STRATEGY, 2006
    Section 1: Introduction                                    1
    1.   Rationale                                              1
    2.   Defining the Focus Area                                1

    Section 2: Strategic Direction                             2
    1.   Vision                                                 2
    2.   Critical Success Factors                               2
    3.   Challenges                                             2
    4.   The Approach                                           3

    Section 3: Spatial and Environmental Building
    Blocks                                                     4
    1.   Introduction                                           4
    2.   Building blocks and projects                           5

    Section 4: Socio-Economic Building Blocks                  9
    1.   Introduction                                           9
    2.   Building blocks and projects                          10

    Section 5: Implementation Framework                        13
    1.   Establish Inner City Strategic Development Function   13
    2.   Ensuring Support                                      13
    3.   Budget Alignment                                      13

    Section 1: Introduction
    1.       Rationale                                                    The purpose of the Tshwane Inner City Development and
                                                                          Regeneration Strategy (“the Strategy”) is to lay the foundation
    The Tshwane Inner City is a place of strategic significance, not      for the repositioning and regeneration of this area through the
    only in the city, but also from a national and international          introduction of certain key interventions.
    perspective. However, it is generally acknowledged that the
    Inner City is currently not functioning as it should from an          2.      Defining the Focus Area
    environmental, economic and social point of view. The City
    Development Strategy, the IDP and the Metropolitan Spatial            The broader Inner City area is made-up of the following land-
    Development Framework have all identified the inner city,             use districts:
    together with its important role within the Capital City vision, as
    a strategic focus area. The Tshwane City Vision, namely “to           •    an inner-core of mainly office, retail commercial and
    become the leading international African capital city of                   residential intensive development in a 2,5km radius
    excellence that empowers the community to prosper in a safe                surrounding Church square;
    and healthy environment”, clearly sets out the development goal       •    Marabastad and its finely grained surroundings towards
    of becoming the African Capital City of Excellence. The Inner              the north-western side of the Inner City (a zone of
    City, as the functional and symbolic heart of the Capital City,            extensive urban decay);
    has to transform to a place of excellence as an embodiment of         •    the high density residential areas of Sunnyside and
    the Tshwane City Vision.                                                   Arcadia on the eastern side; and
                                                                          •    a service industry zone of mostly smaller entrepreneurs
    Hence the City Development Strategy sets the following                     towards the western side of the Inner City.
    development goal for the inner city:
                                                                          The inner core and Marabastad precinct form the heart of the
    “Celebrating the National Capital and Repositioning the Inner         Inner City and its Capital role. Therefore the proposals are
    City as a vibrant cultural and government centre”                     focused on the inner core and Marabastad. By concentrating our
                                                                          efforts in this area, the greatest impact will be ensured.

    Section 2: Strategic Direction
    1.      Vision                                                      The Centre of Culture vision relate to buildings and places, the
                                                                        appearance of the environment in terms of vibrancy, colour,
    The vision for the Inner City has been derived from its             texture, and the way in which the Inner City lends itself to both
    comparative advantages, characteristics and development             formal celebrations and events and the celebration of humanity
    potential as well as the direction set by the CDS and Tshwane       in every day life.
                                                                        2.       Critical Success Factors
    The Tshwane Inner City vision is founded on two pillars,
    namely:                                                             In order to achieve the pinnacle of investment destinations and
                                                                        create a truly exciting and sustainable inner city, the area needs
    •    The Functional and Symbolic Heart of the Capital City          to exude important elements, namely:
         of South Africa and Africa
                                                                        •     Excellent management
    A large part of Tshwane’s international profile and national        •     High quality environment
    importance is captured in its role as National Capital.             •     Marketing and facilitation
                                                                        •     Convenient
    The Inner City is the spatial focus for the creation of a Capital   •     Accessibility
    City Core that houses the main offices of government                •     Service Infrastructure
    departments and significant landmarks, all within an exceptional    •     Partnerships
    public environment. It is the most prominent area where the city
    can and should invest in its capital city image. The
    implementation of the Capital City Initiative is crucial for the    3.       Challenges
    realisation of Tshwane’s vision of becoming the leading African
    capital city of excellence.                                         In order to ensure that the critical success factors are present in
                                                                        the Inner City, it is necessary that those areas or aspects of the
    •    The Centre of Culture in Africa, where all aspects of          Inner City that do not meet the necessary standards, receive
         being (South) African can be celebrated.                       urgent attention.

