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					                                                                            Supreme Knight JOHN
                                                                            in the Orderʼs new plan
      Quarterly Journal of the

      Knights of St Columba

              AUGUST 2007



                                         If our life in Christ means        and lapsation. This is a
       The Board of Directors            anything to you,                   continuing process, and we
                                         If love can persuade at all, or    must all strive to increase by
            Supreme Knight               the spirit that we have in         recruitment, retention and
              John Doran                 common,                            reclamation if we are to have
                                         Or any tenderness and              sufficient workers for the
                                         sympathy, then be United in        vineyard.
                                         your convictions and                 Have no doubt our Order is
      Deputy Supreme Knight and
      Director for Action and Youth      United in your love, with a        still very much alive, and the
                                         common purpose and a common        work and actions that are being

           Jon-Jo McDonagh
                                         mind                               done throughout the Order is
         Ecclesiastical Adviser             (Philippians 2:1-2)             fantastic, as I have witnessed
                                                                            with my visits to your Councils
                                                S a lay organisation the    and Provinces. Just think how
      The Bishop of Nottingham, the
                                                Order has its own           much more we could achieve
      Rt Rev Malcolm McMahon OP
                                                autonomy, but in all        with an increase of new
        Spirituality and Welfare         things it is subject to the        dedicated, committed Catholic
            Will G. Gallagher            authority of the Church. After     men, and a return of former
                                         only one week of formation in      Brothers who had left for
                                         1919 the Order received            whatever reason.
                                         ecclesiastical approval. This
     Membership and Development
            Fred Stacey                  has made us unique and even           Commitment Dedication
                                         today we are one of the             and Communication are the
      Finance and Administration         foremost Catholic Lay               key.
             Eddie Alcock                Associations for men in Gt.
                                         Britain. Our rituals and litany      Membership and finance are
                                         have to be approved by the         inextricably linked, as one is
                                         Hierarchies of Gt. Britain, and    dependent on the other with
          Recording Secretary
              Harry Welsh                they also appoint our              regards to the membership
                                         Ecclesiastical Adviser to be a     situation. With this in mind
             Bertie Grogan               member of Supreme Council,         the central theme and thrust of
                                         and a full member of the Board     this year’s Provincial Grand
                                         of Directors, to guide and         Knights’ meeting with the
                                         advise us on matters relating to   Board of Directors was
              David O’Neill
                                         our Catholic Faith. We have        Membership and how this
             Peter McGarry               been blessed with the quality      affects the Order.
                                         and dedication over the years        The workshop was led and
    Immediate Past Supreme Knight        of our Ecclesiastical Advisors     presented by Bro. Ron Lynch,
          Tony Doherty KSG               and our present advisor Bishop     PGK Province 9 Nottingham,
                                         Malcolm McMahon OP has             who is a marketing manager by
Columba is published by the Knights of   been an inspiration and a joy      profession assisted by the
St Columba, 75 Hillington Rd South,      to work with. We are most          Directors responsible for
Glasgow G52 2AE. Tel 0141 883 5700.      fortunate to have him, as he is    membership, Bro. Fred Stacey
email               extremely busy with such a big     and Bro Harry Welsh.
Website:                 Diocese to administer.               This proved a very successful
                                           If we are to fulfil our Aims     exercise as it involved everyone
                                         and Objectives we need a           at the meeting and kept all the
                                         steady growth in our               delegates on their toes
         Editor Mike Fitzgerald
                                         membership to address the          throughout the session. As the
         Manager Tom Knight
                                         decline in our numbers             workshop developed it was
                                         brought about by both death        evident that it was not just the

HN DORAN says there are no easy fixes
 an to boost membership

    membership situation that was        help with recruitment now          stating: Looking and feeling
    coming through, but the whole        and the other issues will          good, being professional in our
    working of the Order was being       follow in a structured             presentation, and being
    brought into the equation and        manner, but all will be an         dignified in all our activities.
    being looked at. Fifteen main        integral part of the Action          Under Benefits, and there
    issues were raised and               Plan.                              are three types identified, again
    discussed, from Our Image as                                            one could say: “They enhance
    number one to Philanthropy at        The Action Plan is long term       our spiritual life; give us
    number fifteen.                    and must be treated as such          opportunities to expand our
      From this an Action Plan was     with constant monitoring and         Catholic calling, material
    put together by Bro. Ron Lynch     supervision throughout the           benevolence and Fraternity.”
    to go to me, and to be             Order, if it is to have the effect   We could also say: “Why work
    discussed by the Board at our      we are looking for.                  from the outside? Come join
    next meeting. This now has           Recruitment is continuous          us”.
    Board approval and will be         and rightly so and we all have         Spirituality and Promoting
    presented at Supreme Council       our part to play if we are to        the Faith could be
    for final approval and             recruit practising Catholic          summarised by stating:
    implementation.                    gentlemen to our Order. The          “Praying together, and by
      The PGKs really responded        Membership committees must           working together we help
    enthusiastically to the            remain focussed and give             others and we help ourselves.”
    workshop and the feedback I        encouragement, direction and           Apathy is when we lose hope
    have is that they are passing      guidance in all things               or stop trying; this could be
    all the information to the         concerning Membership and            countered by simply stating:
    Councils. To assist with this      Training (Development), as           “We will be positive and we will
    process each one has received      some would prefer.                   be an example to all”.
    a Pin Point CD or in some            We all have to back fully and        Just a few examples of how
    cases hard copies of the day’s     implement this Action Plan, as       we could get the message home
    events highlighting everything     there are no easy fixes or           to both the present brothers,
    that took place in the form of a   magical solutions to increasing      who by our example will surely
    photographic report.               our membership. The SWOT             join us in our mission both for
      I have delegated specific        session of the workshop spelt        our Catholic church and to
    issues of responsibilities and     out to us and gave us the            help our fellow man.
    Brothers nominated have            direction that we must take to
    agreed to follow these through,    be successful. What does               We have had our wake up
    which may involve using the        SWOT mean? To those who              call. Let us now join together
    abundant expertise that we         were not present, they simply        united to increase the workers
    have within our Order, to          mean – Strengths –                   for the vineyard, making our
    enable them to complete their      Weaknesses – Opportunities           great Order the force for good
    report as part of the Action       and Threats.                         that we surely are.
      Some of the issues are               Simply we should work to           Will you all promise to at
    obviously ongoing, others long       our strengths, learn from          least say one decade of the
    term, some are firmly                our weaknesses, take our           rosary for the success of this
    entrenched in our activities         opportunities and be on our        Action Plan that when ratified
    and may only need tweaking           guard against the threats          at Supreme Council will take
    from time to time, or maybe a        that could lead to our             us forwarding in Charity,
    slight change of direction.          demise.                            Unity, and Fraternity, and be
                                                                            fully owned by you the Order.
       Whatever the case we              Our Image which came out
     must address as a matter of       as number one on the Plan,            This truly will be YOUR
     urgency the issues that will      could be summarised by simply        Action Plan.

