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Request for Proposal (RFP) Squas


									       Request for Proposal (RFP)
 Squash Canada Website Redesign

Letter of Intent Due Date: February 15th, 2011 (5:00 pm EST)

                                      Proposal Due Date:
                                           March 1, 2011
                                     5:00 pm (17:00 EST)
            Attention: Danny Da Costa, Executive Director
                          SQUASH CANADA WEBSITE REDESIGN

Founded in 1913, Squash Canada is a non-profit, national sport association responsible for the
development of athletes, coaches and officials and sets the standards for Canadian Squash. Based in
Ottawa, ON, Squash Canada is a proud member of the Pan-American and World Squash Federations and
participates in the Pan-American Championships, Commonwealth Games and Pan-Am Games as well as
World Championships at the junior and senior level. Each year Squash Canada hosts 9 national
championships across the country and works with its Provincial and Territorial partners to promote the
growth and development of squash.

Squash Canada’s vision is to become an internationally recognized sport organization, which produces
world class athletes, coaches and officials. Squash Canada’s organizational mission is to strive to provide
leadership through fair and ethical means in order to expand and enhance opportunities for all Canadians to
participate and excel in squash. Squash Canada’s membership is comprised of provincial and territorial
members, player’s coaches and officials. The organization’s primary funding sources are, Sport Canada
and corporate sponsorships / partnerships with Dunlop Sports, Black Knight, Hi-Tec and Harrow Sports.

Squash Canada’s main business objectives include:
    Providing quality services to existing players and increasing the number of people playing squash in
    To provide quality services by which elite senior and junior players can achieve their potential
    To make Squash Canada financially independent; free from reliance on any single source of income,
      in order to deliver key services and programs
    To enhance the image of squash through innovative promotion and to promote the sport at a
      national and international level
    To support the achievement of elite player goals in the international arena and champion the values
      of squash in Canada
    To provide and enhance technical services of the association for the continuing maintenance and
      development of our National Championships, Coaching and Officiating programs, and our Sport
      Science expertise
    To have an organizational structure and processes which allow Squash Canada to achieve its goals

Squash Canada is interested in enhancing its corporate image and brand in order to grow its main business
objectives and thus, is seeking a long-term marketing partner who will improve its web marketing / strategy.
This long-term partner will redesign Squash Canada’s website under the domain name of in
both official languages (French and English). Squash Canada is soliciting proposals from qualified
consultants until March 1, 2011 (5:00 pm or 17:00 EST) to the attention of Executive Director, Danny Da

Scope of Project

The current Squash Canada website was originally designed and produced several years
ago. It was designed as a static platform and has had various add-ons. Significant changes to the needs
and technical sophistication of both the organization and target audience over the past few years have
made the current website increasingly obsolete. As Squash Canada approaches its centennial anniversary,
it is seeking a new website redesign which allows it to capitalize on its revenue generation and marketing
plans and improve communication and information of its players, members and stakeholders while
promoting the growth of Squash across Canada. Squash Canada would like to have more control over the
day-to-day operation and management of it’s website and thus is seeking a content management system
(CMS). This shift will allow for a more user-centered design.
Squash Canada Website Requirements:
      Bilingual site (English & French)
      Content Management System (CMS) – back end CMS must be incorporated in the design of the site
       and be easily editable by Squash Canada’s in-house administrator
      Integration of social marketing/media tools
      Ability to report on website traffic
      Compliance with provincial & federal legislated accessibility requirements, (Accessibility for
       Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), W3C)

Proponent Requirements:
      Service level agreement (successful vendor will host website)
      Train and support staff to maintain and manage the website
      Internet marketing service which builds awareness of Squash Canada’s brand and increase web

The responsibility of providing and maintaining the content will fall to the staff of Squash Canada, however,
the visual design, navigational and content structure will be developed by the vendor in collaboration with
Squash Canada. The vendor’s experience and ability to facilitate such meetings will be considered in
evaluating proposals.

Tennis Canada (, Volleyball Canada (, Basketball
Canada (, Athletics Canada (, Curling Canada (
Wheelchair Basketball Canada ( as well as England Squash & Racquetball
(, are a few examples of audience focused websites in line with
our wishes.

