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					                                                                            Mervin C. Tweed
                                                                                           Member of Parliament

                                                                 Official Opposition Critic for Western Economic Diversification                                       Issue 6 - Winter 2005

                                                                              Dear Constituents,
                                                                              As we approach a new year, I hope this householder finds your family

                                                                              I hope you have enjoyed receiving the information that my office pro-
                                                                              vides through these newsletters. We have tried to keep you informed as
                                                                              to what I, as your MP, have been doing, the happenings throughout the
                                                                              riding and the issues that impact our part of the country.

                                                                              In closing, my family and I hope you are enjoying the holiday season
                                                                              with family and friends and wish you good health, happiness and suc-
                                                                              cess in the New Year. Should you have any comments please feel free
                                                                              to contact one of my offices.
     Bev, Merv, Dave, Jenn, Charles and Matthew
    From our family to yours,
We hope you have a Happy Holiday
Season and a prosperous New Year.                                             Merv Tweed, MP

                                                         CONSERVATIVES DRAFT ANTI-CORRUPTION LAW
                                                                      Stephen Harper’s Federal Accountability Act will:

       Restrict the influence of money in politics - Ban all corporate, union,            Strengthen government transparency and oversight - Grant the
  and organization donations to political parties and candidates and Limit individ- Auditor General sweeping powers and resources, including the ability to audit
  ual donations to a maximum of $1,000.                                             companies and individuals who receive government grants and contracts,
                                                                                    Provide expanded powers to the Ethics Commissioner, including the authority to
        Impose strict regulations on lobbyists - Prohibit success or contin- fine violators, Establish strong whistle-blower protection for all Canadians (not
  gency fee arrangements, Establish a five-year lobbying ban against former min- just public servants) who report government wrongdoing, creating monetary re-
  isters, staff, and senior public servants and Expand the investigative powers wards for those who expose wrongdoing or save tax dollars.
  and resources of the Registrar of Lobbyists.                                      To read all 52 points of Stephen Harper’s Accountability Act, visit, or call 1-866-277-1577
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                                   Desperate times on the farm!                                                                                 How To Contact Me
                                                                                                                                                Brandon Office
                                                                                                                                                8 - 223 18th Street North (Redwood Plaza)
       BRANDON, November 9, 2005 - “Our farm community is in crisis and action to save this industry
                                                                                                                                                Brandon, MB R7A 2V8
       is long, long, overdue,” said Merv Tweed, MP for Brandon-Souris.
                                                                                                                                                Tel: (204) 726-7600/Fax: (204) 726-7699
                                                                                                                                                Toll Free: 1-866-558-0555
       "Producers endured record losses last year, and this year’s flooding and low commodity prices,
       combined with high input costs, only adds to their difficulties," said Tweed. "It's unconscionable
                                                                                                                                                Staff: Harold Gilleshammer
       that the federal Liberals have left Manitoba producers hanging out to dry at a time like this."
                                                                                                                                                       Hertha Jones
       More than one third of the province's fields have been either wiped out by flooding, or could not be                                     Ottawa Office
       planted due to excessive moisture. Some fields which experienced excessive moisture have been
                                                                                                                                                Room 425, Confederation Bldg.
       harvested, but the crops are of reduced quality and value.
                                                                                                                                                House of Commons
                                                                                                                                                Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6
       When extensive flooding first struck Manitoba's farmlands, Stephen Harper and the Conservative
                                                                                                                                                Tel: (613) 995-9372/Fax: (613) 992-1265
       party immediately called for a Green Cover Crop Program and a Jobs and Economic Restoration
       Initiative to help flooded farmers. On the other hand, the Liberals' merely pointed to their deeply
                                                                                                                                                Staff: Lise Saulnier
       troubled Canadian Agriculture Income Stabilization (CAIS) program, even though most farm
                                                                                                                                                       Bill Potter
       groups agree that CAIS is ill-equipped to deal with disaster and flooding situations.

