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                                                      PVP K SERIES

PVP K Cosmetic grade

Items                                       K17        K17 (liquid)      K30        K30(liquid)         K90         K90 (liquid)
K value                                    15-22          15-22         25-36          25-36          81-100          81-100
Vinylpyrrolidone % max                      0.1             0.1          0.1             0.1            0.1                0.1
Moisture % max                              5.0             ---          5.0             ---            5.0                ---
Solid content % max                         95            39-41           95           29-31             95            19-21
pH(5% solution)                             3-7             3-7          3-7             3-7            5-9                5-9
Sulphate ash % max                          0.1             0.1          0.1             0.1            0.1                0.1


Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone has different solubility in different solvents,that is ,the extensive scope of variation
In the table below, the solvents under the column of "Soluble" means that a satured solution of the polymer contains a
mass fraction of at least 10%, while "Insoluble" means that the mass fraction of PVP of a satured solution is less than 1%.

    Soluble               Soluble                     Soluble                    Insoluble                    Insoluble
  Chloroform        Isopropyl Alcohol        Normal Propyl Alcohol              Cyclohexane                      Pentane
Cyclohexanol          Methyl Alcohol             Polyethylene Glycol            Ethyl Ether           Carbon Tetrachloride
   Absolute              Methylene
                                                  Propylene Glycol                Acetone                        Toluene
   Alcohol               Chloride
                       Normal Butyl
   Glycerin                                        Triethanolmine              Liquid Paraffin          Dimethylbenzene

2.Molecular Weight

Molecular weight of polymer is generally expressed as weight average(Mw), number average and viscosity average. The
most commonly used expression is weight average molecular weight, which is measured by light scattering method. Mw
Values of PVP-K series products are shown as following:

                PVP-K12                                  2,000-------------------3,000

                PVP-K17                                    7,000--------------1,1000
                PVP-K25                                  28,000-----------------34,000
                PVP-K30                                  44,000-----------------54,000
                PVP-K60                                 320,000---------------380,000
                 PVP-K90                               1,000,000-----------1,500,000
                PVP-K120                               1,600,000-----------2,000,000


PVP has hygroscopicity, and the amount of water that PVP can absorb is independent on the molecular weight of the
polymer basically.. This fact is quite important in many applications. The equilibrium water content varies with the relative
humidity in the air.


Relation of PVP concentration in aquoues solution and viscosity is shown in Figure 2.

5.Complexing ablity

Due to its unique structure, PVP can form complexes with a variety of compounds or simple substances, just like a lot of
toxins, viruses, medicines and poisonous chemicals, to reduce their toxicity and irritability.

1)PVP can complex with iodine,the complex obtained is a kind of microbicide.

2)Water-soluble complexes can be formed by PVP complexing with insoluble effective ingredients.PVP can be used as
dissolving assistant, control release agent and so on.

3)PVP has srong complexing ability with some substances,such as polyatomic phenol. The complexes deposit in neutral
or acid materials. This feature can be utilized to remove polyatomic phenol and anthocyan from solutions or drinks. But if
insoluble PVP is used, the effect will be better.

Note: Strong alkali (such as potassium carbonate or sodium hydroxide) can make PVP cross-linked, which is easier to
happen at high temperature. Under extreme conditions, it thickens liquid medicine, and prevents release of effective

PVP-K Series Application

As an excipient, PVP K-90 is mainly used as a tablet binder, the dose used is less than 2% in terms of tablet weight
because of better binding ability. Used as suspending stabilizer, K-90 can stabilize all kinds of effective components in
medicines. And also K-90 can be used as viscosity-enhancing agent and film-forming agent for some oral liquids,
effectiveness-prolonging agent and controlled-release agent for medicines.

As excipients, PVP K-25 and K-30 are mainly used as tablet binders, the dose used is between 2% to 5% in terms of
tablet weight. They can be used as dissolve-enhancing agents for some effective components in oral and external
medicine. PVP K-25 and K-30 can also form complexs with a lot of insoluble effective components and help them to
dissolve immediately to increase their bioavalability. It also can be used as suspanding stabilizer of some effective
components such as sulfa and antibiotic, increase the contact time of eyedrops and eyes, improve the lubricating effect,
reduce the irritation of medicines. It can prevent tablet coating from cracking and make pigments disperse evenly when
used for tablet coating.
As an excipient, PVPK15 can be used as solubilizer, dispersant and crystalization inhibitor for injection. It can be used as
an excipient of eye medicine, reduce the irritation and prolong the effectiveness of medicine.

In cosmetic industry, PVPK series can be used as film-forming agent in hair-care products such as mousse and gels.
They can also be used as skin-lubricating agent in skin-care products, key component of eye and face makeups and
lip-sticks, stablizer for creams and detergents, dispeisant for hair-dying agent, gel-forming agent for toothpaste.

PVPK series also can be used as dispersant, film former, viscosity-enhancing agent, lubricator and adhesive in other
industries. PVP whose K-value is no less than 30 can be used in handling surface of organic pigment, in order to get rid of
the phenomena of pigment diffusion and improve the luster stablization and light stability. PVPK90 can be used in some
special coatings such as electric conduction film, electrode paint and electricity leaking-avoided film, decrease the ageing
speed made by light and heat, prolong the using life.

PVPK series have good adhesive ability, they can be used in ink or printing ink to make handwriting tightly attached to the
paper and difficult to come off or fade. PVP with low K-value 12 to 30 are good dispersion stabilizers to organic and
inorganic pigment, when used in ink or printing ink they help to get an even and stable dispersion system with rewriting

As an auxiliary PVP can be used in papermaking products to improve the strength of paper, enhance the solubility of dyes,
disperse pigments. When used as coating PVP can increase paper's luster, printability and grease resistance. In emulsion
coating and aqueous coating, PVPK30 can increase colorability of pigment, eliminate floating color, disperse and stabilize
pigment ingredients, improve luster and avoid flocculating settling of pigment. PVP may increase the affinity between
hydrophobic fiber and dyes when used in textile dyeing and printing industry, thereby improve the printability of fiber. PVP
also can improve the moisture regain and sun-proof ability. The K-value of PVP used in this aspect is usually between 30
to 70. In addition, we can make use of the variation of adhesive ability between PVP and different dyes to use PVP as
partial dying-proof agent, to gain fabric that has vivid color and distinct outline. PVP also can avoid color transference or
white ground pollution when used as detergent. In the process of polymerization, especially for emulsion or suspension
polymerization, small amount of PVP can stablize dispersion system, enhance viscosity, control particle size and improve
some properties of polymer. In the field of analysis chemistry and catalyst, PVP may help to measure the trace content of
some metals or improve functions of catalysts because of good complexibility with some metals.

PVP with relatively high K value such as K90 can greatly improve compression strength and shock resistance of cement
when used as adhesive in building materials. PVP is the main element in hot-melt adhesives for special use because of its
good adhesive power to glass, plastic and metals. PVP is also the key component of glue stick, pressure-sensitive
adhesive, remoistenale adhesive and other products. PVP with low molecular weight can be used as dispersion stabilizer
for silver halogenated emulsion in photographic industry.

The above-mentioned introduction is just a part of application fields for PVP, with the development of technology, people
will find a lot of new fields such as electronic material, sensitometric material, membrane material and biological
engineering material.

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