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					               YOUR                                                   RIGHTS AND DUTIES
                                                                      AS A VICTIM OF CRIME

Your rights and your duties...

         RIGHT: To be treated with fairness and with                                   RIGHT: To offer information
                respect for your dignity and privacy
         	 Be	respectful	to	all	services	providers	(police,	prosecutors,	               	 Inform	 police	 and	 prosecutor	 if	 you	 cannot	 read	 or	
           magistrates,	health	workers,	social	workers	and	correctional	                  write.

           service	personnel).                                                          	 Inform	 the	 prosecutor	 about	 how	 the	 crime	 affected	

         	 Inform	the	police	about	yourself	and	any	of	your	special	                      you	and	your	family.
           needs,	so	that	your	right	to	dignity	can	be	upheld.	(All	                    	 Give	 the	 police	 and	 prosecutor	 correct	 information	 –	
           information	 to	 service	 providers	 will	 be	 treated	 with	                  your	address,	contact	details,	and	any	other	information	
           confidence.)                                                                   requested	by	the	police	or	prosecutor.
                                                                                        	 Inform	prosecutor	if	you	need	time	off	work	to	attend	
         RIGHT: To receive information                                                    court	proceedings.		

         	 Ask	if	you	do	not	receive	any	information                                   RIGHT: To compensation
         	 	 ct	on	information	received	–	if	you	are	required	to	attend	
           court,	arrive	on	time.
                                                                                        	 Inform	 the	 prosecutor	 about	 loss	 or	 damage	 to	 your	
                                                                                          property,	or	injuries	you	may	have	sustained	as	a	result	
         RIGHT: To assistance

                                                                                          of	the	crime.
                                                                                        	 Follow	up	with	the	prosecutor	about	any	claims	made	
         	 Be	 helpful	 to	 all	 service	 providers	 when	 they	 require	                 for	compensation.
           cooperation	with	the	case.                                                   	 Return	any	money	already	paid	if	you	do	not	want	the	

         	 Follow	procedure	as	provided	by	all	service	providers	–	                       compensation	award.
           report	crimes,	provide	information,	and	report	on	time	
           to	court.
         	 Not	 	 to	 obstruct	 the	 police	 and	 prosecutor	 in	 carrying	            If you are not satisfied with service providers:
           out	their	duties.
                                                                                       You	have	a	right	to	complain	about	government	
         RIGHT: To restitution                                                         departments	or	the	following:
                                                                                        	 The	Office	of	the	Public	Protector
         	 Inform	 the	 police	 and	 prosecutor	 about	 property	 that	                 	 The	South	African	Human	Rights	Commission

           the	accused	has	taken	from	you.
                                                                                        	 The	Commission	on	Gender	Equality
         	 Submit	a	request	to	prosecutor	that	your	property	should	
           be	returned	to	you,	in	the	condition	as	it	was	before	the	                   	 The	Independent	Complaints	Directorate
           crime.                                                                       	 Metropolitan	Police	Offices
                                                                                        	 The	Health	Professions	Council	of	South	Africa
         RIGHT: To protection                                                           	 A	 lawyer	 of	 your	 own	 choice	 and	 at	 your	 own	
         	 	 eport	to	police	and	prosecutor	if	you	are	threatened	
           in	any	way	by	the	accused	or	anyone	else	related	to	

           the	accused.
         	 Participate	 in	 Witness	 Protection	 Programme	 if	
         	 	 equest	to	be	kept	informed	by	Correctional	Services,	
           if	the	accused	has	escaped	custody	or	is	transferred.

     For more information on YOUR Rights and Responsibilities, consult the Service Charter for Victims of Crime and the Minimum Standards.
     Copies are available at your nearest court.

                    the doj&cd
                    Justice and Constitutional Development
                    REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA

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