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									Lucid Dreaming
L cid D eaming MP3
Review - Do They Work
In Real Life?
http://www luciddreamingmp3 com
After discovering The Unexplainable Store
Lucid Dreaming recordings a few weeks
ago, there was no doubt in mind that I
had to get it

 Si         i t thi        h           l
 Since I am into things such as personal
development, meditation and relaxation,
over years I have gotten
recommendations for many different CDs.
But, none compared to these
downloadable recordings.

And this prompted me to write this Lucid
Dreaming MP3 Review to share some of
my experiences.
I was really fascinated with the idea of
having the ability to live in my dreams. In
the last dream that I recall, I was flying in
the sky like Superman but this was a very
long ago.

This powerful MP3 is actually one of the
most beneficial recordings I have found to
induce lucid dreaming.
Just by listening before going bed or
waking up early in the mornings, I was
able to enter into a unique head space - a
profound state of meditation in which my
body and mind was primed for Wake
Induced Lucid Dream
This is also an amazing relaxation support
and will be ideal for relieving stress
following a long day at work.
             y                  g      g
What exactly is lucid dreaming recording?
This is a forty five minute lucid dreaming
mp3 recording which uses a sound
technology which scientifically proven
called brainwave entrainment This will
help to prime your mind for lucid

Some of the usual effects that you feel
after listening the MP3 recording includes:
- Full bodily relaxation
- Emerging scenes of dreams and lucid
- Feelings of bodily disassociation and
floating of limbs
- Hypnagogia, allows you to see swirling
patterns and colors
- A sense of inner peach and clarity of
 o           o
How does it work?

 Your brain will pass through several
 different frequencies daily, based on your
 level of consciousness, but this can be
 high alert brainwaves to sleeping
 brainwaves. When you are able to
 manipulate the inner frequency it is
 possible to enter different states of
 consciousness on demand. The name for
 the initiation of this proven frequency is
 Brainwave entrainment, which means to
 f ll              th      h
 follow response through sounds. d
  a a e    e unique ea u es
What are the u que features?

 In general, there are just two packages
 accessible for The Unexplainable Store
 Lucid Dreaming category. You have the
 basic Lucid Dream 45 minutes recording
 and the Astral Super Bundled Deal.

 This combo package includes the Lucid
 Dreaming recording; Creative Free Flow;
 Astral Projection and Past Life Regression
 recordings incorporated at a low p
          g       p                price.
Personally, I thought that the combo pack
was a much better deal so this is the one I

The two packages include the binaural
b t i       h   i tones and monaural
beats, iscochronic t      d         l
How the lucid dreaming recordings actually helped me?

  When I heard the binaural beats for the
  first time I was very excited. In fact, I got
  so excited that was not able to sleep
  because I wanted to listen to those MP3s

  C ld I control my dreams like what
  Could      t l    d       lik   h t
  Leonardo DiCaprio was able to do in The
Well, to be honest after listening to the
recording for first three nights my
excitement almost disappeared because I
don't remember what really happened

B t afterwards, I did recall one night while
But ft       d            ll      i ht hil
I was sleeping that was dreaming, but it
was weird because I was not certain if was
sleeping or awake.
All things in my dream seem really
familiar, yet there were certain
occurrences which seemed impossible.

There was the feeling like I was moving
instantaneously from location t another.
i t t           l f    l   ti  to      th
It's somewhat difficult to explain fully, but
I can state confidently that my life after
listing to the recording.
There are no spoken words on the MP3,
but instead you can hear white-noise in
the background and foreground. I heard
many different sound effects which helped
to focus my conscious mind.

 Very quickly, I started to relax mentally.
This is something which very difficult for
me to achieve in the past with breathing
So do the Unexplainable Store lucid
dreaming MP3 recordings really

What do the other users say?
In short: YES, they do! Check my blog to
read a comprehensive review of different
types of lucid dreaming MP3 from The
Unexplainable Store, which also includes
user reviews, comments and complaints
about The Unexplainable Store:
http://www unexplainablebinauralbeats com

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