       Tweed said that the Liberals should do the right thing and provide adequate support for Mani-                                            Killarney Office
       toba's farmers.                                                                                                                          Box 1810, 100 Fletcher Street
                                                                                                                                                Killarney, MB R0K 1G0
       "Producers need real assistance, outside of CAIS," continued Tweed. "Where is Reg Alcock, the                                            Tel: (204) 523-5170/Fax: (204) 523-5171
       Minister for Manitoba, and the Liberals when they're really needed? It is clear that only a Conser-                                      Web Page:
       vative government will stand up for the real interests of Manitoba and its producers.”

Merv Tweed, MP                                                                                     1                                                                             Brandon-Souris
                                         Your Member of Parliament at Work
                                    Excerpts - Speech -           I live in a border community and long before online                 Question - Sexual Predators - November 4, 2005 -
                                    Cross-Border Drug         pharmacy, people from the United States travelled to                    Mr. Merv Tweed (Brandon—Souris, CPC): Mr.
                             Sales - Nov. 1, 2005 - Mr.       Canada with their prescriptions. This is not something         Speaker, the Minister of Justice says that those who commit
                             Merv Tweed (Brandon—             new; it has been going on for many years. If we live in a      serious sexual assault could get house arrest under exceptional
                             Souris, CPC): Mr. Chair,         border community anywhere in Canada and we ask our             circumstances. For Canadians, house arrest for sexual assault
                             ….We are talking about the       pharmacist what percentage of traffic is made up by            under any circumstances, is just unacceptable.
                             Internet pharmacy this eve-      Americans, I think we might be surprised at the number
                             ning. I know that it has been    of people who are actually accessing our services and          Can the minister explain how he defines exceptional circum-
                             mentioned by some of the         have been for years.                                           stances, or is that just code for more soft on crime Liberal jus-
                             members and one of the                                                                          tice?
ways that they would control or regulate it would be by        ….As I said earlier, we must not confuse bulk exports
                                                              with the one-to-one sale of drugs which constitutes the                 Question - Bill C-67 - October 27, 2005 - Mr. Merv
forcing patients to have an appointment with a doctor in                                                                              Tweed (Brandon—Souris, CPC): Mr. Speaker, the
Canada.                                                       online pharmacy. I think we all agree that as long as we
                                                              can offer a safe and secure supply to Canadians, we            only thing missing from the hon. member's statement was that
    We live in an electronic age. We can travel anywhere      should continue to support the online pharmacy industry.       he did not start it with once upon a time.
in this world. We can access banking institutions with a      Even the online pharmacies have agreed and recom-                                      The member opposite talked about reve-
card. We can access services anywhere in the world            mended that if we were to ban the sale of bulk drugs to                                nue projections of the government. I would
based on the recognition of a card. We put a card in and      the U.S., we could resolve many of the issues that we                                  remind him that over the last several years
take our money and our services out. It is time that the      have. It is not a complicated matter. It is a matter of sup-                           the Liberal government has missed reve-
government and Canadians accepted this as a way of            ply and demand. We would not move large bulk supplies                                  nue projections by $80 billion. In his most
moving forward and a way of providing service. We have        across to the United States or any country for that matter                             recent comments, he talked about the
a system in Canada right now where our patients cannot        with the idea that we would protect the Canadian con-                                  $1.9 billion surplus that overnight turned
see doctors. We cannot get in. We have extremely long         sumer.                                                                                 into a $9.1 billion surplus. I have to remind
lineups and members across the floor would agree that it                                                                     the hon. members that this is not government money. This is the
is an issue. Obviously, government members identified it.        In closing, we have to remember that across Canada
                                                              many people access prescriptions without ever having           money of the people of Canada, which seems to be forgotten by
They said they have committed $41 billion to reduce line-                                                                    members on that side all the time. They are even starting to
ups to see doctors. Yet, we want to force another group       seen a physician. It is done through home care. It is done
                                                              through nursing. It is done through nurse practitioners.       refer to their entitlement as our money, our budget surplus. This
of people to have an appointment with a doctor in Can-                                                                       is Canadian money. This is overtaxation on Canadian taxpayers
ada. No matter where we are, the prescription is written      They make the call, they give the definition of the symp-
                                                              toms and the drug is prescribed. It is important that we       and that has to be recognized by the government.
by a qualified doctor. That, to me, is the issue. We do not
have to question the credentials of the doctor. We do not     never forget that. I think that a ban on bulk exports would        The member said that this was not a spending bill but in real-
have to verify them. Obviously, the relationship has          satisfy all the stakeholders. It would ensure the viability    ity it is a spending bill. If there is a surplus at the end of the year,
worked well and has worked for many years.                    of the Internet pharmacy, and a healthy Internet phar-         as has been proven by the history of the government, it will con-
                                                              macy in Canada is an option that we should all look at         tinue to spend that surplus time and time again. At the end of
                                                              and consider.                                                  the year and at the end of the day, that money will not be there.
                                                                                                                             It will be spent on Liberal projects. It will be spent as if it were
            Tweed Comments on Gomery Report - OTTAWA – Merv Tweed, Member of Parliament for Brandon-                         Liberal money and it will be of benefit to very few Canadians.
            Souris said today that he wasn’t at all surprised by the Gomery Commission report regarding the
            sponsorship scandal. Tweed said, “The culture of entitlement among Liberal officials and bureaucrats                 Does the hon. member believe that Canadians actually be-
involved with the sponsorship scandal were identified and confirmed in the report.“                                          lieve the Liberals when they say that they will spend or share
                                                                                                                             that money with Canadians, or does he believe that Canadians
