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     P.O.Box 534,Toronto, ON., M3C 2S2       SPRING 2006



2006 EARLY BIRD FEE                            IN THE WIND FOR 2006...
     DEADLINE...                         2006 INSTRUCTION AND KIDS CAMP
      MARCH 31                                   2006 HATTERAS TRIP
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                                                TWC’s MISSION STATEMENT
Toronto Windsurfing Club is a not-for-profit association located in Toronto’s Outer Harbour, managed by
volunteer members and dedicated to safe, friendly and enjoyable windsurfing for all members. Our focus is to
promote and facilitate recreational and competitive windsurfing from beginners to seasoned sailors.


                                                                                                                                                        photo Tom Mae
Like windsurfing boards, your Board of Directors is changing. (getting shorter and wider?)
Jon Matthews is TWC’s new president, making Jon president of Canadian Masters Windsurfing Association,
windsurfing representative and co-ordinator for Ontario Sailing and President of Canada’s biggest windsurfing
club, TWC! Congratulations and thanks Jon!
Jerry Caplan replaces Jon as one of two vice-presidents and Bill Quantock moves to communications director
after five years as TWC president.
Thanks to Director Shirin Zehatabeard who retired during 2005 when she moved to San Francisco. Shirin sent
us an e-mail recently letting us know that she’s had some back problems that are aggravated by windsurfing.
We wish her well in her recovery.
Welcome new Board members Tom Mae, Ray Nalchigar and Roland Ujj! For a complete list of Director
responsibilities, visit
                                                                    2006… YEAR OF THE UNKNOWN LEASE FOR TWC
IN THE WIND FOR 2006...                                             (Bill Quantock reporting)
                                                                    TWC is positioned for a year of growth and/or consolidation in
                                                                    2006…depending largely on the status of our lease with the City of
  NEW WEBSITE TO GO LIVE AT                                         Toronto. It’s still unclear when or if the ‘move in six months at our own
       END OF MONTH                                                 expense’ clause will be removed from our lease, and as the planning for
Tom Mae has been working diligently to                              Toronto’s new waterfront crawls forward, all the Outer Harbour Sailing
update TWC’s present website. Look for the                          Federation clubs (TWC included) are left in a lurch of uncertainty as far as
new version to go live at the end of March!                         their lease with the City goes.
                                                                    2005 proved a year of growth for TWC, based on a continuation of the
                                                                    programs in place in 2004. Membership grew from roughly 390 to over 500
NEW LOGO DEBUTS                                                     (ed. note We can probably now claim to be Canada’s largest windsurfing
Designed by a TWCer, (we’ll                                         club!) and TWC was able to replace much of the bank balance that had
get you the name next issue)                                        been eaten up by the building of the clubhouse.
the new logo is self-                                               Over the winter months, your Board of Directors carefully defined and
explanatory. Look closely on                                        researched the legalities and costs of hiring a site manager and after
the sail of the new logo and                                        considerable soul searching and debate decided that they weren’t quite
you’ll find the old TWC logo.                                       ready to spend $7000 to hire a site manager to look after the site of a club
Used by the club for many                                           whose mission statement reads “managed by volunteer members”. This
years, the T of the old logo                                        debate may return.
represented windsurfer sails                                          Several programs which will or may take place this year were also
and wind. The W of the old                                          planned over the winter months. An ambitious new Learn to Windsurf
logo represented waves and                                          Program put in place by new head instructor Tom Mae, and an exciting
the C with its rays                                                 Kids Windsurfing Camp planned by Andree Gauthier, will almost certainly
represented the sun...key                                           attract new members.
elements in our sport. The old                                      Plans to lease more space from the City and to move our already
logo has been preserved in                                          purchased extra storage containers to the site will allow significant growth
the new one!                                                        when and if the new lease permits it. Stay tuned for updates on this one!
                                                                    So, the 2006 forecast? …About as certain as wind forecasts, with the
TWC NEWBIE (and oldie) SITE GUIDE                                   biggest unknown variable being our lease with the City of Toronto…

