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Gesellschaft                                                                     N e ws            3 August                06

3 Königswinter Conference

                                        British labour market flexibility,       discussions of the following day.
  Vom 23. bis 25. März 2006             low unemployment and relatively          They focused on competitive challen-
  fand im New College, Oxford die       high growth.                             ges, the fragility of our societies,
  56. deutsch-britische Königswinter                                             the international order and trans-
  Konferenz zum Thema „Europe –         This year there was a new note.          atlantic relationships and the challen-
  Leaderless and Drifting?“ statt.      Angela Merkel is clearly no Teutonic     ges of national self definition at
  Was das Besondere von Königs-         Margaret Thatcher, but she is diffe-     a time of mass immigration, global
  winter ausmacht, kommentiert          rent and there is a new optimism.        competition and EU enlargement.
  Lord Watson, Vorsitzender des         A Grand Coalition led by two East        All were excellent.
  britischen Lenkungsausschusses        Germans seems to have restored
  des Königswinter Konferenz:           morale. This year’s conference title
                                        “Europe: leaderless and drifting”
                                        wasn’t quite right – at least not
In their joint message to the 56th      for the Germans. The Federal Repu-
Königswinter Conference held at the     blic may be recovering a sense of
end of March at New College Oxford,     direction. At the very least Germany’s
Tony Blair and Angela Merkel wrote:     performance was compared flatte-
“never have relations between Britain   ringly to that of France.
and Germany been more important
in today’s world. We share common       Königswinter is a structured confe-
objectives including the moderniza-     rence with plenary sessions and
tion of the European economy to         breakout groups from Thursday
build a competitive future. We wish     afternoon until Saturday midday.
Königswinter, as the forum for Anglo-   As British Co-Chair, I have been
German dialogue, our very best          eager to innovate and both the
wishes. It makes a major contribution   British and German Steering Commit-
to the European debate”.                tees have striven to maintain the                                                  New College
                                        best of the Königswinter tradition       Oxford’s new Chancellor, Lord Patten      in Oxford
To describe Königswinter as the         and at the same time introduce           spoke provocatively and brilliantly
forum for Anglo-German dialogue         new perspectives and methods of          at our closing dinner and the final
is flattering but inaccurate. There     dialogue. Thus for the second year       Saturday plenary heard the best
are many events and organizations       running, Sir Robert Worcester of         ever summaries from the four
providing opportunities for Anglo-      MORI presented startling data on         breakout groups under the witty,
German dialogue. Yet Königswinter       British and German attitudes to          but also wise chairmanship of
retains a unique significance.          issues, to each other and to the         Sir Malcolm Rifkind. Dr Rudolf
In the decades since World War II,      rest of the world. As last year, the     Adam con-cluded our conference
it has reflected and charted the        British emerged as somewhat more         with a brief “tour de force”.
progress of British-German relations.   pro German than the Germans
For a time the Germans were in          are pro British. Sadly too many          All in all it was a really good con-
awe of the British democratic achie-    Germans believe that the Sun and         ference – reflecting and tracking
vement. In the 1960’s the British       the eternally rerun war movies           British German relations. It did so
reciprocated deeply impressed by        of British television reflect contem-    with frankness, good humour and
both the parliamentary and econo-       porary British attitudes. It is all      shafts of exceptional illumination.
mic progress of the Federal Republic.   too understandable but demon-            Baroness Symons, attending for the
The German Wirtschaftswunder            strably wrong.                           first time, wrote to me afterwards
with its consensual features of                                                  “it is not often one has the opportu-
Mitbestimmung seemed to provide         Nik Gowing of “BBC World” led            nity to discuss international issues
the UK with a model to envy and         the first plenary discussion in the      with such a broad spectrum of well
emulate through the 70’s and 80’s.      style and with the edge of first         informed people – or that one is
But reunification was to take Ger-      rate television studio debate.           able to listen to, and offer, opinions
many into a long and painful period     Dr Constanze Stelzenmüller of the        in such a frank and open way”.
of readjustment under the double        German Marshall Fund and Timothy
impact of globalization and the         Garston Ash of St Anthony’s Oxford       That is the purpose and justification
costs of unity. In the first Königs-    analysed and illuminated current         of Königswinter. It indeed makes
winters of this century the Germans     issues and provided the best concei-     it a uniquely valuable forum of
were often gloomy – admiring            vable introduction to the four group     Anglo-German dialogue. ---

