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					             February 28, Monday AM                      Organizers: Enrique Biurrun, Gérald Ouzounian
                                                         Panel Reporter: John Mathieson
         Presenters are highlighted in BOLD
                                                         This panel will focus on a select set of advanced deep
                                                         geological repository programs worldwide and provides
 8:00 AM                SESSION 1
                                                         a forum for interested parties to learn more about
                                                         these programs. Notwithstanding the first deep
Panel: WM2011 Symposium Plenary                          geological repository for SNF and HLW in the USA was
                                                         brought to a virtual stand-still in 2009, several other
                                                         repository programs continue to make considerable
Co-Chairs: James Gallagher, Gallagher Consulting;
                                                         progress that deserves to be recognized and used to
Fred Sheil, Sellafield Ltd (United Kingdom)
                                                         advantage by interested parties. Repository programs
Lead Organizer: James Gallagher
                                                         will report upon the current status and future plans as
Organizers: James Voss, Gary Benda
                                                         well as the perceived reasons underlying the success
Panel Reporter: Linda Ulland
                                                         and the failure of components of their respective
                                                         repository program. They will also answer questions
The WM2011 Plenary Session will feature speakers         from the audience.
discussing the pressing issues facing Radioactive
Waste Management in 2011 and beyond from around          Proposed panelists include Borries Raapke,
the world.                                               Managing Director of DBE and DBE TECHNOLOGY,
                                                         (Germany); Francois-Michel Gonnot, Chairman of
Proposed Panelists include Dr. Inés R. Triay, US         ANDRA and member for the French
DOE, Assistant Secretary for Environmental               Parliament (France); Dr. Inés Triay, Assistant
Management; François-Michel Gonnot, Chairman of          Secretary for Environmental Management, US DOE,
the Governing Board of ANDRA (France's National          and Marjatta Palmu, from the upper management of
Radioactive Waste Management Agency)and Thomas           the Finnish Posiva (Finland).
H. Zarges, URS Corporation, President - Energy &
                                                          10:00 AM                 SESSION 4

  10:00 AM                SESSION 2
                                                         Worldwide Waste Management Regulatory and
                                                         Oversight Crosscutting Programs: An Update
Panel: Hot Topics in US DOE Environmental
Management                                               Co-Chairs: Christopher Timm, PECOS Management
                                                         Services, Inc.; Ray Clark, US EPA
Co-Chairs: James Gallagher, Gallagher Consulting;        Lead Organizer: Ray Clark
Edward Helminski, Exchange Monitor Publications          Organizers: Christopher Timm, Malgorzata K. Sneve
Lead Organizer: Gary Benda                               Paper Reviewer: Christopher Timm
Organizers: James Gallagher, Edward Helminski, Shari
Davenport                                                   1. Comparison of the IAEA Safety Case Concept
Panel Reporter: Leslie Jardine                                 and the NRC Regulatory Approach for Low-
                                                               Level Waste Land Disposal - 11496
This panel will include senior US DOE Managers                 Christepher McKenney, David Esh, US NRC
speaking on the pressing issues facing the US DOE           2. Update on the Radioactive Waste Position in
sites. Senior managers will update the attendees on            the UK - 11435
what has transpired the last year and provide detailed         John Dalton, Bruce McKirdy, Nuclear
direction on the future US DOE Office of Environmental         Decommissioning Authority (United Kingdom)
Management goals and objectives.                            3. Report on Waste Disposal Workshops for a
                                                               Radiological Dispersal Device (RDD) Attack in
                                                               an Urban Area - 11543
 10:00 AM                SESSION 3                             Eugene Jablonowski, Paul Kudarauskas, Paul
                                                               Lemieux, James Michael, Cayce Parrish, Jeff
Panel: International Deep Geological Repository                Pike, Daniel Schultheisz, US EPA
Progress                                                    4. High-Level Waste Insights for Re-Processing
                                                               Spent Fuel - 11462
                                                               John Greeves, Jim Lieberman, Talisman
Co-Chairs: Enrique Biurrun, DBE TECHNOLOGY
GmbH (Germany); Gérald Ouzounian, ANDRA
Lead Organizer: Leif Eriksson
 10:00 AM                SESSION 5                        3. Analysis Technology Development Considering
                                                             Accumulated Effect from the Sequential
                                                             Regulatory Accident - 11487
Recent Changes Among Mixed and Hazardous                     Woo-Seok Choi, Korea Atomic Energy
Waste Classification and Disposal Regulations                Research Institute (Korea)
                                                          4. Testing of a Transport Cask for Research
Co-Chairs: Gabriele Bandt, TÜV NORD EnSys                    Reactor Spent Fuel - 11037
Hannover; Holger Spann, E.ON Kernkraft GmBH                  Rogerio Mourao, Center for the Development
(Germany)                                                    of Nuclear Technology; Carlos Alexandre
Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Gabriele Bandt              Miranda, Miguel Mattar Neto, IPEN; Luis Silva,
Organizer: Heinz Kroeger                                     CDTN (Brazil); Oscar Novara, CNEA/CAC;
                                                             Fernando Quintana, Roberto Saliba, CAB/CNEA
   1. Realization of Requirements on Non-
      Radioactive Waste Package Constituents -
      11441                                             10:00 AM               SESSION 7
      Peter Brennecke, Karin Kugel, Stefan Steyer,
      Federal Office for Radiation Protection; Wilma
      Boetsch, Detlef Gründler, Claudia Haider,        Decommissioning - International Programmatic
      ISTEC GmbH (Germany)                             Overview
   2. Regulations for the Disposal of Radioactive
      Waste Packages with Hazardous Content in the     Co-Chairs: William Murphie, US DOE; Anja Graf,
      German Repository Konrad - 11474                 WAK GmbH (Germany)
      Cornelia Scupin, Niedersächsischer               Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Jas Devgun
      Landesbetrieb für Wasserwirtschaft, Küsten-      Organizers: Maria Lindberg, Bernard Poncet
      und Naturschutz (Germany)
   3. Disposal of Potentially Neutron Activated PCB       1. Recent Decommissioning Achievements at
      Capacitors at Argonne National Laboratory              Sellafield - 11132
      through the Authorized Release Process -               Russell Mellor, Sellafield Ltd (United
      11064                                                  Kingdom)
      Jing-Jy Cheng, S.Y. Chen, Noreen                    2. Accelerating Legacy Material Removal in
      Brachmann, Stephen Butala, Frank Brumwell,             Former Nuclear Production Facilities - 11219
      Argonne National Laboratory; Antanas                   Thomas Fitzmaurice, Thomas Fitzmaurice,
      Bindokas, Andrew Gabel, Paul Neeson, US DOE            Ashley Craig-Watkins, B&W Y-12
   4. Disposal of Bruce Power's Mixed Liquid Waste -      3. The Future of Decommissioning at AWE
      11460                                                  Aldermaston - 11211
      Sriram Suryanarayan, Aamir Husain,                     Jim Robertson, AWE (United Kingdom)
      Kinectrics, Inc.; Colin Elwood, Taylor White,       4. Delivery of an Integrated Change Program
      Kurt Wigle, Bruce Power (Canada)                       within the Decommissioning Directorate at
                                                             Sellafield - 11284
 10:00 AM                SESSION 6                           Simon Bremer, Sellafield Ltd (United

World-Wide Topics on Packaging Design and
Testing                                                 10:00 AM               SESSION 8

Co-Chairs: Richard Yoshimura, Sandia National          HLW, SNF/UNF, and Long-lived Alpha/TRU-
Laboratory; Daniel Jordan, Enercon Services, Inc.      Programs and Policies
Lead Organizer: Olaf Oldiges
Organizers: Paul Jones, Mike Snyder                    Co-Chairs: Sal Golub, US DOE, Office of Nuclear
Paper Reviewer: Mike Snyder                            Reactor Technologies; Lisa Burns, Wastren Advantage
                                                       Lead Organizer: Harry Babad
   1. UK Low-Level Waste Repository Site:              Organizers: Lisa Burns, Sal Golub
      Standardizing the Design and Transport of        Paper Reviewer: Sal Golub
      Packages to Contain Low Activity Radioactive
      Wastes in the UK - 11459                            1. Management of High-Level Waste and Used
      Mark Flynn, Low Level Waste Repository                 Nuclear Fuel at DOE Sites - 11478
      (United Kingdom)                                       Anthony Kluk, Hitesh Nigam, Nancy
   2. Transportation of Spent Research Reactor Fuel          Buschman, US DOE
      to USA - 11110                                      2. CEA‘s Radioactive Waste Management Policy -
      Franz Hilbert, Nuclear Cargo + Service GmbH            11034
      Marc Butez, French Atomic Energy                 Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Margaret MacDonell
      Commission; Didier Lebrun, Christophe Icard,     Organizers: Michelle Barker, John Lowe
      CEA (France)
   3. Radiotoxicity Characterization of HLW from          1. D&D Knowledge Management Information Tool
      Reprocessing of Uranium-Based vs. Thorium-             - Update 2011 - 11297
      Based Fuel - 11390                                     Himanshu Upadhyay, Leonel Lagos, Walter
      Yasir Arafat, Fausto Franceschini, Paolo               Quintero, Peggy Shoffner, Florida International
      Ferroni, Michael Wenner, Edward Lahoda, John           University; John De Gregory, US DOE-HQ; Jeff
      Lyons, Westinghouse Electric Co.; Bojan                Hunter, Mission Support Alliance / Dade
      Petrovic, Georgia Institute of Technology              Moeller
   4. Waste Management Research by the US DOE -           2. Radionuclide Inventory and Distribution
      11564                                                  Program (RIDP): A User Relational Database
      John Vienna, Pacific Northwest National                for Preservation and Analysis of Historic
      Laboratory; Terry Todd, Idaho National                 Measurements of Radionuclides in Soil - 11235
      Laboratory; James Bresee, US DOE                       Karen Gray, David Shafer, Desert Research
 10:00 AM               SESSION 9                         3. Maintaining Environmental Sustainability
                                                             Through Application Of Environmental
                                                             Knowledge Management at the SRS - 11400
Communication of Technical Issues                            Eloy Saldivar, Jr., Jeannette Hyatt, Savannah
                                                             River Nuclear Solutions, LLC
Co-Chairs: Lori Huffman, ORP; Larry Klimek, US            4. Laboratory Information Management Strategy
Fish and Wildlife Services                                   for Vitrification Support - 11143
Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Elizabeth Bowers            Aruna Arakali, Thomas Lane, Jill Johnston,
Organizer: W.T. (Sonny) Goldston                             Robert Shannon, URS Corporation

   1. What Can Professionals in Radioactive Waste       10:00 AM              SESSION 11
      Management Learn From Other Emerging
      Technology Areas Such As Nanotechnology and
      Biotechnology? - 11380                           Advances in Nuclear Safety Management
      Helen Neill, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
   2. Public & Regulatory Acceptance of Blending of    Co-Chairs: Kim Auclair, KD Auclair & Associates, LLC;
      Radioactive Waste vs. Dilution - 11018           Larry Regens, University of Oklahoma Health
      W.T. (Sonny) Goldston, Savannah River            Sciences Center
      Nuclear Solutions, LLC                           Lead Organizer: Kim Auclair
   3. Regulatory Strategies to Minimize Generation     Paper Reviewer: Larry Regens
      of Regulated Waste from Cleanup, Continued
      Use, or Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities       1. Nuclear Safety Management & Improvement
      Contaminated with Polychlorinated Biphenyls            Focus for 2010/11 and Beyond at Sellafield -
      (PCBs) - 11198                                         11403
      Nancy Lowry, Savannah River Nuclear                    Rob Howman, Sellafield Ltd (United Kingdom)
      Solutions, LLC                                      2. An Establishment of a Calculation Framework
   4. Establishing Final End State for a Retired             for the Operational Safety Assessment of A-
      Nuclear Weapons Production Reactor;                    KRS - 11267
      Collaboration Between Stakeholders,                    Meejeong Hwang, Korea Atomic Energy
      Regulators, and the Federal Government -               Research Institute (Korea)
      11052                                               3. Development of a Seismic Risk Assessment
      Christopher Bergren, Savannah River                    System for Low and Intermediate Level
      Nuclear Solutions; Mary Flora, Area Completion         Radioactive Waste Repository: Current Status
      Projects, Savannah River Site; Helen Belencan,         of Year 1 Research - 11393
      Ray Hannah, Rita Stubblefield, US DOE                  Minkyu Kim, In-Kil Choi, Jongtae Jeong,
                                                             Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
 10:00 AM              SESSION 10                            (Korea)
                                                          4. Implementation of Nuclear Security System for
                                                             Low Level Radioactive Storage Facility at AERE
Innovative Applications in Information and                   in Bangladesh - 11090
Knowledge Management                                         Abdus Sattar Mollah, Bangladesh Atomic
                                                             Energy Commission (Bangladesh)
Co-Chairs: Michelle Barker, US ACE; John Lowe,
CH2M HILL Plateau Remediation Company
              February 28, Monday PM                        testimony and meetings prior to WM2011, and will be
                                                            finalizing its 18-month interim report to the
                                                            administration when this panel will be held. Invited
 1:30 PM               SESSION 12                           panelists will include people and organizations who
                                                            have presented before the Commission over their first
                                                            year of deliberations.
Panel: European Featured Site: Sellafield -
Accomplishments and Challenges from Past
Practices and for Current and Future Missions               Proposed Panelists include John Kessler, EPRI;
with a Comparison to DOE Sites                              Clifford E. Singer, University of Illinois;
                                                            DanielMetlay, Nuclear Waste Technical Review
                                                            Board; Mark Peters, Argonne National Laboratory
Co-Chairs: Angie Jones, AMEC Earth &
                                                            and Dr. Richard Meserve, Blue Ribbon Commission.
Environmental; Fred Sheil, Sellafield Ltd (United
Lead Organizer: Angie Jones                                  3:15 PM              SESSION 14
Organizer & Paper Reporter: Fred Sheil
                                                            Panel: The Future of the US DOE Yucca Mountain
This session will consist of two panels. The first panel    Site and Discussion of the Alternatives
will focus on the Sellafield site in Cumbria in the North
West of England. The site is a large, complex nuclear
                                                            Co-Chairs: Eric Knox, URS Corporation; Paul
chemical facility that has supported the UK‘s nuclear
                                                            Dickman, Argonne National Laboratory
power program since the 1940‘s. Current operations at
                                                            Lead Organizer: Dorothy Davidson
Sellafield include processing of fuels removed from
                                                            Organizers: Robert Edmonds, Leif Eriksson
nuclear power stations, Mixed Oxide (MOX) fuel
                                                            Panel Reporter: Robert Edmonds
fabrication, storage of nuclear materials and
radioactive wastes, remediation and D&D of legacy
sites. This mission is being carried out under contract     This panel will focus on the current status of and the
to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) by           challenges facing the US national SNF and HLW
Sellafield, Ltd.                                            disposal program in light of the new US
                                                            Administration's policies and Congress' budget-driven
                                                            slowdown of Yucca Mountain Project. Topics that will
The NDA also has a cooperation agreement with US
                                                            be presented at this panel include recent
DOE to share experience to mutual benefit.
                                                            developments, challenges and potential paths forward
                                                            being proposed by the Administration, independent
The second panel will have participants from Sellafield     review panels and industry. The panel will be
Ltd, the NDA, NNL and US DOE. The goal of the panel         comprised of invited experts in radioactive waste
will be to share management and technical challenges        management and disposal.
and how they were overcome by working together and
building off the lessons learned.
                                                            Proposed Panelists include David Blee, Nuclear
                                                            Infrastructure Council; Rod McCullum, Nuclear
 1:30 PM               SESSION 13                           Energy Institute; Ed Davis, Sustainable Nuclear Task
                                                            Force; as well as representatives from the US NRC, US
                                                            DOE, and Nye County, Nevada.
Panel: Progress by the US National Blue Ribbon
Commission on America's Nuclear Future - What
Have They Been Told and Who Are They Listening               1:30 PM              SESSION 15
                                                            Panel: Hot Topics and Emerging Issues in US
Co-Chairs: Roger Nelson, US DOE; Dorothy                    Commercial Low-Level Radioactive Waste
Davidson, AREVA Federal Services, LLC                       Management
Lead Organizer: Roger Nelson
Organizers: Dorothy Davidson, Andrew Orrell                 Co-Chairs: Leonard Slosky, Rocky Mountain LLW
Panel Reporter: Elizabeth Saris                             Board; James Kennedy, US NRC
                                                            Lead Organizer: Linda Beach
This panel will focus on the Blue Ribbon Commission         Organizers: Todd Lovinger, James Kennedy
which filed their charter with Congress the week before     Panel Reporter: Todd Lovinger
WM2010. The Commission will conduct a
comprehensive review of policies for managing the           This panel will focus on emerging issues in commercial
back end of the nuclear fuel cycle; including all           LLW management in the US from the perspective of
alternatives for the storage, processing and disposal of    five active members of the Low-Level Radioactive
civilian and defense used nuclear fuel and nuclear          Waste Forum. State, compact, federal and industry
waste. The Commission will conduct an entire year of
views will be shared on a variety of timely and             The session will be co-moderated and will be
significant topics related to low-level radioactive waste   comprised of both individual presentations on industry
management and disposal and related issues.                 trends and a focused panel on a single subject (i.e.,
                                                            Human Performance Improvement) to allow detailed
Proposed panelists include representatives from a           discussions between the panel participants and
federal agency, state/compact officials and the             presenters.
industry (facility operator or waste generator
representative.                                             Proposed Panelists include Fran Williams, Sellafield
                                                            LLC (UK); Tony Umek, Savannah River Nuclear
                                                            Solutions; Ed Foulke, Partner, Fisher & Phillips LLP
 3:15 PM               SESSION 16                           and Joe Yanek, EFCOG Chair / Fluor Government
Selected Key Topics in US Commercial LLW
Management                                                   1:30 PM              SESSION 18

Co-Chairs: Colleen Owens, DeNuke Contracting
                                                            Worldwide Perspectives of Radioactive Waste
Services, Inc.; Kathryn Haynes, Southeast Compact
                                                            Management - Challenges and Solutions
Lead Organizer: Colleen Owens
Organizers: Linda Beach, Kathryn Haynes                     Co-Chairs: Christer Svemar, SKB International
Paper Reviewer: Linda Beach                                 Consultants AB (Sweden), Piero Risoluti,
                                                            Lead Organizer: John Mathieson
The Richard S. Hodes M.D. Honor Lecture Award will
                                                            Organizers: Gérald Ouzounian, Mark Matthews
be presented to Christine Gelles, US DOE by Michael
                                                            Paper Reviewer: Christer Svemar
Mobley, Southeast Compact Commission for LLW.

                                                               1. How to Scientifically Choose a Nuclear
    a) The WM2011 Richard S. Hodes, M.D. Honor
                                                                  Repository Site - 11414
       Lecture: Topic to be announced - 11619
                                                                  James Conca, New Mexico State University;
       Christine Gelles, US DOE
                                                                  Judith Wright, UFA Ventures
    b) The First New Conventional Uranium Mill in the
                                                               2. The French Policy for Radioactive Materials and
       US in 30 Years – Status of the Pinon Ridge
                                                                  Waste Management - 11056
       Project, Colorado - 11438
                                                                  Jean Luc Lachaume, Nuclear Safety Authority
       Steven Brown, SHB Inc.
                                                               3. The New Policy for Radioactive Waste
 1:30 PM               SESSION 17                                 Management and Site Selection for the
                                                                  National Repository in Italy - 11053
                                                                  Piero Risoluti, Fabio Chiaravalli, Luigi Brusa,
Panel: Safety Management - Key to Effective                       Sogin (Italy)
Performance Execution                                          4. Should WIPP Replace Yucca Mountain? - 11058
                                                                  Christopher Timm, Jerry Fox, PECOS
Co-Chairs: Joseph Yanek, Fluor Government Group;                  Management Services, Inc
William Murphie, US DOE                                        5. Radioactive Waste Disposal Challenges in
Lead Organizer & Panel Reporter: Judith Connell                   Germany - 11442
Organizers: Joseph Yanek, Anthony Umek                            Peter Brennecke, Federal Office for Radiation
                                                                  Protection (Germany)
This panel will focus on safety management as a key to         6. Creation of the Radioactive Waste Management
effective project performance. Regardless of the state            System in the Russian Federation - 11266
of the economy, safety must be a business imperative              Leonid Bolshov, Igor Linge, Vasily Kovalchuk,
and is a key element in the efficient and effective               Alexander Iordanov, Nuclear Safety Institute
performance on projects – regardless of size or                   (Russia); Alexander Abramov, Rosatom State
complexity. Panel presentations and discussions will              Nuclear Energy Corporation (Russia); Yuri
focus on latest trends in leveraging effective health,            Polyakov, Radioactive Waste Management
safety and environmental programs to improve project              Enterprise (Russia)
and operational performance across a diverse set of            7. Stakeholder Trust for the Disposal of Highly
business sectors. Attendees will benefit from both the            Radioactive Wastes in the USA, Japan, UK, and
presentations and opportunity to have an interactive              Europe - 11558
dialogue with senior industry executives representing             Bill Lawless, Paine College
government and commercial sectors both nationally              8. Geologic Disposal Options in the USA - 11299
and internationally.                                              Frank Hansen, Sandia National Laboratory
 1:30 PM             SESSION 19                        Lead Organizer: Wolfgang Steinwarz
                                                       Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Mark Lewis

Storage and Retrieval of HLW - Part 1                     1. Industry Response to the Changing Paradigm
                                                             in Radwaste Management - 11606
Co-Chairs: Edward Ketusky, Savannah River                    Lisa Edwards, EPRI
Remediation, LLC; Tom Brouns, Pacific Northwest           2. Expanded Applications of LPOP Method to Non-
National Laboratory                                          Flammable Waste Treatments - 11572
Lead Organizer: Tom Brouns                                   Gen-ichi Katagiri, Morio Fujisawa, Fuji
Organizers: Keith Miller, Edward Ketusky, Terri              Electric Systems Co., Ltd (Japan)
Fellinger                                                 3. Custom Engineered Remotely Controlled
Paper Reviewer: Harry Babad                                  Robotic Waste Sorting and Packaging System -
   1. Pilot-Scale Test Results of a Thin Film                Teo Grochowski, Robatel Technologies LLC
      Evaporator System for Management of Liquid          4. Characterization Process for Radioactive Waste
      High-Level Waste at Hanford - 11364                    Produced During Cernavoda Nuclear Power
      Robert Wilson, Travis Beck, Jeff Larkin,               Plant Operation - 11263
      Columbia Energy & Environmental Services,              Adrian Jelev, S.N.; Ioana Daian, Adrian
      Inc.; Rick Tedeschi, John Corbett, Washington          Stafie, Cernavoda Nuclear Power (Romania)
      River Protection Solutions, LLC
   2. Incipient Sludge Mixing in Nuclear Waste Tanks    3:15 PM             SESSION 21
      - 11086
      Robert Leishear, Mark Fowley, Michael
      Poirier, Savannah River National Laboratory      Management of Nuclear Power Plant Liquid and
   3. Instrumentation for Real Time Monitoring of      Wet Waste
      the 3-Dimensional Particulate Distribution in
      the Hanford Double Shell Tank Small-Scale        Co-Chairs: Wolfgang Steinwarz, Siempelkamp
      Mixing Demonstration Platform - 11242            Nukleartechnik GmbH (Germany); C. Clint Miller,
      Paul Townson, Steve Wright, Jesse Jensen,        Pacific Gas & Electric
      Matthew Vanatta, EnergySolutions                 Lead Organizer: Mark Lewis
   4. The Importance of Rheological Assessment in      Organizer & Paper Reviewer: C. Clint Miller
      the Mobilization, Mixing, and Transport of
      Nuclear Waste Sludges - 11195
                                                          1. NPP Liquid Radioactive Waste Treatment with
      NI Heywood, Neil Alderman, M. Butcher, BHR
                                                             Selective Extraction of Radionuclides - 11272
      Group Ltd (United Kingdom)
                                                             Alexander Savkin, SIA Radon (Russia)
   5. New Methods to Remove Stubborn Tank Heels
                                                          2. Integrated System for Spent Ion-Exchange
      Using Agitation and Continuous Recirculation -
                                                             Resin Processing in Nuclear Power Station -
      Jason Vitali, Savannah River Remediation,
                                                             Tadashi Sasaki, Shigeru Mihara, Junya
                                                             Okazaki, Yasutomi Morimoto, Mikio Shimojo,
   6. Tank Retrieval Manipulator System - 11353
                                                             Mitsushi Motoyama, Shizuo Teramoto, Yasuhiro
      Scott Adams, S.A.Technology
                                                             Suzuki, Mamoru Numata, JGC Corporation;
   7. Corrosion Analysis of Carbon Steel Based on
                                                             Katsuo Yamazaki, Kazufumi Taniguchi, Tatsumi
      Hanford Site Liquid Waste Simulants - 11128
                                                             Yamamoto, Yutaka Satou, Kouji Nojiri, Hiroshi
      Elizabeth Hoffman, Savannah River National
                                                             Wada, Hirotaka Ooura, The Japan Atomic
      Laboratory; A. Felmy, Odeta Qafoku, Pacific
                                                             Power Company (Japan)
      Northwest National Laboratory
                                                          3. Successful Cesium Removal Campaign at the
   8. Remote Visual Inspection of Hanford Site
                                                             Loviisa NPP, Finland - 11002
      Single Shell Tanks - 11335
                                                             Esko Tusa, Fortum Power and Heat Oy
      Jason Engeman, Jessica Robocker,
      Washington River Protection Solutions
                                                          4. Improved Solidification of Liquid Waste
                                                             Evaporation Concentrate - 11096
 1:30 PM             SESSION 20                              Stasys Motiejunas, Radioactive Waste
                                                             Management Agency (Lithuania)

