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  Estè Coetzer at 082 715 0603 /
                       For bookings, contact
      Veronika Smook at 082 554 9402/

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             DIRECTIONS TO
                  OPEN ART ACADEMY
                       GPS Co-ordinates : 25°53'29.48" S / 28°12'33.87"E

                          Log onto : for a map

From Johannesburg
• Take the N1 to Polokwane.
• Take the John Vorster Drive offramp.
• Turn right into John Vorster.
• Continue with John Vorster – going past the Centurion Golf Estate on your left, and then over a traffic
   light past Southdowns Shopping Centre on your right.
• The Open Window is situated at the traffic circle at the end of the road, on the right-hand side.

From Polokwane/Witbank
•       Take the N1 to Johannesburg.
•       Take the John Vorster Drive offramp.
•       Turn right into John Vorster.
• Continue with John Vorster – going past the Centurion Golf Estate on your left, and then over a traffic
   light past Southdowns Shopping Centre on your right.
• The Open Window is situated at the traffic circle at the end of the road, on the right-hand side.

                  CONVENTION COSTS
                                                                  CEC’S                       SAWFA
Full Weekend Early Bird Discount – Friday, Saturday and
                                                                    10         R750.00          R900.00
Sunday (if paid on or before 15 February 2011)
Full Weekend – Friday, Saturday and Sunday (if paid from 16
                                                                    10         R800.00         R1,000.00
February 2011 onwards)
One Day – Friday                                                    2½         R300.00          R400.00
One Day – Saturday                                                   5         R500.00          R600.00
One Day – Sunday                                                    2½         R300.00          R400.00
Please bring with you :
• Noodle
• Aqua shoes / towelling socks (pool floor is tiled and slippery)
• Extra towels and swimming costumes
• A lock for lockers, where you can lock personal items up
• Extra water
        SAWFA (Central) reserves the right to change the programme if and where necessary.
                            Friday – 4 March 2011
11h00 – 12h00
                                             Light lunch in the Academy’s garden
12h00 – 12h15                                              Welcome
12h15 – 13h00     Lecture                   An inspiring talk on finances                  Dries Bekker
13h00 – 13h45     Lecture                     Aqua for Pregnant Ladies                      Nira Sklair
13h45 – 14h00                              Change into costumes and move to pool
14h00 – 14h30                     Aqua for Pregnant Ladies – a practical application        Nira Sklair
14h30 – 15h30                                  Cross Training gets Wet                      Elsa Storm
                                                  Leave pool and change
15h30 – 16h00
                                                 Tea / Coffee / Light snack
                                  How to deal with Hypertensive clients – general
16h00 – 17h00     Lecture                                                                Dr Tommy Swart
                                        overview and exercise guidelines

                       Saturday – 5 March 2011
07h00 – 07h30   Arrive at venue and enter pool to be ready for “AQUA WAKE UP” pool sessions at exactly 07h30
                    Pool                                                                 Nicoline van der
07h30 – 08h00                                          Cardio Bliss
                 Workout                                                                      Merwe
08h00 – 08h30                                       Suspended Rock                        Hesta de Graaff
08h30 – 09h00                                        Leg & Ab Killer                     Danielia Snyman
                                                      Leave pool and change
09h00 – 09h30
                                                    Tea / Coffee / Light snack
                                 Extreme pain after aqua – nerve irritation prevention
09h30 – 11h00     Lecture      NB : You need to be in your swimming costumes / gym       Riette Landman
                                   wear for this very practical and hands-on lecture
11h30 – 12h00     Lecture                      Aqua Physics – an update                   Dario Bortoloti
12h00 – 12h15                               Change into costumes and move to pool
12h15 – 12h45                        Aqua Physics – a fun and practical application         Bev Rogers
12h45 – 13h15                                           Wall & All                        Kathy Crichton
13h15 – 14h15                                                  Lunch
14h15 – 15h45     Lecture              New mind blowing Anatomical research               Jacqueline Swart
15h45 – 16h00                                Change into costumes and move to pool
                    Pool                                                                 Sue Pamparà and
16h00 – 17h00                                     Circuit of all circuits
                 Workout                                                                       ”Team”
                           Sunday – 6 March 2011
07h00 – 07h30    Arrive at venue and enter pool to be ready for “AQUA KICK-START” pool sessions at exactly 07h30
07h30 – 08h00                                     Redefine – Aqua Abs                         Debbie Gien
08h00 – 08h30                                          Tricep Burn                           Mari Swanepoel
                                                       Leave pool and change
08h30 - 09h00
                                                      Tea / Coffee / Light snack
09h00 – 11h00       Lecture                 The Cutting Edge of Water Fitness                George Mehale
11h00 – 11h15                                 Change into costumes and move to pool
11h15 – 13h15                     The Cutting Edge of Water Fitness – the practical angle    George Mehale

                PRESENTER PROFILES
                                         In order of appearance

Dries Bekker
CV to follow.

