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									                                                  Upon Instructions from the Secured Creditors


                                                                                       JUNE 22ND/06

                                                                                          10 AM
                                                                                        1770 MAPLELAWN DR,
                                                                                              TROY, MI
LEBLOND MAKINO FNC106 Vertical Machining Center

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    1993                                                                        2000

DEFUM Model DBM100N CNC Boring Mill                                         HAAS VF-1 Vertical Machining Center

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     1993                                                                                                                               2000

DEFUM DBM100N CNC Boring Mill                                        LEBLOND MAKINO FNC106 Machining Center                       HAAS VF1 Vertical Machining Center


WENZEL RS1624 Dual Arm CMM                                           PLASOMAT NGH Hydraulic Shear                                 AMF Tug-40 Engine Lathe

             MACHINING CENTERS                                                            PRESSES                                                     GRINDERS
 • LEBLOND MAKINO FNC106 vertical machining center, 30               • MCKAY WARCO SG2-150-60-30 Gap Press, 60"x30" bed, • REID Mod HYD 6"x18" surface grinder, magnetic chuck,
 Position ATC, #50 Taper, travels x-41", y-23", z-22", 55"x24"       150 ton, 10" stroke, 22" SH, air clutch, light curtains, s/n s/n 20802 • BLOHM Mod Simplex 7 surface grinder, 28"x12",
 table, Fanuc OM control, s/n LM-364, 1991 • HAAS Mod                59P2871-11 • GREENARD 15 ton hydraulic C-frame press magnetic chuck, s/n 757
 VF-1 vertical machining center, 20-Position ATC, 48"x18"            Mod HPB-15, s/n 93T4742, 1993 • HANNIFIN C-Frame
 table, #40 Taper, travels x-40", y-20", z-25", s/n 20652, 2000      Hydraulic Press 5 1/2" diameter ram                               RADIAL / SHOP DRILL PRESSES
                                                                                                                                  • WILLIS-SOLBERGA Mod SEnr7 geared head drill Press •
                     BORING MILL                                                    MILLING MACHINES                              WILTON Mod 6S bench type drill press, 1/2 HP belt change
 • DEFUM Mod DBM100N CNC horizontal boring Mill, 4"                  • (2) ACRA Mod GS18V vertical milling machines, 3 HP head • POWERMATIC Mod 1200 drill press, s/n 67-3196
 spindle, 55"x43" rotary table, 50 Taper, travels x-72", y-59",      variable speed head, 10"x50" table w/feed, Sargon 3 axis DRO
 z-20" w-39 1/2", 30 HP spindle, Fanuc OM control, 1992,             and vise, s/n 812066, K3V910038 • PALAMANCO Jafo Jaro                 ROBOTIC WELDING CELLS
 with 2 angle plates, s/n 9144                                       Lin Mod FYD 32 vertical milling machine, 12 1/2" x50" table, • MOTOMAN SK16 robotic welding cell, Yasnac MRC SK16
                                                                     power feeds, vise, s/n 2728 • (2) BRIDGEPORT I HP vertical control, OTC 350-Amp power supply unit, Model Inverter
                             CMM                                     milling machines, Newall 2-axis DRO, s/n 77371, 57857        Auto 350, 2-Position rotary table • FANUC S-12 robotic
 • WENZEL Dual-Arm Cantilever type coordinate measuring                                                                           welding cell, Fanuc RJ2 control, 2 position rotary table,
 machine Mod RS 1624, 10’x20' steel floor plate, Cantilever                                  LATHES                               Lincoln Powerwave 450 welding power supply • (2) FANUC
 arms run the length of the table w/vertical travel of 8 1/2', Arm   • LION 11"x30" engine lathe, 6" 3 jaw chuck, s/n 11796, Arc Mate 100 robotic welding cells with Power Supply, 2-
 reach 5', (2) Renishaw PH10M probes, 1995, s/n RS951186             1980 • AMF Andrychow Mod TUG-40 engine lathe, 17"x60" position rotary table with Lincoln Powerwave 450 Power
                                                                     capacity, s/n 1192-7859                                      Supply unit, 1994 • (2) GMF Arc-Mate Robotic welding cells
                SHEARS / BENDERS                                                                                                  with Power Supply, 2 Position rotary table and Lincoln Mod
 • PLASOMAT Mod NGH10 hydraulic shear, 3/8" x 10', down                                       SAWS                                Pulse-Power 500, 500-Amp Power supply, s/n AC-672201
 acting, back gauge, 1993, s/n 86154 • EAGLE Mod EPT-60              • MARVEL Mod 8 Mark II vert. tilt frame band saw, 18"x20" • and Lincoln NA-5R welding control • GMF Arc-Mate Robotic
 tube bender, programmable control with CRT, s/n 92-703, 1992        DOALL Mod 1612-1 vert. band saw, 16" throat, s/n 148-65877                                         continued next page