Management of Nuclear Power Plant Dry Waste

Co-Chairs: Wolfgang Steinwarz, Siempelkamp
Nukleartechnik GmbH (Germany); Roger Stigers, PPL
Susquehanna, LLC
 1:30 PM              SESSION 22                           1:30 PM             SESSION 23

D&D of US DOE Facilities                                  Groundwater Remediation Projects

Co-Chairs: Andrew Szilagyi, US DOE; Julia Tripp,          Co-Chairs: Bob Popielarczyk, CH2M HILL, Inc; John
Idaho National Laboratory                                 Morse, US DOE
Lead Organizer: Andrew Szilagyi                           Lead Organizer: John Kristofzski
Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Julia Tripp                   Organizer: Bob Popielarczyk
                                                          Paper Reviewer: David Wallace
   1. The Transfer of Excess Facilities, Materials, and
      Waste into DOE‘s Environmental Management              1. Groundwater Pump and Treat Remediation
      (EM) Program: Successes Resulting from EM‘s               System Overview, Hanford 200W Area - 11508
      Transfer Review Process - 11246                           William Breedlove, CH2M HILL Plateau
      Mark Janaskie, Andrew Szilagyi, Theresa                   Remediation Company
      Kliczewski, US DOE; Charles Urland, Charles            2. Groundwater Flow and Transport Modeling in
      Negin, Michelle Gresalfi, Project Enhancement             the Frenchman Flat Corrective Action Unit to
      Corporation                                               the External Peer Review Committee - A
   2. Establishing Reduced Load Factors when                    Technical Summary - 11161
      Calculating Structural Capacity and                       Bill Wilborn, US DOE NNSA NSO; Naomi
      Clarification of NEC Guidance During                      Becker, Edward Kwicklis, Los Alamos National
      Decommissioning and Demolition Work (D&D)                 Laboratory; Dona Merritt, Navarro-Intera
      - 11514                                                3. Automated Water Level Measurements in
      Kirk Dooley, Jose Vargas CWI D&D; Mark                    Small-Diameter Aquifer Tubes - 11476
      Slovak, Ascendent Engr.; Frank Rios, CWI;                 Scott Petersen, Robert Edrington, Richard
      Justin Coleman, CWI/Engineering Analysis                  Mahood, CH2M HILL Plateau Remediation
   3. Historical Hazard Identification Process for D&D          Company; Paul VanMiddlesworth, Northwest
      - 11036                                                   Software, Inc
      Paul Corrado, Lawrence Livermore National              4. Mercury Remediation Using Dow‘s
      Laboratory                                                Experimental XUS-43604.00 Ion-Exchange
   4. D&D Toolbox Project – Technology                          Resin at Oak Ridge National Laboratory -
      Demonstration of Decontamination Gel and                  11042
      Strippable Coatings Applied via Remote                    Charles Castello, Yelena Katsenovich, Leonel
      Sprayer Platform - 11300                                  Lagos, Jeffrey Fan, Florida International
      Leonel Lagos, Peggy Shoffner, Florida                     University; Paul Taylor, Oak Ridge National
      International University; Samuel Maggio, ICM,             Laboratory
      Inc.                                                   5. Indicating the Groundwater Recharge in the
   5. Development of Cleanup Goals for the                      Amargosa Desert by Using Surface-Runoff
      Decommissioning of the West Valley                        Chemistry - 11489
      Demonstration Project - 11073                             Omar Al-Qudah, John Walton, University of
      Jim McNeil, Consultant; Moira Maloney,                    Texas at El Paso; Arturo Woocay, Instituto
      Martin Letourneau, US DOE; Zintars Zadins,                Tecnologico de Ciudad Juarez
      Chenega Global Services; Harry Fatkin, SAIC            6. Groundwater Remediation at the 100-HR-3
   6. Assessment of the Potential for Hydrogen                  Operable Unit, Hanford Site, Washington -
      Generation during Deactivation and                        11507
      Decommissioning of Reactor Vessels at the                 John Smoot, CH2M HILL Plateau Remediation
      Savannah River Site - 11197                               Company
      Bruce Wiersma, Mike Serrato, Christine                 7. Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant Groundwater
      Langton, Savannah River National Laboratory               Source Remediation Project, a Two Phased
   7. 105-R Reactor Disassembly Basin D&E Canal:                Remediation Approach - 11590
      Heat of Hydration Experimental Mock Up and                Todd Lovell, David Bolling, LATA Kentucky -
      Heat Transfer Analysis - 11389                            DOE
      Nadia Lima, Cristian Acevedo, Leonel Lagos,;           8. Restoration of Groundwater at LaRosita In-Situ
      Edgar Polo, Florida International University              Uranium Recovery Project - 11613
   8. Completion of the Removal, Packaging and                  Michelle Rehmann, HER Creative Solutions,
      Disposal of Hanford 327 Building Hot Cells -              LLC; Mark Pelizza, Uranium Resources Inc.;
      11566                                                     Katie Sweeney, National Mining Association
      Gary MacFarlan, WorleyParsons Polestar
 1:30 PM              SESSION 24                       Remediation, LLC
                                                       Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Keith Miller

Engaging Citizens - Lessons Learned from Around              Environmental Management Systems –
the World                                                     Success through Integration - 11410
                                                              Susan McCauslin, US DOE; Judy Mclemore,
Co-Chairs: Heather Klebba, Nuclear Filter                     URS
Technology; Cedric Garnier, CEA Marcoule (France)            Operational Experiences and Future Plans for
Lead Organizer: John Dalton                                   Hungarian Spent Fuel Storage - 11184
Organizers: Heather Klebba, Dale Bignell, Laurence            Miklos Ordogh, Jozsef Mikula, SOM System
Pernot                                                        Kft (Hungary); Istavan Barnabas, Public
Paper Reviewer: Heather Klebba                                Agency for RadWaste (Hungary); Barnabas
                                                              Nagy, PURAM (Hungary); Chris Carter,
   1. Holding a Technical Dialog with Local                   Babcock Nuclear (United Kingdom); Tibor
      Stakeholders: Test Case at the La Hague                 Eigner, Ferenc Leber, Paks Nuclear Power Plant
      Reprocessing Plant - 11060                              Ltd. (Hungary)
      Ludivine Gilli, Igor Le Bars, Nicolas Charrin,         The Role of a Post-Irradiation Examination
      French Nuclear Safety and Radioprotection               Facility in the Treatment & Disposal of
      Institute - IRSN (France)                               Problematic and Poorly Characterised Nuclear
   2. Crisis Communication: Lessons From the BP Oil           Fuels - 11145
      Spill or How to Avoid "Just Stepping off the            David Willey, National Nuclear Laboratory Ltd
      Curb and Getting Hit by the Bus" - 11080                (United Kingdom)
      Eliot Brenner, Rebecca Schmidt, US NRC                 Industry Perspective on the Future of the
   3. Early Progress in Building Trust and                    Disposition of Used Nuclear Fuel - 11596
      Partnerships with Northern First Nations and            Wayne Lewis, Shaw Nuclear
      Communities in Low-Level Radioactive Waste             An Improved Characterization Method for
      Remediation Projects in Canada - 11321                  International Accountancy Measurements of
      Liliana Benitez, Dave McCauley Natural                  Fresh and Irradiated Mixed Oxide (MOX) Fuel:
      Resources Canada; Robert Zelmer, Atomic                 Helping Achieve Continual Monitoring and
      Energy of Canada Limited (Canada)                       Safeguards through the Fuel Cycle - 11433
   4. Superfund Job Training Initiative Engage                Louise Evans, Stephen J. Tobin, Brian Boyer,
      Communities by Offering Employment                      Stephen Croft, Howard O. Menlove, M.A.
      Opportunities - 11032                                   Schear, M.T. Swinhoe, Los Alamos National
      Rachel C. Hall, Robert Pope, US EPA                     Laboratory; Andrew Worrall, National Nuclear
   5. Implementing the National Low-Level Waste               Laboratory (United Kingdom)
      Program in the United Kingdom: An Exercise in          The Transmutation of the Minor Actinides and
      Engagement and Communication - 11612                    Long-Lived Fission Products in the Fast Heat
      Martin Walkingshaw, Tim Hedahl, Richard                 Zones of Subcritical Reactor Driven by a High-
      Raaz, LLW Repository Ltd (United Kingdom)               Intensity Neutron Generator - 11141
   6. Designing and Building a Radioactive Waste              Volodymyr Gulik, Kyiv Institute for Nuclear
      Deep Disposal Facility and Including the Local          Research (Ukraine); Volodymyr Pavlovych,
      Stakeholders - 11527                                    Institute for Nuclear Research of the National
      Sebastien Farin, ANDRA (France)                         Academy of Science of Ukraine (Ukraine);
   7. Public Communication: Engaging Citizens in              Volodymyr Babenko, Kyiv Bogolyubov Institute
      the Nuclear Renaissance - 11250                         for Theoretical Physics (Ukraine)
      Laurie Ford, Critical Path Consultants
   8. Lessons Learned from the Korean Nuclear
                                                       Topic B: Storage and Retrieval of Liquid and
      Waste Disposal Issues in Terms of Risk
                                                       Solid HLW
      Communication Processes - 11171
      Chang-Ju Lee, Korea Institute of Nuclear
      Safety (Korea)                                   Co-Chairs: Thomas Michener, Pacific Northwest
                                                       National Laboratory; Jonathan Bricker, Savannah
                                                       River Remediation, LLC
 1:30 PM        POSTER SESSION 25                      Lead Organizer: Terri Fellinger
                                                       Paper Reviewer: Edward Ketusky
Topic A: Lessons Learned in HLW, SNF/UNF, and
Long-Lived Alpha/TRU                                         Role of Aluminum Dimer and Carbonate in
                                                              Controlling the Aluminum Solubility for Hanford
Co-Chairs: Keith Miller, National Nuclear Laboratory          Waste - 11605
(United Kingdom); Terri Fellinger, Savannah River             Cliff Johnston, Purdue University; Jacob
                                                              Reynolds, Washington River Protection
       Solutions; Stephen Agnew, Columbia Energy &       Lead Organizer: Terri Fellinger
       Environmental Services, Inc.                      Paper Reviewer: Robert Jubin
      Current Internationally Applicable Documents
       and New Approaches to Improve Activities                 A Study on the Proliferation Resistance
       Related to the Retrieval and Processing of                Assessment of Nuclear Fuel Cycles - 11094
       Solidified Phase in Evaporator Condensate                 Yoon Hee Lee, Jongkuk Lee, Kun Jai Lee,
       Tanks - 11359                                             KAIST (Korea)
       Carmen Ghita, ONET Technologies Romania                  Partitioning and Conditioning Options based on
       (Romania)                                                 Chinese High-level Liquid Waste Full
      Gas Retention and Release Test for Low Yield              Partitioning Process - 11440
       Stress Non-Newtonian Fluids (NNF) - 11289                 Xuegang Liu, Jingming Xu, Jing Chen,
       Romani Patel, Nitin Yadav, Dwayne McDaniel,               Jianchen Wang,; Jin Chen, Tsinghua University
       David Roelant, Florida International University           (China)
      A Lattice Boltzmann Simulation of Gas Bubbles            Development and Deployment of Vacuum Salt
       in Multiphase Flows with High Density Ratios -            Distillation at the Savannah River Site - 11178
       11304                                                     Robert Pierce, Savannah River National
       Seckin Gokaltun, Dwayne McDaniel, Florida                 Laboratory
       International University                                 Kinetics of Aluminum Formation in the Caustic
      Design Optimization for Submerged Jet Nozzle              Side Solvent Extraction (CSSX) Process -
       for Enhanced Mixing - 11552                               11046
       Edgard Espinosa, Leonel Lagos, George                     Punith Naik, Rebecca Toghiani, Jeff Lindner,
       Dulikravich, Florida International University             Laura Smith, Larry Pearson, Mississippi State
      The Hanford Waste Feed Delivery Operations                University
       Research Model - 11248                                   Application of Phosphorus-Containing Ion
       Joanne Berry, EnergySolutions; Benjamin                   Exchangers for the Recovery and Separation of
       Gallaher, Washington River Protection                     Uranium and Transuranic Elements - 11490
       Solutions                                                 Vladimir Gelis, Vitaly Milyutin, Evgeny
      Numerical Simulations of Pulsed-Air Mixing                Kozlitin, Natalya Nekrassova, Yulia Shumilova,
       Technology using Multiphase Computational                 Froumkin's Institute of Physical Chemistry and
       Fluid Dynamics Methods - 11301                            Electrochemistry of the Russian Academy of
       Rinaldo Gonzalez Galdamez, Stephen Wood,                  Sciences (Russia)
       Seckin Gokaltun, Florida International
                                                         Topic D: Immobilization of Wastes from
      Mixing and Batch Transfer of Solid Particles in   HLW/SNF/UNF Processing
       a Pilot-Scale Hanford Waste Tank - 11152
       Duane Adamson, Mike Restivo, Tim Steeper,
       Michael Poirier, Bill Giddings, Savannah River    Co-Chairs: Ned Bibler, Savannah River National
       National Laboratory                               Laboratory; Joseph Westsik, Pacific Northwest
                                                         National Laboratory
      Challenges for Demonstrating Pulsed Jet Mixing
                                                         Paper Reviewer: Harry Babad
       Capability in Vessels Containing High Level
       Radioactive Waste Slurries - 11305
       Ivan Papp, Bechtel National                              Partitioning of High-Level Radioactive Waste:
      Design and Development of Innovative High-                An Indian Perspective - 11597
       Level Waste Pipeline Unplugging Technologies -            Smitha Manohar, Bhabha Atomic Research
       11291                                                     Centre (India)
       Tomas Pribanic, Seckin Gokaltun, Dwayne                  Transformation of Spent Silver Zeolite Sorbent
       McDaniel, Jose Varona, Amer Awwad, David                  by Ball-Milling Assisted Amorphization - 11233
       Roelant, Florida International University                 Daisuke Hirabayashi, Yusuke Tanada, Kayo
      Removal of Sludge Heels in Savannah River                 Sawada, Youichi Enokida, Nagoya University
       Site Waste Tanks with Oxalic Acid - 11226                 (Japan)
       Michael Poirier, Savannah River National                 Mathematical Modeling of Mass-Transfer
       Laboratory; George Thaxton, Washington                    Processes in the Rotary Calciner - 11491
       Savannah River Company                                    Tatiana Podymova, A.A. Bochvar's High-
                                                                 Technology Research Institute of Inorganic
Topic C: Reprocessing and Separation of                          Materials (Russia)
SNF/UNF and HLW                                                 Increased Waste Loadings for Hanford and
                                                                 Savannah River Site HLW and Hanford LAW
                                                                 Glass Formulated with a New Approach by
Co-Chairs: Terri Fellinger, Savannah River
                                                                 GeoMatrix Solutions Inc. - 11093
Remediation, LLC; Reid Peterson, Pacific Northwest
                                                                 Arthur Gribetz, Anatoly Chekhmir, Lawrence
National Laboratory
                                                                 Shore, GeoMatrix Solutions, Inc
      The Effect of Waste Loading and Glass                     Waiting For The Blue Ribbon Commission
       Structural Factors on Structure and Chemical               Report - 11247
       Durability of SB2 and SB4 SRS Waste Glasses -              Leif Eriksson, Consultant
       Sergey Stefanovsky, SIA Radon (Russia);
       James Marra, Savannah River National                1:30 PM        POSTER SESSION 26
      The Effect of Waste Loading on Phase               Student Poster Competition: The Next Generation
       Composition, Structure, and Chemical               - Industry Leaders of Tomorrow
       Durability of Glassy Materials for
       Immobilization of High-Sodium/Aluminum
                                                          Co-Chairs: Leonel Lagos, Florida International
       Waste - 11475
                                                          University; Robert Berry, Foxfire Scientific (United
       Anna Sorokina, Alexandra Sorokaletova,
       Sergey Stefanovsky, SIA Radon; Boris
                                                          Lead Organizer: Leonel Lagos
       Nikonov, Institute of Geology of Ore Deposits
                                                          Paper Reviewer: Michelle Rehmann
      Glass Formulation for Next Generation Cold
       Crucible Induction Melter - 11561                         An Approach for the Decontamination and
       Dong-Sang Kim, Pacific Northwest National                  Decommissioning of Stacks at the Oak Ridge
       Laboratory; Michael Schweiger, Battelle Pacific            National Laboratory - 11420
       Northwest Division; John Vienna, Pacific                   Richard Colbert, Oak Ridge National
       Northwest National Laboratory; Fabienne                    Laboratory
       Johnson, James Marra, David Peeler, Savannah              Materials, Accountability, and Process Control
       River National Laboratory; Gary Smith, Office              with Ultraviolet-Visible Spectroscopy - 11453
       of Waste Processing, US DOE                                Jamie Warburton, Nick Smith, Ken
      Evaluation and Selection of 99Tc Getters for               Czerwinski, University of Nevada Las Vegas
       Sequestration of Liquid Secondary Waste                   Physical and Chemical Properties of Tributyl
       Resulting from Vitrification of Radioactive                Phosphate/Diluent/Nitric Acid System - 11577
       Waste from Hanford - 11167                                 Amber Wright, University of Nevada Las
       Shas Mattigod, Joseph Westsik, Dawn                        Vegas
       Wellman, Eric Pierce, Pacific Northwest                   Developing Open-Source Video Games to
       National Laboratory                                        Educate the Public about Nuclear Energy -
Topic E: Influence of Environments on Deep                        Joshua Peterson, University of Texas; Viktor
Disposal Sites                                                    Larsson, Chalmers University of Technology
                                                                  (Sweden); Philip Marquis, North Carolina
                                                                  University; Sai Kiran Mylavarapu, Ohio State
Co-Chairs: Anthony Banford, National Nuclear                      University; Bao H. Truong, Massachusetts
Laboratory (United Kingdom); Terri Fellinger,                     Institute of Technology
Savannah River Remediation, LLC
Paper Reviewer: Tom Brouns
                                                                          March 1, Tuesday AM
      Identification of Eu (III) Sorption into CSH Gel
       by the Changes of Fluorescence Emission             8:30 AM               SESSION 27
       Spectrum and BET Surface Area - 11192
       Yuichi Niibori, Keisuke Shirai, Hiroaki
       Yoshikawa, Hitoshi Mimura, Tohoku University       Panel: Emerging Issues with US DOE Prime
       (Japan)                                            Contractors
      Uncertainty Analysis for Alterations of Host
       Rocks Under Highly Alkaline Environments           Co-Chairs: Pete Knollmeyer, Savannah River Nuclear
       Induced by Cementitious Materials - 11122          Solutions; Judith Connell, Fluor Government Group
       Yuki Nishimura, Seiji Takeda, Masahiro             Lead Organizer & Panel Reporter: Judith Connell
       Munakata, Hideo Kimura, Japan Atomic Energy        Organizer: Pete Knollmeyer
       Agency (Japan)
      Sensitivity Analysis for Scenarios Relevant with   This panel will feature senior executives from large and
       Evolution of Overpack and Buffer Material -        small US DOE sites addressing issues in the DOE‘s
       11176                                              waste and environmental cleanup program. Multiple,
       Seiji Takeda, Masatoshi Watanabe, Hideo            timely topics concerning critical or emerging issues or
       Kimura, Japan Atomic Energy Agency (Japan)         challenges within the prime contractor community will
                                                          be the focus of the discussion. Such potential topics
                                                          include progress/issues on/with integrating ARRA
activities/funding with site mission/base funding and               Chamberlain, Karen Skubal, US DOE; Robert
regulatory requirements/schedules. Questions will be                Aylward, Savannah River National Laboratory;
posed to the panelists for response followed by                     Dawn Wellman, Amoret Bunn,Pacific Northwest
discussion. Panelists will include representatives from             National Laboratory; Liyuan Liang, Oak Ridge
Hanford, WA; Savannah River, SC; Idaho Falls, ID;                   National Laboratory
Portsmouth, OH and Oak Ridge, TN.                              4.   The Office of Nuclear Materials Disposition
                                                                    Fiscal Year 2011 Research & Development
                                                                    Activities - 11537
 8:30 AM                SESSION 28                                  Edgardo DeLeon , US DOE; Nancy Buschman,
                                                                    US DOE - Office of Nuclear Materials
Panel: Worldwide Regulatory Oversight of                            Disposition, EM-33
Radioactive Legacy Sites                                       5.   The Office of Deactivation and
                                                                    Decommissioning Research & Development
                                                                    Program for Fiscal Year 2011 - 11533
Co-Chairs: Malgorzata K. Sneve, Norwegian
                                                                    Andrew Szilagyi, Paula Kirk, US DOE; John
Radiation Protection Authority (Norway); Ray Clark,
                                                                    Gladden, Richard Abitz, Savannah River
                                                                    National Laboratory
Lead Organizer: Ray Clark
                                                               6.   The US DOE Office of Environmental
Organizers: Malgorzata K. Sneve, Larry Camper
                                                                    Management International Program
Panel Reporter: Graham Smith
                                                                    Collaboration - 11526
                                                                    Ana Han, US DOE; James Marra, Savannah
This panel will focus on the regulatory supervision of              River National Laboratory
legacy sites including uranium legacy and describing           7.   Leveraged Activities and Collaboration
regulatory challenges related to the supervision of                 Supporting the Office of Technology Innovation
D&D, rehabilitation or remediation of legacy sites.                 & Development - 11532
Practical solutions are sought on how to regulate                   Pramod Mallick, US DOE; Sharon Marra,
situations and activities falling outside of the existing           Savannah River National Laboratory
regulatory regime.                                             8.   Overview of Impacts of Technology
                                                                    Deployment on the Mission of the US DOE EM -
Proposed Panelists include: Russell Edge, IAEA                      11535
(Austria); Mikhail Kisele, FMBA (Russia); Alexander                 Skip Chamberlain, US DOE; Daniel McCabe,
Kim, Atomic Energy Commission (Kazakhstan); Stuart                  Savannah River National Laboratory
Walker, US EPA; Malgorzata Sneve, NRPA (Norway)
and Natalya Shandala, FMBA (Russia).
                                                             8:30 AM              SESSION 30

 8:30 AM                SESSION 29
                                                            Environmental Remediation Progress Toward
                                                            Closure of Contaminated Sites
The Role of the DOE Office of Technology,
Innovation and Development in Reducing Risk
                                                            Co-Chairs: Mark Frei, Longenecker & Associates;
                                                            Susan Walter, AECOM
Co-Chairs: Yvette Collazo, US DOE; Jeff Griffin,            Lead Organizer: Kurt Gerdes
Savannah River National Laboratory                          Organizer: Mark Frei
Lead Organizer: Kurt Gerdes                                 Paper Reviewer: Susan Walter
Organizers: Kurt Gerdes, John Shultz, Rosa Ramirez
Paper Reviewer: Rosa Ramirez
                                                               1. Restoration and Assessment of the Extent of
                                                                  Contamination of the National Radioactive
    1. US DOE Office of Technology Innovation and                 Waste Storage and Disposal Site in Tajikistan -
       Development – Integration of the EM R&D                    11481
       Program in 2010 and Beyond - 11529                         Nazirzhon Buriev, Dzhamshed Abdushukurov,
       Yvette Collazo, US DOE; Jeff Griffin,                      Academy of Science of Republic of Tajikistan
       Savannah River National Laboratory                         (Tajikistan); Tjalle Vandergraaf, Providence
    2. The Office of Waste Processing Fiscal Year                 College (Canada)
       2011 Program Plan for Research &                        2. Environmental Monitoring and Development of
       Development - 11531                                        Radioecological Criteria and Norms during
       Steven Schneider, US DOE; Jeff Griffin,                    Remediation of the RW and SNF Temporary
       Savannah River National Laboratory                         Storage Sites in Russia - 11520
    3. The Office of Groundwater & Soil Remediation               Natalia K. Shandala, Sergey Kiselev,
       Fiscal Year 2011 Research & Development                    Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center
       Program - 11513                                            (Russia); Malgorzata K. Sneve, Norwegian
       Kurt Gerdes, Rosa Ramirez, US DOE EM; Skip                 Radiation Protection Authority (Norway);
        Alexey Titov, Vladimir Seregin, Burnasyan                Radioactive Waste Disposal Facilities - 11550
        Federal Medical Biophysical Center; Elena                Jay Beech, Rudy Bonaparte, Beth Gross,
        Schelkanova, SevRAO Facility-1 (Russia)                  Zahirul Islam, Geosyntec Consultants
   3.   Risk Identification, Assessment and Mitigation      4.   Analysis of Modeling Capabilities to Predict
        Plan for Environmental Remediation Activities            Landfill Cover Design and Performance at DOE
        at Brookhaven National Laboratory - 11109                Sites - 11057
        Steven Feinberg, US DOE; Thomas Jernigan,                Roneisha Worthy, Mark Abkowitz, Vanderbilt
        Brookhaven Science Associates, Environmental             University, Consortium for Risk Evaluation with
        Restoration Projects; Thomas Johnson, Melanie            Stakeholder Participation (CRESP); James
        Hurley Pearson, Dinesh Gupta, US DOE                     Clarke, AquAeTer, Inc.
   4.   Intrusive Characterization of the Hanford 618-      5.   Detection of Historical Pipeline Leak Plumes
        10, Burial Ground Trenches - 11044                       Using Non-intrusive, Surface Based
        Darrin Faulk, John Darby, Washington                     Geophysical Techniques at the Hanford Nuclear
        Closure Hanford                                          Site - 11571
   5.   3-D Model Validation in Support of Site                  James Fink, Marc Levitt, Dale Rucker,
        Closure, Material Disposal Area L, Los Alamos,           hydroGEOPHYSICS, Inc.; Marysia Skorska ,
        NM - 11545                                               Washington River Protection Solutions, LLC
        Philip Stauffer, Kay Birdsell, Los Alamos           6.   Fishbone, A Biogenic Apatite, Combined with
        National Laboratory                                      Nano-Scale Functionalization, for Sustainable
   6.   Nevada Test Site Environmental Remediation               Remediation of Depleted Uranium-
        Progress Toward Closure of Contaminated Sites            Contaminated Water - 11534
        - 11153                                                  Steven Larson, Christopher Griggs, John
        Dona Merritt, Navarro-Intera; Patrick                    Ballard, US ACE Engineer Research and
        Matthews, Navarro Nevada Environmental                   Development Center; Charles Waggoner,
        Services; Robert Boehlecke, US DOE                       Mississippi State University
        NNSA/NSO                                            7.   Interim Barrier in Hanford's TY Farm to Protect
   7.   US DOE-EM Small Site Update - 11500                      Groundwater - 11295
        John Unyong Moon, Mark Gilbertson, Justine               Danny Parker, WRPS; Colin Henderson,
        Alchowiak, Richard Schassburger, US DOE-EM               Columbia Environmental and Engineering
   8.   The Relocation of Waste Trench #54 at the                Services; Melissa Holm, WRPS
        Port Granby Waste Management Facility -             8.   Development of an Estimated Waste Inventory
        11280                                                    for the 618-10 Burial Ground at the Hanford
        Thomas Smith, David Workman, Cameco                      Site - 11119
        Corporation; Frank Barone, Golder Associates             Walter Josephson, WorleyParsons Polestar;
        Limited (Canada)                                         John Ludowise, Washington Closure Hanford

