Myths of Troy

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					Myths of Troy
                    Last Class
Historical Outline Part 2
- Classical Period
      - Athens vs Sparta
      - Macedonians
- Hellenistic Period
      - Dissolution of
        Alexander’s Empire
      - Romans
This Class
      First of 4 Lectures
         Focused on Troy
      1) Myths of Troy
      2) Iliad and the Odyssey
      3) Epic and the 300
      4) Schliemann and Troy
                Myths of Troy
1)   Myths before the War
2)   Myths on the way to Troy
3)   Myths at Troy
4)   Myths concerning the Fall of the City
5)   Myths about Getting Home
1) Myths Before the War
To Start: Phthia, Troy, Sparta,
           Myths Before the War
A) Wedding of Peleus and Thetis
       [Zeus, Thetis, Peleus, Achilles, Strife]
B) Judgment of Paris
       [Hera, Athena, Aphrodite, Paris]
C) Birth of Helen
       [Zeus, Leda, Tyndareus, Nemesis, Helen,
D) Abduction of Helen
       [Helen, Theseus, Castor, Polydeuces]
E) Oath of Tyndareus
F) Helen leaves Menelaus
       [Paris, Aphrodite, Helen, Menelaus]
Myths on the Way to Troy


Mycenae, Ithaca, Aulis, Scyros, Lemnos
         Myths on the Way to Troy
A) Agamemnon gathers the Greeks
  [Agamemnon, Tyndareus, Achilles]
     i) Odysseus pretends madness
        [Odysseus, Telemachus, Penelope, Palamedes]
     ii) Achilles dresses like a girl
        [Achilles, Thetis, Odysseus, Diomedes]
B) Iphigeneia sacrificed at Aulis
        [Agamemnon, Artemis, Iphigeneia, Clytemnestra]
C) Philoctetes abandoned at Lemnos
         [Philoctetes, Artemis, Odysseus, Herakles]
3) Myths at Troy


Troy, Scyros, Lemnos
                  Myths at Troy
A) Achilles withdraws from battle }
    [Achilles, Agamemnon, Zeus]
B) Hector kills Patrokles          } Story of the Iliad
     [Hector, Patrokles, Achilles]
C.i) Achilles kills Hector         }
     [Achilles Hector]
C.ii)Memnon, Penthesileia
             [Memnon, Dawn, Achilles, Penthesileia]
D) Paris kills Achilles
   [Paris, Apollo, Achilles]
                  Myths at Troy
E) Ajax loses Achilles’ arms, deeds vs words
   [Ajax, Odysseus]
F) Prophet Helenus is Captured
   [Odysseus, Diomedes, Helenus]
    i) Retrieve Achilles’ son Pyrrhus
        [Odysseus, Pyrrhus]
    ii) Retrieve Philoctetes
        [Odysseus, Pyrrhus, Philoctetes]
    iii) Steal the Palladion
        [Odysseus, Diomedes]
G) Philoctetes kills Paris
   [Philoctetes, Paris]
4) Myths at the Fall of the City


A) Wooden Horse
                      The Fall of Troy
   i) Helen’s Trick
        [Odysseus, Athena, Helen]
   ii) Laocoon’ Death
        [Laocoon, Posseidon]
B) Crimes of the Greeks
   i) Pyrrhus kills Priam on Jupiter’s altar
        [Pyrrhus, Priam]
   ii) Menelaus forgives Helen
        [Menelaus, Helen, Aphrodite]
   iii) Cassandra raped by Ajax
        [Cassandra, Apollo, Ajax, Athena]
   iv) Odysseus (Pyrrhus) kills Hector’s child
        [Odysseus/Pyrrhus, Hector, Astyanax]
   v) Polyxena sacrificed to Achilles
        [Polyxena, Pyrrhus, Achilles]
Myths of the Return of the Heroes


Argos, Pylos, Mycenae, Ithaca, Sparta, Lokris
              Myths of the Return
A) Division of the Fleet,
    i) Leave before storm
       a) Home Safe
          1) Diomedes – Athena grants him Immortality
              [Diomedes, Athena]
          2) Nestor
       b) Home + Disaster
          1) Agamemnon + Cassandra -> Clytemnestra
              [Agamemnon, Cassandra, Clytemnestra,
                    Aegisthus, Oresetes, Electra]
                Myths of the Returns
B) Division of the Fleet
     i) Caught in Storm but Wander
          a) Odysseus - 10 years to get home
                 - He blinds Polyphemus, son of Poseidon
                         - Long wanderings, Home Ruined
                         [Odysseus, Polyphemus, Poseidon, Penelope,
          b) Menelaus - 8 years to get home
                - guaranteed immortality
                 [Menelaus, Helen]
     ii) Caught in Storm and Destroyed
          a) Ajax annoys Poseidon and Athena
                 [Ajax, Cassandra, Poseidon, Athena]

*Achilles ends up in Elysium/Blessed-Isles with Medea
Online version of Apollodorus’ Library, will take
 you through these – and many more – stories
 associated with Troy.
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Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey
Outline of the January 27th

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