“There’s clear evidence of political involvement, oversight and secrecy in the administration of the program. There are      expect the Liberals to spend it on their own pet projects in their
also cases of gross overcharging of services, inflated commissions and use of the sponsorship program for things             own communities?
other than national unity,” he said.
                                                                                                                                       Questions - Bill C-64, An Act to amend the Criminal
Judge Gomery released the first part of his report today confirming that millions of dollars were taken from the public                Code (vehicle identification number) - October 24,
purse to benefit the Liberal Party. “Someone has to be held accountable for that,” said Tweed. “The Prime Minister           2005 - Mr. Merv Tweed (Brandon—Souris, CPC): Mr.
was part of that government. How can we trust a Prime Minister who said he didn’t know about the deficiencies in the         Speaker, whenever we talk about justice issues all we hear from
program when he was Minister of Finance in the government that set it up. How can we trust him now when he says              the other side is talk about maximum sentences, and yet when
this won’t happen again?”                                                                                                    we read the newspapers and when people see these crimes
The Liberals have been defending a veil of accountability issues, not just with the sponsorship scandal, but with the        being committed, seldom is the maximum penalty imposed. I
recent lavish spending practices of their appointed crown corporation heads and rampant spending within government           know from my own experience in Manitoba that automobile theft
departments. “The Prime Minister and his inner circle must ultimately be held responsible and accountable. The deed          is at an all-time high, particularly in the city of Winnipeg.
was done on their watch and the buck has to stop there,“ said Tweed.                                                                                The member said that changing some of
            Tweed Concerned About the Potential Decrease in Tourism - OTTAWA – October 21, 2005 - “Day                                              the wording of Mr. Cadman's original pres-
            trips for visitors going to and from the United States and Canada could be stifled if new legislation south of                          entation would prevent any problems be-
            the border gets approval,” said Merv Tweed, Member of Parliament for Brandon-Souris, today. The                                         ing created with respect to autobody
            proposed new rules state that, as of January 1, 2008, anyone entering the U.S. from Canada must have a                                  shops that have to change or alter the
passport or other proof of citizenship.                                                                                                             VINs. The first part of Mr. Cadman's bill
                                                                                                                             stated that everyone commits an offence who wholly or partially
This rule applies not only to Canadians heading south, but also to U.S. visitors returning home from shopping and/or         alters, removes, or obliterates a vehicle identification number on
visiting in Canada. “Tourists from the U.S. that come for the day or weekend make up a substantial piece of our              a motor vehicle without lawful excuse. Would an autobody shop
tourism trade in Westman,” noted Tweed. “According to the Canadian Tourism Commission, if this new requirement               that needs to make a necessary change not be covered? Would
deters these tourists, revenue losses over the next three years could be an estimated $1.7 billion.”                         it not be operating with lawful excuse and therefore not be con-
                                                                                                                             sidered a part of the extension that has been added to this bill?
The Government of Canada is lobbying the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to revisit its requirement for fee-
based documentation such as passports. “Almost 70 per cent of U.S. citizens do not have passports,” said                     Mr. Merv Tweed: Mr. Speaker, I would remind the government
Tweed. “To expect every U.S. family to spend up to $400 for passports to spend a weekend or make a day trip into             across the way that there are over 170,000 vehicles stolen an-
Canada is very unlikely. These trips are the bread and butter of our U.S. tourist trade in southern Manitoba. What’s         nually and that is what the bill is addressing. In the member's
going to happen?” “We support the fact that the U.S. must deal with rules at its own border crossings and would not          comments when he was talking about the onus of proof, if I un-
suggest they compromise any security issues,” said Tweed, “but we do think there could be alternatives to the current        derstand it correctly, I would say that Mr. Cadman's bill put the
fee-based documentation like passports.”                                                                                     onus on the person charged to explain why he or she had a
                                                                                                                             vehicle with a stolen VIN.
              Justice Taskforce Meeting a Success - BRANDON - October 18, 2005 - Merv Tweed, MP for
              Brandon-Souris was impressed with the candid presentations from community representatives at the               To me, that would be the obvious direction we would want to
              Justice Task Force meeting held in Brandon last Friday. The meeting was one of just over 20 being held         take. I would suggest that having the crown prove that a person
              across the country to compile a report for presentation to the Conservative Caucus for drafting new crime      caught with a stolen vehicle knows that it was stolen would sim-
legislation. The meeting, attended by Conservative Party national co-chair, Jim Flaherty and representatives from            ply lead to long, prolonged court cases. It would take forever to
throughout the constituency offered some very valuable information.                                                          find out the truth, as opposed to when a person who is charged
                                                                                                                             has to explain why he or she has a stolen vehicle. I would like
“Rising gang violence, crystal meth, and marijuana grow-ops are all concerns of Westman,” says Tweed. “There was             the member to explain this to the House and to Canadians.
some very constructive information on how different groups are dealing with those problems, but the laws must be
changed to get tough on violent crime and protect victim’s rights,” he says.                                                 The member opposite wants to talk about process. We know the
                                                                                                                             Liberal process is to delay, delay, delay and then it issues get
Flaherty noted, “I’m quite impressed with the group we met with. They can be assured the information received will be        out of jail free cards to everyone.
in the discussion when drafting new policies and legislation.”
                                                                                                                             I would ask the member opposite if he would like to explain the
Tweed says the meetings across Canada are wrapping up soon and an interim report will be presented to caucus in              difference between putting the onus on the person who is
November, with the final report ready in the new year. “Rest assured, the voice of Brandon-Souris will be part of our        charged to defend why he or she has a vehicle with a stolen VIN
justice legislation that will bring safer streets and healthier communities to our region and all of Canada,” noted          and why he would want the crown to prove that a person caught
Tweed.                                                                                                                       with a stolen vehicle must prove that he or she knew that it was