Website Purpose:
      To become the information and promotion hub of Squash in Canada
      To provide Squash information (or links to credible sources)
      On-going communications with our partners, stakeholders and the Canadian squash community

Target Audience:
The website serves the needs of multiple audiences in our area as well as staff. Key audiences are:
    Squash enthusiasts, players, coaches and officials
    General Public (including parents, children, teens, adults, seniors) * - may be uninformed about the   game of
      Media
      Government – Sport Canada, Canadian Olympic Committee, Commonwealth Association of
       Canada, Canada Games Council, as well as provincial, national and international sport organizations
      Sponsors and corporate partners * - current and potential
      Provincial & territorial associations as well as Squash Canada (staff and board of directors)

All of these audiences should be able to find the information they need easily. Ease of use of the website is
an important criteria.
Overall Goals
    Easy to navigate and update
    Promote, educate and communicate to audience
    Increase participation and membership of Squash Canada

Communication Objectives
   Strengthen Squash Canada’s corporate identity and brand – clearly conveying association message
   Highlight member organizations / partners / sponsors
   Highlight association events and activities
   Serve as an information clearinghouse to provide and disseminate organizational information,
    policies and procedures as well as reports
   Serve as a resource tool
   Consider how site can incorporate social media aspects – Facebook, twitter, podcasts, blogging,
    webcasts, videos etc.
   Serve as a source of general information and resources about squash in Canada.
   Clearly promote the sport of squash in Canada

User Functionality
    Capabilities to manage e-newsletters and subscription lists
    Online registration for events and programs (coaching, officiating, donations etc.)
    User tools to address accessibility needs (ability to change font sizes, high contrast features etc.)
    Website and email sign-up feature
    Database Management
    Member only section – password protected section with multiple access level for use by selected
      audiences, which users can upload and download documentation, including Power Point
      presentations, PDFs
    Advertising / Marketing opportunities (Banner Ads, both static & dynamic etc.)
    Search function
    Web based calendar function
    Online store
    Bilingual – front page must include access to either French language or English language site
    Usable interface for handheld small screen portable devices such as PDAs, smart phones, etc.

Design and Content Objectives
    Create a clear, concise brand for Squash Canada – consistent throughout the site
    Include search engine optimization
    Main Sections:
                 About Squash Canada – who we are, mission / values, strategic plan, partners,
                    policies, marketing, make a donation, links, sponsors page / logos
                 Online Store
                 National Teams Section – squads and teams, athlete information, policies and
                    procedures, team selection criteria, development pathway, athletes services, camps,
                 Calendar – event information, calendar of events,
                 Rankings
                 Player Development Programs – skill awards, doubles, masters, LTPD, university
                    squash, instant squash, doubles squash newsletter
                 The Sport – history of the sport, historical achievements, rules of squash, history of
                    doubles, national champions honor roll, wall of fame, awards program
                 News – main page and archive news section, photo galleries
                 Members Only – committee lists, board of directors lists, contact information for
                    members, section to share documents (board minutes, etc)
                   Coaching – NCCP program, certification program, course info, resources, course
                    standards / calendars
                   Officiating – about officiating program, certification info / clinics, resources, materials,
                    singles and doubles officiating
                   Historical data / records
                   Newsletters (high performance, singles and doubles officiating)
                   Site Map / FAQ / Search

Site Requirements and Functionality
     Simplified site maintenance for association staff – updating members list and logos, FAQs, uploading
       resources documentation and press releases, content changes
     Google analytics
     Consideration for web use on mobile devices
     Dedicated site manager as a go-to person

Site Design and Branding
     Professional tone and present the association as the industry leader
     Should reflect Squash Canada as a professional sport organization
     Incorporate Squash Canada logo throughout
     Clean and uncluttered visually
     Include photos promoting the sport of squash to all target audiences – families, junior and senior
       players, professional players

Proposal Format and Contents:
No particular format is requested, however, proposals must provide all information requested in this RFP. A
proposal may, and is encouraged to add information not requested in this RFP, but such information must
be included in addition to, not instead of, the requested information.

