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									                                             Child and Family Welfare Society
                                                                   THE INSIDE SCOOP!
                                       I S S U E   2                                       J A N U A R Y    /   F E B R U A R Y    2 0 1 1
    Welfare at Work!

                                             INSIDE SCOOP FROM THE GM’s DESK!
           Since 1926

                                   New beginnings are always       their homework every after-       volunteers as it has been identi-
Do all the good you can, By        exciting. The year 2011 is a    noon.                             fied that many people with dis-
all the means you can, In all      culmination of a lot of medi-                                     abilities are being grossly ne-
    the places you can, To
      everyone you can!
                                   um term planning since          The building of the new           glected, abused and totally
                                   2009. This year, structure      Child and Youth Care Centre       locked away from society by
                                   will be added to these plans.   at Fouriesburg will start         their so called caregivers. The-
********************************                                   shortly (many thanks to the       se people are completely vul-
 Even if you are on the right      We have already appointed a     National Lottery Distribution     nerable. We have also em-
track, you will get run over if    full time cook at the Child     Fund). Over and above this,       ployed two gentlemen who
      you just sit there!
                                   and Youth Care Centre in        a vegetable garden will also      have been trained as wheelchair
                                   Bethlehem.     Each of the      be started at the same venue      mechanics. This service is be-
                                   boys residing at this centre    within the next two months.       ing managed at our offices in
  INSIDE THIS                      received two sets of school                                       34 Grey Street. Members of
     ISSUE:                        uniforms and the kitchen        Our services to people with       the public are being encouraged
                                   was upgraded. Even more         disabilities (physical and        to donate old wheel chairs
                                   exciting is the appointment     mental) is gaining momen-         which will be repaired and giv-
Experience the                     of a qualified educator who     tum. Two home based car-          en to the needy free of charge.
Journey from                       assists the children with       ers have been appointed as        To the personnel and manage-
1985…..2011                                                                                          ment, my sincere thanks for