McKAY WARCO SG2-150-60-30 Press MOTOMAN SK16 Robotic Welding Cell                                  FANUC Arcmate 100 Robotic Welding Cell         MILLER MRK5 Robotic Welding Cell
                                                        2                                                                          2
                                                     AVAILABLE                                                                 AVAILABLE

BLOHM Simplex 7 Surface Grinder ACRA GS18V Vertical Mill                  HANNIFIN Hydraulic Press            BRIDGEPORT Vertical Mill               CW BLISS OBI Press


RIDGID 535 Pipe Threader                     KAESER DS140 Compressor                        LION Engine Lathe                              TOYOTA 7FCGU25 Forktruck

    ROBOTIC WELDING CELLS continued                           1BP50A12 50 KVA Projection Spot welder, 12" throat,                          COMPRESSORS
 welding cells with Power Supply, Preston-Eastin 2 Position   Technitron control, s/n 5142 • BANNER Mod 1BP50A12         • KAESER Mod Sigma Profile DS140 rotary screw air
 rotary table and Lincoln Mod Pulse-Power 500, 500-Amp        60 KVA Projection spot welder, 12" throat, Technitron                          ,
                                                                                                                         compressor, 100 HP s/n 142663, 1995 • KAESER Mod
 Power supply, Lincoln NA-5R welding control, Lincoln CV-     control, s/n 5141 • TRW Nelson Mod 101 stud welder,                                                             ,
                                                                                                                         Sigma Profile BS60 rotary screw air compressor, 50 HP s/n
 400 Mig welder, s/n U1960410278 • GMF Arc-Mate robotic       Series 4800, s/n 9502690                                   50866 • FLAIR Mod TMF-500 Refrigerated Compressed air
 welding cell with Power Supply and Lincoln CV-300 Power                                                                            ,
                                                                                                                         dryer, 3 HP s/n 01CTMA1949, 2001 • MARLEY Mod AT-
 Supply unit, s/n U1030900658 • MILLER MRK-5 5 axis                         RIVETING MACHINES                            12-218B cooling tower, tank and pump, year 1993 • AIR
 Robotic welder with Power Supply and Lincoln Mod CV-300,     • NATIONAL RIVET & MFG CO Mod 500B riveter, s/n 1008 SYSTEM Mod 1A2H air dryer, s/n G85-90288-46 • DEWITT
 300-Amp power supply and wire feeder, s/n U1960910125        • CHICAGO Mod 555DS riveter, s/n 1414 • CHICAGO Mod Mod Dar50 air dryer, s/n 1533A
 • MILLER MRH-5 5 axis Robotic welder with Power Supply       449-333 riveter • SPINNOMATIC Mod M-214 spinning
 and Miller Deltaweld 451 power supply with wire feeder       riveter, s/n 1111-R1                                                    MOBILE EQUIPMENT
                                                                                                                         • TOYOTA Mod 7FCGU25 forktruck, 5,000# cap, 189" lift,
                      WELDERS                                                      DECOILERS                             propane, Canopy, cushion tires, s/n 60028, 1999 • TOYOTA
