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					                        BACKUPS & MAINTENANCE SUBSCRIPTION FORM

Company Name / Trading Name :
Company / CC Reg Number :                                               VAT Number:

                                               PRIMARY USER DETAILS
Physical Address :

Telephone :      (      )                                    Fax:        (     )
Primary Contact First Name :                                 Last Name :
ID Number :                                                  Position :
Email Address :                                              Cell Number :

                                       BILLING CONTACT / PAYMENT DETAILS

Billing Contact First Name :                                            Last Name:
ID Number :                                                             Cell Number:
Telephone : (         )                                                 Fax: (     )
Bank Account Number :                                                   Bank :
Branch :                                                                Branch Code :
Billing Email Address :                                                 Account Type :
Sevice Commencement (dd/mm/yyyy) :

                                         PLEASE TICK APROPRIATE ITEMS
Option 1                       Maintenance - 1 x CALLOUT (1 HOUR)                   per month Incl VAT

Option 2                       Maintenance - 2 x CALLOUT (2 HOUR)                   per month Incl VAT

Option 3                       Maintenance - 3 x CALLOUT (3 HOUR)                   per month Incl VAT

Option 4                       Maintenance - __ x CALLOUT (___ HOUR)                per month Incl VAT

Option 5                       Backups (Off-Site ) Daily                            per month Incl VAT

Option 6                       Revelation Support Contract                          per month Incl VAT

                 TOTAL SERVICE SUBSCRIPTION IN THE AMOUNT OF :               0.00

                              ALL PRICES QUOTED ARE INCLUSIVE OF VAT

Authorised Signature : _____________________________         on this day_________ of _______________20____
                                            BACKUP CONTRACT TERMS & CONDITIONS

a)    That the words to this contract have the meaning of the words they say and not any implied meaning open for interpretation unless stipulated.
b)    That the Client agrees that the Provider is to conduct regular data backup’s of critical specified data of the client from time to
     time as stipulated on the schedule (p3). The Client also agrees to instruct the Provider as to the specific's of the data to be backed up.
c)    That the data be checked by the provider on a regular basis (weekly) for data integrity (meaning that the data is not damaged or altered
     from their original status)
d)    That the data of the client be scanned with the industry standard Virus software for integrity and consistency in order to ensure that
     the client be alerted within no longer than a week of the status of his data if the data has been jeopardized by any malicious file structure.
e)    That the Provider will not be held responsible for any damage caused by computer viruses or malicious file structures.
f)    That the Provider will at its discretion, send a copy of the data to the client
g)    That the Provider will hold at least 3 months of data on his server.
     That the Client will be paying the Provider via a Debit order system in advance.
h)     That the data will be charged for in sections of hard drive space used on the server but no less than R____________Excl VAT. Payable
      in advance, with an annual escalation of no more than 10%.
i)    That the Client is liable for the resources used to connect the client and the off-site server. (e.g. The Telkom line & fees used
     to connect between the two services)
j)    That the contract will be for a period of 12 Months. The contract will continue on an ongoing basis their after for another period of
     12 Months unless written notification is given 2 months before the contract expires. This arrangement will continue until cancelled in writing.
k)     The Provider will have at least 72 Hours to restore the data from the time that the client notifies the Provider of the damage or loss.
l)    That the Provider will not be responsible for the restoring of the program that controls the data, but only for the data itself.
     (e.g. My Documents will be restored but not MS Office or Windows if stipulated in the schedule)
m)   That the Provider will be at liberty to withhold data in the case of outstanding accounts from the client
n)   That the Provider may terminate the contract at his own discretion (e.g. unsafe or undesired data being received from the client)
     with a 30 day written notice period.
o)   That the client declares with the signing of this contract that all data on his systems or network are legal and accepts responsibility
     for any unlicensed software.
p)   That the Provider will not be held responsible for any failure of data backups due to hardware problems or any other failure on the
     side of the Client, preventing the backup’s from taking place.
q)   That the Client undertakes to safe-guard their PC’s from any possible damage resulting from the backup schedule timing and
     conditions and that the Provider will not be held responsible for such damage. (e.g. Lighting arresters on the telephone lines)
r)   That the data will be encrypted and not be usable or used other than for backup purposes for the client intended.
s)   That the Client is renting the software used to perform the Backup’s
t)   The client will by written amendment to the schedule inform the Provider if new data, different to the attached schedule, must be
     added for backup. The provider will not be held responsible if not properly notified via the amended Schedule

Signed at__________________on this_______________day of____________20………….

                   (                                              )                         (                                            )
                   For and on behalf of “the Client”                                        For and on behalf of “the Provider”

                   (                                              )                         (                                            )
                   Witness                                                                  Witness
Backup & Maintenance Contract Debit Order Authorisation & Agreement
* By Selecting the debit order option, I/we hereby request and authorise you to draw against my/our account with
  the above mentioned bank (or any bank or branch to wich I/we may transfer my/our account, any fixed
  amount pertaining to this agreement. This being the amount(s) necessary for the payment deu to you in respect
  of our purchases/contract/agreement
* All such withdrawals from my/our bank account by you shall be treated as though the had been
  signed by me/us personally
* I/we the undersigned; "instruct" and auhtorise Omega Computers, to draw against my/our account with
  the abovementioned bank the service fee amount(s) selected in the above pages. I/we understand the the
  withdrawals authorised here will be processed by Omega Computers and I/we also understand that details of each
  withdrawal will be printed om my/our bank statement.
* I/we agree to pay any bank charges to this debit order instruction. I/we agree that should the debit order
  be returned due to insufficient funds or another reason caused on my/our part; I/we will have to pay the
  outstanding amount maually before normal opperation will resume
* This authority may be cancelled by means of giving thirty (30) days notice in writing, faxed to 0114524113,
  but I/we understand the I/we shall not be entitled to any refunds of amounts, which you have withdrawn whilst
  this authority is in force if such amounts were legally owing to you

I/we hereby authorise Omega Computers to effect the drawing(s) against my/our account on the due date
with the amount of R_______________ payable on the first working day of each month from the
1st of _____________ 2010 until further notice

Authorised Signature : _____________________________               on this day_________ of _______________20____

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