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Service providers today have little choice but to invest in the customer experience. Customer loyalty is no
longer an option, and the combination of rising customer expectations and convergent competition put a
premium on a positive customer experience across all channels at every stage of the relationship.

Making this happen, of course, is no simple task. Success rests heavily on the right systems, processes,
governance, and continuous improvement. Typically, service providers attempt to meet the challenge with a
combination of in-house resources and point solutions from different vendors. It’s understandable, but the
results often fall short.

As this paper will argue, working with a managed service partner provides a compelling alternative.
Although cost control has dominated the managed services discussion, a growing number of service
providers have begun to view managed services partnerships as opportunities to enhance the customer
experience as well. Indeed, service providers that work effectively with the right managed services partner
can generate substantial benefits around the customer experience. Choosing the right partner, however,
makes all the difference.


The new competitive landscape for service providers puts a tremendous premium on customer experience as
a key driver of customer loyalty and competitive advantage. With so many choices for service, customers
are one bad experience away for hopping to another hosting company.

For any hosting company the most important things are to retain the existing clients and simultaneously gain
new clients. In today’s tough and competitive market of web hosting retaining clients is based on offering a
consistent, kind, intelligent and 24x7 support to your clients with minimal service interruption.

The daily new signups will happen only when the visitors to your website will get converted into clients and
that will happen only when they have option to interact with someone before they purchase the hosting plan
provided by your company. Many visitors when visit and browse the hosting products on your hosting
company website they do come up with some sales questions for which they need answers before they
purchase your product. Your site may be having a FAQ section or knowledgebase section where visitors can
search for their answers but frankly speaking who has that much time. Anyone will prefer to interact with a
person instead of doing search for their questions and at that moment if your website is providing 24x7 Live
Chat support it will be instantly used by the visitors, they will chat live with your site operators and get the
answers to their questions instantly thus the chances of a visitor to get converted into a client will increase

Every hosting company has their own servers and they do need staff for them to manage, as your servers are
online 24x7 so the probability of having server issues is also 24x7. So to provide a good quality service
having a 24x7 staff for managing your servers is also a must.

This paper will guide you as how all these aspects to run a hosting business will be managed for you by us
for 24x7 and that too in an affordable price. All these processes will be look after by us so that you can
concentrate more on how to increase the sale of your hosting business and take your hosting business ahead
in the path of perfection.

Company Profile:

APS InfoTech was established in 2005, with its head office in India
and is focused on delivering cost effective and timely customer
support solutions to our clients. Our work strategy is always client
and their business centric. We have a team of highly qualified and
experienced professionals and state-of-the-art infrastructure to
accomplish this. We are flexible, practical and willing to work with
clients for long lasting relationships. Our vital canons are meeting
deadlines, satisfying client’s preferences and risk management. We
have earned our standing through innovation and hard work. We are
a ISO 9001:2008 and also a ISO 27001:2005 certified company.
APSC InfoTech is from 6 years with over 150 Engineers, supporting
over 25,000 servers.

State-of-the-art facilities and the latest technologies make for a
robust, yet scalable, infrastructure.

   We have 15000 sq. feet of built up space for our office.
   We have a 4000 sq feet backup facility.
   We have a 8Mbps Leased Line Connection from one of the
    leading Internet Service Providers in India and also a 5 Mbps
    backup from another giving us a total of 13 mbps of 1:1
   We have a complete power backup for all our equipment
    (computers etc) for up to 96 Hours and a Genset for all air-
    conditioning and light fixtures.
   We are a financially strong and debt free company and part of a
    very big business house of India.

Our Employees:

One of the strongest point of our company is our employees. We
have highly trained and qualified technical support engineers hired
who work for our various clients which range from a small hosting
company to bigger ISP's. The technical support engineers rotate in
three shifts thus providing 24x7 support to our clients. Our technical
support engineers are skilled, experienced and certified in various
technologies like Linux (all flavors), Windows server, All types of
hosting control panels from Webmin to Cpanel. VPS, Cloud Hosting
and lot more.

Our technical support staff is directly hired from the certified institutes. We have tie up with institutes like Redhat
Certified Training Institute from where we get our engineers who are extremely skilled in Linux Platform
technologies. For windows we have Microsoft Certified engineers. All the linux platform engineers are Redhat
certified engineers. Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) is earned by a Red Hat Certified System Administrator
(RHCSA) who has demonstrated the knowledge, skill and ability required of senior system administrators for Red
Hat Enterprise Linux systems. The RHCE Exam (EX300) is a hands-on, performance-based, two-hour exam.

