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					                                                                                                                       Investing in
                                                                                                                        the Future

   Continuous Funding Programme
                            The Three Pillar Plan
                  is to raise capital and invest the funds
          to generate interest and build the Bishops of the future

         ishops’ long tradition of excellence is sustained thanks to the generosity of people who appreciate the
         vital role an established, academically strong, values-driven school plays in society. To sustain these
         high standards of education the school needs enduring financial support. As a consequence, the
   school has developed a selection of creative giving strategies known as the THREE PILLAR PLAN that can
   be individually tailored to suit donors. There are many ways a donor can support Bishops within the Plan,
   which is explained in this booklet and accompanying inserts.

   The Three Pillar Plan is being presented locally and internationally to the Bishops Family, companies with a high level of
   interest in Education, Charitable Trusts and Foundations. Donations to, and sponsorships of, particular projects are
   specifically allocated to that project. Regular reports on progress are being made to the Bishops Family, both local and
   global, and to all donors via correspondence, newsletters and the quarterly Bishops magazine.

   Every contribution reinforces Bishops’ position as a world-class centre of educational excellence. Irrespective of size or
   shape all gifts, bequests or sponsorships are acknowledged and appreciated. The act of giving is more important than
   the size of donation.

                                                 The Three Pillar Plan

      The Plan                    People                 Projects                Programmes               Giving to
      A practical plan            Investing             World-class              Providing                Securing
      for investing               in Human              Facilities &             Security &               the Future
      in Bishops                  Excellence            Opportunities            Flexibility

      page 3                      page 4 - 6             page 7 - 9              page 10&11               page 12

                                      As the Bishops Family reflects on the role of the school in the local
                                      and global community the question is often asked: “What sort of
                                               school must we be to remain among the very best?”

Memorial Chapel                1926 First XV                                          R.Ryall OD’77 Artwork            R.Ackerman OD’48

                     “Bishops is a place that delivers excellence and expects the same in return.”

                     S.Lowe OD’84

                                                                                                                   Investing in
                                                                                                                    the Future

  Why           Invest
                 in BISHOPS

         he history and traditions of all great schools have been built on generations of generous
       benefactors. At Bishops decades of generosity have been enhanced by sound financial
       management and responsible stewardship of the school’s assets. Maintaining and upgrading the
  school remains a challenge to ensure that Bishops retains its position at the forefront of independent
  education in South Africa.

  The Endowment Fund seeks to supplement the school’s operating budget. Returns generated from this fund contribute to
  the funding of building improvements, renovations and new technology. Investing in this fund will allow Bishops to offer
  an in-depth and varied programme as well as a broad range of activities on the playing fields, in the boarding houses and
  in the music and art studios. Bishops is relying on Old Diocesans, current parents and friends of the school to support the
  Endowment Fund generously. Giving to Bishops contributes to the school’s enduring programme of excellence. Selfless
  philanthropy makes the difference between a good school and a great school.

                                                    BISHOPS is asking You
                                                         for your support
         Bishops embodies a rich history and tradition which have made it one of the leading independent schools in
         Southern Africa. Our boys are individuals who belong to an international community and we welcome them from
         throughout South Africa, Africa and the world, enriching diversity and widening our perspective.

         School fees are an important part of educational funding but no school can rely totally on this revenue for future
         development and growth. Hence we seek funding support for the key areas within the Bishops Three Pillar Plan
         over and above what the school generates through fees.

         We are proud of the rich heritage formed by our young men in their adult lives; of their exceptional contributions to
         academic, artistic, scientific, sporting, political and public life. Many have risen to become prominent politicians,
         legendary sportsmen, corporate executives, acclaimed scientists and inspiring professionals - even an astronaut!
         They leave school to become active participants in the brilliant potential of this new century. We are confident of
         the brightness of the future because we believe in our students’ happiness and strength. We want them to go
         forward with a sense of purpose, convinced of their own value and ready to meet challenges without fear.