    Any capital city needs to also be the cultural centre of that       The following aspects have been identified as challenges:
    country, which showcases the national culture to the outside
    world.                                                              •     The Inner City needs a clear and unique identity

    •    It is important to attract high profile developments to the     The following two chapters will deal with certain strategic
         Inner City                                                      interventions, or building blocks, that are proposed in the Inner
    •    The Inner City must make provision for a range of housing       City, which will begin to address the issues and create enabling
         opportunities, for a number of socio-economic groups            environments for the regeneration of the Inner City.
    •    Sufficient residential support facilities must be provided to
         carry the increasing permanent residential population           The purpose of this document is not to provide detail guidelines
    •    The Inner City must provide tourism, entertainment and          or direction for each of the building blocks, but rather just to
         recreational opportunities, for residents and visitors          describe the general intention of that building block. Each of
    •    The Inner City must comprise a dedicated public transport       these building blocks must then be detailed further in separate
         system (an internal circulation system)                         studies.
    •    The Inner City must be made pedestrian friendly
    •    The Inner City needs sufficient public spaces (soft and
         hard) in order to be a world-class capital city
    •    Safety must be one of the main priorities
    •    A dedicated management structure must be put in place

    4.      The Approach
    In order to elevate the position of the Inner City to a place of
    excellence and to address the gaps that exist, certain drastic
    interventions are required.

    The Inner City Development and Regeneration Strategy is
    based on a “catalytic intervention”-approach whereby specific
    strategic interventions are proposed to significantly address the
    challenges in order to achieve the critical success factors. The
    proposal is to focus public budget expenditure on specific
    projects and catalytic developments, thereby creating strong
    stimuli for private sector investment to respond positively. This
    is based on the so-called ripple-effect approach, where one
    major intervention can create a number of positive spin-offs.

    The interventions proposed integrate physical, economic and
    social spheres and also imply certain institutional arrangements.

    Section 3: Spatial and Environmental Building
    1.      Introduction

    The interventions into the spatial and physical environment of
    the Inner City, is based on 8 building blocks, namely:

                   •      Announcing the destination
                   •      Cultural Circle
                   •      Capital Precinct
                   •      Mandela Development Corridor and
                          Apies River Precinct
                   •      Tshwane Crossing
                   •      Zone of Urban Regeneration
                   •      Movement
                   •      Exceptional Public Environment

    These spatial and environmental building blocks are strategic
    projects that have been carefully placed within the realms of the
    Inner City according to development potential, comparative
    advantages and the functioning of the location. They are not
    intended to comprehensively benefit the Inner City but to rather
    create development interest and spin-offs for their surrounding
    areas and residents of these projects. These positive spin-offs
    will ultimately culminate in creating a diverse and productive
    Inner City environment for investors, tourists and residents.

    2.      Building blocks and projects
    Building                            Description                             Projects                            Actions
    Building Block 1: Announcing The    The significance of the Inner City      Create landmarks at all the         Appoint an Urban Design
    Destination                         as destination must be announced        gateways into the inner city        consultant to formulate appropriate
                                        in bold terms by defining the                                               gateway proposals for the Inner
                                        gateways into the City.                                                     City of Tshwane
    Building Block 2: Cultural Circle   In keeping with the vision that         Cultural Landmarks                  Formulate a framework for the
                                        Tshwane and its Inner City should       Movements links (pedestrian and     implementation of the Cultural
                                        be developed as the Centre of           public transport)                   Circle initiative
                                        Culture in Africa, the development      Events
                                        of the concept of the Cultural          festivals
                                        Circle is vital for the branding and
                                        identity of the Tshwane Inner City
                                        as a unique and special place in
                                        the country.
    Building Block 3: Defining The      The capital precinct is made up of      Streetscape                         Draft an action plan linked to a
    Capital Precinct                    the government boulevards,              Parking                             budget programme and the Re
                                        government precincts and capital        Public Spaces                       Kgabisa project programme for the
                                        anchors. The creation of the            Infrastructure                      implementation of the CTMM’s
                                        capital precinct is largely driven by   Public Transport                    responsibility in terms of the Re
                                        the Department of Public Works,                                             Kgabisa project
                                        through the Re Kgabisa Project,
                                        and it is essential that the City of
                                        Tshwane supports and enhances
                                        this initiative.
    Building Block 4: Nelson Mandela    The land along Nelson Mandela           Support Re Kgabisa Precinct         Conduct an audit of properties
    Corridor And The Apies River        Drive, up to Church Street, is          Improve Infrastructure provision    along the Mandela Development
    Promenade                           highly suitable to support high         Establish a City Improvement        Corridor in order to determine the
                                        profile, high intensity private         District                            development potential of this
                                        investments that maximise this          Allocation of land for open space   corridor (vacant land, underutilised
                                        highly visible location as well as      Marketing and packaging of land     land and land with derelict
                                        the proximity to the Capital                                                buildings)
                                        Precinct. This corridor should have
                                        an environmental and spatial                                                Feasibility study on the release of
                                        quality of the highest standards,                                           land and projects
                                        and should comprise the inner
                                        city’s flagship developments.

