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					                                                               Tenders Awarded in May 2008
No      Tender No                  Description                             Tenderer                   Date of award   Value of tender
                     Request for the scrapping "writing off"
                                                                                                                      R 1 800 000,00
1    SCMB 06/05/08   and disposal of 3 locomotives at            BG Locomotive Services                 05/05/208
                     Athlone power station

                     Supply delivery installation
     SCMB 07/05/08   demonstration and commissioning of a Energy X-Ray Trading Company                                R1 288 964,92
2                                                                                                      05/05/2008
     364N/2007/08    meduim capacity computer radiography (Pty) Ltd                                                    (incl. VAT)
                     system to be installed in mobile van
     SCMB 08/05/08   Repairs to storm damamged houses in                                                               R627 430,53
3                                                        Dynamic Flooring CC                           05/05/2008
     317Q/2007/08    Spandau                                                                                            (incl vat)
     SCMB 09/05/08   Alterations and Additions to Fish Hoek      Southern Projects Maintenance &
4                                                                                                      05/05/2008      R853 120,02
     358Q/2008/08    Library                                     Electrical CC

     SCMB 10/05/08   Construction of Roads at GATE 4A
5                                                                Tauriq's CC t/a Quanita 4 Projects    05/05/2008      R708 346,98
     376Q/2007/08    Maitland Cemetry

     SCMB 11/05/08   Wallacedene Housing Project: Bulk
6                                                                Tauriq's CC t/a Quanita 4 Projects    05/05/2008     R2 468 940,10
     383Q/2007/08    Engineering Services: Phases 5B

     SCMB 12/05/08   Repairs to cracked houses - Atlantic        R & R Adams Builders CC t/a R &
7                                                                                                      05/052008       R1126 907,10
     392Q/2007/08    Heights, Ocean View                         R Construction

                     Appointment of a consultant to
     SCMB 13/05/08
8                    champion the upgrading of informal          Gerald Adlard t/a Gerald Adlard       05/05/2008      R1482 000,00
                     settlements in the city of Cape Town

                     Preparation of environment al
     SCMB 14/05/08                                               SRK Consulting (Stephen
9                    management frameworks for planning                                                05/05/2008      R499 132, 00
     403C/2007/08                                                Robertson Kirsten (Pty) Ltd
                     districts b,c and e
     SCMB 15/05/08   Supply and delivery of mobile oil
10                                                               Chris Bellingan CC                    05/05/2008      R590 750, 00
     278E/2007/08    filtration plant (OFT2)
                                                              Mike Steenkamp Metal Recovery
                                                              Lead and Solder Sales CC
                      Sale of scrap metals for a period of 24                                                  approximately
     SCMB 16/05/08                                            L O Rall Scrap Dealers CC
11                    months from date of commencement of                                         05/05/2008   R2 500 000,00
     328E/2007/08                                             J2D Technologies CC
                      contract                                                                                    income
                                                              Cymax 21 CC
                                                              SA Metal & Machinery Co (Pty)

                      Provision of a service provider to
     SCMB 18/05/08    conduct sweep audit and coding of                                                        approximately
12                                                            Professional Mobile Mapping CC      05/05/2008
     408S/2007/08     informal settlement toilets and                                                          R1 710 000,00
                      standpipes within the City of Cape Town

                      Increase In Contract sum: tender no
                      226E/2007/08 Transformer fire
     SCMB 19/05/08
13                    protection installation (Koeberg Road
                      protection installation (Koeberg        Fire Control Systems (Cape
                                                              Fire Control Systems (Cape ) CC     12/05/2008    R 251 109,90
                      City Sea Point, Clovelly, Rosmead
                      Avenue and Bisschop Road
                      For aerial photography and              Fotogramensura (Pty) Ltd
                      photogrammetric services for a 2 year   Geosense Limited           Siyazi
14   SCMB 27/05/08                                                                                12/05/2008    R2 million for
                      period from date of commencement of     Digital Topographical Mapping
                                                                                                               2 year contract
                      contract                                Services (Pty) Ltd

                      Fabrication and installation of steel
     SCMB 28/05/08                                            Southern Projects Maintenance &
                      louvres (Sea Point, City & Bisschop                                         12/05/2008    R998 390,72
     351E/2007/08                                             Electrical CC
15                    Road Main Substations