                         We invite you to meet with us to see
                          the BISHOPS philosophy in action
H.Gibbs OD’92                 Ogilvie Gates                                      World Debating Champions 2005      Interhouse Athletics

                    “Several years ago, my Godfather was thinking of taking his sport-gifted son out of a local school and
                    sending him to Bishops. After contacting me to ask my opinion of the school, my simple reply was that it
                    would be the greatest gift he could ever give his son. The following school term his son started at Bishops.”
                    M.Mulholland OD’93

                                                                                                                  Investing in
                                                                                                                   the Future

   The          Three Pillars
                                         of     support
                                                            A practical plan for investing in Bishops

          uring its time of reflection on how to secure the future, Bishops has identified three pillars of
          support: People, Projects & Programmes. All three pillars need reinforcement through funding. By
          adding to the strength of each pillar, donors ensure that Bishops will realise its vision and meet its
   goals. Funding for each pillar is typically sought through annual or single donations, bequests or
   sponsorships. Funds can be contributed to the programme for general use or for dedicated projects.

   The Three Pillar Plan is ‘the menu’ for investment choices in the Continuous Funding Programme. Bishops is offering
   this to the Bishops Family, companies with a high level of interest in Education, Charitable Trusts and Foundations
   locally and globally.

        People                                 Projects                                   Programmes

        Investing in                           World-class                                Providing
        human                                  facilities &                               security &
        excellence                             opportunities                              flexibility

        • Scholarships                         • Faith in Action                          • General
        • Bursaries                            • Buildings &                                 Fund
        • Staff                                                                           • Income

                                                                                          • Legacies

P.Kint’05 Prefect           Pre-Prep Artwork                                      Founders House Clock Tower      H.Luscombe OD’99

                    “I will always remember my time at Bishops, passing from boyhood into manhood, my friends, our escapades
                    and our times together and a sense of belonging and community I felt then and can feel again as I write this.”

                    C.Miller OD’73

                                                                                                                         Investing in

                       People                     Investing in human excellence
                                                                                                                          the Future

     Background and Principles

              f the three pillars crucial to the growth and development of Bishops, the most significant is People.
              Since 1849 when Bishops began, the school has been consistent in the belief that our school is a
              centre of excellence. This is driven primarily by the quality of both staff and students. Bishops
     needs to increase the funds invested to be able to continue to attract talented boys and staff to maintain
     the high standards already achieved. We currently offer Scholarships and Bursaries totalling
     approximately R1,5million per annum, these being crucial to the sustainability of a world-class
     independent school, as they provide opportunities for those with extraordinary gifts by helping them reach
     their full potential.

     In 2005, 6% of the boys at Bishops received some support through scholarship or bursary. At the same time an institution
     such as Bishops cannot be sustained without the contribution of talented and enthusiastic staff. They too need training,
     development and support through advanced programmes, technologies and peer-group networking, all of which need
     funding. By supporting the funding of the People Pillar, donors reinforce this programme which has far-reaching and
     enduring benefits.

     • SCHOLARSHIPS                                                     • STAFF
     Academic                                                           General development
          For academically gifted boys who are invited to write            To offer existing staff opportunities to improve their
          the Scholarship Exam.                                            professional development and areas of specialisation.

     Cultural                                                           Incentives
           For boys with special talent in Art, Music or Drama.            To attract the best of the best in teaching and in
                                                                           coaching to uphold the standards of excellence.
           For boys who are talented sportsmen.                         Welfare
                                                                           To enhance the value of retirement benefits for retiring
                                                                           staff who have devoted so much of their lives and
     • BURSARIES                                                           energy to inspire generations of Bishops boys.

     Compassionate                                                      Internships
          To assist boys whose parents are experiencing financial          To increase the number of interns that bring the next
          difficulty to continue their studies.                            generation of teachers into the Family.

          For previously disadvantaged boys who would not
          otherwise be able to afford the Bishops education.

