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            Position your company in the 2010 wave
            What are you doing for 2010? We’re almost two years away from the         retailers with niche international brands, including K-Swiss, Gilbert,
            FIFA World Cup, undoubtedly the largest sporting event that South         Everlast, TK, Bergmaster and Havaianas. Their branded solutions
            Africa, make that Africa, has ever hosted. It’s the opportunity to show   mean that no matter your company’s style or marketing approach,
            the nation and the world South Africa’s ingenuity and entrepreneurial     Flamingo Sales offers you virtually anything you require on which to
            spirit. Daniel Kerdachi’s business, Flamingo Sales, presents you          print your brand name. Most importantly, Flamingo Sales prides itself
            with the opportunity to join the World Cup force and position your        on the quality, efficiency and reliability of the products it supplies.
            company within this proudly South African trend. Covering the             Don’t miss the chance to join this local and global celebration and
            lifestyle, outdoor and sporting markets, the business provides            obtain superior brand awareness for your company.

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