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Kidsmart Distribution Ltd


									                                       CYBF Entrepreneur: Leilani and Lisa Reid
                                       CYBF Mentor: Patti Lefrancois
                                       CYBF Community Partner: Salmon Arm
                                       Economic Development
                                       Inception: 2007
                                       Jobs created: 7 (200+ sales reps)
                                       Location: Kamloops, British Columbia

Kidsmart Distribution Ltd.
Business Profile: Shopping for the kids from the comfort of home.
Kidsmart Distribution Ltd. provides a home shopping experience that allows people to
                                                                                          • 1000% growth rate
earn extra income while offering unique, high quality, non-toxic products for children
                                                                                            in February 2009
and infants. With sales reps across Canada, Kidsmart parties have become the latest
                                                                                            over the previous
way to shop and interact with friends, and earn money at the same time.
                                                                                          • Sales expected to
Their Story: Lisa and Leilani Reid’s target customers are themselves.
                                                                                            surpass $750,000 by
                                                                                            end of 2009
As new mothers, the two wanted to stay at home with their children, but at the same
time, they wanted to contribute to the family income. The two developed the idea of       • Catalog increases to
direct selling children’s products as a home shopping experience.                           20,000 copies per
Thanks to the investment of CYBF, the help from Salmon Arm Economic
Development, and the advice and wisdom of their CYBF mentor Patti Lefrancois,             2008
Kidsmart Distribution Ltd. was born.                                                      • Catalog increases
                                                                                            from 250 copies to
Leilani and Lisa credit Patti with helping them achieve success with their company,         6,000 copies per
citing her setting weekly goals for Kidsmart Distribution Ltd., and holding them            season
accountable to those projections. Those goals have definitely been met, with
Kidsmart Distribution Ltd. achieving more than 1000% growth in February of 2009           2007
over the previous year. The business partners have come a long way from their start       • Launched business,
in Lisa’s basement, and they admit they’ve had to make a lot of sacrifices, and put in      e-commerce site
long hours to get there.                                                                  • Signed first sales
“Being an entrepreneur is definitely not the easy way out just because you own the
company. You need to be prepared for years of hard work and sacrifice, and to take
responsibility for the success or failure of your business.”

With the success and rapid growth of Kidsmart Distribution Ltd., Lisa and Leilani are
well on their way to reaching their eight-year-goal of obtaining more than 4,000 sales
representatives in Canada, and selling the business for 40 million dollars.

                                                 Kidsmart Distribution Ltd. - continued
Kidsmart Distribution Ltd.

Short Quote:

“CYBF helped us grow our business at a critical time when we had no other
options, they were our stepping stone to success.”
- Leilani and Lisa Reid, Kidsmart Distribution Ltd

Mentor Quote:

“A mentor’s value is endless, surround yourself with as many as you can, ask
them as many questions as you can, and incorporate their wisdom into your
decisions. Our mentor is a great source of advice and her experience brings a lot
to the table at our weekly company meetings. She keeps us accountable for our
weekly goals which is key to our success.”
- Leilani and Lisa Reid, Kidsmart Distribution Ltd

Canada’s Entrepreneur Gateway –

The Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) is the ‘go to’ place for youth
entrepreneurship. As a national charity, we are dedicated to growing our nation’s
economy one young entrepreneur at a time. We look at character not collateral, when
providing youth, age 18-34, with pre-launch coaching, business resources, start-up
financing and mentoring, to help them launch and sustain a successful entrepreneurial

Salmon Arm Economic Development –

The Salmon Arm Business Development Program is a team approach to encourage
entrepreneurship and innovation. This positive team approach will assist new business
startups, local business expansion and struggling businesses survive. We will provide
assistance for as long as required, offering links to a variety of resources and skills. In
addition to various program services, the coach can provide an assessment of business
needs, marketing, and individual planning to help get independent feasibility advice. Our
community benefits from sustainable businesses who give back in social and economic

                 For any other information required, please contact
          Lori Paris, Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications, CYBF
                  Tel: (416) 408-2923 x 2120 E-mail:

                                                                                              August 2009

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