     Old Diocesans (ODs)
          To assist sons and grandsons of ODs who may not have
          the means to continue their family ties with Bishops.                                 Open for more

Pre-Prep Class Mates    First Team Rugby Match on Piley Rees                                  Bishops Ties                1897-1898 First XI

                       “My biggest impression of Bishops is of a wonderfully all round school, providing great opportunities to
                       its students that equip them extraordinarily well for later life ... So much I have done in later life has
                       been as a result of my experience at Bishops.”
                       G.Penny OD’80

                                                                                                                                  Investing in

                         People                           Investing in human excellence
                                                                                                                                   the Future

          • SCHOLARSHIPS                                                         • BURSARIES
          Academic, Cultural and Sport                                           Compassionate Bursary
                Since being founded in 1849 Bishops has achieved the                 Few circumstances are more heart-wrenching than
                highest standard of excellence in all areas – from                   parents who have to remove their son or sons from
                academic and sport to music and culture. Given the                   Bishops due to financial difficulty. The school offers a
                right support, the school can continue to create new                 discrete bridging scheme to assist these parents,
                leaders by becoming more widely inclusive and                        enabling their boys to complete their Bishops
                attracting pupils from more diverse backgrounds.                     experience.

                Through scholarships the school invites boys of                      Aim: Increase by ten bursaries
                exceptional talent in academics, sport or music to
                set new standards within a world-class centre                    2010 Bursary
                of excellence.                                                       Bishops has made a commitment to offer talented
                                                                                     boys from disadvantaged backgrounds the
                To make real impact, donors may sponsor named                        opportunity to benefit from the exceptional education
                awards in a specific area like music, rugby or                       the school offers.
                science. This can be done by donating a lump sum
                for endowment or through regular annual or                           Through this bursary scheme the school is able to
                monthly donations.                                                   inspire pupils whilst at the same time embracing and
                                                                                     celebrating the diversity of South Africa’s peoples,
                In 2005 funding one pupil on a 50% scholarship                       cultures and backgrounds. This is an exciting
                (College tuition and boarding) requires, on average,                 opportunity to broaden the diversity of the
                R40 000 per annum or R3 400 per month for five                       Bishops family.
                years. To fund the annual cost of a scholarship in
                perpetuity requires an investment of approximately                   Aim: Put in place a capital fund for the existing
                R1 000 000. This capital is invested and the interest                30 bursaries
                services the Scholarship.

                Academic Aim: Increase from three to six per grade
                                                                                 OD Bursary
                                                                                     The OD Bursary fund is a vital part of this pillar.
                per year to a total of 30 scholarships at any one time
                                                                                     Boys whose fathers or grandfathers were once pupils
                Music Aim: Increase from one to two per grade
                                                                                     at Bishops may need financial assistance to continue
                Sports Aim: Establish two scholarships
                                                                                     their family tradition. The roots of the Bishops family
                                                                                     are embedded in the tradition of generations of fathers
                                                                                     and sons attending the school.

                                                                                     Aim: Award one bursary per year from Grade 3 to
                                                                                     Grade 12

                                                                      Scholarships & bursaries
                                                                       assist in recognising and
                                                                                rewarding talent
T. Kekana OD’02 Senior Prefect   1929 Interschool Cricket Champions                             Commemorative Rowing Oars       13A Rugby Players 2003

                                 “It is not one thing about Bishops, but numerous factors that combine it into a great school and the
                                 backdrop of the mountains and beauty of the campus are integral to that. Its history, achievements on
                                 the field and in class, and for some spiritual core are vital components of the living legends of Bishops.”
                                 N.Searle OD’87

                                                                                                                                Investing in

               People                        Investing in human excellence
                                                                                                                                 the Future

