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Rapp and Rapp Walking and Bus Tour


									                                             Summer 2010                     Preservation News                     Volume 25, Issue 2

                                                                Rapp and Rapp
                                                              Walking and Bus Tour
                                              Tour of Rapp and Rapp architectural gems with luncheon
                                                          and presentation at the historic

                                                  1893 Masonic Lodge, Friday Aug. 13, 9am -1pm
  Published in Las Vegas, NM
  by the Las Vegas Citizens’ Committee
  for Historic Preservation
  PO Box 728 / 116 Bridge Street
  Las Vegas, NM 87701                                      s part of Heritage Week’s pro-
  Phone 505 425-8803                                       grams, CCHP is offering an in-
  Fax 505 425-7202                                         formative and fun excursion
  Website             with a guided walking / bus tour of the great
                                             variety of buildings in Las Vegas designed
Board of Directors
  Rudy Laumbach, Chair
                                             by the architectural firm of I. H. & W. M.
  Deborah Barrera, Secretary                 Rapp, a family of prominent Western archi-
  Doyle Daves, Treasurer                     tects in the turn of century through 1930.
  Victoria Apodaca                                Beginning at 9 a.m. at 116 Bridge
  Loretta Baca
  Barbara Feldman                            Street, Ken Fletcher will accompany partic-                  I.H. Rapp and W.M. Rapp
  Tasha Martinez                             ipants through Old Town and New Town,
  Martha McCaffrey                           pointing out the wonderful array of buildings     brothers, prominent western architects based
  Tony Roybal
                                             the Rapps designed for Las Vegas. As Las          there in the 1800s. The Rapp brothers, Isaac
Mission Statement                            Vegas became the busy trade center for the        and William, designed many classical style
  To preserve, protect and promote the       Southwest, the architects were attracted to       stone and brick buildings throughout the re-
  historic, cultural and architectural       set up their office in this boom town. Their      gion. Fletcher is an avid historian, author and
  heritage of greater Las Vegas through
                                             stature helped attract other fine architects.     photojournalist, producing and hosting tele-
  education and advocacy, and to en-
  courage economic development               The architects Holt and Hart also built sig-      vision programs for the Trinidad Historical
  through restoration and rehabilitation.    nificant buildings that Fletcher will point out   Society. He created a series of award win-
                                             on the tour. The town now boasts of many          ning historical calendars and has researched
                                             wonderful buildings that reflect the promise      the careers of the Rapp family of architects
                                             of the early merchants, professionals and         and their lasting contributions to western
                                             residents.                                        towns in Southern Colorado and New Mex-
                                                  Ken Fletcher is an architectural histo-      ico.
                                             rian, living in Trinidad, Colo. since 2000             After a tour of Old Town Plaza, Douglas
                                             where he became interested in the Rapp            Street, New Town, Lincoln and Carnegie
                                                                                               Park districts the group will relax in the 1893
                                                                                               Masonic Lodge (one of Rapp & Rapp’s
                                                                                               gems) and enjoy a luncheon catered by El
                                                                                                    The group will return to the plaza area
                                CCHP PHOTO

    Montezuma Castle is among
                                                                                               by 1 p.m. where they can enjoy the afternoon
 the properties featured during the
 annual Places With a Past tour                                                                performance of musicians in the Plaza
 scheduled for Aug. 7. More on                                                                 Gazebo.
 pages 3-4.                                                                                         Tickets, $20 each, are popular and lim-
                                                                                               ited for this special program. Please reserve
                                                                                               your place by Tuesday, Aug. 2 by calling
                                              Rapp & Rapp architectural gems in Las Vegas.     425-8803.
                Robert Mishler honored with State Award

