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Jeevan Bikas Samaj


									 Monthly Progress Report
Year 206…….. Month …………...

 Jeevan Bikas Samaj
 Branch Office ……………...
 Phone : ……………..
 Mobile : ……………..
 Email : …………………..
                            Jeevan Bikas Samaj, Morang                                           (Anex 1)

                                        Moanthly Progress Report
                                            Branch Office …………………..
                                                                               Date: ………..………………….
S.No. Particular                                       Last Month         This Month     Till this Month
A     Institutional Information
    1 No. of Staff
    2 No. of Field Assistant
    3 No. of Trainees
B     Program Expansion
    1 VDC
    2 Municipality
    3 No. of Center
    4 No. of Group
    5 No. of Member
    6 No. of Borrowers
    7 No. of Dropout Member
C     Savings
    1 Compulsory Saving
    2 Volunteer Saving
    3 Center Fund
    4 Pension Saving
    5 Fixed Deposit
    6 Welfare Fund
      Total Saving Mobilization
D     Loan Transaction
    1 Loan Disbursement
    2 Loan Recovered
    3 Loan Outstanding
    4 Overdue Loan
    5 Repayment Rate
E     Status of operation
    1 Total Income
      Interest Income
      Other Income
    2 Total Expenditure
      Personnel Expenses
      Administrative Expenses
      Interest Expenses
      Loan loss Provision Expenses
    3 OSS        (E1)/(E2)X100
F     Other Information
    1 No. of full center (40 or Above 40)
    2 No. of medium incomplete center (21 to 39)
    3 No. of incomplete center (20 or Below 20)
    4 No. of Center with center house
    5 No. of Center with dress
    6 Center with Attendance Resister
    7 Dalit Member
    8 Yield on Portfolio

      Prepared By:                                                    Approver By:
                             Jeevan Bikas Samaj, Morang                              (Anex 2)

                                    Branch Office ……………….
                                                                    Date: ……………………….
 Account Code                   Account Name               LFN Debit Amount Credit Amount
A                Asset
A.1              Cash & Bank
 A.1.1           Cash in Hand
 A.1.2           Petty Cash
 A.1.3           Cash at Bank
     A.1.3.1     Nepal Rastra Bank
     A.1.3.2     Commercial Bank

       A. Nabil Bank Saving A/C 4420

        A. Nabil Bank Saving A/C 1501
     A.1.3.3      Other Financial Institution
A.2               Share & Other Investment
 A.2.1            Share Investment
 A.2.2            Other Investment
A.3               Loan Portfolio
 A.3.1            Loan Portfolio- General Loan
 A.3.2            Loan Portfolio- Domestic Loan
 A.3.3            Loan Portfolio- Special Loan
 A.3.4            Loan Portfolio- Project Loan
 A.3.5            Loan Portfolio- Other Loan
     A.3.5.1      Loan Portfolio- Housing Loan
     A.3.5.2      Loan Portfolio- Bio-Gas Loan
A.4               Fixed Asset
 A.4.1            Land
 A.4.2            Building
 A.4.3            Vehicle
 A.4.4            Computer
 A.4.5            Other Equipment
 A.4.6            Furniture & Fixture
 A.4.7            Other Fixed Asset
A.5               Other Assets
 A.5.1            Branch Account
 A.5.2            Staff Loan & Advance
     A.5.2.1      Staff Loan
        A. Staff Vehicle Loan
        A. Staff Welfare Loan
     A.5.2.2      Staff Advance
 A.5.3            Cash in Transit
 A.5.4            Cheque in Transit
 A.5.5            Stationery Stock
 A.5.6            Prepaid Expenses
 A.5.7            Account Receivable
 A.5.8            Sundry Debtors
 A.5.9            Tax Advance
 A.5.10           Deposit & Mortgage
 A.5.11           Fictitious Asset
E                 Expenses
E.1               Financial Expenses
 E.1.1            Cost of Fund- Borrowing
     E.1.1.1      Interest on Borrowing- NRB
     E.1.1.2      Interest on Borrowing- Commercial Bank
        E. Interest on Borrowing- Nabil Bank
        E. Interest on Borrowing- NIC Bank
                               Jeevan Bikas Samaj, Morang       (Anex 2)

