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									     57570                        Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 190 / Monday, October 3, 2005 / Notices

     measures and will be analyzed in the                    SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:      Section               requirements, along with relevant ED
     EIS. These include water quality,                       3506 of the Paperwork Reduction Act of                forms.
     anadromous fish, cultural resources,                    1995 (44 U.S.C. Chapter 35) requires                     This information collection is being
     and socio-economics. The Corps expects                  that the Office of Management and                     submitted under the Streamlined
     other resource concerns to be identified                Budget (OMB) provide interested                       Clearance Process for Discretionary
     during the scoping process.                             Federal agencies and the public an early              Grant Information Collections (1890–
        The EIS will address measures,                       opportunity to comment on information                 0001). Therefore, the 30-day public
     alternatives, and impacts on a                          collection requests. OMB may amend or                 comment period notice will be the only
     programmatic level, but will not address                waive the requirement for public                      public comment notice published for
     site-specific actions. However, the EIS                 consultation to the extent that public                this information collection.
     will present the coordination and                       participation in the approval process                    Requests for copies of the information
     environmental review steps the Corps                    would defeat the purpose of the                       collection submission for OMB review
     will take with regard to subsequent site-               information collection, violate State or              may be accessed from http://
     specific actions.                                       Federal law, or substantially interfere     , by selecting the
        The Corps currently anticipates                      with any agency’s ability to perform its              ‘‘Browse Pending Collections’’ link and
     conducting public scoping for this EIS                  statutory obligations. The Leader,                    by clicking on link number 2868. When
     in early 2006. The exact dates, times,                  Information Management Case Services                  you access the information collection,
     and locations of these meetings have not                Team, Regulatory Information                          click on ‘‘Download Attachments ’’ to
     yet been set. The Corps will publicize                  Management Services, Office of the                    view. Written requests for information
     this information once the meeting                       Chief Information Officer, publishes that             should be addressed to U.S. Department
     arrangements have been made. The                        notice containing proposed information                of Education, 400 Maryland Avenue,
     Corps invites affected Federal, state, and              collection requests prior to submission               SW., Potomac Center, 9th Floor,
     local agencies, affected Native American                of these requests to OMB. Each                        Washington, DC 20202–4700. Requests
     tribes, and other interested                            proposed information collection,                      may also be electronically mailed to the
     organizations and persons to participate                grouped by office, contains the                       Internet address or
     in the development of the EIS. The                      following: (1) Type of review requested,              faxed to 202–245–6623. Please specify
     Corps will also invite input from the                   e.g. new, revision, extension, existing or            the complete title of the information
     local, interagency sediment                             reinstatement; (2) Title; (3) Summary of              collection when making your request.
     management group formed under the                       the collection; (4) Description of the                   Comments regarding burden and/or
     Northwest Regional Dredging Team.                       need for, and proposed use of, the                    the collection activity requirements
        The draft EIS is currently scheduled                 information; (5) Respondents and                      should be directed to Sheila Carey at her
     to be available for public review in fall               frequency of collection; and (6)                      e-mail address
     2008. The final EIS is currently                        Reporting and/or Recordkeeping                        Individuals who use a
     scheduled to be available for public                    burden. OMB invites public comment.                   telecommunications device for the deaf
     review in fall 2009.                                      Dated: September 27, 2005.                          (TDD) may call the Federal Information
                                                             Angela C. Arrington,
                                                                                                                   Relay Service (FIRS) at 1–800–877–
     Randy L. Glaeser,
     LTC, EN, Commanding.                                    Leader, Information Management Case
                                                             Services Team, Regulatory Information                 [FR Doc. 05–19688 Filed 9–30–05; 8:45 am]
     [FR Doc. 05–19694 Filed 9–30–05; 8:45 am]
                                                             Management Services, Office of the Chief              BILLING CODE 4000–01–P
                                                             Information Officer.
                                                             Office of Vocational and Adult                        DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION
     DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION                                 Education
                                                               Type of Review: Extension.                          National Advisory Committee on
     Submission for OMB Review;                                Title: The State Scholars Initiative.               Institutional Quality and Integrity
     Comment Request                                           Frequency: Annually.                                (National Advisory Committee);
                                                               Affected Public: Not-for-profit                     Meeting
     AGENCY:  Department of Education.
     SUMMARY:   The Leader, Information                      institutions.                                         AGENCY:  National Advisory Committee
     Management Case Services Team,                            Reporting and Recordkeeping Hour                    on Institutional Quality and Integrity,
     Regulatory Information Management                       Burden:                                               Department of Education.
     Services, Office of the Chief Information                   Responses: 20.
                                                                 Burden Hours: 1,000.                              What Is the Purpose of This Notice?
     Officer invites comments on the
     submission for OMB review as required                     Abstract: The purpose of the State                    The purpose of this notice is to
     by the Paperwork Reduction Act of                       Scholars Initiative is to support a non-              announce the public meeting of the
     1995.                                                   profit entity that will fund state                    National Advisory Committee and invite
                                                             business-education partnerships that                  third-party oral presentations before the
     DATES:  Interested persons are invited to               promote rigorous course work among                    Committee. This notice also presents the
     submit comments on or before                            high school students in their states, by              proposed agenda and informs the public
     November 2, 2005.                                       encouraging and motivating high school                of its opportunity to attend this meeting.
     ADDRESSES: Written comments should                      students to select rigorous courses of                The notice of this meeting is required
     be addressed to the Office of                           study that will benefit them in their                 under section 10(a)(2) of the Federal
     Information and Regulatory Affairs,                     future careers, postsecondary education,              Advisory Committee Act.
     Attention: Rachel Potter, Desk Officer,                 or training. The State Scholars
     Department of Education, Office of                      cooperative agreement application                     When and Where Will the Meeting
     Management and Budget, 725 17th                         package includes information for                      Take Place?
     Street, NW., Room 10222, New                            applicants with selection criteria,                     We will hold the public meeting on
     Executive Office Building, Washington,                  program requirements, application                     Wednesday, December 7, 2005, from
     DC 20503 or faxed to (202) 395–6974.                    requirements, and eligibility                         9:30 a.m. until approximately 5:15 p.m.;

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