    Building                          Description                               Projects                         Actions

                                      The land to the north of Church           Build promenade and culvert      Develop an urban design and
                                      Street along the Apies River              Landscaping                      activity framework for the Apies
                                      should be redeveloped for                 Entertainments and Eating Node   River Promenade.
                                      recreational and entertainment            Regeneration of Apies River      Project Viability study into the
                                      purposes for residents and tourists                                        regeneration of the Apies River
                                      in an environment that optimises,
                                      complements and enhances the
                                      Apies River and links the National
                                      Zoological Gardens to the eastern
                                      part of the Inner City.
    Building Block 5: Tshwane         The meeting place of the Apies            Tshwane Kopanong                 Negotiate and facilitate the
    Crossing - A Meeting Place Of     River, the Walker Spruit, Nelson                                           redevelopment of the Caledonian
    Opportunity                       Mandela Drive and Church Street                                            Sports Grounds for the purpose of
                                      has been identified as a strategic                                         a world class African Centre
                                      location for a landmark catalytic                                          through a Public-Private
                                      development for the Inner City and                                         Partnership.
                                      for Tshwane itself. The Caledonian
                                      Sports Grounds provide a                                                   Identify an alternative site to be
                                      wonderful opportunity for this                                             used for the purposes of the
                                      catalytic project as the site itself is                                    Caledonian Sports Grounds.
                                      optimally located.
                                                                                                                 Develop a Urban design

                                                                                                                 Conduct a Feasibility Study

                                                                                                                 Appointment of Management

                                                                                                                 Open up the design of key
                                                                                                                 buildings to international design
    Building Block 6: Zone Of Urban   The northern, western and north-          Tshwane West Park                Further investigate the concept of
    Regeneration                      western (Marabastad) parts of the         Institutional housing            the Tshwane West Park
                                      Inner City are highly neglected           Marabastad Urban Village

    Building                     Description                             Projects                                Actions
                                 areas that are in desperate need of     Boom Street Creative                    Compile an urban design
                                 urban regeneration. This area is        Industries/SMME’s                       framework and implementation
                                 ideally suited for the creation of a                                            strategy for the Zone of Urban
                                 true integrated urban residential                                               Regeneration
                                 environment on the edge of the
                                 business district. This area
                                 comprises large tracts of derelict or
                                 underutilized land, mostly State or
                                 Municipal owned, that can be used
                                 to create a Zone of Urban
    Building Block 7: Movement   The aim is to make movement             Position of Gautrain Station            Redevelop the Pretoria Station
                                 within the Inner City as convenient     Standard Rail                           Precinct as a major entrance into
                                 as possible for all modes of            Pedestrians/cycling                     the Inner City
                                 transport (private vehicles, public     Dedicated transport system
                                 transport, pedestrians and              serving capital precinct and the        Investigate, design and implement
                                 cyclists), and to ensure that all the   cultural circle (e.g. mono-rail,        a (free) hop-on/hop-off public
                                 major elements, districts and           dedicated “capital city taxi’s” etc.)   transport service within a
                                 tourist destinations are effectively    Access from Ben Schoeman                dedicated lane in the circular
                                 linked.                                 Taxi’s, Buses and Standard Rail         Capital Precinct route.
                                                                         Road Re-alignments
                                                                                                                 Formulate a plan for the
                                                                                                                 management of taxis within the
                                                                                                                 Capital Precinct

                                                                                                                 Investigate the feasibility of
                                                                                                                 constructing a new interchange
                                                                                                                 from Ben Schoeman highway
                                                                                                                 directly into Nelson Mandela Drive.