                                   Board says ʻyesʼ
                                   Lapsed members are urged: ‘Come back to the fold’
More than 500

                                   to membership plan
at KSC’s
Youth Festival
MORE than 500 young people         THE Draft Action Plan on      Other areas include           in the hope that they may
from over a wide area attended     membership, formulated        countering apathy and         rejoin the Order.
the annual day-long Aylesford      at the joint meeting of       the recruitment and              He said: “Lapsations
Youth Festival organised by        Provincial Grand Knights      retention of members.         why membership figures,
brothers from Provinces 10, 11     and the Board of              The Supreme Knight,           are in decline and we
and 12.                            Directors at their April      John Doran, said the          must make every effort to
  The event began with prayers     meeting, has been             Action Plan would have a      retain and reclaim
and music from a religious         discussed and agreed by       tremendous impact on          brothers as well as
group, continued with work-        the Board and will be         stopping the                  recruit. I hope my letter
shops on painting, dance,          presented to Supreme          haemorrhaging of              will play some small part
drama and sport and leader-        Council in October for        brothers from the Order       it that process.
ship and ended with an open        discussion. If approved       because of lapsations.           “I hope and pray that
air mass presided over and         and ratified by Supreme                                     the Order will embrace
preached by Bishop Kieran          Council, the plan will            But he added: “We         this initiative to lead our
Conroy. Amongst the concele-       direct the way forward for      cannot wait for             Order forward to our
brants, was Fr Dominic             the Order in the years          October. We must act        centenary strong and
Howarth, Director of Brent-        ahead.                          now and keep up the         vibrant once again.
wood Youth Service.                  The Action Plan seeks         momentum.”                     The Supreme Knight
  Peter Dowse, Province 10         to address fifteen areas of                                 has asked all members to
Youth Officer, writes: In 2002,    concern, including the          As a result, he has         say at least one decade of
Bro Chris Fitzgerald (PPGK)        Order’s image,                forwarded to Grand            the rosary at Council
and I with four other Knights      spirituality, publicity and   Knights and Provincial        meetings for the success
and formed a Youth Committee       fundamental values as         Grand Knights an open         of the Order’s embership
to decide the future of youth      well as the cost and          letter to be sent to former   campaigns. “Prayer is a
activities in Brentwood            benefits of membership.       brothers who have lapsed      powerful ally,” he said.
Province 10. For many years
we had supported the five-a-

                                   ...and this is the Supreme Knight’s
side football, netball and
speaking competition but very

                                   letter to lapsed members
few young people were partici-
pating, and some activities
were costing a lot of money.
The primary school sports were
also not well supported. We        DEAR BROTHER, Over the years                  Catholics coming to live and work in
agreed that to attract new         brothers have left the Order for a variety    Great Britain from other countries.
members and commit ourselves       of reasons. Some through family               Together with this, the realisation that
to youth required a new direc-     commitment, others through a difference       we must all stand up and proclaim our
tion. We decided that our          of opinion within their Council or            Catholic faith against forces that are
strength was in helping with       Province, or it may even be that              determined to destroy us, will make us
the spiritual side of young peo-   belonging to such an organisation as our      strong and vibrant once more.
ple, so we were joined on our      was not quite right for you at that time in      The Church needs organisations like
committee with the Brentwood       your life.                                    ours, and at the same time we need a
Diocesan Youth Service.              Whatever the reason I appeal to you to      strong and vibrant Church. We are
  In 2003, in partnership with     have a re-think and come back to be a         firmly committed to this end and our
Brentwood Youth we staged a        vital part of our Order that has so much      Catholic Action Programme clearly
successful day of prayer for       to offer our Catholic Church and our          demonstrates this. In order to continue
youth while In 2004, we ran a      fellow man in the fight against the forces    our projects, we have embarked on a
Stations of the Cross competi-     of secularism that is so prevalent in our     membership drive that will attract both
tion which was also a success.     society today.                                new recruits and target lapsed brothers.
so we resurrected the Youth          In the last few years we have made              If you feel you can commit yourself
Day at Aylesford Priory. That      changes to meet the demands of living in      and have the energy, drive, dedication
became so successful that in       a modern society without watering down        and most of all commitment then we
2006 we invited young people       our Constitution or our Aims and              would love to welcome you back to the
from Province 11 and 12 to join    Objectives, giving scope for individuality    fold.
in as well                         within the Council and Provincial                Please think about what I have said.
  We will continue this yearly     structure, but which allows us to work        Your local Council will be in touch.
festival but also consider other   together in Charity, Unity and Fraternity.       Yours sincerely & fraternally
initiatives to ensure that the       I believe that the Church is becoming
KSC are known by the parishes      alive again with a Renaissance that is                                  John Doran
and young people.                  being brought about by the number of                                Supreme Knight.

Membership ceremony a
highlight of pilgrimage
THE elevation of some 20 brothers to Full Knighthood
Degree was a highlight of the annual Southern Provinces
pilgrimage to the Carmelite Friary at Aylesford, Kent.
  The ceremony was conducted by the Supreme Knight Bro
John Doran, assisted by Deputy Supreme Knight Jonjo
  The ceremony took place at Mass celebrated by the
Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster, the Rt Rev Bernard
  It was the feast of Corpus Christi and in his homily, the
Bishop emphasised the centrality of the Eucharist in
Catholic life.
  Brothers and guests later took part in a Rosary
procession during which the 12 Glorious Mysteries were
prayed. The day’s events were rounded off by Benediction
conducted by Bishop Longley.
  Meanwhile, in other parts of the country, smaller
initiation ceremonies have been conducted. Three new
members were welcomed at Warrington (above left) and
two members (bottom left) at Accrington, Lancs.

             What better way could we
             serve God, our clergy and
             the people of East Anglia?