 8:30 AM              SESSION 31                          8:30 AM               SESSION 32

Technical Innovations in Environmental                   Models and Data - Supporting Performance of
Remediation and Site Closure                             Geological Disposal Systems

Co-Chairs: Del Baird, CDM; Ed Alperin, Shaw              Co-Chairs: Ming Zhang, Geological Survey of Japan,
Environmental & Infrastructure Group                     AIST (Japan); Simon Kwong, National Nuclear
Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Del Baird               Laboratory (United Kingdom)
Organizer: Ed Alperin                                    Lead Organizer: Tjalle Vandergraaf
                                                         Organizers: Ming Zhang, Simon Kwong, Andrew Martin
   1. Green Remediation of Perchlorate-                  Paper Reviewer: Andrew Martin
      Contaminated Soil by On-Site Bioremedation at
      an Active Manufacturing Facility - 11320              1. Multimodel Assessment of the Worth of Data
      Marc Dionne, AMEC Geomatrix                              Under Uncertainty - 11416
   2. Advanced Simulation Capability for                       Shlomo Neuman, Liang Xue,University of
      Environmental Management (ASCEM): Early                  Arizona; Ming Ye, Dan Lu, Florida State
      Site Demonstration - 11560                               University
      Juan Meza, Stephan Finsterle, Susan                   2. Development of Models to Forecast
      Hubbard, Carl Steefel, Lawrence Berkeley                 Radionuclide Migration in the Geological
      National Laboratory; Mark Freshley, Ian                  Environment for Safety Cases of Radwastes
      Gorton, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory;           Repositories in the Russian Federation - 11269
      David Moulton, Los Alamos National Laboratory            Leonid Bolshov, Igor Linge, Vasily Kovalchuk,
   3. Prediction of High Density Polyethylene                  Alexander Iordanov, Nuclear Safety Institute;
      Geomembrane Service Life in Low-Level                    Alexander Abramov, Rosatom State Nuclear
        Energy Corporation; Yuri Polyakov, Radioactive            David Herman, Savannah River National
        Waste Management Enterprise (Russia)                      Laboratory
   3.   Non-Classical Transport in Fractal Media as          3.   Small-Column Ion Exchange Testing of
        Applied to Radioactive Waste Problem:                     Spherical Resorcinol-Formaldehyde - 11379
        Anisotropic Random Advection Model - 11147                Garrett Brown, Renee Russell, Reid Peterson,
        Leonid Bolshov, Peter Kondratenko, Leonid                 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
        Matveev, Nuclear Safety Institute of Russian         4.   Modeling Results from Cesium Ion Exchange
        Academy of Sciences (Russia)                              Processing with Spherical Resins - 11228
   4.   Anomalous Transport in Geologic Media: Basic              Charles Nash, Thong Hang, Sebastian
        Physical Models - 11134                                   Aleman, Savannah River National Laboratory
        Leonid Bolshov, Igor Linge, Olga Dvoretskaya,        5.   Our Experience of Removal of 90Sr from Acidic
        Peter Kondratenko, Leonid Matveev, Nuclear                Radioactive Streams (HLW/LLW) by Using
        Safety Institute of Russian Academy of                    Inorganic Ion-Exchangers: An Overview -
        Sciences (Russia)                                         11457
   5.   Anomalous Transport in Heterogeneous Media                Murthy Ganti, Andhra University (India)
        with Sharply Contrasting Properties: The Role        6.   Pilot Scale Testing of Continuous Sludge
        of Diffusive Barriers - 11142                             Leaching Process and Near Tank Cesium
        Leonid Bolshov, Olga Dvoretskaya, Peter                   Removal - 11377
        Kondratenko, Nuclear Safety Institute of                  Reid Peterson, Rick Shimskey, Pacific
        Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia)                      Northwest National Laboratory; David
   6.   Transparency in the Selection of Biosphere                Blanchard, Battelle Pacific Northwest Division;
        Transfer Parameters for Geological Disposal               Roy Schepens, Collin Smith, Parsons
        Systems - 11515                                      7.   Performance Improvement of Cross-Flowing
        Kathryn Higley, David Bytwerk, Oregon State               Filtration for High Level Waste Treatment -
        University                                                11189
   7.   Sorption of Tc (IV) to Cementitious Materials             Mark Duignan, Charles Nash, Michael Poirier,
        Associated with a Geological Disposal Facility            Savannah River National Laboratory; Caroline
        for Radioactive Waste - 11129                             Johnson, University of South Carolina
        Nick Evans, Ricky Hallam, Loughborough               8.   Complex Microfiltration Behavior of Metal
        University (United Kingdom)                               Hydroxide Slurries - 11376
   8.   Results of Application of the Safety Assessment           Reid Peterson, Rick Shimskey, Richard
        Framework (SAFRAN) Tool on the Thailand                   Daniel, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
        Institute of Nuclear Technology Radioactive
        Waste Management Center - 11302
        Monica Kinker, IAEA, Waste and                     8:30 AM               SESSION 34
        Environmental Safety Section (Austria)
                                                          Regulatory and Programmatic Issues and
 8:30 AM               SESSION 33                         Solutions for LLW, ILW, and MW

                                                          Co-Chairs: David Eaton, CH2M-WG Idaho, LLC;
Separation in Support of Current Waste                    Gabriele Bandt, TÜV NORD EnSys Hannover
Processing Operations                                     (Germany)
                                                          Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: David Eaton
Co-Chairs: Paul Bredt, Pacific Northwest National         Organizers: David Eaton, Gabriele Bandt, Linda Beach
Laboratory; William Wilmarth, Savannah River
National Laboratory                                          1. How DOE is Meeting the Challenges to Design
Lead Organizer: Bernard Vigreux                                 a Storage Program for Elemental Mercury -
Organizer: Robert Jubin                                         11213
Paper Reviewer: Harry Babad                                     Letitia O'Conor, William Fortune, David
                                                                Levenstein, US DOE
   1. Operations Review of the Savannah River Site           2. Risk-Informing 10 CFR Part 61 - 11463
      Integrated Salt Disposition Process - 11327               John Greeves, Jim Lieberman, Talisman
      Thomas P. Peters, Fernando Fondeur,                       International
      Michael Poirier, Savannah River National               3. Mixed Low-Level Waste (LLW) Storage and
      Laboratory; Samuel Fink, Savannah River                   Disposal at the Nevada Test Site (NTS) -
      Nuclear Solutions; Steven Brown, LLC; Mark                11082
      Geeting, Savannah River Remediation, LLC                  Dona Merritt, Navarro-Intera; Patrick Arnold,
   2. Small Column Ion Exchange Design and Safety               CH2M HILL - National Security Technologies;
      Strategy - 11325                                          Frank Disanza, US DOE Nevada Site Office;
      Thomas Huff, Maria Rios-Armstrong, Richard                John Wrapp, NSTec; Larry Holm, CH2M HILL
      Edwards, Savannah River Remediation, LLC;
   4. The Impact of NRC Guidance on Concentration                Laboratory; Bruce Cohen, Associated Container
      Averaging on Low Level Waste Sealed Source                 Sales & Fabrication
      Disposal - 11424                                      5.   Getting Big Blue Out of Y-12 - 11205
      Julia Whitworth, Los Alamos National                       Tim Poe, B&W Y-12
      Laboratory; Abigail Cuthbertson, US DOE NNSA          6.   Final Campaign for the Packaging and
   5. The Achievements and the Challenges in Waste               Transportation of Depleted Uranium for
      Management - Enhancing the Security and                    Disposition or Storage from the Savannah
      Safety in Radioactive Material Transportation in           River Site - 11602
      Romania - 11273                                            Dawn Gillas, US DOE; Jeb Berg, Cavanagh
      Gheorghe Vieru, Institute for Nuclear                      Services Group, Inc.
      Research (Romania)                                    7.   B&W Y-12 Beryllium Packaging of ARRA
   6. Closure Optimization for the 92-Acre Area at               CERCLA Large Equipment for Bulk Disposal -
      the Nevada Test Site: Area 5 Radioactive                   11218
      Waste Management Site - 11151                              Joseph Birchfield, Alliant Corporation
      Dona Merritt, Navarro-Intera; Annette                 8.   Design, Fabrication, and Delivery of a Shielded
      Primrose, NSTec; Vefa Yucel, National Security             Type A Container - 11512
      Technologies, LLC; John Wrapp, NSTec;                      Robert Rittenberg, Cavanagh Services
      Frank Disanza, US DOE Nevada Site Office                   Group, Inc.
   7. Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management:
      Transitioning to Off-Site Disposal at Los
      Alamos National Laboratory - 11334                  8:30 AM               SESSION 36
      Alison Dorries, Scotty Jones, Steven
      Singledecker, Los Alamos National Laboratory;      D&D of Nuclear Power Plants
      George Henckel, US DOE
   8. Reducing the Cycle Time of LLW Diposition -
                                                         Co-Chairs: Maria Lindberg, Studsvik Nuclear AB
                                                         (Sweden); Fred Sheil, Sellafield Ltd (United Kingdom)
      Matt Frost, Cheryl LaBorde, B&W Y-12
                                                         Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Maria Lindberg
                                                         Organizers: Jas Devgun, Al Freitag
 8:30 AM             SESSION 35
                                                            1. Harmonization of Decommissioning Approaches
                                                               and Design Features - 11092
Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive
                                                               Jas Devgun, Sargent & Lundy, LLC
Material and Waste - Challenges and Lessons
                                                            2. Decommissioning of the Reactor Pressure
                                                               Vessel and its Peripheral Facilities of the
                                                               Nuclear Power Plant in Stade, Germany -
Co-Chairs: Ella McNeil, US DOE; Paul Jones, DeNuke             11100
Services, Inc.                                                 Andreas Loeb, Siempelkamp NIS
Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Larry Harmon                  Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH; Dieter Stanke,
Organizers: Mike Nolan, Paul Jones                             Siempelkamp NIS GmbH (Germany)
                                                            3. Remote-Controlled Dismantling of the Thermal
   1. Practical Hazardous Material Transportation              Isolation and Preparations for the Primary
      Costing, Scheduling and Oversight with TCAT              Shielding Removal - 11279
      (Transportation Costs Analysis Tool) - 11330             Anja Graf, Joachim Fleisch, Sylvia Winkler,
      Dean Newton, Turnkey Transportation                      Stephan Wittenauer, WAK GmbH; Eiko
      Services                                                 Koselowski, Stefan Klute, Siempelkamp
   2. Benefits of an Integrated Logistics Model for            Nukleartechnik GmbH (Germany)
      Radioactive and Nuclear Materials - 11170             4. Activated Waste Activity Assessment Based on
      Catherine Shelton, AREVA - Transnuclear                  Radioactive and Non-Radioactive
      Inc.                                                     Measurement: Generalized Data Assimilation
   3. Moab Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action               Method - 11135
      Project (UMTRA) - Assessment of Methods to               Bernard Poncet, EDF-CIDEN (France)
      Minimize Contaminated Material Holdup in              5. Characterization of the Ft. Belvoir SM-1
      Intermodal Containers - 11196                            Nuclear Power Plant – Status and Lessons
      Matt Udovitsch, S & K Aerospace; Lawrence                Learned - 11285
      M. Brede, EnergySolutions; Ken Wethington,               Hans Honerlah, US ACE; Kevin Kosko, Cabrera
      US DOE                                                   Services, Inc.; Steve Howard, Cabrera
   4. Characterization, Packaging, Transportation,             Services, Inc.; Eric Barbour, US ACE
      Treatment, and Disposal of the Historic               6. Humboldt Bay Power Plant Decommissioning
      Argonne CP-5 Lower Inner Shield Plug - 11425             Overview; Radiological Challenges and Waste
      Jeffrey Ginsburg, EnergySolutions;                       Management - 11372
      Christopher Brandjes, Argonne National
      Robert A. Snyder, NEXEX-SSG, LLC; John             This panel will focus on international activities of the
      Albers, Encapsulation Technologies                 Young Generation Network. These include the
   7. Development of Source Term Characterization        International Youth Nuclear Congress attended by over
      Software for Decommissioning Waste from            250 young professionals, (to be held in the US in
      CANDU (Canada Deuterium Uranium) Reactor -         2012), World Nuclear University (over 100 fellows per
      11401                                              year) and national activities for young professionals in
      Dong Keun Cho, Jong Won Choi, Korea                the US, UK and France. We will share the best
      Atomic Energy Research Institute (Korea)           practices of the different nations and international
   8. A Standardised Listing of Cost Items for           programmes to grow and develop the international
      Decommissioning Costing - 11483                    young professional network that aspires to be the next
      Patrick O'Sullivan, OECD Nuclear Energy            generation leaders of the future.
      Agency (France); Michele Laraia, IAEA
      (Austria); Thomas Kirchner, European               Proposed Panelists include: Michelle Swanson,
      Commission Directorate General for Energy          North American Young Generation in Nuclear (NA-
      (Switzerland); Vladimir Daniska, DECONTA           YGN); Connor Deehan, United Kingdom Young
      (Slovak Republic); Jan Carlsson, Swedish           Generation in Nuclear (UK-YGN) President and
      Nuclear Fuel and WM Co. (Sweden)                   International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) Fellow
                                                         (UK); Iris Stafford, World Nuclear University (UK)
 8:30 AM              SESSION 37                         and Denis Janin, France Young Generation in Nuclear
                                                         (French YGN).

Panel: Graduating Students and New Engineers -
Wants and Needs - Are Companies Even                      8:30 AM        POSTER SESSION 39
                                                         Topic A: LLW, ILW, and Mixed Waste - Operating
Co-Chairs: Robert Berry, Foxfire Scientific (United      Experience
Kingdom); Leonel Lagos, Florida International
University                                               Co-Chairs: Hans-Jürgen Steinmetz,
Lead Organizer: Robert Berry                             Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH (Germany); Andreas
Organizers: Leonel Lagos, Collin Donohoue                Roth, Westinghouse Electric Company (Germany)
Panel Reporter: Leonel Lagos                             Paper Reviewer: Roger Merrick

This panel will focus on new hires and graduating               Summary of the Workshop on Engineered
engineers having open lines of communication with                Barrier Performance Related to Low-Level
employers. Considering the projected shortfalls in the           Radioactive Waste, Decommissioning, and
workforce, effective communication of wants-and-                 Uranium Mill Tailings Facilities - 11323
needs of both the employer and employee must exist.              George Alexander, Hans Arlt, Thomas
Currently, it seems that both sides must work harder             Nicholson, US NRC
to achieve this level of communication. With this new
                                                                Reduction of Uranium(VI) by Enterobacter
approach, both sides can express their wants and
                                                                 Cloacae from Limpopo Grown in Sawdust -
needs for a more satisfied workforce and a better work
                                                                 Simphiwe Chabalala, Evans Chirwa,
                                                                 University of Pretoria (Republic of South Africa)
Proposed Panelists include Carl Dawson, NDA                     Immobilization of BaSO4: Phases Formation
(United Kingdom); Kenny Krieger, Texas State                     and Microstructure of OPC-BaSO4 System
Technical College; Desi Crouther, US DOE – Human                 Cured at an Elevated Temperature - 11012
Capital and Nadia Lima (DOE Fellow), Florida                     Oday Hussein,Michael Ojovan, University of
International University.                                        Sheffield (United Kingdom)
                                                                Low Temperature SiC Synthesis Route to
 10:15 AM               SESSION 38                               Immobilize Irradiated Graphite Waste - 11484
                                                                 Mehul Chavda, Michael Ojovan, Shaowei
                                                                 Zhang, University of Sheffield (United
Panel: International Youth Nuclear                               Kingdom)
Congress/Young Professionals                                    Extraction of Uranium and the Lanthanides
                                                                 from Egyptian Phosphate Ore with
Co-Chairs: Robert Berry, Foxfire Scientific (United              Nanotechnological Applications - 11030
Kingdom); Leonel Lagos, Florida International                    Abdel Hakim Kandil, Helwan University;
University                                                       Mohammed Nouh, Nuclear Materials Authority
Lead Organizer & Panel Reporter: Corhyn Parr                     (Egypt)
Organizers: Robert Berry, Leonel Lagos
   Development and Testing of New Antimony           Topic B: Waste Characterization of LLW, ILW,
    Selective Media - 11183                           MW, NORM and TENORM
    Risto Harjula, Risto Koivula, Airi Paajanen,
    Ilkka Välimaa, University of Helsinki; Esko       Co-Chairs: Bob Hiergesell, Savannah River National
    Tusa, Fortum Power and Heat Oy (Finland)          Laboratory; Martin Letourneau, US DOE
   Application of Bacteria to Remove Americium       Lead Organizer: Bob Hiergesell
    from Radioactive Liquid Waste - 11130             Paper Reviewer: Michael Davidson
    Tânia Regina Borba, Rafael Vicente de Pádua
    Ferreira, Vivian Tafarello Gruppi, Solange
                                                            Practical Issues for the Description of Chemical
    Kazumi Sakata, Júlio Takehiro Marumo,
                                                             Constituents in Radioactive Waste Packages -
    Nuclear and Energy Research Institute, IPEN –
    CNEN/SP (Brazil)
                                                             Detlef Gründler, Claudia Haider, Institute for
   Cement Based Encapsulation Experiments for               Safety Technology; Wilma Boetsch, ISTec
    Low-Radioactive Liquid Waste at Tokai                    GmbH; Peter Brennecke, Federal Office for
    Reprocessing Plant - 11078                               Radiation Protection; Karin Kugel, Stefan
    Atsushi Sugaya, Kenji Tanaka, Shigeru                    Steyer, Federal Office for Radiation Protection
    Akutsu, Japan Atomic Energy Agency (Japan)               (Germany)
   Biologic Stabilization of Organic Liquid Wastes         Doubles Counting of Highly Multiplying Items in
    - 11601                                                  Reflective Surroundings - 11548
    Katherine Tokes, William Pilkington, Oilmatic            Stephen Croft, Louise Evans, M.A. Schear,
    Services Inc. (Canada)                                   Stephen J. Tobin, Los Alamos National
   Pilot-Scale System for Recycling Caustic from            Laboratory
    LLW Simulant - 11342                                    Separation of Uranium by Ion-Exchange
    Justin Pendleton, Troy Dayton, Kean Duffey,              Chromatography for Determination of its
    Sai Bhavaraju, Shekar Balagopal,                         Content and Isotopic Composition Using ICP-
    Ceramatec, Inc.                                          MS - 11126
   Immobilization of Mercury Waste Generated                Trung Huynh, Chien Nguyen, Minh Hong Le,
    from High Power Appellation Sources in                   ITRRE (Vietnam)
    Polysiloxane Materials - 11603                          Natural Radioactivity in Common Building
    Suresh Chiriki, Forschungszentrum Juelich                Materials Used in Vietnam - 11255
    (Germany)                                                Sieu Le, Dalat Nuclear Research Institute
   Destruction of Organic Liquid Nuclear Waste by           (Vietnam)
    a SuperCritical Water Oxidation Process:                Hydrogeochemical Evolution of the Near Field
    Operating Parameters Optimization and Study              in the Two Proposed LLW Disposal Sites of
    of the Reaction Stability - 11072                        Taiwan - 11253
    Jean-Christophe Ruiz, Florian Pujol, Frederic            Wen-Sheng Lin, Chen-Wuing Liu, National
    Charton, CEA Marcoule; Guillaume Ranc,                   Taiwan University (Taiwan)
    Hubert Alexandre Turc, Christophe Joussot-
                                                            Field-Scale Experiment for Gas Generation in
    Dubien, CEA (France)
                                                             Korean Repository - 11124
   Pilot-Scale Testing of MST Mixing for the SRS            Juyoul Kim, Suk Hoon Kim, FNC Technology
    Small Column Ion Exchange Process (SCIX) -               Co., Ltd; Jin Beak Park, Sunjoung Lee, Korea
    11224                                                    Radioactive Waste Management Corp. (Korea)
    Michael Poirier, Zafar Qureshi, Mike Restivo,
                                                            A New Segmented Gamma Scanner System -
    Tim Steeper, David Herman, Savannah River
    National Laboratory
                                                             Dante Nakazawa, Michael Field, Bruce
   Russia: Results and Prospects of Liquid                  Gillespie, R Mowry, Group; Haori Yang, Sasha
    Solidification Experiments at Rosatom Sites -            Philips, Canberra Industries Inc - AREVA
    11292                                                    Group; Art Radomski, Canberra
    Dennis Kelley, Pacific Nuclear Solutions;
                                                            Fast Sequential Determination of PU, AM, and
    Vasiliy Babain, V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute
                                                             CM Isotopes in Radioactive Waste - 11106
                                                             Bianca Geraldo, Brazilian National
   Recent Developments in a Transformative                  Commission of Nuclear Energy - CNEN; Maria
    Technology for the Treatment of Nuclear                  Helena Taddei, Roberto Vicente, Júlio Takehiro
    Waste: Modular Vitrification System - 11396              Marumo, Nuclear and Energy Research
    Gaetan Bonhomme, Mark Denton, Kurion,                    Institute, IPEN – CNEN/SP (Brazil)
   Decontamination of Pipes and Additional
    Equipment of the Oil and Gas Industry (NORM)
    in the Desert Region - 11268
    Frank Ambos, Conrad Gese, Tanja Bosing,
    Sat.Kernterchnik GmbH (Germany)
Topic C: LLW/ILW Performance Assessment                         Pollution Prevention Benefits of Non-
                                                                 Hazardous-Shielding Glovebox Gloves - 11000
                                                                 Michael Cournoyer, Los Alamos National
Co-Chairs: Bob Hiergesell, Savannah River National               Laboratory
Laboratory; Martin Letourneau, US DOE                           Development of Safety Enhanced Protection
Lead Organizer: Bob Hiergesell                                   Units for Tritium - 11165
Paper Reviewer: Robert Jubin                                     Sung Paal Yim, Byung-Gil Ahn, Hoan Sung
                                                                 Jung, In-Cheol Lim, Korea Atomic Energy
      Code-to-Code Benchmarking of the Porflow                  Research Institute; Cheo Kyung Lee, Handong
       and GoldSim Contaminant Transport Models                  Global University; Sun Kyun Yoo, Joongbu
       Using a Simple 1-D Domain - 11191                         University (Korea)
       Bob Hiergesell, Savannah River National                  Confinement as a Sustainable Route to
       Laboratory                                                Phosphogypsum Management - 11180
      Engineering Properties, Hydraulic Behavior and            Riadh Hentati , SEACNVS; Cherif Feti,
       Theoretical Modelling of Nuclear Waste Flows -            Taparua Project - City of Sfax; Choura
       11098                                                     Mohamed, University of Sfax, Tunisia
       Simon Biggs, Michael Fairweather, James                   (Morocco)
       Young, Jeff Peakall, Timothy Hunter, Jun Yao,            Innovative Use of Cloud Computing and
       David Harbottle, University of Leeds (United              Hardware Platforms to Improve the Accuracy,
       Kingdom)                                                  Efficiency and Auditability of LLRW - 11622
      The Use of Uncertainties in Determination of              Lloyd Solomon, Studsvik, Inc.
       Measurement Variance - 11118                             Launderable vs. Disposable Protective Clothing,
       Brian Tucker, The Shaw Group; David Hays,                 a Comparative Ecology Centered Life Cycle
       US ACE                                                    Inventory - 11623
      Effect of Various Factors on the Durability               Marie BenKinney, Exponent; Michael Fuller,
       Prediction of Nuclear Waste Containment                   UniTech Services Group, Inc
       Structures - 11546
       Sohini Sarkar, David Kosson, Sankaran              Topic E: NORM, TENORM and Other Uranium
       Mahadevan, Vanderbilt University; JCL              Issues
       Meeussen, H Van Der Sloot, Energy Research
       Centre of the Netherlands (The Netherlands);       Co-Chairs: Steven Brown, SHB Inc.; Erich Tiepel,
       Kevin Brown, Vanderbilt University and CRESP;      Golder Associates, Inc
       Greg Flach, Christine Langton, Savannah River      Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Steven Brown
       National Laboratory