Our Backup Systems:

Power Backup System: We have a complete power backup for all our
equipments like computers, servers, swtiched, routers etc for up to
96 Hours and a Genset for all air-conditioning and light fixtures. On
the right hand side you can see the image of the Genset we have
which can generate power for 96 hours constantly in case of any
outage which is generally rare.

Internet Network: We have two Internet leased line connections. One
is a 8Mbps Leased Line Connection from one of the leading Internet
Service Providers in India. This is the main connection and other one
we have is 5 Mbps Internet Leased Line connection for backup from
another giving us a total of 13 mbps of 1:1 bandwidth. On the right
hand side you will see the picture of the Cisco Routers and its
cabinet which is required to setup the Internet Leased line
connection. Our networks are defined on a set of static / dedicated
ip’s which our clients allow in their network when we work for them
thus maintaining the security levels.

Services Company Offers:

We offer only one service which consists of many services; we provide complete support which is
required for managing a web hosting company. Sub Services which are included in our service are as

Mode of Communication with the clients of web hosting company.

      Ticket Support (Sales, Technical, Billing)
      Live Chat Support (Sales, Technical, Billing)
      Phone Support (Sales, Technical, Billing)

Server Managements:

      Server Administration
      Server Monitoring
      Service Security
      Server Setup (Basic Setup when server is received from data centre)
      VPS Server Management
      Dedicated Server Management

We provide you everything that is needed to manage your hosting business under one contract. We
don’t charge separately for any of the above service. If you are hiring us for your hosting company
then we will do all the above services for you. These all will be under a very affordable price. There is
no catch in this. For details on above services please see the section below:

Detail Explanation of the services we provide:

Ticket Support (Sales, Technical, Billing):

a) Help Desk Support

It is an online / browser-based customer support application where
customers can open support requests which is then reviewed by
support technicians on this end and communicate with the
customers. Most helpdesk applications has many features such as
queuing, creation of many departments, email piping, assigning
ownerships to issues/requests, knowledge base, customized reports,
performance report generation etc. Some of the widely used help
desks are Kayako, Perldesk, Cerebrus, OSTickets etc. Our team has
working experience in all these industry standard help desks.

a) E-Mail Support

If you do not have an online application or tool to manage your customer queries and receive them
through emails, we can set it up in such a way that all such emails are checked and answered with

same level of response and resolution time guarantees as given for helpdesk support. Techs configure
your support email(s) in their systems here and set up alerts. They regularly monitor the incoming
emails and resolve queries.

Escalations can also be done by forwarding the emails with a note, if any. This system is ideally suited
for those companies that do not have a helpdesk however wish professional, organized and efficient
management of customer queries and quick resolution of problems addressed through emails.

Live Chat Support (Sales, Technical, Billing):

This is a web based application which is mostly plugged in to the
website or in the support portal given to their customers. This is
again another medium through which their customers contact the
relevant department to get their queries solved. This is a text-based
communication. The live chat application is installed in the server
which can be accessed through a URL in the website. The
technicians / sales team on this end, log in and keep monitoring any
new chat requests. When ever a customer clicks the chat URL in the
website, he is prompted to either choose a department or some times
he might directly taken to a support representative.

Once he is connected, the support rep will assist him further and try
his best to resolve the issue. The same is logged in to the ticket
system for future reference along with the chat log. If the issue is not
resolved over chat, the same is escalated to the ticket support team
and they will follow up further from that point. Some of the widely
used Live chat applications are Kayako support suite, HumanClick,
LivePerson, PHPLive etc. Our team has wide knowledge working
with most of the live chat applications.

Phone Support (Sales, Technical, Billing) :

This is the easiest and preferred mode of communication used by the
customers. Typically, you would route your calls on a timely basis or
on a round the clock basis to a DID number assigned by us. On this
end, we route the call to the respective support technician dedicated
for your account. We would have the Phone support reps readily
equipped with Cisco VOIP Phone, Planatronics headset and other
dashboards, which is needed for them to support your customers'
queries. All calls would be recorded for quality purpose. You can
either use their existing call center system and just have us configure
extensions on this end or we can have it configured on our call center
setup on this end and handle the calls. Our Call center system uses
Asterisk Server and we have all the facilities needed including Voice
Logger, Barging, Whispering, Reports and Call Monitoring.