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                   Gesellschaft                                                                        News           3 August          06

                   3 Rowena Arshad’s visit to branches of the DBG

                    Rowena Arshad OBE, Director of           not feel it unless they have friends      The EMA helps them to get some
                    the Centre for Education for Racial      who have been victims of racism.          qualifications. Apart from this,
                    Equality in Scotland, visited the        When it becomes personal, people          we are using quite a lot of appren-
                    DBG in April and lectured on racial      seriously learn about it. This trip is    ticeship schemes where youngsters
                    issues in Frankfurt, Heidelberg,         personalising some of these issues.       come under the tutelage of a firm
                    Hamburg, Essen and Freiburg.             We have Jewish survivors who give         or a small company and learn the
                    Heinz-Gerhard Wilkens, chairman          talks the night before. So young          job from somebody who is already
                    of our Hamburg branch, interviewed       people who came with us lit candles       in the trade. Offering these oppor-
                    Rowena, who is also a Senior Lecturer    for one particular survivor and for       tunities might help some, but not
                    at the University of Edinburgh.          his family members who did not            all. Yet those who are affected will
                                                             survive. Therefore it has become a        become the ambassadors for their
                    What lessons can be learnt from          personal action. I also think that        community, and you have to make
                    Scotland in the area of equality         these young people will never forget      the break somehow. Inter-ethnic
                    and diversity?                           this trip and some time in the future     violence is hard to tackle. You have
                    I think there is a strong government     they will teach their children what       to work at community worker level
                    lead with the positive message           they have learnt.                         with the community leaders and
                    of celebrating diversity but also of                                               also with women. What we found
                    challenging racism and discrimi-                                                   in terms of religious rivalries is
                    nation. These two messages allow                                                   that women have built the bridges.
                    those who work in the communities                                                  They tend to take a less violent
                    to take forward action.                                                            approach. In Northern Ireland the
                                                                                                       women have taken the lead on
                    In an interview on the Race Relations                                              peace initiatives, therefore nurturing
                    Act 2002 you once said: “Developing                                                them so they grow in strength in
                    good race equality practice is part                                                this area may be one solution.
                    of equality practice and can benefit
                    all pupils”. Could you please expand                                               Is the British approach to immigration
                    on this?                                                                           – multiculturalism – more successful
                    I think that as we are growing up                                                  than the French model, where citizen-
                    in a world that is diverse, we have to                                             ship requires assimilation?
                    prepare our children to be comforta-                                               In short, I think so. The dominant
                    ble with diversity, and to be capable    Rowena Arshad                             approach in Britain in the 1970s
                    of having dialogues, challenges and                                                was the assimilationist model
                    debates without feeling restricted.      How can we tackle violence among          which expected immigrants to
                    As our young citizens may not always     various immigrant groups, for exam-       leave behind their distinctive
                    live in Scotland, the acceptance of      ple between Muslim and Turkish            identity in order to fit in with the
                    diversity means preparing them as        youths in Germany, who regard             values, attitudes and behaviours
                    global citizens and competent work-      themselves as being excluded from         of the host culture/nation.
                    ers for the global market. If you have   the job market?                           However, this approach was dis-
                    communities of unrest, because you       Firstly, there are some aspects that      carded in the mid 1980s as a
                    are marginalizing minority communi-      you probably cannot tackle other          deficit approach given the plurality
                    ties, it becomes a threat to majority    than through a crime and punish-          of British communities. Instead, a
                    communities as well. Bridging means      ment route, because these are people      multicultural approach was prefer-
                    ensuring cohesion: as a nation,          who are anti-social or behave in          red. This led, for example in the
                    as a community, as a society.            an anti-social way. Therefore, there      area of school education, to the
                                                             needs to be a law which deals with        adoption of multicultural education.
                    In November 2005 you went to             that. However there are many who,         This is an educational approach,
                    Auschwitz with 100 young people          you rightly say, are themselves victims   which positively seeks to acknow-
                    on a day trip from Glasgow.              of poverty or exclusion. I think the      ledge diversity in culture, faith,
                    Do you regard this experience as         poverty issue is separate to the          language and ethnicity in relation
                    a way of making them understand          interracial issue. You have to look at    to school ethos, curriculum and
                    to which extremes racism and             anti-poverty strategies, at creating      home-school-community partner-
                    xenophobia can lead?                     potential jobs or finding a route back    ships. However, it would be fair
                    History should not be forgotten          to education. In Scotland we have         to say that in Britain we have not
                    because you can learn from it.           introduced the Education Mainten-         stopped at a multicultural approach
                    A day trip to Auschwitz takes pupils     ance Award (EMA). The Government          but also combined our multicultu-
                    from the theoretical to a much           will pay for young people who are on      ralism with an anti-racist approach
                    more living experience of the issues.    the brink of leaving school because       in order to challenge racism at
                    They can maybe conceptually              their parents are so poor that they       all levels – the personal, cultural
                    understand racism, but they do           just have to go out and find a job.       and institutional. ---

