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					                                                                              The Great 8 Youth Event
                                                                                      3 Hour
                                                                                     EVENT PERMITTED BY ORE EVENTS LTD

                                                                                                  PRE - ENTRY FORM
                                                                            Event date : Saturday 29th August 2009
                                                                          Venue: at Hannington, near Basingstoke off of A339
                                                                                    IOPD Authorisation No. 20093(B)
Held under the standing regulations of the IOPD, the club and any rules and regulations, supplementary Regulations and final instructions of the permit issuing
authority as have or that my be issued for the good conduct and safe running of the event.                                            Permit No. 20093(B)
                                                         Supplementary Regulations
Clerk of Course; Chris Jones.     Marshals; Crews from Kent Quads, Gravity etc; Steward; Tony Nash / Andy Gould
Technical Control; Garry Miller / Rob Garbett.     First Aid; Ambulance Services M&G Paddock Control; Chrissy Boy.
Child Protection Officer; Gaynor Nash.            Marshals; Crews from Kent Quads, Gravity etc;
Please return your completed entry form, payment and SAE to;
               Event Secretary. Tony Nash, Youth G8, 74 Roman Way, Andover, Hants SP10 5JJ.
Start:-              The outline of the 2009 Great 8 itinerary is as follows;
Friday 28th        13.00 Paddock Open.
Saturday 29th      07.30 - 08.30 Signing on and Technical Control
                   9.00 Great 8 Youth Beautiful Quad competition on the grid.
                   09.10 Media and photo shoot.
                   09.30 Sighting Lap. (Compulsory)
                   09.50 Pit lane Open for Youth Quad Re Fuelling.          N.B. NO ENGINES RUNNING WHILST REFUELLING
                                                                    DO NOT EXCEED RIDING AT WALKING PACE IN THE PIT LANE.
                   10.00 Great 8 Youth Grid Formation.
                   10.30 Le Mans start for the Great 8 Youth Event.
                   13.30 Finish of Great 8 Youth Event.
                   14.00 Side By Side UTV event.
                   16.00 Mountain/Push Bike races. Youth. Ladies & Adult classes.
                   18.30 Great 8 Youth Presentation – top 5 each class + special awards.
                   19.00 Great 8 Team Presentation & Beautiful Quad Contest.
                   Evening social gathering and film show in the Great 8 Rock-it Bar. Noise deduced at 11.00pm
Sunday 30th        08.30 QRA GREAT 8 - Grid Formation. 08.45 Fancy Dress Judging. 09.00 Press Photo Call
                   09.30 2009 QRA GREAT 8 starts.         17.30 2009 QRA GREAT 8 finish.
                   19.30 2009 QRA GREAT 8 presentation & the Great 8 PARTY Hosted by DJ Stumpy in GREAT 8 Marquee.
                                       Plus evening Hog Roast and buffet.
Monday 31st        10am – 12 Noon The Great 8 Clay Shoot Competition – 25 Clays per person. (See Separate Registration Form)
                   Mechanics Event.
Catering at the event from Saturday morning.
Toilets; May we ask that those with chemical toilets ensure they are empty before they arrive at the event.
Parking – you will park with either the front or rear of your lead vehicle to the pit lane so that you can then either work
from it or have your work area behind to allow easy access from the pit road to your work area/space – do NOT park
your vehicle parallel to the pit lane. If you are a two rider team then you will park nose to tail please.
It is a condition of acceptance of entry that the promoters, QRA, 328 Ltd, Landowners or associates shall not be responsible for
any damage, theft or otherwise to a motorcycle/Quad or its accessories, vehicles, campers/transporters whether by fire, accident or
any other causes, nor for theft of a motorcycle/Quad, vehicles or accessories during the event.
Rubbish – please take your litter home with you.
Recycling; There will recycling bins at the marquee for recycling bottles and cans – NOT for general rubbish. Please
help us be responsible people.
Green – We are making a donation per rider (from your entry) for tree planting which the farm estate will carry out.
Lighting; The site will have temporary lighting, however we do advise you bring a torch as the ground is uneven
under foot.
                 st                                                                                th
Entries:- Open 1 August 2009 and must be sent to the Secretary before the closing date of 24 August 2009 or
when entries are full. We need to issue transponders, bibs etc and can only do this with prior information.
All entries MUST be accompanied by a Stamped & Addressed back to sender Envelope.
Entry fee will only be returned if the event is cancelled or a valid Doctors Certificate is provided before the
closing date. Then less £10 deduction for Organising costs.