 • STAFF                                                                Internships
       Bishops staff is made up of more than 200 talented                   Student teachers bring an added dimension to the
       and enthusiastic individuals with a diverse range of                 school and they in return have the opportunity to
       professional skills from teaching and coaching to                    pursue their studies in a structured environment.
       administration and management.                                       The school covers the cost of internship, including
                                                                           full board.
 General Development                                                       Once they have completed their internship and
       Bishops’ teaching faculty is widely admired for its                 associated studies, there may be an opportunity to join
       professionalism, dedication and ability to weave                    the staff body and enjoy a lasting relationship
       ‘magic’ in the lives of its pupils. The school aims to              with the school.
       preserve this ethos by inspiring the staff to enrich their
       experiences.                                                        In order to meet the aim of attracting teachers from
                                                                           previously disadvantaged communities, this
       These opportunities arise through international                     programme contributes to enhancing diversity within
       exchange programmes, attending conferences,                         the staff body and the Bishops Family.
       furthering studies and peer-group networking.
                                                                           Aim: Increase to six Interns
       Aim: Allow staff to further their studies and enrich
       their own education in their field of expertise

       The average career for a teacher at Bishops is twelve
       years, a level of loyalty envied by other schools.
       Bishops believes that such commitment should be
       rewarded with incentives.

       Whilst retention is treasured, the school also wishes to
       attract like-minded and committed new staff members
       to join the family - recognising the vibrancy that new
       members bring to the staff body.

       Aim: Reward and attract staff

       The school aims to build up the pension fund for
       retiring staff who have devoted so much of their time
       and energy to inspire generations of Bishops boys.

       Aim: Build the pension fund to enhance the benefits
       for retiring members                                                                Inspiring staff
                                                                                          by investing in
Bishops Caps                    Sacristans                                         Violin made by Grade 8 Pupil in 1915 G.Ogilvie (Gogs) - Principal 1860-1885

                    “I will always remember, aside from my very positive prep school experience, that the time spent with
                    Hertzog Jimba as our teacher in the first matric year to take Xhosa, was both interesting and eye opening.
                    It certainly helped to expose me, as a white South African, to the ‘other’ South African history about which
                    I was then largely unaware.”                                                                    G.Mills OD’79

                                                                                                                            Investing in

                      Projects                          World-class facilities & opportunities
                                                                                                                             the Future

    Background and Principles

          t the heart of any good school are its people. But in order to work well together, they need facilities and
          resources commensurate with their skills. The school manages its budget prudently and annually invests
          in refurbishment and development. Some projects require more money than can be generated by fee
    income. Bishops has spent time evaluating facilities and resources (academic, sporting, cultural and boarding)
    and benchmarking them against the leaders in the sector.

    It has been an important exercise defining what works best at Bishops and what investment priorities for the coming years
    should be. Whilst the facilities have improved immeasurably in recent years the need for further developments in some
    important areas is compelling.

    •      FAITH IN ACTION                                                 Woodlands Pavilion
           Through the Outreach programmes Bishops boys                       The Astroturf hockey field was built in 1998,
           interact with others from different backgrounds                    contributing to Bishops’ position as a leader in this
           through the sharing of facilities and expertise. These             sport. Now a need has been identified for a pavilion
           programmes are aimed at encouraging a sense of                     to cater for the growing interest, in addition to which
           humanity while inspiring them to develop insight and               it will serve the needs of visiting teams participating in
           abandon prejudice.                                                 a variety of sporting activities.

    •      BUILDINGS AND FACILITIES                                        Mallett Centre
                                                                              This centre was built in the 1980s and is in great
           Bishops has inherited world-class facilities that place            need of upgrading. To ensure Bishops remains at
           the school at the forefront of South African education.            the cutting edge of sports science this revamp will
           Improvements in facilities for Science, IT, language,              not just be cosmetic but will incorporate fresh
           music, classrooms and boarding have been completed.                architecture, equipment and technology that can
                                                                              play a major part in the development of future
           Future investment priorities are decided by constantly             South African sports champions.
           evaluating the facilities and resources, comparing them
           against similar sectors and defining what works best.           Bishops Clubhouse
           Buildings need constant maintenance which places a                 A home from home is how the proposed Bishops
           major drain on the school's resources. Naming                      clubhouse is being billed. This is a facility that
           opportunities for classrooms and lecture theatres are              could offer up-market overnight accommodation
           available and encouraged. Bishops has a wide range of              to members of the Bishops Family, as well as
           building needs but is focusing on the following projects.          conference facilities.