                                                                                                                 Develop a legible and convenient
                                                                                                                 pedestrian and cycling system
                                                                                                                 between all the major attractions
                                                                                                                 and precincts in the Inner City by
                                                                                                                 using arcades, lanes, parks and
                                                                                                                 upgraded sidewalks

    Building                        Description                          Projects                Actions
    Building Block 8: Exceptional   The foundation of a unique and       Public Spaces           Plan for and provide sufficient hard
    Public Environment              exciting Inner City is an            Streetscape             and soft open space that can act
                                    exceptional public environment       Architectural Quality   as social gathering places,
                                    that can compete with all the best   Urban Forestry          markets, street café’s etc. Draft a
                                    cities in the world.                 Natural Environment     framework for existing and new
                                                                         Infrastructure          public spaces in the Inner City.

                                                                                                 Create and implement a master
                                                                                                 plan for urban forestry that will
                                                                                                 contribute to the capital city image.

                                                                                                 Establish a sense of cohesion and
                                                                                                 legibility through a comprehensive
                                                                                                 urban design framework that
                                                                                                 include aspects such as
                                                                                                 streetscape, connectivity and
                                                                                                 linkages and architectural
                                                                                                 guidelines. This framework must
                                                                                                 specifically address the elements
                                                                                                 of the capital precinct.

    Section 4: Socio-Economic Building Blocks
    1.       Introduction                                                       •     changing negative perceptions of the Inner City and
                                                                                      boosting investor confidence.
    The Interventions into the socio-economic environment is based
    on 5 building blocks, namely:                                               Economic growth and the enhancement of quality of life for all
                                                                                are therefore not strategies or programs in it self, but the result
                     •       Safety and Security                                of other strategies and programs effectively deployed.
                     •       Development Facilitation
                     •       Identity and Branding
                     •       People’s Place
                     •       Informal Trade

    In order for the spatial and physical interventions to be
    sustainable, it must be supported by an economically and
    socially sound environment. Addressing these building blocks
    will result in positive economic growth and the enhancement of
    quality of life for all in the Inner City, with positive spin-off effects
    for the whole of Tshwane, through –

    •     providing for growth in the government sector, which has
          positive spin-offs in other sectors
    •     providing for a new injection of office development and
          high income residential development along the Nelson
          Mandela Development Corridor
    •     promoting tourism
    •     supporting     informal     trading, SMME’s,       incubator
          businesses and skills development
    •     attracting people again to the Inner City for recreation and
          entertainment purposes

     2.      Building blocks and projects
     Building                         Description                           Projects                                Actions
     Building Block 9: Safety And     Safety and Security deals with        Establish a multi-agency, multi-        Implement a comprehensive
     Security                         three issues, namely:                 disciplinary enforcement task team      enforcement programme in the
                                                                            for the inner city.                     inner city.
                                      Personal safety and security
                                      against crime                         Appoint Safety Ambassadors to           Employ a comprehensive safety
                                      Safety against personal injury        conduct visible policing as part of     and security program in the Inner
                                      Security of Investment                an elite Inner City task force within   City
                                                                            the Metropolitan Police
                                                                            Department.                             Make provision for high quality
                                                                                                                    vehicle parkades that are safe, in a
                                                                            Remove dangerous situations in          good condition and well distributed
                                                                            public spaces (e.g. cracked             through the Inner City.
                                                                            paving, the position of utilities and
                                                                            street furniture etc.).                 Adopt a policy that the principles of
                                                                                                                    Crime Prevention through
                                                                            Set up City Improvement District        Environmental Design will be used
                                                                            (CID) partnerships between local        in the Inner City
                                                                            authority and the private sector.
                                                                                                                    An extensive audit of the condition
                                                                            Act against the owner of any            of public spaces in terms of
                                                                            building that contravenes the           harmful elements must be
                                                                            National Building Regulations or        conducted and an action plan must
                                                                            the Town Planning Scheme. If            be formulated to address these
                                                                            necessary, the municipality has to      issues
                                                                            condemn unsafe buildings and
                                                                            arrange for the demolition thereof
                                                                            at the cost of the owner.
     Building Block 10: Development   The municipality should pro-          The establishment of a                  The formulation of an economic
     Facilitation                     actively identify what types of       Development Agency.                     development strategy.
                                      development are required or
                                      desirable for the Inner City, where   Establish effective CIDS for all the    The formulation of an incentive
                                      development opportunities exist       major precincts in the Inner City       program by the Municipality to
                                      and market these to potential                                                 facilitate the development of the
                                      developers. The function of           Publish regular Inner City              Inner City.
                                      development facilitation comprises    Performance Reports