How beneficial can a voice solution be for your customers and thereby your business, where they can
talk to a real, live, responsive, responsible person who will listen and help them get satisfaction?
APSC Infotech stands in agreement with your views on numerous benefits here and offers cost
effective voice support solutions.

Your customers will experience the benefits of quick and effective customer service when they call
our voice support technicians. A call is responded within 10 seconds and the tier 1 issues are resolved
on the phone without the customer having to wait for 5 hours to get a resolution. For Level 2 / 3 issues,
the issue is recorded and logged in to the helpdesk for further follow up. An ETA is given to the
customer and if required a call back is also given to the customer once the issue is fixed. All our
technicians have a minimum of 3+ years experience supporting international customers both
technically and also on presales & billing. They speak neutral or American accent based on the
customer they serve.

We use Asterisks server, Cisco Phones & SIP Technology for our call center. Calls are constantly
monitored and reviewed for continual improvement. We have all the tools in place required for a well-
equipped call center. The following diagram illustrates the functionality and the setup.

Server Administration / Maintainence:

The success of a web hosting company heavily relies on stable and
well-maintained servers. This cannot happen over night or if dealt
with on a need basis or on a reactive basis. This requires round the
clock and minute-to-minute monitoring, scheduled maintenance,
periodic maintenance, security audits, proactive support and regular
patching / upgrading of servers. You also need experts in the
respective servers may it be Windows or Linux. APS Infotech is a
leader in having specialized team for Windows and Linux managed
by experts and certified specialists.

To be in par with your competitors, and provide secure, quality and cost effective services to your
customers, it is essential you upgrade, fine tune and harden your servers on a regular basis. APS
Infotech has a dedicated server management team, which provides proactive or reactive support, based
on your needs. Our server management team is available to troubleshoot / secure your servers 24/7 at a
highly competitive pricing.

Once you sign up with APS Infotech we offer these services on a 24/7 basis or hours of your choice.

      We support both Linux and Windows based hosting.
      We monitor your server's various services like Apache, Qmail and free disk space whenever
       necessary. If any service stops on the server, we will login and restart the service (provided we
       have the shell access).
      On windows server support, we use various remote login tools like PC Anywhere, Terminal
       services, RAdmin etc to login and work on the issues.

We provide services on the following issues for server administration.

Linux Support

      Performance Tuning of Linux Servers
      Automated Tasks (Cronjob)
      Network/Bandwidth Monitoring (MRTG)
      Software Installation
      Server Monitoring (Uptime/downtime) using 3rd party Software and Manual
      Backup/Restore of Server and Websites
      Administration of MySQL Database Server
      Setting up of Apache with SSL Support
      Setting up Mailserver(Sendmail, Qmail, Exim, PostFix)
      Protocols: POP3, SMTP, NetBEUI, FTP, HTTP, DHCP, DNS, WINS, IMAP, TCP/IP,
      Recompilation of PHP/Apache/Mysql/Kernel
      VPS : FreeVPS, Virtuozzo VPS, openVZ and HyperVM
      Setting up DNS
      Web Mail Clients: Squirrel mail, Horde etc
      Installation and Configuration of Various Log File Analysers (AwStats, Webalizer, etc.,)
      Implementing Firewalls using IPCHAINS and IPTABLE
      Flavors: RHEL, Fedora, FreeBSD, CentOS, Suse, Debian etc
      Control Panel: Cpanel/WHM, Plesk, Hsphere, Webmin, Ensim

Windows Support

      Using Terminal Services Client
      Using PC AnyWhere
      Configuring and Trouble Shooting IIS
      Configuring and Trouble Shooting Windows Proxy 2.0 and Internet Security and Acceleration
      Remote Installation of Software
      Configuring DNS, DHCP Servers
      Managing Users
      Backup/Restore using 3rd party tools
      Configuring and Installing MySQL
      Flavors: Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2008
      Control Panel: Hsphere, Plesk, Helm etc

Server Administration

      Installation and Configuration of FTP, HTTP, Mail, Database server
      Installation and Configuration of Web Applications/Languages/Components (Perl, PHP,
       ASP.NET etc)
      Custom Software Installation and Configuration
      Server Security, Firewalls, Traffic Monitoring
      Server Performance Optimisation
      Configuration of Backups
      Control Panel Migrations
      MySQL, MSSQL Database Administration
      Custom Kernel Compiling and Upgrades - Grsec/other Kernel Patching
      Apache /PHP Modules Installation/Upgrdation- Apache mod_rewrite
      Server Loads Monitoring and Health Checkup
      Network Usage Monitoring Tools - Nagios, MRTG etc