                   he CCHP board is honored         Plaza and Bridge Street were boarded        board was created to balance protec-
                   to announce that founding        up. Bob and other like minded preser-       tion of the historic and architectural in-
                   board member Professor           vation pioneers recognized Las Vegas        tegrity of designated structures and
        Emeritus Robert Mishler has received        as a diamond in the rough that had          districts in Las Vegas with private en-
        a Lifetime Achievement Heritage             been frozen in time. They formed the        terprise and ownership in today’s
        Preservation Award from the New             Citizens’ Committee for Historic            economy. Bob has served on the De-
        Mexico Historic Preservation Division       Preservation in the 1970s to, “…pre-        sign Review Board since its inception
        for his 45 years of dedicated service to    serve, promote and protect the historic,    in the 1970s and remains its chairman
        historic preservation.                      cultural and architectural heritage of      today. He became active with the
           Bob moved to Las Vegas with his          Las Vegas,” persuading the City of Las      Friends of the Las Vegas Rough Rider
        wife Ann, in the 1960s to take a teach-     Vegas to pass preservation ordinances.      Museum and now serves as the presi-
        ing position at New Mexico Highlands            More than 900 Las Vegas buildings       dent of this organization.
        University. Bob was instrumental in         are now listed on the National Register         Professor Robert Mishler is the per-
        the establishment of the Archeology         of Historic Places because of the vision    sonification of the phrase “a life well
        Department at NMHU, which he later          and tenacity of early preservation ac-      spent.” Bob is a man of enormous
        expanded to a multi-disciplinary            tivists, the most National Register list-   heart, vision and talent who has led the
        Southwest Studies curriculum at both        ings in the State of New Mexico. Bob        way to a better future for Las Vegas.
        the undergraduate and graduate level.       was instrumental in laying the ground-      The legacy of Bob’s preservation mis-
        As an extension of this new program,        work for the heritage tourism industry      sion is evident all around us in the his-
        Bob is also credited with overseeing        now flourishing in Las Vegas.               toric buildings and homes we enjoy
        the first professional excavation at the        Bob took his preservation mission       today.
        Tecolote Pueblo since the 1930s.            a step further as an architect and               CCHP extends our heartfelt con-
           When the Mishlers arrived in Las         founding member of the City of Las          gratulations to Bob Mishler for his
        Vegas most of the buildings on the          Vegas Design Review Board. This             well deserved honor.

  CCHP Gift Shop focuses on Las Vegas History                                                         Mark your Calendars
     We have collected and produced a                   Nuestra Senora de los Delores de Las           and Save the Date
great variety of items relating to Las Vegas       Vegas T-shirts, $10: orange or teal
heritage. Here is a sampling of our offer-              Santa Fe Trail Heritage Week T-shirts,
ings:                                              $10, tan.                                             CCHP Annual Dinner
     Historical Monograph booklets, $8:                 New Mexico Preservation Posters, $5:
Researched and written by CCHP Board               featuring Montezuma Castle, Hanging Wind-                A celebration of the
Member Doyle Daves. Our current collection         mill                                                    175th Anniversary of
includes the following subjects:                        Stoner Map, $20: Birdseye view of Las
                                                                                                                Las Vegas
     • James Bonney: Santa Fe Trail Pioneer,       Vegas 1882
New Mexico Settler (Was He the Grandfa-                 Jesus Lopez: Las Vegas history discus-
ther of Billy the Kid?)                            sions, $10: Local attorney and historian             Activities will include
     • Andreas Detlef Laumbach: Proponent          Jesus Lopez has given weekly KFUN radio           Guest Speaker Jesus Lopez
of Education and Protestantism in Territorial      interviews on a range of topics encompassing         Preservation Awards
New Mexico                                         early Las Vegas cultural, genealogical and
                                                                                                       Silent and Live Auction
     • Maria Viviana Martin(ez): Wife of           political history. Each of these hour long pre-
Three Santa Fe Travelers                           sentations has been made available on a CD
     • Trinidad Lopez: College Boy on the          disk through the generosity of Mr. Lopez and             Friday, October 15
Santa Fe Trail                                     KFUN Radio.                                                  Plaza Hotel
     • Josepha Ortiz and Sylvester Davis: Her           Le Reunion Booklets, $10: The history               6 pm no-host Bar
Real American Husband                              of the East and West Las Vegas consolidation
                                                                                                               7 pm Dinner
     DVD, “Unforgotten: Voices of Las              by Lynne Perrigo.
Vegas” $10: New Mexico Highlands Univer-                Historic Photographs of Fort Union,                     Tickets $25
sity media class project incorporating histor-     $20: matted
ical photographs and local oral history                 Immaculate Conception Story, $10: a           Reservations requested by
presentations into a video production.             wonderful compilation of photographs and                  October 11
     Photo Notecards, $3.50: featuring Las         stories about Immaculate Conception
                                                                                                            Call 425-8803
Vegas historic homes by Patty Nelson.              School.
                                                                                                        to reserve your place
                                          People and Places Past • Summer 2010 • LVCCHP Page 2
                         Places With a Past
               Historic Homes & Building Tour 2010
                   Saturday, Aug. 7, 10 am – 4 pm
          Tickets $20 at CCHP, 116 Bridge Street or at the Plaza Hotel
     This year’s annual “Places With a           opulence flourished in Las Vegas. The “Ital-         Take a step back in time and place.
Past: Tour of Historical Homes and               ianate Style” Plaza Hotel, built in 1882,      Enjoy a day of history, exploration and dis-
Buildings” promises to be one of our best.       served travelers and foretold the boom years   covery in old Las Vegas!
As you venture from site to site, the story of   that continued through 1920. Lavish Victo-          Tickets are $20, available at the CCHP
historic Las Vegas comes to life. Early          rian homes grew up in New Town as the          offices at 116 Bridge Street and at the Plaza
adobe homes along the original Santa Fe          railroad connected the east and mid-west       Hotel. Pick up your ticket, a map and ex-
Trail route date back to the wagon trail days    states with the west. Experience the height    plore the colorful history of Historic Las
of the early 1800s. With the coming of the       of the railroad era as you enter the beauti-   Vegas.
railroad in 1879, Victorian architecture and     fully restored Montezuma Hotel.

