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                                   The Prologue to Greatness

          Being that you are passionate about public health, I do see you as a successful partaker in the
field. I've listened to your views on policy and management and which one you would like to pursue. I
personally see you in the management role. You have a lot of potential within you, you just have to tap
into it and I definitely believe that within the next five years, you will find it. You're a strong individual,
though you may not know it. You will settle for nothing short of greatness. You have a very good
demeanor, as well as the determination needed to lead in your future en devours. Never doubt
yourself, and remember that not every decision you make will be easy, and you will easily assume this

Location (subject to change depending upon economy)
         Though you've told me you'd like to move to New York, I see you residing in the Bay area on a
more realistic note. I don't see you really abandoning the network you've established there, plus it
matches your personality: calm, yet wild. Spontaneous, but at the same time well organized. The Bay
to me is the primary depiction of modern acceptance of individuality as well as a great incorporation
of blended cultures and ideals that I feel mirror who you are tit for tac. If you are to move to New
York, it doubt it would be within the next five years.

        Headstrong, and bound for greatness. I don't see you as the type of person who would settle
for mediocrity. You fight for what you believe in, and are willing to pursue said item despite the
opinions of others. You may have seen the Chris situation as an attempt to save a relationship, but I
saw it something more. You were determined to fight for what you believed in, not willing to give up
despite what others have told you. This is a great trait to have. At times it will work against you, but I
ask that you keep this mindset because it will benefit you later on in life. You'll have your goals
mapped out, and you'll be working towards obtaining them at every step (and I’ll make sure you do).

         Around this time, you'll have found a guy that stands out above all the rest you have been
with. You won't be married, but this guy might just be the one to claim that title. As I said, he may not
fit all your qualifications, but he will be what you need. He will be able to communicate on your level
and share general interests in what you are trying to do career wise. He will appreciate your ambition,
and he will support your every move. At the same time, he will help keep you focused. He'll be your
support when you feel weak, and the one to put you back on course if you should ever stray. But
before you meet this man, you will go through your fare share of other potentials, and yes this more
than likely includes another attempt with Chris (though I don't see it working). As for the others, they
will be good, but not good enough. Either not on your level socially, or able to keep up with your
strong will. They won't truly understand you, and you will seek the next option.

        You will break down quite a few times. Either do to the loss of a loved one, or to the point of
having nothing go your way at one point. You will get down on yourself (which I always say is unfair)
and you might lose focus on what you're truly after. It's my deepest wish that this doesn't happen. As I
always say Nhan, “life is chess, not checkers.” there will be times where you will be stripped of your
queens, rooks, and even bishops. Leaving you with only the knight and pawn to advance, but realize
that the game is far from over. When you do hit this point, don't collapse. Instead, take a moment to
sit and assess the “game” so to speak. If you can figure out the exact sequence to reclaim your pieces,
you will do just fine.

          In short Nhan, you are destined for greatness. You have all the makings of a strong,
independent female. A force to be reckoned with on this battle field of life, and a commodity that
many will seek. You just need to stay focused and believe in yourself. When times get rough, don't cry.
Tears change nothing in life, it is perseverance that induces change. It is the will that urges us to reach
levels that we have only dreamed of. It is the burning passion that helps to shed light on the darkest
times in our lives. If you remember this, and live the aforementioned mindset you will go very far in
life. I have faith in you Nhan, and I promise to be there for you whenever you may need.

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