Server Maintenance & Upgrades
    Linux Kernel
    Apache Rebuild
    PHP Rebuild
    APF Firewall Install
    RFX Networks Tools Install
    Vulnerability Assessment
    Dedicated Server Setup & Deployment
    VPS Server Setup & Deployment
    Spammer lockdown Per Incident
    Install cPanel
    Install Fantastico
    Install RVSkin

Server Monitoring

The server and the services that are live and requires monitoring are
added to the monitoring tools like Nagios, IPCheck, hyperspin,
IPMonitor. The alerts are diverted to an email address from another
network. Both the monitoring software and the email address are
monitored on a 24/7 basis. Whenever there is an alert, an action is
taken with in 5-10 minutes of the receipt of the alert. Based on the
type of issue, the next action is taken. Some services require simple
restarting, but others might take some server tweaking to be resolved
such as a load spike or a DDOS attack. It is also made sure that the
server/service is active in the monitoring software. If the server /
service does not come back up, the root / cause is traced and then the
team determines if that is something they can fix for sure. If that is
out of their limits or scope, they escalate it to the data center or any
next level team.

      24 / 7 Server Monitoring
      Critical service monitor
      Instant Service Restart
      Instant Server Reboot
      Immediate Escalation To DataCenter
      Guaranteed Uptime

Server Security:

This is a scheduled process. The servers are completely audited on
schedule so as to check if there are any security holes in the server.
Various actions like modifying the Kernel settings to increase
security, Securing host.conf, Installing chkrootkit, and set up in cron,
Installing logcheck, Installing APF/CSF - Firewalls on the server to
block the IPs/Ports etc are done to harden the server. A monthly
report is sent for records

We do provide proactive server support. We monitor your server
round the clock and keep installing the patches as and when the
updates are released. No ticket support is offered under this plan. In
case the server is compromised inspite of best of our efforts, we shall
resecure the server and restore the server from backup.

Server Basic Setup:

When ever a new server is implemented or made live, all the
components required running the server are installed and configured.
Once all the installations are done, they are completely audited for
possible security holes and they are hardened to be made live on the

This is the server build plan where we install the control panel and
configure the server with software patches and third party
software’s. This is a one time job.

      Initial Security Audit
      Software Patches and Upgrades
      Control Panel Installation and Configuration
      Scripts / Software Installation
      Firewall Installation and Configuration
      Monitoring Tools Installation

How do we work?

Need Analysis:

Once we reach a client who needs our services, we do a study of
what their needs are, in detail, and then suggest a plan accordingly.

The Business development team analyses this and finds out the
feasibility, on discussion with the Operations team. Time, Cost,
technology, availability of resources and other factors are taken into
account in addition to client needs and then a plan is laid out for the
client. When client is signed up with the plan which is as per his
convenience a dedicated team of technical support engineers is made
from our staff who will be handling the clients project. The number
of technical support engineers is decided in the plan by the client

For example we have clients who need 30 techs working on their project in duration for 24 hours, that
means 10 techs working for 8 hours each. On the other hand we also have clients whose business are
small and they need only 3 techs to work for them providing them 24x7 support where each tech
works for 8 hours each.

Some clients hire only one or two techs for a specific duration of day where they think the work load
of the web hosting company is more.

So what is needed, how many techs are needed it all depends upon you. You build your own plan if
you want and we will execute it for you.

Once the team starts providing support, we also collect inputs from the customers and send it back to
the client. Customer input, volume etc are taken into account to decide on changes to medium, type,
size (volume), time of support etc.

Whether at the initial stages or while in the process, the following criteria determine the needs to a
larger extent.

Medium: Email, Chat, Phone:

With customer convenience in mind, APS Infotech offers support through all medium. A client can
choose one or more of them according to their business needs. Making all the modes of contact
available is essential to cater to different situational requirements.

For example, a web server can fail unexpectedly and the websites hosted on that web server will face a
longer or a shorter downtime in the process. Sometimes, because of such problems, the customer may
not be able to reach your customer care service or the technical support staff in the conventional mode

as the entire web server goes down. Having phone support service available to your customers where
they can call , becomes the need of the hour then.

APS Infotech has been the pioneer in introducing phone support in web hosting support industry.
Clients have found the chat system very effective in improving their customer satisfaction levels.
While level one issues that need a quick look are solved over chat, the rest are escalated to the
helpdesk or system administration team accordingly.

