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Marketing Strategies of Tata Tea in Rural India by rsc12924


Marketing Strategies of Tata Tea in Rural India document sample

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									                            Leveraging the downturn for creating stronger brands
                                         February 12, 2009, Taj La nds End, M umbai

The current economic slowdown calls for combative measures and innovative thinking by organiz ations ac ross
industries, around the world. The need of the hour is to rebuild consumer confidence and manage brands. History
has witnessed the innovators capitaliz e on economic deteriorations and introduce pioneering marketing practices.
It is the period with numerous opportunities for leveraging brand equity and increasing market share.

The Brand E quity is organizing Compass 2009. Second in the series, the summit focuses on challenges and
strategies to help marketing professionals capitalize on brand management to achieve business goals.

It is a unique learning and networking opportunity for CXOs and marketers across industries , including IT/ ITES-
BPO, Financial services, Telecom, FMCG, and Healthcare. This exclusive one-day forum for marketing
professionals will be addressed by marketing gurus, industry experts, analysts and practitioners.

* To be confir med
                              Leveraging the downturn for creating stronger brands
                                           February 12, 2009, Taj La nds End, M umbai


       Time                                                  Session

0900- 0930 Hrs       Registration & Tea/Coffee

0930-1000 Hrs        Keynote Session

                     Welcome Address by Mr. Bhaskar Das, Executive President,
                     The Times of India Group

                     Keynote address by Dr. Vijay Mallya, Chairman, UB Group/ Mr. Kishore Biyani,
                     MD & CEO, Pantaloon Retail India *
1000 - 1115Hrs       CEO Panel: Role Of Marketing In An Economic Meltdown

                     Marketing challenges and strategies to succeed in the current economic
                     scenario. The session will cover:
                         How is the Indian economy positioned in the face of global
                         Learnings from past recession, and reorganizing marketing and brand
                             management practices

                     Moderator: To be announced

                     Mr. Hars h Mariwala, Chairman & MD, Marico Industries
                     Mr. Vikram Sakuja, CEO, Group M India
                     Mr. D Shivkumar, MD & VP, Nokia India P vt Ltd
                     Mr. Atul Singh, CEO, Coca-Cola India

1115 - 1130Hrs       Tea / coffee
1130- 1245 Hrs       Learnings from leaders: Innovating the marketing mix

                     Businesses today are under pressure to optimize costs and resources to
                     maximize productivity and the value derived from marketing activities. Marketers
                     have t o think and act like entrepreneurs; they need to work with limited
                     resources, take calculated risks, and maximize ROI with a time bound target.
                     What is the way forward and what should a smart marketer do?

                     Key highlights:

                            Learnings for marketing professionals to lead in tough times
                            Reorganizing marketing and brand management practices
                            Reinventing the marketing mix: Focus on ROI through Relationship
                             Marketing, Customer Loyalty and Ret ention, and Strat egic Alliances

                     Moderator: Ms Meenakshi Madhvani, Founder & MD, Spatial Access India
                     Solutions P vt Ltd *

* To be confir med
                              Leveraging the downturn for creating stronger brands
                                           February 12, 2009, Taj La nds End, M umbai

                     Mr. Narendra K Ambawani, President & MD, Johnson & Johnson India*
                     Mr. Ravi Swaminathan , President , Hewlett Packard
                     Mr. Milind Pant, Chief Marketing officer, Yum – Pizza Hut & KFC*
                     Mr. Virat Mehta, Marketing Director , Nestle India

1245 -1400 Hrs       Networking Lunch
1400-1530 Hrs
                     SME Mentoring Panel                                                                    * Confirmed

                     Realty Check: Can your brand withstand the downturn? How can
                     marketing be empowered for business succe ss?

                     Two or three SMEs from different sectors will present cases to the panel
                     members on:
                         How they are impacted in the current meltdown.
                        They will seek ans wers on:
                         How can they innovate and succeed

                     A panel of experts will ment or the SMEs to help strengthen their companies and
                     survive the economic turbulence.

                     Panelists :
                     Mr. Arun Maira, Senior Advisor , BCG
                     Mr. Summet Vohra, Marketing Director, Proctor & Gamble India
                     Mr. Manoj Kohli, President & CEO, Airtel
                     Mr. S. Sivakumar, Principal Secret ary & CEO Designate, Times Privat e Treaties

1530 - 1600Hrs       Tea / coffee
600-1700 Hrs
                     The Next Marketing Challenge —Selling to Rural India

                            Defining "Value perc eption" in Indian villages
                            Role of advertising in rural India: Opinion maker or creator of retail pull?
                             Top-down or peer-to-peer?
                            How can we integrate economic and social realities into making
                             marketing of mass products better?

                     Moderator: Mr. Ashutosh Shrivastava, Asia Pacific CEO, Mindshare*

                     Panelists :
                     Mr. Manoj. Tirodkar, Chairman & MD, GTL Lt d
                     Mr. Rajiv Dube, President (Passenger Cars), Tata Motors
                     Mr. Pradeep Shrivastava, CMO, Idea Cellular

* To be confir med

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