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Gesellschaft                                                                    News          3 August           06

3 Rückblick: Berlin-Besuch der British-German Association (BGA)

Vom 28. April bis 2. Mai 2006           Gerne weisen wir auf folgende
besuchte eine Gruppe der British        Veranstaltungen der BGA hin:
German Association (BGA) die
Hauptstadt unter dem Motto              11. bis 12. September 2006
„British Imprints on Berlin“ – sie      Network Germany Conference
wollten den Einfluss britischer         in Portsmouth
Architekten auf das neue Berliner       Die Veranstaltung soll der
Stadtbild mit eigenen Augen sehen.      Intensivierung der deutsch-britischen
                                        Städtepartnerschaften dienen.
Die Mitglieder der Landesgruppe
Berlin-Brandenburg waren zu den         15. November 2006
verschiedenen Führungen und Be-         The Nutcracker Ball 2006
sichtigungen von Bauten eingeladen.     At the Ballroom, Grosvenor House,
Nach dem Empfang in der Britischen      Park Lane, London W1
Botschaft (Michael Wilford and          Wie in jedem Jahr veranstaltet
Partners) folgten Führungen durch       die BGA diesen prächtigen
den Reichstag und die Philologische     Fundraising-Ball zugunsten ihres                                                FU-Bibliothek
Bibliothek der Freien Universität       Projekts „Youthbrige“.                  BGA Office                              in Berlin
(Foster and Partners) und eine Be-                                              34 Belgrave Square
sichtigung der Baustelle des Neuen      Weitere Informationen zu den            London SW1X 8Q
Museums (David Chipperfield             Veranstaltungen und zur BGA   
Architects) auf der Museumsinsel.       erhalten Sie über:             ---

