Regulatory Compliance in Information Systems Research Literature by MattyWray


									Regulatory Compliance in Information Systems
Research ? Literature Analysis and Research Agenda
Anne Cleven & Robert Winter

After a period of little regulation, many companies are now facing agrowing
number and an increasing complexity of new laws, regulations, andstandards.
This has a huge impact on how organizations conduct their dailybusiness and
involves various changes in organizational and governance structures,software
systems and data flows as well as corporate culture, organizationalpower and
communication. We argue that the implementation of aholistic compliance
cannot be divided into isolated projects, but instead requiresa thorough
analysis of relevant components as well as an integrated design ofthe very
same. This paper examines the state-of-the-art of compliance researchin the
field of information systems (IS) by means of a comprehensive
literatureanalysis. For the systemization of our results we apply a holistic
framework forenterprise analysis and design. The framework allows us to both
point out focusareas as well as less travelled roads and derive a future research
agendafor compliance research.

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Name der Konferenz                Workshop on Business Process Modeling,
                                  Development, and Support (BPMDS) (Amsterdam,
Datum der Konferenz               2009

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