                                             BELIEVE IT OR NOT!
                                                                                                     2010 and I pray for an even
2010 CTM                                                                                             better 2011!
                            3/     Did you know………………               With wonderful staff who
Talent—                            Bethlehem was founded by         were working hard to care
Everything you                     the Voortrekkers in the          for the children, families and
did NOT know!                      1840‟s and in 1864 it was        the old age of Bethlehem.
                                   named                “Beit
Coping with                        Lechem” (Bethlehem) which        Bethlehem Child and Family
                            5      is Hebrew for „House of          Welfare remained ahead of
                                   Bread”.                          the pack due to so many
The Shape We                                                        years experience in caring
             6                                                      for our community! The
Are In!                                                             organisation has been whole-
                                                                                                                DEON ERWEE
                                                                    heartedly involved with
Success Stories 6                                                   change and growth in Bethle-
                                                                    hem and has, over the years,
                                                                    become the silent hand that
2011 Challenge 7                                                    tries to carry a hurting com-
                                   Only 62 years later after the    munity.
Be Part of the                     naming of our town Bethle-       Bethlehem Child and Family
                            7      hem, our organisation, Beth-
Solution!                                                           Welfare plans to be in our
                                   lehem Child and Family           wonderful town for many
                                   Welfare was established in       more years, through the
Our Memories! 8                    1926! Our organisation has       grace of God!
                                   been in existence for 85
34 Grey Street / PO Box 708          BELIEVE IT OR NOT!
BETHLEHEM, 9700                                                       Bethlehem has a rich history of
Tel: 058—303 4701                  Many of us were not even
Fax: 058—303 3486                                                    which we are proud to be part of !
                                   close to existence when this
                                   organisation started out.
           PAGE      2
                                             BETHLEHEM CHILD AND FAMILY WELFARE SINCE 1926!
                                          EXPERIENCE THE JOURNEY FROM 1985………………...2011
                                    I cannot believe that it was   van Niekerk was em-            we should never forget
                                    on the 31.09.1985 that I       ployed as the Senior So-       that our clients and their
                                    was interviewed for a post     cial Worker at the organi-     needs whether emotional
                                    at Bethlehem Child and         sation. He was extremely       or social comes first.
                                    Family Welfare. My ap-         strict but very loved. The
                                    pointment began on the         organisation started to        I continue to sing the cho-
                                    03.10.1985.     I was 35       grow rather rapidly and        rus that says “when I re-
 Me. Julia Siyaya                   years of age. My current       that meant employment of       member what the Lord has
                                    age can now be figured         new staff. In the same         done, I will never turn
                                    out!                           year, 2002, Mr Deon Er-        back anymore.” When I
                                                                   wee was employed as the        started working at Bethle-
                                    There was a total of 4 la-     Manager. He came with          hem Child and Family
                                    dies in the organization's     the desire to have respon-     Welfare we were only 4
                                    employ and 2 of them           sible people working at        and today, we are close to
                                    were Social Workers            the organisation. He al-       30. How greatly we have
                                    namely;     Mrs     Alma       ways said and continues to     all been Blessed.
                                    Taaljard and Madelaine         say that he is not a police-
                                    Blane. We could boast of       man and he wants employ-       My heart sometimes pains
                                    a very efficient and hard      ees who are able and will-     as so few people know or
                                    working       Management       ing to work on their own.      appreciate how hard the
                                    Committee led by Mrs.          Obviously, each and eve-       staff at Bethlehem Child
                                    Adelè van Niekerk, who         ryone who became em-           and Family Welfare work
                                    was a wonderful leader         ployed at Bethlehem Child      and the ongoing sacrifices
                                    and a large group of will-     and      Family     Welfare    each of these staff make
                                    ing and very able volun-       brought their own ideas,       for the benefit of others.
                                    teers!                         special     thoughts    and    There is so many hard-
                                                                   uniqueness to the organi-      ships and challenges our
                                    I recall our fundraising       sation. I was Blessed to       community face on a daily
                                    activities from selling        be part of this growth in      basis and without our or-
                                    vetkoek and mince to           staff and growth in ser-       ganisation so many would
The opening of our current          holding a Miss Child Wel-      vices to the community.        be lost. This includes,
 offices at 28 Grey Street,         fare competition where                                        babies, children, youth,
  BETHLEHEM in 1971                 most contestants were          Mr. Erwee then started a       young adults, families and
                                    schooling at Voortrekker       morning Bible reading and      the elderly.
                                    High. I imagine that most      prayer meeting at the or-
                                    of those young ladies who      ganisation. Well, it is very   I have been witness to so
                                    entered the competition        hard to explain the Bless-     much change in our organ-
                                    are now married mothers        ings we have received          isation and in our commu-
                                    and career women with          through this morning get-      nity. I have learnt that the
                                    their own children attend-     togethers. Not only for        following is inevitable;
                                    ing Voortrekker High.          the organisation but so too    time stops for no-one, we
                                    How time seems to fly!         for each and every indi-       will all get older and there
                                                                   vidual around the table.       will be change!
                                    In 1999 the street chil-       The job being done in the
                                    dren‟s project was started.    community is not an easy       25 years down the line, I
                                    I recall going out to the      one therefore the Spiritual    am the organisation Secre-
                                    dumping grounds to assist      care each of the staff         tary but as a shared
                                    children living on the         members receive motivate,      joke…. everyone knows I
                                    dumps. Today, the chil-        encourage and bring us         am actually the manager!
                                    dren have a Child and          closer together no matter      I am proud to be part of
                                    Youth Care Centre that is      the challenges of the day.     this organisation and what
                                    available to them where                                       it stands for and pray to be
 The Bethlehem Express              they are fed, clothed, cared   Mr. Erwee reminds us           fit and healthy and work-
           1937                     for, loved and assisted to     daily that the job we are      ing here for at least anoth-
 An article on Bethlehem            go back into the schooling     doing in our community is      er 25 years!
     Child Welfare                  system.                        not for the money but for
                                    During 2002, Mr. Dawie         our Mighty God therefore       Thank you and God Bless!

                CHILD         AND    FAMILY        WELFARE
ISSUE        2                                                                                                       PAGE    3

   A Frank & Funny                 ensure we would reach         was a lot of work. We         Rest, was very scarce!
Portrayal…... …… …….               every spectrum of our         advertised in the local       The auditions started the
  Everything you did               community from very           media and aggressively        very week after the clos-
      NOT know!                    young to very old, from all   marketed our idea to eve-     ing date!
                                   races and from all cultural   ryone who would listen!
                                   and social groups.            IT WAS SLOW!