     E.1.1.3        Interest on Borrowing- Other FI
        E.   Interest on Borrowing- RMDC
        E.   Interest on Borrowing- Samjhauta Nepal
        E.   Interest on Borrowing- BSP Nepal
 E.1.2              Cost of Fund- Member Saving
     E.1.2.1        Cost of Fund- Compulsory Saving
     E.1.2.2        Cost of Fund- Voluntary Saving
     E.1.2.3        Cost of Fund- Center Fund
     E.1.2.4        Cost of Fund- Pension Saving
     E.1.2.5        Cost of Fund- Fixed Deposit
     E.1.2.6        Cost of Fund- Help Fund
 E.1.3              Cost of Fund- Staff Saving
     E.1.3.1        Cost of Fund- Staff Welfare Fund
 E.1.4              Cost of Fund- Inter Branch
E.2                 Personnel Expenses
 E.2.1              Basic Salary
 E.2.2              Staff Provided Fund Expenses
 E.2.3              Staff Grade Expenses
 E.2.4              Staff Allowance Expenses
 E.2.5              Staff Home Rent Expenses
 E.2.6              Staff Vehicle Repairing Expenses
 E.2.7              Staff Communication Expenses
 E.2.8              Staff Gratuity Expenses
 E.2.9              Dashain Allowance
 E.2.10             Medicine Allowance
 E.2.11             Leave Allowance
 E.2.12             Staff Insurance
 E.2.13             Staff Bonus
 E.2.14             Incentives
 E.2.15             Other Allowances
E.3                 Other Administrative Expenses
 E.3.01             Office Rent
 E.3.02             Electricity & Water
    E.3.02.1        Electricity Expenses
    E.3.02.2        Water Expenses
 E.3.03             Repairs & Maintenance Expenses
    E.3.03.1        Repair Expenses- Building
    E.3.03.2        Repair Expenses- Vehicle
    E.3.03.3        Repair Expenses- Computer
    E.3.03.4        Repair Expenses- Other Equipment
    E.3.03.5        Repair Expenses- Others
 E.3.04             Insurance Premium
    E.3.04.1        Insurance Premium- Vehicle
    E.3.04.2        Insurance Premium- Staff
 E.3.05             Communication Expenses
    E.3.05.1        Communication Expenses- Telephone
    E.3.05.2        Communication Expenses- Fax
    E.3.05.3        Communication Expenses- Internet
    E.3.05.4        Communication Expenses- Postage & Currier
 E.3.06             Transportation & Fuel Expenses
    E.3.06.1        Transportation Expenses
    E.3.06.2        Fuel Expenses
 E.3.07             Traveling Allowance & Expenses
 E.3.08             Printing & Stationery
    E.3.08.1        Printing & Stationery- Head Office
    E.3.08.2        Printing & Stationery- Others
 E.3.09             Paper & Periodicals
 E.3.10             Advertising Expenses
 E.3.11             Legal Expenses
                                    Jeevan Bikas Samaj, Morang     (Anex 2)

