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					Free Tools
We researched some of the best free tools available through Google and have provided
them here for your use. Google the following free tools and begin your build to
attractive websites, with an abundant traffic flow to them.

Online Sitemap Generator
Create XML sitemap for your website to be submit in several search engine like google
in minutes

Submit Sitemap
Free and easy tools to directly notify search engine about your new or updated sitemap

Spider View
Tools that help you to know what spider bot see in your website. spider bot is the one
that crawl your contents.

Domain Statistics
Tools that help you to know information about your domain, domain age, domain ip
address, domain backlink from several search engine.

Domain Who Is
Tools that help you to check who is the owner of the domain, dns of domain, contact
person of domain.

Keyword Density
Tools that help you to measure keyword in your website. how many keyword that
appears in your website.

Robots Generator
This tools help you to control bots when they come to your website, wheater you want to
block them or allow them.

Google Website Optimizer
Easily test the effect of different messages & images on your site
Check Page Rank
Tools that help you to check your website google page rank, PageRank is a numeric
value that represents how important a page is on the web.

Check Backlink
Tools that enables you to know the number of websites who have given a link to your
website or webpage.

Check IP Address
Tools that tell you about your IP Address and also get Free IP Address Widget for your

Special preferred customer link that we got from aweber

Special preferred customer link that we got from Hostgator

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                Keyword Density Analyzer is helpful for serving webmasters and
                SEOs reach their best possible keyword density for a set of key
                conditions. Keyword Density Checker will crawl the set URL, extract
Density         text as a search engine would and examine the density of the
Checker         keywords.

                This Google Pagerank prediction service will predict your website's
                future Page Rank based on the quality and quantity of backlinks.
PageRank        Note, PR predictor will provide an estimation of the future Google
Prediction      PageRank and should not be considered exact.

                Page Rank is one of the methods Google uses to establish a pages
                importance or relevance. Pagerank Forged is becoming a grave
Forged          problem. Pagerank Fraud tool can verify if a site has a valid or fake
PageRank        Page Rank, as you know many people are selling Fraud domains, and
Detection       they use redirects (301 or 302 redirect) to point to other sites with high.

                IP Address Geolocation tool helps you to identify user's
IP Address -    geographical location (city, country, region) using ip address lookup
Domain name     database. Geolocation systems try to map IP addresses to geographic
Location. IP    locations using huge computer databases.
                Search Engine Spider Simulator imitates a search engine by
                displaying the contents of a webpage in accurately the way the search
                engine spider would see it. Search Engine Spider Simulator also
                displays the hyperlinks that will be followed (crawled) by a Search
Search Engine Engine when it visits the some webpage.
Spider Imitator

                Duplicate page finder or similar page checker is very useful tool to
                find out the similar pages available over the internet. Using duplicate
Duplicate       content is something that may damage your web site as far as the
Page Finder     search engine optimization is concern.

                Similar Text Finder or Duplicate Content Checker is very useful tool
Similar Text    to find out the similar text. Similar Text Finder will help you to make
Finder          sure you're not being penalized by search engines for duplicate
                content. Duplicate Content Checker will determine the precise
                percentage of resemblance between any two texts.

                Get an exact estimation of how much a link is worth. Link Price
Links Value     Calculator will calculate a (quite) precise amount of money you
Calculator      should be paying for buying a web link or you could ask for selling it.

                Alexa Rank Checker is one of the most accurate and freely available
                SEO services to find out how well your site ranks up against millions
Alexa Rank      of other sites on the Web. The Alexa Traffic History Graph allows
Checker         you to generate a traffic history graph for any site.

Google - Alexa Check Google PageRank and Alexa Rank for a site.
Rank Checker
                Domain Stats Checker collects search engine related information
                about your and your competitors domains. Domain Statistics Tool
Domain          includes information such as the Age of domain, the IP address, the
Statistics Tool country where the domain is hosted, count of backlinks and number
                of pages indexed in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo etc.

                Domain Age Checker displays approximate age of a website and
                allows you to examine, how the website looked, when it first started.
Domain Age      This Domain Age service returns age of domain in a year(s),
Tool            month(s) and day(s) with its creation date. Older domains can get a
                little favor in edge in search engine ranking.

              It is very important that when a search engine comes to crawl your
Search Engine web site it is able to follow any redirects you have set up. URL
Friendly      Redirect Checker helps you verify if the redirect you have created is
Redirect      Search Engine Friendly.
                Backlink Checker finds inbound links that point to your site. Back
Backlinks       Link analyzer checks inlinks of any website. Google backlinks, Yahoo
Checker         backlinks, Msn backlinks, Alexa backlinks, Altavista backlinks and
               AllTheWeb backlinks

               Backlink builder uses search engines to get associated web sites for
               building links during a SEO (search engine optimization) campaign. It
Backlinks      points to your website with the keyword (keyphrase) that you are
Builder        trying to optimize for.

               Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer is great to quickly eye-ball or
               research what keywords are being used in a web site back link
Backlink       anchor text. Backlink Text Checker helps you find out the backlinks
Anchor Text    of your website and link text used by your backlinks to link to your
Checker        website.

               Reciprocal Link Checker helps you make sure that your link partners
               are linking back to your site. It also determines the anchor text used
               by your link partners to link to your website. The Reciprocal links
Reciprocal     checker checks which web sites are linking to a particular URL. Link
Link Checker   checker is a rapid, effectual way to check if websites are maintaining
               links to your website.

WHOIS -        WHOIS lookup will give you complete info on any registered domain
Domain Name    name. Search for a domain name anywhere in the world to see the
Availability   availability for registration

Whois -        By making a WHOIS search you can find out when and by whom a
Domain Name    domain was registered, contact information, owner email and more.
             Rambler and Yandex are very popular in Russia and millions of users
Yandex -     hit these search engines every month. It seems like the Russian
Rambler Rank search spiders are doing the contrary of what Google does.

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