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									RNIB Conference: Bridge to Vision 2009
This form contains 18 questions and should take around 5 minutes to

Conference details:
Title: Bridge to Vision 2009, Conference:
Scotland's Model of Equitable Eye Care for People with a Learning Disability

Date: Wednesday 25 March 2009
Venue: Glasgow Marriott Hotel, 500 Argyle Street, Glasgow, G3 8RR.
Fee: £45 per person. Free to people with a learning disability.
Please submit cheque with application (see Terms & Conditions if an invoice
is required)

Closing date for applications is Friday 13 March 2009.

Your details:
Please provide your personal details below.
Type/PRINT your answer at the end of each line.

1. Surname: Mr / Mrs / Ms / Miss / Dr /Other:

2. Forename:

3. Address including postcode:

4. Telephone (work):

5. Telephone (home):

6. Mobile telephone:

7. Email address:

8. Job title:

9. Employer name:
Individual requirements:
10. Please state your preferred reading medium: standard print (Arial 14),
   large print, braille, audio CD, email:

11.   If large print, please state font size:

12.   Any dietary or access requirements? Please state Yes or No:

13.   If Yes, please specify:

How did you hear about this conference?
14. Please state if, course flyer, RNIB website, ENABLE Scotland website,
   word of mouth, specialist magazine, email or other:

15.   If other please tell us:

Data protection:
Please answer the following questions yes or no:
16. I am happy to receive emails from RNIB:

17.   I am happy to receive information on future events:

18. I am happy for my contact details to be shared with relevant third

Please return to:
Bridge to Vision 2009 Conference
RNIB VILD Services
Springfield Road
G64 1PN

Telephone 0141 941 1041

Bookings will be acknowledged within 5 days of receipt. Please do not
hesitate to contact us at the telephone number above if you have any further

Terms and conditions
 Please submit cheque with application.
  If an invoice is required please advise us providing Invoice address, if
       different from above, including postcode.
 Delegates are responsible for their own overnight accommodation. Please
   contact us if you would like information on suitable hotels in the area.
 Cancellations received more than 15 working days before an event will not
   incur any cancellation fee. Cancellations received between five and 15
   working days before the event are subject to a cancellation fee of £25. If a
   cancellation is received within five working days of the event, or the
   participant fails to attend, the full event fee is payable.
 RNIB will endeavour to run the conference as advertised. However, we
   reserve the right to cancel the conference at any time and offer an
   alternative date, credit or refund, without any liability for any consequential
   or indirect loss.

[form ends]

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