Even Taxi Cabs Need And SEO Strategy

					                          Even Taxi Cabs Need An SEO Strategy

Synopsis: As you create and publish content on your website it’s easy to get caught up in SEO and forget
about the reader. For the few who focus on their audience an objective eye is equally important.

Think about how you browse the Internet for a minute. If you are anything like me you probably head on
over to your favorite search engine, put in a few words that you think apply and then quickly glance over
the list of sites that come up. I know that I usually open a few new tabs and take a quick peak at a
couple of the websites that seem promising. These sites are always on the first or second page of the
search engine listing. This is why SEO is so important, but when using SEO to draw people to your site
you do have to be careful and keep your readers in mind first and foremost.

All too often it is easy to get caught up in your SEO strategy and take a great site and turn it into
something that visitors will quickly glance over and then leave. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the
keywords or sacrifice quality for a quantity of information. If I have learned anything it is that SEO is
critical to bring people to your site, but that there is no sense in bringing people to your site if they
aren’t going to stay and return. Make sure that your site is designed primarily for your reader and not
just for the search engines.

What are some ways that you can accomplish this?

Achieving a good balance between reader and search engine is possible. Start by thinking about the
content that you want to provide to your site visitors. Then think about your keywords. I find that
keywords and phrases can fit into just about anything if you use a little creativity. For example a couple
of weeks ago I needed to find a taxi company that was reliable and reputable. I entered in the search
terms “taxi cab NY.” I got tons of results. In the end I ended up choosing the Yellow Checker Cab
Company because when I went to their site I was able to find the information I needed quickly and
easily. They had a fee schedule, articles profiling their drivers, tips for getting the most value out of your
taxi experience and more.

If you want to increase your SEO value for the phrase taxi cabs NY you can accomplish this in multiple
ways. You could provide content on how to find a taxi cab, how to choose a good cab company or even
how to choose a great restaurant. You can find creative ways to use your keywords without
compromising on site quality. Think about your readers first and what you want to provide and then find
a way to make this happen with your keywords.

Take a critical look and a step back when evaluating your site. As you create and publish content on your
website it can be so easy to get caught up in SEO and forget about the reader. Even if you focus on your
reader you do need to keep an objective eye as well. Take a few minutes and look at your site as a first
time visitor might. Is it easy to find the information that you need? Does the text on your site sound like
it was written for a person or for a search engine? Is it interesting? You can also ask others to give you
feedback on your site. SEO is a process and it requires constant attention and revision.

Another important strategy that can be used to boost your SEO value is to ask for help. You can’t be an
expert on everything. If you are an expert on nutrition and know nothing about SEO, get some help. This
way you will have time to focus on filling your site with the information that readers want instead of
spending your time learning the ins and outs of SEO and compromising on everything else. Don’t feel
that you have to do everything yourself. Spending a few dollars on expert advice will pay off in the long

Websites are designed to get information to site visitors and if you focus solely on SEO you might lose
sight of this more important goal. Readers aren’t going to come back to your site if all they find is a
collection of keywords and nonsensical information.If you want to bring readers and repeat visitors to
your site you certainly think about the Yellow Checker Taxi Company. Engage SEO, but never forget the
audience that pays your fare

Jacqueline Rosser is a guest contributor to the MediaShark blog. She is a Technical Writer from New
York with expertise in SEO and Web Optimization.

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Description: Do Taxi Cab Companies need a “fare” SEO Strategy? As you create and publish content on your website it’s easy to get caught up in SEO and forget about the reader. For the few who focus on their audience an objective eye is equally important.