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									                       Girl Guides of Canada (GGC), Ontario Council
                       2011 Summer Camp VOLUNTEER Application
                 You must be 18 years of age or older by the first day of the camp program
                                  you’re applying for to be considered.

Section One – Personal Information
Name:              ____________________________________________________________

Mailing Address (where your contract will be sent to in):



Do you currently reside at this address? (circle one please):              Yes              No
If No, please indicate the address where you currently reside as well as the date you will stop living there (this is
usually applicable to students who are away at college or university):

Phone numbers: Home:         __________           Cell: _____________           Work: ___________

Email address: ____________________________________________________________
(please note that almost all of our communication with you will be via email so ensure our domain name,
“”, is identified by your email server as “safe” so we don’t end up in your junk mail)

Are you a Member of GGC? (circle one please):               Yes       No        iMIS number:__________

On your first day of volunteering, will you be 18 years of age or older?(circle one please): Yes No
         (At any Girl Guide program or event, including camps, we have to keep set ratios to ensure that we are meeting national Girl Guide
         standards for risk management. Only individuals aged 18 or older can be counted in these ratios. Volunteers must be 18 years of
         age or older at the time of camp)

Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council understands its obligations under the Human Rights Code and provides
accommodation for special needs wherever possible. However, please read the position descriptions carefully and
consider whether you have any medical conditions that might prevent you from safely and adequately performing
the duties in a way that ensures the safety of yourself, the campers and your co-workers.

Section Two – Camps & Availability
Please place an “X” to identify the days of camp(s) you want to volunteer and at which camp program
Camp Adelaide, Haliburton, Ontario

          Friday                15-Jul                Saturday              30-Jul                 Sunday              14-Aug
          Saturday              16-Jul                Sunday                31-Jul                 Monday              15-Aug
          Sunday                17-Jul                Monday                1-Aug                  Tuesday             16-Aug
          Monday                18-Jul                Tuesday               2-Aug                  Wednesday           17-Aug
          Tuesday               19-Jul                Wednesday             3-Aug                  Thursday            18-Aug
          Wednesday             20-Jul                Friday                5-Aug                  Friday              19-Aug
          Friday                22-Jul                Saturday              6-Aug                  Saturday            20-Aug
          Saturday              23-Jul                Sunday                7-Aug                  Sunday              21-Aug
          Sunday                24-Jul                Monday                8-Aug                  Monday              22-Aug
          Monday                25-Jul                Tuesday               9-Aug                  Tuesday             23-Aug
          Tuesday               26-Jul                Wednesday            10-Aug                  Wednesday           24-Aug
          Wednesday             27-Jul                Thursday             11-Aug                  Thursday            25-Aug
          Friday                29-Jul                Friday               12-Aug                  Friday              26-Aug
                                                      Saturday             13-Aug                  Saturday            27-Aug
Section Two – Camps & Availability (continued)
Please place an “X” to identify the days of camp(s) you want to volunteer and at which camp program
Doe Lake, Sprucedale, Ontario
               Friday                1-Jul            Monday              18-Jul            Friday      12-Aug
               Saturday              2-Jul            Tuesday             19-Jul            Saturday    13-Aug
               Sunday                3-Jul            Wednesday           20-Jul            Sunday      14-Aug
               Monday                4-Jul            Thursday            21-Jul            Monday      15-Aug
               Tuesday               5-Jul            Friday              22-Jul            Tuesday     16-Aug
               Wednesday             6-Jul            Saturday            23-Jul            Wednesday   17-Aug
               Thursday              7-Jul            Sunday              24-Jul            Thursday    18-Aug
               Friday                8-Jul            Monday              25-Jul            Friday      19-Aug
               Saturday              9-Jul            Tuesday             26-Jul            Saturday    20-Aug
               Sunday               10-Jul            Wednesday           27-Jul            Sunday      21-Aug
               Monday               11-Jul            Thursday            28-Jul            Monday      22-Aug
               Tuesday              12-Jul            Friday              29-Jul            Tuesday     23-Aug
               Wednesday            13-Jul            Saturday            30-Jul            Wednesday   24-Aug
               Thursday             14-Jul            Sunday              7-Aug             Thursday    25-Aug
               Friday               15-Jul            Monday              8-Aug             Friday      26-Aug
               Saturday             16-Jul            Tuesday             9-Aug             Saturday    27-Aug
               Sunday               17-Jul            Wednesday          10-Aug
                                                      Thursday           11-Aug