Nira Sklair
Has spent the last 20 years working in the health and fitness field, working as an exercise trainer and
remediator. For the past 15 years, she has designed exercise routines for pregnant women, specifically
focused on the use of aquatic methodology and applying her wide range of training and experience.
Nira has completed a 3 year course in Human Movement Study Sciences at the University of the
Witwatersrand. She has done a course on exercises for pregnant women with Tina Otte of “Your
Pregnancy” magazine. She was recently invited to join the Reebok team to facilitate aqua-aerobics
courses and to train aqua-aerobics trainers. Nira has attended several Sensitive Midwifery Symposia,
consisting of a series of ante-natal conferences, given by the Pediatric Institute. She has done numerous
courses in a range of disciplines, including an Alexander course on safety in exercise. Her training in
yoga and yoga breathing adds a holistic facet to her other exercise skills.

Elsa Storm
Is the Founder / President of PAASA (The Professional Aquatic Association of SA), Nike sponsored
athlete, Fitness Coach for Banyana Banyana - previously Kaizer Chiefs, Educational Representative for
Mad Dogg Athletics International. International presenter and instructor / coach trainer. Master
Instructor and program developer - Sports Conditioning, Spinning, Kick Box, Step, and more. She is also
a radio fitness and wellness presenter.

Tommy Swart
CV to follow.

Nicoline van der Merwe
Is a wife and mother of two children, a girl (10) and a boy (14). After being a PRO and Practice Manager
at a local Oncology Practise for many years, she decided to make a change in her life and turned her
passion for fitness and training into her career. She qualified as a Fitness Physician in 2006 at the
Bodyline Fitness Academy and is since then fulltime group and personal trainer. Currently Nicoline is
teaching step, body conditioning, pilates and aqua aerobic classes at various gyms and other associated
institutions. She also has her own practice as personal trainer. Children are another great passion of
hers and she is also involved in coaching sports like athletics, netball and hockey to primary school
learners. When she is not teaching or coaching she enjoys swimming, running, scrapbooking or being in
the outdoors.

Hesta de Graaff
Has been actively involved in group training for 10 years, and she is a qualified trainer in:
•     Aerobics with Institute of Fitness Professionals - 1999
•     Spinning with PAASA - 1999
•     Aqua - 2000
•     Cardio Box - 2002
Hesta specialized in water for the past 10 years, and she was the owner of her own Aqua-fun Gym in
Erasmia at a Mosque from 2002. She has done several presentations for Virgin Active Conferences and
once for SAWFA. She is passionate of water training because of the miracle results she experienced with
her clients in the past 5 years! She loves to spice her class up with fun, challenges, new moves she
invented with her own water training and water equipment. Join in and she will give you 10 reasons
why water is the greatest medium to train in with the best results!

Danielia Snyman
Has been married for 25 years, and she has 2 sons. She was a physical instructor at the SAPS training
college for 10 years, and an Aqua instructor for 10 years at Wayne’s Gym. Danielia represented South
Africa in action netball in Australia. She has had a private gymnasium at home for the past 4 years, and
she is a personal trainer as well as an aqua instructor.

Riëtte Landman
Is a practicing physiotherapist, she obtained a B.Sc degree in 1993 and a B.PhysT degree in 1997, both at
the University of Pretoria. She has been in private practice for the past 9 years, and she used to do a lot
of locum hospital work in and around Pretoria. She did the SAWFA Aquacise Instruction course in 2002,
and she became involved in SAWFA’s administration, serving on the committee. She resigned from this
in 2003 and became much more involved in her own private practice in Moreleta Park. She has done
courses on Pilates on the Ball, The Amazing Nervous System, Respiratory Physiotherapy, Knee Surgery
and Patellofemoral Pain, Cervical Headache Therapy, SI-Joint lower back pain, and Dry Needling
Therapy. She did a post graduate course on Manipulation Therapy at the University of Pretoria. She has
2 boys.

Dario Bortoloti
CV to follow.

Bev Rogers
Has been involved with the water from a very young age when she swam competitively for school and
club teams – she still swims the Midmar Mile and the Germiston 1200 every year! She began teaching
children to swim in 1991 and then qualified as a SAWFA Instructor in 1990. In March 1999 Bev attended
the CALA “Fast Track” Course and has attended many SAWFA Central hosted workshops. Bev was part
of the “Motivating Team” during SAWFA’s Water Treading Record Attempt in September 1997. She has
also presented mentorials to course participants and various pool sessions at workshops. Most of her
Aquacise instruction is done from home in an indoor heated pool with a little being done at a local gym
during the winter.