Each one of these modes complement the other and together form a package that will provide
enhanced customer satisfaction. Now that our techs are well trained to handle support requests through
any medium, a customer query is answered through a mode that is most convenient for them combined
with quick resolution time. This single window support strategy is very effective and guarantees
enhanced customer satisfaction.

Helpdesk support is ideal for level 2 and level 3 issues. Live chat strikes a balance when more
interaction is needed and demonstrations are needed. Live chat also works best for sales enquiries.
Based on their requirements and trend, the client can choose one or more of the support medium.

Hours: 8 / 12 / 16 / 24 hrs or as per need:

There are few clients who have an in-house support team and few that don’t. Based on that and the
volume of support requests, a client can choose the hours of support between 8 hrs to 24 hrs as a
supplementary or complementary team for their support needs.Clients who wish to project 24 / 7
support as value addition to their customers however doesn't want to or can’t have a dedicated in-
house team for the same.

Volume: No of support request a day / month:

This is a very essential criterion, which determines the number of techs most suitable. A client with
less support requests can start with 1-2 techs and gradually increase them as the business grows which
will work out highly cost effective. On the other hand if the volume is high and requires to start with
multiple techs you can design it acordingly, for example you can take 4 techs out of which 2 techs
works from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm when the work load is more and other two techs will cover the rest 16
hours working 8 hours each.

Others: Any specs other than the above:

A client might want an outsourced team for needs other than those mentioned above. Be it a different
industry, or a different technology, APS Infotech has the expertise and ability to find and deploy
resources, build and operate an outsourced team in the quickest manner.

How do we work?

Benefits of Hiring Us.

     24x7x365 Days Support:
In business of Web Hosting it’s a must that you provide support for
24x7 and be online for 365 days. The shared and dedicated servers
you provide to your client should be monitored and administered
24x7 to keep a good level of quality service. Any hosting business
depends upon new sales and renewals of existing clients and if you
maintain quality support service and maximum uptime on your
services then you can assure your renewals. Renewals are the main
back bone of any hosting business.

Now if you have a team of techs as per your needs which is working
for you 24x7 maintaining the support work of your company then it
will be around 80% of your tedious work coverage done by them.
Suppose you have techs who are highly skilled in their job and
working for your company that also around 25%-30% for what you
have to pay if you go for in house support then all the above
challenges like 24x7 support, monitoring the servers, expecting good
renewals will be achieved and that too in an affordable price.

    No hassle of Staff / Team Management:
Small Business Case:
Suppose you don’t have any support techs as your company is too
small and you and maybe your partner is working and doing all the
support work currently. If this is the case then you somewhere are
Accepting this fact that we are not able to give the 100% to the
company where company is already demanding it. If your web
hosting company is demanding something from you which you
cannot fulfill then obviously your demands will not be fulfilled by
your own business. You and may be one or two more person must be
handling the work and you know that more staff will make the things
simpler. Some time situation do come that on a day you are not
feeling well or other person is not feeling well then all the work load
at that moment is handled by one person thus compromising on the
quality of the service you are providing to your clients. If only one
person is there accepting chats, monitoring servers, answers to the
email requests or phone requests then you are nothing but running
your business to a dark.

You would say I am aware of all these things but currently as my business is small I cant hire more
techs which we would say is absolutely true but think if you are getting more staff around 75% less of
the amount you are thinking to pay then? Yes!! This is where we come in scene we will provide you
techs in an very affordable price which you will not believe. As per your needs and pocket you decide

how many techs you need, as per your work load time you decide the duration when that techs should
work for your company and we will fulfill your all requirements in a very affordable price. Your
business is small just try with one tech, one tech will work for you 8 hours, any 8 hours which you say.
That one tech will be highly skilled and experienced in any technology of web hosting which you
need. He will do chats. Tickets, handle server, phone everything which you will ask him to do. Just
imagine how much it will help to your business. If that tech is not feeling well or is ill no need to
worry as we will arrange you substitute instantly for that particular day with no extra charge and the
substitute will be equally skilled and experienced. As your business grows and you can afford to
increase techs let us know and we will appoint more techs on your company instantly. In this way you
are getting you 24 hours work done remotely in an affordable price that too for 24x7x365 days. So just
go for it.