                                                                Mechanism of Uranite Reduction Involving the
Topic D: Overall/Programmatic LLW Topics                         Microbial Cellular Cytochrome c3 and NADH-DH
                                                                 Holoenzymes - 11576
                                                                 Evans Chirwa, Simphiwe Chabalala,
Co-Chairs: Mike Eisenhower, Materials & Energy
                                                                 University of Pretoria (South Africa)
Corporation; Loong Yong, Spectra Tech, Inc.
Paper Reviewer: Edward Bentz
                                                                Regulatory Framework in Russia on
                                                                 Environmental Remediation of Uranium Legacy
                                                                 - 11525
      Regulations, Policy, and Strategies for Low-              Natalia K. Shandala, Sergey Kiselev, Mikhail
       Level Radioactive Waste Management in                     Alekseev, Alexey Titov, Evgeny Metlyaev,
       Bangladesh - 11091                                        Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center
       Abdus Sattar Mollah, Bangladesh Atomic                    (Russia)
       Energy Commission (Bangladesh)                           Measurement of 235U Assay Requiring Low
      Application of NPL Radioactive Waste Package              Uncertainty in Depleted Uranium Hexafluoride
       Standards at AWE - 11004                                  – An Overlooked Legacy of Uranium
       Timothy Miller, AWE (United Kingdom)                      Enrichment - 11541
      Investigations into the Storage and Disposal of           Jeffrey Montgomery, US Enrichment
       Radioactive Wastes in the Republic of                     Corporation
       Tajikistan - 11172                                       Biocorrosion of Cemented Radioactive Waste -
       Nazirzhon Buriev, Dzhamshed                               11156
       Abdushukurov, Academy of Science of Republic              Olga Gorbunova, Alexandr Barinov, Moscow
       of Tajikistan; Nodir Buriev, S.U. Umarov                  SIA “Radon” (Russia)
       Physical Technical Institute of Academy of
       Sciences of Republic of Tajikistan (Tajikistan);
       Tjalle Vandergraaf, Providence College
Topic F: Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Waste                 The session will begin with an introduction and update
Management - Posters                                     on progress and perspectives of SRS as a long-term
                                                         national asset from DOE senior management. SRS‘s
Co-Chairs: Mark Lewis, EnergySolutions; Jay              primary contractors, the Savannah River National
Maisler, Enercon Services, Inc                           Laboratory (SRNL) and the SRS Citizens Advisory
Lead Organizer: Wolfgang Steinwarz                       Board will introduce their specific role at SRS, highlight
Paper Reviewer: C. Clint Miller                          progress and discuss technologies that are assisting
                                                         with the cleanup and waste management activities at
                                                         the site. Panel discussion will also highlight future
      The Innovation of Creative Combinations:          contributions of SRS as it serves as the gateway for
       Leveraging Technology to Achieve Operational      nationwide nuclear materials consolidation and
       Excellence - 11591                                ultimate disposition.
       Charles W. Pennington, NAC International
      Evaluation of Radiochemical Properties of the     Proposed Panelists include: Dave Moody, Manager
       Past Dried Active Wastes in KHNP Sites -          US DOE - Savannah River Operations Office, US DOE;
       11477                                             Jim French, President and Project Manager Savannah
       Kidoo Kang, Jongkil Park, Hyun-jun Jo, Korea      River Remediation, LLC; Mark Breor, Vice President
       Hydro and Nuclear Power Co. Ltd. (Korea)          and Project Manager, Parsons Salt Waste Processing
      Burnup Credit Measurements for Cask Loading       Facility; Garry Flowers, President and CEO, Savannah
       Compliance – A Review of Techniques and           River Nuclear Solutions; Terry Michalske, Director,
       Calibration Philosophies - 11194                  SRNL; Kelly Trice, President, MOX Services and a
       Andrew Chesterman, Babcock International          member of the SRS Citizens Advisory Board.
       Group (United Kingdom)
      Dry Cask Storage Safely Moving Spent Nuclear
                                                          1:30 PM                SESSION 41
       Fuel - 11169
       Jay Edmundson, Konecranes (P&H Crane);
       David Schaeffer, P&H/Morris Material Handling     Models and Data - Supporting Performance
      Environmental Treatment of LLW and ILW at         Assessment of Geological Disposal Systems
       Almirante Álvaro Alberto Nuclear Power
       Station: A Proposal for a Waste Management        Co-Chairs: Tjalle Vandergraaf, Providence College
       Politics (Electronuclear; Brazil) - 11150         (Canada); Ming Zhang, Geological Survey of Japan,
       Sandra Cecília Miano, Rogério Arcuri Filho,       AIST (Japan)
       M.Sc., Eletrobrás Eletronuclear S.A. (Brazil)     Lead Organizer: Tjalle Vandergraaf
      Comparative Analysis of Aechnologies for          Organizers: Ming Zhang, Simon Kwong, Andrew Martin
       Treatment of Solid Radioactive Waste of           Paper Reviewer: Andrew Martin
       Nuclear Power Plants - 11470
       Mikhail Polkanov, SIA Radon (Russia)
                                                             1. Decision Support, Risk Management and
      Calculations of Flow in Evaporator with Solids           Tradeoff Analysis of Stakeholder Estimation:
       Present at The Base - 11539                              Application of Cyber Security Econometrics
       Simon Kwong, Steve Graham, National                      System (CSES) to Decision Support and Risk
       Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom)                      Management for Waste Management - 11340
                                                                Robert Abercrombie, Frederick Sheldon, Oak
               March 1, Tuesday PM                              Ridge National Laboratory
                                                             2. Super-Deep HLW Self-Disposal Option - 11065
                                                                Michael Ojovan, University of Sheffield
 1:30 PM              SESSION 40                                (United Kingdom); Vladimir Kascheev,
                                                                VNIINM; Pavel Poluektov, VNIINM (Russia)
Panel: US Featured Site: DOE - Savannah River -              3. GoldSim's Dynamic-Link Library (DLL)
Accomplishments and Challenges                                  Interface for Cementitious Barriers Partnership
                                                                (CBP) - 11444
                                                                Kevin Brown, Vanderbilt University and
Co-Chairs: Dave Moody, US DOE; Karen Guevara,                   CRESP; Frank Smith, Greg Flach, Savannah
US DOE                                                          River National Laboratory
Lead Organizer: Ned Bibler                                   4. Cementitious Barriers Partnership (CBP), Phase
Organizers: Dawn Haygood, W.T. (Sonny) Goldston                 1: Code Integration - 11446
Panel Reporter: Dawn Haygood                                    Kevin Brown, Vanderbilt University and
                                                                CRESP; Frank Smith, Greg Flach, Savannah
This panel focuses on the DOE Savannah River Site               River National Laboratory; Sohini Sarkar,
located in Aiken, SC. It will showcase recent progress          Vanderbilt University
and planned efforts in radioactive waste management,
waste disposition, environmental remediation, D&D
and ground water protection.
 3:15 PM               SESSION 42                                 Tim Tinsley, Nick Hanigan, National Nuclear
                                                                  Laboratory (United Kingdom)
                                                             2.   Project Management Lessons Learned on US
Panel: Contract Management Issues Related to                      DOE Projects - 11468
Insurance, Indemnity and Bonds in the WM                          Jim Burritt, Mark Frei, Longenecker &
Industry                                                          Associates
                                                             3.   Integrated Planning: Consolidating Annual
Co-Chairs: John Coffman, DeNuke Services, Inc.;                   Facility Planning — More Time for Execution -
Jim Gilley, Wells Fargo Energy and Environmental                  11562
Lead Organizer: John Coffman                                      Jerel Nelson, R. Lee Morton, Carlos Ramirez,
Organizers: John Coffman, Jim Gilley                              Carlos Castillo, WorleyParsons Polestar; James
Panel Reporter: Jim Gilley                                        McSwain, Terragraphics; Patrick Morris,
                                                                  National Security Technologies, LLC
                                                             4.   Integration for Success of Revitalization,
The focus of this panel session will be to provide
                                                                  Redevelopment, Remedial Activities and D&D
attendees with an up-to-date analysis of market
                                                                  at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory - 11212
conditions and policy forms, necessary modifications to
                                                                  William Biloski, James Serafin Jr., Oak Ridge
wrap the financial and insurance protection around the
                                                                  National Laboratory
project contractual and operational risks and a
                                                             5.   What is the Impact of Poor Definition of
discussion on project and facility bonding. The risks
                                                                  Boundaries and Interfaces on Projects, and
assumed by companies working in this business sector
                                                                  What, If Anything, Should be Done? - 11471
are unlike those faced by any other industry. A keen
                                                                  Richard Peters, Project Time & Cost UK, Ltd
understanding of risk transfer solutions and possible
                                                                  (United Kingdom)
contract negotiations is vital to all companies working
                                                             6.   Matching Funding to Expenses in Federal
in this business sector. The following topics will be
                                                                  Programs and Projects - 11360
covered in this session:
                                                                  Vance Kotrla, Simon Dekker, Dekker, Ltd.
                                                             7.   Project Management: Managing a Performance
a) Overview of the Current Insurance Status of the                Network of Agreements and Deliverables -
   Insurance and Surety Bond Market                               11251
b) An Understanding of the Underwriting Process –                 Laurie Ford, Critical Path Consultants
   ―From Rejection to Acceptance‖                            8.   The Energy Parks Initiative at DOE Oak Ridge,
c) Professional & Contractors Pollution Legal Liability           Tennessee Sites - 11328
d) Site Pollution Legal Liability                                 Sharon Robinson, Oak Ridge National
e) Contract Surety – Bid, Performance and Payment                 Laboratory
f) Financial Assurance for Radiological Waste
   Processing                                              1:30 PM              SESSION 44
g) Contract Rules of Engagement for Insurance and
                                                          Enhancements in Vitrification Technology
h) ―Decisions Involve Risks‖

Panelists will be recognized leaders having a technical   Co-Chairs: Gordon Crawford, EnergySolutions;
understanding of the business sector and many years       Christian Ladirat, CEA Marcoule (France)
of experience in the development of corporate risk        Lead Organizer: Ned Bibler
management insurance and bonding programs.                Organizers: Gordon Crawford, Leslie Jardine
                                                          Paper Reviewer: Gordon Crawford

 1:30 PM               SESSION 43
                                                             1. Advanced Joule-Heated Melter Design to
                                                                Reduce Hanford WTP Operating Costs - 11131
Project Management Improvements - Planning                      Eric Smith, Theresa Butler, Bradley Bowan,
Through Completion - Scope, Cost & Schedule                     Boris Ciorneiu, EnergySolutions
Control                                                      2. Process Enhancements to Improve Overall
                                                                Throughput in the Defense Waste Processing
Co-Chairs: Christopher Timm, PECOS Management                   Facility at the Savannah River Site - 11458
Services; Gerald Williams, Enercon Services, Inc.               Jonathan Bricker, Terri Fellinger, Robert
Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Christopher Timm               Hopkins, Dale Hutsell, Savannah River
Organizers: Neil Davis, Gerald Williams, Sherry M.              Remediation, LLC; Michael Stone, Brad
Keeney                                                          Pickenheim, David Peeler, Erich Hansen,
                                                                Savannah River National Laboratory; Ian Pegg,
                                                                Marek Brandys, Robert Mohr, Catholic
    1. Improving the National Nuclear Laboratory
                                                                University of America; Innocent Joseph, Glenn
       Project Management Capability - 11017
        Diener, Holly Pasieka, Energy Solutions; Wing               CH2M-WG Idaho, LLC; Alan Jines, William
        Kot, The Catholic University of America                     Lattin, Edward Ziemianski, US DOE
   3.   Installation of Bubblers in the Savannah River         2.   Customer Service Model for Waste Tracking at
        Site Defense Waste Processing Facility Melter -             Los Alamos National Laboratory - 11329
        11136                                                       Alison Dorries, Andrew Ashbaugh, Andrew
        Michael Smith, Dan Iverson, Savannah River                  Montoya, Los Alamos National Laboratory
        Remediation, LLC                                       3.   Managing Hanford‘s Legacy, No-Path-Forward
   4.   Successful Hot Operation of the German                      Waste to Disposition - 11445
        Vitrification Plant VEK – Results and                       Ty Blackford, Renee Catlow, Don Flyckt,
        Experiences - 11277                                         CH2M HILL Plateau Remediation Company
        Joachim Fleisch, Franz-Josef Schmitz, WAK                   Waste and Fuel Management; Mike Waters,
        GmbH; Wolfgang Gruenewald,                                  Cavanagh Services Group, Inc.; Don Moak,
        Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe; Guenther                       Richard Grondin, Perma-Fix Environmental
        Roth,; Winfried Tobie, FZK GmbH (Germany)                   Services Inc; Lori West, Materials and Energy
   5.   The New Cold Crucible Induction Melter at La                Corporation, CH2M HILL Plateau Remediation
        Hague - Testing and Training Strategies to                  Company Solid Waste Processing Project
        Ensure Successful Startup and Operation of             4.   The Role of Acceptable Knowledge in
        such Next Generation Vitrification Technology -             Transuranic Waste Disposal Operations -
        11528                                                       11117
        Frederic Bailly, Eric Prudhon, AREVA NC;                    Christopher Chancellor, Los Alamos National
        Christophe Girold, CEA Marcoule; Benoit                     Laboratory - Carlsbad Operations; Roger
        Carpentier, SGN Equeurdreville (France)                     Nelson, US DOE
   6.   A Milestone in Vitrification: The Replacement of       5.   Terminating Safeguards on Excess Special
        a Hot Metallic Melter with a Cold Crucible                  Nuclear Material: Defense TRU Waste Clean-up
        Induction Melter in a Hot Cell in Record Time at            and Non-proliferation - 11538
        the La Hague Plant, France - 11482                          Timothy Hayes, Los Alamos National
        Eric Chauvin, Eric Prudhon, Sandrine Naline,                Laboratory; Roger Nelson, US DOE
        AREVA NC; Benoit Carpentier, SGN                       6.   Project Strategy for the Remediation and
        Equeurdreville AREVA NC (France)                            Disposition of Legacy Transuranic Waste at the
   7.   Limited increase of Particle Entrainment in the             Savannah River Site - 11232
        Off-Gas System of a Cold Crucible Induction                 Mary Rodriguez, Savannah River Nuclear
        Melter, Compared with a Joule-Heated Metal                  Solutions
        Melter for HLW Vitrification - 11465                   7.   Alpha Gamma Hot Cell Facility De-Inventory, a
        Eric Tronche, Christian Ladirat, Virginie Labe,             Tale of Two Projects - 11316
        Alain Ledoux, Frederic Angeli, J. Lacombe,                  Daniel Pancake, Michael Sodaro, Argonne
        Philippe Gruber, CEA Marcoule; Olivier Pinet,               National Laboratory
        Jean Francois Hollebecque, CEA; Sandrine               8.   Lessons Learned in the De-Inventory Process
        Naline, Eric Chauvin, AREVA NC (France)                     for the Alpha Gamma Hot Cell Facility at
   8.   Vitrification of High-Level Solutions Rich in               Argonne National Laboratory - 11115
        Molybdenum in the Cold Crucible Melter                      Janie Johnston, Argonne National Laboratory
        Process - 11502
        Olivier Pinet, Jean Francois Hollebecque,
        CEA; Frederic Angeli, Philippe Gruber, CEA          1:30 PM               SESSION 46
        Marcoule; Sandrine Naline, AREVA NC, Inc.
        (France)                                           Panel: Nuclear Power Plant Waste Management -
                                                           LLW Disposal Issues
 1:30 PM               SESSION 45
                                                           Co-Chairs: C. Clint Miller, Pacific Gas & Electric; Mark
                                                           Carver, Entergy Services, Inc.
Operational Efficiency in TRU Waste Management             Lead Organizer & Panel Reporter: C. Clint Miller
                                                           Organizer: Mark Lewis
Co-Chairs: Terry Wickland, Nuclear Filter
Technology; Betty Humphrey, Weston Solutions, Inc.         This panel will focus on US waste disposal. It provides
Lead Organizer: Roger Nelson                               the opportunity for representatives of US commercial
Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Terry Wickland                 LLW disposal facilities to update managers of
                                                           radioactive waste at nuclear power plants on disposal
   1. The Operational Importance of Radiological           site access and services provided. The status of a
      Improvement in Remote Handled Transuranic            proposed new site will also be presented.
      Waste Processing at the Idaho Clean-up
      Project. - 11055                                     Proposed Panelists include: Jeff Gardner, Site Vice
      Scott Anderson, Tammy Hobbes, Gary Lusk,             President, Clive Disposal Site, EnergySolutions; Bill
Dornsife, Vice President Regulatory Affairs, Waste                 Linda Suttora, Pramod Mallick, US DOE; David
Control Specialists; Mark Carver, Manager, Fleet LLW,              Esh, Jacob Philip, US NRC; Edward Garboczi,
Entergy Services; Lisa Edwards, Radwaste Program                   National Institute of Standards Technology;
Manager, EPRI and Bill House, Vice President, Chem-                Eric Samson, SIMCO Technologies, Inc.
Nuclear.                                                           (Canada); H Van Der Sloot, JCL Meeussen,
                                                                   Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands
                                                                   (The Netherlands)
 3:15 PM                SESSION 47                              3. Impact of Recovery Act Funding on Waste
                                                                   Disposal Operations at the Nevada Test Site -
Panel: Nuclear Power Plant Waste Management -                      11120
LLW Processor Issues                                               Dona Merritt, Navarro-Intera; Jhon Carilli, US
                                                                   DOE; John Wrapp, Rick Wagner, NSTec; Katie
                                                                   Tanaka, National Security Technologies, LLC
Co-Chairs: Mark Lewis, EnergySolutions; Mark
                                                                4. Intentional Mixing of Special Nuclear Materials
Carver, Entergy Services, Inc.
                                                                   to meet Waste Acceptance Criteria - 11387
Lead Organizer & Panel Reporter: Mark Lewis
                                                                   Heath Downey, MACTEC; John Conant, ABB
This panel will focus on US waste processors and
provides the opportunity for representatives of US
fixed-based processing facilities to update managers of       3:15 PM             SESSION 49
radioactive waste at nuclear power plants, on service
and facility changes and improvements. Fixed-based
                                                             Pollution Prevention/Waste Minimization for
processing facilities provide a variety of waste volume
                                                             LLW, ILW, MW, NORM and TENORM
reduction, treatment, and disposal services to help
nuclear power waste generators to cost effectively and
efficiently disposition low-level radioactive waste within   Co-Chairs: John Briest, Weaver Boos Consultants
commercially regulated guidelines. Processors are            LLC; Mike Eisenhower, Materials & Energy
continuously changing and improving on services,             Corporation
which necessitate periodic updates to stay abreast.          Lead Organizer: Gabriele Bandt
                                                             Organizers: Holger Spann, Lance Mezga
                                                             Paper Reviewer: Holger Spann
Proposed Panelists include: Brian Wood, Vice
President, LP&D, EnergySolutions; John Hagn, Sales
Manager, Perma-Fix Services; Greg Broda, Vice                   1. Development of an Integrated Radioactive
President, Impact Services; Steve Ferguson, Sales                  Waste Management and Environmental
Manager, Alaron Services and David Wise, Operations                Surveillance Program at Dalat Nuclear
Vice President, Studsvik.                                          Research Institute - 11166
                                                                   Phuong Tran, Nuclear Research Institute
                                                                   (Vietnam); Harvey Laura Kay, Joan F.
 1:30 PM                SESSION 48                                 Hughes, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
                                                                2. Minimizing Risks to the Environment from
Waste Certification, Acceptance and Disposal for                   Using NORM Residues in Road Construction -
LLW, ILW and Special Nuclear Material                              11076
                                                                   Vanusa Maria Jacomino, Paulo Heilbron,
                                                                   Fabiana Dias, Maria Helena Taddei, Brazilian
Co-Chairs: Heinz Kroeger, TÜV NORD EnSys
                                                                   National Commission of Nuclear Energy (Brazil)
Hannover (Germany); Richard Krett, DeNuke
                                                                3. Effect of Concentration of Hydrogen Chloride
                                                                   Gas on Chlorination Treatment of Waste
Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Heinz Kroeger
                                                                   Antimony-Uranium Composite Oxide Catalyst -
    1. Development, Qualification, and Disposal of                 Kayo Sawada, Youichi Enokida, EcoTopia
       Immobilized Low-Activity Waste (ILAW) Forms                 Science Institute, Nagoya University (Japan)
       at the Handford Site and Throughout the DOE              4. Study of the Treatment of the Liquid
       Complex - 11031                                             Radioactive Waste Nong Son Uranium Ore
       James Edge, Terry Sams, Washington River                    Processing - 11204
       Protection Solutions, LLC                                   Tien Nguyen, Institute for Technology of
    2. Cementitous Barriers Partnership                            Radioactive and Rare Elements (Vietnam);
       Accomplishments and Relevance to the US                     Laura Harvey, UT-Battelle
       DOE Complex - 11443
       Christine Langton, Greg Flach, Savannah River
       National Laboratory; Heather Burns,
       Savannah River Nuclear Solutions; David
       Kosson, Kevin Brown, Vanderbilt University;
 1:30 PM             SESSION 50                             Andrey Bosko, Nabil Menaa, Frazier Bronson,
                                                            Ram Venkataraman, Canberra Industries Inc -
                                                            AREVA Group; Tim Spillane, Canberra
Waste Characterization for LLW, ILW, MW - Non-              Industries (AREVA BUNM); Wilhelm Mueller,
Measurement Topics                                          Canberra Industries
                                                         4. Mini-Tomographic Gamma Scanner for
Co-Chairs: David Eaton, CH2M-WG Idaho, LLC;                 Radioactive Waste Assay of Small Items -
Heinz Kroeger, TÜV NORD EnSys Hannover                      11399
(Germany)                                                   Haori Yang, Marcel Villani, B M Young, Jeff
Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Heinz Kroeger              Lagana, Robert Zakrzewski, Kara Morris, Susan
Organizer: Frazier Bronson                                  Kane-Smith, Ram Venkataraman, Canberra
                                                            Industries Inc - AREVA Group; Wilhelm
                                                            Mueller, Canberra Industries
   1. Acceleration of B&W Y-12 ARRA Project:
      Characterization and Disposition Mapping
      Strategies - 11209                               1:30 PM             SESSION 52
      Joseph Birchfield, Alliant Corporation
   2. Innovative Characterization Strategies B&W Y-
      12 ARRA CERCLA Old Salvage Yard - 11217         Accelerated Deactivation and Decommissioning
      Brad Mattie, B&W Y-12                           of Facilities
   3. Evaluation of Uncertainties of Radiological
      Characteristics by Means of a Mix of            Co-Chairs: Jas Devgun, Sargent & Lundy, LLC;
      Deterministic and Probabilistic Approaches -    Philippe Guiberteau, CEA’s Nuclear Energy
      11025                                           Directorate (France)
      Timothy Soetens, Sophie Cauchies, Saïd Ben      Lead Organizer: Maria Lindberg
      Ayad, ONDRAF/NIRAS (Belgium)                    Organizers: Jas Devgun, Andrew Szilagyi
   4. Development of a Scaling Factor Estimation      Paper Reviewer: Jas Devgun
      Program for Low-Level Radioactive Waste -
      11427                                              1. Review of EHS&Q Across Decommissioning at
      Taewook Kim, Nara Lee, Sung Jun Maeng,                Sellafield and Overview of the Effective
      Korea Hydro & Nuclear Engineering Institute           Management of Radiation Dose within
      (Korea)                                               Decommissioning at Sellafield - 11294
                                                            Jack Williamson, Sellafield Ltd (United
 3:15 PM             SESSION 51                             Kingdom)
                                                         2. Signature Research on Legacy Management
                                                            and Decommissioning at the National Nuclear
Waste Characterization for ILW, LLW, HLW -                  Laboratory, United Kingdom - 11588
Ionizing Radiation Measurement Methods                      Anthony Banford, National Nuclear
                                                            Laboratory (United Kingdom)
Co-Chairs: Frazier Bronson, Canberra Industries Inc      3. The DIAMOND University Consortium:
- AREVA Group; Stephen Croft, Los Alamos National           Decommissioning, Immobilisation and
Laboratory                                                  Management of Nuclear Waste for Disposal -
Lead Organizer: Heinz Kroeger                               11097
Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Frazier Bronson                 Simon Biggs, Michael Fairweather, James
                                                            Young, University of Leeds; Nick Evans,
                                                            Loughborough University; William Lee,
   1. Application of Spectral Summing to
                                                            Imperial College London (United Kingdom)
      Indeterminate Suspect Low-Level Drums at Los
                                                         4. Safe and Compliant approach to First-of-a-Kind
      Alamos National Laboratory - 11249
                                                            Demolition at the Hanford Site - 11434
      Kathleen Gruetzmacher, John Veilleux, Los
                                                            Kurt Kehler, CH2M HILL Plateau Remediation
      Alamos National Laboratory; Randy Lucero,
      James Seamans, Martin Clapham, Pajarito
                                                         5. Irradiated Graphite Waste Treatment - 11174
      Scientific Corporation
                                                            Gerard Laurent, EDF (France)
   2. A Comparison of Measurement Uncertainty for
                                                         6. A Technical Basis for the Selection of Area vs.
      the Case of Non-Uniform Source Distribution
                                                            Volume Criteria for Contaminated Structures -
      Between Rotating Boxes and Stationary Boxes
      with Multiple Detector Locations - 11182
                                                            A. Nardi, Todd S Brautigam, ENERCON
      Henrik Jäderström, Canberra Solutions AB
                                                            Services, Inc.
      (Sweden); Frazier Bronson, Canberra
                                                         7. Immobilization of Cesium Traps from the BN-
      Industries Inc - AREVA Group
                                                            350 Fast Reactor (Aktau, Kazakhstan) - 11062
   3. Efficiency Optimization Employing Random and
                                                            David Wells, Nuvia Limited (United Kingdom)
      Smart Search using Multiple Counts and Line
      Activity Consistency Benchmarks - 11398
   8. The Establishment of the Waste Management          1:30 PM             SESSION 54
      Plan as a Component of Cernavoda NPP
      Decommissioning Plan, an Important Step for
      the Nuclear Power Development in Romania -        Visitor Centers and Other Public-Education Tools
      Gheorghe Barariu, National Authority for          Co-Chairs: Judith Connell, Fluor Government Group;
      Nuclear Activity (Romania); Roxana                Helen Belencan, US DOE - Savannah River
      Georgescu, Raluca Fako, Florin Sociu, RAAN-       Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Judith Connell
      SITON (Romania)                                   Organizers: Elizabeth Bowers, Helen Belencan, Jim
 1:30 PM             SESSION 53
                                                           1. PSEG's Energy & Environmental Resource
                                                              Center - 11083
ER Pre-Closure Challenges - Using Risk Data and               Lisa Barile, PSEG Power, LLC
Considering Future Land Use                                2. The Weldon Spring Site Interpretive Center:
                                                              Lessons Learned from the First Ten Years -
Co-Chairs: Moses Jaraysi, CH2M HILL Plateau                   11338
Remediation Company; Matt McCormick, US DOE                   Jane Powell, US DOE Office of Legacy
Lead Organizer: Angie Jones                                   Management; Yvonne Deyo, Melissa Lutz, S.M.
Organizers: Moses Jaraysi, Matt McCormick                     Stoller Corporation
Paper Reviewer: Moses Jaraysi                              3. Y-12 National Security Complex's New Hope
                                                              Center - Our "Front Door" for Public Access and
   1. The Role of Future Land Use in Environmental            Educational Information - 11158
      Decision Making at Three DOE Mega-Cleanup               Ray Smith, B&W Y-12
      Sites: Rocky Flats, Mound and Fernald - 11595        4. Hanford‘s Public Tour Program – An Excellent
      Marc Jewett, FluorGovernment Group; Moses               Educational Tool - 11439
      Jaraysi, CH2M HILL Plateau Remediation                  Karen Sinclair, Mission Support Alliance-
      Company                                                 Hanford
   2. Hanford Site Central Plateau Cleanup                 5. Environmental Cleanup: The Next Chapter in
      Completion Strategy: Mapping the Path to                the Oak Ridge Story - 11326
      Efficient and Effective Cleanup - 11456                 Jenny Freeman, Strata-G; John Eschenberg,
      Dale McKenney, CH2M-Hill Plateau                        US DOE; Cathy Hickey, URS Corporation
      Remediation Company                                  6. Regional Stakeholder Education Through the
   3. New Science and Newer Risk Assessment                   Nuclear Workforce Initiative - 11101
      Policy: Updates to the US EPA Superfund Risk            Mindy Mets, SRS Community Reuse
      and Dose Assessment Models - 11570                      Organization
      Stuart Walker, US EPA                                7. Nuclear Energy & Radioactive Waste: The
   4. Balancing Cleanup and Future Land Use at the            Perception of the Youngsters, A Study Through
      Idaho National Laboratory - 11186                       the Educational Workshops Conducted by the
      David Hutchison, Frank Webber, CH2M-WG                  "Visiatome" Information Center at the CEA
      Idaho, LLC                                              Marcoule (France) - 11530
   5. Remediation Issues and Solutions with Co-               Cedric Garnier, CEA Marcoule (France)
      Located Chemical and Radiological                    8. The National Museum of Nuclear Science &
      Contaminants - 11296                                    History; Statistics, Issues, Successes After
      Eugene Shephard, Peter Collopy, Nelson                  Year Number Two of Operation as a Public
      Walter, Heath Downey, MACTEC; Elaine                    Interaction Option - 11048
      Hammick, ABB Inc.                                       Jim Walther, National Museum of Nuclear
   6. Savannah River Site - Incorporating Risk and            Science & History
      Land Use into Site "Area Completion" Remedial
      Decisions - 11409                                  1:30 PM       POSTER SESSION 55
      Karen Guevara, US DOE
   7. Decision Framework for Applying Attenuation
      Processes to Metals and Radionuclides - 11234     Topic A: Fission Products, Actinide Monitoring
      Dibakar (Dib) Goswami, Washington State           and Remediation
      Department of Ecology; Carl Spreng,
      Colorado Department of Public Health and          Co-Chairs: Susan Walter, AECOM; Scott Warner,
      Environment                                       AMEC
   8. Challenges to Establish Final Action Cleanup      Lead Organizer: Susan Walter
      Decisions for the Hanford Site River Corridor -   Paper Reviewer: Scott Warner
      Jeff Lerch, Washington Closure Hanford
      Uranium Toxicity to Native Microbial                    Edworthy, Shamsul Alam, Alex Man Heidi
       Communities in the Hanford 300 Area                     McIlwain, Atomic Energy Of Canada Limited;
       Groundwater - 11345                                     Peter Taylor, Acsion Industries Ltd (Canada)
       Denny Carvajal, Florida International                  Environmental Restoration of Corrective Action
       University; Andrew A. Plymale, Allan Konopka,           Unit 408 Bomblet Target Area at Tonopah Test
       Pacific Northwest National Laboratory                   Site, Nevada (American Reinvestment and
      Biological Immobilization of Dissolved Uranium          Recovery Act Funded) - 11114
       - 11578                                                 Dona Merritt, Navarro-Intera; Kevin Cabble,
       Seung Yeop Lee, Min-Hoon Baik, Jong Won                 US DOE - NNSA/NSO; Mark Krauss, Stoller-
       Choi, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute            Navarro; Mark Burmeister, NNES
       (Korea)                                                Conceptual Model for Hanford 242-Z Area Soil
      Analysis of Environmental Radioactivity                 Disposal Sites and the Hanford Soil Inventory
       Monitoring around Korean LILW Disposal                  Model (SIM) - 11565
       Facility - 11492                                        Stephen Agnew, Columbia Energy &
       Juyoul Kim, FNC Technology Co.;                         Environmental Services, Inc.; Sunil Mehta,
       Seungyoung Jeong, Korea Institute of Nuclear            INTERA
       Safety (Korea)                                         Determining Corrective Action Boundaries at
      Transfer of Zirconium, Niobium and                      Nevada Test Site Aerially-Dispersed
       Molybdenum from Soil to Edible Parts of Crops           Radiological Release Sites - 11155
       - 11254                                                 Dona Merritt, Navarro-Intera; Patrick
       Shigeo Uchida, Keiko Tagami, National                   Matthews, Navarro Nevada Environmental
       Institute of Radiological Sciences (Japan)              Services; Lynn Kidman, Stoller-Navarro;
      Status of Environmental Radiation Monitoring            Kevin Cabble, US DOE - NNSA/NSO
       in Vietnam: Present and Future - 11315                 ERDF Supercells 9 & 10: A Case
       Giap Trinh, Long Nguyen, Phan Ngo, Institute            Study/Comparison in Constructability and Cost
       for Nuclear Science and Technology (Vietnam)            Reduction through Re-Design - 11324
      Some Considerations on Water-to-Fish                    John Briest, Weaver Boos Consultants LLC;
       Transfer Data Collected in Japan for                    William Borlaug, Washington Closure Hanford,
       Radionuclides and Stable Elements - 11252               LLC
       Keiko Tagami, National Institute of                    Microbial Community Profiling for Vadose Zone
       Radiological Sciences (Japan); Shigeo Uchida,           Remediation - 11454
       National Institute of Radiological Sciences             Ann Miracle, Fred Tilton, Dawn Wellman,
       (Japan)                                                 Amoret Bunn, Pacific Northwest National
      Environmental Remediation - 11123                       Laboratory
       Long Nguyen, Institute for Nuclear Science             The Power of Data Imaging - 11614
       and Technology (Vietnam)                                Jeffrey Lively, MACTEC
                                                              Advancing ―Natural‖ In Situ Remediation for
Topic B: Assessment, Planning and                              Treatment of Radionuclides in Groundwater -
Implementation of Project Remediation                          11621
Activities                                                     Scott Warner, AMEC