  E.3.12                 Charity
  E.3.13                 Board Meeting Allowance & Expenses
      E.3.13.1           Board Meeting Allowance
      E.3.13.2           Board Meeting Expenses
  E.3.14                 Annual General Meeting Expenses
  E.3.15                 Audit Fee & Expenses
      E.3.15.1           Audit Fee
      E.3.15.2           Audit Expenses
  E.3.16                 Money Transfer Commission
  E.3.17                 Depreciation Expenses
  E.3.18                 Preliminary Expenses Written Off
  E.3.19                 Share Issue Expenses
  E.3.20                 Consultancy Expenses
  E.3.21                 Entertainment Expenses
  E.3.22                 Amortization Expenses Written Off
  E.3.23                 Security Expenses
  E.3.24                 Loan Security Expenses
  E.3.25                 Commission & Discount
  E.3.26                 Other Expenses
      E.3.26.1           Renewal Expenses
      E.3.26.2           Training & Workshop Expenses
      E.3.26.3           Guest Reception Expenses
      E.3.26.4           Cash Security Expenses
      E.3.26.5           Rewards & Incentives Expenses
      E.3.26.6           Closing Expenses
      E.3.26.7           Service Charge Expenses
      E.3.26.8           Community Development Expenses
      E.3.26.9           Miscellaneous Expenses
E.4                      Loan Loss Provision Expenses
  E.4.1                  Loan Loss Provision- Good Loan
  E.4.2                  Loan Loss Provision - Sub Standard Loan
  E.4.3                  Loan Loss Provision - Doubtful Loan
  E.4.4                  Loan Loss Provision - Bad Loan
E.5                      Staff Bonus Provision
E.6                      Income Tax Provision
I                        Income
I.1                      Interest Income
  I.1.1                  Interest Income- Loan
        I.1.1.1          Interest Income - General Loan
        I.1.1.2          Interest Income- Domestic Loan
        I.1.1.3          Interest Income- Special Loan
        I.1.1.4          Interest Income- Project Loan
        I.1.1.5          Interest Income- Other Loan
             I.   Interest Income- Housing Loan
             I.   Interest Income- Bio-Gas Loan
  I.1.2                  Interest Income- Bank Deposit
  I.1.3                  Interest Income- Other
        I.1.3.1          Interest Income- Staff Vehicle Loan
        I.1.3.2          Interest Income- Staff Welfare Loan
        I.1.3.3          Interest Income- Others
  I.1.4                  Interest- Branch
I.2                      Income- Investment
I.3                      Other Income
  I.3.1                  Fees Income
          I.3.1          Fees Income- Pass Book
          I.3.2          Fees Income- Form Fee
          I.3.3          Fees Income- Attendance Register
          I.3.4          Fees Income- Other
  I.3.2                  Remittance Income
  I.3.3                  Service Charge Income
  I.3.4                  Subsidies
  I.3.5                  Other Miscellaneous Income
L                        Liabilities
L.1                      Equity
                                 Jeevan Bikas Samaj, Morang           (Anex 2)

 L.1.1               Share Capital
 L.1.2               Reserve & Funds
     L.1.2.1         General Reserve
     L.1.2.2         Capital Reserve
     L.1.2.3         Capital Redemption Reserve
     L.1.2.4         Other Reserves & Funds
         L.   Emergency Reserve Fund
         L.   Institutional Development Fund
         L.   Bonus Equation Fund
         L.   Special Reserve Fund
         L.   Asset Revaluation Fund
         L.   Institutional Growth Fund
         L.   Member Security Fund- Capitalized
 L.1.3               Profit & Loss Account
L.2                  Borrowing
 L.2.1               Borrowing- NRB
 L.2.2               Borrowing- Commercial Bank
     L.2.2.1         Borrowing- Nabil Bank
     L.2.2.2         Borrowing- NIC Bank
 L.2.3               Borrowing- Other Financial Institutions
     L.2.3.1         Borrowing- RMDC
     L.2.3.2         Borrowing- Samjhauta Nepal
     L.2.3.3         Borrowing- Alternative Energy Promotion Center
 L.2.4               Borrowing- Head Office
L.3                  Member Saving
 L.3.1               Member Saving- Compulsory
 L.3.2               Member Saving- Voluntary
 L.3.3               Member Saving- Center Fund
 L.3.4               Member Saving- Pension
 L.3.5               Member Saving- Fixed Deposit
 L.3.6               Member Saving- Help Fund
L.4                  Other Liabilities
 L.4.1               Staff Saving & Funds
     L.4.1.1         Staff Provided Fund
     L.4.1.2         Staff Citizenship Fund
     L.4.1.3         Staff Welfare Fund
     L.4.1.4         Staff Medicine Fund
     L.4.1.5         Staff Leave Fund
 L.4.2               Accounts Payables
     L.4.2.1         Interest Payable
         L.   Interest Payable- RMDC
         L.   Interest Payable- Nabil Bank
         L.   Interest Payable- NIC Bank
         L.   Interest Payable- Staff Saving
         L.   Interest Payable- Member Saving
       L.   Interest Payable Member- Compulsory
       L.   Interest Payable Member- Voluntary
       L.   Interest Payable Member- Center Fund
       L.   Interest Payable Member- Help Fund
     L.4.2.2         Salary Payable
     L.4.2.3         Rent Payable
     L.4.2.4         Staff Bonus Payable
     L.4.2.5         Audit Fee Payable
     L.4.2.6         TDS Payable
         L.   TDS Payable- Remuneration
         L.   TDS Payable- Rent
         L.   TDS Payable- Adit Fee
         L.   TDS Payable- Interest
         L.   TDS Payable- Other
     L.4.2.7         Other Payable
         L.   Small Farmer Bio-Gas Company
 L.4.3               Sundry Creditors
 L.4.4               Others Provision & Fund
     L.4.4.1         Training Fund
                                Jeevan Bikas Samaj, Morang                           (Anex 2)