        So you've joined TWC and you're eager to enjoy all the club and site have to offer. You're not sure what you can do to help the club function; OR
        you've been a member so long, you remember when there were three other windsurfing clubs on Cherry (Clarke) Beach. You've forgotten all
        about how you're supposed to help your club function…either way, keep reading…
WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT TWC (continue or start smiling)
   1.   Park reasonably close to other cars. Parking can get tight at windy, lesson, event or race times. Display your TWC parking
        permit on your dash/rear view mirror. TWC has the right to deny parking to non-members. Lock your vehicle while you're sailing. Do not hide
        your keys on top of your front tire. Everybody knows you do that because they do it too.
    2. Lock your bicycle to something outside the clubhouse. We're proud of the maple paneling inside the building.
WHILE YOU'RE THERE (keep on smiling)
    3.Feel free to use the kitchen facilities including the west wall fridge. If you use the south wall fridge be prepared to share your food! There is no
        running water at our site. Bring your own or buy bottled water from the club (south wall) fridge. There is no drain attached to the kitchen
        sink…don't pour liquids down the kitchen sink!
    4. Be aware that TWC has no liquor licence. The Club and/or its members cannot serve or sell alcohol.
    5. If possible, lock your belongings while you're sailing. Incidents of theft have been rare, but they happen.
    6. Put your rigged monofilm sails in the shade while you're not sailing…your sails will last a lot longer and so will the grass.
WHEN YOU LEAVE (continue to smile and grin from ear to ear…automatic on windy days)
    7   .Take all your belongings with you…don't leave them in the clubhouse. (Look in the lost and found basket in the east change room if you forget!)
    8. Leave the clubhouse/grounds the way you found them or in better shape…take your re-cycling home, including glass bottles, cans and
        cardboard. There is no re-cycling pick up at TWC. Put garbage in the container on the lawn…
    9. If you're last to leave, be sure you've locked everything that's still unlocked including the clubhouse, unlocked storage containers, the washroom
        enclosure and the gate.
                               Regardless of all else, have fun while you're at TWC and if in doubt, ask…someone will know!
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                                           INVITATION TO RACE AT TWC
                                           Come on down and join the Wednesday night racing fun at TWC! Racing starts
                                           promptly at 6:00 a.m., the first Wednesday night in May and continues every
                                           Wed. night until the end of Sept.! Two, three or four (depending on how long we
                                           have daylight) races are run each night with courses generally being I
                                           courses…(straight upwind-downwind). Racers are assigned to Gold, Red, Blue or
                                           White fleets depending on experience and there are races going on within every
                                           race! Racing is followed by a de-brief over burgers and your favourite beverage
                                           and only lightning or a complete absence of wind will keep TWC’s fleet off the
                                           water! If course racing isn’t your thing watch the website for more info on TWC’s
                                           GPS Speed Challenge and the Outer Harbour Challenge! See you on the water!
                                           Questions? Ask new race director Paul Carr!

RACING WINDSURFERS (Bill Mackenzie, Jon Matthews,Bill Quantock)
 "Organized" windsurfer racing is and continues to get more bewildering with time. Here's our updated(from 2004) review with an
invitation to come on down and join the fun on Wednesday nights at TWC or try the Mammoth Marathon, Outer Harbour Challenge or
TWC's GPS Top Speed Challenge. (soon to be revived!)

OLYMPIC (RS:X) RACING (5+ knots) Beijing in 2008 will mark the first Olympics in which
the RS:X board and rig are used. Chosen in 2005, so that Olympic equipment would be
closer to what modern recreational windsurfers generally use, the RS:X is a cross between a
traditional longboard and a formula board, capturing strengths from both styles. Men use 9.5
sails and women use 8.5 sails. Courses can be a variety of configurations and many
regattas include RS:X only races leading up to Beijing 2008. A few racers at TWC are
already sailing their own RS:X’s. A few RS:X’s may be available for experienced racers to
borrow during the 2006 season. Check with racer Mike Keltz.

                                               LONGBOARD RACING (3-30 knots) eg. TWC Wed nights, OSA… Race courses vary
                                               but usually include an upwind and downwind component. Light summer winds make One
                                               Designs, Equipes, Mega Cats,
                                               Lightnings (all longboards 230-290 litres) the usual choice for TWC's Wednesday night
                                               racing. Almost any sail size is acceptable. (You don't have to be an Olympian to
                                               participate here! Everyone's welcome!)

FORMULA RACING (8-25 knots) eg Ontario and Quebec Formula Series,
Metre-wide boards (130-160 litres), huge sails and fins allow formula racers to
plane upwind and downwind in relatively light winds. Courses typically include
an upwind and downwind component. A few of our members compete on
formula boards at Ontario races and on rare occasions, Formula boards
have competed in TWC’s Wed night racing.
                                                        SLALOM (SHORT) BOARD RACING (15-30 knots) eg Maui Slalom
                                                        Series, PWA
                                                        "Slalom" racing requires more wind than the others as boards are smaller and
                                                        really only work well when they can plane. Boards tend to be 90-120 litres and
                                                        sails vary from 5-7.5 metres depending on wind. Courses tend to be a series of
                                                        linked reaches (perpendicular to slightly off the wind). Only a couple of our
                                                        TWC members compete formally in this style of racing. Long time TWC
                                                        members, Ted and Norah Hunter, who even tied the knot at the TWC beach,
                                                        and who make an annual trek to Maui for the slalom season come to mind.
                                                        Informally, TWC shortboarders race off Cherry Beach, every time there's
                                                        enough east or southwest wind! There was even an easterly blowing on Ted