Co-Chairs: David Wallace, CDM; Vickie Maranville,       Topic C: Emerging Approaches to Wastewater
AMEC Earth & Environmental, Inc.                        Treatment and Reducing Greenhouse Gas
Lead Organizer: David Wallace                           Emissions
Paper Reviewer: Vickie Maranville
                                                        Co-Chairs: Angie Jones, AMEC Earth &
      Use of the AMS Helicopter Emergency              Environmental; Srini Neralla, PIKA International, Inc.
       Response Acquisition Systems with GIS for        Lead Organizer: Angie Jones
       Radioactive Soil Remediation - 11504             Paper Reviewer: Srini Neralla
       Chris Brock, CH2M HILL Plateau Remediation
       Company                                                Distillation: Waste-Water Treatment for
      Cleaning Up and Preventing Future Nuclear               Release to Sewers - 11067
       Legacies at Oak Ridge National Laboratory -             Jung Bae, Eckert & Ziegler Isotope Products
       11412                                                  Simulation of Flow and Mercury Transport in
       Dirk Van Hoesen, UT-Battelle                            Upper East Fork Poplar Creek, Oak Ridge, TN -
      Pre-Project Activities Related to the                   11361
       Remediation of Fissionable Materials Contained          Siamak Malek-Mohammadi, Elsa Cabrejo,
       in Standpipes at Atomic Energy of Canada                Georgio Tachiev, David Roelant, Reinaldo
       Limited‘s Whiteshell Laboratories - 11033               Garcia-Martinez, Amy Cook, Florida
       Terence Stepanik, Jason Martino, Jamie                  International University
      Parametric Study of the Building Protection    Co-Chairs: Elizabeth Bowers, Jeff Frey, US DOE
       Factor at Decommissioning Sites - 11063        Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Elizabeth Bowers
       Sami Sherbini, US NRC
      A Green Complex: Setting the Stage for a             National Nuclear Science Week: A New Way to
       Future Mission - 11354                                Broaden Our Communication Impact - 11047
       Lisa Lockrem, URS Corporation; James                  Jim Walther, National Museum of Nuclear
       Hedin, Washington TRU Solutions, LLC; Roger           Science & History
       Nelson, US DOE                                       Allowing Enlarged Participation of the
      Application of Kenaf to Biofiltration of              Stakeholders in Decision Making Related to
       Wastewater and Contaminated Water for                 Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste,
       Removal of Heavy Metals - 11349                       Through Reversibility and Retrievability -
       Fengxiang X. Han, Yi Su, David Monts,                 11187
       Mississippi State University                          Jean-Noel Dumont, Jean-Michel Hoorelbeke,
      Mid-Columbia Energy Initiative: Making                Gérald Ouzounian, ANDRA (France)
       Hanford Cleanup Green - 11371                        Safe Community Co-Existence with Long-Term
       Gary Petersen, TRIDEC; Bruce Covert,                  Low-Level Radioactive Historic Waste
       Washington Closure Hanford - URS                      Contamination in Canada – Port Hope Example
      Overview of US DOE Office of Legacy                   - 11314
       Management Applied Science and Technology             Mark Gardiner, AECL (Canada)
       Program - 11347                                      The Role of the Northern New Mexico Citizens'
       Jalena Dayvault, US DOE; Stan Morrison,               Advisory Board (NNMCAB) in Assuring the
       Jody Waugh, S.M. Stoller Corporation                  Protection of the Environment from Legacy
                                                             Spills at Los Alamos National Laboratory
Topic D: Planning, Characterization and                      (LANL) - 11368
Remediation of Toxic Metals                                  C. Mason, Research Applications Corporation;
                                                             Gerry Maestas, Ralph Phelps, Northern New
Co-Chairs: Mark Frei, Longenecker & Associates;              Mexico Citizens Advisory Board
Dawn Kaback, AMEC Geomatrix                                 The Need for Open Source Books for Nuclear
Lead Organizer: Mark Frei                                    Workforce Training - 11384
Paper Reviewer: Dawn Kaback                                  Joshua Peterson, University of Texas
                                                            Perceptions of Native Americans and
                                                             Caucasians Interviewed at the Fort Hall
      Kinetic Study of Mercury Biodegradation in a
                                                             Reservation about Natural Resource Damage
       Packed Bed Reactor - 11175
                                                             Assessment and Resources to be Restored -
       Ranjana Chowdhury, Sanjukta Ghoshal,
       Jadavpur University (India)
                                                             Joanna Burger, Rutgers University; Charles
      Formation and Characterization of Iron-               Powers, Vanderbilt University; Michael
       Phosphate Precipitates: Relevance to the              Gochfeld, CRESP
       Groundwater Remediation at DOE-Hanford Site
                                                            Mitigating Future Workforce Risk through the
       - 11569
                                                             Education of Young Children - 11551
       Prabhakar Pant, Reinier Hernandez, Leonel
                                                             Joni Martin, AREVA Federal Services LLC;
       Lagos, Florida International University
                                                             Laura Clise, AREVA Inc.
      Analysis of Beryllium in Samples by Optical
                                                            Community-based Solid Management in Sub-
       Fluorescence: Method Adaptation for Field
                                                             Saharan Africa: Case study, Cameroon - 11480
       Analysis and for High Throughput Analysis -
                                                             Eugene Asi, Günter Busch, Brandenburg
                                                             University of Technology, Cottbus (Germany)
       Anoop Agrawal, Lori Adams, John Cronin,
                                                            Virtual Facility Tours as a Communication Tool
       Juan Carlos Tonazzi, Berylliant Inc
                                                             - 11581
      Investigation of the Effect of Uranium on
                                                             Laurence Pernot, Jan Phillips, AREVA Federal
       Microbial Surfaces using Atomic Force
                                                             Services, LLC
       Microscopy - 11422
       Rakesh Guduru, Denny Carvajal, Yelena
       Katsenovich, Leonel Lagos, Florida             Topic F: Security, Safety and Safeguards
       International University
      Lessons Learned - UFP QAPP Development -
       11313                                          Co-Chairs: Kim Auclair, KD Auclair & Associates, LLC;
       Steve Howard, MD Rahman, Cabrera               Charles Waggoner, Mississippi State University
       Services, Inc.                                 Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Kim Auclair

Topic E: Public Communication, Participation,               How to Manage your Data, Instead of your
Education and Training                                       Data Managing you: Lessons from Dr.
        Deming‘s Red Bead Experiment - 11430              Contractors. DOE encourages it's prime contractors to
        Steven Prevette, Fluor / Savannah River           obtain goods and services from small and
        Nuclear Solutions; Anthony Umek, SRNS             disadvantaged businesses. Award fee is based partially
       Choosing Leading Indicators and Learning from     on the contractor‘s success in achieving specific goals
        the Results - 11431                               for subcontracts with small and disadvantaged
        Steven Prevette, Fluor / Savannah River           businesses. Goods and services being considered for
        Nuclear Solutions; Anthony Umek, SRNS             subcontracting include the following: decontamination
       Tracking and Monitoring Nuclear Material and      and decommissioning services, remediation services,
        Waste Packages by Using RFID Technology -         transportation and disposal of radioactive waste,
        11230                                             health physics equipment and services, emergency
        Brian Craig, Yung Liu, Hanchung Tsai, Kun         response planning and training, lab services, R&D
        Chen, Argonne National Laboratory                 products, waste treatment services, maintenance
       Safety and Industrial Hygiene Practices for a     services, A/E services and professional consulting.
        Highly Enriched Uranium Remediation Project -
        11402                                             Proposed Panelists will include Contracting Officers
        Peter Collopy, MACTEC                             from the major DOE Contractors. It complements
                                                          Session 56 which focuses on contracting activity
                                                          directly with the DOE. This session is also open to
              March 2, Wednesday AM
                                                          all WM2011 Exhibitors.

 8:30 AM               SESSION 56                          8:30 AM               SESSION 58

Panel: US DOE Procurement and Contracting                 Crosscutting Filtration Systems in the Nuclear
Opportunities                                             Industry

Co-Chairs: John Longenecker, Longenecker &                Co-Chairs: Charles Waggoner, Mississippi State
Associates, Inc.; Cathy Hickey, URS Corporation           University; Chris Chadwick, Porvair Filtration Group,
Lead Organizer & Panel Reporter: Cathy Hickey             Microfiltrex Division (United Kingdom)
Organizers: John Longenecker                              Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Charles Waggoner
                                                          Organizer: Chris Chadwick
This session will be open to all WM2011
Exhibitors.                                                  1. AG-1 HEPA Filters, A Comparison of
                                                                Configurations - 11604
This panel will focus on the procurement process and            Andrew Stillo, Camfil Farr
what lessons have been learned and best practices            2. High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter Quality
have been developed by US DOE and NNSA over the                 Assurance - 11586
last year. Senior DOE Contracting Officials will share          Jan Fretthold, Julie Stormo, Christopher Hart,
their visions.                                                  Dave Crosby, Air Techniques International
                                                             3. Factors to Consider to Avoid Problems in High
Proposed Panelists include senior officials from US DOE         Efficiency Particulate Air Filter Applications -
Office of Procurement and Assistance Management; EM             11585
Office of Acquisition and Contract Management; the              Jan Fretthold, Air Techniques International
NNSA Small Business Program and the SRO Office of            4. Evaluation of ASME AG-1 Section FK Radial
Contracts Management.                                           Flow HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air)
                                                                Filters - 11287
                                                                Paxton Giffin, Michael Parsons, Charles
 10:15 AM                SESSION 57                             Waggoner, Mississippi State University; Jamie
                                                                Rickert, Institute for Clean Energy Technology
Panel: US DOE Contractor's Procurement and
Contracting Opportunities                                  10:15 AM               SESSION 59

Co-Chairs: Roger Merrick, E2 Consulting Engineers,
Inc.; Michael Davidson, Tidewater, Inc.                   Panel: US DOE - Energy Facility Contractors
Lead Organizer: John Coffman                              Group's (EFCOG) Knowledge Portal Review
Organizers: Roger Merrick, Michael Davidson
Panel Reporter: Michael Davidson                          Co-Chairs: Joseph Yanek, Fluor Government Group;
                                                          Susan Stiger, Bechtel National, Inc.
This panel session will focus on Procurement and          Lead Organizer: John Longenecker
Contracting Opportunities with the US DOE‘s Prime         Organizer & Panel Reporter: Mark Frei
This panel will focus on the various areas of EFCOG.         100nCi/g alpha mixed waste that was formerly
EFCOG promotes excellence in all aspects of the              managed as suspect TRU waste but is not eligible for
operation, management and integration of US DOE              WIPP disposal. Is this a problem nearing a solution?
facilities in a safe, environmentally sound, efficient and   Will storage be available after 12/01/2010 until an
cost effective manner through the ongoing exchange of        acceptable disposal sites is operational? Which
information on lessons learned. The purpose of this          streams will still face treatment issues? These and
knowledge portal is to provide a vehicle to allow            other issues will be discussed with the panelists.
members to keep abreast of the latest news, issues,
and events across the DOE complex; for the sharing of        Proposed Panelists include Christine Gelles, US
innovative ideas and practices and to collaborate            DOE EM HQ; Frank Di Sanza, US DOE NSO; James
virtually on the development and implementation of           “Bruno” Zovi, Bechtel BWXT Idaho, LLC; James
new processes and practices.                                 Blankenhorn, WVES; Paul Larsen, EnergySolutions;
                                                             Mike Lauer, Waste Control Specialists and Renee
A short discussion of EFCOG history and                      Echols, Permafix.
accomplishments will be followed by an overview of
Working Groups (WGs) and critical updates to include
selected topics from the areas of Project Management,          8:30 AM               SESSION 62
Integrated Safety Management, Quality Assurance,
Environment/Safety/Health, Acquisition Management,
                                                             Panel: Training and Human Resource
Waste Management, Contractor Assurance,
                                                             Development in Radioactive Waste Management
Engineering Practices, Safety Analysis, Energy and
Infrastructure, Safeguards and Security, Human
Capital and Decontamination & Decommissioning.               Co-Chairs: Paul Degnan, International Atomic Energy
                                                             Agency - Waste Technology Section (Austria); James
                                                             Szenasi, Technical and Business Solutions
  8:30 AM                SESSION 60
                                                             Lead Organizer: John Dalton
                                                             Organizers: Irena Mele, Paul Degnan
Panel: Disposal of Large Quantities of Depleted              Panel Reporter: Paul Degnan
Uranium - Role of Site Specific Performance
Assessment                                                   This session will focus on the efforts of the IAEA and
                                                             different IAEA Member States in training and
Co-Chairs: Larry Camper, US NRC; Christine Gelles,           development of human resources for performing
US DOE                                                       activities in radioactive waste management,
Lead Organizer: Larry Camper                                 decommissioning and environmental remediation. It
Panel Reporter: Boby Abu-Eid                                 will consist of six individual presentations with Q/A and
                                                             then followed by a group panel discussion with the
                                                             time remaining. All students, companies, and agencies
This panel focuses on the large quantities of depleted
                                                             should attend this informative session.
uranium in the US which will need to be disposed in
the next several years. The US NRC has decided to
pursue Rulemaking to require a site specific                  1. Shifting from R&D to Preparing for the Operation of
performance assessment for disposal of unique waste          Disposal Facilty, Ensuring Competence and
streams including large quantities of depleted               Competence Providing Infrastructures for a Small
uranium. The NRC Rulemaking will also identify the           Waste Management Organization, Case of Posiva Oy -
technical parameters to be evaluated within the              Marjatta Palmu, Posiva Oy (Finland)
performance assessment. The panel will discuss this
complex topic including suggestions for conducting the       2. Training and Qualification of an Operational Nuclear
performance assessment.                                      Workforce - Gary Scott, US DOE

 10:15 AM                SESSION 61                          3. Qualification of a Federal Workforce - James
                                                             Szenasi, Technical and Business Solutions

Panel: Disposition of US DOE High Activity Mixed             4. Education and Training in Geological Disposal of
Waste (and Orphans): Post 2010                               High Level Radioactive Waste in China - Wang Ju,
                                                             Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology (China)
Co-Chairs: Dick Blauvelt, Portage Inc.; Christine
Gelles, US DOE                                               5. PETRUS Program; A Coordinated European Initiative
Lead Organizer & Panel Reporter: Dick Blauvelt               to Address Industry Needs for E&T in Deep Geological
                                                             Disposal - Marjatta Palmu, Posiva Oy (Finland)
This panel will focus on the latest issues surrounding
the disposition of DOE high activity mixed waste. The
US DOE sites have the bulk of the inventory of 10-
6. The Role of the IAEA in the Provision of Education   Remediation, LLC
and Training for Radioactive Waste Management -         Lead Organizer: Tom Brouns
Paul Degnan, IAEA                                       Organizers: Keith Miller, Terri Fellinger, Edward
Proposed Panelists include: Paul Degnan, IAEA           Paper Reviewer: Keith Miller
(Austria). Marjatta Palmu, Posiva Oy (Finland); Gary
Scott, James Szenasi, US DOE and Wang Ju, Beijing           1. Developing Slurry Property Ranges for Non-
Research Institute of Uranium Geology (China).                 Newtonian Vessels at the Hanford WTP (Waste
                                                               Treatment and Immobilization Plant) - 11381
  8:30 AM               SESSION 63                             Rod Gimpel, Waste Treatment Plant Project;
                                                               Garth Duncan, Bechtel National, Inc.; Eric
                                                               Slaathaug, Waste Treatment Plant Project
TRU Waste Disposal at WIPP                                  2. Estimating High-Level Waste Mixing
                                                               Performance in Hanford Double Shell Tanks -
Co-Chairs: Steve Kouba, URS Corporation; George                11193
Dials, B&W Technical Services Group, Inc.                      Mike Thien, Washington River Protection
Lead Organizer: Roger Nelson                                   Solutions
Paper Reviewer: Steve Kouba                                 3. Design and Fabrication of Test Facilities for the
                                                               Demonstration of Jet Mixer Performance in the
   1. Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) Status and            Hanford Double Shell Tanks - 11241
      Plans - 2011 - 11039                                     Paul Townson, EnergySolutions; Mike Thien,
      Roger Nelson, Dave Moody, US DOE                         Washington River Protection Solutions
   2. An Analysis of WIPP after Five Years of               4. Evaluation of Three Ultrasonic Instruments for
      Independent Oversight - 11059                            Critical Velocity Determination During Hanford
      Christopher Timm, Jerry Fox, PECOS                       Tank Waste Transfer Operations - 11121
      Management Services, Inc.                                Jagannadha Bontha, Philip Schonewill,
   3. WIPP Transportation Lessons Learned - 11436              Harold Adkins, Gerry Morgen, Margaret
      Fred Dilger, Black Mountain Research; Robert             Greenwood, Jeromy Jenks, Carolyn Burns,
      Halstead, State of Nevada Agency for Nuclear             Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Kayte
      Projects                                                 Denslow, Battelle Pacific Northwest Division;
   4. Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) Repository            Theodore Wooley, Washington River Protection
      Footprint Re-Design - 11238                              Solutions
      Russell Patterson, US DOE; Art Chavez,                5. Sludge Retrieval from Hanford K-West Basin
      Steve Kouba, URS Corporation                             Settler Tanks - 11449
   5. Representativeness of Sampling by Shrouded               Eric Erpenbeck, CH2M HILL Plateau
      Probes in the Exhaust Shaft of the Waste                 Remediation Company; Greg Leshikar, Areva
      Isolation Pilot Plant - 11308                            Federal Services; Gary Hofferber, Vista
      Michael Gross, MG Enterprises; Stanley                   Engineering
      Patchet, Jaci Davis, Washington TRU Solutions;        6. Using Commercially-Available Robotic
      Daniel Ferguson, Randy Elmore, US DOE                    Equipment to Remove Heels in Tanks with
   6. Radiolytic Hydrogen Generation and                       Internal Obstructions - 11239
      Methanogenesis in WIPP: An Empirical Point of            Andrew Tisler, Savannah River Remediation,
      View - 11040                                             LLC
      Roger Nelson, US DOE                                  7. Testing of the Second Generation SpinTek
   7. Panel Closure: A Change in WIPP's Future                 Rotary Filter - 11357
      Operations through Regulatory Compliance -               David Herman, Michael Poirier, Mark Fowley,
      11240                                                    Savannah River National Laboratory; William
      Russell Patterson, US DOE; Tom Klein,                    Greene, Jason Gilmour, SpinTek Filtration;
      WRES/URS; Steve Kouba, URS Corporation                   Thomas Huff, Mark Keefer, Savannah River
   8. Re-Evaluation of the 300-Year Performance                Remediation, LLC
      Demonstration for WIPP - 11236                        8. Extending Vitrified Waste Canisters (CSD-V)
      Michael Gross, MG Enterprises; William Most,             Interim Storage Facility: Improving Durability
      Robert Kehrman, URS Corporation                          by New Elements of Design - 11497
                                                               Valerie Lesec, Stephane Sartelet, Pierre-
                                                               Lionel FORBES, AREVA NC (France)
 8:30 AM               SESSION 64