    Lecture theatre and classrooms                                         Staff Housing
           Bishops has a great need for a state-of-the-art lecture            The school currently provides housing for twenty-two
           theatre supported by six classrooms which can also be              teachers but needs to provide an additional
           used for conferences facilities or as workshop areas.              four homes.

                                                                           Sports and Cultural
                      Open for more                                           Planning for improved facilities includes a pavilion at
                                                                              Lutgensvale in memory of Rick Skeeles, lights on the
                      information                                             Astroturf and a recording studio in the John Peake
                                                                              Music Centre.

Pre-Prep Sports Day          Brooke Chapel Windows                                            Bishops Museum              Founders House Grafitti

                        “I will always remember Mr Mallett cheering at the Saturday morning rugby games, Paul Dobson in a
                        friendly mood, Paul Dobson in an ugly mood, the foolish things we did and got away with, (and some of
                        them we did not get away with!)”
                        G.Lanfear OD’79

                                                                                                                          Investing in

                     Projects                            World-class facilities & opportunities
                                                                                                                           the Future


    •      FAITH IN ACTION                                                 Matric Support Programme
                                                                              The matric support programme was initiated in 2000
           At Bishops boys are encouraged to appreciate their                 to help impoverished schools boost the success rate of
           privileges, become independent and compassionate                   their matric pupils. This programme has allowed 112
           citizens who respect diversity, contribute to their                pupils a year since 2000 to improve their matric
           community and protect the environment. To this                     results by getting support for their academic work. It
           end Bishops supports a growing number of                           not only emphasizes academic work but looks
           community projects.                                                carefully at the language and answering techniques.
                                                                              Strong bonds have developed between the staff of the
    Partnership with LEAP                                                     various schools.
           Bishops’ partnership with the LEAP (Langa Education                At present seven Bishops staff teach eight subjects to a
           Assistance Program) School began when the school                   matric class of 14 students for one hour a week.
           opened in 2004. Each week boys and girls from
           Langa, a township on the Cape Flats, join Bishops to            SMILE
           focus on achieving Higher Grade results in Maths                   SMILE (St Mary's Interactive Learning Experience) is
           and Science.                                                       a national programme that seeks to improve the level
           Students range from 14 to 20 years old and attend                  of spoken English amongst primary school children
           school on a daily basis with voluntary school on                   who speak English as their second language. At
           Saturday. This is the only partnership of its kind and             present, Bishops teaches 50 weekly visiting Grade 5
           Bishops is the only school supporting LEAP in this                 primary school children with the help of learning aids
           way. The plan is that the Bishops/LEAP partnership                 and there is a potential to increase this to 120
           becomes a model for other schools and communities                  children. Bishops Grade 10 pupils are called SMILE
           throughout South Africa. This partnership is not                   Guides and are trained to assist with the programme.
           focused on growing the numbers but developing                      They provide interaction with the children and in
           quality of the experience through excellence.                      doing so develop their English language skills. This
           Bishops’ investment in the partnership:                            allows Bishops to have a greater impact on the
           • provides students with the use of science labs,                  educational needs of primary school children without
              all equipment and chemicals                                     which many of these children would not be able to
           • boys act as tutors to LEAP students                              complete secondary schooling successfully.
           • teachers offer support and training to LEAP                      A poor foundation in English has led to many
              teachers. LEAP teachers arrive with the pupils so               students failing to achieve good matric results.
              there is a continuity of relationship, familiarity for          Each year a different school participates. Bishops
              LEAP pupils and further support for LEAP staff.                 provides the facilities and resources and over the past
                                                                              eleven years approximately 1100 children have been
           John Gilmour (Founder of LEAP) says “initially our                 through the programme.
           students were overawed by being at Bishops, but now
           they have a sense of pride in being associated with             One-on-One
           Bishops and they feel comfortable using first-rate                 Bishops runs two courses a year of six months
           equipment in a wonderful space. They are                           duration, for 100 visitors who are bussed into
           developing relationships with the Bishops boys.”                   Bishops weekly.
                                                                              This project is aimed at Grade 8 boys and girls from
                                                                              communities across the Peninsula. Pupils take part in
                                                                              one-on-one development programmes with Bishops
                                                                              boys across a wide variety of activities including
                                                                              swimming, computer literacy, mathematics
                                                                              development, science discovery, English
                                                                              communication, art and social sports.