     L.4.4.2        Cash Security Fund
     L.4.4.3        Revolving Fund
     L.4.4.4        Interest Provision Fund
        L.   Interest Provision Fund- Pension Saving
        L.   Interest Provision Fund- Fixed Deposit Saving
     L.4.4.5        Member Security Fund
        L.   Member Security Fund- Member Insurance
        L.   Member Security Fund- Cattle Insurance
     L.4.4.6        Pass Book Fund
     L.4.4.7        Attendance Register Fund
 L.4.5              Loan Loss Reserves
     L.4.5.1        Loan Loss Reserves- Good Loan
     L.4.5.2        Loan Loss Reserves- Sub Standard Loan
     L.4.5.3        Loan Loss Reserves- Doubtful Loan
     L.4.5.4        Loan Loss Reserves- Bad Loan
 L.4.6              Previous Profit & Loss Account
                                    Total                                     0.00   0.00

Prepared By:                                                        Approver By:
                                                                                            Jeevan Bikas Samaj, Morang                                                                                      (Anex 3)

                                                                                                   Center Wise Detail
Name of Branch Name:                                                                                                                                              Date : ……………………….

                                                                    Loan Outstanding                                                                                   Savings/Fund
 No. of

                                       General       Domestic       Special       Project       Bio Gas                     Compulsory   Volunteer       Center Fund Welfare Fund     Pension       Fixed       Insurance

Total              0               0             0              0             0             0             0             0            0               0             0                            0           0
                                                                                       Jeevan Bikas Samaj, Morang                                                                                          (Annex 4)

                                                                                                   Staff Wise Report
Branch Name:                                                                                                                                                            Date : ……………………….

                                                                                               Loan Outstanding                                                           Savings/Fund

                                            No. of
S. No.       Name of Staff    Designation
                                                                                                                              Com.                                            Welfare
                                                                          General   Domestic   Special   Project   Bio Gas             Compulsory   Volunteer   Center Fund              Pension   Fixed      Insurance
                                                                                                                             Housing                                           Fund






Source: Centerwise Report of Software (Anex 3)

         Prepared By:                                                                                                                                               Approver By:
                                                       Jeevan Bikas Samaj, Morang
                                                                                                                      (Annex 5a)
                                                  Establishment and Dissolve record
5. Center, Group and Member Details                                                                           Date :
                              Center                                       Group                                 Member
  VDC      No.
                      Formation        Dissolve                Formation        Dissolve               Formation        Dissolve
                                                      Net                                     Net                                     Net
                   Prev. This Upto Prev. This Upto          Prev. This Upto Prev. This Upto         Prev. This Upto Prev. This Upto

