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                                                                        INSPIRES INDIVIDUALS

Bishops was founded in 1849 as an Anglican schools for boys by Bishop Robert Gray in Cape Town South Africa. Since those early days,
Bishops has been inspiring individuals who have made their impact in South Africa and internationally on so many aspects of life.

Bishops embodies a rich history and tra-                                                           happiness and strength. We want them to
                                                BISHOPS IN A NUTSHELL                              go forward with a sense of purpose, con-
dition was has made it one of the leading
independent schools in Southern Africa.                                                            vinced of their own value and ready to
Our boys are individuals who belong to an       PRINCIPAL: Mr Grant Nupen                          meet challenges without fear. This article
international community and we welcome          ADDRESS: Camp Ground Road,                         will provide you with a glimpse of the life
them from throughout Southern Africa,           Rondebosch.                                        at Bishops, but what it cannot do is ad-
Africa and the world, enriching diversity       TELEPHONE: 021 659 1000                            equately portray a particular strength of
and widening our perspective.                   WEBSITE: www.dc.wcape.school.za                    Bishops: the Bishops family and the good
  We are proud of the rich heritage formed      FOUNDED: 1849 by Bishop Gray                       relationship that exists between staff, pu-
by our young men in their adult lives: of       CURRENT PUPILS: 1260                               pils, parents and OD’s. (Old Boys are
their exceptional contributions to academic,    BOARDERS: 220 at College, 22 at Prep.              known as Old Diocesans - OD’s).
artistic, scientific, sporting, political and   CURRENT PUPILS FROM: Belgium,                         At the foot of Table Mountain is with-
public life. Many have risen to become          Botswana, Canada, Germany, India,                  out question South Africa’s most beauti-
prominent politicians, legendary sports-        Indonesia, Kenya, Kuwait, Liechtenstein,           ful city, Cape Town and a boy’s school
men, corporate executives, acclaimed sci-       Mozambique, Namibia, Russia, South                 founded in 1849 by an Anglican Bishop
entists and inspiring professionals - even      Africa, Sri Lanka, UAE, Uganda, UK,                concerned with the state of public educa-
an astronaut is among the old boys!             USA, Zambia and Zimbabwe.                          tion. Bishop Robert Gray’s vision entailed
  We are confident of the brightness of the     ACADEMIC STAFF: 115 teachers.                      an educational environment that would
future because we believe in our students’      MAXIMUM CLASS SIZE: 24 pupils.                     promote independent thinking, to create
                                                GROUNDS: 56 hectares.                              brave leaders and informed followers.

Hershel Gibbs OD 1992   Pre -Prep Class Mates      Midsummer Nights Dream   Rugby vs Braceknfell         Early game of rugby at Bishops   Memorial Chapel
              It is in pursuit of these goals that Dioc-      raderie among the boys in addition to en-           for the remainder of his school career.
              esan College has continued to grow and          hancing their ability to work together to-          This develops a family structure that
              develop over the last century and a half.       ward a common goal.                                 enhances the friendships that Bishops
                                                                                                                  boys make with each other for life.
              Academics                                       Cultural
                                                                                                                  Interesting Facts
              A Bishops Education is a privilege for any      Music, art and drama are a vital part of
              young man and our pupils are constantly         Bishops life. Boys are encouraged to sing           - Bishops has 10 rugby & 10 cricket fields,
              reminded of their place in a broader South      in the choir, play an instrument and gener-         4 major sports pavilions, 4 boarding
              Africa. Understanding the meaning of            ally extend their cultural aptitude in a vari-      houses, 8 day boy houses & 2 chapels.
              abundance and scarcity are as much part         ety of different ways. As well as an estab-
              of their education as history and math-         lished centre of excellence, we have facili-        - Mark Shuttleworth, Head Boy 1991 7
              ematics. It is this acknowledgment of one’s     ties including a fully operational theatre, a       first Afronaut in space.
              place in broader society that help make         professional recording studio and a highly
              Bishop’s graduates leaders of the future.       acclaimed music department.                         - One of only 4 schools worldwide to
              Equipped with a world class academic                                                                award the Rhodes Scholarship.
              background, students are excellently pre-       Pastoral
              pared for progressing into tertiary educa-                                                          - Post Matric classes introduced in 1921
              tion.                                           Bishops offers weekly and full time board-          & girls first admitted in 1976.
                                                              ing from prep to college. The fun, camara-
              Sport                                           derie and excitement that go along with             - 9 International Champion speakers &
                                                              staying full-time at the school adds to the         debaters in the last 10 years.
              Bishops offers more than 22 sports from         Bishops experience. Often it is the mo-
              the individual to team sports so as to best     ments in the boarding houses that provide           - 2003 Rugby World Cup, Bishops had 4
              suit the needs of each student. These in-       the most enduring memories. Day-boys                players representing 4 different countries.
              clude rugby, hockey, cricket, swimming,         too, have a home base at the school in the
              athletics, basketball, fencing, golf, rowing,   form of their House.                                - Xhosa introduced in 1975 & is a compul-
              squash, tennis, waterpolo and much more.           When each boy begins Grade 8, he is              sory subject from Grade 3 to Grade 7.
              Sport is compulsory, with team sports           allocated to a House that remains his base
              developing a sense of cama-

              Frequently asked questions

              IS BISHOPS A COLLEGE ONLY?                                               WILL MY SON BE ABLE TO STUDY OVERSEAS?
              Bishops also has a Pre preparatory school, Preparatory school            Yes we offer the FET because we believe it is a first class examina-
              and Post Matric. A boy can start at the beginning of his school          tion. Bishops boys have been writing University entrance to local
              career in the year he turns 6 and remain at Bishops until Grade 12       and international universities on the strength of the Senior Certifi-
              or Post Matric.                                                          cate.

              IS SPORT COMPULSORY?                                                     WHAT ABOUT A LEVELS?
              We are one of the leading sports schools in South Africa and we          We offer a years course of Cambridge A levels to boys and girls in
              compete globally. To maintain our standards of excellence, all           Post Matric.
              boys must play an official school sport in both summer and
              winter.                                                                  AT WHAT AGE CAN A BOY START AT BISHOPS?
                                                                                       Entry points to Bishops are Grade R and Grade 8. It is very
              WHAT AGE DOES BOARDING START FROM?                                       difficult to get a boy into Bishops in between these times, so we
              Boys can start full boarding at Prep from Grade 3.                       encourage early and timeous application.

              IS CHAPEL COMPULSORY?                                                    IS BISHOPS THE MOST EXPENSIVE SCHOOL IN SOUTH
              The school welcomes and accepts boys of all denominations who            AFRICA?
              are happy to attend Anglican Christian worship in the chapel.            No, according to the Independent Schools of South Africa (ISASSA)
              Where designated, Chapel services will be compulsory for all             Directory 2005, we are the 14th most expensive independent school
              boys and staff will be encouraged to participate in chapel as they       in South Africa.
              fulfill their tasks as role models.
                                                                                       IS BISHOPS FOR BOYS ONLY?
                                                                                       Yes, but girls can be admitted to Post Matric.

On the beat               Rugby today at Bishops      1926 First XV                            St Basil’s group                                 Aerial view of Bishops

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