                                                         8:30 AM               SESSION 65
Storage and Retrieval of HLW - Part 2

                                                        Performance of Disposal Systems, Facilities, and
Co-Chairs: Keith Miller, National Nuclear Laboratory
                                                        Sites for LLW, ILW, MW, NORM and TENORM
(United Kingdom); Terri Fellinger, Savannah River
Co-Chairs: Bob Hiergesell, Savannah River National        1. Remotely Controlled Dismantling of HLLW-
Laboratory; Martin Letourneau, US DOE                        Storage Tanks: First Application of the Tools
Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Bob Hiergesell              and Machinery in Hot Operation - 11278
Organizers: Martin Letourneau                                Joachim Dux, Joachim Fleisch, Werner
                                                             Dander, Oliver Fath, Klaus Hendrich, WAK
   1. An Evaluation of Long-Term Performance of              GmbH (Germany)
      Liner Systems for Low-Level Waste Disposal          2. Decommissioning Sellafield‘s First Fuel Storage
      Facilities - 11455                                     Pond - 11125
      Arthur Rood, Jeffrey Sondrup, Idaho National           Anthony Calvin, Sellafield Ltd (United
      Laboratory                                             Kingdom)
   2. Abstraction of Information from 2- and 3-           3. The Complex Challenges of Treating Liquid
      Dimensional PORFLOW Models into a 1-D                  Effluent from a Legacy Fuel Storage Silo at
      GoldSim Model - 11404                                  Sellafield - 11286
      Glenn Taylor, Bob Hiergesell, Savannah River           Hugh Bourque, Sellafield Ltd (United
      National Laboratory                                    Kingdom)
   3. Modeling of an Optimized Multilayer Cover           4. Implementation of Fissile Exempt Materials in
      Design for a Uranium Mill Tailings Disposal -          Support of Decommissioning a Former Nuclear
      11607                                                  Fuel Manufacturing Site - 11388
      Maria de Lurdes Dinis, Porto University,               Heath Downey, MACTEC; John Conant, ABB
      Engineering Faculty, Geo-Environment and               Inc.
      Resources Research Center (Portugal)                5. Decommissioning of the Beta-Gamma Waste
   4. Managing Uncertainties Associated with                 Store, Sellafield UK - 11498
      Radioactive Waste Disposal: Task Group 4 of            Jeremy Hunt, Sellafield Ltd (United Kingdom)
      the IAEA PRISM Project - 11190                      6. Decommissioning of Radon-Type near Surface
      Roger Seitz, Savannah River National                   Radioactive Waste Storage in Estonia, from
      Laboratory; Christine Gelles, US DOE; Gerard           Dangerous Scrap Yard to Green-Field - 11473
      Bruno, IAEA, Waste Technology Section                  Ivo Tatrik, AS ALARA, Rad Waste
      (Austria)                                              Management Agency (Estonia)
   5. Assessing Geospatial Aleatory Uncertainty for       7. Renovating a Highly Contaminated
      Performance Assessment Modeling - 11075                Radioisotope Production Hot Cell - 11337
      Geoff Taylor, University of South Carolina;            Teo Grochowski, Dominique Sanchette,
      Richard Dimenna, Glenn Taylor, Savannah                Robatel Industries
      River National Laboratory                           8. Experience of MR and RFT Reactors‘
   6. Nevada Test Site, Area 5 Radioactive Waste             Decommissioning in RRC (Kurchatov Institute)
      Disposal Site Performance Assessment - 11069           - 11050
      Dona Merritt, Navarro-Intera; Greg Shott,              Viktor Volkov, Sergey Semenov, RRC
      Vefa Yucel, National Security Technologies,            "Kurchatov Institute" (Russia); Arthur
      LLC; Jhon Carilli, US DOE                              Arustamov, SIA RADON (Russia); Vyacheslav
   7. Performance Assessment for the H-Tank Farm             Kolyadin, Valentina Muzrukova, Alexander
      at Savannah River Site - 11318                         Chesnokov, Russian Research Center (Russia)
      Kent Rosenberger, Savannah River Site
   8. Building Confidence in Performance                8:30 AM             SESSION 67
      Assessments through Performance
      Confirmation - 11394
      Joseph Rustick, Vanderbilt University; James     US - Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action
      Clarke, AquAeTer, Inc.; Martin Letourneau, US    Program (FUSRAP) and Other US Army Corp of
      DOE                                              Engineers Project

 8:30 AM              SESSION 66                       Co-Chairs: Allen Roos, US ACE; Steven Brown, SHB
                                                       Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Allen Roos
D&D of Nuclear Contaminated Facilities (Non-           Organizers: Steven Brown
Power Generating Facilities/Large and Small
Nuclear Facilities)                                       1. Pre-MARSSIM (Multi-Agency Radiation Survey
                                                             and Site Investigation Manual) Surveys in a
Co-Chairs: Jas Devgun, Sargent & Lundy, LLC; Julia           MARSSIM World: Demonstrating how Pre-
Tripp, Idaho National Laboratory                             MARSSIM Radiological Data Demonstrate
Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Fred Sheil                  Protectiveness at Formerly Utilized Sites
Organizers: Al Freitag, Julia Tripp, Anthony Banford         Remedial Action Program Sites - 11319
                                                             Michael Widdop, S.M. Stoller Corporation
2. Improving Data Collection Efficiency during       8:30 AM             SESSION 68
   Site Inspection through Innovative Data
   Collection and Focused Sampling - 11418
   Chris Boes, M.D. Rahman, Claude Wiblin,          Innovative Field Monitoring for Environmental
   Cabrera Services, Inc; Ann Ewy, US ACE;          Remediation
   Helen Edge, US ACE- CENAN
3. Determining Acceptable Protocols for Periodic    Co-Chairs: Mark Arenaz, US DOE; Erich Evered,
   Radon Monitoring of Structures over              Mission Support Alliance, LLC
   Inaccessible Contamination on the Maywood        Lead Organizer: David Eaton
   Superfund Site Based on Recent EPA-              Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Donna Guillen
   Compliant Radon Monitoring and Historical
   Data - 11428
                                                       1. Development of an Ultra-Sensitive, Real-Time,
   Scott Walnicki, Safety and Ecology
                                                          Field-Deployable Mercury, Beryllium, and Multi-
   Corporation (SEC); Michael Winters, Shaw
                                                          Contaminants Plasma Ringdown Spectrometer
   Environmental & Infrastructure Group; David
                                                          - 11231
   Hays, US ACE
                                                          Chuji Wang, Susan Scherrer, Peeyush Sahay,
4. Taking an Incremental Approach to
                                                          Mississippi State University
   Remediation and Final Status Survey to
                                                       2. Application of Soil Segregation Technology:
   Increase Remedial Efficiency, Minimize Impacts
                                                          Reducing Uncertainty and Increasing Efficiency
   to Property Owners & Tenants, Exceed Goals
                                                          at a NRC Test Reactor Decommissioning Site -
   for Remediation, Release of Accessible Areas
   and Minimize Secondary Costs - 11429
                                                          Andrew Lombardo, Safety and Ecology
   Michael Winters, Shaw Environmental &
                                                          Corporation (SEC)
   Infrastructure Group; David Hays, US ACE;
                                                       3. Assessment Radioactive Contamination Effect
   Scott Walnicki, Safety and Ecology Corporation
                                                          to Population - 11088
                                                          Muskusheva Maira, Baranov Sergey, National
5. Methodology for Determination of Exposure
                                                          Nuclear Center (Russia); Spiridonov Sergey,
   Point Concentration Using Both Systematic and
                                                          All-Russian SRI of Agricultural Radiology and
   Biased Samples for Radiological Risk and Dose
                                                          Agroecology (Russia)
   Assessments - 11488
                                                       4. ―Shake-and-Shoot‖: A Rapid Solvent Extraction
   Randy Hansen, SAIC; MD Rahman, Cabrera
                                                          Process for PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls)
   Services, Inc.
                                                          and TPH (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons) -
6. Disposal of Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial
   Action Program (FUSRAP) Wastes – Weighing
                                                          Lisa Bercik, Shaw E&I
   the Options - 11536
                                                       5. Real Time Data for Remediation Activities -
   John Beckman, Hans Honerlah, Nicki
   Fatherly, US ACE; Andrew Lombardo, Safety
                                                          Chris Brock, CH2M HILL Plateau Remediation
   and Ecology Corporation (SEC); Michael
   O'Neill, Amy Glemza, EA Engineering, Science,
                                                       6. Development of a Prototype Methyl-Mercury
   and Technology
                                                          Monitor for In-Field Pore Water Sample
7. Revision of 2-in x 2-in (2x2) Sodium Iodide
                                                          Analyses - 11559
   (NaI) to Sum of Ratios (SOR) Correlation
                                                          Charles Castello, David Roelant, Yong Cai,
   Factor to Guide Excavation Activities at the
                                                          Guangliang Liu, Florida International University
   Linde FUSRAP Site - 11549
                                                       7. Evaluating Petroleum Hydrocarbon
   Stephen Bousquet, Harold Spector, US ACE;
                                                          Contaminated Soil - 11557
   Michael Polek, US ACE - Environmental Health
                                                          Dona Merritt, Navarro-Intera; Lynn Kidman,
   Team; Lisa Durham, Argonne National
                                                          Stoller-Navarro; Robert Boehlecke, US DOE
   Laboratory; William Lorenz, MD Rahman,
   Cabrera Services, Inc.; Joseph Weismann, US
                                                       8. Optimized Spectral Transformation for
                                                          Detection of Buried Radioactive Waste - 11310
8. Remediation of NRC Burial Pits No. 1, 2, and 3
                                                          Wei Wei, Qian Du, Nicolas Younan, Mississippi
   - Lessons Learned at the Maywood Superfund
                                                          State University
   Site; Maywood, New Jersey - 11594
   James Moore, David Hays, US ACE; William
   Kollar, The Shaw Group
 8:30 AM              SESSION 69                         8:30 AM       POSTER SESSION 70

Radiological Dispersion Devices and other               Topic A: Crosscutting WM Policies, Programs and
Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction: Detection,         Technologies
Response, Decontamination and Recovery
                                                        Co-Chairs: Tjalle Vandergraaf, Providence College
Co-Chairs: Kim Auclair, KD Auclair & Associates, LLC;   (Canada); Neil Davis, Savannah River Remediation
Larry Regens, University of Oklahoma Health             Lead Organizer: Tjalle Vandergraaf
Sciences Center                                         Paper Reviewer: Gerald Williams
Lead Organizer: Kim Auclair
Paper Reviewer: Larry Regens                                  Sustainable Waste Management Planning* -
   1. Issues Associated with Decision Making in                Tammy Phillips, CDM; Mona L. Johnson,
      Long-Term Recovery Following a Nuclear or                Bechtel Jacobs Company LLC
      Radiological Terrorism Incident - 11035                 The Future of EVMS in DOE - 11089
      S. Y. Chen, Argonne National Laboratory;                 Michael Nosbisch, SM&A
      Thomas Tenforde, National Council on                    PARS II: Redefining Program Oversight &
      Radiation Protection and Measurements                    Assessment at the DOE - 11363
   2. Side-by-Side Performance Comparison of                   Vance Kotrla, Simon Dekker, Dekker, Ltd.
      Chemical-Based Decontamination Products for             Implementing a Commercial Service Delivery
      Dirty Bomb Cleanup - 11099                               Model at the Hanford Site - 11352
      John Drake, US EPA; Rick Demmer, Idaho                   Frank Armijo, Dan Sours, Lockheed Martin;
      National Laboratory; Ryan James, Battelle                Maura Oldfield, Mission Support Alliance
   3. The Revised National Response Framework to
                                                              Managing Engineering Activities for the Plateau
      Catastrophic Events: Implementing a "Whole
                                                               Remediation Contract – Hanford - 11580
      Community Approach" in Response to a
                                                               Charles Kronvall, CH2M HILL Plateau
      Nuclear or Radiological Attack upon the
                                                               Remediation Company; Gary Cannell, Fluor
      Homeland - 11103
                                                               Enterprises, Inc.
      Michael Gresalfi, DHS FEMA Office of
      Response and Recovery
                                                              Deposition Rates of the Polymeric Silicic Acid
                                                               onto the Surface of Silicate Mineral in the Co-
   4. Systematic Decontamination and Recovery
                                                               Presence of Ca Ions - 11378
      Following a Radiological Dispersal Device Event
                                                               Naoyuki Tamura, Yuichi Niibori, Hitoshi
      - 11540
                                                               Mimura, Tohoku University (Japan)
      Bruce Biwer, David LePoire, S. Y. Chen,
      Argonne National Laboratory                             Development of Safety Assessment Code for
   5. Using EPA‘s Risk Assessment Tools for                    Long-term and Regional Groundwater Flow in
      Superfund when Addressing Removal Actions                Geological Disposal - 11579
      and Late-Phase Responses to Terrorist Attacks            Masahiro Munakata, Japan Atomic Energy
      - 11568                                                  Agency (Japan)
      Stuart Walker, US EPA                                   Strategic Planning in the Office of
   6. Dirty Bombs - Fact or Fiction, Real or Hype -            Environmental Management - 11499
      11598                                                    Michelle Primack, US DOE
      Kim Auclair, KD Auclair & Associates, LLC               Use of Integrated Environmental Decision
   7. The Global Impact of a Mobile Hot Cell Facility          Making to Combine Greenhouse Gas and
      on High Activity Sealed Source Consolidation             Radiological Hazards on Energy Alternatives
      and Repatriation - 11486                                 Using Life Cycle Analyses - 11208
      J. Andrew Tompkins, Vance and Associates;                Stephen Marschke, S. Cohen & Associates;
      Jerry McAlpin, International Atomic Energy               Brian Littleton, EPA
      Agency (Austria); Julia Whitworth, Los Alamos
      National Laboratory                               Topic B: Global Packaging and Transportation
   8. The Effects of Sealed Source Repatriation on      Topics
      Global Security - 11547
      J. Andrew Tompkins, Vance and Associates;         Co-Chairs: Mike Snyder, MHF Services; Christopher
      Cristy Abeyta, Los Alamos National Lab /          Brandjes, Argonne National Laboratory
      OSRP; Charles Streeper, Los Alamos National       Paper Reviewer: Mike Nolan

                                                              Thermal Response of a Nuclear Waste
                                                               Transportation Cask to Caldecott Tunnel Fire
                                                               Scenario - 11573
                                                               Narayana Rao Chalasani, Miles Greiner,
       University of Nevada, Reno; Ahti Suo Anttila,           Nuclear Operations Application to
       Computational Engineering Analysis                       Environmental Restoration at Corrective Action
      Challenges in Classifying Low Specific Activity          Unit 547, Miscellaneous Contaminated Waste
       Material and Surface Contaminated Objects -              Sites on the Nevada Test Site - 11154
       11200                                                    Dona Merritt, Navarro-Intera; Kevin Cabble,
       Wade Winters, Regulatory Resources, Inc.                 US DOE - NNSA/NSO; Mark Krauss, Stoller-
      Approach and Procedure to Develop LILW                   Navarro; Patrick Matthews, Navarro Nevada
       Waste Transportation System - Lessons                    Environmental Services
       Learned from Korean Transportation System               Fluid Flow in a Heterogeneous Layered Porous
       Development Project - 11258                              Medium - 11493
       Sun Kee Lee, Hyundai Engineering Company;                Cheo Kyung Lee, Handong Global University;
       Jea Ho Park, Korea Nuclear Engineering &                 Sung Paal Yim, Korea Atomic Energy Research
       Services Corp; Suk Nam Lim, Korea                        Institute; Hyo Kim, Handong Global University
       Radioactive Waste Management Corp. (Korea)               (Korea)
      Transport of Spent Radioactive Materials -              Selection of Retrieval Techniques for Irradiated
       11045                                                    Graphite During Reactor Decommissioning -
       Gagik Karamyan, Gagik Martoyan, Scientific-              11587
       Industrial CJSC AREV; Gagiyan Lavrent, AREV              Anthony Banford, Richard Jarvis, National
       CJSC; Hajk Khalafyan, Eco Atom, LLC                      Nuclear Laboratory; Michael Grave, Doosan
       (Armenia)                                                Babcock; Leon Cordingley, National Nuclear
      Development and Use of a Homogenized Fuel                Laboratory (United Kingdom)
       Region Model for Thermal Analysis of a Truck            An Alternate Approach to Justifying Iodine-129
       Cask under Normal and Fire Accident                      Concentration Values During Assessments for
       Conditions - 11464                                       Decommissioning Evaluations and for Waste
       Krishna Kumar Kamichetty, Miles Greiner,                 Profiles - 11216
       University of Nevada, Reno                               A. Nardi, Dustin Miller, ENERCON
      Packaging and Transportation of Hazardous               Evaluation of Variables Affecting Detection
       Materials for Disposition from the Argonne               Limits for Mobilized Gamma Detection
       National Laboratory Building 330,                        Platforms - 11350
       Decommissioning - 11466                                  Charles Vaughan, Jay McCown, Donna
       Andy Riddick, Cavanagh Services Group, Inc.              Rogers, Charles Waggoner, Mississippi State
      Experiment to Develop the Residence Area                 University
       Shield Factor to Take Consideration into Korea          Experience of MR and RFT Reactors‘
       Residence Environment and Construction                   Decommissioning in RRC (Russian Research
       Structure of Urban, Suburban and Rural for               Center), Kurchatov Institute - 11417
       Transportation of Radioactive Waste - 11264              Arthur Arustamov, Konstantin Semenov, SUE
       Suhong Lee, Kyung Hee University (Korea)                 SIA "RADON" (Russia)
      The DN30 Package for the Transport of                   Use of Cementitious Materials for SRS Reactor
       Enriched Reprocessed Uranium - 11111                     Facility In-Situ Decommissioning - 11620
       Franz Hilbert, Wolfgang Bergmann, Nuclear                Christine Langton, David Stefanko,
       Cargo + Service GmbH (Germany)                           Savannah River National Laboratory; John
      Development of Dose and Risk Assessment                  Blankenship, William Griffin, Savannah River
       Program for Calculating the Exposure Dose                Nuclear Solutions
       During Transport of the Spent Fuel - 11261
       Suhong Lee, Kyung Hee University; Jinho           Topic D: D&D: Demolition and Remote
       Park, Jae Min Lee, Kiyeoul Seong, Sang Kyu        Operations
       Park, Minkyung Kim, ENESYS (Korea)
      The Study to Compare Gaussian Plume Model         Co-Chairs: Steven Wood, CDM; Con Lyras,
       with CALPUFF Model for Assessing the              Australian Nuclear Science Organisation (Australia)
       Exposure Dose During Transportation of            Lead Organizer: Steven Wood
       Radioactive Waste - 11260                         Paper Reviewer: Con Lyras
       Sang Kyu Park, ENESYS Co., Ltd. (Korea)

                                                               Implosion & Debris Cleanup of SRS Hyperbolic
Topic C: Global Decontamination &
                                                                Concrete Cooling Tower - 11599
Decommissioning Issues
                                                                Dewitt Beeler, Savannah River Nuclear
                                                                Solutions, LLC (SRNS); Bill Schaab, Mike
Co-Chairs: Rick Demmer, Idaho National Laboratory;              Furner, American DND, Inc.
Jeff Hunter, Mission Support Alliance / Dade Moeller           D&D of the 2000 Complex Facilities at Oak
Lead Organizer: Rick Demmer                                     Ridge National Laboratory - 11199
Paper Reviewer: Jeff Hunter                                     Michael Harper, UT-Battelle LLC; Thomas
       Conley, Marshall Johnson, Chadwick Replogle,           Progress in Remote Dismantling of the
       Kenneth Schneider, Stuart McCullough,                   WAK/ILLW Tanks, Lessons Learned for the
       Theresa Walsh, ORNL                                     Remote Dismantling of the HLLW Tanks of the
      Decommissioning a Nuclear Power Plant with              German Prototype Spent Fuel Reprocessing
       Adjacent New Fossil Construction - 11516                Plant Karlsruhe - 11095
       Dustin Miller, ENERCON                                  Werner Dander, WAK GmbH (Germany)
      Powered Remote Manipulator - 11312
       Scott Adams, S.A.Technology
                                                        Topic F: D&D: Contamination Control Measures