U15 Rugby Practice             SMILE Programme                                              View of School House              Bishops VIII

                       “I will always remember the sound of Psalm 150 being sung by 700 boys at College Eucharist.”

                       M.Burgess OD’92

                                                                                                                                Investing in

                         Projects                               World-class facilities & opportunities
                                                                                                                                 the Future


         Classrooms and lecture theatres                                       Bishops Clubhouse
                Bishops aspires to provide pupils with access to the               The development of the new clubhouse is still in the
                best facilities available. The overriding belief of the            planning stages but, once complete, it will be a
                Bishops family is that every child deserves the                    valuable asset. This is a facility that will offer
                opportunity to develop a love of learning and the                  up-market overnight accommodation to the Bishops
                challenge of forming remarkable ambitions. Changes                 community, as well as providing offices, meeting and
                in the South African curriculum in 2002 through the                conference facilities and opportunities for relaxation.
                introduction of the FETC (Further Education and                    It will be a venue where ODs will always feel
                Training Certificate) and GETC (General Education                  welcome and where the familiar routine of school life
                and Training Certificate) mean that a number of new                will set them at ease. Top priority in the siting of the
                subjects are on offer and the school needs to adapt to             clubhouse is easy accessibility and convenience for
                accommodate this new demand. In addition there is a                ODs, parents and Bishops Society members.
                need for facilities to be used by the Post Matric                  Substantial funding is required to ensure this
                students. Bishops offers the unique opportunity of                 much-needed facility meets expectations. There are
                Post Matric in the Western Cape for boys and girls to              opportunities to secure naming rights.
                spend another year acquiring a broader-based
                education before choosing the next step in life.                   Aim: Build a clubhouse for the Bishops Family
                                                                                   and visitors
                Aim: Build a dynamic, state-of-the-art lecture theatre
                and 6 classrooms/workshops                                     Staff Housing
                                                                                   A great school is like a great symphony. It develops
         Woodlands Pavilion                                                        its own personality, rhythm and generates its own
                A new pavilion is required for the Astroturf hockey                warmth and unity - like a family. Bishops family
                field situated at the gateway to Bishops. Through                  offers the rich gifts of friendship, the promise of
                sport Bishops aims to encourage individual fitness and             security and the confidence of adult trust.
                teamwork. Sports at Bishops like rugby, swimming,                  Great schools rely on talented and dedicated staff.
                cricket, athletics and hockey have produced some of                Bishops needs to attract and retain such valuable
                South Africa's top sportsmen.                                      people, many of whom need to be resident on the
                                                                                   grounds to make Bishops a home from home for all
                Aim: Build a new facility with change rooms,                       pupils. At present the school provides staff housing
                spectator viewing, seating etc.                                    for 22 teachers.

         Mallett Centre                                                            Aim: Build 4 new staff houses
                This sports hall, named after past Principal AWH
                Mallett (1964 to 1982) and father of former
                Springbok coach Nick Mallett, has long been in need
                of a revamp. This will entail a full conversion to a

                                                                                   Offering access to
                Wellness Centre that could be used by all Bishops
                boys, ODs and visiting sportsmen. This centre will
                play a major part in the shaping of South African
                sports champions of the future.

                Aim: Revamp and upgrade Mallett Centre
                                                                                  world-class facilities
                                                                                     & opportunities
Silver Trophies in the Museum      Door to the Bishops Museum                                     1909-1910 First XI         Grease - School Play 2005

                                “For me, Bishops is all about the highest quality of education, the fun and cameraderie in the boarding
                                houses and the enjoyment of participating in sport.”