Source: group and member detail of Software (Annex 3)
                                                                                                     (Annex 5b)
…………... Loan Detail                                                                         Date :
                                Loan Dis                       Loan Reco.                Loan          Interest
    VDC                     This            Upto            This            Upto      Outstanding
              No.                                                                                    This   Upto
                      No.    Amount   No.    Amount   No.    Amount   No.    Amount   No.   Amount
                                       Jeevan Bikas Samaj, Morang

                                                                                               (Annex 5c)
…………..………… and … ………………….……... Saving Detail                                                Date :

       Center                  ………………………….                                        ………………………………….
 VDC    No.      Collection       Return             Net             Collection       Return     Net
                This    Upto    This   Upto    Mem     Amount       This    Upto     This    Upto     Mem   Amount
                                 Jeevan Bikas Samaj, Morang                                (Anex 6)

                                             Stock Information
Branch Name:                                                          Date: …………………………..
S.No.                         Particular            Quantity       Rate (Rs.)   Total Amount (Rs.)

        1 C)F /lhi^/

        2 art /lhi^/

        3 c;ÚnL /lhi^/

        4 xflh/L /lhi^/

        5 kf; aÚs -;fwf/)f_

        6 kf; aÚs -k]G;g_

        7 uf]Zj/f ef}r/

        8 lx;fa ldnfg ef}r/

        9 b}lgs cfo Joo kmf/d

   10 ;DklQ ljj/)F

   11 C)F dfu kmf/d

   12 td;Ús

   13 art lkmtf{ ekfO{

   14 sDkfon

   15 dfu kmf/d

   16 n]^/ Kof*

   17 ;b:o Jofh kmf/d

   18 vr{ ef}r/


                                                                 Approver By:
         Jeevan Bikas Samaj, Morang                          (Anex 7)
             Head Office Account

Date   Particular       V.No.     Debit   Credit   Dr./Cr.   Balance
                                                      hLjg ljsf; ;dfh, df]/é

                                                      sfo{of]hgf tyf k|ult
zfvf sfof{no÷sd{rf/Lsf] gfd M                                                                       cg';'lr M8 -s_
kb M                                                                           ;fn M     dlxgf M
      lqmofsnfk                 nIo   k|flKt   km/s                    sf/)F                       ;Úwf/fTds sbd
     1 PWR

     2 PGT

     3 JotlQmut kmf/d

     4 gof¤ ;b:o

     5 s]Gb| a}&s

     6 C)F ;b'kof]lutf hfr

     7 C)f nufgL-000_

     8 C)f c;'nL -000_

     9 s]Gb| u")f:t/Lo ;'wf/

    10 l/k|m];/ tflnd

    11 Case Study

    12 s]Gb| cg'udg -zf=k|=_

    13 GRT

    14 kf; a's hfr

    15 cGo
       l;sfO{x? M




       tof/ ug]{ M                                                             k|dfl)Ft ug]{ M
                                                                                   hLjg ljsf; ;dfh, df]/é
                                                                               sd{rf/L sfo{of]hgf tyf k|ult
sd{rf/Lsf] gfd M                                                                                                                               ;fn M                dlxgf M
kb M                                                                                                                                                                          cg';'lr M8 -v_

m      lqmofsnfk ut]       1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14    15    16    17     18   19   20   21   22   23   24    25     26   27   28    29   30     31    32 hDdf
+=                 nIo
 1   PWR
2    PGT
     JolQmut       nIo
3    kmf/d         k|lKt
4    gof¤ ;b:o
5    s]Gb| a}&s
     C)F         nIo
6    ;bÚkof]uLtf
     hf¤r        k|lKt