LONG DISTANCE RACING (any wind will do!) eg. Mammoth Marathon, Black Dog Classic, HI HO
…Racers use all kinds of windsurfers in long distance racing, the choice being determined by local wind and water conditions. TWC's
“Mammoth” Marathon (24th this year!) takes racers around the Toronto Islands (about 25km) and except for 1992, when Steve Jarrett
won the Mammoth on a Mistral Explosion slalom board in southwesterly winds gusting to 30 knots, the longboard has proven fastest
around the Toronto Islands. The Black Dog Classic takes racers around Martha's Vineyard and the HI HO (Hook In, Hold ON!) bases
itself on several large sailing catamarans which serve as home to windsurfers as they race through the Caribbean for over a week!
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SCHOOL(windsurfing that is)’S ‘IN’ FOR THE SUMMER!
(and May, June and September!)

Tom Mae, TWC’s new head instructor has organized big changes
and a great Learn to Windsurf (LTW) program for 2006! Highlights of
changes include two paid instructors (Simon is back to be joined by
Ian Matthews) instead of one, significantly greater availability of
lessons, four lesson modules leading to a passport to windsurf
certificate (allows holders to rent TWC equipment for practice
sessions) , soon to happen sign up on line for LTW lessons , more
volunteer instructors, and improved safety and equipment for
students! Equipment rental prices will go up to $20 per lesson this
year…still one of the best recreation bargains in Toronto! For a
detailed description of the program, a schedule and sign up
instructions, read Tom’s article in this issue of Dirt or visit and
navigate to the instruction pages. Thanks and congratulations Tom!
Should be a banner season!

Heartfelt thanks to retiring head instructor Andree Gauthier who took
over TWC’s Windsurfing School for the last three seasons and grew
both the school and TWC big time! Andree has moved on to tackle
the organization of a 2006 Kids Summer Windsurfing Camp for 10-
14 year olds at TWC, July 10-14 and/or 17-21. For details visit and
navigate to the Kids Summer Camp pages or visit for details.
Good luck with the kids Andree!

 To all new windsurfers........Think twice, and then think
 two more times about borrowing someone else's wetsuit! -
 Bob Rowland

                                                       KIDS CAMP 2006…WATER FUN FOR KIDS AT TWC!
                                                       Retired instruction program director Andree Gauthier, has moved
                                                       on to pursue a pet project…a Windsurfing Day Camp for kids at
                                                       TWC! For a very competitive fee, kids ages 12 and up will be
                                                       able to attend a day camp focused on windsurfing from July 10-
                                                       14 and/or July 17-21! Instruction will be provided by CYA
                                                       qualified instructors and camp will run Mon-Fri from 9:30 a.m.
                                                       –3:00 p.m..
                                                       Planned Activities include
                                                       Dryland training
                                                       On water practice
                                                       Safe boating education
                                                       Understanding wind and weather
                                                       Rigging and de-rigging
                                                       Sailing knots
                                                       Tacking, jibing, points of sail
                                                       BBQ, friendship t-shirt exchange & fun race
                                                       Opportunity to participate in Wednesday night race series if skill
                                                       level sufficient
                                                       For more details visit
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TWC's LEARN TO WINDSURF PROGRAM 2006 (Head Instructor Tom Mae reporting)

                                                                                                          photo Tom Mae
Welcome to the 2006 learn to windsurf summer season at the Toronto Windsurfing Club!
To take lessons, or borrow practice boards, a TWC membership is required. This can be taken
Out at the same time as signing up for lessons.
Guiding principles for the 2006 season are:
1. Safety first. Safety of yourself, Safety of others, Safety of equipment (yours and others).
         Windsurf no farther than you can rescue yourself!
         Sail with a buddy
         There is a limited boundary for the learn to windsurf program this year that keeps you closer to the instruction staff.
2. Four Lesson Instruction Modules Lessons are pre-booked in groups of four for a cost of $80 and there is a deposit of $20
required for each lesson which is refundable when undamaged equipment is returned back to the locker.
Our Instructors are CYA certified and will teach all essential skills from rigging through to windsurfing on water. Participants should be
in good health, comfortable in the water and must wear a lifejacket while on the water. The lessons are part classroom, simulator on
land as well as on the water where you practice the skills taught. Four lessons are usually adequate for learning the basic skills needed
to enjoy the sport. Candidates who complete a theoretical/practical exam at the end of the teaching module will be given a passport to
windsurf card. With this card members can book time on a practice board for $20 per session( same cost as lessons). TWC practice
boards are for use within the practice windsurfing boundaries. These boards are made available for an additional season beyond the
year you acquire your passport to practice card. By the end of a practice season a student is usually ready to buy more challenging
equipment. It is expected that a practice session student has the skills needed to rig, get themselves out onto the water and back. The
first series of classes starts on June 3rd and the last series finishes on Sept 4th.
3. Additional Lessons
A student can book an additional set of 4 lessons if desired to hone the skills needed for this exhilarating sport. We encourage students
to practice the skills taught between lessons if they can find the time and a practice session slot available. We teach lessons regardless
of the weather.
4. Practice Sessions
Practice sessions are held everyday at the same times as lessons. Practice boards are available on a first come first served basis ( so
arrive early!). The cost for a practice session is $20 plus a refundable $20 deposit. Please bring your own wet-suit booties if you can as
we have limited selection of water shoes available. On Saturdays and Sundays we have a morning lesson and practice class starting at
10 am and an afternoon lesson and practice class at 130pm (the classes are 3 hrs in length). Weekday lessons are Tuesday and
Thursday afternoons at 5:30 p.m. and Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m. Practice sessions start June 3rd and finish on Sept 23rd. There is a
practice session on Wednesday evenings at 5:30 p.m. with a 15 minute introduction to race and tip session for the fun-race that starts
at 6pm sharp on the water. We encourage all members to try this Fun race that hones your skills and challenges yourself against the