                 BY BRIAN LAFFERTY
AFTER the Chrism Mass at St John the Baptist
Cathedral, Norwich, the Knights of St Columba
presented a cheque for £7,000 to Fr James Walsh,
you may like to have the story behind this so read
   In January 2006 the Knights held a Mass at St
John's for the return to good health of our much
loved Bishop Michael.
  At a gathering in the Cathedral hall afterwards,
Fr Walsh approached the then serving Provincial
Grand Knight, Brother Philip Rosindale, and
informed him of the restructuring that was planned
for the High Altar in the Cathedral, and went on to
ask if the Order would like to be involved in this by
providing the funds to purchase the new High
   Brother Philip rose to this challenge and set
about advising the Knights Councils in Province 27
East Anglia that this could be their Provincial             inscribed in a book being produced to remember
action project for 2006/7. And at the Provincial            the donors.
meeting, this was voted on and unanimously                    The Knights Councils that participated were
accepted.                                                   Councils 206 Ipswich, 286 Norwich, 287
  At the same time. all praise must be given to             Cambridge, 313 Peterborough, 319 Kings Lynn,
Brother Christopher Brooks who organised the                518 Lowestoft and 534 Great Yarmouth.
fund raising and gathering of money. Without him              What better way could we serve God, our Clergy,
this would have been a real problem, and we owe             and the people of East Anglia?
him our thanks. Christopher raised money from                 Pictures show the presentation to Fr James
personal pledges by the brothers not only in East           Walsh, Dean of the Cathedral and (top) Bishop
Anglia but also further afield. Each Knight's widow         Michael Evans, Bishop of East Anglia with KSC
who contributed will have her husband’s name                members

                                                                                        Bene Merenti
                                                                                        medal for
                                                                                        Bro Joe
                                                                                        ALTRINCHAM Council 247 had
                                                                                        reason to celebrate recently
                                                                                        when one of their members,
                                                                                        Deputy Grand Knight Bro
                                                                                        Joseph Stapleton, was awarded
                                                                                        the Bene Merenti medal by
                                                                                        Pope Benedict XV1 for his work

                                                                                        for the Catholic Church and
                                                                                        local communities.

                                                                                           The presentation, on behalf
                                                                                        of the Bishop of Salford, was
                                                                                        made by Bro Joe’s parish
                                                                                        priest, Fr Michael Jones, at
                                                                                        Our Lady of the Rosary
A CELEBRATION dinner was held in            Hounslow where he joined Council 113.       Church, Davyhulme,
Harrogate, attended by Knights and          There he served continuously in various     Manchester. Fr Michael spoke
their wives, to celebrate the golden        posts including Action Convener and         about Bro Joe’s achievements,
jubilee of Council 363’s Grand Knight,      Grand Knight. In 1979 he was elected        starting as a young altar server
John Holmes. John, a Londoner, was          Provincial Grand Knight of Province 30,     in St Augustine’s Church, Al1
born in Hampstead but spent his young       Westminster.                                Saints, Manchester, and
days in Enfield where he joined the           When he retired, John brought his         progressing to become head
Knights as a Squire in March 1957 and       wife back to her native Yorkshire and he    altar server.
became a member of Council 248              lost no time in joining Council 363,           Bro Joe has served as a
Enfield. That Council became so big,        Harrogate. He became Treasurer and          governor of Our Lady of
with over a hundred members, that it        this year was elected Grand Knight. The     Lourdes, Partington; Holy
hived off a large section to become         Provincial Grand Knight of Leeds            Family, Sale Moor; Orton Brook
Council 572, where John became              Province, Peter Tsakpo, presented John      Primary School; Delemere
Provincial Youth Officer.                   with his medal and thanked him for his      Special School and Bridge
  John married a Yorkshire girl and         long and loyal service. John’s wife,        Independent College,
after their marriage they moved to          Frances was presented with a bouquet.       Stockport, for people with
                                                                                        learning difficulties. His
                                                                                        community work included
                                                                                        membership of Partington
                                                                                        Local Parish Council and being
                                                                                        chairman of the Partington
                                                                                        ‘Cosy Homes’ employment
                                                                                        scheme. He was a founder
                                                                                        member of the Catholic Youth
                                                                                        Football league and a member
                                                                                        of the Christian Fellowship
                                                                                        Football league. Bro Joe has
                                                                                        also been a member of the SVP
                                                                                        and is a member of the social
                                                                                        and finance committees in his
                                                                                           A member of North Cheshire
                                                                                        Catenian Association, Bro Joe
                                                                                        joined the KSC in 1961 and
                                                                                        has been Grand Knight,
                                                                                        Deputy Grand Knight, Social
                                                                                        Secretary, Youth Officer and
                                                                                        Action Convenor. He is well
                                                                                        known for his fund raising
                                                                                        events for charities including
Manx members raised £325.00 was raised for the Douglas Branch of the Royal              the annual Houghton Weavers’
National Lifeboat Institution. The money will be used for training. The picture shows   concerts which have financed
GK Bro Dennis Cross and Chancellor Bro Ivan Park presenting the cheque to Lifeboat      five pilgrimages to Lourdes for
Coxswain Neil Corran and other members of the lifeboat crew.                            young handicapped people.

                                  THE ABORTION DEBATE

                                  Catholics must not sustain
                                  this ‘unspeakable crime’

                                                    BY CARDINAL
                                                   KEITH O’BRIEN
                                        Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh

                 ith every life           destruction of children in the haven       with the evil trade of abortion. For
                 conceived, God acts      of their mother’s womb. We must            those at Westminster this means
                 directly to create a     remain witnesses to the truth and be       finding means of overthrowing the
                 new and unique           unambiguous in defending life in all       legislation, which makes the killing
                 human being, a           that we do. I have campaigned on           possible.
person destined to life everlasting.      behalf of the developing world,              For those at Holyrood that means
Sadly, joy is not always the dominant     urging the G8 nations to act in            refusing to allow our health services
emotion evoked by news of                 defence of life. I have campaigned         to participate in the wanton killing of
pregnancy in the world we live in         against the indiscriminate killing         the innocent. Peace cannot be built
today.                                    power of nuclear weapons and in            in the shadow of the abortion rooms.
  Abortion is the theme for this          defence of innocent life; I speak out
year’s ‘Day for Life’ which               today in defence of life at its most           In making this call, I speak
significantly is the 40th anniversary     vulnerable and defenceless.                  most especially to those who
of the passing of the Abortion Act.          It is not easy to turn societies          claim to be Catholic. I ask them to
  In those 40 years the loss of life      against the natural urge to protect          examine their consciences and
has been staggering. Around seven         young life. Yet care and concern for         discern if they are playing any
million lives have been ended as a        children is still very much alive. We        part in sustaining this social evil. I
consequence of that one piece of          are gripped with concern when news           remind them to avoid cooperating
legislation.                              coverage of a child snatched or              in the unspeakable crime of
  We were told that backstreet            harmed appears on our television             abortion and the barrier such
abortions were killing women and          screens. We have ached over the              cooperation erects to receiving
had to be decriminalised.                 disappearance of young Madeleine             Holy Communion.
  We were told abortion would only        McCann in Portugal; together with
be used in extreme cases.                 her parents we know the inestimable          As St. Paul warns us ‘whoever eats
  We were told medical scrutiny           worth of one precious life. Yes life is    the bread or drinks the cup of the
would be rigorous.                        precious and precious also are those       Lord in an unworthy manner will be
  We were told lies and                   lives that are snuffed out in darkness     guilty of sinning against the body
misinformation masquerading as            hidden from the world.                     and blood of the Lord. A man ought
compassion and truth.                        Let us build up within our society      to examine himself before he eats of
                                          a generation of medical professionals      the bread and drinks of the cup.’
    The scale of the killing is           who are unwilling to cooperate in the        I would be failing as a pastor not to
 beyond our grasp. In Scotland we         slaughter.                                 highlight the gravity of this situation
 kill the equivalent of a classroom          I call on our universities and          not just to law makers but to
 full of school children every            medical schools to teach that all          anyone: mother; father; boyfriend;
 day. For many women, abortion            human life deserves protection. I call     counsellor who in any way leads a
 has become an alternative form of        on our hospitals to end testing            mother to abortion.
 birth control. The lives of the          procedures designed only for                 There is much we can do. We can
 babies involved are not at risk          targeting and killing the weak and         urge support for legislation which
 any more than the lives of their         infirm. I call on all politicians to       may not be perfect but improves the
 mothers are threatened by                answer one simple question: will you       situation, legislation aimed at
 pregnancy. Abortions to save the         protect the right to life of all persons   reducing abortion limits or bills
 life of a woman are almost               in our society from conception until       ensuring that parents be informed if
 unheard of.                              natural death? And I call on you to        their children seek an abortion, can
                                          hold these elected representatives to      be supported as long as it is made
  As a society we wilfully ignore         account. For those unwilling to give       clear that one is in principle against
these realities. We need to build,        this support we must be unwilling to       all abortions.
once again, a society, which joyfully     give our vote. History will judge us         Proposals to ensure women
accepts new life. The abortion            on where we stood in this crucial          contemplating abortion are given full
industry has impacted massively on        issue. But there is a judgement more       details about the physical and
the values of our society as its          important than history. We shall all       emotional risks to themselves and
proponents continue to spread their       stand before the judgment seat of          about foetal development should be
culture of death. There is acceptance     God.                                       backed. We can work to ensure that
of a philosophy, which permits the           I urge politicians to have no truck     the more light which is shone on this
                                                                                                          Continued next page
Those who govern have                                                                             BERNARD J. BARRELL

lost moral compass                                                                                Action Convenor
                                                                                                  Province 10

SHORTLY after the Second World           the famous without one word of             sanctions available to the courts
War, a judge in the High Court           condemnation. But it celebrates the        insufficient for purpose. The agenda
delivering judgement in a divorce        downfall of any big name who makes         has come to rely on the dearth of
Case, was quoted as having stated:       an exit declaring that he or she has       actions in the courts as a precedent.
“This is not a court of morals.”         ‘done nothing wrong’. The downfall           It is now almost impossible to
Hoping to diminish the guilt of one      was due to a minor error of                enforce obscenity laws and similarly
party or the other over the question     judgement, simple incompetence or,         to enforce the laws against the
of adultery he was suggesting that it    at most, being found out. Society          sexual abuse of children against
had become acceptable to break the       somehow has to demonstrate its             those who refuse to cooperate.
bond of trust within marriage, and       disapproval, enjoy a moment of               There is a remarkable
that no social harm would ensue.         schadenfreude and find a new target.       contradiction in social attitudes to all
   Of course he was quite wrong. As a    In truth, society does not sit             this. Parents are extremely worried
High Court judge, his primary duty       comfortably with the evil                  for the safety and welfare of their
was to assert the ‘rightness’ of the     surrounding it.                            children and at the same time many
evidence before him. The law, when          The sexual revolution of the sixties,   acquiesce in the thinking and
it is rightly enacted, is of itself a    was founded on an agenda in which          policies that drive the failure. Few
moral exercise. It is quite possible     complete sexual freedom was the            question the explicit programmes of
that the public acceptance of this       objective. To achieve such an              sex education in schools. Fewer still
statement created a watershed in the     objective, those advocating it had to      are prepared to protest at what is
attitudes of society which in turn led   overcome a number of political             done in their name.
to the sexual revolution of the 1960s    obstacles.
and the moral decline we see all            Firstly they had to dismantle the           Respect and respectability are
around us to-day.                        moral framework that inhibited               the language of love and morality.
   Morality in its broadest terms is     sexual freedom and then to destroy           Neither can be gained by the
the recognition of right from wrong      the legal strictures that reinforced         forces of evil. We have now
and the capacity always to choose        decent personal behaviour.                   arrived at the position where
the former. Somehow the term has            Quite obviously all forms of              those who govern have lost their
become detached from mainstream          censorship of obscenity were a soft          moral compass and in
thought, with morals something to        target. Abortion, seen as the by-            consequence the confidence of
do with religion, or sexual behaviour,   product of extra-marital                     those who elected them.
both of which are seen as private        relationships and the obstacle to
matters.                                 feminist emancipation, was another           This is compounded by a refusal to
                                         key stage of the agenda.                   accept the moral authority of
   Thus we are completely free to           The final target was same sex           religious leaders over matters of
 do as we please and we must             relationships. The public policy for       conscience. This does not accord
 never make moral judgements             all this was hidden under the banner       with the programme of diversity and
 about the behaviour of those            of human rights and social equality.       equality, on which this government
 around us.                                 The process was to formulate            was elected.