Merv Tweed, MP                                                                                   2                                                                            Brandon-Souris
   Tweed Believes Skilled Trades Are Vital                            From the Photo Gallery                                        Understanding the
                      OTTAWA – October 17, 2005 - Merv                                                                             Sponsorship Scandal
                      Tweed, MP for Brandon-Souris, is
                      delighted that a Conservative govern-                                                                  1994: Liberal Cabinet approves David Dingwall’s new
                     ment will tackle Canada’s shortage of                                                                       advertising guidelines, which no longer require
                skilled trades by providing financial incen-                                                                     Ministers to award government contracts to the
   tives to workers, and to employers who hire appren-                                                                           company offering the lowest bid.
                                                                                                                             1995: Liberal Government launches the Sponsorship
   “We know that Canada is desperately short of skilled                                                                          Program, aimed at raising the visibility of the
   tradespeople,” said Tweed. “From my experience, it is                                                                         federal government in Quebec. Millions are
   time to take the action needed to ensure there are             Merv speaks with reporters after the Justice Task Force        spent on sponsoring and advertising at various
   enough skilled workers who are vital to building Can-                       meeting - October 18, 2005                        public events throughout the province.
                                                                                                                             2004: Auditor General’s report reveals that of the
   There are as many as 20,000 skilled trades positions                                                                          $250 Million spent on the program, $100 Million
   that can’t be filled today and that number is expected to                                                                     went to companies with close ties to the Liberal
   rise to 50,000 by the end of the decade. The Conserva-                                                                        Party, for little or no work in return. Public out-
   tive plan will address this in three ways by providing:                                                                       rage leads to the establishment of the Gomery
   •   A $1000 “Apprentice Incentive Grant” to help new
       apprentices cover the high costs of tools, boots                                                                      2005: Gomery Inquiry testimony shocks the country.
       and work accessories;
                                                                                                                             ⇒ High-ranking Liberal Party officials confess to
   •   An “Apprentice Job Creation Tax Credit” for busi-                                                                       laundering money through the program into
       nesses to help create more apprenticeship posi-              Merv met with a “My Canada” leadership team in his         party accounts.
       tions; and                                                            Ottawa Office - October 24, 2005                ⇒ Liberal-friendly advertising executives admit to
                                                                                                                               stealing millions for themselves. In all, testimony
   •   A “Tools Tax Deduction” of up to $500 for tools to
                                                                                                                               reveals that the Liberal Party received kick-
       be available to all trades people - whether employ-
                                                                                                                               backs in the millions of dollars - including tens
       ees or self-employed.
                                                                                                                               of thousands at a time in envelopes of cash.
   “These incentives are vital to address the increasing                                                                     ⇒ Kroll Lindquist Avey, the same forensic account-
   shortage of trades,” said Tweed. “At the same time,                                                                         ants who have tracked down Saddam Hussein’s
   the Conservative plan sends a message that trades                                                                           funds, reveal that the program actually cost
   skills present an opportunity to engage in a meaningful,                                                                    taxpayers a total of $355 Million.
   well-paying and enjoyable career.”                                                                                        ⇒ Judge Gomery issues the inquiry’s Phase 1 Re-
                                                                                                                               port, stating: “The Liberal Party...cannot es-
                                                                                                                               cape responsibility for the misconduct of its
   Tweed Demands Fair Share for Manitoba                                                                                       officers and representatives…”