 • PRODUCTION WELDING LINE includes (32) Portable             • DALLAS Mod 06380, 48" OD x7,000# cap single arm forktruck, 5,000# cap, propane, Canopy, cushion tires •
 hanging spot welding guns with transforms and control        reel, s/n 12684 • LITTELL Mod 40-18, 4000# cap x 18" TCM Mod ECG20E9 forktruck, 4,000# cap, 189" reach,
 panels • (OVER 36) Stand Alone Welding stations which        width x 48" OD single arm coil reel, s/n 59199-73 • LITTEL propane, canopy, cushion tires, s/n 3650
 include Pertron Controls, Over 70 transformers, Over 80      Mod 5, 600# cap automatic centering reel, s/n 217
 welding guns, rotary tables etc • (3) HOBART 200-Amp                                                                                GENERAL MATERIALS
 Mig Welder Mod Beta-Mig 2510 • (17) LINCOLN Power                       GENERAL EQUIPMENT                              • Qty. of welding supplies, spare parts, Mag drills, tooling, arbor
 Supply units Mod CV-250 and CV-300 with Lincoln LN-7         • Pneumatic C-Frame Press • FAMCO 3 station kick press    presses, tables, ladders, surface plates, welding tips & cables,
 wire feeders • LINCOLN CV-400 welding power supply with      • (2) FAMCO kick presses • RIDGID #535 pipe threader •    nuts, bolts, repair parts, power supplies, copper, welding guns,
 Lincoln LN-7 wire feeder, 1996 • LINCOLN DC-400 Power        Portable A-frame with Jet 2 ton electric chain hoist • (2)controllers, welding transformers, shop fans, oxy-acet carts,
 supply Unit • (2) OTC 350-Amp Power supply units Model       30,000# cap C-frame coil hook • BUSHMAN 10,250# cap       welding torches, welding wire feeders, lge qty of chain, pallet
 Inverter Auto 350, 2-Position rotary table • AIRCO Mod       coil lifter • 10 ton coil hook • TORIT Mod MC2000 dust    racking, banding carts, steel layout tables, battery chargers, etc
 CV0450 450 amp mig welder, s/n RH104182 • MILLER                            ,
                                                              collector, 5 HP s/n 203890 • TOOLRITE Bendix Mod H-400-
 Deltaweld 450, 450 Amp mig welder, s/n JF859032 •            2-1.0NMR tapper, s/n T-728 • HARSHAW Mod 22                            OFFICE EQUIPMENT
 CHINA Mod SLP-75B5 75 KVA Projection Spot welder,            environmental chamber, s/n 079984 • WOODCRAFT Mod • Office equipment including desks, chairs, credenzas,
 Pertron control • TAYLOR WINFIELD Mod ENE-18-75 75           STSB4200-T3 42" conveyor, s/n 28807-13351, 1996 • workstations, chairs, filing cabinets, bookcases, Photo
 KVA Projection spot welder, Pertron control • BANNER Mod     Stainless steel milk tank                                  copiers, computers, printers, Jet 1055CM plotter etc

PALASMANCO Vertical Mill            MARVEL Mark II Mod 8 Vertical Saw     LINCOLN Square Wave Tig 300 Welder FEDERAL Spot Welder                     FLAIR Air Dryer
                                            Upon Instructions from the Secured Creditors

      10 AM
     1770 MAPLELAWN DR,
           TROY, MI
Preview & Inspection: Wed, June 21 from 9am-5pm or by appointment

                                                     1994                                                                 1995

LEBLOND MAKINO FNC106 Vertical Machining Center DEFUM Model DBM100N CNC Boring Mill                                 WENZEL RS1624 Dual Arm CMM

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