                                                                                    The Cardinal (from
                                         legislation which would undermine
  Such a philosophy does a gross         and destroy any sanction that
disservice to society, for it is the     existed under the law. The rendering       preceding page)
foundation of the so-called ‘anti-       of such a notion as the ‘age of
social’ pandemic that politicians        consent’ impossible to enforce             terrible procedure, the less
allegedly seek to confront. However,     passed almost unnoticed in a Law           acceptable it will be to our society.
the malaise is the creation of modern    Lords’ decision of 1965, as did the          Signs of hope are appearing.
politics and the failure to confront     removal of parental rights over the        Recently, it was reported that many
evil in all its forms with moral         illicit sexual relationships of teenage    doctors are no longer willing to
judgements sets society on the road      children. Gross Indecency’ between         cooperate in abortion. They know,
to hell in a handcart.                   consenting adults was decriminalized       better than most, the humanity of
  There is in modern society a form      to such a degree that it became a          the unborn. We need to support
of hypocrisy that revels in the          ‘respectable’ activity. Similar            anyone who takes the same line
prurient goings-on of celebrity. The     counterbalances have been made             believing always that truth will
media thrives on the wrongdoing of       available in law that render such          eventually triumph.

Scots make the

                                                     The balance
                                                     Supreme Treasurer Eddie Alcock continues

most of golf victory                                 his explanation of the Order’s financial affairs

                                                     sheet: what does
By Harry Welsh
THE KSC Golf Tournament took place this year

                                                     it all mean?
at Holywell Golf Club in North Wales. A total of
nine people attended with seven taking part in
the competition. Nine holes were played in the
morning stableford which resulted in a tie
between H Scott from Province 1 Glasgow and R
Neary from Province 37 North Wales with a
commendable 17 points.
  Robert won because he scored on the ninth
hole and Hugh did not.
   After lunch we had the famous (or infamous)       IN THE May issue of Columba we dealt with some of the
international competition played over 18 holes       external policing aspects of the Benevolent Fund. Whilst we
stableford and contested by Scotland, Ireland        wait for the 2006/07 Audited Accounts let us look at the
and Wales.                                           balance sheet from an accounting perspective.
  The Scots were winners and boy did Brothers          A balance sheet is a summary of an organisation’s assets
Peter Daniels and Hugh Scott enjoy it!               and liabilities on a particular day. It is a snapshot that
  The Supreme Knight’s Trophy was won By             applies to that day – and that day alone. Importantly, it
Brother Hugh Scott and the Visitors’ Trophy by       contains the information that is required to judge whether an
Robert Neary from Rhyl.                              organisation is sound.
  The weather once again held out for us and it
was very sunny in the afternoon. The biggest             Brothers, you need have no concern about the current
hazard we had to face were the sheep on the           health of our Fund. It has assets valued at over £1million
course but what else could we expect in Wales?        (all of it in an easily accessible form) and virtually no
  Everyone later adjourned to the Springfields        liabilities.
Hotel where we were joined by some of the ladies
and a presentation dinner was organised.                A sum of £500,000 has been placed on deposit with the
   Brother Harry Welsh, a KSC director, played       Royal Bank of Scotland. From an individual member’s point
in the competition and presented the trophies as     of view the recent regular increases in the Bank Rate have
unfortunately our Supreme Knight, Br John            represented bad news, placing as they do an added burden
Doran, could not be with us.                         on those of us with a mortgage. The reverse is true for the
  Next year’s tournament will be on the second       Order as each increase in the bank rate has been followed by
weekend of June. Please put it in your diaries       an increase in the interest we are receiving on our deposit.
now. The venue is still to be decided - possibly     Before taking account of the latest 0.25% increase in the
Dublin.                                              bank rate we have reached a 5.3% pa return on our deposit.
                                                        Apart from a small working balance, the remainder of the
                                                     Fund is being managed by our stockbrokers (Citigroup
                                                     Quilter). We have given them an instruction to maintain a
                                                     balanced portfolio that will generate Income but also yield
                                                     some capital gains. At the moment our portfolio has a
                                                     predominance of investment trusts with a sprinkling of
                                                        We receive three types of ‘income’ from our investments.
                                                        Firstly, there are the dividends. Periodically, these are
                                                     transferred to the Benevolent Income and Expenditure
                                                     Account and are available to pay out as grants and awards.
                                                        Secondly, we receive interest from the stockbrokers on any
                                                     cash balances they are holding on our behalf. This, too, finds
                                                     its way into the Income & Expenditure Account.
                                                        Finally, there are the “capital” gains ie the difference
                                                     between the purhase price and the sale or current price of an
                                                        These ‘capital’ gains are not treated as income as they are
Maciej Michniewicz of the Cathedral Primary          retained by our stockbroker and have the effect of increasing
School, Motherwell, was the winner of the eight to   the value of our investments. When an item is sold we
11 age group in the National Keep Christ in          calculate the difference between the purchase and sale price
Christmas competition. He is pictured here being     and show it, almost as a postscript, as ‘realised gains’ in the
presented with a money prize and certificate by      Income & Expenditure Account. At the end of each year we
Prov 16 Secretary and Magazine Manager, Bro          also assess the difference between purchase and sale price of
Tom Knight and Council 246 Carfin Grand Knight       all the items remaining in our portfolio and this figure
BroJack Rafferty. Schools in Cl 246 Carfin's area    appears as ‘unrealised gains’, again, almost as a postscript,
won two of the three awards on offer, and            but this time in the Balance Sheet.
Cathedral Primary can add this success to that of       I hope this will help all members to interpret the 2006/07
over-all best picture, which they won last year.     Accounts that are in the final stages of preparation.

Bro Dennis made MBE after 24
years of charitable service
AN ACTIVE member of the KSC in Jersey
for many years, Bro Dennis Troy, was made
an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours
List. He was honoured for services to
communities in Africa, South America and
  Bro Dennis (71) has led overseas aid
projects to Africa for 24 years, raising
money in Jersey to help finance the work.
  He has been on 12 Jersey Overseas Aid
Committee projects, mostly as a team
leader or technical adviser and did not go
on his first trip - to Uganda - until he was
  “I thought I was too old but I was
desperate to go. I applied and ended up
being appointed team leader,” he said.
  Most of the projects were in Africa ,
assisting with the building of hospitals,
medical centres, schools or community
halls. Before each trip, Bro Dennis
organised and undertook activities to raise
money to acquire goods or tools which
would be distributed in the village where
the work was done. Fund raising would
include everything from car boot sales to
sponsored events.
  Bro Dennis has also been involved in the
process of interviewing and selecting team       Dennis Troy
members.                                         MBE and his
                                                 wife Roseleen:
  In addition he has established the Ngora
                                                 ‘I could not
Trust, which raises funds for the Ngora          have done it
community in Uganda by running popcorn           without her
and candy floss stalls at local fetes and        help’
events throughout the year.
  Bro Dennis now intends to draw to an
end his overseas work but will continue to
do voluntary work on the island.
  Each Christmas, for example, Bro Dennis
sets up Nativity scenes in St Helier and
elsewhere around the island. He is also
involved in the monthly KSC collection of
short dated foodstuffs from Marks and
Spencers for delivery to the Little Sisters of
the Poor to give to their residents.                              BROTHER Edward Rowan of Colne Council
  Bro Dennis is clear that his Catholic faith                     268 receives his Golden Jubilee medal and
has guided him in everything he has done.                         certificate at a party to mark his 93rd
But he adds: “Without the support of my                           birthday. Brother Edward, who is now lives
family and in particular my wife Roseleen, it                     in a care home in Colne, had been taken to
would not have been possible to give such                         the home of his daughter for the celebration
time to charitable causes. “I must also                           and present were all his family and his
record my thanks to all those who have not                        grand children. The presentation was made
only given their time to Jersey Overseas Aid                      by Bro Tony Quinn, Grand Knight of Colne
                                                                  Council 268, and Bro Wilfred Byrne, Deputy
Committee projects but also to those who
                                                                  Provincial Grand Knight of Province 21, who
have made the work so enjoyable.”
                                                                  is also a member of Council 268.