     Building                          Description                            Projects                       Actions
                                       two components, namely (1)                                            Formulate appropriate
                                       attracting development and (2)                                        performance indicators for the
                                       facilitating the development                                          Inner City, and ensure that the
                                       process itself.                                                       performance of the Inner City is
                                                                                                             monitored on a continuous basis.
                                                                                                             Investigate strategically located
                                                                                                             land that is underutilised or utilised
                                                                                                             for inappropriate uses. Formulate
                                                                                                             an action plan for the relocation of
                                                                                                             these developments (e.g. taxi
                                                                                                             ranks, municipal service depots)
     Building Block 11: Identity And   One of the most important              Capital City branding          The design and implementation of
     Branding – A Destination Of       ingredients for a successful,          Centre of Culture branding     a marketing campaign that is
     Choice                            exciting and sustainable new Inner                                    focussed on the Inner City as an
                                       City is a unique identity, and the                                    investment and tourism
                                       branding and marketing thereof.                                       destination, as well as the
                                       The Inner City is a tradeable                                         branding of the niche areas of the
                                       commodity just like any other, and                                    Inner City
                                       therefore like any commodity, that
                                       which is well known (through                                          Formulate a comprehensive
                                       marketing) and has special appeal                                     branding and marketing action
                                       (uniqueness) is more tradeable                                        plan for the Inner City, focussing
                                       than others.                                                          on various sectors such as
                                                                                                             business, tourism, and daily
     Building Block 12: A People’s     The Inner City should, above all,      Develop new parks and public   Formulate a development
     Place                             be a friendly, human orientated        spaces in the Inner City.      framework for such public spaces.
                                       place that caters for the needs of                                    Until this framework has been
                                       the permanent and daily                                               finalised, the sale and new leasing
                                       population in the Inner City. This                                    of all Council owned properties
                                       includes aspects related to                                           must be stopped.
                                       residential quality and the social
                                       facilities provided to enable people                                  Formulation of an Inner City
                                       to interact and develop.                                              Housing Strategy

     Building                              Description                              Projects                              Actions
     building block 13: informal trading   In an economy such as ours,              Design and construct efficient,       Formulate an action plan for
                                           informal trading is the lifeblood of a   attractive and well-managed           informal traders and hawkers in
                                           large section of the population. In      market areas in specific identified   the Inner City. Such an action plan
                                           addition, the culture of informal        precincts where the necessary         shall address, inter alia, the
                                           trading is part of our heritage and      facilities and supervision are        following aspects: The most
                                           something that can be built on to        provided                              desirable locations/precincts for
                                           contribute to a unique African                                                 certain types of traders, The
                                           identity. However, informal trading                                            image/appearance/ focus of
                                           can also bring with it a lot of                                                individual market areas, The
                                           functional and aesthetical                                                     design of stalls and markets to
                                           problems, so it is important that                                              contribute to the image of an
                                           informal trading in the Inner City be                                          African Capital City, the provision
                                           managed in such a way that it                                                  of storage facilities and delivery
                                           makes a positive contribution to                                               facilities, by-laws pertaining to
                                           the ambience and image of the                                                  markets and street hawkers,
                                           Capital City.                                                                  management structures,
                                                                                                                          partnerships etc and the
                                                                                                                          establishment of a Venture Capital


     Section 5: Implementation Framework
     1.       Establish Inner City Strategic                             3.      Budget Alignment
              Development Function
                                                                         If the municipality is serious about and committed to the process
     The Municipality needs to establish an Inner City Strategic         of the regeneration of the Inner City, this commitment should be
     Development Team within the municipality that will manage all       reflected in the annual budget through a special fund dedicated
     public capital investment in the Inner City, the operational        to the Inner City.
     aspects related to the Inner City, the dedicated budget for the
     Inner City as well as act as liaison between the municipality and   In this regard it is proposed that a certain percentage of the
     the Investment and Development Promotion Agency.                    annual budget (capital and operational) over the next 10 years
                                                                         be dedicated to the Inner City.
     This team will manage aspects such as:
                                                                         In light of the sophisticated nature of the investigations needed
     •    transportation issues                                          to address many of the issues listed under the building blocks, a
     •    urban forestry and streetscape                                 once-off budget allocation should be made towards the
     •    special projects                                               appointment of consultants to kick-start the regeneration
     •    economic development                                           process.
     •    social development
     •    branding and marketing.

     The first point of business of this team will be to formulate a
     comprehensive implementation framework for the roll-out of
     Council and other spheres of government projects in the Inner

     2.       Ensuring Support
     A unique unit needs to be established that will provide support
     to the Inner City in the form of research, information and
     knowledge, skills development and skills transfer, access to
     capital, partnerships and networks etc.


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