621 Tecolote Street, Adobe Complex (circa 1850s)                        the La Plaza Vieja Partnership in the 1990’s. It is a fine example of
West of New Mexico Ave, Tecolote at Montezuma,                          New Mexico folk-style, Renaissance Revival., featuring high ceil-
park on Montezuma (Note: Irregular ground, steps and room levels:       ings, tall Palladian windows and alternating bands of red and tan
Please watch your step!)                                                sandstone. Several local sandstone quarries were the source for this
     When the Santa Fe Trail was es-                                    and many other stone buildings in Las Vegas. This former law, and
tablished in 1821 the fording of the                                    outlaw, residence is now for sale.
Gallinas River brought traders
through particular area of New Mex-                                     Plaza Hotel (1882)
ico, making it a prime site for trade.                                  Charles Ilfeld Mercantile Building (Built in 1891 and 1900)
Thirty-seven families from San                                          Italianate Victorian Style
Miguel de Vado received a land grant                                         The Plaza Hotel has a colorful
for this area, establishing Nuestra Senora de los Dolores de Las        history dating back to the early
Vegas Grandes, Our Lady of Sorrows in the grand meadows.                Railroad days of the 1800s. It was
     Adobe homes sprung up along the trail route, possibly dating       built in 1882 to accommodate rail
some structures in this complex back to the 1850s. In the tradition     travelers. Later it was owned by the
of old adobes, rooms were added one at a time as required when          silent film maker Romaine Field-
family needs changed. In the 1960s this grouping of buildings was       ing. In the 1960s it housed Mama
purchased by Homer and Aile Lee. Aile, “the Bird Lady of Las            Lucy’s political gang of Liberal De-
Vegas” was known locally for her large aviary of birds as well as       mocrats and was divided into apartments. This “Wild West” gem
her distinctive pottery.                                                was beautifully restored to its original Victorian Splendor in the
     The six building complex is now home to a dozen residents          1970s by a group of preservation pioneers.
forming a community living complex typical of family settlements             The more recent renovation of the adjacent Charles Ilfeld
in old Las Vegas. As you wander around the compound, gardens,           Building in 2009 added 35 guest rooms and a grand ballroom to
tucked into adobe walled courtyards, reflect an artist’s touch.         the Plaza Hotel. Charles Ilfeld was one of several Jewish merchants
                                                                        who came to Las Vegas in the Santa Fe Trail era to make his for-
225 Moreno Street, (1870s)                                              tune. He built the first department store in the Southwest, called the
1880 Stone Italian Renaissance Revival Style                            “Great Emporium” which contained “liquors in the basement,
The Vicente Silva House                                                 coffins on the top floor and everything else in between.” A “ghost
One block South of the Old Town Plaza                                   sign” on the side of the building reads “Charles Ilfeld and Sons:
     This stately home housed one of the nastiest of Las Vegas’ vil-    Wholesalers of Everything!” The Ilfeld stores later expanded to Al-
lains, Vicente Silva. Silva was a charismatic leader who began his      buquerque.
career as an honest sheriff until greed got the best of him. He es-
tablished a bandit gang in the 1890’s                                   Montezuma Castle, Queen Ann Victorian (Built 1886)
and built a tunnel under his home for                                   5 miles north on Hot Springs Boulevard, turn right into Montezuma.
escape from rivals and the law. In the                                  Park by the visitors Center and a small bus will take you up the hill
end Silva was shot by his own gang. It                                  to “the castle”
was later home of Lorenzo Lopez, a                                           One of the grandest spa resorts in the Southwest, the original
law keeping Sheriff of old Las Vegas.                                   Montezuma Hotel was built by the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe
     The building was rehabilitated by                                  Railroad Company to attract rail travelers from the east. A railroad
                                           People and Places Past • Summer 2010 • LVCCHP Page 3
spur was built from the Las                                                many prominent businessmen built the more “modern” Victorian
Vegas train depot to shuttle                                               homes, taking advantage of electricity, indoor plumbing and many
these vacationers to the cool                                              glass windows.
mountain retreat. The origi-
nal 1882 hotel burned down                                                 1045 8th Street (Built 1908-1913)
in its first year and was re-                                              Joseph Taichert House, World Fair Classic Brick
placed by a second structure                                                    A beautiful example of the
which also burned. This                                                    “World’s Fair Classic Style”, this home
“Phoenix Hotel” rose from the ashes one more time when it re-              has been well maintained over the years
opened in 1886. Designed by Chicago architects Burnham & Root,             retaining the original woodwork, fix-
in the Queen Anne Style, this magnificent building was fully re-           tures and architectural details. The
stored in 2000 and is now the heart of the Armand Hammer United            Chicago World’s Fair of 1893 marked
World College of the American West campus.                                 the end of the Victorian style’s eclecti-
                                                                           cism and a return to more classical
1103 8th Street, California Mission Style (Built 1899)                     styles. The impressive house was the home of merchant Joseph
The F.J. Gearing house /The Wooten House                                   Taichert, a “crown prince” of the early Las Vegas merchants. As
                                        Several buildings in Las Vegas     New Town population grew with the success of trade in the railroad
                                   were constructed in the “California     era (1880-1920) , this neighborhood flourished with large homes
                                   Mission” style, an architectural        for the leading merchants, bankers, lawyers and politicians.
                                   style favored by the Atchison,
                                   Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad for
                                   their stations throughout the south-    1050 6th Street, The Hedgcock Home
                                   west. The Castaneda Hotel and the       Arts & Crafts Brick Bungalow (Built in 1930)
                                   Railroad Depot are two prime ex-             The Arts & Crafts Style gained popu-
                                   amples of this style.                   larity across the country in the early 1900s
     The Gearing/Wooten House is one of the few residential                signifying a return to a simpler building phi-
homes in Las Vegas built in the California Mission Style. This             losophy featuring natural materials. The
unique style is identified by the curvilinear parapets that punctuate      Arts & Crafts Bungalow Style features a
the roof line. The green-glazed brick masonry on this home also re-        front porch, a simple one story floor plan,
flects the Spanish influence in its design and construction. The in-       hand-made details in carved wood and
terior retains the original thin-slat maple flooring, the early electric   wrought iron with built in cupboards, bookcases and cabinets. Em-
light fixtures and much of the original woodwork.                          phasis was on the “honesty of materials”, symmetry and simplicity.
      The home was built by Gearing, a prominent businessman,               This part of “North New Town” historic district features many ar-
and then lived in for many years by the Wooten family, giving it           chitectural styles, use of brick and stone and the construction of
the double name it is now known by. Wooten worked as a conductor           both large and small homes.
on the Super-Chief line, a family position assured by negotiations              The red brick bungalow was built by Charles V. Hedgcock, a
with “Rootin’-Tootin’ Uncle Dick Wooten”. Dick Wooten owned                prosperous Las Vegas shoe merchant in the 1920s. His daughter Vi-
the land over the Raton Pass, built the original toll-road over the        vian, head librarian for New Mexico Highlands University from
pass, and then allowed the Santa Fe Railroad to lay their tracks over      1925 to 1959, lived in the home until 1972. This home has been
the pass.                                                                  lovingly restored and updated by the current owners. A beautiful
     The current owner, a railroad historian and enthusiast, has a         garden in the back has been added this year.
wonderful collection of railroad models, china, and collectibles. He
also can tell some great stories of railroad history. Just ask him!
                                                                                                       Tour Partner
2503 Hot Springs Boulevard, World Fair Classic Brick                                    Alta Vista Regional Hospital
(Built 1906-1908) Secondino Romero House
                           Originally built by one of the Romero                                      Tour Sponsors
                      brothers, a member of a prominent Las                                   The Plaza Hotel
                      Vegas merchant family, this house was beau-
                      tifully renovated last year and won a CCHP
                                                                                          Community 1st Bank
                      Award. It is one of several west side Victo-                     Territorial Title of Las Vegas
                      rian and Worlds Fair Classic homes built by                           Bank of Las Vegas
                      successful merchants after the railroad ar-
                      rived. The Chicago World’s Fair of 1893
                                                                                       Las Vegas Board of Realtors
marked the end of the Victorian style’s eclecticism and a return to                     New Mexico Land & Title
more classical styles. Brickyards were established in the area                            Franken Construction
which, along with imported iron pillars, allowed homes to be con-                             Stuff : Antiques
structed with higher ceilings and electricity. While many of the
older adobe constructed homes are still prevalent in Old Town,
                                            People and Places Past • Summer 2010 • LVCCHP Page 4
                      Explore Historic Las Vegas
            Celebrating the History & Cultures of Las Vegas on its
                    175th Anniversary, August 7-15, 2010
    Las Vegas Heritage Week 2010 is an offering of events, tours, music, exhibits and lectures celebrating the
   culture and colorful history of beautiful Las Vegas, N.M. Heritage Week has become a major attraction for
              visitors and residents alike. Take a step back in time and place in historic Las Vegas.
                Make plans to spend a fun and informative week with us! Make your own history.
                  As we go to press these are the events planned for Las Vegas’ Heritage Week.

