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					Forging new generations of engineers
           James Matalavage
 Engineering PLTW Teacher – Carroll County
  Career & Tech Center
 Taught at: Baltimore Polytechnic Institute,
  Eastern Tech
 3 Engineering PLTW teachers @ CCCTC

 6th year PLTW @ CCCTC
                AP & Honors
AP Level
   Introduction to Engineering Design - 11th Grade
   Principles of Engineering - 11th Grade

   Computer Integrated Manufacture - 12th Grade

   Digital Electronics - 12th Grade

Honors Level
     Engineering Design and Development- 12th Grade
     Student Requirements
 Attend  one of the 8 High Schools in
  Carroll County
 Academics – “A” – “B” overall average

 Good math skills!!!

 Completed Algebra II and Geometry
  by 10th grade
 95% attendance rate
                  College Credit
   Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
   Courses:
       1st year: IED & POE
       2nd year: DE & CIM
   Earn an 85% grade or higher and score 70% or
    higher on the college credit exam.
   4 credits per course (16 credits total).
   Cost: $200 per course.
   Grade on exam is recorded on the transcript.
   Transcripted credits vary among Universities.
            College Credit

Course   # achieved   # attempted   % achieved

IED         134          160           84%

POE         117          160           73%
         CCCTC PLTW Graduates
   Air Force Academy              Capitol College
   Drexel                         Drew University
   University of Maryland         MIT
   Mount Saint Mary’s             Penn State
   UMBC                           Washington College
   Virginia Tech                  York
   US Naval Academy               Widener
   West Virginia University       Clemson
   Rochester Institute of Technology
Introduction to Engineering Design

                 TOY TRAIN-

             Matthew Gulotta
 South Carroll High School
 Junior
 Eagle Scout
 Mount Airy Fire Company Volunteer
 Sports: Cross Country, Outdoor Track
 Extracurricular Activities: NHS, Boy Scouts,
  Spanish Club, Honor Roll
 Plans for the Future: United States Air Force
  Academy to study Aerospace Engineering
Inventor Modeling
               Josh Lafond
 South Carroll High School
 Junior

 Sports: Varsity Cross Country, Outdoor Track

 Extracurricular Activities: NHS, Key Club, Boy
  Scouts, Spanish Club, Honor Roll, Orchestra
 Plans for the Future: Clemson University to
  study Engineering
Matchbox Vehicles
Marble Maze
              Michelle Cady
 Century High School
 Senior
 Colleges of Interest: Penn State University;
  University of Maryland; Virginia Tech; Purdue
  University; Rochester Institute of Technology
 Major: Aerospace or mechanical engineering
 Activities: Science Technology Engineering and
  Mathematics Executive Board; National Honor
  Society; Marching Band; Color Guard; Soccer;
  Ultimate Frisbee Club; Church choir
              Jane Sussman
 Westminster High School
 Senior

 Will be attending Johns Hopkins University to
  play lacrosse and major in engineering
 Activities: Varsity Soccer, Basketball, and
  Lacrosse; National Honors Society; Academic
  Challenge Team; Girls Athletic Board Member
Digital Electronics
Computer Integrated Manufacturing
   Chess Board
             Engineering Design and
   “The Battery Booster”              “Thermo-Secure”
       A portable hand-held cell          Solar powered heat and
        phone charger to recharge           light sensitive blinds that
        a dead cell phone battery           open and close to adjust
        when the customer does              the temperature in the
        not have access to a home           home and save money
        or car charger.                     and energy while running
                                            on its own power.
Forging new generations of engineers