; Issue 4 August 2006
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Issue 4 August 2006


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									                                                                                     Issue 4 August 2006 


                                    I  t is that time of year again 
                                       leagues are starting up and you 
                                    are wondering where the time 
                                                                            Safety Link Springs, Pin Wheels, 
                                                                            and the Main Brace. 
                                                                                    Vantage’s Tech Staff 
                                    went and are you ready for this         have found that not all 
                                    years season. In this issue of the      Distributor Assembly problems 
                                    “VANTAGE NEWS” we are going             come from the Distributor itself. 
                                    to talk about Distributor 
                                                                            Some other critical areas are 
                                    Assemblies and how other 
                                                                            how and where the distributor 
                                    components in the machine can 
                                    effect the operation of this 
                                                                            is located in relationship to the 
                                    assembly.                               machine. Such as: The Pin 
                                              Items such as: Distributor    Wheel and Bin Assembly. This 
                                    Support Post, Distributor Support       is a cause and effect type of 
                                    Weldment, Lateral Drive and             problem.  


                                    Distributor Height: 
                                    A number of items can cause 
                                    improper Distributor Height. For 
                                    years mechanics have been told to 
                                    measure the distance between the 
                                    Belt Guard and the Bolt for the 9 
                                    Pin Bracket on the Bin Assembly. 
                                    This is not the most reliable 
                                    measurement; Belt Guards are typically bent to accommodate different 
                                    thicknesses of Distributor Belts therefore changing this dimension. A 
                                    more reliable method to measure the height of the Distributor is to 
                                    have the top edge of the Carriage Support Cast even with the bottom 
                                    edge of the Rear Channel Weldment.  
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                 Distributor Height Cont.: 
                                         On the front page we showed you an alternative way of measuring the
                                         height of the front of the Distributor Assembly. This measurement is
                                         critical to maintain the proper angle of the Distributor Assembly. The
                                         proper height can be achieved by adding or removing spacers or washers
                                         from the underside of the Distributor Support Weldment. However prior to
                                         adding or removing the spacers, check to make sure that the Main Support
                                         Brace that runs from Kickback to Kickback is straight and level. Some
                                         times the Main Support Brace can become bent or out of line over time.

                 The second area for proper height is the Distributor Support Weldment and Post. The best way to
                 achieve this to make sure that the Distributor Post is exactly plumb meaning that it is level from side to
                 side and front to back. And, that the Distributor Post Spacer is being used. Not only does this help with
                 the height of the Distributor it will also help with the swing of the Distributor.

                 Distributor Swing:
                 Once the proper height adjustments have been made the underside of the
                 Distributor Carriage Sub-Assembly will not contact the Bin Assembly and
                 this will allow for the proper clearance. There are 4 main items other than
                 items on the Distributor Assembly itself that can create improper
                 Distributor Swing. The Distributor Post not being plumb, the Distributor
                 Post Bearings being worn or seized, the Lateral Drive and Safety Link
                 Springs being worn or stretched, and the Orientor Pan contacting the Pin

                          1. A simple way to check if the Distributor Post is plumb is to remove the Lateral Drive and
                             Safety Link Springs, and the Safety Link. Allowing the Distributor Assembly to swing freely,
                             it should be able to rest at the home position. (1-Pin) If the Distributor Assembly wants to drift
                             towards the 7-Pin or the 10-Pin the post is not level.
                          2. The Main Distributor Casting has 3 Post Bearing, 1 Needle Thrust Bearing for lateral
                             movement and support and 2 Main Support Bearings for perpendicular movement and support.
                             Check and replace Bearing as needed.
                          3. The Lateral Drive and Safety Link Springs are essential to maintain proper Cam Follower
                             Bearing contact on the Distributor Cam. Over time springs wear out, from constant pressure it
                             is a good idea to change these springs every time you replace a Distributor Assembly on a
                          4. The Orientor Pan should not contact the Pin Wheel at any time. The simplest way the Tech
                             Staff has found to make sure that the Orientor Pan is in the proper position, is to swing the
                             Distributor Assembly all the way over to the 7-Pin and 10-Pin sides of the machines, rotate the
                             Pin Wheel all the way around and move the Orientor Pan back as far as it can go without
                             touching the Pin Wheel in those two positions.

                870 Parfet Street
      Lakewood, Colorado 80215
             fax 1-303-232-8241
email: info@vantagebowling.com

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