                                   We chose our judges very      We re-looked, re-analysed,
                                   carefully as we wanted the    re-strategized! There was
                                   most reputable people         a R 10 000.00 cash win-
                                   doing this very important     ning prize, contestants
                                   job of judging. It was then   should have been queuing
It was June / July 2010            decided to ask, Hansie        to enter!
and it was time to do              Jordaan, Casper Knoester
something different and a          and      Mamoesa      Mot-                                  Monday hit us like a bus
little daring for Bethlehem        soeneng.                                                    travelling 200km an hour!
and even the Eastern Free                                                                      We were either going to
State as a whole. Some-            All of who agreed to this                                   sink or swim—we were
thing that would make              important function! We                                      TERRIFIED! But, not a
people talk about it for a         do not think for a moment                                   soul would have guessed
long time afterwards,              they actually knew what                                     the enormous pressure and
something that could actu-         they had agreed to!                                         fear we were experiencing.
ally benefit the community
in a different way......but        CTM Bethlehem then saw                                      The night was great and
what?                              our vision and decided to     We were soon to learn that    the judges were perfect in
                                   climb on board through        people like to wait for the   every way however, very
These were the thoughts            the sponsoring of the first   last minute before entering   quickly we realised one
rolling around in our              prizes and the top 10 priz-   competitions—as the days      major mistake, 6 minutes
heads when the idea if the         es. We were set to begin      flew by and the closing       per act was just ludicrous,
Talent Show emerged.               our new and exciting pro-     loomed, we suddenly had       what were we thinking?
So, perhaps 50 to 100 peo-         ject!                         a tidal wave of entries       Between 30 to 40 acts per
ple would enter, a few                                           coming in.        Oh My       night at 6 minutes each
would come and watch               We started at the schools     Word—or, OMW, as the          was resulting in a very
and we would have the              where it was requested we     younger generation say.       long evening for all in-
auditions done and dusted          change our dates so as not    Were we pleased?         Of   volved! Note to self: 90
in a day or 2. Thereafter,         to disrupt the examination    course we were! Were we       seconds per act and no
we would invite everyone           times—our schools are         scared?    Of course we       longer.
to gala dinner to enjoy the        important to us and so we     were!
finals and choose the win-         decided to change the
ner—how easy.............          dates. What that meant
Remembering of course              was our audition dates had
that we are also an NPO            to be done prior to the
trying to raise funds...........   exams and the finals with
Well, it was anything but          the gala dinner after the
easy! We partnered with            schools closed! No prob-
Sonskyn Dienssentrum to            lem, we wanted to please
                                   everyone involved!            We also learned very          Obviously, it goes without
                                                                 quickly that „closing date‟   saying that there will al-
                                   We started by distributing    also means very little and    ways be problems with an
                                   hundreds of entry forms,      since we needed the           event of this size. The
                                   to schools and the commu-     funds—we had to give a        booking of halls became a
                                   nity including the sur-       little grace. The entries     huge issue and trying to
                                   rounding areas such as        closed on the Friday and      find an available hall on
                                   Qwa Qwa, Fouriesburg,         over the weekend we had       short notice was a tearful
                                   Reitz, etc. This in itself    to work long hours to plan    experience!
                                                                 and book the auditions.              Cont. Page 4
PAGE   4
                 However, after many           phoning each and every        We were so exhausted and
                 phone calls and major         act to give them the new      yet, the next evening we
                 crises control, we were       venue details. Phew, that     had strength to go on! We
                 able to find a solution to    was a close disaster!
                 this problem—with the
                 assistance     of      the    Well, we cannot deny that
                 Dihlabeng Municipality.       the the experience was
                 When we went to Qwa           nothing       short     of
                 Qwa to audition, what a       spectacular and amazing!
                 major crises! The „hall‟
                 we had booked, (no, we
                 had not gone to look
                 prior), was in fact a

