June 2002 - Family Picnic by gjjur4356


									 Volume 5 Number 2                                                                                          June 2002

The older I get the faster time flies – I can’t believe we are already in June with some of the best diving of the year
just around the corner. There is no shortage of opportunities get wet this summer – read about scheduled activities
later in this newsletter. As well, check the message board for additional diving opportunities and locations.

          TENT SALE
                  It’s back                                             Family Picnic
             June 21,22,23                        The 17th annual family picnic is July 19,20,21. Many thanks to Don
                                                  Bryce for once again hosting our event on his farm. Free camping (bring
                                                  your drinking water, no electricity) starting Friday night. This is a
        ALL THREE STORES                          family weekend for divers, spouses, children, friends & dogs. Please
        Kitchener, Orangeville                    pre-register at shops so we can ensure a sufficient number of prizes and
             & Port Elgin                         food for the BBQ.

                                                  We will be setting up a box to collect non-perishable food items for the
     This is the sale everyone is                 local food bank. Please participate.
     waiting for and asking about
                                                  9-11:30        Underwater Treasure Hunt - Scuba encouraged but
                                                                 not necessary. Rocks from 2" TO 20 feet. Beautiful
             Don’t miss out                                      sand beach to build sand castles or sunbathe.
        Best prices of the season
                                                  @11:30         CAR RALLY – 3rd annual car rally ( a new course
                                                                 designed by Doug & Bruce, verified by Judy & Kristin
      Groundhog                                                  to be Groundhog useable) No time limit except you must
                                                                 arrive at campground by 5:00 p.m. to be eligible.
   2002 Clothing Sale
                                                  4 p.m.         Old Fashioned Games – the kids (young & old)
        SAVE 1/3                                                 enjoyed these last year so we are doing them again.

  Light jackets                                   5 p.m.         BBQ at campsite
  Golf shirts                                     6 p.m.         Prizes
  Hooded sweatshirt (NEW)
                                                  7 p.m.         Groundhog Court - reminder charges must be
  Ladies Long sleeve t-shirt (NEW)                               forwarded to Court clerk (Judy in Port Elgin) by July 8.
  Fold-up chair (NEW)                                            Person laying charges will prosecute their case and
                                                                 subpoena witnesses for prosecution. Court clerk will
         Personalized embroidery                                 advise defendant who acquires defence counsel and
                                                                 subpoena defence witnesses. Forms are available from
            Limited time only                                    Judy. It is expected both Judge and Mrs. Hog will be
     Orders must be placed by June 23                            present to preside over the proceedings.

                                                  Evening        Bonfire and jam session – bring your instruments!
            SCUBA                                 Sunday 12 noon      7th annual 9 holes of golf – Southport Golf Club
         EXPERIENCES                                                  Bring item for prize table ($10 value)
  Owen Sound July 9                                                   Water guns are optional, but fun
                                                                      Ability to golf useful but not necessary
  Kitchener  by appointment
              Marine Archaeology
                   Sept 20-22, 2002
 Who would have thought that the OPSEU strike would
 affect our diving. The NAS Level 1 workshop:
 Introduction to Marine Archaeology scheduled for May
 3-5 had to be cancelled because the instructor, Peter        Kingston - July 6-7
 Engelbert, staff archaeologist with the Provincial           Diving for our advanced qualified divers. Kingston
 government was unavailable.                                  provides some of the best wreck diving in the world.
                                                              Reservations are required – no deposit, not reserved!
 The people registered for the original May 3-5 weekend       The plan is to dive 2 days, 3 dives per day,
 will have first choice of the spots but must confirm by      conditions permitting. Transportation to Kingston,
 July 1 if they wish to re-register for the Sept 20-22        accommodation, food, equipment and air are the
 session. After that your spot will be released. The          responsibility of the diver. Filling fast!!
 course was not full so anyone else who would like to take
 this course should contact Bob Carey at (519) 633-3817       Cedarhill - July 7
 or bearwithme @ sprint.ca ASAP to register.                  A fun day for all divers - bring the entire family.
                                                              We will supply the BBQ’s - bring your hotdogs or
                                                              hamburgers – make it a fun day. A perfect
                                                              opportunity for new divers to enjoy some diving in
               Survey of Wabuno                               a relaxed atmosphere with experienced support
   Ian Morgan, naval architect, is hoping to assemble a       available. Watch the message board for details.
   survey of the Wabuno, a sidewheeler lost in 1879 in
   Georgian Bay just south of Parry Sound. If anyone is       Brockville - August 10,11
   interested in working on this project give him a call      The second of our shipwreck weekends. Brockville
   at (705) 549-3754. It may be a little late in the year     has near 75+ visibility and 72o water. Two days of
   to plan for anything more than an initial site             some of the best current boat diving in Ontario.
   assessment, but he’s looking at making it a multi-year     Advanced certification required. Reservations and
   project.                                                   deposits required.