Medium / Large Business Case:
Suppose you are a medium size or large size hosting company and you are having in-house support
team as your web hosting company is having a considerable amount of work. In that case what you
have to:

a) Hire staff and pay them a good amount on weekly basis or monthly basis.
b) Spend on managing infrastructure as per the number of staff, like a good number of computers,
   internet connection, electricity and lot more
c) The above things will again bring up the maintenance cost like computer repairing, Internet,
   electricity bills and many other bills related to this.
d) Again things like scheduling the staff, managing their weekly off, managing the replacements of
   techs if in case any tech is unable to come to his shift and many more.

Considering the above hectic things and the amount you are spending from staff salary to maintenance
bills do you think you can concentrate on your business, see and think how your business grows? I
think it will be difficult.

Hiring us all the above things mentioned will be managed by us for you that too in a price 75% less
than what you have in mind or you might be spending monthly. Just imagine we are managing staff for
you, the staff is highly skilled and experienced in the technology and work that you need. We are
providing 24x7x365 days support, techs schedule, weekly offs, sudden techs substitute everything will
be managed by us. You will see that the number of techs you have demanded are online 24x7x365
days managing your all kinds of supports, server administration tasks, monitoring everything, at that
you will say “yeah man, now I have time to grow my business” and that’s what we want to grow your
business because if your business grows then only will our.

We would suggest you to give a try to our services and we can assure you that you will never regret.

    Affordable and Cost effective:

Our services are highly cost effective, by hiring staff from us you
can save in many ways. Our staff will be around 60%-75% less in
amount you would pay if you hire in-house staff. By hiring remote
staff your infrastructure cost on office space, computers, electricity,
internet connections, and staff facilities all will be saved. Saving all
these you are getting remote staff working for you who will be
qualified, skilled in those technologies which you want. Like you
can have Linux platform techs or windows platform techs or even
techs who know both Linux and windows. These staff will be
working for you all the time and all you are spending is 65%-75%
less of the amount you would pay for in-house staff. No hectic work
of managing, no issues of scheduling, maintenance nothing.

    Ample of time to plan growth of your business:

Suppose you have hired staff from us. The staff is working for your
web hosting company. They are providing excellent support 24x7.
They are managing all types of support system you provide like E-
Mail, Live Chat etc. Your servers are monitored by them, maintained
by them, updated by them etc, and then it will be easy for you to
have a good weekend with your family or even a vacation where you
can be in touch with your staff as your staff is already working

Also the most important thing you can sit and give plenty of time to
plan how you would be growing your business. You will have peace
of mind to build your plans for growth of business like planning on
the marketing strategies of the business, introducing new types of
products under your hosting company, finding new investors for
your company if you need and lot more. You will be having a
complete peace of mind to do creative things like this when you
know I have a team who is working for my business 24x7x365. So
just go for it.

How does Implementation takes place:

Once we discuss and know your requirements, the price you can
afford we will setup a team for you as instructed by you like how
many techs, their duration, of work and their time of work. If you
go for 24x7 then it would be the best.

Then the team appointed for your work will study your web
hosting website completely like its products, where its located
etc which will help them to reply to your clients about the
common questions instantly. Team will also analyze your
servers, their setup, security etc. Then the team will get well
known to your billing system if you have.

After that you or your in-house staff will be in contact with the
team working here through Instant messaging system like Skype,
Yahoo, Aim, and MSN any of them which you prefer. You can
also contact team by E-Mail.

The team will be divided in shifts which is generally of 8 hours
but you can decide the time and duration of the shift as per your
needs. After the end of the shift each tech will send you a Shift
End Report in which the work done by that tech will be specified
like how many tickets were done with ticket id and ticket subject.
If chats are done then how many chats and also the transcript of
the chat. Any system administration tasks done will be also
specified in shift. The shift end report will contain everything
happened in that shift and work done by the tech in that shift.
This will help you to monitor what work was done and will also
help you to know all the updates about your business.

You will be also informed with the E-Mail accounts or IM id’s of
the management of APS InfoTech where you can let us know
about any changes in team or any kind of update or information
you need from us.

Contact Us:

We look forward to providing your company with world class outsourced tech support.

Office Address:

APS Infotech & Software Solutions Pvt Ltd
Plot No: 24, SuryaChaya Nere Park.
Model Colony, College Road.
Nashik (Maharshtra). India: 422005
Phone: +91-0253-2344847

APS Sales Management:

Name: Sagar Deshpande
Designation: Sales Director
E-Mail Adress:

Contact No: +91 9890031378

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