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									                    Grocery Gadget® Shopping List
                    Now Available for BlackBerry®

MIAMI, FLORIDA March 22, 2011 – With a little over two million downloads per day, BlackBerry’s

App World has gained quick popularity among users since its April 2009 launch. Although users have

their choice of over 10,000 apps, they have not had their pick of shopping list apps – that is, until recently.

For the many who have long-awaited a solution-based grocery shopping list application – the wait is finally

over. As of this week, Flixoft’s Grocery Gadget Shopping List is now available for download in the RIM

BlackBerry® App World.

As with other Grocery Gadget apps, BlackBerry users can share grocery data with other household

members – regardless of whether they use a BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, or Nokia device. To activate

group sync, users must set up a free portal account by visiting the “sign up” link on Upon doing so, all data syncs and is stored in the cloud-based portal –

free of charge. In addition to its convenience, group sync also provides users something else: the piece of

mind that, even in the event of rare data loss on their mobile device, data is never truly lost.

BlackBerry users have access to the same portal features as all other Grocery Gadget users. The latest

enhancement to the portal is Flixoft’s Analyze Tab – a feature that works in tandem with a user’s mobile

device to track and analyze spending trends over time. Once a shopper hits the “shopping done” button

after a shopping visit, recent spending habits can immediately be analyzed in the portal. Other features of

the cloud-based portal include master list and coupon management, and data and recipe imports; to name a


To date, Flixoft has developed Grocery Gadget shopping solutions for iPhone and iPad, Android, Nokia,

and BlackBerry. Later this year, Windows 7 device users can expect the shopping solutions will be

available on their platform. Also on the release schedule is Grocery Gadget FREE for iPhone and Android:
A free version of Grocery Gadget designed to give users an opportunity to try the application before

buying. For more information on Flixoft releases and development, follow Grocery Gadgets on Twitter

@GroceryGadget and Facebook.

About the Company

Flixoft, Inc. is a U.S. developer of cloud-based smart phone solutions including the top-selling productivity

application, Grocery Gadget®. Grocery Gadget offers a unique sync technology between multiple smart

phones, and through its web-based portal integration platform. For additional information, visit


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