                                                              Orienteering - Aug 11
          The UNDERSEA & HYPERBARIC                           Another fun day for all divers and families– we are
                 Medical Society                              planning on having an orienteering course set up for
                    presents                                  those divers who want to see how well they can
WHERE DIVING AND MEDICINE MEET                                navigate under the water – instructions will be set
               on Saturday, Nov 2, 2002                       up for both novice divers and advanced so everyone
                 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.                        can participate. BBQ’s will again be available for
            Canada Centre for Inland Waters                   use.
                 867 Lakeshore Road
                  Burlington, Ontario                         Niagara II - August 25
                                                              Once again we will be heading to Tobermory to dive
All recreation, tech and professional divers, Dive Masters    the Niagara II. Advanced certification. Reservations
& Instructors will enjoy the outstanding speakers and         and deposits required.
panel discussions. Lunch is provided, with wine and
cheese after the meeting.                                     November Travel
For more information call Ron Nishi (416) 635-2140 or
e-mail ron.nishi @ dciem.dnd.ca.

                                 WEB SITE www.groundhogdivers.com

         194 Victoria St. N                  582 Gustavus Street                       85 Broadway
         Kitchener, Ontario                   Port Elgin, Ontario                   Orangeville, Ontario
          (519) 742-5415                       (519) 389-3629                         (519) 941-6112
     info@groundhogdivers.com               ghogd2@inetsonic.com               groundhogdivers@inetsonic.com
                                          BONNE TERRE
                                            submitted by Claude Pageau

Bonne Terre is rated as one of the top 10 dive                the divemaster pointing out various features like
experiences in the continental United States. You can        equipment and calcite deposits. The overhead
read about some of the history and background at the         sodium vapor lights shining through the rippling
www. 2dive.com web site.                                     surface water gives the dive a surrealistic feeling. At
                                                             the end of the dive we did a 3-minute safety stop on
It is approximately 13 hours driving time from Port Elgin    a horizontal bar at 15 feet. Total dive time was 52
to Bonne Terre.       We had arranged to stay at the         minutes with a maximum depth of 43 feet.
Depot, which is a nicely renovated rail car with its own
washroom and shower from one of the dive packages.           The second dive on trail #2 was similar to the first
There is also a bunk house dive package as well as           in duration and depth. The main features were ore
several motels in the area if you wish to arrange your       carts, keyhole swim throughs and a long set of
own accommodations.                                          submerged wooden stairs. The keyhole joins two
                                                             chambers and is just big enough for one diver at a
Prior to diving we took a walking tour of the dry section    time to comfortably pass through.
of the mine and were amazed at how large and high the
mine was. The flooded section is 163 feet below ground       The third dive of the day was trail #4. This trail had
and consists of 24 trails which get progressively more       sections of overhead diving with rocks directly
difficult, so you can only advance to higher trail           overhead. This included several tunnels where
numbers after you have completed diving the lower trail      divers swam through single file. The highlight of the
numbers and having your logbooks stamped and signed.         dive is the elevator shaft which is the submerged
Water temperature is approximately 58o and visibility is     steelwork of the main mine elevator structure.
80+ feet.
                                                             The next morning we dove trail #3 where a high-
Our first dive on Saturday morning was a check-out and       light was the “Chappel Room” in which the walls
familiarization dive. The check-outs were conducted in       have crosses marking where drill holes were to be
a cavern room in a water depth of 25 feet. Al l the          made. Upon exiting the Chappel Room you swim
divers demonstrated buddy-breathing and mask clearing        back over the ceiling rock through bubbles exiting
and buoyancy check for the divemasters. We then              from where you just came from a few minutes
returned to the main cavern room where the water depth       before. At the end of the dive you swim over a
is over 100 feet but we kept to about the 40 ft depth,       deep canyon where you feel like you are flying over
swimming around columns and walls. First stop was            a miniature grand canyon. Total dive time 47
the saddle, which is a shallow area between two huge         minutes maximum depth 53 feet.
columns where an ore car and small motor boat have
been sunk. We then proceeded around the trail route          Diving Bonne Terre Mine is a very unique and
around columns and walls with                                rewarding experience. We recommend dive at least