     Las Vegas Heritage Week                      7th Street; Crazy Heart plus 2nd fea-         trayed by Enrique Lamadrid, folklorist.
                                                  ture $12                                      Sponsored by the Friends of the Mu-
Throughout week:                                                                                seum/City Museum, a New Mexico
   City Museum, 727 Grande Ave., His-         Saturday, Aug. 7                                  Humanities Council program. Held in
   toric exhibits, oral history videos.           Places with a Past: Historic Homes &          the Plaza Hotel Ballroom. Free to the
                                                  Buildings Tour. Tour adobes, Victorian        public, 3 p.m.
    Ray Drew Gallery, Donnelly Library,           mansions and the Montezuma Castle
                                                  on this at-your-own pace self guided          Fort Union Drive-in Theater, 3300 7th
    Highlands University: Exhibit of Las
                                                  tour. Informative guides at each of the       Street: Gates open at 7 p.m. Free. The
    Vegas and New Mexico Highlands his-
                                                  venues. 10-4 p.m. Tickets $20 at              Alamo Drafthouse and Levi’s brand
    tory: photographs, documents and art-
                                                  CCHP, 116 Bridge Street 425-8803 &            present “Rolling Roadshow” double
                                                  at the Plaza Hotel                            feature of Convoy and Red Dawn.
    Meadow City Camera Club, Sacred
                                                  El Zocalo Gallery: 212 Plaza Recep-       Monday, Aug. 9
    Places, photo exhibit of historic reli-
                                                  tion 2-5 p.m. Art on the Santa Fe Trail      Children’s Literary Camp: Tome on the
    gious sites at the CCHP center located
                                                                                               Range and Rio Gallinas School offer a
    at 116 Bridge Street
                                                  Fort Union Drive-in Theater: North           hands-on, interactive experience based
                                                  7th, Crazy Heart plus 2nd feature $12        on life in Northern New Mexico during
    Las Vegas Arts Council, 140 Bridge
                                                                                               the early days of the Santa Fe Trail,
    Street: Heritage Exhibition
                                                  Las Vegas Arts Council, 140 Bridge St.:      1824-26. Characters, settings and activ-
                                                  5-7 p.m., “Dwelling Places” reception.       ities will be drawn from the “Josefina”
    El Zocalo Gallery, 212 Plaza, Art on
                                                                                               book series, 8:30-noon camp to be held
    the Santa Fe Trail Exhibit
                                              Sunday, Aug. 8                                   at the Rio Gallinas School, 301 Socorro
                                                 Ecumenical service: 1 p.m., Gazebo in         Street. $25 (includes materials &
    Thread Bear, 150 Bridge Street: Her-
                                                 the Plaza. Participants from the              snacks for Monday, Tuesday, & Weds
    itage Quilt Exhibit
                                                 Methodist Church, Episcopal/Lutheran          camp) Ages 8-11, boys & girls. Call
                                                 and Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic              Tome on the Range to register 454-
    Plaza Antiques, Exhibit featuring
                                                 Church will lead a short prayer service.      9944 (limited enrollment)
    “Outsider” artist Martin Montoya.