                                               Seeing people get together
                                               from completely different
                                               walks of life supporting
                                               and encouraging one an-
                                               other was something in-
                                               credible to witness—and
                                               we were part of this in-
                 classroom without a stage     credible change!
                 (obviously)     and      no
                 working plugs for the
                 sound and lighting and
                 there was no way 300                                        must admit that after the
                 contestants would fit in a                                  semi finals on the Satur-
                 room hardly big enough                                      day night (yes, a full week
                 for 25 and it was pouring                                   of auditions every single
                 with rain! Did we laugh?
                                                                             night and Saturday the
                 NO! We prayed really
                 hard as all the contestants                                 whole day), we did not
                 would be arriving in an                                     even see the light of day
                 hour to a completely          This was a different and      on the Sunday morning
                 unsuitable venue with the     exciting change in our        and in my personal case, I
                 organisers on the verge of    town and people were          never even saw Monday, I
                 a nervous breakdown! We       excited and positive! The     was so tired!
                 got back into our combi
                 and raced into town in the                                  But, BRAVO to everyone
                 pouring rain with no idea                                   involved, whether a judge,
                 as to what we were going                                    a contestant, involved in
                 to do! Luckily, one of the                                  sound and lighting, video
                 local High Schools in Qwa                                   or administration, whether
                 Qwa was still open and the
                 Headmaster still available.                                 staff or volunteers or a
                 “Yes”, he said to our pleas   judges were in awe and        sponsor—BRAVO to you
                 of using his hall (for a      even though the nights        all!
                 hiring price, of course)
                                               were ridiculously long and
                 and this was followed by
                                               tiring, they were back the
                                               next evening, ready to
                                               enjoy another group of
                                               talent! Even though each
                                               of them have jobs and had
                                               to put in a full days work!
                                               WOW! What an experi-            Staff showing their joy
                                               ence!                           at the end of auditions!

  ISSUE      2                                                                                                                 PAGE         5

                                   COPING WITH WORRY!
Well, it is a New Year with    Traumatic and unexpected        THEIR CHEST MIGHT             get onto the soccer team
new challenges and new         events;                         MAKE THEM FEEL                or another team where he
stresses, especially for our   Illness.                        BETTER!                       can show off his skills.
children!                                                                                    Give him the optimism to
                               Some signs of a worried         Be supportive, show that      go on.
Is Your Child A Worrier?       child:                          you understand.       Hear
You would think that child-    Your child does not want to     what he has to say before     Make a difference. Glob-
hood should be a stress-free   visit friends;                  offering reassuring com-      al problems can give your
time. Kids do not have to      He / She becomes with-          ments so that he knows his    child cause for concern.
worry about paying bills,      drawn and uncommunica-          problems are not being        Things they hear on the
passing driving tests or       tive;                           dismissed as trivial.         news or from others at
working out how to get four    Bad tempered;                                                 school. These things may
kids to activities at four     Tense and constantly nerv-      Help your child to find a     touch your child more
different destinations!        ous;                            solution. If you can help     than you would expect.
                               Loses interest in things he /   your child to deal with       You could help by talk-
Now, take yourself back to     she used to enjoy;              problems     constructively   ing about the ways your
your childhood. Did you        Displays physical reactions     and finds ways to over-       child could make a differ-
look forward to your first     to stress: nail biting, head-   come their challenging        ence.      LOOK FOR
trip to the dentist? Could     aches, tummy aches, etc.        situations they will worry    WAYS THAT YOUR
not sleep with excitement                                      less as they get older.       CHILD CAN MAKE A
the day before starting a      How can you help?               Avoid the temptation to       POSITIVE        DIFFER-
new school?                    Find out what is on his / her   jump right in and solve the   ENCE.
                               mind. Talk to your child in     problem for them.             Be a good role model.
All children suffer from       a way that helps him to                                       How you handle your
anxiety at some times and      describe his concerns. Ask      Keep problems in perspec-     problems can affect how
some are more sensitive to     specific questions like, “Are   tive. Kids tend to worry      your child handles his.
change than others. Com-       you scared, angry, or up-       about things that have al-    Be positive and show
mon causes are:                set?” Be enthusiastic about     ready happened. Maybe         how an optimistic attitude
Difficulties at school or      the positive things and stay    Johnny did not make it        can help overcome obsta-
change of school;              calm as he describes the        onto the soccer team. Re-     cles.
Peer pressure;                 parts that bother him / her.    assure him that there will
Family problems;               JUST GETTING IT OFF             be other opportunities to     (from the: The Pre-School and Primary School
                                                                                             Guide, Winter 2010)
                                      THE SHAPE WE ARE IN!
                       By Boineelo Kgoronyane—Northern Cape High School, Kimberley
              Mother earth.      We want everything on a          Moving onto the core of        There is no time to speak
              The refuge and     silver plate due to the          the problem: the power         about the health facilities,
              fortress of bil-   “Apartheid” era where we         house of the body, the         poor service delivery, our
              lions of people,   think the world owes us          heart, reason being that       economy and many other
              the provider of    something. The sooner we         directly or indirectly the     factors.
life for millions of animals     realize the world owes us        reasons mentioned are
and the shelter for thou-        nothing, the better for eve-     caused by the rising epi-      This is the shape of our
sands of insects. It‟s the       ryone.                           demic taking many lives:       earth: the human body.
shape equivalent to that of a                                     HIV/Aids. The Govern-          So the next time you look
human body.                      The two hands represent          ment is trying to reduce       at yourself in the mirror,
                                 poverty and a lack of educa-     the numbers by giving free     think of what you, as an
The head, being the first        tion as they work hand in        ARV‟s, encouraging more        individual are doing to
and the most important part      hand with each other. Due        people to know their status    change this picture of
that would represent the         to the lack of education,        and by providing free con-     doom for our earth to a
crime rate. Why? Well, as        poverty is rising but, it is     doms.                          picture that is perfect for
our crime rate has success-      understandable as 40% is                                        generations to come.
fully ranked us one of the       the passing rate.                On to the legs, which rep-
countries highest crime                                           resent teenage pregnancies       Boineelo Kgoronyane
rates in the world.              The Government is actually       and legal abortions. Teen-          Northern Cape
That‟s why.                      telling us not to aim high       age pregnancies are a ma-
                                 and that we must be satis-       jor problem in our country
Moving onto the neck             fied with second hand work       and the social grants be-
which represents the unem-       but, they are the first to cry   ing offered are not really
ployment rate as most of         about how the country            helping to solve the prob-
the crimes committed are         needs more educated peo-         lem, let alone the legal
due to the lack of jobs.         ple.                             abortions.