     FOOD – To DIVE for!
The cookbook mentioned last newsletter                                   HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA
being assembled by Long Point Divers has                           Heading to Halifax this summer for a visit?
gone to the Printer and will be available mid-                     And hoping to get some diving as well?
June. 325 recipes from divers, scuba clubs                         Eleanor Roppel is working in Halifax this
and related diving businesses from around the                      summer and is looking forward to diving with
world. Ordering information and a picture of                       folks from Ontario. Anyone travelling in
the cover can be found at www.                                     Nova Scotia is encouraged to give her a call
Longpointdivers .com/cookbook.htm                                  to dive or just visit.
Price is $20.                                                      Cell: 1-519-386-0011 (local call from Port
                                                                   Elgin) or e-mail roppel.ge @ bmts.com.
                      It has been a busy spring already with certifications and courses.
    The first two openwater/advanced residential weekends were cool – thumbs-up to all the students who
                     attended. Here’s to future dives under sunny skies and warm water.
Openwater                   Dan Loder                     Gordon Vanderstelt                 Advanced
Bart Bell                   Shelly-Ann Miller             Margaret Wilson-Rabideau           Shelley Brooks
Tod Christensen             Roi Moore                     Dan Chester                        Karen Fitzpatrick
Adam Colville               Don Mosher                    Cory McDonald                      Mark Gutscher
Scott Darroch               Greg Neeb                     Wesley Ploj                        Brad Nixon
Dave Defoe                  Andy Pintar                   Gerald Holliday                    Gary Sanwald
Brad Hewitt                 Garry Smith                   Jared Holliday
Michael Hutchings           Ken Van Dyken                 Norm Trudel
Alicia Kingsbury            Christina Starr               Al Scott
Michael Knoll               Shelagh Haney                 Keara Jakic
Jenny Krueger               Kelly Vanderstelt

                     Remember to pick up your certification cards at your home dive shop!

                      DAN O2                                            GROUNDHOGS
 Two Dan O2 courses have been held this spring - One
 in Port Elgin and one in Cozumel. Congratulations to           Scott Booth was our first cold water
 the following people who were interested enough to             groundhog of the year on May 26 in
 learn how to help fellow divers!                               Tobermory. Give him credit – it was cold!

        Julie Russell              Rod Gillis                   It has been 17 years since a Freiburger went
        David Rowe                 Shannon Sellers              Groundhog, and on June 2 Doug was able to
        Dean Fopwler               Chris Evans                  welcome both his brother, Larry Freiburger,
        Reno Rakutt                Chris McGrath                and his nephew Scott Freiburger into the
        Ruthanne Rakutt            Mike Petrik                  Fraternity. It’s not often when little brother
        Jeff Tanner                John Pentilchuk              can pie big brother in the face and not have to
        Eleanor Roppel                                          run for his life.

  A re-cert only is scheduled for June 15 at Presquille         Shannon Gough almost missed her
  Rotary Camp – call Judy if you are interested.                groundhogging (not a good thing) on June 2
                                                                when she remembered she had to change into
  Full certification dates will be set soon - a waiting list    her bathing suit first. Keep your eyes peeled
  is being assembled                                            on the NEW NX for Shannon in one of their
                                                                intro spots -- she’s picture pie perfect.

This box is for you the reader. Send in your articles of
interest , upcoming events, travels, etc . This is your                  MILESTONES
newsletter.                                                      100    Joe Kerr (Tobermory)
                                                                 150    Renee Pageau (Cozumel)
                                                                 200    Claude Pageau (Gullivers Lake)
                                                                 300    Rob Kobe (Arabia, Toby)

                                                                 Remember to e-mail ghogd2@inetsonic.com with
                                                                 milestone info to be put in the newsletter.

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