                                G.Allen OD’82

                                                                                                                           Investing in

                   Providing security & flexibility in an uncertain and changing world
                                                                                                                            the Future

   Background and Principles

           ishops’ General Endowment Fund is carefully invested to generate an annual income. This is used to
           guarantee a steady income for the school over the long term. A large portion of this fund has come from
           individual donations, many of which are legacies.

   This Endowment Fund is an important source of income but is small compared to those of other great schools: Eton College
   (UK) R2,230m; Rugby (UK) R200m; Winchester (UK) R320m; Harvard (USA) R1,430m; Hotchkiss College (USA) R837m;
   Boston College (USA) R700m. Individuals may prefer to make a donation to the Endowment Fund rather than to one of the
   specific projects or programmes outlined in this booklet.

             The long life and quality of any great school can                 The aim is to increase the Endowment Fund by
             only be guaranteed if it has satisfactory financial               R10 million. Bishops is relying on ODs, current
             resources. School fees are an important part of                   parents and friends of the school to support this
             funding at Bishops but not enough to support                      fund generously by making donations which are
             projects that will have lasting impact. It is for this            held in perpetuity and used to reinforce Bishops'
             reason that available capital has been invested in an             position as one of the continent's oldest and most
             Endowment Fund to guarantee a steady income                       respected independent schools.
             over the long term.
                                                                               Aim: Increase by R10m by 2020
             The school's leadership works tirelessly to boost
             funds over and above income from fees. The
             capital in the Endowment Fund is raised through               • INCOME SUBSTITUTION FUND
             donations and bequests whilst the interest is used
             to fund projects deemed critical to the mission and
                                                                               A big challenge facing Bishops is the need to keep
             strategic objectives of the school. The Endowment
                                                                               school fees in line with inflation and staff salaries
             Fund seeks to supplement the school’s operating
                                                                               competitive. The school's Council needs to have
             budget. Returns generated from this fund
                                                                               access to income from capital invested to adjust
             contribute to the funding of building improvements
                                                                               this balance and ensure competitive staff
             and renovations. Supporting this fund will allow
             Bishops to offer an in-depth and varied programme
             as well as a broad range of activities on the playing             Without this fund it is expected that school fees
             fields, in the boarding houses and in the music and               could escalate far beyond market acceptance. For
             art studios.                                                      this fund to be effective it will have to be of a
                                                                               significant size.
             To ensure that Bishops retains its position as a
             leading school in Africa, the General Endowment                   Aim: Build investment of R25m to keep fees in line
             Fund needs to be developed and matured so that it                 with inflation and still pay competitive salaries
             can generate substantial returns.

Prep House Match             Triptych in the Chapel                                     N.Penny OD’78 - Memorial     Parents’ gift to Bishops for 150th

                      “What makes Bishops special is that if you have a dream, a goal, an ambition, people here are willing to
                      go any distance to help you realise it ... Here sits a wonderful team that enjoys challenges, and that will
                      go to the ends of the earth to help you.”
                      M.Shuttleworth OD’91 - Senior Prefect

                                                                                                                         Investing in

                    Providing security & flexibility in an uncertain and changing world
                                                                                                                          the Future


       • LEGACIES                                                             The Heritage Circle