                                                  Blessing of the Waters: Traditional           Fort Union National Monument Pro-
Friday Aug. 6
                                                  Northern New Mexico acequia cere-             gram: Adobe Preservation Practices;
    Fridays al Fresco: music in the Plaza,
                                                  mony. Procession begins at 1:30 at the        current projects and techniques, pre-
    5-7 p.m., sponsored by the Las Vegas
                                                  Gazebo in the Plaza and proceeds to the       sented by Jake Barrow, program direc-
    First Independent Business Alliance
                                                  Gallinas River Bridge.                        tor for Cornerstones Community
                                                                                                Partnerships, 7 p.m., CCHP, 116
    Plaza Antiques 5-6 p.m., Bambi Doe
                                                  City Proclamation for Las Vegas’ 175th        Bridge Street
    Blake handmade doll exhibit.
                                                  anniversary, 2 p.m. With Mayor Al-
                                                  fonso Ortiz. Old Town Gazebo              Tuesday, Aug. 10
    Open house for the 50th Class Re-
                                                                                                Immaculate Conception School Tradi-
    unions of Immaculate Conception
                                                  Chautauqua Presentation: Capitan              tional Spanish Dinner 5-7 p.m. Spon-
    School, West High School and Robert-
                                                  Rafael Chacon, a depiction of a color-        sored by the Life Teen Youth Group of
    son High School.
                                                  ful soldier of the Civil War and Indian       Immaculate Conceptions Church. Din-
                                                  War era in New Mexico Territory, por-         ner $7.50
    Fort Union Drive-in Theater: North

