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					                  Welcome to Parkside at Eagles Landing
                         Property Owner’s Association, Inc.
                                                 P.O. Box 1677
                                           Stockbridge, Georgia 30281
                                     (770) 389-6528      Fax: (770) 506-8430

Re: Grace Management and Subdivision Services

Dear Resident:

Grace Management Services, LLC is very proud to serve as the Management Company for Parkside at Eagles Landing
Property Owner’s Association, Inc. We enjoy working with the communities like yours and we share your passion for
creating and maintaining a beautiful environment at Parkside at Eagles Landing Property Owner’s Association, Inc.

In our role as managers we report to the Board of Directors. We support the Board by providing all of the financial services
of the community including collection of assessments, payment for services and production of monthly financial

Grace Management Services provides assistance with vendor selection including landscape companies, insurance agents,
pool cleaning companies, etc. Grace Management Services also works closely with Subdivision Services. As the
Southside’s leading Management Company, we have the experience to help your Board of Directors provide you with the
best service possible.

               Our contact information: phone 770-389-6528 or e-mail

Subdivision Services, Inc. provides a service to consistently and fairly enforce the Protective Covenants established for
Parkside at Eagles Landing Property Association, Inc. We are excited to offer our services to your community. We have
developed a system that fairly enforces the covenants while raising the standards of the community.

We are often asked why we need to enforce the covenants. It comes down to increasing property values and attracting
potential homeowners as they drive through the community. It has been proven that well-kept communities produce higher
price home sales.

We perform a weekly drive through reviewing properties and noting any covenant violations. We first send the homeowner
a FRIENDLY notice informing them of the violation. We ask that the homeowner correct the violation within seven (7)
days or call us with their intentions. If we do not hear from the homeowner, or the correction has not been made, we follow
up with a certified letter requesting the violation be corrected within thirty (30) days. If the violation is still not corrected
after the thirty (30) days the Board has the right to enter the property and make all necessary and reasonable corrections
with all costs involved assessed to the homeowner.

Our goal is not to take any legal action but to help homeowners be responsible for their own property and to assist in
maintaining high property values for all in the community. We are available to residents to address any questions and to
report violation.

 Please contact our community input and violation line: 770-620-0069 or e-mail

You may have chosen to live in a community with protective covenants because of the amenities, the beautiful environment
or to enhance the value of your property. Regardless of the reason, we believe your decision was a wise one and we will
make every effort to provide you with the best service possible.


Grace Management
Subdivision Services
                                                 Important Information

Amenity keycards                                  Grace Management                          770-389-6528

Copy of Covenants                                 Grace Management                          770-389-6528

Accounts payable/receivable                       Grace Management                          770-389-6528

Report Covenant Violation                        Subdivision Services                       770-620-0069

                                                 Covenants at a Glance

Article III Section 2
No Owner or Occupant shall create a nuisance. No rubbish or debris of any kind shall be placed or permitted to accumulate
on any real property and no odors shall be permitted to emanate so as to render any of said real property unsanitary,
unsightly, or offensive or detrimental to any property in the vicinity or to any Owner or Occupant thereof. No property shall
be used in a manner as to create a nuisance to others, such as, but not limited to, vibration, sound, electro-mechanical
disturbance and radiation, electromagnetic disturbance, radiation, air or water pollution, dust or emission or odorous, toxic
and non-toxic matters.

Property Maintenance, repair of buildings
Article III Section 3
All Lots whether occupied or unoccupied and any buildings or other improvements placed thereon, shall at all times be
maintained in accordance with all health, fire, police and governmental requirements and in such a manner as to prevent
their becoming unsightly, i.e. by reason of unattractive growth or the accumulation of rubbish or debris thereon.
No building or other improvement shall be permitted to fall into disrepair, and each such building or improvement shall at
all times be kept in good condition and repair and adequately painted or otherwise finished

Building and other Structures: Approval
Article V Section 3 A
Prior written approval of the Architectural Review Board (ARB) is required before construction commences of any
building, structure or other improvement on all lots. Please allow up to fifteen (15) days for response from the ARB.

MAIL REQUEST TO:                                  OR                                        FAX REQUEST TO:
Parkside at Eagles Landing Property Owner’s Association, Inc.                               770-620-0069
Attention Architectural Review Board
P.O. Box 1677
Stockbridge, GA 30281

Article V Section 3 F
No Lot shall be used, maintained or allowed to become a dumping ground or scraps, litter, leaves, limbs or rubbish. Trash,
garbage or other waste shall not be allowed to accumulate on the property and shall not be kept except in sanitary
containers which shall be screened on all sides which are visible from the street

Article V Section 3 G
No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred or kept on any Lot, except that dogs, cats or other
household pets may be kept provided they are not bred or maintained for any commercial purpose and further provided that
they are not allowed to wander or roam about the neighborhood. Such pets, when off the owner’s Lot shall be under leash
or voice control of the owner or their agent
Temporary Structures
Article V Section 4
No structure of a temporary character, basement, tool or storage shed, barn or other outbuilding of any type shall be located
on any Lot at any time, unless approved in writing by the Committee.
Boats, trailers, campers or other recreational vehicles shall be parked or stored within the garage or placed behind the
residence, however in no event shall the vehicles be visible from the street which runs in front of the property

Article V Section 6 C
All landscaping shall be maintained in an attractive, sightly and well-kept condition and in accordance with the building

Article V Section 7
No sign of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on any site except one sign of not more than six (6) square feet
identifying the property for sale or for rent. All real estate signs must be the community wide standard sign approved by the

Article V Section 8
Each Owner or Occupant shall provide adequate space for parking at least three (3) vehicles off the street and within the
boundaries of the Lot.
Parking on the street is not permitted (City of Stockbridge Code)

Air-Conditioning compressors and other mechanical equipment
Article V Section 9
All air-conditioning compressors and mechanical equipment shall be stored within the garage or screened from the street
which runs by the property by a brick wall or other architectural or vegetative wall approved in writing by the Committee

Article V Section 10
No mailbox or paper box or other receptacle of any kind for use in the delivery of mail or newspapers or magazines or
similar material shall be erected or located on any building site unless and until the size, location, design and type of
material for said boxes or receptacles shall have been approved in writing by the Committee

                                      Subdivision Services Enforcement Process

     A violation can be reported by homeowners or observed by Subdivision Services during a drive through.
     Once a violation is identified, Subdivision Services will go through the following process:
Friendly Letter will be mailed
This letter is sent by first class mail to the homeowner making them aware of the violation their home/property is in. The
homeowner has seven (7) days to correct the violation or contact Subdivision Services with their intentions.

Certified Letter will be mailed
This letter is sent by first class and certified mail to the homeowner if the violation is not corrected within the seven days
after the friendly letter. This letter also states the violation and advises the homeowner that the Board has the right to enter
the property and make all necessary and reasonable corrections if the violation is not corrected by the homeowner within
thirty (30) days of the date of the letter. All costs involved are assessed to the homeowner.

                      *Please refer to your set of Covenants and Restrictions for a full description

     *If you need a copy of the Covenants and Restrictions please contact Grace Management at 770-389-6525

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