on file with the Travel Office. Please turn in the
       TA as soon as travel arrangements have been made and approval signatures
       obtained, as the School’s US Bank VISA Ghost Card is charged immediately after
       airline travel has been confirmed. Turning in the TA as soon as possible allows
       Fiscal Services to pay our charges in a timely fashion and not jeopardize the credit
       card account to be frozen by US Bank. If airline tickets are purchased by the
       traveler through another source because the cost of the ticket is lower, an estimate
       from one of the state approved travel agencies must be attached to the TA and
       marked “Estimate” showing the purchased airfare was the best price. It is the
       responsibility of the traveler to acquire and provide the estimate. If the traveler
       uses another source and the “Estimate” is lower, the traveler will be required to
       pay the difference.

    Agency                         Phone Numbers                  Service Fees

    Travel Society             (303) 988-0505 Phone               $28.00 Phone/Email
    390 Union Boulevard        (303) 988-3858 Fax
    Lakewood, CO 80228
    Online booking forthcoming

    Carlson Wagonlit           (303) 279-0954 Phone               $15.00 Online
    1600 Jackson Street #102   (303) 277-9665 Fax                 $27.00 Phone/Email
    Golden, CO 80401
    Online booking:

    Frosch Travel                (303) 504-2267 Phone             $13.00 Online
    3801 E. Florida Avenue #100 (303) 753-0602 Fax                $25.00 Phone/Email
    Denver, CO 80210
    (866) 376-7248 Toll Free After Hours
    Online booking:


    The state of Colorado has issued a Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) with Avis,
    Budget, Budget Truck, Enterprise and Hertz as our suppliers of rental cars. This
    requires the use of these agencies if:
           1) They are located in the city where the rental occurs.
           2) They have the class of vehicle necessary , and
           3) They honor the terms of the Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA).

    Use of the traveler’s US Bank VISA CSM Travel Card assure our rates are
    honored and that the collision damage insurance is not necessary (see
    requirements for declination in next section). Drivers 21 and over may rent from
    Budget, 24 and over from Budget Truck and drivers 18 and over may rent from
    Avis, Enterprise and Hertz. Additional drivers may be added at no extra charge.
    All four agencies provide one-way car rentals within the State that do not require
    higher one-way rates or drop charges. If these car rental agencies are not
    available at your destination, or the type of vehicle required is not available, you
    may use other rental car providers; however, remember to sign up for the
    CDW/LDW insurance for your rental vehicle.

Agency         Contract#      Phone#                         Web Site
Avis           A514100        800-525-7521 x1213   
Enterprise     G65117         800-593-0505         
Budget         T143800        800-621-2844         
Budget Truck   56000133710    866-628-5774    
Hertz          65579          800-654-3131         

With discount code A514100 AND using your US BANK VISA CSM Travel
Card, Avis provides the $300,000.00 liability insurance necessary for complete
compliance with State fiscal rules provided the vehicle is rented in an Avis
awarded city. Enrolling in Avis’ Preferred Services will ensure the traveler
receives personalized, time saving services with the State of Colorado benefits.

With discount code T143800 for Budget or 56000133710 for Budget Truck AND
using your US Bank VISA CSM Travel Card, Budget/Budget Truck provides the
$300,000.00 liability insurance necessary for complete compliance with State
fiscal rules provided the vehicle is rented in a Budget/Budget Truck awarded city.
Enrolling in Budget’s Fastbreak Service will ensure the traveler receives
personalized, time saving services with the State of Colorado Benefits.

With discount code G65117 AND using your US Bank VISA CSM Travel Card,
Enterprise provides the $300,000.00 liability insurance necessary for complete
compliance with State fiscal rules provided the vehicle is rented in an Enterprise
awarded city.

With discount code 65579 AND using your US Bank VISA CSM Travel Card,
Hertz provides the $1,000,000.00 liability insurance necessary for complete
compliance with State fiscal rules provided the vehicle is rented in an Hertz
awarded city. Enrolling in Hertz #1 Club Gold will ensure the traveler receives
personalized, time saving services with the State of Colorado benefits.

Requirement for Declination of Rental Car Insurance

Three criteria need to be met in order to decline rental car insurance from Avis,
Budget/Budget Truck, Enterprise or Hertz. If one of the required criteria is not
met, you will need to pay for the Collision and Liability Damage Insurance in
order to be covered in case of accident, theft, loss or other damage caused by the
rented vehicle.

       1) The travelers US Bank VISA CSM Travel Card, issued by the State of
          Colorado Travel Management Program through Colorado School of
          Mines must be used. In the event of an accident, etc, the US Bank will
          be responsible for payment of the damage up to
          $300,000.00/$1,000,000 liability depending on the vendor.

              2) The above agencies (Avis, Budget/Budget Truck, Enterprise and
                 Hertz) MUST be used.
              3) Discount Code for the selected agency MUST be given (Avis:
                 A514100, Budget: T143800, Budget Truck: 56000133710, Enterprise:
                 G65117, Hertz: 65579).

       US Bank VISA insurance excluded vehicles include:

       Trucks, Cargo-vans and vans with a capacity of more than 8 passengers are
       excluded from Avis and Budget. With US Bank VISA CSM Travel Card, any
       traveler renting a passenger van with a capacity for more than 8 passengers must
       purchase damage waiver insurance provided by the rental firm.
       However, Enterprise offers FREE CDL/LDW for Pickup Trucks and 15 passenger
       Vans using discount code G64117 AND the US Bank VISA CSM Travel Card.