Kathy Crichton
Started water aerobics in 1990 as one of Bev Roger's clients. She qualified as a SAWFA instructor in
1995, and she has been presenting classes at Bev's school for the past 15 years.
Jacqueline Swart
Completed her undergraduate training at the University of Pretoria in South Africa and qualified as a
Physiotherapist in 1995. She has worked in the UK where she attended various courses and gained more
clinical experience. On her return to South Africa she started her own outpatient as well as hospital
based practice focusing mainly on orthopedic and sport rehabilitation. A part of her practice is a fully
equipped Pilates studio. She is a New York version trained Pilates Instructor and has also done the BASI
Pilates comprehensive training programme. Jacqueline completed her postgraduate degree in
Orthopedic Manual Therapy in 1998, and she was invited back to be a lecturer on the course and has
been doing so since 2000. She has presented various rehabilitation courses for physiotherapists since
2000, and she has presented workshops at the BASI international Pilates symposium in 2007 and in
2009. She also presented lectures at the Dance and Medicine Conference in South Africa in 2008.
Jacqueline qualified as a Performance Stability Accredited Tutor in 2009 and is currently on the Kinetic
Control Instructor Training program and is also a Performance Stability Consultant and Master Trainer.
Jacqueline has a special interest in injury prevention, treating and training athletes, and she has been
using the Performance Stability system for assessment and successfully integrating Pilates exercise in
with athlete’s rehabilitation. In 2009 she traveled to the world championships in Berlin with the South
African athletic team to assist them and treat them in their preparation for the world championships.

Sue Pampará
Is SAWFA’s National Course Co-ordinator after serving as Chairperson of Central Water Fitness
Association (CWFA) for 8 years, and as SAWFA President for 5 years from 2001 to 2006. She qualified
with SAWFA as an Instructor in 1990; in 1993 she obtained an Exercise Science Diploma from the
University of the Witwatersrand; in August 1998 obtained a Hydrotherapy Certificate from PAASA
(Professional Aquatic Association of South Africa) and became a Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
Instructor with the Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa in August 1998. Sue attended the CALA
(Canadian Aquafitness Leaders Alliance) “Fast Track” Course presented by Charlene Kopansky in March
1999; in October 1999 attended the CALA “Aqua Arthritis” Course and “Joint Replacement” Module
presented by Brian Cook and attended the “Pilates Body Control” Workshop presented by Jacquie
Sunley in March 2000. Sue also designs and manufactures swim and Aquacise equipment.

Debbie Gien
Comes from a farming background, and she did modern dancing and ballet while at school and attended
the PS69 school of drama and dance in New York for 2 years. She has always been an avid gym goer and
enjoyed open dance classes. She has 3 children and is a qualified beautician, and she does pro bono
work for her younger daughter’s school, as well as working for her community. Debbie qualified as an
Aqua Instructor in 2002. She presently teaches at the “Essence of Life Centre” in Morningside and at
“Ladies of USA” in Sandton, and she does private one on one classes. Aqua has become her passion.

Mari Swanepoel
Received her HOD and Honours degree in Biokinetics from the University of Potchefstroom in 1985. She
then completed the SAWFA and PAASA Instructors courses. She started her own business, Aqua and
Muscle Dynamic, and aqua school in 1991 where she presents classes in Hydrotherapy, Aquacize, Pilates
and Body conditioning. She is also a qualified swimming instructor.

George Mehale
His M.A degree and 30 years of diverse experience working in different organizations and different
population groups created and developed his style of logical thinking. He is an entrepreneur and always
manages to follow through with the initiated project. Twenty five years experience as an educator,
fitness specialist and business consultant, he has acquired leadership skills and business acumen. In
addition, he encourages participative leadership by positive management and teamwork. George has
gained enormous experience in coaching, teaching at university level, small business consulting,
performance management, and fundraising projects. He also has great experience in management,
strategic planning and conflict resolution. He has steered a youth fitness project and implemented
athletics at various communities. He organized local track and field meets and local road races for
fundraising projects. George poses the ability to communicate, delegate, setup recreational activities
and coordinate youths after school programs.
1986 – 1990: Masters degree in Sports Management and Administration
1979 -1982 University of Texas El Paso- Texas: Bachelor Degree in Physical Education; Minor in Health
Education and Nutrition; Members of ten National Championships Team; Three times All American in
Track and Field
Additional training and certifications: Physical Fitness Specialist- 1985; Water Aerobics Instructor;
NFICED/ACEP 1991; Nx Level Entrepreneurs Program 2008
Author Two Fitness Exercise Books : Deep Water Training and Aerobics 1994; Personal Guide for
Physical Fitness 1998; Training Exercise Log -1999

1.   Early Bird Discounts on Registration Fee (see Registration Form for more details)
     Are applicable :
     •     To FULL WEEKEND registrations only.
     •     If the monies are received / deposited / postmarked 15 February 2011.
     •     To SAWFA and non-SAWFA members.