               It's the shear joy of complete humiliation that keeps us windsurfers going! - Bob Rowland

Nearly 40 sailors have signed up, filling TWC’s five Island                                                               Cherry Beach, Nov. 13,2005
Creek (one of Cape Hatteras’ premier windsurfing locations)
homes for 2006. Bitterly cold and brutally windy early April
weeks in 2004 and 2005 forced us to move one week later in
the year, so that this year TWC will be in Hatteras April 15-29,
looking for more moderate winds and temperatures! Our new
dates overlap the Barrie Windsurfing Association’s Hatteras trip
                                                                       photo Bill Quantock

dates and we’re working on a get-together for the two groups
while we’re both in Hatteras. This is one of the best
opportunities you’ll ever find to improve your windsurfing skills
in a really user-friendly environment. If you’re interested, visit
the Hatteras pages on TWC’s website We have a waiting list
for 2006.
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 Here are some of the almost
 100 TWC members and
 guests who enjoyed
 themselves at the Annual
 Dinner Dance at Ashbridge’s
 Bay Yacht Club last November
 12. A great time was had by
 all. Thanks to hostesses Joey
 Schooley, Barb Fydell,
 Antonella Mega and Hamid
 Ghassemi-Shall who did a
 great job organizing the
 evening for us! Thanks also to
 photographer Masao Abe who
 takes pleasure in doing the
 annual AGM photos! This
 year’s event should be easy to
 remember...November 11,

                                     2006 WINDSURFING CALENDAR

March 18,19 Boardsports (BS) Swap
March 31 – Deadline for TWC Early Bird applications
April 1 – Silent Sports (SS) Swap
April 15-29 – TWC Hatteras Weeks
April 22,23 –BS Swap
April 22- May 06 – Barrie Windsurfing Association Hatteras Weeks
May 1 – usual date for new locks installation at TWC
May 03- Sept 27 – Wednesday Night Racing at TWC (6pm)
May 06 – SS Swap
May 13-14 – TWC hosts "Sailing Skills Clinic" to help potential Instructor candidates gain certification
May 20,21 – BS Swap
May 20-22 – TWC hosts 3 day course leading to "OSA/CYA Learn to Windsurf (level 1) Instructor" certification
May 27 – Learn to Windsurf (LTW) lessons begin at TWC
May 26-28 CMWA Spring Get Together Clinic, Port Bolster:       Stephanie Todd 905-953-8331
June 03 – SS Swap
June 3-4 Toledo (Ohio) Regatta : Rod Clevenger
June 10,11 – BS Swap
June 10-11 – OSA Regatta 1 and Boardfest at TWC
June 17-18 Women’s Clinic: Stephanie Todd 905-953-8331
July 01-04 – OSA Regatta 2 and Canadian Windsurfing Championships in Kingston
July 08 – SS Swap
July 10-14, 17-21 – TWC Kids Windsurfing Camps at TWC
July 15, 16 – BS Swap
August 04-07 – OSA Regatta 3 with Canadian Masters Windsurfing Association Championships – Orillia ON
August 12 – SS Swap
Aug 19,20 – BS Swap
Sept. 09-10 OSA Regatta 4 with 24th Mammoth Marathon at TWC
Sept 9,10 – BS Swap
Sept.15-17 CMWA Fall Wrap-Up (& Women's Clinic on 16th) at Port Bolster, ON:
Sept. 16 – SS swap
Sept. 23-24 – (tentative) Last weekend for LTW program
Oct. 4 - TWC Wed Race Wrap Up
Nov. 11 – AGM Dinner Dance (tentative)

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