                     OTTAWA – October 6, 2005 - Merv                            Merv with Hank and Lucy Cory
                     Tweed, Member of Parliament for                   at their 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration
                    Brandon-Souris and Official Opposition
                    Critic for Western Economic Diversifi-
           cation, today demanded the Prime Minister get
   involved and immediately resolve the ‘New Deal’ infra-
   structure funding agreement for the province of Mani-
   “The Liberal government has been signing deals with
   other Provinces since March, Brandon-Souris commu-
   nities and all Manitobans have lost an entire year of
   construction, only adding to the burden of their crum-         Merv, Peter MacKay, MP, Bev Tweed,
   bling infrastructure,” said Tweed.                                    and Colleen Robbins                                       Judge Gomery on the
   The ‘New Deal’ was promised to Provinces in February
                                                                                                                                   Sponsorship Scandal:
   this year to help cities and communities rebuild munici-                                                                    $$$      “...a complex web of financial
   pal infrastructure. It is funded starting with 1.5 cents per                                                              transactions...involving kickbacks and illegal
   litre on all gas sold in Canada in the 2005/06 year in-                                                                   contributions to a political party in the context of
   creasing to 5 cents per litre in year five. It is then                                                                    the Sponsorship Program…”
   granted to the Cities and communities on a per capita
   basis.                                                                                                                     $$$ “...clear evidence of political involvement in
                                                                                                                             the Sponsorship Program...a veil of secrecy…”
   Tweed emphasized, “The Prime Minister must stop
   dithering and tell his lead Minister in Manitoba to 'start                                                                    $$$    “...the existence of a ‘culture of
   rowing or get out of the boat' … do it now!”                                  Grant Tweed, Merv and                       entitlement’ among political officials and
                                                                          Brian Pallister, MP for Portage-Lisgar             bureaucrats involved with the Sponsorship
                                                                                                                             Program, including the receipt of monetary and
    The Conservative Three-Point Plan to support                                                                             non-monetary benefits…”
       Employers and Workers in the Trades
                                                                                                                             To read Judge Gomery’s Report, visit
A new Tools Tax Deduction for all trades workers:
• Applicable for up to $500 of the cost of tools.
• Available for both employees and the self-employed.
                                                                                                                                 “I might be out of
A new Apprentice Incentive Grant:
• $1,000 per year to all new apprentices in the first two
                                                                                                                                   the country on
    years of any apprenticeship program in any of the 45 Red
    Seal Trades.                                                           Bev Tweed, Doug Denning and Merv
                                                                                                                                    Election Day.
• A direct cash grant to help new apprentices cover the                                                                           How do I vote?
    costs of tuition, tools, or the loss of income because of
    the decision to enroll in a training program.                                                                           If an election is called, and you think you might be out
                                                                                                                            of the country on Election Day, you can fill out an Ap-
A new Apprentice Job Creation Tax Credit:                                                                                   plication for Registration and Special Ballot form. To
• To reduce the tax payable of employers in the trades by                                                                   obtain the form and a registration guide, call Elections
    10% of the wages paid to apprentices in the first two                                                                   Canada at 1-800-463-6868 (toll-free in Canada and the
    years of their contract, up to a maximum of $2,000 per                                                                  US), or visit and click on “Voters”.
                                                                                                                            Completed forms must be submitted either by fax or by
    apprentice per year, in any of the 45 Red Seal Trades.
                                                                                                                            mail, and Special Ballots are then delivered to voters by
• Will encourage business owners in the trades to hire                                                                      mail, so be sure to register well before Election Day.
    more workers, expand business.                                                                                          Should you need assistance, please call my Brandon
                                                                                                                            office at (204) 726-7600 or toll-free at 1-866-558-0555
                                                                                Merv with Doug Steeves,                     and we would be happy to help you.
                                                                          Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame Inductee