Topic E: D&D: Decontamination Techniques
                                                        Co-Chairs: J. Rick Dearholt, CDM; Con Lyras,
                                                        Australian Nuclear Science Organisation (Australia)
Co-Chairs: Andrew Szilagyi, US DOE; Anthony             Lead Organizer: J. Rick Dearholt
Banford, National Nuclear Laboratory (United            Paper Reviewer: Con Lyras
Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Andrew Szilagyi              Database of Contaminated Concretes and its
                                                               Role within Conception of Buildings Clearance -
      Usage, Supercritical Fluids and Compressed              11262
       Gases with Purpose of Decontamination and               Martin Listjak, Ondrej Slavik, Pavol Gondor,
       Long-Lived Radionuclide Recovery - 11293                VUJE, Inc (Slovak Republic)
       Yury Pokhitonov, Khlopin Radium Institute              Modeling of Loose Contamination Removal
       (Russia); Vladislav Kamachev, Khlopin Radium            from Contaminated Surfaces - 11298
       Institute (Russia)                                      Duriem Calderin, Columbia Energy &
      Chemical Gel for Decontamination of Cs on               Environmental Services Inc.; Surendra Dua,
       Stainless Steel Surface - 11257                         Leonel Lagos, Alejandro Amor, Merlin Ngachin,
       Chong Hun Jung, Korea Atomic Energy                     Florida International University
       Research Institute (Korea); Jei-Kwon Moon,             Study the Polymer Coating for Detecting and
       Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute                  Surface Decontamination of Uranium - 11494
       (Korea); Hui-Jun Won, Korea Atomic Energy               Pham Luong, Vietnam Atomic Energy
       Research Institute (Korea); Kune-Woo Lee,               Institute (VAEI) (Vietnam); Nguyen Van Chinh,
       Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute                  Institute for Technology of Radioactive and
       (Korea); Chang Ki Kim, KAERI (Korea)                    Rare Elements, Vietnam Atomic Energy
      Nanoparticle Generation Produced by Laser               Institute (Vietnam)
       Decontamination - 11259                                The Properties of Polymer Emulsion for
       Chong Hun Jung, Korea Atomic Energy                     Radioactive Contamination Measurement Using
       Research Institute (Korea); Jei-Kwon Moon,              Inorganic Scintillator - 11276
       Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute                  Ho-Sang Hwang, Korea Atomic Energy
       (Korea); Hui-Jun Won, Korea Atomic Energy               Research Institute (Korea)
       Research Institute (Korea); Kune-Woo Lee,              Nevada Test Site Pluto and RMAD Facility
       Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute                  Closure: ARRA Funding Acceleration of
       (Korea)                                                 Demolition and Lessons Learned - 11157
      Preparation of SiO2-KCoFC Composite Ion                 Dona Merritt, Navarro-Intera; Tom Thiele,
       Exchanger by Using Sol-Gel Method for the               NSTec, LLC; Kevin Cabble, US DOE -
       Treatment of Radioactive Waste Solution -               NNSA/NSO; Alissa Silvas, US DOE; Annette
       11168                                                   Primrose, NSTec; Rebecca King, National
       Jung-Joon Lee, Korea Atomic Energy                      Security Technologies, LLC
       Research Institute (Korea)
      Nitrojet®: A Versatile Tool for
                                                                      March 2, Wednesday PM
       Decontamination, Cutting and Concrete
       Scabbling - 11225
       Fabrice Moggia, AREVA - Back End Business         1:30 PM              SESSION 71
       Group - Clean Up Business Unit (France);
       Ahmed Benamane, AREVA NA - STMI - Clean
       Up BU (France); Thierry Varet, AREVA NC -        Panel: West Valley Demonstration Project -
       Back End Business Group - Clean Up BU            Accomplishments and Challenges from Past
       (France); Valerie Toulemonde, Innovation and     Practices
       Research Direction (France); Frederic Richard,
       AIR LIQUIDE (France); Bob Copp, Nitrocision      Co-Chairs: James Blankenhorn, West Valley
       Corporate Headquarters; Frederique Damerval,     Environmental Services - URS; Craig Rieman, US
       AREVA NC - STMI (France)                         DOE
                                                        Lead Organizer: James Fiore
Organizer: James Blankenhorn                                      Facilities, Even the Ones You Didn‘t Think Were
Panel Reporter: Laurene Rowell                                    Processing Facilities - 11160
                                                                  Margaret Loop, David Garber, W. Kevin
This panel consists of oral presentations followed by a           Slomba, West Valley Environmental Services
25 minute panel discussion. The panel focuses on the              LLC
West Valley Demonstration Project (WVDP) of the US             7. Decontamination Using Remote-Deployed
DOE, located in New York. It will showcase the unique             Nitrocision Technology - 11221
challenges and lessons learned from the                           Lettie Chilson, West Valley Environmental
decommissioning activities for the nation‘s only                  Services, LLC
commercial fuel reprocessing facility. It will highlight
recent progress and technological advancements in           1:30 PM               SESSION 72
High-level, Low-level, Transuranic and Greater-Than-
Class C Waste management practices, environmental
remediation of groundwater, remote decontamination         Panel: Lessons Learned from the American
and decommissioning and High-level waste tank              Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)
                                                           Co-Chairs: John Mocknick, US DOE EM; John
Proposed panelists include: Bryan Bower, Director,         Kristofzski, CH2M HILL
US DOE (WV Demonstration Project); John McKibbin,          Lead Organizer: John Kristofzski
President, West Valley Environmental Services; Paul        Organizer: John Mocknick
Bembia, Program Director, New York State Energy            Panel Reporter: Del Baird
Research and Development Authority and Larry
Camper, US NRC .                                           This panel will focus on the lessons learned on
                                                           integrating additional ARRA work scope to safely
    1. West Valley Demonstration Project - Past,           implement opportunities to advance contaminated site
       Present, and Future - 11203                         clean-up efforts at the project and activity level. ARRA
       James Blankenhorn, West Valley                      funded work has had a significant positive effect on
       Environmental Services - URS; Bryan Bower,          environmental remediation, D&D and environmental
       US DOE                                              management work.
    2. Deactivation and Decontamination of
       Extraction Cell - 1 at the West Valley              Proposed Panelist include: Kristen Ellis, US DOE;
       Demonstration Project - 11127                       John Lehew, CH2M HILL PRC; John Mocknick, US
       Cynthia Dayton, West Valley Environmental           DOE; Allen Schubert, Chem-WG Idaho; Karen
       Services, LLC; Geoffrey Gorsuch, US DOE;            Vacca, URS-WRPS and Dirk Van Hoesen, UT
       Joseph Ebert, West Valley Environmental             Battelle.
       Services, LLC; Mark Hackett, West Valley
       Environmental Services
    3. Installation of a Tank and Vault Drying System       3:15 PM               SESSION 73
       in the Tank Farm at the West Valley
       Demonstration Project - 11113
                                                           Panel: Developments in the American Recovery
       Daniel Meess, West Valley Environmental
                                                           and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)
       Services LLC; Mark Bellis, US DOE; K. K.
       Gupta, West Valley Environmental Services,
       LLC                                                 Co-Chairs: Jim Janis, The Janis Group, Inc.; Cathy
    4. Design and Installation of a Permeable              Hickey, URS Corporation
       Treatment Wall at the West Valley                   Lead Organizer & Panel Reporter: Jim Janis
       Demonstration Project to Mitigate Expansion of      Organizer: Cathy Hickey
       Strontium-90 Contaminated Groundwater -
       11138                                               This session will be open to all WM2011
       John Chamberlain, West Valley                       Exhibitors.
       Environmental Services LLC; Mark Bellis, US
       DOE; Linda Michalczak, Charles Biedermann,          This panel will focus on the ending of the ARRA and
       West Valley Environmental Services LLC              what are the policy implications for the future of DOE
    5. Problematic Wastes: How to get Unique West          EM programs as a result of the ARRA experience.
       Valley Demonstration Project Wastes on the          Where did the money go and for what and what was
       Right Path to Disposal - 11140                      accomplished? What are we going to do with the
       Laurene Rowell, West Valley Nuclear Services        workers? What happens to the regular line item
       Co.; David Garber, Margaret Loop, West Valley       projects that were cut but ARRA money filled in the
       Environmental Services, LLC                         gap at Congress' or DOE's direction? What happens to
    6. CH and RH Legacy Waste Processing at the            those projects that were started with ARRA money but
       WVDP: Utilizing All of Your Processing              not finished? From a policy perspective, how can DOE
apply the lessons learned in the field from ARRA            1:30 PM              SESSION 76
projects to future procurements and DOE orders
implementation? What was the safety record of the
ARRA projects? Did the predictions on increased            Waste Reduction by Fuel Recycling: Analysis and
accidents come true? Can DOE point to some real risk       Insight
reduction and environmental protection that resulted
from the ARRA projects? Where and how much did it          Co-Chairs: Robert Jubin, Oak Ridge National
cost?                                                      Laboratory; Bernard Vigreux, French Nuclear Energy
                                                           Society (France)
 1:30 PM               SESSION 74                          Lead Organizer: Bernard Vigreux
                                                           Organizer: Robert Jubin
                                                           Paper Reviewer: Harry Babad
Panel: Nuclear Renaissance - New Nuclear Plants
Hot Topics
                                                              1. A Comprehensive Approach to Deal with the
                                                                 Nuclear Waste Problem - 11452
Co-Chairs: Jay Maisler, Enercon Services, Inc; Jas               Mario Carelli, Edward Lahoda, Fausto
Devgun, Sargent & Lundy, LLC                                     Franceschini, Westinghouse
Lead Organizer & Panel Reporter: Jas Devgun                   2. Methods for Fuel Cycle Analysis in Support of a
Organizers: Jay Maisler, Kim Auclair                             Reduction of the Radiotoxicity of High-Level
                                                                 Waste - 11356
This panel will focus on the progress towards licensing          Maria Kretzing, Edward Lahoda,
the next generation of nuclear power plants that has             Westinghouse Electric Company
progressed with construction looming on the                   3. Prioritization Criteria for the Selection of Used
horizon. Panelists will discuss experience from license          Nuclear Fuel for Recycling - 11008
application submittals and their regulatory review,              William Nutt, Argonne National Laboratory;
design certification experience and next generation              Thomas Cotton, Complex Systems Group LLC;
nuclear plant development. In addition to radioactive            Zachary Duncan, University of Illinois
waste licensing and systems design, panelists will            4. Recycle of Zirconium from Used Nuclear Fuel
discuss decommissioning considerations in plant                  Cladding: A Major Element of Waste Reduction
design, the impact of new plant construction on sites            - 11336
with operating plants or plants undergoing                       Emory Collins, Guillermo DelCul, Oak Ridge
decommissioning. The panel will also include                     National Laboratory; D.S. Terekhov, N.V.
discussions related to security and safeguards for new           Emmanuel, Chemical Vapor Metal Refining,
nuclear plants.                                                  Inc. (Canada)

  3:15 PM               SESSION 75                          3:15 PM              SESSION 77

Panel: Impacts of Updates to DOE's Radioactive             Alternative Technologies for Waste Stabilization
Waste Management Order
                                                           Co-Chairs: Ned Bibler, Savannah River National
Co-Chairs: Martin Letourneau, US DOE; Frank                Laboratory; Stuart Arm, EnergySolutions
Disanza, US DOE Nevada Site Office                         Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Ned Bibler
Lead Organizer: Donald Wood                                Organizers: Gordon Crawford, Leslie Jardine
Organizer: Martin Letourneau
Panel Reporter: Roger Seitz                                   1. Cermet Waste Forms for Waste Streams from
                                                                 Advanced Aqueous Processing of Used Nuclear
This panel focuses on the expected impacts of the                Fuels - 11348
Department of Energy‘s efforts to update its                     Luis Ortega, Zuotao Zeng, James Cunnane,
radioactive waste management requirements in DOE                 Jeffrey Fortner, James Jerden, Michael
Order 435.1. Panelists will discuss the overall revision         Kaminski, Ken Natesan, Argonne National
process, impetus for specific proposed changes,                  Laboratory
impacts of those changes, processes leading to specific       2. Radioactive Demonstrations of Fluidized Bed
changes and the expected impacts for specific waste              Steam Reforming (FBSR) as a Supplementary
types and options.                                               Treatment for Hanford's Low Activity Waste
                                                                 (LAW) and Secondary Waste (SW) - 11593
Proposed Panelists include: Martin Letourneau, US                Carol Jantzen, Charles Crawford, Paul Burket,
DOE (HQ); Frank DiSanza, US DOE (NNSS); Joel                     Gene Daniel, Alex Cozzi, Christopher
Case, US DOE (ID); J.R. Stroble, US DOE (CBFO) and               Bannochie, Savannah River National
Linda Suttora, US DOE.                                           Laboratory
   3. Fluidized Bed Steam Reforming Production          3:15 PM             SESSION 79
      Facility Design for the Conversion of Savannah
      River Tank 48 High-Level Waste into a Soluble
      Granular Carbonate Product - 11373               International Approaches to Deep Disposal of
      Brent Evans, THOR Treatment Technologies,        HLW and SNF
      LLC; Azadeh Samadi, Savannah River
      Remediation, LLC; J. Brad Mason, W. Scott        Co-Chairs: Abe Van Luik, US DOE; Leif Eriksson,
      Roesener, Christina Payne, Vishal Vora, THOR     Consultant
      Treatment Technologies, LLC                      Lead Organizer: Roger Nelson
   4. Development of a Cermet High-Level Waste         Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Leif Eriksson
      Form - 11116
      Robert Jubin, W. S. Aaron, Clint Ausmus,
                                                          1. State of the Art for Stacking and Emplacing B
      Emory Collins, Valmor F. de Almeida, Guillermo
                                                             Type Waste Packages into Large Horizontal
      DelCul, Jared A. Johnson, Bradley Patton,
                                                             Disposal Caverns in a Clay Host Formation -
      Ramond Vedder, Stewart L. Voit, Oak Ridge
      National Laboratory
                                                             Jean-Michel Bosgiraud, ANDRA (France)
                                                          2. The French Geological Repository Project: A
 1:30 PM             SESSION 78                              Converging Approach - 11013
                                                             Gérald Ouzounian, ANDRA (France)
                                                          3. Disposal of Spent Fuel from German Nuclear
Technologies and Advances in TRU Waste                       Power Plants: The Third Option - Disposal of
Processing                                                   Transport and Storage Casks - 11517
                                                             Wolfgang Filbert, Marion Tholen, Hans-
Co-Chairs: Terry Wickland, Nuclear Filter                    Joachim Engelhardt, DBE Technology GmbH
Technology; Michael Walentine, Washington TRU                (Germany)
Solutions                                                 4. Development of the Strategic Research Agenda
Lead Organizer: Roger Nelson                                 of the Implementing Geological Disposal of
Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Terry Wickland                   Radioactive Waste Technology Platform -
   1. RH-TRU Processing to Accomplish Nuclear                Marjatta Palmu, Posiva Oy (Finland); Gérald
      Footprint Reduction Goals at the Argonne               Ouzounian, ANDRA (France)
      National Laboratory Building 205 K-Wing Hot
      Cell Facility - 11370                             1:30 PM             SESSION 80
      Devin Hodge, Jeffrey Emery, Argonne
      National Laboratory
   2. Siting Study for a Consolidated Waste            Operating Experience in the Treatment and
      Capability at Los Alamos National Laboratory -   Storage of LLW, ILW, MW, NORM and TENORM
      Steven Booth, Los Alamos National                Co-Chairs: Gabriele Bandt, TÜV NORD EnSys
      Laboratory                                       Hannover (Germany); Paul Larsen, EnergySolutions
   3. Infrared Camera System for TRU Waste Drum        Lead Organizer: Linda Beach
      Remediation Activities at the Savannah River     Organizers: Paul Larsen, Holger Spann
      Site - 11555                                     Paper Reviewer: Gabriele Bandt
      Monica Hall, Savannah River National
      Laboratory; Kenneth Gibbs, SRNL; Brent
                                                          1. On-Site, Near Surface Disposal of Graphite
      Daugherty, US DOE - SRS
                                                             Waste in the United Kingdom - 11271
   4. Carbon Tetrachloride Attenuation in the WIPP
                                                             Adam Meehan, Energy Solutions (United
      Underground Ventilation Air Using a
      Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) Volatile
                                                          2. Very Low-Level Waste Disposal in France: The
      Organic Compound (VOC) Removal System -
                                                             Industrial Issues - 11554
                                                             Michel Dutzer, Patrice Torres, Laurent
      Esteban Picazo, Eric D'Amico, Wesley (Wes)
                                                             Schacherer, ANDRA (France)
      Boatwright, Rick Chavez, URS Corporation; Jaci
                                                          3. Studsvik‘s Metals Recycling Facility – One Year
      Davis, Washington TRU Solutions; John
                                                             of Operational Successes and Lessons Learned
      Doherty, WIPP; David Ganaway, Jennifer
                                                             - 11027
      Hendrickson, URS; George Basabilvazo, US
                                                             Maria Lindberg, Studsvik Nuclear AB
                                                             (Sweden); Craig Broadbent, Mike McMullen,
                                                             Studsvik UK Ltd (United Kingdom)
                                                          4. Experience on a Regulatory Clearance of Spent
                                                             Steel Drums - 11281
      Dae-Seok Hong, Korea Atomic Energy                Organizers: Frazier Bronson
      Research Institute (Korea)                        Paper Reviewer: Stephen Croft
   5. Performance Enhancement of Reverse Osmosis
      System for Liquid Radwaste Treatment - 11518         1. Fast Enrichment Screening for ‗Go-No-Go‘
      Jongkil Park, Kyoung-Rok Park, Hang-Rae                 Classification of Bulk Waste - 11270
      Cho, Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co. Ltd.             Alan Simpson, Pajarito Scientific Corporation
      (Korea)                                                 (UK); S.A. McElhaney, Pajarito Scientific
   6. Performance of Steam Reforming Technology               Corporation
      in a Long Term Treatment of Waste                    2. Characterization of Radioactive Spent Ion-
      TBP/dodecane - 11079                                    Exchange Resins - 11144
      Akinori Nakagawa, Japan Atomic Energy                   Maria Helena Taddei, Brazilian National
      Agency (Japan)                                          Commission of Nuclear Energy; Júlio Takehiro
   7. Remediation of the Former Iodine Production             Marumo, Luis Antonio Terremoto, Roberto
      NORM Contaminated Tanks - 11451                         Vicente, Nuclear and Energy Research Institute
      Mikhail Bogod, ECOMET-S (Russia)                        (Brazil)
                                                           3. Simulations of the Use of Cosmic-Rays to
 1:30 PM             SESSION 81                               Image Nuclear Waste and Verify the Contents
                                                              of Used Nuclear Fuel Containers - 11341
                                                              Cybele Jewett, Vinicius Anghel, Guy
The Uranium Mining Industry - Current Topics                  Jonkmans, Martin Thompson, Atomic Energy of
and Issues                                                    Canada Limited (Canada)
                                                           4. Characterization of Legacy Low-Level Waste at
Co-Chairs: Steven Brown, SHB Inc.; Erich Tiepel,              the SVAFO Facility Using Gama Non-
Golder Associates, Inc                                        Destructive Assay and X-Ray Destructive
Lead Organizer: Steven Brown                                  Examination Techniques - 11405
Organizers: Larry Camper, Erich Tiepel, Rod Grebb             Steve Halliwell, VJ Technologies
Paper Reviewer: Erich Tiepel
                                                         1:30 PM             SESSION 83
   1. Moab Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action
      (UMTRA) Project Process Improvement,
      Implementation and Results - 11077                Radioactive Material Packaging and
      Craig Niemeyer, Lawrence M. Brede,                Transportation Regulatory Issues
      EnergySolutions; Tom Rasmussen, Union
      Pacific Railroad                                  Co-Chairs: Richard Yoshimura, Sandia National
   2. The Global Reporting Initiative and               Laboratory; Mike Nolan, Dade Moeller & Associates
      Implications for the Uranium Recovery             Lead Organizer: Richard Yoshimura
      Industry - 11608                                  Organizers: Paul Jones, Larry Harmon, Olaf Oldiges
      Rod Grebb, Michelle Rehmann, HER Creative         Paper Reviewer: Paul Jones
      Solutions, LLC; Katie Sweeney, National Mining
      Association                                          1. Effects of the MacArthur Maze Fire and
   3. Development of the First Three Supplemental             Roadway Collapse on a Spent Nuclear Fuel
      Environmental Impact Statements Tiered from             Transportation Package - 11392
      the Generic Environmental Impact Statement              Christopher Bajwa, Earl Easton, US NRC;
      for In-Situ Uranium Recovery Facilities - 11617         Harold Adkins, Judith Cuta, Nicholas
      Larry Camper, US NRC                                    Klymyshyn, Sarah Suffield, Pacific Northwest
   4. The Coles Hill Uranium Project and Virginia             National Laboratory; Kevin McGrattan, NIST
      Uranium Inc. - History and Analysis of Ongoing       2. Rail Risk: Severe Fires and the Transportation
      Studies - 11615                                         of Spent Nuclear Fuel - 11582
      Patrick Wales, Virginia Uranium, Inc.                   Earl Easton, Christopher Bajwa, US NRC; T.
                                                              Mintz, G. Adams, M. Necsoiu, Center for
 3:15 PM             SESSION 82                               Nuclear Waste Regulatory Analysis
                                                           3. Spent Nuclear Fuel Transportation Package
                                                              Seal Performance in Beyond Design Basis
Waste Characterization for LLW, ILW, MW -                     Thermal Exposure Scenarios - 11391
Ionizing Measurement Methods - Part 2                         Christopher Bajwa, Earl Easton, Felix
                                                              Gonzalez, US NRC; Jiann Yang, Edward
Co-Chairs: Stephen Croft, Los Alamos National                 Hnetkovsky, NIST
Laboratory; Frazier Bronson, Canberra Industries Inc       4. Evaluation of Hydrogen Generation and
- AREVA Group                                                 Maximum Normal Operating Pressure for
Lead Organizer: Heinz Kroeger                                 Waste Transportation Packages - 11016
        Fon-Chieh (Jimmy) Chang, Peter Lien,                4. Strategies for Immobilization of Deep Vadose
        Michael Waters, US NRC                                 Contaminants at the Hanford Central Plateau
   5.   The Availability of New Type B Shipping                (Topic 7.10) - 11503
        Packages for Transport of High Activity Sealed         Glen Chronister, CH2M HILLPlateau
        Sources - 11485                                        Remediation Company Soil and Groundwater
        Justin M. Griffin, Los Alamos National                 Protection - Deep Vadose Project
        Laboratory; J. Andrew Tompkins, Vance and           5. Pumping Test Characterization of Deep Vadose
        Associates                                             Zone Properties - 11415
   6.   Challenges Facing Low Specific Activity (LSA)          Phoolendra Mishra, Shlomo Neuman,
        and Surface Contaminated Objects (SCO) US              University of Arizona
        D.O.T. Shipments for D&D Waste Streams and          6. Design of a Grout System to Stabilize Wastes
        Retrieved/Pre-packaged Waste Containers -              and Fill Void Spaces in the Chemical Processing
        11589                                                  Canyon on the US DOE's Hanford Site - 11584
        Mike Waters, James McGrogan, Cavanagh                  Wade Woolery, US DOE
        Services Group Inc.                                 7. Geophysics and Site Characterization at the
   7.   Improving the Communication of Requirements            Hanford Site: The Successful Use of Electrical
        for Department of Transportation Compliant             Resistivity to Position Boreholes to Define
        Shipments of Low Specific Activity Materials           Vadose Zone Contamination - 11509
        and Surface Contaminated Objects - 11542               Malcolm Gander, CH2M HILL Plateau
        Julia Donkin, US DOE                                   Remediation Company
   8.   American National Standard Institute                8. Treatment of Uranium in Subsurface Water -
        Development of New Standard (N14.36)                   11616
        Measurement of Radiation Level and Surface             Jonathan Myers, Paul Hatzinger, Ernest Stine,
        Contamination for Packages and Conveyances             Shaw Environmental Inc.
        - 11610
        Ashok Kapoor, US DOE; S. Y. Chen, Sunita
        Kamboj, Argonne National Laboratory               1:30 PM              SESSION 85

 1:30 PM              SESSION 84                         The Citizen Voice - Impacting the Nuclear
                                                         Renaissance Through Public Involvement

Deep Vadose Zone Characterization and                    Co-Chairs: Susan Wood, Citizens for Nuclear
Remediation Technologies                                 Technology Awareness; Karen Guevara, US DOE
                                                         Lead Organizer: W.T. (Sonny) Goldston
Co-Chairs: Kurt Gerdes, US DOE EM; Dyan Foss,            Organizers: Susan Wood, Jan Phillips, Melissa Nielson
CH2M HILL, Inc.                                          Paper Reviewer: Susan Wood
Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Kurt Gerdes
Organizers: Ed Alperin, Mark Frei                           1. Turning Skeptics into Advocates: Nuclear
                                                               Energy Communications 101 - 11054
   1. Advanced Remedial Methods for Metals and                 Amy Lientz, Battelle Energy Alliance - Idaho
      Radionuclides in Deep Vadose Zone                        National Laboratory
      Environments - 11026                                  2. Development of National Defense Authorization
      Dawn Wellman, Shas Mattigod, Lirong                      Action Section 3116, Waste Determinations
      Zhong, Ann Miracle, Fred Tilton, Pacific                 and Other Tank Closure Decisions through a
      Northwest National Laboratory; Martin Foote,             Transparent Public Process - 11406
      MSE Technology Applications, Inc; Susan                  Linda Suttora, Sherri Ross, US DOE
      Hubbard, Yuxin Wu, Lawrence Berkeley                  3. Public Opinion: Its‘ Impact on Nuclear Waste
      National Laboratory                                      Management Policy and Planning - 11107
   2. Deep Vadose Zone Applied Research Center –               Rose Hayes, Site Specific Advisory Board-SRS
      Transformational Technology Development for           4. Savannah River Site Citizens Advisory Board-
      Environmental Remediation - 11074                        Elements That Have Contributed to Our
      Kurt Gerdes, Rosa Ramirez, US DOE-EM; Skip               Success - 11188
      Chamberlain, John Morse, US DOE; Dawn                    Donald Bridges, SRS Citizens Advisory Board
      Wellman, Tim Johnson, Pacific Northwest               5. Non-regulatory Monitoring around Savannah
      National Laboratory                                      River Site: Environmental Surveillance and
   3. Scale-Up Testing Foam as a Remedial Carrier -            Oversight Program - 11148
      11029                                                    Kimberly Newell, South Carolina Dept. of
      Martin Foote, Jody Bickford, MSE Technology              Health and Environmental Control
      Applications, Inc; Dawn Wellman, Shas                 6. Community Involvement in Finding a Pathway
      Mattigod, Elsa Cordova, Pacific Northwest                for Disposal of High-Level Nuclear Waste -
      National Laboratory                                      11051
       Susan Gawarecki, ORR Local Oversight                representative will provide an ARRA and radioactive
       Committee                                           waste management lessons learned briefing.
    7. Yucca Mountain: A Regional Voice from Solo to
       Chorus - 11066                                       8:30 AM               SESSION 88
       Rick McLeod, Savannah River Site Community
       Reuse Organization - SRSCRO
    8. Benefits Analyses for High Level Waste              Panel: Global Networking - Resources for Safer
       Disposal - 11609                                    and More Efficient Environmental Remediation
       Robert H. Neill, New Mexico Environmental
       Evaluation Group                                    Co-Chairs: Horst Monken Fernandes, International
                                                           Atomic Energy Agency (Austria); Michelle Rehmann,
 1:30 PM         POSTER SESSION 86                         HER Creative Solutions, LLC
                                                           Lead Organizer & Panel Reporter: Michelle Rehmann
                                                           Organizers: Horst Monken Fernandes
Non-Paper Poster Session for Emerging Issues
and Late Abstracts                                         This panel will focus on and is a follow-up from the
                                                           WM2010 series on ENVIRONET - the IAEA Network on
Co-Chairs: Gary Benda, WMS Deputy Director - PAC           Environmental Management and Remediation. The
Chair; Linda Lehman, CH2M HILL Plateau                     network is actually promoting development of
Remediation Company                                        regulations, skills, training, technical outreach and
Lead Organizer: Gary Benda                                 funding needed to accomplish safer, more sustainable
                                                           and efficient remediation. The network will also
This session accepts new and late abstracts on             transfer knowledge and lessons learned to encourage
emerging issues until January 13, 2011.                    improved life cycle planning of future projects and
                                                           prevent generation of new legacy sites with associates
                                                           such as the International Forum on Sustainable
       Aluminum Solubility, Part Two - 11369              Options for Uranium Protection. Progress in
        Laura Smith, Rebecca Toghiani, Yunju Xia,          development of network projects will be presented.
        Jeff Lindner, Mississippi State University

