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									                         UTI Wealth Builder Fund - Series II

Fund Positioning:

       UTI Wealth Builder brings to you a combined powe r of Equity and Gold

                 Equity                                  Gold
           Growth Opportunities                Portfolio Diversification

                    A Diversified Long Term Growth Portfolio

Portfolio Investment Strategies:

       To maintain a diversified portfolio of equity stocks
       Large cap Orientation
       For gold exposure, the fund invests into UTI Gold Exchange Traded Fund
       Derivative exposure to hedge against volatility and enhance returns.

Fund’s Performance:

Compounded Annualized Return                     NAV (%)      Model Benchmark *(%)
1 year                                             72.33                63.07
Since Inception                                    64.67                72.19
As on Dec 2009
Assuming that all payouts during the period have been reinvested in the units of the
scheme at the immediate ex-div NAV. Past performance may or may not be sustained in
the future.
*- Model benchmark: 65% returns from BSE-100 and 35% returns from UTI Gold
Exchange Traded Fund
Why UTI Wealth Builder Fund:

   •   First of its kind to offer an asset allocation combining financial assets as well as
       physical asset

   •   By providing exposure to alternative asset class the fund offers common investor
       a strategy traditionally reserved for HNIs / Institutional clients

   •   Alternative assets aid to portfolio diversification - even in down markets due to
       their less/low correlation to traditional asset class like equity

   •   Convenience of investing through SIP / STRIP in a fund that will have exposure
       to gold ETFs, leading to a portfolio built over various market phases and
       economic conditions

Product Suitability:

The fund should form part of a core equity holding with investment horizon of 3 years
and above. The fund carries lower risk than equity diversified funds due to counter
cyclical assets in the portfolio. The fund is suitable for,

      Investors looking for long term capital appreciation with relatively less volatility
      Investors who wish to diversify their portfolio across asset classes

Fund Facts

 Nature of      An open-ended equity or iented scheme
 Investment     The objective of the Scheme is to achieve long term c apital
 objective of   appreciation by invest ing predominant ly in a diversif ied portfolio of
 scheme         equit y and equity related instruments along wit h investments in
                Gold ETFs & Debt and Money Market Instruments. However, there
                can be no assurance that the investment objective of the Scheme will
                be achieved
 Allocation      Instruments                Indicative allocation   Risk Profile
                                          (% of asset allocation
                                          Minimum       Maximum
                 Equity & Equity              65           100                High
                 Related Instruments
                 Gold ETFs                     0            35          Low to medium
               Debt and money market            0            35          Low to medium
               instruments (*Including
               securitized debt)
              * Debt instruments will also include securitised debt which may go
              up to 100 % of the debt portfolio.
 Plans/Option Retail Plan and Institutional Plan with following options;
                  i)       Growth Option:
                 Ordinarily under this option no dividend distribution will be made and all
                 accrued and earned income will be ploughed back and returns will be reflected
                 through growth in the NAV.
                  ii)      Dividend Option with payout & Reinvestment facilities;
                 Dividend distribution, if any, under the scheme will be made subject to
                 availability of distributable surplus and other factors and a decision is taken by
                 the Trustee to make dividend distribution.
  Minimum              Retail Plan - Rs.5,000/- and in multiples of Re. 1/-
  Investment           Institutional Plan - Rs.1 Crore and in multiples of Re. 1/-
  Redemption     The Scheme offers redemption of units at NAV based prices on every business
  facility       day on an on-going basis.
  Load           Entry Load - Nil, Exit Load - Less than 1 year - 1%, 1 year & above - Nil
  Benchmark             BSE 100 for the Equity part of the Portfolio,
                        CRISIL Bond Fund Index for Debt and Money Market
                         Instruments &
                        Price of Gold as per SEBI Regulations for Gold ETFs in India

REGISTERED OFFICE: UTI Tower, 'Gn' Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (E), Mumbai
- 400051. Tel: 66786666.
STATUTORY DETAILS: UTI Mutual Fund has been set up as a Trust under the Indian Trust
Act, 1882. SPONSORS: State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Bank of Baroda and Life
Insurance Corporation of India (liability of sponsors limited to Rs. 10,000/-). INVESTMENT
MANAGER: UTI Asset Management Co. Ltd. TRUSTEE: UTI Trustee Co. (P) Ltd.
GENERAL SERVICES: Daily NAV, Sale Price / Redemption Price available for Sale /
Redemption on all business days.
RISK FACTORS: All investment in mutual funds and securities are subject to market risk and
the NAV of the funds may go up or down depending upon the factors and forces affecting the
securities markets. There can be no assurance that the scheme objectives will be achieved. Past
performance of the sponsors/Mutual Fund/Scheme(s)/AMC is not necessarily indicative of future
results. UTI Wealth Builder Fund Series II is only the name of the scheme and do not in any
manner indicate either the quality of the scheme, its future, prospects or returns. There may be
instances where no income distribution could be made. Realization of all the assurances and
promises made, if any, are subject to the laws of the land as they exist at any relevant point of
time. The schemes are subjected to risk relating to Credit, Interest Rates, Illiquidity, Judgment
Error, Interest Rate Swaps and Forward Rate Agreements. Please contact the nearest UTI Mutual
Fund branch, Chief Representative or Agent for copy of Key Information Memorandum cum
Application Form and Offer Document. Please read Scheme Information Document carefully
before investing

Golden Peacock Innovative Product / Service Award: Instituted by the „Institute of Directors‟
The „Golden Peacock Innovative Product/Services Award‟ named after India‟s national bird “The
Peacock” will be awarded every year to the most innovative product as determined by the
satisfaction of the customers long term unexpressed and unarticulated needs and aspirations in a
most cost effective manner which is consistent with the society‟s goal of sustainable
development. We believe that innovation is the only way to provide environmentally friendly
products and services that will help us achieve “factor 10” improvements that are necessary to
maintain the same quality of life in the new century. It has therefore instituted a special award
called „Golden Peacock Innovative Product/Service Award”. This award will be given to a
product or service, which shows a quantum jump in the exploitation of current technolo gy to
achieve maximum customer satisfaction at minimum cost. While calling for more sustainable
pattern of production and consumption, it motivates to carry on their pursuit of excellence. The
Award is designed to encourage systemic innovation in organizat ion to make products and
services required in the new century.

Crisil Fund Awards: Evaluation Methodology: The eligibility criteria and methodology for the
CNBC – TV 18 Crisil Mutual Fund of the year are as under:
Category: Most Innovative fund of the year. Eligibility Criteria: Scheme launched in 2008 across
asset categories. Methodology: Schemes are scored on the basis of product concept, marketing
and distribution channels, timelines of launch and mobilization. The scheme with the highest
weighted score is the “Most innovative fund of the year”.

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