2.   The Registration Fee includes :
     •    Admission to all lectures and pool sessions (as per your registration).
     •    All convention notes and attendance certificates.
     •    All refreshments and lunches (if applicable as per your registration). NB : Food is Halaal.

3.   Payment details (choose either one option) :
     •   Receipts will not be posted out and will either be :
         ∗ Sent via email; OR
         ∗ Given to you at Registration.
     •   Bank Account details :
         Account Name = SAWFA Central • Bank = FNB • Type of Account = Cheque Account •
         Branch = Olympus Plaza • Branch code = 258155 • Account Number = 62068746084
     •   Post cheque with Registration form to Veronika Smook (address details on registration
     •   EFT or Direct Deposit (please no cash if possible) into SAWFA Central bank account and send
         proof of transfer / deposit either by fax or email or post to address (on registration form)
         with Registration form to Veronika Smook.

4.   Confirmation of your booking :
     It is your responsibility to personally contact Veronika Smook (082) 554-9402 to confirm your
     booking. This is essential because if there is any mishap with the postal / banking system with
     regards to your payment and it is not recorded, it will result in there not being any food,
     convention notes etc available for you.
     This is important and will avoid any problems/inconveniences for all concerned on the day at
     Registration. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

5.   Cancellations and Refunds
     •    Will only be accepted if requests are received in writing before 28 February 2011.
     •    A 30% processing levy will apply to all cancellations.
     •    No refunds after 28 February 2011 or to non-attenders after the Convention.
     •    There will be no exceptions to this cancellation policy.

6.   Canteen
     •    There is a canteen at the Open Window Art Academy from which sweets, cool drinks, light
          meals (toasted sandwiches etc) can be bought.
     •    It is open throughout the day.
 Complete in full, clearly indicating for which day / s you are booking, and send with your proof
 of payment to: Veronika Smook (SAWFA Central Treasurer) • Fax : (012) 997-4912 • Email :
           • PO Box 39009, Moreletapark, 0044
Name:                                                           Tel:

                                                                              Vegetarian Food?

Email address:
                    Yes                   T-shirt size: Circle appropriate size clearly
SAWFA Member?
                    No           SMALL          MEDIUM             LARGE          EXTRA LARGE
Direct deposit into SAWFA Central’s bank account : Account Name = SAWFA Central • Bank = FNB
• Type of Account = Cheque Account • Branch + code = Olympus Plaza - 258155 • Account
Number = 62068746084. NB : You have to confirm receipt of your payment and registration form
with Veronika Smook (see above for contact details)
Please tick appropriate box to indicate your booking preference :
     4, 5 and 6 March 2011 Full Weekend –              4, 5 and 6 March 2011 Full Weekend – Early
     Early Bird SAWFA Member = R750.00                 Bird Non-SAWFA Member = R900.00
     4, 5 and 6 March 2011 Full Weekend –              4, 5 and 6 March 2011 Full Weekend – Non-
     SAWFA Member = R850.00                            SAWFA Member = R1,0000.00
     Friday, 4 March 2011 – SAWFA Member =             Friday, 4 March 2011 – Non-SAWFA
     R300.00                                           Member = R400.00
     Saturday, 5 March 2011 – SAWFA Member             Saturday, 5 March 2011 – Non-SAWFA
     = R500.00                                         Member = R500.00
     Sunday, 6 March 2011 – SAWFA Member               Sunday, 6 March 2011 – Non-SAWFA
     = R300.00                                         Member = R400.00

 (If this portion is not completed and signed, no participation in any pool workouts will be permitted)
• I fully understand that the programme and exercises require rigorous physical activity and I represent
    that my physical condition permits me to safely participate in the “Aqua Fest” Convention hosted by
    SAWFA (Central) on 4, 5 and 6 March 2011. As a condition of being allowed to participate in this
    event, I agree to release the Southdowns Gymnasium and Open Art Academy and their
    representatives, SAWFA / CWFA and their representatives, as well as all presenters and sponsors
    participating in this event from any and all liability for injuries and/or damages arising out of the
• I consent to be videotaped and photographed and permit SAWFA/CWFA to use same.
• Do you have any illness/disease/condition or use any chronic medication that SAWFA/CWFA should
    be aware of which may be affected by exercise? Please state and bear in mind that any omission
    could place your health at risk and SAWFA / CWFA will not accept any responsibility through the
    above indemnity.
Signed:   Date:

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