Candidate 667                          KSC member becomes
                                       Freeman of the Borough
presents golden
jubilee award to
Candidate 668
AT St Helen’s Church, Westcliff-
on-Sea, Bro John Young
received his golden jubilarian
medal from the Grand Knight of
Province 10, Bro Brian Dillon.
  A former Squire, and a well
respected past Grand Knight of
Southend Council 192, Bro
John received the medal at a
Mass to commemorate the feast
of St. Columba.
  Bro Brian said: “It was
particularly pleasing to present
the medal because Bro. John is
a member of my own Council,
and he and I were initiated at
Romford, for different Councils
on the same Sunday afternoon -         Brother John Egan a member of                 He was one of the authors of the
April 6 1957. Bro. John was            Council 572 Enfield and Provincial          Order’s Youth and You policy. On his
candidate 688 while I was 687.”        Chancellor of Province 29, has been         election to the Board of Directors he
                                       awarded the Freedom of the London           was on the Youth Committee before

St Columba’s Day
                                       Borough of Enfield.                         becoming Director for Youth.
                                         It was for his work in the community        On leaving the Board after 14 years,

award for
                                       and for his outstanding contribution to     he became involved in local politics. He
                                       education.                                  served as a Councillor for 12 years,

Renfrew brother
                                         He joined the Order in 1952, having       mostly in the field of education. He was
                                       previously been a Squire, in Council        elected Mayor in 2004.
                                       117 Peckham before transferring to
                                       Enfield Council. It was in his local          Our picture shows Bro John being
BRO Willie McDermott, of Council       youth club where he first met his wife,     presented with his certificate and
150 Renfrew, was presented with        Therea, that he became interested in        medal by the Mayor of Enfield, Cllr
his golden jubilee award by the        working with young people.                  Tony Dey.
Grand Knight of Paisley Province
28, Bro Robert McGuire, on June
9, the feast of St Columba.
   A dinner at the Columba Club,
Renfrew, was attended by members
of Council 150 and Province 28 and
by brothers and their wives visiting
from Province 2 Liverpool.

seafront walk
raises £4,700
Forest Council 139 presented
cheques totalling £4,700 to two
charitable organisations
  The money went to the                TWO members of Council          The other, Bro Harold     presented with his
Kabanana Care (Zambia) Trust           383 have celebrated 25        Green, was a member of      medal. He was
and the First Opportunities            years as members of the       Council 469. When it        overwhelmed.
Special Needs Playgroup, New           Order.                        closed he transferred to      Pictured left to right are
Milton.                                  One of them, Bro Fred       Council 383. Harold         Philip Wilcock, Grand
  The money was raised by the          Timothy, joined while         turns 90 in July.           Knight Council 383,
Knights in one of their annual         using Council 383’s             Members of Council        Harold Green, Fred
social events - a sponsored            Columba House on his          383 and the Provincial      Timothy and John
walk along Bournemouth                 arrival from the West         Grand Knight attended       Sargeant Grand Knight of
seafront,                              Indies. He is 80 this year.   his home where he was       Province 7

WESTMINSTER NORTH: A mission hospital in Zambia
PROVINCE 29 (Westminster North)
has elected to adopt a Mission
Hospital in Zambia, as its current
worthy cause. Its aim is to help fund
the building of staff accommodation
on land donated by the town council
at Monze. Without this help, the
hospital can concentrate only on
making ends meet for medical
supplies and other bare essentials
within an over stretched
   It was just over 150 years ago, on a
Sunday morning in December 1855,
that Dr. David Livingstone was
welcomed by Chief Monze at his krall
in what is now the Southern Province
of Zambia.
   Almost 107 years later Bishop
James Corboy SJ was appointed the
first Bishop of the new Diocese of
Monze, and barely two years later, in
                                                        Waiting by treatment: Monze Hospital, for suitable
                                          (220,000 inhabitants) for virtue of   desperate need Zambia
October 1964, he founded the Monze        being designated a General Hospital.  accommodation, particularly for the
Mission Hospital managed by the           Other districts refer patients to it, medical and trainee staff.
Irish Congregation of the Holy Rosary     increasing the catchment population     Monze, a friendly place, lacks
Sisters. They were later supported by     to about 800,000. Other Provinces     regular employment for its
the Sisters of Mercy. In 1995 The         also refer patients to Monze Mission  inhabitants – an unverified quote
Sisters of the Holy Spirit, an Order      Hospital for specialised care. All of cites hospital workers accounting for
founded by Bishop Corboy in Monze         these have to be coped with in a      15% of the District’s employment.
Diocese, took on the administration       hospital with just 308 beds.          This, coupled with our present
of Monze Mission Hospital on behalf         The nursing school attached to it   understanding of tropical disease
of present day Bishop Emilio              has 95 students. These, with          and AIDS related illness prevalent in
Patriarca.                                approximately 250 employees, other    Africa, illustrates the challenges of
   The hospital now covers a wider        trainee medical licentiates and post  our brothers and sisters in faith and
catchment area than Monze District        graduates, have generated a           humanity.

