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Verni - Epo-Crack Filler by gyvwpsjkko


									                Verni - Epo-Crack Filler
Verni - Epo-Crack Filler is a low viscosity structural epoxy injection resin. It is supplied as a 2
part system.

       •    Highly flowable
       •    Moisture insensitive
       •    Easy to use
       •    Excellent adhesion to crack walls
       •    Excellent void filling capability

Areas of application
       • Concrete decks
       • Water retaining structures
       • Beams and columns
       • Silos
       • Foundations

           •     Surface preparation
                 The surfaces should be properly cured, clean, sound and free from standing
                 water. Remove all unsound material from the area to be repaired.

            •    Mixing
                 Mix the contents of part A into part B (do not part mix). Mix thoroughly until a
                 homogenous liquid is obtained (minimum 3 minutes). A mechanical mixer is
                 preferable, but not essential.

            •    Application
                 Pouring: Should the crack reflect through the slab, it is necessary to seal the
                 underside of the crack using Verni-Epo Paste. Pour Verni-Epo-Crack Filler
                 into the crack until it has been completely filled. If necessary, a dam may be
                 created by applying a bead of general purpose silicone sealant along either
                 side of the crack, thereby allowing the build up of a head of resin.

                 Injection: A typical application requires the drilling of injection ports along the
                 entire length of the crack to be filled. The distance between the injection
                 ports may vary from 30 to 50cm and is dependent on the width and depth of
                 the crack. Insert the injection tubes into the ports and secure them with Verni
                 -Epo Paste. If necessary, the entire length of the crack, on both sides of the
                 slab may be sealed using the same material.

                 Should the crack be narrower than 0,5mm, it is advisable to use a wall flange
                 fitting rather than an injection port and tube. Secure the wall flange fitting to
                 the substrate using Verni–Epo Paste.

                Page 2/ Verni-Epo Crack Filler

                Inject Verni-Epo Crack Filler using a grease gun, starting at the lowest port.
                Continue to inject until the resin begins to emerge from the port immediately
                above. Once this occurs, the port may be sealed and the next port above
                injected. Continue until all of the ports have been filled. Allow the Verni-Epo
                Crack Filler to cure completely before removing the injection ports. This may
                be done using a chisel. Smooth the area off using a grinding disk.

                When in doubt, contact Verni Speciality Construction Products for

           • Physical data
               Resin type:               Solvent diluted epoxy amine

            •   Colour when mixed:       Straw colour clear liquid

            •   Viscosity:               That of water

            •   Safety data
                Skin:                    Avoid direct contact
                Eyes:                    Avoid direct contact
                Respiratory:             Avoid excessive inhalation
                Ventilation:             Ensure that work area is well ventilated

            •   Limitations
                Do not apply when ambient and surface temperatures are below 10°C

            •   Shelf life
                12 months in original unopened container

            •   Storage
                Cool dry ventilated area, away from sunlight

The information contained in this technical data sheet is to the best of our knowledge correct.
We advise customers to satisfy themselves with the suitability of the product in their
application. No guarantee is expressed or implied.

Customers are further advised to ensure that this data sheet is up to date as the information
contained herein may be updated without notice.


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