Entries sent prior to 16 August
1 rider 1 Quad = £50.        2 riders 1 or 2 Quads = £60
Entries after 16 August
1 rider 1 Quad = £55.        2 riders 1 or 2 Quads = £65          PROGRAMME LISTING CLOSES 16 August.
                                      CHEQUES MADE PAYABLE TO:- ‘QRA’
Classes         All competitors must be over 12–16 years of age.
                1) Ironman/lady class (1 Quad only)
                2) Team Class – 2 riders with a Quad each or 1 Quad shared.
                3) Team Class – Iron Quad – 2 riders with 1 Quad (shared from the start)
Machines;       Up to 200cc 2 Stroke or 250cc Four Stroke production based machines.         SORRY NO HYBRIDS.
Awards:-        Trophies to the top five each class. Plus other awards, spot prizes etc. YOUTH 3 Hour
Many thanks to the sponsors who have pledged support so far;
      JaksQuads, ProFence, Rock-iT Bar, MotoX Graphics, Nora-MX, RaceTech Racing UK
Advertisers/sponsors always appreciated & welcome. If this is you please contact Tony 07774 434468
    This will be a fun but competitive event and we need to ensure fair play and safety, so please take the
             following on board and this event should be what we all want – enjoyable Quadding!
 Each riding team member will be issued with a wrist band after signing on, which will be inspected at pit lane exit.
 Machines will also have the chassis tagged. All parts except chassis/frame can be changed.
 When riders enter the pit lane they will be issued with a ‘Clip’. This clip must be transferred to the next team rider
and handed to the ‘pit exit marshal’ as well as wrist band checking before they are allowed back on to the circuit.
 Outside assistance can only be given in the work area. Which includes clean goggles to riders etc.
 On course repairs can only be carried out by the team rider/s – no outside assistance from others.
 Machines can be towed back to the pit area by other competitors who have signed on and are competing or officials
and never against the direction of the course. That lap will not count for the team of the broken down machine. Once
machine is repaired or the other team mate handed the clip the team mate can continue, exiting from the pit lane.
 Pit lane speed will be WALKING PACE ONLY – there will be speed indicator traps and anyone speeding will have
earned the team a one lap penalty. Riders must complete the whole of the pit lane distance to exit back on to the track
and NOT cut through from one side to the other.
 At no time should anyone other than an official open the pit lane fencing or ropes.
 Only competitors can park inside the pit village area. Each team will be allocated a spacious parking bay inside the
pit area. Competitors will be issued with parking passes. Others can camp/park in the adjacent area. This is for safety
and security reasons – work with us. Please park in accordance with instructions.
 Machines stay with the riders/teams after technical control – do not alter or tamper with machine setting ie exhaust.
 The organisers/promoters (QRA/328 Ltd) reserve the right to alter, abandon, postpone or amend any part/content of
the event as they see fit if circumstances make it necessary.
 Course cutting – we will have marshals located everywhere and spotters nominated amongst you who are riding –
their reporting of any course cutting will be taken as red and you will be penalised – quite simply, don’t do it and the
event will be even more enjoyable, for us all and will last 8 hours.
Course: Undulating Open Fields, Hills, Woodlands, forest roads etc. Approx 8 km + lap.
Noise Testing; Noise testing will be taking place. We need to preserve venues not lose them. Silencers will be
marked/sealed to confirm checking. NB. Noise testing will continue throughout the event – SO COMPLY.
Lap Scoring: ORE Events Transponder timing. This area is taped with Blue and White tape which reminds you to
Machine numbers must be a minimum of 6”. If they are deemed unsuitable for lap scoring you WILL be asked to
replace them so ensure the colours are opposite such as black numbers on white background.
   Front number boards will be supplied.        Numbered event bibs will be supplied and kept as memento.
Helmets must be to MINIMUM of ACU silver stamped standard and worn and fastened at all times the machine is
Lanyard Cut Out must be connected to the pilot at all times that the machine is under power.
Marshals; Marshals are always welcomed and are a much needed part of any event. We do however ask that
marshals with direct relationship with ANY competitor taking part in the event do NOT go out on course and accept a
central based marshalling post/position.
Pedestrians; Must stay not go in to PROHIBITED areas. Many sections of the course are NOT suitable for
pedestrians. There are large sections of the event which are visible from the work area / pit lane and competitor
  Any other suggestions welcomed so please do get in touch with Tony on 07774 434468.