                      Renovation of the world war 11 Mess
     SCMB 29/05/08                                            R & R AdamsBuilders t/a R & R
16                    Building on Blaauwberg conservation                                         12/05/2008    R570 570, 00
     339Q/2007/08                                             Adams Construction
                      area (BCA Blaauwberg
                      Upgrade and expansion of the Cape
                      Town Civic Centre Fire alamr and
     SCMB 30/05/08
17                    evacuation system for period of one     Asset Fire Protection Cc            12/05/2008   R 1 801 685, 94
                      year from date ofcommencement of
                                                           Summer Sun Trading 233 (Pty)
                     Upgrading of the Lotus River canal in Ltd /
     SCMB 31/05/08
18                   Gugulethu access ramps and transition Love Civils cc Joint Venture           12/05/2008     R 114 000,00
                     in the vicinity of NY 3 Gugulethu

                     Professional services for for contract
     SCMB 32/05/08   WR5/2008: Construction of 500 MM
19                                                             Messrs GLS Consulting Engineers    12/05/2008     R332 094,00
     WR5/2008        watermain along N7, liking de Grendal
                     reservoirs to Montague Gardens

     SCMB 33/05/08   Provision of Professional services -      Arcus Gibb (Pty) Ltd      ITS                    R2 499, 518.40
20                                                                                                12/05/2008
     400C/2007/08    Traffic engineering                       Engineers (Pty) Ltd                              R2 500,000.00

                     Supply, delivery and offloading of 98%
     SCMB 34/05/08                                                                                              approximately
21                   bulk and containerized suplhuric acid -   Kemanzi (Pty) Ltd                  12/05/2008
     364G/2007/08                                                                                               R1 500,000.00
                     period: 01/06/08 to 30/06/2010

                                                               Managing a Dream Corporation
                                                               CC t/a Madcor
                                                               Nyamane Maintenance and
                                                               Cleaning Services CC t/a
                                                               Nyamane Maintenance
     SCMB 43/05/08   Provision of area cleaning services in    Shosholoza Cleaning                             R90 - R100 million
22                                                                                                19/05/2008
     289S/2007/08    formal disadvantaged sandy areas          Development and Administration                   3 year contract
                                                               Services CC
                                                               H Carstens t/a Carstens Cleaning
                                                               Masiqhame Trading 729 CC
                                                               Ophopho contracting Services CC
                     Construction of reticulation pipe network
     SCMB 44/05/08                                                                                             R23 398 150, 25
23                   for treated effluent from Athlone         Kaulani Civils (South) (Pty) Ltd   19/05/2008
     418Q/2007/08                                                                                              (including vat)_
                     Wstewater treated work (WM3/2008

                     Design, supply,delivery, installation,
                     testing, commissioning and upholding
                     during thetrial operation period and the
     SCMB 45/05/08   defects notification period of the       Viking Pony Africa Pumps (Pty)                   R6 268 033.39
24                                                                                                19/05/2008
     437Q/2007/08    mechanical,electrical and filtration     Ltd                                               including vat
                     equipment for a pumpstation for treated
                     effluent from athlone wastewater
                     treated works (WM2/2008

     SCMB 47/05/08   Construction of Footways in Ilitha Park
25                                                             Zimele Plant Hire CC               19/05/2008    R951 691,95
     356Q/2007/08    Khayelitsha

     SCMB 48/05/08   The supply, delivery and commissioning Kelman Distrubutors Africa (Pty)                    R387 600 00
26                                                                                                19/05/2008
     369E/2007/08    of a portable dissolved gas analyser   Ltd                                                  (incl VAT)

                     Supply and delivery of lead acid and
                     calcium starter batteries for various
     SCMB 49/05/08                                           Mr Abdul Aziz Undre t/a AA Auto                    approximately
27                   categories of motor vehicles: period of                                      19/05/2008
     391G/2007/08                                            Electrical Services                                R550 000.00
                     two years from date of commencement
                     of contract
                     Provision of professional services:
     SCMB 50/05/08   multi-disciplinary team of consultants for                                                R2 650 000,00
28                                                              Mandela Park Joint Venture        19/05/2008
     216C/2007/08    the new staduim at Mandela Park                                                            (incl. VAT)
                     Provision of professional services:
                     multi disciplinary team of consultants for
     SCMB 51/05/08                                              Jakupa Architechts
29                   the sub-division, rezoning of erf 105 and                                      19/05/2008   R1 306 112,55
     234C/2007/08                                               Urban Designers CC
                     the design of construction supervision
                     of new Eerste River clinic