                                        People and Places Past • Summer 2010 • LVCCHP Page 5
    Traditional Spanish & Cowboy Music        Friday, Aug. 13                                     Walking Tour of Bridge Street & Old
    Program at 7 p.m., in the Immaculate          Fridays al Fresco: two local bands play         Town Plaza, 11 a.m. Meet at CCHP,
    Conception School Auditorium $7.50            on the Plaza 5-9pm                              116 Bridge Street
    Tickets at CCHP, 116 Bridge Street or
    at the Door. 425-8803                         Walking & Bus Tour of Old & New Las             Second Saturday Art Walk, Wine Tast-
                                                  Vegas with lunch at Masonic Temple              ing, Gallery Openings, Merchant’s
Wednesday, Aug. 11                                featuring lecture by architectural histo-       Special Sales
   Salsa Dancing, 4 p.m. in the Plaza.            rian Ken Fletcher on Rapp & Rapp Ar-            El Zocalo Gallery Reception “ Art on
                                                  chitects. 9am-1pm - Meet at 9 am at             the Santa Fe Trail” 2-5 pm 212 Plaza
    Plaza Hotel, Footlights in the                CCHP, 116 Bridge Street -Tickets $20.
    Foothills: A Glimpse of Las Vegas’            425-8803                                        Meadow City Camera Club Exhibit:
    Theatrical Past with Deborah Blanche.                                                         “Sacred Places” Reception 1-3 p.m.,
    Skits written by Edwina Portelle              Donnelly Library, New Mexico High-              116 Bridge Street
    Romero based on theater productions           lands University, 3rd Floor: 2-4 p.m.
    in the late 1800s. Directed by Tim            Reception featuring Beisman Collec-             Nat Gold Players: “Over the Edge 3”
    Croften. 6 p.m. Cocktails, 7 p.m. Din-        tion of local survey maps from the              Anne Bradford & Cynthia Riley’s orig-
    ner, 8 p.m. Performance. Tickets $21          1880s. Professor Bob Mishler will               inal script poking fun at Las Vegas life,
    includes dinner and performance. 425-         present an informative overview of the          persons and politics on a fictional
    3591                                          significance of these historic maps.            morning radio talk show, Over the
                                                                                                  Edge. 7 p.m. Sale de Madrid, 8th &
    Ilfeld Auditorium Las Vegas Movie Lo-         Ilfeld Auditorium Las Vegas Movie Lo-           University, at NMHU Tickets $10
    cation Festival 7:30 p.m. Call 454-           cation Festival 8 p.m. Call 454-3238            454-9707
    3238 for movie title                          for movie title
                                                                                                  Fort Union Drive-in Theater: North
Thursday, Aug. 12                                 Nat Gold Players: “Over the Edge 3”             7th, Easy Rider 2nd feature $12
   City Museum, 727 Grand Avenue.                 Anne Bradford & Cynthia Riley’s orig-
   Noontime discussion with local histo-          inal script poking fun at Las Vegas life,   Sunday, Aug. 15
   rian Hilario Rubio: Free program spon-         persons and politics on a fictional            Peoples Faire — Carnegie Park: 10
   sored by the Friends of the                    morning radio talk show, Over the              a.m. 5 p.m. Arts, Crafts, Music, Food,
   Museum/City Museum. 454-1401 Ext               Edge. 7 p.m. Sale de Madrid, 8th &             Entertainment. Sponsored by the Las
   248                                            University, at NMHU, Tickets $10               Vegas Arts Council. 454-9707
    Fort Union National Monument pres-                                                            Nat Gold Players: “Over the Edge 3”
    entation: The 1st New Mexico Volun-           Fort Union Drive-in Theater: North              Anne Bradford & Cynthia Riley’s orig-
    teers recruited during the Civil War          7th, Easy Rider plus 2nd feature $12            inal script poking fun at Las Vegas life,
    were engaged in the Battles of Valverde                                                       persons and politics on a fictional
    and Glorietta as well as the Indian       Saturday, Aug. 14                                   morning radio talk show, Over the
    Wars. The living history group will           Peoples Faire — Carnegie Park: 10               Edge. Sale de Madrid, 8th & Univer-
    give a presentation and perform mili-         a.m. - 5 p.m. Arts, Crafts, Music, Food,        sity, at NMHU Matinee 3pm. Tickets
    tary drills in Spanish. 7 p.m. at 116         Entertainment. Sponsored by the Las             $10 454-9707
    Bridge Street 425-8803                        Vegas Arts Council. 454-9707

