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					                                      Richard J. Rousseau
                                 PO Box 545, Biddeford, ME 04005

      Computer professional with 20 years experience in both systems management and software development.
      Experienced in all phases of software development from design to integration.
      Experienced in creation and maintenance of large, complex heterogeneous networks.
      Works well as manager, team leader, team member or independently.
      Excellent communication skills and very short learning curve.
      Experienced in security procedures, compliance regulations, IT security testing, and risk analysis.

     RDBMS: Postgres, MySQL, Sybase, Oracle, Ingres, DB2
     Programming Languages: C, C++, JAVA, JavaScript, html. Perl, sed, awk, sh, csh
     Systems: Unix (several versions, including Solaris and HPUX), Linux (many versions, including Redhat and
        debian variants), Windows (including NT/2000/XP)
     Systems Administration: familiar with most infrastructure tools/processes including DNS, DHCP, LDAP,
        NFS, CUPS, and Samba
     Network: hardware including Cisco, 3Com, HP, Sonicwall
     Security tools: Nessus, Nmap, Metasploit, Nikto, Accunetix

     Bachelor of Science, Computer Science (Electrical Engineering background) University of Lowell, 1990
     Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) August 2008
     Department of Justice security clearance (equivalent to Top Secret)

NMI InfoSecurity Solutions, Portland, Maine.                                          9/2007 - Present
Security Consultant
Projects including the following:
     Perform security related testing for clients
     Work on infrastructure related projects such as setting up hardened servers
     Support customers at a systems level where contracted
     Special customer projects (either programming/development related or Systems related)

Stealthcat Computer Consulting, Biddeford, Maine.                                     5/2004 - Present
Stealthcat Computer Consulting provides System Administration support for small businesses throughout New
England as well as contracting for specific projects including the following:
     Port Ingres DB and related applications from SCO OpenUnix to Linux
     Setup Apache web server for e-commerce (catalog company)
     Setup and support outgoing mail server
     Setup Linux Virtual Server (LVS) with a failover director
     Setup secure, wireless SOHO router
     Setup OpenWrt SOHO router with HTML content filtering
     Analyze a group of Solaris servers with CIS benchmark tools
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Stealthcat Computer Consulting, Biddeford, Maine.                                     2/2006 – 4/2006
Contract: Portland Press Herald
Short Unix SysAdmin contract while client searched for full time employee. Work included:
     Helped administer critical Sybase DBs.
     Working with Sun E3000 with A5200 StorEdge Arrays attached (fiber).
     Working with Sun Sun-Fire-V440 with attached 3510 StorEdge arrays (fiber)
     Working with Veritas
     Working with various OSX servers and workstations
     Debugging Perl scrips (connectiong to MySQL and Sybase Dbs)

New England Interactive, Augusta, Maine                                                 06/2003 – 05/2004
Systems Administrator
Sole SysAdmin for company that served custom web applications as well as agency web hosting for Maine, Rhode
Island, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Responsibilities included:
      Oracle DBA for backend server for Web Apps as well as connection to state Oracle servers
      Maintained MySQL databases
      Maintained mix of Apache web and data servers used for different products
      Maintained ftp and Frontpage services for state agencies
      Installed new JAVA server and help debug JAVA code for project
      Worked out plan to rationalize server setup (server cluster with common data back-end)
      Worked out plan to rationalize machine room physical layout for improved scalability and maintainability
      Installed and set up new Google box for web search
      Maintained user accounts for state agency access as well as local and remote employee access
      Provided telephone support for state agency employees

Great Works Internet, Biddeford, Maine                                                      03/2000 – 04/2002
Senior Architect/Systems Manager
Principle responsibility was to help build infrastructure and services to meet growing needs of an expanding ISP. As
Systems Manager, I defined the Systems department. As well as managing the department (with three groups), I had
to be able to perform any function for which the department was responsible which included all customer services as
well as internal corporate services. Customer services included Apache web server (both personal web space and
virtual web service), Qmail and Sendmail MTAs, authentication with Radius and LDAP, and common disk space.
Internal corporate services included firewall protection for office workstations, connectivity, staff server(s), intranet
web server, custom written web based software, and billing database.
Projects included:
      Transition from sendmail to qmail for customer email services
      Deployment of NetApp NFS server for all customer data storage
      Complete renovation of Biddeford office space: coordinated power and data services to employee work
        spaces as well as helped define office layout; complete data re-cabling to updated machine room.
      Renovation of Biddeford office machine room: organized space by adding server cabinet and shelves;
        complete data re-cabling
      Re-organization of Portland NOC space: worked on space layout; organized data re-cabling; installed and
        populated new server cabinets.
      Upgrade of all customer service servers (hardware and software)
      Integration of a new set of accounts for a corporate partner (as part of a merger).
      Setup of a new backup system for all servers.
      Definition and set up of internal, secure LAN for servers.
      Setup of Biddeford office firewall and VPN to Portland NOC.
      Coordinating switch-over to a new phone system for Biddeford office which included VoIP to Portland.
      Complete re-write of in house developed "call track" software for tracking customer calls and email.
      Web based software to track and report on systems inventory.
      Re-design of customer provisioning system (add, delete, and update accounts) with an LDAP back end.