                                      SUCCESS STORIES!
Success to some is passing       is that of offering children     finally able to locate this    delivered him safely into
a grade at school or, com-       living on the streets of         young man‟s Grandmother        the waiting arms of his
pleting a year at universi-      Bethlehem an alterna-            in KZN! She was over-          Mother and his Granny!
ty, or completing a long         tive—being cared for at          joyed and so excited about
awaited degree, or passing       the Tshepong ya Rona             her Grandson being found       A very successful and
a driving test, or reaching      Shelter—the        Outreach      after such a long time—        heartwarming family reu-
a difficult target, or mak-      coordinator came across a        she had feared the worst!      nification!
ing an annual budget, or,        young 17 year old boy
or, or…….all of which are        who required this assis-         They had tried for 7 years
highly commendable and           tance.                           to locate this child with no
important in one‟s life!                                          success.
                                 He was brought to the
The question is, what does       shelter and was offered          It was such an experience
an organisation such as          assistance by the staff.         for all the staff involved
Bethlehem Child and              After a while, it became         that the organization's
Family Welfare consider          apparent that this young         Social Workers quickly
as success? It is with this      man had, in fact, become         arranged for the boy to be
in mind that the following       lost as a young child (10        returned to his family in
amazing story is being           years of age) and was            KZN, close to Durban.
shared with you………….             unable to find his way
                                 home.                            The involved staff of          2010 resulted in 9 boys
As one of the services                                            Bethlehem Child and            who were living on the
being offered by Bethle-         After much hard work and         Family Welfare personally      streets being reunified
hem Child and Family             research, the staff were         took the child to KZN and      with their families!
It is a NEW YEAR! A              this challenge and decide      Corporate            Membership            Material Needs in the form of cloth-
                                                                                                           ing, stationery, etc.
year for new ideas, new          that your funds would go       Certificate.                               Child and Youth Care Centres
business structures, new         the extra mile through                                                    and Services:
                                                                So, why support Bethle-                    Tshepong       ya   Rona     Shelter—
clients, new business asso-      your support of Bethlehem
                                                                hem Child and Family                       specializing in children living on the
ciates      and definitely       Child and Family Welfare,                                                 streets and orphaned and vulnerable
                                                                Welfare at all?
NEW CHALLENGES!                  the organisation will, in                                                 children;
                                                                                                           Fouriesburg Drop in Centre—
                                 turn, give your business       The organisation has been                  specializing in orphaned and vulnera-
So, this year, Bethlehem         ongoing exposure for your      in existence for 85 years.                 ble children;
                                                                                                           GirlChild Program—specializing in
Child and Family Welfare         monthly payments.              Services include:                          young and adolescent girls.
have decided to „take the                                       Comprehensive          and      Social     Holiday Programs—for all children
                                                                Services:                                  under the care and protection of
bull by it‟s horns‟ and          Your business logo will be     Emotional and social support;              Bethlehem Child and Family Welfare
challenge      Bethlehem         represented on all market-     Crises management;                         and in foster care.
Businesses to assist Beth-       ing material including the     Child protection (abuse and neglect);      VEP Shelter:
                                                                Marriage counseling;                       Shelter for those who are victims of
lehem Child and Family           Newsletter (you will re-       Foster care;                               domestic violence and /or crime
Welfare for 2011 on-             ceive advertising space on     Protection of women and children in        Psychosocial support
                                                                abusive situations;                        Legal assistance
wards—the         question       the back of every Newslet-     Custody support;                           Protection
is……..HOW?                       ter). You will be men-         Application of drug and alcohol            Substance Abuse Prevention
                                 tioned in media releases       Care for victims of violence including
                                                                                                           and Awareness
The answer is:                   relative to sponsors and       rape;                                      Outreach
R 1 000.00 (one thousand         donations. You will re-        Care for children living in the streets;   Foster Groups
                                                                School placements and support;
rand only) per month.            ceive ongoing updates on       Identity and grant applications;           Memory Work
                                 the organization's services,   Care for those who are terminally ill;     Debriefing for HBC
                                                                Parental training;
The organisation requires        projects and programs.         Support to families with uncontrolla-      Services to Disabled Persons:
a minimum of 20 + strong         You will receive invites to    ble children;                              Services to those with physical and
                                                                Court appearances;                         mental disabilities;
businesses to take this          all special events that        Skills development;                        Home Base Care;
challenge and assist us in       Bethlehem Child and            Referrals;                                 Social Care;
                                                                Networking;                                Awareness;
reaching our goals for the       Family Welfare host. You                                                  Advocacy;
                                                                Student orientation;
year and years to come.          will receive an 18A Tax        Education                                  Protection;
                                 Exempt Certificate, a BEE      Poverty Alleviation:
                                                                                                           Hiring of and Giving of, necessary
                                                                Food Parcels and Feeding Programs;
Should you stand up to           Certificate and an Annual                                                 equipment.