GRAYS COUNCIL 81: Fighting                           NORTHUMBRIA: Our Ladyʼs grotto spruced up
the scourge of AIDs
                                                     KNIGHTS in Province 4
 THE KNIGHTS of            hospice for terminally    have worked hard to help
 Council 81 Grays          ill and a care home for   the Little Sisters of the
 decided from last year    children who have lost    Poor at their homes in
 to raise funds for the    their parents through     Newcastle and Sunderland
 Duduza Care Home in       AIDS. The care givers,    They have done this mainly
 South Africa, in          volunteers trained by
                                                     by collecting old broken
 Brentwood Diocese’s       the Sisters, also look
                                                     and unwanted jewellery
 twin diocese of           after the ever-
 Dundee, Natal.            increasing numbers of     along with foreign currency.
   Aid is desperately      orphans, supply food      This is then coverted into
 needed as HIV/AIDS        parcels and run soup      cash for the Little Sisters.
 is spiralling out of      kitchens near schools.    The current total raised in
 control in Natal,         The sisters have          this way is more than
 especially among          trained young people      £2000. The most recent
 young people. The         to preach the message     project undertaken for the
 sisters who run the       of abstinence.
                                                     Sisters was the
 Duduza Care Home             To help this cause,
                                                     refurbishment of the Our
 have, over the last       the Thurrock Male
 seven years,              Voice with the local      Lady Grotto at the
 established a care        parish choir gave a       Sunderland Home, much to
 programme which           concert and over £800     the delight of the Sisters
 includes a resident       was raised.               and the elderly residents.

Deacon Geoff Piper: ‘devout,
impressive, was his ministry’
ON Holy Saturday 2007, the Order                                                                     a sixth sense meant he could provide
lost a long-serving and dedicated                                                                    absolutely the right response to
member and a family lost a loving                                                                    those in need.
and well-loved husband and father,                                                                      Bro Geoff joined the Knights in
Deacon Geoffrey John Piper, known                                                                    1970, being elected as Grand Knight
to all as Geoff.                                                                                     of Romford Co.224 from 1978-80,
   Bro Geoff was born on Good Friday                                                                 and also serving Brentwood Province
1925 and had a full life, well lived. To                                                             10, first as Provincial Action
his children, Laurie, Ginni and                                                                      Convenor and then as Deputy
Jonathan, he was a hero, a wide-                                                                     Provincial Grand Knight. He helped
ranging athlete - swimmer, diver,                                                                    organise the stewarding for the
wrestler, thrower of discus and                                                                      London Papal Masses in 1982.
hammer, fencer and judo teacher.                   Granddad filled his life. Geoff’s calm               During his time at the Ministry of
Add to this a mastery of five                      and dignified manner (well, most of               Defence, Bro. Geoff trained to be a
languages and an understanding of                  the time) was a smokescreen for a                 deacon. In 1990 he was ordained to
five more, together with a love of                 mischievous sense of humour and                   the Permanent Diaconate, a great joy
music and particular skill on the                  quick wit which was always bubbling               and fulfilment of his life of service.
violin and recorder and we have a                  beneath the surface and he could                  The twinning of St Edward’s,
man of many parts but who was                      quickly become the life and soul of               Romford with St Boniface in
modest and never bragged about his                 the party. On the other hand, he                  Germany also brought great joy,
achievements. He also loved the                    offered a listening ear and wise                  many friendships and exchanges and
outdoors, in particular sailing and                counsel to anyone who needed it and               reconciliation after his wartime
walking, especially if there was a wee                                                               experiences. It was in Ludwigshafen
dram for refreshment along the way!                                                                   that he conducted his first baptism.
                                                               Bro Bernard Barrell
   In 1942, he joined the Merchant                                                                       In his latter years, Geoff’s health
                                                          of Romford wrote this tribute
Navy, at one time reported missing                                                                    deteriorated and his love for the
presumed drowned after a torpedo                      They say that true leaders are born to lead,    garden and its fruits gave way to the
attack. He was brought up in the                      In which case, few men fit the role.            walking stick. He came out of his
Church of England but became a                        Geoff was such a man.                           retirement from the diaconate to
Catholic in 1946. When at sea, he                     Many may read, but few deliver.                 assist the new parish priest of
often found himself in foreign ports                  Few can orate, or with conviction speak.        Romford, Fr. Tom Jordan, but at
with time on his hands and so visited                 Geoff was such a man.                           Christmas 2006, Geoff finally said,
the local seamen’s missions. He soon                  A model Knight, ennobled by his peers;          “I will retire now.”
discovered that unlike in the                         A model Christian, well beloved by all.            A good number of Knights
Anglican mission, there was a bar in                  Geoff was such a man.                           attended the reception into church
the Catholic one!                                     A family man.                                   of Bro. Geoff’s remains on
   Bro. Geoff joined the Metropolitan                 Late was his final calling: DEACON.             Wednesday April 18 and a similar
Police where he rose to the rank of                   Large was his presence on the altar.            number, together with a large
Chief Inspector in the Special Branch                 Devout, impressive, was his Ministry.           contingent of clergy, led by Mgr.
and then, after 25 years’ service,                    Our Council mourns, and in our grief            John Armitage, and many other
moved to the Ministry of Defence. It                  We celebrate that such a man did grace          friends, celebrated his life with both
was here, after his first wife,                       our number.                                     sorrow and joy at his Requiem the
Maureen, had died, that he met                        Geoff Piper, true Knight of St Columba.         following day.
Eleanor. They were married in 1969                    May he rest in peace.                              His ashes were buried on June 2
and soon afterwards, Jonathan                                                                         at Herongate Woodland Cemetery
arrived, giving Geoff a second turn at                                                               near Brentwood, Essex.
fatherhood. Later, the title of

   LOURDES HOLY FAMILY GUEST HOUSE                                               We are reminded to remember in our
                                                                                 prayers and send (belated)
    Jim and Bernadette welcome you. Now taking bookings for
      September and October with special evening meal (book

                                                                                 congratulations to the Rt Rev Malcolm
    early to avoid disappointment). Five minutes from Sanctuary Gate.

                                                                                 McMahon OP, Bishop of Nottingham
                      38 Euros per night.

                                                                                 and the Orderʼs Ecclesiastical Adviser.
      No single supplement charge for single bookings.
    All bedrooms en suite with complimentary tea and coffee

                                                                                 Bishop Malcolm celebrated the Silver
         in rooms. Bed, breakfast (full English breakfast)

                                                                                 Jubilee of his ordination to the
              Pick-up service from Pau Airport
              - contact Jim for pick-up details.