Merv Tweed, MP                                                                                3                                                                    Brandon-Souris
                        Harper Makes Commitment to Clean                                          The Government is Hurting                                  Useful Information
                         Up Government                                                            Seniors with their decision                              Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security
                            OTTAWA – November 4, 2005 - Conservative leader                           on Income Trusts                           
                          and Leader of the Opposition, Stephen Harper said to-
                          day his first piece of legislation as Prime Minister will be        On September 19, the Prime Minister acted reck-              Employment Insurance
                     to introduce a new Federal Accountability Act designed to                lessly when he ordered his Finance Minister,                 1-800-206-7218
                                                                                              Ralph Goodale, to wade into the income-trust mar-   - choose -
         end the influence of big money in Ottawa and crack down on a lobbying                                                                             “How do I apply?”
    culture that has thrived under Paul Martin.                                               ket like a proverbial bull in a china shop. On that
                                                                                              day, investors were put on notice that their popular         Veterans Affairs
    The current government works with a culture of entitlement. No public official            income trusts were going to be targeted by a Lib-            1-866-522-2122
    is entitled to use taxpayer’s money for their own purposes. “We propose to                eral government seeking higher tax revenues from   
    clean up government and give hard working Canadians a government they                     companies and investors.                                     Canadian Agriculture Income Stabilization
    deserve,” said Harper. “Government exists to serve Canadians; government                                                                               Program (CAIS)
    must serve the public interest, not personal interests.”                                  Martin's reckless action has caused uncertainty              1-866-367-8506
                                                                                              over the future of income trusts, and has wiped    
    With many accountability measures to be introduced, the Act will change the               out billions of dollars in market capitalization from        main.html
    way business is done in Ottawa by:                                                        Canadian companies and tens of thousands of                  Passports
    •   Banning corporate and union donations, while limiting personal dona-                  dollars from the retirement nest eggs of individual          1-800-267-6788 -