       Major legacies have been essential to the development and              The Heritage Circle was established to
       sustainability of Bishops.                                             recognise individuals who have made
       Money and property left to the school in a will reinforce
       the good work done at Bishops and make a real difference
                                                                              charitable provisions for Bishops in their
       to the lives of many bright and talented boys. Your love               estate plans, and allows us to thank them in
       and support of Bishops lives on in perpetuity.                         their lifetime.
       Leaving the school a legacy is easy to arrange, does not
       affect a person's assets or cash flow during their lifetime and        You are invited to join this group of donors
       is revocable. Bequests made to Bishops can be of any size
       and will always be immensely appreciated.                              whose support of Bishops is deeply and
                                                                              sincerely appreciated.
              For Bishops to inherit from an estate you can:
                                                                              Besides enjoying the tax benefits of leaving
              •   make an outright bequest of cash or property
                                                                              money to a school, members of the Heritage
              •   make a residuary bequest of all or a portion of an          Circle can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing
                  estate after specific bequests have been distributed        that Bishops will be preserved for generations
                                                                              to come through generosity, planning and
              •   make a contingent bequest naming Bishops as an
                  alternative beneficiary should an outright
                  beneficiary die first or disclaim the property
                                                                              In addition to acknowledgement offered to
              •   create a testamentary trust enabling Bishops to             all donors Bishops will discuss the
                  receive the trust income for a specified time or in         appropriate recognition of your gift. To join
                                                                              the Heritage Circle you simply need to
              •   leave the trust's principal amount to Bishops after         inform Bishops how you have included the
                  life income payments have been made to                      school in your will.
                  designated beneficiaries

       Most often bequests are left specifically for Bishops to
       reinvest in the General Endowment Fund but money can

       also be left for special projects like the Income Substitution
       Fund, for an Academic Scholarship, towards the OD
       clubhouse and so forth.

       Aim: Encourage bequests and the donors of which can be
                                                             BISHOPS in your
       recognised and thanked in their lifetime
                                                            will is a wonderful
                                                    way to secure the future &
                                                      allows us to Thank You
Post-Matric Pupils 2005    J.V.Lindbergh OD’64 Memorial                                 View along the Colonnade      1898 First Team Shooting

                          “... Mrs Fish in Std 1 (I spent a great 12 years at Bishops) - my first crush. I bought her flowers one
                          morning and was laughed at by ‘one of the lads’. Being a sensitive individual I was devastated and burst
                          into tears. Mrs Fish, in a stroke of disciplinary brilliance, made said individual walk up and down the
                          playground with said flowers in hand. My first introduction to the power of psychology”.         S.McKeag OD’89

                                                                                                                              Investing in
                                                                                                                               the Future

          Giving to
                                                               Securing the Future

                    iving to Bishops contributes to the school's future prosperity and ensures it remains at the forefront of
                    independent school education. It is selfless philanthropy that contributes to making Bishops a great
                    school rather than just a good school.

          These donations, legacies and sponsorships assume greater importance as Bishops prepares for the unique challenges of the
          new millennium. Inspiring boys in mind, body and spirit to strive beyond the ordinary will always remain Bishops' and
          your own greatest legacy and gift.

          • HOW TO DONATE:                                                      • BISHOPS ASSURES YOU THAT:
          1. Decide which aspect of the Three Pillar Plan                        • if requested, your anonymity will be respected
             most warrants your support                                          • all donations, bequests and sponsorships will be
                                                                                   used wisely and for the purpose for which they
          2. Decide what kind of gift is appropriate - once off                    are given
             or on a regular basis
                                                                                 • you will receive frequent communication on
          3. Complete the Gift Form which is inserted in the                       how funds are being deployed
             back pocket and return this to the school
                                                                                 • you will be kept informed about the school
                                                                                   through publications and the website
                                                                                 • appropriate recognition and appreciation will be
                                                                                   extended to you
                                                                                 • you will be offered naming opportunities for
                                                                                   buildings, parts of buildings or scholarships
                                                                                   subject to the size and nature of the donation,
                                                                                   sponsorship or legacy
                                                                                 • major donors may have their names listed on a
                                                                                   Benefactors Board at Bishops and will be
                                                                                   invited, from time to time, to special events
                                                                                 • facilities for conferences, wedding receptions
                                                                                   and functions will be available to you
                                                                                 • you will be welcomed to Bishops at every
                                                                                   opportunity. The Development Office will
                                                                                   always have someone to serve your needs and
                                                                                   host your visit

Early Game of Rugby at Bishops            Brooke Chapel                                         Founders House Quad           1898-1899 First XI

                                 “What I love most about Bishops is the friends I made. We are still mates today - 32 years on.”

                                 D.Kennedy OD’73