Management responsibilities included:
    Approval, coordination and tracking of time off.
    Job descriptions for all Systems Department positions.
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       Weekly status reports on all Systems projects to company president.
       Insuring "day to day" responsibilities (like operations email) were fulfilled.
       Defining Systems budget.
       Evaluating, recommending and coordinating purchases with hardware vendors.
       Coordinating and tracking "On-call" rotation for off hours support.
       Defining position needs and coordinating recruitment.
       Performing employee reviews. (US), Strathford, NH                                                        03/2000 – 07/2000
Part-time Software Engineer
Part-time engineer working with a team to build a gaming league web site. Project was to be written in PHP with a
Postgres DB back end. Unfortunately, it didn't get past the design stage before the company closed down its East
Coast office.

Agilent Technologies (HP Medical Products Group), Andover, MA                            09/1999 – 03/2000
Contractor (Adecco-TAD), Software Engineer
Wrote and maintained serial acquisition code for medical devices as part of DeviceLink, a middle-ware product used
for patient bedside monitoring. Code was written in Perl.

Safety Net Solutions, Hampton, NH                                                            02/1995 – 04/1999
Software Engineer & Architect
     Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles: The project, Network Job Builder (NJB), was a first generation
       automated card production system. It controlled the production of Massachusetts drivers licenses from the
       database through the card printer, and into a mailer/stuffer, resulting in a mailable document. Wrote the
       routines which prepared the mag stripe data for encoding. Wrote the error handling routines and made sure
       they were used appropriately throughout the code.
     Dynamics Research Corporation (DRC): Short contract to set up 2 Sun Sparc workstations on-site for an
       internal DRC project. Work included configuring hardware, setting up network services, and customizing a
       backup procedure.
     Connecticut Department of Social Services: This was a modified version of the Massachusetts NJB. Wrote
       the code which allowed the operators to arbitrarily stop and start the batching process, which included a
       custom user interface.
     Immigration and Naturalization Service: The Central Manufacturing Executive (CME) is a second
       generation automated ID card manufacturing system which combines two Sandia 7R card printers and
       produces all of the INS card types from the Student/Visa to Permanent Resident Cards (green cards). The
       CME managed and controlled all aspects of card manufacture including device control, data access, and
       production reports. Wrote the image manipulation routines which built the images for printing and modified
       data access routines to meet changing needs of the customer. On site integration engineer during final phase
       of development for the initialversion of software.
     New York Department of Social Services: This was a modification of INS CME. The production system used
       a DataCard 9000 card printer instead of a Sandia 7R printer. Wrote the data manipulation routines which
       formatted the data to DataCard's proprietary format for printing. On-site integration engineer for the final
       phase of development.
     Sandia Imaging Systems – Sierra: Lead Architect and Project Leader for the team which designed and built
       a custom printer controller for Sandia's line of dye sublimation ID card printers. The controller (SIERRA)
       was user customizable to control the entire line of Sandia printers. It included a multi-threaded application
       which used TCP/IP to communicate with processes running on the printer modules.
     Alabama Department of Public Safety: This was a system to produce Alabama driver's licenses and State
       IDs. Used the Sierra printer controller for the Sandia printers as part of the system, customized for the
       Alabama requirements. Wrote the imaging routines which produced printable images from client data. On
       site integration engineer for the final test and acceptance phase for the system.
     Federal Aviation Administration - Volpe Center: Part of a subcontracted project assigned to port and
       enhance a custom Air Traffic Management System. This system was written originally for Apollo
       workstations using propriety Apollo net working software. Ported to HPUX using TCP/IP.
     Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Lincoln Labs: Short contract to connect an internal MIT-LL project
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      to Volpe's Air Traffic Management System. Included Apollo hardware work as well as setup of Volpe Traffic
      Management Software.
     Department of State: Custom modifications of INS CME card production system to allow printing of DOS
      Border Crossing Cards on existing INS printers. Modified image routines to allow ".wsq" image format (FBI
      finger print image format).
     Software Emancipation Technologies: Three month contract for post sales support of SET's "Discover"
      product. The customer, Solomon, Smith Barney, used the product in house on their proprietary applications
      to scan for potential Y2K bugs. Hundreds of projects and over 3 million lines of code were scanned and the
      potential Y2K problems were identified and reported.
     SysAdmin: Set up internal network for Safety Net Solutions. Pulled and connected enhanced CAT5
      (350Mhz) cable to all 23 offices. Set up and maintained network services (DNS, mail, ftp, telnet, etc.). Built
      firewall system that included dual homed host and SNK authenticated proxies for telnet and ftp. Negotiated
      and managed installation of 128K partial T1 (frame relay) Internet connection. Maintained a heterogeneous
      network of Unix (Linux, Solaris, HP/UX) and Windows (NT 3.52, NT 4.0, 95, 98) machines. Supported
      users from sysadmin knowledge level to basic user. Budgeted, priced, and purchased hardware. Custom built
      PC's for both customers and internal use.