    Woolsey, Ottawa, Ontario
             Friday           1-Jul               Monday             11-Jul            Thursday         21-Jul
             Saturday         2-Jul               Tuesday            12-Jul            Friday           22-Jul
             Sunday           3-Jul               Wednesday          13-Jul            Saturday         23-Jul
             Monday           4-Jul               Thursday           14-Jul            Sunday           24-Jul
             Tuesday          5-Jul               Friday             15-Jul            Monday           25-Jul
             Wednesday        6-Jul               Saturday           16-Jul            Tuesday          26-Jul
             Thursday         7-Jul               Sunday             17-Jul            Wednesday        27-Jul
             Friday           8-Jul               Monday             18-Jul            Thursday         28-Jul
             Saturday         9-Jul               Tuesday            19-Jul            Friday           29-Jul
             Sunday          10-Jul               Wednesday          20-Jul            Saturday         30-Jul

    Wyoka, Clifford, Ontario
            Friday                1-Jul             Tuesday            19-Jul          Friday            5-Aug
            Saturday              2-Jul             Wednesday          20-Jul          Saturday          6-Aug
            Sunday                3-Jul             Thursday           21-Jul          Sunday            7-Aug
            Monday                4-Jul             Friday             22-Jul          Monday            8-Aug
            Tuesday               5-Jul             Saturday           23-Jul          Tuesday           9-Aug
            Wednesday             6-Jul             Sunday             24-Jul          Wednesday        10-Aug
            Thursday              7-Jul             Monday             25-Jul          Thursday         11-Aug
            Friday                8-Jul             Tuesday            26-Jul          Friday           12-Aug
            Saturday              9-Jul             Wednesday          27-Jul          Saturday         13-Aug
            Sunday               10-Jul             Thursday           28-Jul          Sunday           14-Aug
            Monday               11-Jul             Friday             29-Jul          Monday           15-Aug
            Tuesday              12-Jul             Saturday           30-Jul          Tuesday          16-Aug
            Wednesday            13-Jul             Sunday             31-Jul          Wednesday        17-Aug
            Thursday             14-Jul             Monday             1-Aug           Thursday         18-Aug
            Friday               15-Jul             Tuesday            2-Aug           Friday           19-Aug
            Saturday             16-Jul             Wednesday          3-Aug           Saturday         20-Aug
            Sunday               17-Jul             Thursday           4-Aug
            Monday               18-Jul
Section Three – Position(s)
Please identify the position(s) you would like to be considered for by checking the box(es) on the left hand side of the chart.
  Roles                                 Examples of Responsibilities (See position descriptions for more details)
  Site Counsellor with                  Stay on site or in a building supervising girls but also assist in the
  Specialty of Arts Programs            areas of Visual Arts, Crafts, Drama, Music, Music Theatre, and/or Dance during program times.
                                        Stay on site or in a building supervising girls but also assist in the areas of Games,
  Site Counsellor with
                                        Camp Craft/Camping Skills (lighting fires, building shelters), Hiking, Nature Studies, and/or
  Specialty of Land Programs            Environmental Activities during program times.
                                        Stay on site or in a building supervising girls but also assist in the areas of quartermaster, cooking,
  Food Services Support                 prepping, cutting, chopping, cleaning during the day. At Camp Woolsey, you will stay on site
  (Mid week and weekend)                with the counselling staff and campers.
                                        Stay on site or in a building (depending on the camp) supervising girls but also assist in the areas
  Site Support
                                        of cleaning and other light duties based on interest, skills and capabilities during the day while girls
  (Mid week and weekend)                are in programming
                                        Our weekends are still a great time for programs. We have stay over nights for girls who are
  Weekend Program Staff                 bridging tow, one-week programs AND we have terrific (and very popular) Mom & Me programs
                                        as well as Family Camps.
                                        Medical intake, medication dispension, assessing wellness, recommending medical follow up,
  Camp Nurse                            lice checks, and wellness checks.

                                        Please describe what you would like to do at camp (e.g. mid-week Mom & Me Counsellor/Instructor):

  Other Volunteer Position

What other skills sets, qualifications, experience or talents should we know about so we can best place you at camp?

Section Four – References    (only necessary for NON-GUIDING MEMBERS)
Please provide three references that can speak to your suitability for the position(s) you have applied for. These should not be family
                  Name                    Reel Relationship                          Daytime contact information

Section Five – Terms, Signature and Contact Information
I have read the job description(s) for the position(s) that I have applied for. I verify that I meet all qualifications defined. I acknowledge
that it is my responsibility to produce documentation of my qualifications before GGC can consider me for the position(s). I verify that all
information contained in this application is true and accurate that the time of submission.

Date of Application:         ____________ Signature of Applicant:              _____________________________________

Return applications to:
Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council                     
Summer Camps Volunteer Applications
14 Birch Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M4V 1C8                           Fax: 416 920 1440

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