     C)f nufgL-
7    000_

     C)f c;'nL -
8    000_

 9     s]Gb|       nIo
        ;'wf/      k|lKt

10                 nIo
11       Case      nIo
        Study      k|lKt
12                 nIo

     tof/ ug]{                                                                                                                                              k|dfl)ft ug]{
                                                                                      hLjg ljsf; ;dfh, df]/é
                                                                            zfvf k|dÚv÷k|aGws sfo{of]hgf tyf k|ult
zfvf k|dÚv÷k|aGwssf] gfd M                                                                                                                    ;fn M                  dlxgf M
kb M                                                                                                                                                                           cg';'lr M8 -u_

m;     lqmofsnfk ut]          1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15    16   17   18   19   20   21   22   23   24    25     26   27   28     29      30   31     32   hDdf

        s]Gb|         nIo
       cg'udg         k|lKt

     ;b'kof]ltf hfr

3    Case Study
4     kf; a's hfr

       sd{rf/L        nIo
        a}&s          k|lKt

       s]GbLo         nIo
6      sfof{no
        a}&s          k|lKt

      cGo tflnd

     PGT    nIo
8 Monitorin
      g     k|lKt

 9                    nIo

10                    nIo
11                    nIo

     tof/ ug]{                                                                                                                                             k|dfl)ft ug]{
                   ........................................ Bank Account                         (Anex 7)

Branch Name :

  Date          Particular           V.No.         Debit            Credit   Dr./Cr.   Balance
                                                   hLjg ljsf; ;dfh, df]/é                                    cgÚ;Úlr M 10
zfvf sfof{no M                                            tna l;^                                    ;fn M
                                                                                                   dlxgf M
                              gfdM   gfdM   gfdM              gfdM          gfdM   gfdM                      gfdM
                 gfd y/, kb                                                                                                 hDdf
                              kbM    kbM    kbM               kbM           kbM    kbM                       kbM
 s= tna ;Úljwf M

  1   cfwf/ tna

  2   ;+ro sf]if yk

  3   u|]* yk

  4   vfhf vr{

  5   #/ ef*f

  6   ;fOsn d/Ddt

  7   SofnsÚ^/, Jofu cflb

  8   cf}iflw vr{

      hDdf kfpgÚkg]{

 v= s§f ugÚ{kg]{ M

  1   ;+:yfut ljsf; sf]if

  2   ;+ro sf]if s§L

  3   gful/s nufgL sf]if

  4   sd{rf/L sNof)f sf]if

  5   k]ZsL

  6   s/ s§L

  7   cGo

      hDdf s§f xÚgÚkg]{

      vÚb kfpgÚkg]{ gub

      b:tvt M

      tof/ ug]{                                                                    k|dfl)Ft ug]{
      b:tvt M                                                                      b:tvt M
      gfd M                                                                        gfd M
      kb M                                                                         kb M
                                                                                               (Annex : 11)

btf{ g+=732
                                                                              ldlt M 206 ÷ ÷
>Ldfg\ sfo{sf/L lgb]{zs HoÚ,
hLjg ljsf; ;dfh,
s]lGb|o sfo{fno lj/f^gu/ .

laifo M C)f df¤u ;DaGwdf .
pk/f]Qm ;DaGwdf, o; zfvfsf s]Gb|x?df ===================== dlxgfdf C)f nufgLsf] nflu /sdsf]
cfjZos k/]sf]n] To; sfo{fnoaf^ ?========================= -cIf/]kL ?= ================
==================================================== dfq ._ tkl;n adf]lhdsf ls:tf
cgÚ;f/ pNn]lvt a}+sdf hDdf xg] u/L C)f lgsf;fsf] nflu cgÚ/f]w ub{%f}+ .

hDdf xgÚkg]{ clGtd ldlt                        ls:tf                /sd
206 ÷ ÷ ut] ;Dd                                klxnf] ls:tf         ?=
206 ÷ ÷ ut] ;Dd                                bf];|f] ls:tf        ?=
206 ÷ ÷ ut] ;Dd                                t];|f] ls:tf         ?=
206 ÷ ÷ ut] ;Dd                                rf}yf] ls:tf         ?=
hDdf /sd ?=

hDdf ug{Úkg]{ a}+s vftfsf] ljj/)f
vftfsf] gfd
a}+ssf] gfd
a}+s vftfsf] k|sf/
vftf g+=

gf]^ M Pp^f ls:tfdf a(Ldf ?=3,00,000 dfq lgsf;f ug{ ;lsg]% .