I-Kinetics, Inc., Burlington, MA                                                    01/1992 – 01/1995
Research and Development - Software Engineer
     Supported and enhanced I-Bridge product code. Code was written in C++ and supported on the following
      platforms: SunOS 4.1.3 (g++), SunOS 5.3 (SparcWorks C++), HP-UX (native C++), and SCO Unix (native
     Research into using shared libraries on supported platforms.
     Ported the code base to Solaris 2 and SCO Unix.
     Updated Oracle database code from Oracle V6 to V7 which included re-write in ESQL (from OCI).
     Re-wrote and enhanced Oracle V7 code using OCI (needed for enhancements).
     Propagated all bug fixes and enhancements to all supported platforms.

Consulting Services Group - Software Engineer - Fidelity Management and Research Company, Boston MA:
    Asset Manager Equity Assistant. Custom, fixed cost, project built forFidelity portfolio manager of "Asset
      Manager" funds.
    Project consisted of user interface written in Tcl/TK and a Sybase database.
    Wrote 100% of user interface, customized to user specs.
    Co-wrote and enhanced Sybase SQL code.

Consulting Services Group - SysAdmin - Fidelity Management and Research Company, Boston MA:
Part of a systems support team responsible for 20+ Sun servers and 250+ Sun workstations. Support included the
     Writing custom SunNet Manager agents.
     Enhancement and support of Merged Environment (customized user environment configuration software)
       including travel to remote site (Dallas, TX) for installation and upgrades.
     Installation and customization of 3rd party, net, and in-house developed software.
     Customized NIS maps to aid in large scale user support.
     General system support, hardware and software (printers, modems, OS upgrades, Kernel patches).

Eaton Semiconductor Equipment Division, Beverly, MA                                      07/1991 – 12/1991
Contractor Systems Programmer/Analyst/Support (Contract Solutions)
One of three systems support people responsible for a network of approximately 20 Sun workstations (Sun3's and
Sun4's) running SunOS 3.5 to 4.1.1. Specific responsibilities:
     Porting of Usenet (GNU and other) software to site specifications.
     Building a set of Sparc to Motorola 68000 cross-compilers (C and C++).
     Configuring of modems (Telebit and Prometheus) as well as software for UUCP and direct access.
     Writing a makefile "template" so the engineers only had to fill in a few macros to make their target.
     C, Bourne, and "expect" shell scripting.
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     Various hardware and software fire-fighting.

University of Lowell, Lowell, MA                                                        01/1989 – 06/1991
Center for Productivity Enhancement: Systems Analyst/Programmer/Manager
This lab worked in conjunction with industry to improve and add to American business. Responsibilities included:
     Setup and administration of a network containing an Apollo token ring (see below), DECstations,
       VAXstations, DECserver, MicroVAX, Data General Aviions, Sun3/280, SparcIPC, Ardent Titan, Stellar
       GS2000 and GS1000, IBM RS6000, IBM PC's (and clones), and Apple Macintoshes.
     Building and administration of Aplllo token ring containing DN10000, DN4000, DN3500, DN3010,
       DN3000, DN560, and DSP90 machines running from SR9.7 to SR10.3 software.
     Evaluating the lab's computer and network needs, as well as purchasing new equipment and maintenance.
     Managing a staff of one full-time person, one graduate student and four undergraduate students.
     Focal point for all Unix/computer questions.
     Robotic vision system built using IKS (in house imaging system) for Intelledex robot arm. Ran on Apollo
       DN3500 connected to robot arm through RS232 serial line.
     Diagnostic functions for distributed network management project (DENiM) including monitoring disk usage
       and password file changes.

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