The proposal must clearly demonstrate the ability to fulfill the requirements and perform the necessary work
in this RFP, on the requested timelines. At a minimum the proposal must contain:

      A company profile, including length of time in business, core competencies and relevant experience
      Current reference information of three (3) current clients
      A list of websites (including URLs) the company has produced that best reflect the work and
       relevancy of this project, accompanied by a description of the objectives in these projects and an
       appraisal of the success in achieving them
      A list of primary personnel, with biographies, to be assigned to the work discussed in this RFP, with
       a description of required input of Squash Canada staff
      Budget / fees: the quoted price should be inclusive of required revisions, graphics and all other items
       required for site development. If the price excludes certain fees or charges, a detailed list of
       excluded fees with a complete explanation of the nature of those fees must be provided; budget
       should also include web hosting fees
      Based on the information provided in this RFP and in response to the needs of the redesign;
       proposed concepts and ideas, website features sample visuals, an overall view of the website
      Any other information deemed pertinent
      HST should be included separately
Project Deliverables:
Once the successful contractor has been chosen they must provide the following:
    A minimum of 2 – 3 meetings and regular updates with Squash Canada Executive Director
    Final work plan based on consultation between Squash Canada and successful vendor. A detailed
       work plan will describe process, activities, roles and responsibilities, schedules and milestones to be
    Website architecture including site map (word or PDF format in English). The website architecture
       should include at a minimum, the following components:
                  o Login section for project/steering/advisory committee members to access information
    Website design mock-ups (English)
    Website wireframes
    Revised website content (word or PDF format in English)
    Website content management system Administrator Guide (word format in English)
    Website for testing purposes (English and French)
    Final website (English and French)
    Successful vendor must provide 1 day / session of training for Squash Canada

Note: Squash Canada will provide whenever possible images to be used in website redesign. The website
look and feel must adhere to Squash Canada brand guidelines. Successful vendor will work with Squash
Canada to develop a forecasted schedule to complete project by September 5th, 2011.

Project Reports:
       Brief bi-weekly progress reports are required, based on approved work plan and in a format deemed
        acceptable by Squash Canada project manager

RFP Response Deadline and Contact Information:
A letter of intent to submit a proposal is attached, please review the document and any interested
company should return the letter of intent to Danny Da Costa, Executive Director of Squash Canada
by February 15th, 2011 (5 pm est.). Once a letter of intent has been submitted, RFP proposals should
be submitted by March 1st, 2010. Proposals, along with any questions, should be directed to Danny Da
Costa, Executive Director of Squash Canada (613) 731 7385 ext. 2301 or All
vendors will be notified of responses by email.

All questions must be directed to the attention of Danny Da Costa, Executive Director (via email). The
Executive Director will respond to all questions within 3 days of the proposals being due.

Squash Canada will provide all branding requirements, editorial guidelines, site content, platform input.
Squash Canada retains ownership of all graphics, flash materials following project completion. The vendor
may use the final design template for client listings or portfolios.

RFP Schedule:
The following outlines the anticipated schedule for the selection process. Squash Canada reserves the right
to change this schedule at its sole discretion.
Issue Date for Request for Proposals (RFP)              February 1 , 2011
Letter of intent to submit a proposal                   February 15 , 2011
Proposal Submission Deadline                            March 1 , 2011
Expected Completion of Proposal Evaluation              March 25 , 2011
Expected Date of Contract Award                         April 4 , 2011
Launch Date                                             Sept 5 , 2011
Evaluation Criteria:

A selection committee (comprised of board & staff members) will determine the short list of vendors who will
be selected for a formal presentation to the selection committee. Proposals must meet all mandatory
requirements (listed above in Squash Canada’s website requirements on Page 3 of the RFP) to be deemed
compliant. Compliant proposals will be evaluated utilizing the following criteria:

   1.   Knowledge of squash / sport marketing:
          o Presents understanding of Squash Canada and its vision, mission and strategic priorities
          o Demonstrates an understanding of the target audiences for the Squash Canada website
          o Has demonstrated sound knowledge of sport marketing

   2.   Capabilities and experience of the bidding organization as well as proposed team members:
           o Organization has the corporate capacity and experience with similar projects
           o Team has a wide range of skills and expertise and has experience with similar projects
             (design, content development, functionality and structure and technology)
           o Bidding organization’s three samples of websites illustrate capacity and experience
             necessary to accomplish the website rebuild project

   3.   Proposed project work plan:
           o Understands the goals and deliverables of the project
           o Displays command of projects tasks through comprehensive work plans
           o Identifies use of the latest website technology

   4.   Ability to meet timelines and budget as well as value for money:
          o Ability to meet project timelines and budget
          o Detailed strategies for keeping within budget and/or timelines
          o Risk identification and management strategies
          o Cost in comparison to work value and other bids
          o Display creativity and innovative approaches in achieving project goals
          o Addition of a valuable task(s) or incentives that was not identified in the RFP that fits within
               project timeline and budget or adds value to the successful bid

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