3 Vortragsprogramm

  Unser Vortragsprogramm                  10. Oktober 2006                        13. bis 17.November 2006
  im 2. Halbjahr 2006                     Andrew Gowers                           Dr. Ian Archer
                                          Head of Corporate Commu-                Fellow and Tutor in Modern
  18. September 2006                      nica-tions for Europe and               History, University of Oxford
  Sir Jeremy Greenstock                   Asia at a global investment             From Satellite City to World City:
  Director, The Ditchley                  bank, Former Chief Editor,              London 1550-1720
  Foundation                              Financial Times                         3 Flensburg, Bonn, Frankfurt,
  Iraq, Iran and Their Geopolitical       Europe and the market:                  Bamberg, Stuttgart
  Implications                            reflections from the worlds of
  3 Berlin                                business journalism and finance         27. November bis
                                          3 Berlin                                1. Dezember 2006
  5., 6., 18. September                                                           Anthony Cragg
  und November 2006                       16. bis 20. Oktober 2006                Senior Associate Research
  Tom Levine                              Corinna Gardner                         Fellow at King’s College
  Autor, Journalist                       Assistant Curator The Victoria          British security policy –
  Lesung: Die Windsors.                   and Albert Museum                       from the Cold War to Iraq
  Glanz und Tragik einer                  The Museum as Shop/                     3 Hamburg, Gütersloh,
  fast normalen Familie.                  The Shop as Museum                      Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart
  Erschienen im Herbst 2005.              3 Hamburg, Bielefeld, Essen,
  3 Dresden, Leipzig, Freiburg, Essen     Bonn, Schwerin                          Zusätzlich zu den Vortrags-
                                                                                  veranstaltungen bietet die
  25. bis 28. September 2006              15. November 2006                       Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft,
  Dr. Jonathan Grix                       David Willetts MP                       je nach Region, weitere Vor-
  Senior Lecturer in German               Conservative MP for Havant,             träge, Theater-, Musikveranstal-
  Studies and Research                    Shadow Secretary of State               tungen und Exkursionen an.
  Methodology, European                   for Trade and Industry                  Mitglieder erhalten zu all diesen
  Research Institute,                     (Thema wird noch bekannt                Veranstaltungen separate
  University of Birmingham                gegeben)                                Einladungen. Der vollständige
  Constructing Germany's Image            3 Berlin                                Veranstaltungskalender mit den
  in the British Press                                                            genauen Orts- und Zeitangaben
  3 Flensburg, Münster, Düsseldorf,                                               ist unter unter
  Heidelberg                                                                      „Die DBG“ vor Ort abzurufen. ---

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Gesellschaft                                                                    News          3 August            06

3 Buchhinweis                                                                   3 Mitgliedsbeiträge

Dr. Jürgen Ruhfus, Botschafter,        Nun hat er seine Erinnerungen an         In diesen Tagen wurden die Rech-
außenpolitischer Berater des           vier Jahrzehnte im diplomatischen        nungen für die Mitgliedsbeiträge
Bundeskanzler und Staatssekretär       Dienst veröffentlicht.                   verschickt. Wie im letzten Newsletter
im Auswärtigen Amt a.D. war von        In „aufwärts“ kommt zu der Schluss-      erläutert, hatte sich der Beirat
1993 bis 1998 Vorsitzender der         folgerung, „dass die außenpolitischen    entschlossen, die Mitgliedsbeiträge
Deutsch-Britischen Gesellschaft        Grundlinien, die die Deutschland         verbindlich festzulegen.
(damals noch Deutsch-Englische         in wenigen Jahrzehnten aus Zu-
Gesellschaft).                         sammenbruch und Zerstörung zu            Die Beiträge belaufen sich auf
                                       Ansehen, Wohlstand und Einheit           3 25 EUR (ermäßigt für
Er war Botschafter in London zu        geführt haben, auch für die Bewälti-       Auszubildende, Studierende),
Zeiten Margaret Thatchers und          gung der großen Zukunftsaufgaben         3 50 EUR (regulärere Mitglieds-
Botschafter in Washington zum          wichtig und hilfreich bleiben“             beitrag) und
Zeitpunkt der Wiedervereinigung.       3 Jürgen Ruhfus „Erlebnisse und          3 75 EUR (Ehepaare).
                                       Erinnerungen einen diplomatischen
                                       Zeitzeugen 1955-1992“ 448 Seiten,        Bei Fragen zu Ihrer Beitragsrechnung
3 Zum Gedenken an                      gebunden 24,80 EUR, ISBN 3-8306          steht Ihnen die Hauptgeschäftsstelle
  Sir Julian Bullard,                  7202-0; EOS-Verlag. ---                  gerne zur Verfügung. ---
  KCMG, GCMG ✝ 1928-2006