        tions to $1,000;                                                                      investors. Most notable was the damage done to               You may take your completed passport to the
                                                                                              Canadian seniors who may not have the time to                Passport Receiving Centre that is located at
    •   Overhauling lobbying laws and banning all ministers, ministerial staffers
                                                                                              recoup their losses.                                         1039 Princess Avenue in Brandon. The Ser-
        or senior public officials from lobbying government for five years after                                                                           vice Canada Agents will ensure that the infor-
        leaving their post;                                                                   One couple e-mailed to complain that the uncer-              mation is correct and will send your documents
    •   Give more power to the Lobbyists Registrar, Ethics Commissioner, In-                                                                               to the Processing Centre. Processing time is
                                                                                              tainty around income trusts caused by the Liber-
                                                                                                                                                           approximately 25 working days.
        formation Commissioner and the Auditor General, and;                                  als' announcement trimmed $30,000 from their
    •   Give the Auditor General a mandate to conduct a complete review of                    retirement portfolio in a single day. Another man            If you require your passport quicker, you may
                                                                                              wrote to tell us that he had lost 15% from his port-         take your passport to the Passport Processing
        the more than $30 billion in annual federal grants, contributions and                                                                              Centre that is located at 400-433 Main Street.
        contracts.                                                                            folio.                                                       Processing time is 10 working days. Office
                                                                                                                                                           hours are 8:00 – 4:00 p.m.
    “Today I propose to Canadians a new vision, a plan to renew faith in govern-              Many seniors feel the government is putting their
    ment, to instill a culture of accountability in Ottawa. A Conservative govern-            retirement at risk and have let Ottawa know. In a            Student Loans
    ment will hold those responsible for wrong-doing to account, we will root out             letter to the Finance Minister, the Canadian Asso-           National Student Loan Service Centre handles
                                                                                                                                                           all student loans. For student loans for Public
    remaining problems and impose new reforms. Cleaning up government is a                    ciation of Retired Persons said, "Seniors are actu-          Institutions call 1-888-815-4514 for student
    job that begins at the top. As Prime Minister my commitment to you is that a              ally enraged, frightened and panicked about po-              loans for Private Institutions call 1-866-587-
    Conservative government will erase the culture of entitlement, and make                   tentially losing retirement savings that they count          7452. The website for both areas is:
    Ottawa more accountable to Canadians.”                                                    on for the essentials of daily living."            

                                                                                                                                                           Citizenship and Immigration
                                                                                              Income trusts are popular with seniors because
               CAREER CONNECTIONS INC.                                                        they provide regular payments that are used by
                                                                                                                                                           1-888-242-2100 -