                      ;Dks{ M s]lGb|o sfof{no, kmf]g g+= 021621792, km\ofS; 021-565174,
                                Od]n, Web:
                                                                                               (Annex : 11)

                                                                                         cgÚ;úrL 12-s_

s]lGb|o sfo{fnoaf^ lnPsf] C)fsf] nufgL ljj/)f -206 ;fn =============== dlxgf ====== ut] ;Dd_

;+:yfsf]] gfd M hLjg ljsf; ;dfh, cdfxL jl/oftL 3, df]/é
l:js[t /sd ? ======================== dWo] pknAw ePsf] ?= ============================sf] C)f ljt/)f

ljj/)f M

                                              ljt/)f u/]sf]   s]Gb|    ;dúx   uf=lj=;=     C)fL
=;+                     zfvfsf] gfd                                                                 s}lkmot
                                                   /sd        ;+Vof   ;+Vof    ;+Vof      ;+Vof

pk/f]Qm C)f ljt/)f kZrft s]lGb|o sfof{noaf^ pknAw /sd ?=================== dWo] ljt/)f ug]{
af¤sL /x]sf] ?===================== /x]sf] % .

C)f ljt/)f ul/Psf] C)fLsf] ljj/)f ;+nUg % .
                                                                                    (Annex : 11)

                                                                          cgÚ;úrL 12-v_
zfvf sfof{no==========

       C)fL                                     s]Gb ;dúx
=;+              ;b:osf] gfd   &]ufgf   p@]Zo               ljt/)f ldlt     lsl;d         /sd      k^s
      ;+Vof                                     | g+= g+=

tof/ ug]{                                                                 k|dfl)ft ug]{
                                      Jeevan Bikas Samaj
                                     Branch Office ................
                                                                                       Annex : 13
New Center Information

S. Center                                      Estd.                  Meeting                       Name of
               Name of Center   Address                                                T. Mem.
No. No.                                        Date        Week        Day      Time                 Staff

tof/ ug]{                                                                              k|dfl)ft ug]{
                                                                                                            (Annex : 14)
                                       Jeevan Bikas Samaj
                                        VDC wise cast report
Branch :                                                              206….. , ……………………. Month
                                    Cast wise information                          Level of poor
S.N              Center
           VDC                    Aadibashi                         Total   Ultra          Medium
 o.               No.     Dalit               Madheshi      Other                   Poor            Reach   Total
                                   Janajati                         Mem     Poor            Poor

                                                                        0                                           0

                                                                        0                                           0

                                                                        0                                           0

                                                                        0                                           0

                                                                        0                                           0

                                                                        0                                           0

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       tof/ ug]{                                                                                                          k|dfl)ft ug]{
                                        Jeevan Bikas Samaj                                                                  (Annex :   )

                                    Staff welfare Fund Loan Detail

Name of Branch :                                                                         Date :

                                       Received                               Installment Payment
                                                                 Last Month                                  Due till the
S.No.        Name of Staff                           Loan                   Installment Installment
                             Date       Branch                      Due                             Interest  Month
                                                    Amount                      No.        Amount
  1                                                                                                                    0

  2                                                                                                                    0

  3                                                                                                                    0

  4                                                                                                                    0

  5                                                                                                                    0

  6                                                                                                                    0

  7                                                                                                                    0

  8                                                                                                                    0

  9                                                                                                                    0

             Total                                           0             0                       0        0          0

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