                                                                                 Priesthood on June 26.
              Please telephone for reservations:
    Landline 0033 562 949 735 Mobile 0033 627 586 364

Bro Peter dies on final                                                                         CLASSIFIED

day of Iona pilgrimage
                                                                                                 KSC CLUBS
                                                                                               Send listing to the
                                                                                              Advertisement Office
                                                                                               75 Hillington Road
BRO. PETER John Gigli, Deputy Grand          over the previous months, his sudden
Knight of Council 91 (Blackpool), died       death in Scotland, came as a great shock
suddenly in Oban, Scotland, on the final     to all. Throughout his life, he had been a

                                                                                               Glasgow G52 2AE
day of the Province 7 pilgrimage to Iona     frequent visitor to Oban and Iona which
and Carfin.                                  became a spiritual home to him. He died
  He had just ended three years as           at peace in the presence of his beloved
Grand Knight of Council 91 and the           Margaret.
                                                                                             LEYLAND - KSC Club. lounge bar,
Council will miss his talents as a net-         Many brothers and wives from local           games room, TV, Bingo. Open lunchtime
worker and organizer of both spiritual       Councils and Province joined a large con-       and nightly. Visiting Brothers welcome.
and social events.                           gregation for Requiem Mass at Christ the        Fleetwood St., Leyland, Lancs.
  He put a great effort into maintaining     King, Blackpool and at the burial at
                                                                                             MOODIESBURN - KSC (Cl. 525) Club.
personal contacts with those older mem-      St.Thomas the Apostle, Claughton-on-
                                                                                             Lounge, games room, TV, Bingo, Danc-
bers who had difficulty in attending         Brock. The packed church was a testa-           ing. Open daily. Visiting Brothers wel-
meetings and with widows of deceased         ment to the regard and affection in which       come. Off A 80 Moodiesburn. Tel.
members, always making sure they were        he was held.                                    Glenboig 874953.
included in the Council’s activities.           On the day that Peter died, the final call
                                                                                             BLANTYRE -KSC (Cl. .490) Columba Club.
  Born in 1929 and educated at Stoney-       on the Province 7 pilgrimage in Scotland        Open every day . Lounge, games room, concert
hurst College, Peter became an industrial    was to the Carfin grotto in Motherwell.         hall. All brothers welcome. Carlowrie Avenue,
consultant, later forming his own com-       We were a very subdued group that day,          Blantyre. Tel. 820228.
pany. He met Margaret at St. Mary and        still in shock at losing Peter.
                                                                                             RENFREW - Cl. 150 Columba club. 3 Clyde
St. Michael Church, Garstang, where             Mass had been arranged at midday
                                                                                             St. Bar, TV, pool, snooker, dancing. Bingo.
they were married in 1956. Last year they    and, following a series of telephone calls,     Open daily Monday to Thursday evenings
returned there for a celebratory Mass for    the Mass intention was changed to a re-         only. Tel. 0141 886 4079.
their golden wedding with their five chil-   quiem for Peter, said by our Provincial
                                                                                             BARRHEAD - KSC 429 Columba Club.
dren and many grandchildren.                 chaplain, Fr. Frank Flynn. The Mass was
                                                                                             Open every evening. Sat. & Sun. Dancing &
  Always committed to translating his        very special to us and it was heartening        Bingo. Visiting Brothers most welcome. Tel.
faith into action, Peter involved himself    to have the support of several brothers         0141 881 4889.
in the different parishes in which he and       The day’s readings were for the feast of
                                                                                             CARDIFF- KSC Cl. 402 Club bar. TV, Bingo.
his family lived, and was also a member      St. Barnabas and, with Peter as the focus
                                                                                             Open daily. Visiting Brothers welcome. 88
of the Broughton Charitable Society.         of our thoughts and prayers, these words        Llandaff Road, Canton, Cardiff
  He had a wealth of knowledge on the        (from Acts 11:24) were never more apt..
Church’s rich history in this part of Lan-   “..... for he himself was a good man filled     CARITAS CLUB - AIRDRIE COUNCIL
                                                                                             100. New Lounge Bar open Friday-Saturday-
cashire and organized some inspirational     with HolySpirit and faith”.
                                                                                             Sunday-Monday. Open all day Saturday and
days’ outings around this theme.                                     Martyn Woodcock         Sunday. Sing-a-long Sunday evening in func-

Knights form guard of honour
  Although Peter had some health issues                            Secretary Council 91      tion hall Brothers and friends welcome Tel:
                                                                                             01236 - 765795

                                                                                             SPECIALIST SERVICES

at funeral of Bro John, 94                                                                   TOP TIES — can supply ties for indi-
                                                                                             vidual Knights of St Columba Councils.
                                                                                             The ties will bear the KSC emblem and
                                                                                             the name and number of the Council. For
PARISHIONERS of St.                                          Chancellor. His funeral         more details please contact Bro. Max L.
Thomas Aquinas and All                                       was attended by Knights         Paul. Phone/Fax 01983 75 6767. Top
Saints, Bletchley, and the                                   from all over the Province      Ties, Marlborough House, Gate Lane,
brothers of Council 579                                      who, wearing their              Freshwater, Isle of Wight PO40 9QB

were saddened recently                                       insignia, formed a guard
by the death of one of                                       of honour and gave him
their oldest members,                                        the Knights’ salute.
Bro. John McDermott, on                                          John and his wife
April 2. He was 94.                                          Mairead, who died some
  John was born in                                           years ago, had no               NEW FOREST - Relax in our spacious
Ireland in Ballyjamesduff                                    children but they               home. B/B to high standard. Ground floor
on November 14, 1912.                                        became honorary aunt            suite suitable for wheelchairs, New Mil-
He eventually settled in     St. Vincent de Paul             and uncle to many a             ton, 1 mile from sea. Tel. 01425 613515.
Bletchley and over the       Society and most notably        Bletchley family. They are      BLACKPOOL - ‘Newlyn’, Family-run
years became a key           the Knights of St.              greatly missed. May they        Hotel, North Shore area, Bro.Ken and
member of the parish         Colomba. In due course          rest in peace.                  Sheila Hargreaves. Tel/ Fax 01253-
community. He was            he became Grand Knight                         Noel Guina       353230.
active in many Catholic      of the Bletchley Council                         Chaplain,
organisations such as the    and ultimately Provincial                      Council 579

  ‘Unsung Heroes’

     Knights of St. Columba
Supporting Samaritans’ Volunteers

          Please help us – to help Samaritans’ volunteers
          support people in distress 24 hours a day.
          Registered Charity No. 219432