             For updates to schedule go to
                                         People and Places Past • Summer 2010 • LVCCHP Page 6
                            Many Thanks to Many People
  1st Annual CCHP Benefit                       Mr. T’s Construction, Cathy & Phil Leger,      sales representative Margo Timmons for
      Golf Tournament
                                                Joe & Martha McCaffrey, the San Miguel         making this fundraising event possible and
                                                Democratic Committee, Northern Insur-          volunteer Sandi Boyer. CCHP extends our
     CCHP held its 1st annual Golf Tourna-      ance, Mesa Financial, Connie Trujillo, An-     special thanks to our new board member,
ment on June 20 at the beautiful Pendaries      tonio Ortega, Direct Connect and Midway        Victoria Apodaca, who organized this beau-
Golf Course.                                    Store. Special thanks go to Ernie Quintana     tiful event.
     Many thanks to Community 1st Bank          who coordinated this event!
and the Rough Riders Motorcycle Commit-
tee for their generous sponsorship of several
student players from Robertson High
                                                    Jewelry Show Thanks!                          Volunteer Extraordinaire:
School and West Las Vegas High School.              On Sunday, June 27, 2010, CCHP                       Pat Patrick
     Thanks to our numerous hole sponsors       hosted a jewelry trunk-show fundraiser in          Pat Patrick has greeted visitors for over
including Community 1st Bank, BTU               cooperation with Silpada Jewelry Company.      seven years at CCHP. He enjoys the weekly
Building supplies, the Hillcrest Restaurant,    We appreciate the support of everyone who      contact with visitors to Las Vegas and has
Brazo’s Financial, Pam & Doyle Daves,           came out on a rainy afternoon to support the   become our tour guide extraordinaire for the
Rudy & Joan Laumbach, Henry Sanchez,            mission of CCHP.                               Saturday morning tours. He is a perfect am-
Brainard Animal Hospital, Mike Adams,               The tasty refreshments were donated        bassador for this organization, and our com-
Ernest & Bunny Quintana, Thomas Garcia,         and catered by Ms. Ester Loera of El En-       munity. Thanks Pat!
                                                canto restaurant. Thanks to Silpada Jewelry