  Die DBG erinnert an Botschafter      3 Die Alternative zum Sommerloch
  Sir Julian Bullard, herausragender
  Diplomat Großbritanniens,            Magische Quadrate gab es schon in
  Freund der Deutsch-Britischen        der römischen, babylonischen und
  Gesellschaft und Förderer des        chinesischen Kultur, auch von Alb-
  deutsch-britischen Dialogs,          recht Dürer existiert ein Kupferstich
  der am 25. Mai 2006 verstarb.        mit einem Zahlenquadrat. Alle Zeilen
  Er war ein aktiver und engagierter   und Spalten und beide Diagonalen
  Teilnehmer vieler Königswinter       ergeben hier die gleiche Summe,
  Konferenzen. Besonders setzte        darüber hinaus ergeben die Unter-
  er sich auch für die Jung Königs-    quadrate in den Ecken und in der
  winter Konferenzen ein, die er       Mitte und auch die Eckfelder zusam-
  viele Jahre selbst leitete.          men addiert die gleiche Summe.
                                       Die Suche nach den Ursprüngen der
  Deutschland war ein Mittelpunkt      Variante namens „Sudoku“ führen
  seiner diplomatischen Karriere.      zu einem amerikanischen Mathema-
  Insgesamt 11 Jahre verbrachte        tikmagazin, das in den 1970er Jahren     Ende August finden Sie die Lösung
  er in Bonn, von 1984 bis 1988        so ein Quadrat veröffentlichte, da-      dieses Sudokus auf unserer Internet-
  als Botschafter. Er war ein pro-     nach zu einer japanischen Zeitschrift,   seite (
  funder Kenner und geschätzter        die seit 1984 regelmäßig dieses
  Gesprächspartner zu allen Fragen     Rätsel mit der Anweisung „Suji wa        Wir wünschen allen Mitgliedern einen
  des Ost-Westverhältnisses.           dokushin ni kagiru“ („jede Zahl muss     schönen Sommer!
                                       einzig sein“) veröffentlichte, woraus
  1988, kurz vor dem Fall der          die Kurzform „Sudoku“ wurde.             3 Impressum
  Mauer trat er in den Ruhestand.
  Während seiner ganzen Karriere       Der neuseeländische Richter Wayne         Herausgeber
  hatte er einen substantiellen        Gould lernte das Spiel auf einer          Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft e.V.
  Beitrag zu dieser Entwicklung        Japanreise kennen und entwickelte         Am Kupfergraben --- Bauhofstr. 1
  in Europa geleistet.                 ein Computerprogramm, das neue            10117 Berlin
  Nach seiner aktiven Zeit im          Sudokus automatisch generiert.            Fon +49 30 203 985 0
  Foreign Office wurde er              Diese Rätsel bot er im Jahr 2004 der      Fax +49 30 203 985 16
  Co-Director des Foreign Policy       Londoner Times an, die damit den
  Studies Programme des All Souls      weltweiten Sudoku-Boom auslöste.
  College in Oxford und später
  Pro-Chancellor of Birmingham         Das Prinzip des Sudoku:                   Grafisches Konzept, Gestaltung
  University, wo er das Institute      die Felder müssen so ausgefüllt           und Produktion
  for German Studies mit aufbaute.     werden, dass alle Zahlen (1-9)  
                                       in jeder Spalte, jeder Zeile, und         Auflage
  Die DBG wird ihm ein ehrendes        in jedem 3x3 Kästchen stehen.             3.000
  Gedenken bewahren. ---               Es gibt nur eine Lösung.                  Newsletter Nr. 3, 2006
                                       Viel Vergnügen!

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