       Every employee who travels for CSM on school business should obtain and use a
       US Bank VISA CSM Travel Card issued through the State Travel Management
       Program. Contact the Travel Office (x3274) for an application. It is important to
       note that all charges on the US Bank VISA CSM Travel Card are the personal
       responsibility of the individual cardholder. Prompt submission of a Travel
       Expense (TE) Form at the completion of your business travel will ensure your
       reimbursement before payment is due to US Bank. Airfare should not be charged
       to your individual US Bank VISA CSM Travel Card as it is automatically charged
       to the School’s Ghost Card when using one of the States approved travel agencies
       (see listing under Airline Tickets section).


Activity Code Description
5501          Local mileage, used for travel within a 50 mile radius of Golden.
5502          Travel within the State of Colorado, not within a 50 mile radius of
5507          Travel within the continental United States, excluding Colorado,
              including Alaska and Hawaii.
5503          Instruction/Field Travel, within Colorado.
5504          Non Employee local travel within a 50 mile radius of Golden.
5511          International travel, outside of the USA, includes Canada and
5508          Instruction/Field, Outside of the State of Colorado
5509          Employee Relocation Expenses, Moving expenses for new
5506          Non-employee Travel, in state.

5510             Non-employee travel, out of state.
5512             Non-employee travel, international.
1357             Travel Advance.


After completion of your travel, you must submit a Travel Expense Form (TE) to Fiscal
Services first. TE’s will be forwarded for the appropriate approvals after they are
received by the Travel Office. As with TA’s, TE’s may be obtained either through the
Department Administrative Assistants or on the Fiscal Services Website under
“Publications and Forms”. Travel Expense Forms should be submitted within 10
working days of your return. If your trip does not take place, or there were no expenses
incurred, a TE Form is still required with approval signatures stating “No Cost to CSM”
in order to close the previously submitted TA.
All expenses associated with the trip should be reported on the TE, even if CSM is not
reimbursing the traveler for the expense. Original receipts must be attached to the TE
and are required for airfare, rental car, lodging, registration, taxi, gas and all
expenses over $25.00. Receipts are not required for meals, travelers may claim per diem
as determined by the State of Colorado. Please keep a copy of your receipts along with
your copy of the TE until reimbursement is received. Original receipts should be taped
on an 8-1/2” x 11” paper and then stapled to the TE to reduce the possibility of lost
receipts during the review and approval process. The average processing time for a TE is
approximately 10 working days after it is received by Fiscal Services. Receipts and the
calculation of amounts to be paid to the traveler are checked on all TE’s submitted to
Fiscal Services. All receipts for International Travel must be converted to US Dollars on
the receipt and then transferred to the TE. Foreign currency conversions must be done
daily. For single day travel (i.e., attending meetings off campus) a TA does not need to
be submitted beforehand unless the School will be charged for airfare. A TE Form is
used to submit mileage and miscellaneous expenses. Meals are NOT reimbursable for
single day travel. Single-day travel is defined as travel where the traveler returns to their
home at night, even if it is several “days” in a row or departing before 5:30 a.m. and
returning after 8:00 p.m.

All travel reimbursements under $50.00 will be paid directly through Petty Cash at the
Cashier’s Office window. Requirements regarding receipts and signatures still apply. A
Petty Cash form is not required, but the Travel Office must approve the TE before
reimbursement will be made.

       TA# is the travel authorization number used when planning the trip. If a TA was
       not used, write “None” for the TA number. All overnight trips and/or single day
       travel with airfare require a TA be filed.

       Traveler Information is the name of the person to be reimbursed. Provide
       mailing information if necessary.

       Account Information is the CSM Banner Account String (Index, Fund, Org,
       Acct, Prgm) number(s) the travel expense should be charged against. An account
       number is required.

       Purpose of Trip. Provide a detailed explanation of the purpose of the travel and
       how it benefits CSM.

       Travel Expense section details lodging expenses, meal per diems and mileage
       reimbursements for use of a personal vehicle. Breakfast is only allowed if the
       traveler leaves home before 5:30 a.m. Dinner is allowed if the traveler does not
       return until after 8:00 p.m. (See the Per Meal Reimbursement Table). Each line
       represents a day of travel. If there are not enough lines available, additional days
       can be recorded on a separate piece of paper or spreadsheet attached to the TE.

       Other Travel Expenses is where airfare, rental car, registration or other
       miscellaneous expenses are entered. These expenses can be either prepaid by
       CSM or paid by the traveler. Each expense should be identified as either prepaid
       or reimbursable to the traveler.

       Total Mileage, Meals and Lodging is entered in box #1 on the TE Form.

       Total of Other Travel Expenses is entered in box #2 on the TE Form.

       Total Travel Expenses are the totals of box #1 and box #2 from the TE. This
       represents the total cost of the trip to the School.

       Deduct Prepaid Expenses subtracting the items paid directly by the School such
       as travel advances, airfare, lodging and registrations.

       Amount Due to Traveler is the Total Travel Expenses minus Prepaid Expenses.
       If the Total Travel Expenses are less than the Prepaid Expenses, the traveler owes
       the School and must reimburse the School for the difference.

       Signature of Traveler is where the traveler must sign and date the TE Form
       under the certification statement.

       Authorized Signature is an authorized signer on the account to which the
       expenses are charged and cannot be the same as the traveler. All International
       Travel must be approved by the appropriate Vice President for the traveler’s
       department prior to submittal to the Travel Office.

       Accounts Payable Review block is initialed after Fiscal Services has verified
       receipts and calculations on the TE.

Please contact the Travel Office at x3274 with any questions.


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