                WE NEED YOUR HELP!
I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do         Assistance from YOU will go a                     involved but would like to
everything, but I can do something. I will      long way in helping others. We                     contribute, we will respect your
  not let what I cannot do interfere with       would appreciate any donations in                  choice.
              what I can do.                    the form of clothing, food, toys,
           Edward Everett Hale                  blankets, etc.                                     Please feel free to contact Jolene
                                                Of course, financial assistance                    on 058—3034701 and we will be
We do NOT live in a perfect world and           will also go a long way in ensuring                happy to forward our membership
organisations such as Bethlehem Child and       our services will increase to reach                form and / or our donation form for
Family Welfare need to exist to ease the        many more who are in need                          completion and you can post it
pain in society.                                including those with disabilities.                 back to us or, deliver it to our
                                                                                                   offices or, contact us and we will
Qualified, trained and experienced staff are    Another possability is to become a                 collect it from you.            Your
used to assist men, women, boys, girls and      member of our organisation for                     assistance is greatly appreciated.
babies to obtain better lives regardless of     only R 50.00 per month. We will
race, finances, education, or even social       forward a membership certificate,                  Money donations can be paid into the
status.                                         keep you updated of our events and                 following organisation account:
                                                programs,      forward     quartely
But, to make people believe in themselves                                                                      Nedbank
                                                newsletters, etc. Your R 50.00 a
and to become independant again, one has                                                               Phambili—Account Name
                                                month will greatly assist our
to assist them to get through their current                                                          1101098813—Account Number
                                                organisation and should you
circumstances without judgement.                                                                         110133—Branch Code
                                                choose not to become personally
                      OUR MEMORY ALBUM!

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