                   Provision of professional service
                   provider: development of an economic
     SCMB 52/08/08                                       Bayete Development Consulting                            R419 594,00
30                 development strategy framework and                                               19/05/2008
     368C/2007/08                                        CC                                                        (incl. VAT)
                   action plan for the north local area
                   economic development (Laed)) District

                     Provision of professional service
                                                           Siyakhula Technologies (Pty) Ltd
     SCMB 53/05/08   provider to conduct a survey of Cape                                                         R384 500, 00
31                                                         t/a Ulwazi Business Management           19/05/2008
     405C/2007/08    Town's Business Readiness for 2010 in                                                         (incl. VAT)
                     Cape Town
                     Appointment of consultant: Witsand
                                                                                                                 R10 598 830, 80
32   SCMB 54/05/08   Phase 2 "IEEECOTM" housing projects       Peer Africa (Pty) Ltd                19/05/2008
                                                                                                                   (incl. VAT)
                     2000 units

                     Increase in Contract Sum - Construction
     SCMB 56/05/08                                           JJ Dyers Environmental Services
33                   of civil engineering works:                                                    19/05/2008     R85 155,72
     109Q/2007/08                                            and Contractors CC
                     Wallacedene cemetery: Phase 1

                     Request for deviation: Montague
                     Gardens switching station 132 KV SF6                                                         R75 000 00
34   SCMB 57/05/08                                        Siemens Ltd                               19/05/2008
                     insulated metal enclosed switchgear                                                         R1 243,105,60
                     current transformer replacement

                     Supply and delivery of office furniture   Bid Industrial Holdings (Pty) Ltd
     SCMB 58/05/08                                                                                                Approximately
35                   for the City of Cape Town's fornesics     t/a Waltons Stationer Co (Pty) Ltd   19/05/2008
     462N/2007/08                                                                                                 R499 586,76
                     services department                       Shine the Way 290 CC
                                                           WH Boshoff Meterlees Dienste BK
                     Provision of a water meter reading    Meterwise Enterprise CC Motla
     SCMB 64/05/08
36                   service for City of Cape Town for the Engineering (Pty) Ltd                26/05/208    R20 183, 460.00
                     period 1 July 2008 to 30 June 2011    Ikapa Reticulation & Flow CC
                                                           Fikelela Labour Services CC

                     Maintenance on power equipment of the
     SCMB 65/05/08
37                   City of Cape Town radio trunking      Altech Alcom Matomo                 26/05/2008    R1 120 000 00

     SCMB 66/05/08                                                                                            R908 990, 20
38                   Learnership service provider for IST   Bytes People Solutions (Pty) Ltd   26/05/2008
     442S/2007/08                                                                                              (incl. VAT)

     SCMB 67/05/08   Facility Management of the             Bay Breeze Trading 509 CC t/a
39                                                                                             26/05/2008     R500 000 00
     332C/2007/08    Ravensmead Business Hives              Dynamic Solutions

                     Provision of professional services
     SCMB 68/05/08   detailed design and phase 1 supervision                                                  R752 194,80
40                                                           GIMS Architects CC t/a Designs    26/05/2008
     348S/207/08     of the false Bay Ecology park                                                             (incl. VAT)
                     headquarters complex
     SCMB 69/05/08   Supply, delivery installation and      NID Services Corporation CC t/a
41                                                                                             26/05/20008    R723 558, 00
     428N/2007/08    commissioning of eboxes                Business Data Solutions
                                                              Paltem Projects Facilitators CC
                                                              Sigwela Waste
                                                              Korax Traders CC
                                                              Solukem and Mawethu CC
                                                              C and D Trading and Services
                                                              Work Worth General Traders CC
                     Supply and delivery of refreshments      Mr Moosa t/a Western Cape
     SCMB 70/05/08
42                   period of two years from date of         Stationers                           26/05/2008     R3 500 000,00
                     commencement of contract                 FAJR Consulting (Pty) Ltd t/a
                                                              Pitstop (Retreat)
                                                              Wilcox Catering (Pty) Ltd t/a
                                                              Ndlovu Corporate Supplies
                                                              Likuye Trading CC
                                                              BOM Consultants CC
                                                              The Business Zone 1941 CC
                                                                                                                  R475 599,52
                     Revitilisation of the Grand Parade
43   SCMB 71/05/08                                            Kaulani Civils (Pty) Ltd             26/05/2008    R17 901,972.08
     259Q/2007/08                                                                                                  (incl VAT)