                                                                                                                                                           For information on immigrating to Canada,
    A COMMUNITY EMPLOYMENT SERVICE FOR THE DISABLED                                           many to cover the costs of groceries, heating bills
                                                                                                                                                           work visas, visitors visas, permanent resi-
                                                                                              and medicine. They also provide tax relief from a            dency, permanent resident cards and Citizen-
Who Are We? Career Connections is an Employment Program for adults                            government that is addicted to taking too much               ship, please contact the numbers and website
living with a disability. They provide integrated employment services which                   money from their pockets and spending it without             above.
involve individualized vocational counseling and support for employment                       care, and very often without meaningful results.             1 800 O CANADA (1-800-622-6232) is the
preparation plus follow-up after job acquisition to ensure maintenance of em-                                                                              information number for the Government of
ployment.                                                                                     So one must ask, why is the government clamping              Canada. The service agents answering the
                                                                                              down on the retirement savings of seniors and                calls are able to give you information on the
They accept referrals from various agencies, for example Mental Health Ser-                   investors? It's time to stand up to Paul Martin and          aspects and programs of the Government of
vices, Society for Manitobans with Disabilities, Vocational Rehabilitation Ser-               stop his attack on seniors and investors.                    Canada.
vices, Advanced Education and Training and Workers Compensation.
                                                                                                                                                           House of Commons Page Program
                                                                                                               Article compliments of Dean Allison, MP
Employment Counsellors and Employment Facilitators train and support each                                                  Opposition Critic for Seniors
                                                                                                                                                           Human Resources Directorate
client, the employer and co-workers in regular business settings to enhance                                                                                Room 538, Wellington Building
                                                                                                                                                           House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6
the possibility of successful performance. Responsibilities of Career Connec-                                                                              (613) 996-0897
tions Staff include (but not limited to):                                                                                                                  Fax: (613) 995-1470
                                                                                              “By freezing the creation of                                 Web Page
•    Assisting in development of program plans with clients;                                                                                     
•    Locating and evaluating potential employment opportunities
                                                                                              new income trusts, thousands                                 programs/youthprog-E.htm
•    Assisting with training of company employees to facilitate the develop-                  of Canadians saw their retire-                               Senate Page Program
     ment of natural supports;                                                                ments savings drop in value.                                 E-mail:
• Providing on-going support to clients, employers and employees;                                                                                          Toll-free (Canada): 1-800-267-7362
                                                                                              This is nothing more than a                                  Telephone: 1-613-995-1900
• Ensuring that the job is being done effectively;                                                                                                         Fax: 1-613-992-1995 or 1-613-995-6451
• Providing Case Managers and program personnel with updated records of                       tax grab. This freeze is a di-                               Mailing Address:
                                                                                                                                                           The Senate of Canada
     the client’s progress.                                                                   rect attack on seniors and or-                               Human Resources Directorate
For further information regarding the referral process of how this organization                                                                            Senate Page Program
can help someone you know, please call (204) 728-9594 and ask to speak
                                                                                              dinary Canadians saving for                                  Parliament Buildings
with a counsellor.                                                                            retirement.”                                                 Ottawa, ON K1A 0A4
                                                                                                                                                           Web Page:
Employment Services - The following information outlines the employment                                                         Merv Tweed, MP   
services provided by Career Connections. These services can be accessed                                                                                    programs/youthprog-E.htm
on a piece by piece or as a whole.                                                                                                                         Summer Student Employment Program
Career Planning - Consists of job counseling, resume writing and goal set-                                                                                 Interested in Summer employment with the
                                                                                                                                                           House of Commons?
ting. When these are in place, an appropriate placement for work assessment,
work training, or employment is found.                                                                                                                     To be considered for our Summer Student
                                                                                                                                                           Employment Program, you must:
Work Assessment - With the assistance of the latest technologies and meth-
ods they observe and evaluate the client’s strengths, abilities, interests and                                                                             ·- be a full-time student (secondary or post-
aptitudes with respect to a number of work related characteristics needed to                                                                               secondary) and
                                                                                                                                                              have full-time student status in a recognized
secure competitive employment. This is accomplished either in house or via                                                                                 institution;
our mobile unit using the Pro 3000 Assessment System.                                                                                                      - be registered as a full-time student in your
Work Training - Clients are placed in a realistic work environment to perform                                                                              next academic term.
job related tasks which will enable them to develop the strong work stills and                                                                             Please print and fill out the application form
ethics needed to become competitively employed.                                                                                                            at:
Follow-up - Clients are provided with an extended period of support and as-                                                                                programs/youthprog-E.htm - and send it to:
sistance after job acquisition to ensure lasting employment.                                                                                               Summer Student Employment Program
                                                                                                                                                           Finance and Human Resources Directorate
Career Connections Goals are:                                                                                                                              House of Commons
• To determine our client’s basic work habits skills, abilities, preferences                                                                               Room 538, 180 Wellington Street
    and strengths through a comprehensive training and assessment process.                                                                                 Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0A6
                                                                                                                                                           fax: (613)-995-1470 or Email:
• To develop job opportunities and assist in the placement of our clients into             Executive Director, George McLeod, right, and some of the
    employment.                                                                            Career Connections staff, Grant Gessell, Heather McCallum
• To provide follow-up support to clients who access employment.                           and Cheryl Evans, sitting, take a moment to look over some of
                                                                                           the client profiles for placement in the workforce.
                                          Article compliments of Career Connections Inc.

Merv Tweed, MP                                                                                         4                                                                               Brandon-Souris