                                                            10:15 AM                SESSION 89
                March 3, Thursday AM

                                                           Panel: Advanced Used Fuel Recycling & Disposal
 8:30 AM                SESSION 87
                                                           Options for Shortening Institutional Control
                                                           Periods of Final Waste to a Few Hundred Years
Panel: Waste Management Energy Facilities
Contractor Operating Group (EFCOG) Meeting                 Co-Chairs: Kun Jai Lee, KAIST (Korea); Thomas
                                                           Isaacs, CISAC
Co-Chairs: W.T. (Sonny) Goldston, Savannah River           Lead Organizer: Kun Jai Lee
Nuclear Solutions, LLC; Matt Frost, B&W Y-12               Organizer: Il-Soon Hwang
Lead Organizer: W.T. (Sonny) Goldston
Organizer: Matt Frost                                      This panel will address advanced Used Fuel Recycling &
Panel Reporter: Nancy Rothermich                           Disposal Options. Recent progress in advanced
                                                           technology for spent fuel partitioning, transmutation
This panel will focus on the WM EFCOG and will meet        and deep geological repository design can lead to
to discuss a variety of issues of importance to US DOE     innovative waste management approaches
waste management operations. The purpose of the WM         characterized by significantly shortened institutional
EFCOG is to seek out and promote the best                  control periods. In some cases the institutional control
management and operating practices, cost effective         period (ICP) can be shortened to several hundred
technologies and disposal options for all waste streams    years, with the help of drastically reduced amount of
generated at US DOE facilities whether destined for        long-living radio-isotopes, heat load and waste
DOE or commercial facilities.                              volume. Technical, economical and institutional
                                                           viability of this sort of innovative approach will be the
The WM Task Group will be focused on complex wide          discussed in this panel session. Discussion & Path
integration and technology transfer while supporting       forward will be moderated by T. Isaacs, Stanford
cost effective and efficient waste options. This will be   University or Kun-Jai Lee, KAIST (Korea)
achieved in a way that enhances complex wide
communication and maintains a priority on safety,          Proposed Discussion Topics and Panelists include:
environmental stewardship and security. Each site          a) Aqueous Partitioning - D. Warin, CEA (France)
                                                           b) Pyrochemical Partitioning
c) Transmutation Technologies- H. Ait                           Alamos National Laboratory; Kathy Johns-
   Abderrahim, SCK-CEN (Belgium)                                Hughes, SRNS - Savannah River Site
d) Deep Geological Disposal of LLW/ILW
e) Deep Borehole Disposal of HLW
f) Advanced Partitioning, Transmutation and Disposal      8:30 AM              SESSION 91
   Impact Assessment - I.S. Hwang, SNU (Korea)
g) Institutional Issues – Regulation, Safeguards,        Program Management Improvements Through
   Security                                              Risk Management Innovations

 8:30 AM               SESSION 90                        Co-Chairs: Christopher Timm, PECOS Management
                                                         Services, Inc.; Sherry M. Keeney, PECOS
                                                         Management Services, Inc.
Closure of HLW, SNF/UNF and Long-lived
                                                         Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Christopher Timm
Alpha/TRU Facilities
                                                         Organizers: Neil Davis, Gerald Williams, Sherry M.
Co-Chairs: Martin Letourneau, US DOE; John
Greeves, Talisman International, LLC
                                                            1. Risk Identification and the Quantification of
Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Martin Letourneau
                                                               Sustainability - Comprehensive Financial Cost
Organizers: John Greeves
                                                               Benefit Analysis that Includes Environmental
                                                               and Social Costs - 11553
     1. Performance Assessment Inventory                       James Farrow, WorleyParsons
        Considerations at Savannah River Site - 11322       2. Taking Risk Assessment and Management to
        Ben Dean, Savannah River Remediation, LLC              the Next Level: Program-Level Risk Analysis to
     2. Basis for Section 3116 Determination for               Enable Solid Decision-Making on Priorities and
        Closure of F-Tank Farm at the Savannah River           Funding - 11563
        Site - 11177                                           Jerel Nelson, R. Lee Morton, Natalie Johnson,
        Larry Romanowski, Savannah River                       Carlos Castillo, George Dyer, WorleyParsons
        Remediation, LLC                                       Polestar; James McSwain, Terragraphics
     3. Status of Tank Residual Characterization            3. Improving Quality and Service to Reduce Risk -
        Sampling to Support Waste Tank Operational             11159
        Closure at the Savannah River Site: Tank Farm          Nile Luedtke, Pro2Serve, Inc.
        Closure Project - 11206                             4. Managing Risks During the Execution Phase of
        Rudy Jolly, Savannah River Remediation, LLC            DOE Projects - 11245
     4. Dissolution of Residual Hard Heels at Hanford          Michael Kopp, Shaw E&I
        C-Farm - Caustic vs. Acidic Dissolution of
        Actual Samples - 11331
        Heinz Huber, Gary A. Cooke, William S III         8:30 AM              SESSION 92
        Callaway, James B. Duncan, W. Blaine Barton,
        Washington River Protection Solutions
                                                         Improved Flowsheets for Processing of TRU and
     5. Corrosion Rates of 1-WT% vs. 8-WT% Oxalic
        Acid on Savannah River Site Carbon Steel
        Liquid Radioactive Waste Tanks - 11413
        Edward Ketusky, Karthik Subramanian,             Co-Chairs: Andrew Fellinger, Savannah River
        Savannah River Remediation, LLC; Bruce           National Laboratory; Sal Golub, US DOE, Office of
        Wiersma, Savannah River National Laboratory      Nuclear Reactor Technologies
     6. Inhibited Release of Mobile Contaminants from    Lead Organizer: Bernard Vigreux
        Hanford Tank Residual Waste - 11447              Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Robert Jubin
        Kirk Cantrell, Nikolla Qafoku, Edgar Buck
        Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Steve        1. Chemical Development of the Next-Generation
        Heald, Argonne National Laboratory                     Caustic-Side Solvent Extraction (NG-CSSX)
     7. Demonstration of Quantitative Waste Volume             Process for Cesium Removal from High-Level
        Determination Technique for Hanford Waste              Tank Waste - 11346
        Tank Closure - 11139                                   Bruce Moyer, Peter Bonnesen, Christopher
        David Monts, Ping-Rey Jang, Zhiling Long,              Borman, Lætitia Delmau, Nathan Ladd, Arbin
        Walter P. Okhuysen, O. Perry Norton,                   Rajbanshi, Frederick Sloop, Erica Stoner, Neil
        Mississippi State University                           Williams, Joseph Birdwell, Denise Schuh, Oak
     8. Progress towards Closure of Material                   Ridge National Laboratory; Ralph Leonard,
        Disposition: Area G at the Los Alamos National         Argonne National Laboratory; Samuel Fink,
        Laboratory - 11472                                     Savannah River Nuclear Solutions; Thomas P.
        James S. Clemmons, Mark Shepard, Los                   Peters, Savannah River National Laboratory;
      Mark Geeting, Savannah River Remediation,           10:15 AM              SESSION 94
   2. Development and Testing of Two Novel and
      Vitrification Compatible Classes of Ion Specific   Stabilization for Legacy Waste
      Media for Application on the Hanford Waste
      Treatment Plant Supplemental Pretreatment          Co-Chairs: James Marra, Savannah River National
      and Secondary Waste Streams - 11001                Laboratory; Christian Ladirat, CEA Marcoule (France)
      Mark Denton, Kurion, Inc.; William Bostick,        Lead Organizer: Tom Brouns
      Materials and Chemistry Laboratory, Inc.           Organizers: Ned Bibler, Gordon Crawford, Leslie
   3. Further Development of Modified Monosodium         Jardine
      Titanate, an Improved Sorbent for                  Paper Reviewer: Terri Fellinger
      Pretreatment of High Level Nuclear Waste at
      the Savannah River Site - 11215
                                                            1. BoroBond™, for use in Uranium Metal
      Kathryn Taylor-Pashow, Fernando Fondeur,
                                                               Encapsulation and TRU Waste Management -
      Savannah River National Laboratory; Samuel
      Fink, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions; David
                                                               Kevin Cook, Larry Addington, Elizabeth Utley,
      Hobbs, Savannah River National Laboratory
                                                               Boron Products, LLC
   4. The Suitability of Sodium Peroxide Fusion for
                                                            2. Stabilization of Hanford K-Basin Sludge by
      Production-Scale Plutonium Processing
                                                               Dissolution of Uranium Metal with Carbonate /
      Operations - 11179
                                                               Peroxide Solution - 11210
      Robert Pierce, Savannah River National
                                                               Stuart Arm, Chris Phillips, EnergySolutions;
                                                               Paul Taylor, Oak Ridge National Laboratory;
                                                               Stephanie Holbrook, ORNL
 8:30 AM              SESSION 93                            3. Portable and Modular Cementation Systems for
                                                               Stabilization of Nuclear Waste - 11367
                                                               Gordon Crawford, Rich Martin, Sam Pearson,
Glass Formulation and Melter Development                       EnergySolutions
                                                            4. Capture and Immobilization of Technetium
Co-Chairs: James Marra, Savannah River National                from Liquid Radioactive Waste Streams into a
Laboratory; Christian Ladirat, CEA Marcoule (France)           Stable Goethite Mineral Form - 11351
Lead Organizer: Tom Brouns                                     Joseph Westsik, Wooyong Um, Nikolla
Organizers: Ned Bibler, Gordon Crawford, Leslie                Qafoku, Gary Josephson, Jeffrey Serne, Pacific
Jardine                                                        Northwest National Laboratories
Paper Reviewer: Terri Fellinger

                                                          8:30 AM             SESSION 95
   1. Technology Development to Reduce Mission
      Life, Life Cycle Costs, and Glass Volumes for
      US High Level Waste Vitrification Facilities -     Waste Characterization for LLW, ILW, MW - Non-
      11461                                              Ionizing Radiation Methods
      David Peeler, Savannah River National
      Laboratory                                         Co-Chairs: Stephen Croft, Los Alamos National
   2. Developing Model to Formulate High-Level           Laboratory; Frazier Bronson, Canberra Industries
      Radioactive Waste Glass for the Hanford WTP        Inc. - AREVA Group
      (Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant) -       Lead Organizer: Heinz Kroeger
      11383                                              Organizer: Frazier Bronson
      Rod Gimpel, Waste Treatment Plant Project          Paper Reviewer: Stephen Croft
   3. Development of the Next Generation Melter for
      the Hanford Site - 11049
                                                            1. A Technical Review of Non-destructive Assay
      Gene Ramsey, Michael Gray, Ron Calmus,
                                                               Research for the Characterization of Spent
      Benjamin Garrett, Washington River Protection
                                                               Nuclear Fuel Assemblies Being Conducted
                                                               Under The US DOE NGSI - 11544
   4. Formation Mechanisms of the Needle-Shaped
                                                               Stephen Croft, Los Alamos National
      Crystal of Ruthenium Dioxide During
                                                               Laboratory; Luke Campbell, PNNL; Jesse
      Vitrification of Nitric Acid Solution Containing
                                                               Cheatham, ORNL; David Chichester, INL;
      Nitrosyl Ruthenium Nitrate - 11265
                                                               Jeremy Conlin, LANL; Mike Ehinger, ORNL;
      Youichi Enokida, EcoTopia Science Institute,
                                                               Louise Evans, Los Alamos National Laboratory;
      Nagoya University (Japan); Kayo Sawada,
                                                               Corey Freeman, LANL; Chris Gesh, Pacific
      EcoTopia Science Institute, Nagoya University
                                                               Northwest National Laboratory; Jianwei Hu,
      (Japan); Takahiro Shimada, EcoTopia Science
                                                               LANL; Alan Hunt, IAC-ISU; Adrienne LaFleur,
      Institute, Daisuke Hirabayashi, Nagoya
                                                               LANL; Taehoon Lee, KAERI (Korea); Bernhard
      University (Japan)
                                                               Ludewigt, LBNL; Howard O. Menlove, Los
        Alamos National Laboratory; Vladimir Mozin,                Materials - 11038
        LANL; Cathy Romano, ORNL; M.A. Schear, Los                 Marsha Keister, Idaho National Laboratory /
        Alamos National Laboratory; L. Eric Smith,                 Batelle Energy Alliance
        PNNL; James Sterbentz, INL; M.T. Swinhoe,             2.   Radiological Transportation Accidents from A
        Stephen J. Tobin, Holly Trellue, Los Alamos                Responder‘s Perspective - 11362
        National Laboratory                                        John Riley, Tom Clawson, Technical
   2.   Cosmic Ray Rejection of Spallation Events in               Resources Group, Inc.
        Passive Neutron Counting Utilizing Coincidence        3.   The North Ancho Canyon Project at Los
        Vetoing Techniques - 11290                                 Alamos, New Mexico - Challenges and
        Susan Smith, Robert McElroy, Canberra                      Opportunities - 11306
        Industries Inc - AREVA Group; Stephen Croft,               Colin Austin, Jim Portsmouth,
        Los Alamos National Laboratory                             EnergySolutions
   3.   A New MCNPX PTRAC Coincidence Capture File            4.   State Experiences Utilizing Department of
        Capability: A Tool for Neutron Detector Design             Energy Transportation Dollars and the Need for
        - 11432                                                    More Clear Financial Guidance - 11108
        Louise Evans, M.A. Schear, John Hendricks,                 Melissa Bailey, The Council of State
        M.T. Swinhoe,; Stephen J. Tobin, Stephen                   Governments - Midwestern Office; Jane
        Croft, Los Alamos National Laboratory                      Beetem, MO Dept. of Natural Resources
   4.   The Optimization of Combined Delayed                  5.   Yucca Mountain Transportation Planning:
        Neutron and Differential Die-Away Prompt                   Lessons Learned, 1984-2009 - 11256
        Neutron Signal Detection for Characterization              Robert Halstead, State of Nevada Agency for
        of Spent Nuclear Fuel Assemblies - 11419                   Nuclear Projects; James Ballard, CSU -
        Pauline Blanc, Stephen J. Tobin, Stephen                   Northridge; Fred Dilger, Black Mountain
        Croft, Howard O. Menlove, M.T. Swinhoe, Los                Research
        Alamos National Laboratory; Taehoon Lee,              6.   Routes Matter: A Different Approach to Nuclear
        KAERI (Korea)                                              Waste Transportation Planning - 11437
   5.   Characterization of the Hanford 324 Building B             Fred Dilger, Black Mountain Research; Robert
        Cell - 11081                                               Halstead, State of Nevada Agency for Nuclear
        Walter Josephson, WorleyParsons Polestar                   Projects
   6.   Ultrasonic Techniques for the In Situ                 7.   Impacts of a Severe Road Tunnel Fire on
        Characterisation of Nuclear Waste Sludges -                Transportation of Spent Nuclear Fuel - 11583
        11275                                                      Earl Easton, Christopher Bajwa, US NRC; T.
        Timothy Hunter, Simon Biggs,; Michael                      Mintz, K. Das, Center for Nuclear Waste
        Fairweather,); Jeff Peakall, University of Leeds           Regulatory Analysis; and J. Huczek, Southwest
        (United Kingdom)                                           Research Institute
   7.   Low-Level Cementitious Waste Sample                   8.   Thermal Response of a Nuclear Waste
        Retrieval and Analysis at Savannah River Site -            Transportation Package Baltimore to Tunnel
        11149                                                      Fire Scenario - 11574
        Aaron Staub, Savannah River Remediation,                   Narayana Rao Chalasani, University of
        LLC; Alex Cozzi, Dale Marzolf, Savannah River              Nevada; Miles Greiner, University of Nevada,
        National Laboratory                                        Reno; Ahti Suo Anttila, Computational
   8.   Disposal of Nuclear Graphite - 11043                       Engineering Analysis
        Hans-Jürgen Steinmetz, Forschungszentrum
        Jülich Gmb ; Natalia Girke, Research Centre
        Jülich GmbH; Katharina Aymanns, Research            8:30 AM              SESSION 97
        Centre Juelich, IEF-6/PKS (Germany)
                                                           Application of Innovative D&D Technologies
 8:30 AM               SESSION 96
                                                           Co-Chairs: Rick Demmer, Idaho National Laboratory;
                                                           Anthony Banford, National Nuclear Laboratory
Transportation Impacts on State, Tribal and Local          (United Kingdom)
Jurisdictions                                              Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Rick Demmer
                                                           Organizer: J. Rick Dearholt
Co-Chairs: Ella McNeil, US DOE; Daniel Jordan,
Enercon Services, Inc.                                        1. Remote Surveys of the BN-350 Fast Breeder
Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Ella McNeil                     Reactor Refueling Pathway (Aktau,
Organizers: Larry Harmon, Daniel Jordan                          Kazakhstan)- 11061
                                                                 David Wells, Nuvia Limited (United Kingdom)
   1. DOE Partnerships with States, Tribes and Other          2. A Proven Method for Performing Steam Dryer
      Federal Programs Help Responders Prepare for               Segmentation on BWR Plants - 11479
      Challenges Involving Transport of Radioactive              Joseph Boucau, Westinghouse (Belgium);
        Stefan Fallstrom, Per Segerud, Westinghouse                Jean Luc Lachaume, Nuclear Safety Authority
        Electric (Sweden); Paul Kreitman,                          (ASN) (France)
        Westinghouse Electric Company                         5.   Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA): Is Past
   3.   Pioneering Risk Reduction on a FGMSP (First                Performance an Indication of Future Results? -
        Generation Magnox Storage Pond) at Sellafield              11222
        - 11495                                                    Mark Kautsky, US DOE; Laura Cummins,
        Paul Farran, Sellafield Ltd (United Kingdom)               Stan Morrison, Dave M. Peterson, S.M. Stoller
   4.   Submerged Water Jet Decontamination of                     Corporation
        Multi-Element Bottles - 11521                         6.   Design and Installation of a Disposal Cell Cover
        Alex Jenkins, Sellafield Limited (United                   Renovation Field Experiment - 11317
        Kingdom)                                                   Richard Bush, US DOE
   5.   Experience with Gas-Phase, In Situ Processes          7.   Assessing the Impacts of the Mercury Export
        for Reduction of Radiological Contaminants in              Ban Act of 2008 on the US Mercury Recycling
        Process Equipment at Portsmouth Gaseous                    Industry - 11163
        Diffusion Plant - 11343                                    John Elmer, S.M. Stoller Corporation
        Russell Riddle, USEC Government Services              8.   Balancing Institutional Controls and Beneficial
   6.   Remote System for Characterizing, Monitoring               Reuse at US DOE Office of Legacy Management
        and Inspecting the Inside of Contaminated                  Sites - 11133
        Nuclear Stacks - 11567                                     Steve Schiesswohl, US DOE Office of Legacy
        Mario Vargas, William Mendez, Leonel Lagos,                Management; Laura Kilpatrick, Esq., US DOE;
        Florida International University; Mark Noakes,             Cheri Bahrke, S.M. Stoller Corporation
   7.   Characterizing Inorganic Scintillation Detectors
        for Determining Radiation Exposure - 11358          8:30 AM               SESSION 99
        Ronald Unz, Donna Rogers, Charles
        Waggoner, Mississippi State University             Communication of Technical Issues
   8.   Brookhaven Graphite Research Reactor (BGRR)
        D&D Project - S.A. Technology (SAT) - 11243
                                                           Co-Chairs: Holly Bowers, Washington State
        Bill Kirby, S.A. Robotics
                                                           University; Sonya Johnson, CH2M HILL Plateau
                                                           Remediation Company
 8:30 AM               SESSION 98                          Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Elizabeth Bowers
                                                           Organizer: W.T. (Sonny) Goldston

ER Post Closure Challenges and Long Term
                                                              1. Waste Information Management System –
Stewardship/Legacy Management
                                                                 Update 2011 - 11303
                                                                 Himanshu Upadhyay, Walter Quintero, Peggy
Co-Chairs: Dale Bignell, Washington Closure Hanford;             Shoffner, Leonel Lagos, David Roelant, Florida
Thomas Pauling, US DOE                                           International University
Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Dale Bignell                 2. Sharing & Deploying Innovative Information
Organizer: Thomas Pauling                                        Technology Solutions to Manage Waste Across
                                                                 the DOE Complex - 11309
   1. Weldon Spring Disposal Cell Performance: The               Regina Crolley, Savannah River Nuclear
      First Ten Years - 11333                                    Solutions; Dean Newton, Turnkey
      Jane Powell, US DOE Office of Legacy                       Transportation Services; Terry Wentz, Mission
      Management; Yvonne Deyo, Rebecca Cato,                     Support Alliance; Mike Thompson, Savannah
      Randy Thompson, Terri Uhlmeyer, S.M. Stoller               River Nuclear Solutions - Savannah River Site
      Corporation                                             3. Environmental Management Compliance's:
   2. Status and Performance of the On-Site                      Community of Practice, Provides Framework to
      Disposal Facility, Fernald Preserve, Cincinnati,           Promote Dynamic Communication Among
      Ohio - 11137                                               Compliance Professionals and Stakeholders -
      Jane Powell, US DOE Office of Legacy                       11469
      Management; Frank Johnston, William Hertel,;               Connie Lorenz, US DOE
      Ken Broberg, S.M. Stoller Corporation                   4. Texas‘ Efforts to Increase Nuclear Technology
   3. River Corridor Contract - WHC‘s (Washington                Workforce - 11407
      Closure Hanford) Road Map to Closure - 11450               Kenneth Krieger, Linda Morris, Texas State
      Ella Feist, Washington Closure Hanford; Dana               Technical College
      Bryson, US DOE - RL
   4. Regulatory Actions to Improve the
      Management of Uranium Mining Waste in
      France - 11070
 10:15 AM            SESSION 100                                     March 3, Thursday PM

Training, Education, Knowledge Management,             1:00 PM              SESSION 101
and Communication for Safety and Performance
                                                      US NRC/US DOE/IAEA LLW Performance
Co-Chairs: Jeannette Hyatt, Savannah River Nuclear    Assessment, the Safety Case (PRISM) and Long
Solutions, LLC; W.T. (Sonny) Goldston, Savannah       Term Monitoring Workshop
River Nuclear Solutions, LLC
Lead Organizer & Paper Reviewer: Margaret MacDonell
                                                      Co-Chairs: Larry Camper, US NRC; Christine Gelles,
Organizers: Jeannette Hyatt, Michelle Barker, R.
                                                      US DOE
Douglas Hildebrand
                                                      Lead Organizer: Larry Camper

  1. Workforce Development for the Nuclear
                                                      This workshop will focus on common approaches,
     Industry – A Global Issue - 11332
                                                      methods, and tools used in performance assessment to
     Leonel Lagos, Florida International University
                                                      demonstrate compliance with dose/risk criteria for LLW
  2. Challenges and Best Practices Learned in
                                                      disposal facilities. Discussions will also include the
     Twelve Years of Leading a University based
                                                      international approach regarding use of the safety case
     Engineering Summer Camp for Middle School
                                                      concept for LLW disposal facilities, and IAEA activities
     Students - 11382
                                                      pertaining to the project on Practical Illustration and
     Philip O'Leary, College Of Engineering; Carl
                                                      Use of the Safety Case Concept in the Management of
     Vieth, University of Wisconsin-Madison
                                                      Near-Surface Disposal (PRISM). LLW Long-term
  3. Knowledge Representation in Safety
                                                      monitoring aspects will also be addressed. The
     Assessment: Improving Transparency and
                                                      proposed agenda and panelists include:
     Traceability - 11146
     Francisco De Lemos, National Nuclear Energy
     Commission (Brazil); Terry Sullivan,                 a) Opening Remarks and Presentation of Panel
     Brookhaven National Laboratory                          Speakers - Larry Camper, US NRC
  4. Keeping Score Using Automated Charts for             b) Technical Basis of 10 CFR Part 61 LLW
     Performance Improvement - 11311                         Classification System - M. Kozak,
     Robert Trivett, SRS                                     INTERA, INC.
                                                          c) NRC Recommended Approach for Performance
                                                             Assessment Methodology for LLW Disposal -
                                                             Boby Abu-Eid, US NRC
                                                          d) Computational Tools Codes/Models Used by
                                                             NRC Staff for LLW Risk Analysis & Examples -
                                                             C. McKenney & D. Esh US NRC
                                                          e) Current Issues in Part 61 Waste Classification
                                                             System - A Proposal to Risk-Inform US LLW
                                                             Classification System - Michael Ryan, ACRS
                                                          f) An Overview of IAEA PRISM - Christine
                                                             Gelles, US DOE
                                                          g) Use of the IAEA Safety Case Concept in
                                                             Management of Near-Surface Disposal PRISM
                                                             Components and Approaches - G. Bruno, IAEA
                                                          h) Performance Assessment and LLW Disposal –
                                                             EPRI‘s Perspective (TBD)
                                                          i) Opening the Discussion - Larry Camper, US
                                                          j) Open Discussion
                                                          k) Brief Technical Summary – Boby Abu-Eid, US
                                                          l) 12 Closing Remarks - Larry Camper, US NRC
                                                             Workshop Reception

                                                      This workshop is included with a Full Technical
                                                      Registration. For other conference registrants, the
                                                      cost will be $150 before December 31, 2010. For
                                                      attendees not participating in the WM2011 Conference,
                                                      the workshop and social event only will be $195 before
                                                      December 31. 2010. Please see the Registration form
                                                      for more information or visit