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Proton PPD-1 Hard Drive Destroyer Data Sheet


Proton PPD-1 Hard Drive Destroyer

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									                                                                        “Proton Physical Destroyer”
                                                                                              “Model PPD-1”


                                                                        ●     Extremely Rugged Design
                                                                        ●     Tested & used by NSA & DOD for destroying hard
                                                                        ●     The GREEN solution to hard drive destruction - NO
                                                                              POWER required
                                                                        ●     Designed for emergency & normal destruction of
                                                                              hard drives
                                                                        ●     FAST, SAFE and RELIABLE (10 seconds or less)
                                                                        ●     Easy hand crank operation
                                                                        ●     Optional motor drive for hands off operation
                                                                        ●     Compact and transportable
                                                                        ●     Universal Mounting Kit Available
                                                                        ●     Affordable

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    The Model PPD-1 is designed for the destruction of all standard hard drives. Specifically designed for emergency situations where electric
    power may not be available and quick destruction is a must, the PPD-1’s low cost and versatility makes it perfect for both the government
    and commercial market.

    In typical national security operation, a destroyer would be used in conjunction with a degausser (magnetic media eraser). Using
    a degausser is the best way to ensure all data on hard drives and storage tapes is completely unrecoverable. However in
    emergency situations this may not be possible. In this case destruction by rapid and reliable means to insure that the information is
    irretrievable is top priority. If the power goes out...if the plane must land in enemy territory...if the embassy is under siege.... all of these and
    other emergency situations may require the immediate destruction of stored information. It is for these situations that the PPD-1 is perfectly

    Government specifications require that in an emergency situation a hard drive needs to be destroyed so that a person or persons can not
    spin the drive. This must be able to be done quickly and reliably. The PPD-1 meets this requirement. It takes less than 10 seconds to
    destroy each hard drive with the manual operated unit. All one needs to do is insert the proper drive height adapter (if applicable), insert the
    hard drive into the slot and crank the handle 8 rotations. The internal workings of the unit press down on the drive, bending it approximately
    90 degrees. Then the PPD-1 pushes the destroyed hard drive out for easy removal. To keep the speed at an optimum, the PPD-1 does not
    require the handle to be cranked backwards to reset the "bender". It resets automatically, requiring the operator turn the handle in only one
    direction. The bend will render the hard drive useless by bending the platter, damaging the heads, motor and circuit board.

    A ratcheting feature is also included that makes it even easier to destroy unusually hard to break hard drives or if a high quantity of drives
    need to be processed. The destroyer can also be configured with a left handed crank if required.

    The PPD-1 also has a motor (MTR) option that allows the destroyer to be automatically operated, freeing up hands for other tasks. Each
    hard drive can be destroyed in approximately 11 seconds. The motor option does not remove any of the destroyer's ability to be used
    manually in case of emergencies. The manual hand crank will still operate with the motor attached.

    This small heavy-duty destroyer is maintenance free and completely self-contained. There are no messy fluids or external components to
    deal with and no adjustments or calibration necessary.

    In today's world, with the threat of identity theft and the war on terrorism raging on, it is important to keep in mind that information must be
    kept secure and out of the wrong hands.                                            Proton Data Security                                    
                                                          “Proton Physical Destroyer”
                                                                            “Model PPD-1”

    Media Destroyed                    All standard (1-inch, .65-inch, 1.65-inch), laptop and 1.8-inch CE PMR hard drives
                                       HDA-1: For Standard 1-inch Thick Hard Drives (comes with unit)
                                       HDA-LT: For Laptop and 1.8-inch CE PMR Hard Drives (optional)
    Adapters Available
                                       HDA-.65: For .65-inch Thick Hard Drives (optional)
                                       HDA-1.65: For 1.65-inch Thick Hard Drives (optional)
                                       Typical Commercial Drives (1-inch) – Approx. 4 lbs. exertion
    Manual Operator Exertion
                                       Hardened (Heavy Shielded) (1-inch) – Approx. 12 lbs. exertion
    Power Supply (with motor option)   100 to 250 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz (specify voltage and frequency when ordering)
    Operating Time (Manual)            Approximately 10 seconds or less per drive dependent on operator
    Operating Time (Motor Operation)   Approximately 11 seconds per drive
    Physical Dimensions                8" W (13" with crank) x 12" D x 23.5" H
                                       PPD-1: Approximately 70 lbs., Shipping weight: Approximately 95 lbs.
                                       PPD-2 & -3: Approximately 100 lbs., Shipping weight: Approximately 125 lbs.
    Destruction Method                 Bends platter, damages heads, motor and circuit board
    Maintenance                        Occasional vacuuming of debris drawer and internal housing
    Warranty                           1 year (1-year warranty extension available)
    Cage Code                          53468
    Patent                             Patent Pending with U.S.P.T.O.

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