                                      Looking for CCHP Office Volunteers
               We are looking for a few more volunteers to serve as greeters and give walking tours of
           the Plaza/Bridge Street Historic Districts. Office volunteers sign up for two or three hours
           a week to assist staff with greeting visitors, answering questions and giving a general intro-
           duction to Las Vegas history. Las Vegas has many “cultural tourists” throughout the summer
           months from all over the United States, Europe, Canada and Asia. Those who come looking
           for the authentic old west, find it here in Las Vegas! Help us make their visit an informative
           and fun one. Call us or come by to see what works best for your schedule! 425-8803

                                                Partners in Preservation
           We appreciate your support.


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PO Box 728
116 Bridge Street
Las Vegas, NM 87701

This project was partially funded by Certified Local Government Grant Funds under project #35-09-21837.10 by the Historic Preservation Division, State of New Mexico, 407
Galisteo Street, Suite 236, Santa Fe, NM 87501. The activity that is the subject of this brochure has been financed in part with federal funds from the National Park Service,
U.S. Department of the Interior. However, the contents and opinions do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Department of the Interior. This program received
Federal financial assistance for identification and protection of historic properties. Under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973,
and the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, as amended, the U.S. Department of the Interior prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability or age in
its federally assisted programs. If you believe you have been discriminated against in any program, activity, or facility as described above, or if you desire further information,
please write to: Office of Equal Opportunity, National Park Service, 1849 C Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20240

   The Sacred Places of San Miguel County

                                                                                                                               Special Events
               Meadow City Camera Club exhibit at CCHP through August
               Reception with the photographers, CCHP, 116 Bridge Street,
                                Saturday, Aug 14, 1-3 p.m.

             xpressions of the sacred are                  those beneath them; tiny chapels being                        Fort Union Talks
             embedded in the soil of New                   renovated by the residents of equally                         Join the growing audience for the
             Mexico. Churches, grand                       tiny towns; cemeteries testifying to past                     Third Thursday Fort Union National
 and humble, are found wherever there is                   epidemics that filled graves with chil-                       Monument ‘Glimpses of the Past”
 (or was) a cluster of inhabitants. Ceme-                  dren; a moving crucifix constructed of                        lecture series held at 7 p.m. at
 teries celebrate the lives of the buried,                 iron railroad spikes in front of a grand                      CCHP, 116 Bridge Street.
 renewed with offerings of flowers, stat-                  whitewashed adobe church; the play of
 ues, toys, photographs, antlers, and even                 colored sunlight in a white chapel de-                        Friday, Sept. 3, 7 p.m.
 old motorcycles. Tiny shrines and des-                    voted to meditation.; a mysterious des-                       Writer Stephen Fried, Fred Harvey
 cansos offer tributes to the dead or to                   canso adorned with a stuffed tiger and a                      Biographer, will speak at the United
 promises made for answered prayers. In                    stuffed orca on a hill above I-25; lace-                      World College Castle Lobby about
 honor of 175 years of Las Vegas’ exis-                    curtained church windows displaying                           his Harvey book.
 tence, the Meadow City Camera Club                        flowers, carved angels, saints, or shat-
 went out to find these ties of New Mex-                   tered, dusty glass.                                           Every Saturday through October
 icans in San Miguel County to the sa-                           These small, modest and ubiqui-                         come to CCHP at 116 Bridge Street
 cred. Their photographs will be on                        tous icons testify to the expression of                       to enjoy an hour tour of the Old
 display at CCHP during the month of                       wonder, faith and hope. They both uplift
                                                                                                                         Town Las Vegas! $10 per person
 August.                                                   and break the heart. The images are all
      What was found as the photogra-                      part of this summer’s exhibit of works
 phers explored around Las Vegas were:                     by the Meadow City Camera Club’s
 graves adorned to restore some life to                    eleven photographers displayed at
                                                           CCHP, 116 Bridge Street.

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