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									Marketing yourself in Job Market

          Anurag K Srivastava
         Mississippi State University
• Where and when to start
• Facts related to job search
• Action plan
• Assembling you job hunt portfolio
   – Building resume
   – Cover letter
   – Searching jobs
   – Interview
• Academic VS Industry
• Website Links
• Power and academic job related links
Where and when to start
    Job hunt is challenging and stressful task that requires good
 organization and planning. You should prepare for that 3-5 years
 in advance or as soon as possible, when you are clear enough that
 what you want to do.

• Build your resume (Internship, through active participation in
  campus, through volunteer work)
• Networking in day to day life
• Getting experience from senior students
• Being abreast of Job market
Facts related to job search
Facts related to job search

    Finding and hiring new employees is a pain!

• The single biggest expense in most companies is
  human resources.
• Employers spend an average of 30% of the first
  year’s salary to hire someone.
• The average hire takes 180 days.
• The average employee stays in a job only three
  years before moving on.
Facts related to job search …..

 Effectiveness of Job Search Channels

 Networking: 30-49%
 Direct Contact w Decision-Makers: 19 – 37%
 Published Job Openings: 15 – 24%
 All others: 1 – 16%
Facts related to job search …..
Facts related to job search …..
• Turning Your Contacts into Careers
 ―Networking is making links from people we know to people
 they know, in an organized way, for a specific purpose, while
 remaining committed to doing our part, expecting nothing in
 Donna Fisher and Sandy Vilas, Power Networking
• Do not focus on an employer’s
 openings, but on their NEEDS, and
 by talking to decision-makers, not
 human resources.
Action Plan
What recruiting manager looking for?
1) Focused Individuals!
2) Who can add value to an organization.
3) Who are organized with their thoughts.
4) Who communicate well with thoughts, ideas and concepts.
5) Who possess team spirit.
6) Who exhibit flexibility in the job.
7) Who display commitment to the job.
8) Who are on time for the interview.
9) Who do not complain in the interview.
10) Who display no anger or resentment to past employer.
What recruiting manager looking for?
11) Who display confidence.
12) Who demonstrate ability to follow instructions.
13) Who have an educational background or comparable experience.
14) Who exhibit entrepreneurial abilities.
15) Who demonstrate proactive vs. reactive abilities.
16) Who offer creativity and versatility in the job.
17) Who offer innovative ideas.
18) Who offer leadership abilities.
9) Who communicate well - oral, written and interpersonally
20) Who know how to work smarter not harder.
Action Plan…

• Assess Yourself, know about yourself, know your interest and
  abilities and where you fit
• Research your career goals, get clear data what you seeking
• Lay out your plan and narrow your job options
• Develop a self marketing strategies
• Develop winning resume
• Refine your job interview skills
• Network, connect and follow up
• Implement your plan, making adjustment along the way
Action Plan…

 • Getting a job is sales.
 • You are the salesperson of this product.
 • Your resume and cover letter are your marketing.

                             You must focus your
                             marketing on the
                             needs of the buyers.
Self marketing strategies
• Product: What do you have to offer? What key skills and
  attributes can you offer your ―customers‖ (i.e., potential

 Price: What is your value in the marketplace? Do your
 educational background, experience, and professional strengths
 qualify you as a premium product—something elite—or will you
 need to start ―discounted‖ to get your foot in the door of your
 targeted industry?

 Promotion: What themes or messages convey what you have to
 offer professionally?
Self marketing strategies

Place (distribution): How will you distribute yourself on the
market? Consider using multiple means of ―delivering‖ yourself to
potential employers. This could include on-campus recruiting
events, job ads, career fairs, company websites, executive
recruiters, and referrals from your network.

Positioning: What differentiates you from other candidates? What
is unique about your skills, background, or interests?
Assembling your job hunt

                 • cover letter
                 • curriculum vitae or résumé
                 • statement of interests
                 • letters of recommendation
                 • additional materials
                 CVs and Résumés

• Definition
-- A summary, especially of one’s personal history and employment
Building resume
 • Chronological resume
 • Functional resumes
 • Targeted resumes
 • Combo resumes
 You're applying or looking for a new job in the same
   industry / area.
 You're applying or looking for a new job in the different
   industry / area.
 You would like to see your experiences / qualifications
   shown together.
Building resume….
• Resume should show that, you have the ability of:
  – Solve problems,
  – Create new product
  – Cut costs
  – Improve products and and can fasten the development process
  – Increase revenue
• What you want:
  – Money,
  – Challenging and interesting work
  – Career growth
  – ???????
Building resume….

• Before starting your resume, define your most
  significant work accomplishments:
  – What you are most proud of?
  – What did you do, which is most enjoying and interesting?
  – When did you show something initiative, creative, and good
  – What would you like the employer to know the first thing
    about you?
  – What are your personal qualities, strength?
Building resume….
• Resume structure:
  – Objective/summary/profile (Should use personal trait
    keywords, assertive, self starter, tem player, innovative,
    adaptable, flexible, analytical?
  – Accomplishments summary (use action word with quantified
  – Education
  – Experience (use action words)
  – Affiliation
  – Publications
  – References
Building resume ….
 Experience: Use action verbs
  Responsible for supervising three

                      Supervised three technicians

    Advanced, analyzed, produced, designed, expanded,
    formulated, implemented, negotiated, organized, streamlined,
    invented, verified…
Building resume ….
Cover letter

               • Application letter
               • Thank you letter
               • Acceptance letter
               • Networking letter
               • Declination letter
Cover letter …..
  • Format
    – very brief (1 page)
    – write to a person
    – use their words
  • Contents
    – what responding to
    – your qualifications
    – enclosures
    – plans for follow up
Cover letter …..
• Think of your cover letter as an appetizer, when your
  resume is main course
• Do your homework
• Equate yourself to the positions
• Who do you know in organization
• Be clear and concise
• End on a strong note for follow up
Letter of recommendation

• Key variables
  – how well they know you
  – how enthusiastic they are
  – how specific they are
  – who they are
• Know your industry
• How big company is, how long has been operating, major
  competitors of company
• Arrive on time
• Answer more than yes or no, but does not go more than 1 minute
• Stress your achievement
• Be professional
• Link you skill with job requirements
• Do wage research
• Know interviewer
• Dress properly
• Identify weakness in your CV and be prepared to answer that, like
  low GPA
• Show interest
• Follow-up after interview
• Ask question
• Drive conversation in your own way
• Prepare for well know questions like tell me more about you,
  Strengths and weakness
         Academic VS Industry

• Different approach
   for job search
Academic VS Industry…

 • Determine your values

  – Do you like teaching?
  – Do you like research?
  – How important is salary?
  – How hard do you want to work?
  – You like supervising students?
  – You like flexible job hours?
  – Do you like university environment?
Website links
Power job and academic job website links
Look to the future and expect the best.

             Best of luck.


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