                                                                 Electronic Research Labs (Cape
                                                                 Pty Ltd
                                                                 Lasting Impressions Trading 112
                     BI Annual tender for the supply of          CC
     SCMB 72/05/08   labour for the installation, alteration and Lawula Systems CC                                  R10 million
44                                                                                                 26/05/2008
     305Q/2007/08    repair of trafficsignals withing the City   Robotech Traffic Systems CC                    (over 2 year period)
                     Of Cape Town                                Signals. Com CC
                                                                 TMT Services and Supplies (Pty)
                                                                 WB Engineering CC
                     Design, supply, delivery installation,
                     testing. Commissioning and holding
                     during thetrial operation period and the
     SCMB 73/05/08   defects notification period of a 44V, 260                                                  R808 901,25
45                                                             Greenbro CC                        26/05/2008
     406Q/2007/08    KVA prime power output, standby                                                             (incl VAT)
                     alternator and diesel prime-mover for
                     Melkbosstrand wastewater treatment
                     work (WW2/22008)
                     Construction of a pump station and
     SCMB 74/05/08   associated civil works for treated                                                        R 5 872 152 ,20
46                                                             Inyanga Projects CC                26/05/2008
     417Q/2007/08    effluent from Athlone wastewater                                                             (incl.VAT)
                     treated works (WM1/2008)
                     Alterations and additions to existing
     SCMB 75/05/08
47                   remote radio control centre for radio     Boshard Construction (Pty) Ltd     26/05/2008    R475,599,52
                     vision and waterworks

                     Additions and alterations disaster
                     Additions and alterations to disaster risk
     SCMB 76/05/08   management centre building &                  N2 Consultants CC t/a N2                    R1 316 810 50
48                                                                                                26/05/2008
     450Q/2007/08    infrastructure: U_Shape conference            Construction                                  (incl VAT)
                     facility for the disaster operations centre
                     (strategic room) Goodwood Fire Station
                     Provision of professional engineering
     SCMB 77/05/08                                                 Element Consulting Engineers                R1 016 278, 40
49                   services: Steenbras Power Station                                            26/05/2008
     320E/2007/08                                                  (Pty) Ltd                                   approximately
                     replacement generator transformers
                     Supply and delivery of 2X
     SCMB 78/05/08                                                                                              R386 460, 00
50                   multifunctional large format digital plan   Regma Cape (Pty) Ltd             26/05/2008
     398E/207/08                                                                                                 (incl VAT)
     SCMB 79/05/08
51                   Increase in contract sum: Bulk print        Lithotech (Pty) Ltd              26/05/2008     R6 million
                     Request for deviation : Maintenance of
     SCMB 80/05/08   all existing CCTV systems and                                                               R87 053,26
52                                                          Zelphy 1501 (Pty) Ltd                 26/05/2008
     298S/2006/07    equipment for the City of Cape Town                                                         (excl. VAT)
                     Metropolitan Area

                     Increase in contract sum: Provision of
53   SCMB 81/05/08   professional engineering consultancy    Ninham Shand (Pty) Ltd               26/05/2008    R4 76 097,98
                     services: upgrading of green point pre-
                     treatment works and pumping station

                                                                 JG Klopper t/a JK Structures
                                                                 Carp Civils CC
                                                                 Peninsula Pipeline Services CC
                     Request for deviation: Trenchless           Tuboseal Services CC
                                                                                                                not exceeding
54   SCMB 82/05/08   rehabilitation of sewers: quotes for        TT Inovations (Pty) Ltd          26/05/2008
                                                                                                               R23 806 133, 00
                     contractors                                 Makenzi Ice Investments 105 Cc
                                                                 t/a Titan Labour
                                                                 P Mokwena Construction CC
                                                                 Insitu - Pipelines CC

                     Request for deviation: Purchasing of                                                      R8 071 352,00
55   SCMB 83/05/08                                               SAP South Africa                 26/05/2008
                     software for SAP South Africa                                                               (incl VAT)
                                                                 Jacob Wolters and Jakupa
                   Extension of appointment of                   LDV (Letchmiah Daya Varachia )
                                                                                                                R531 075, 00
56   SCMB 84/05/08 consultants: Swartklip indoor sport           Axis Consulting                  26/05/2008
                                                                                                                 (incl VAT)
                   complex: Ablution block and offices           Johaardien and Associates
                     Request for deviation: Quotations for
                                                                                                                R962 920,00
57   SCMB 86/05/08   supply and delivery of used marine          Zusukhany Services               26/05/2008
                                                                                                                 (incl VAT)
                     shipping containers