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					                               The nia program

                       Leap ahead with a
                     Postgraduate Degree

2010 Calendar Year

Be inspired and advance your career with
the NIA Program.                           Every member counts
                                                                                                     The nia program

                                                                    Discover new horizons
                                                                    with the NIA Program

The National Institute of Accountants (NIA) is one of Australia’s   Professional National Accountant (PNA) level of membership
three recognised accounting professional bodies and is a full       on completion of the NIA Mentored Experience Program.
member of the International Federation of Accountants. We’re
proud to be one of Australia’s oldest professional bodies and        paThWaYS To SucceSS
equally proud and supportive of each of our 23,000 members          The NIA Program offers pathways for both TAFE and University
and students.                                                       Graduates and is available to Australian and international
                                                                    members. The program is available to financial members at
  I needed a program that would be well recognised                  Associate (ANIA) level or above. Delivered by the Graduate
within the profession. I believe the UNE’s Master of                School of Business at the University of New England, the
Commerce has given me this and more because it                      program enables members to study at their own pace, whilst
                                                                    receiving valuable support from staff who understand the needs
provides a much broader perspective than a typical
                                                                    of students juggling work, family and study.
accounting course.
                                                                     WhY STudY The nia program?
                         John Bellinger PNA, Financial Controller
                                    Huon Hire Services (Madang)     It is essential for all professional accountants to commit to
                                                                    continuing education throughout their career in order to deliver
 inTroducing The nia program                                        quality services to their clients and employers. Study at the
                                                                    postgraduate level ensures you are continually improving your
The NIA Program is a fully accredited educational pathway that
                                                                    knowledge and expanding your expertise.
provides you with a globally recognised university postgraduate
qualification, allowing you to obtain a Graduate Certificate in
Professional Accounting, and/or a Master of Commerce degree.
Completion of the program also enables NIA members to progress
from an Associate member to Member and ultimately to the
                                                                                                                    Every member counts
                                                                                                     The nia program

                                                                                   A wealth of
                                                                                   is at your
                                                                                   finger tips

 relevanT and TimelY conTenT                                        maSTer Your career Sooner
The NIA Program will expose you to many new concepts and           The program provides a fast-track pathway to a Graduate
ideas, improve your ability to critically analyse information,     Certificate in Professional Accounting and/or a Master of
provide a broad business perspective and prepare you for future    Commerce (Professional Accounting).
job challenges. The course content is up-to-date and relevant to   Completing the program allows you to advance to the Member
the issues facing companies and accounting professionals in        level (MNIA) or the highest level of membership with the NIA –
today’s environment.                                               Professional National Accountant (PNA).

 advance Your career
                                                                    The recogniTion You deServe
The NIA Program will prepare you for the many obstacles
                                                                   In addition to qualifying for PNA status, the NIA Program
ahead, including the challenge of furthering your career as a
                                                                   identifies you as someone who is able to perform at an advanced
professional accountant.
                                                                   level and who is committed to ongoing career and personal
Beyond the skills and knowledge you’ll learn through completing    development. Members who have achieved MNIA or PNA
the NIA Program, you will be able to demonstrate to every          status qualify to apply for the NIA’s Public Practice Certificate.
employer that you have the ability to think at a strategic level
and are committed to ongoing professional development.
                                                                    perSonal and profeSSional achievemenT
And you will have the credentials to prove it.
                                                                   One of the key benefits of undertaking and achieving a
                                                                   postgraduate qualification is the sense of personal and
 acceSS neW opporTuniTieS                                          professional satisfaction. Studying can boost your confidence,
The NIA Program offers advancement on many levels.                 empowering you professionally and also in your personal life.
Whether it’s the opportunity to travel, the potential for growth
and promotion within your current employment or for new,
exciting possibilities elsewhere, the rewards of completing the
NIA Program are far-reaching. Also if you work for yourself,
your clients will be both reassured by your new qualifications
and confident you have the right knowledge for the job.
                                                                                                                     Every member counts
                                                                                                           The nia program

                                                                   memBerShip paThWaY
                                                                  The ultimate goal for most NIA Program participants is to
                                                                  achieve PNA status – the NIA’s highest level of membership.
                                                                  To achieve PNA status, you must complete both the NIA Program
                                                                  and the 3-year Mentored Experience Program*.
                                                                  There are two pathways into the NIA Program, one for TAFE
                                                                  qualified and another for University qualified members.
                                                                  *Members who joined prior to 1 July 2006 may be partially exempt from the MEP,
                                                                  please contact the NIA for details.

                                                                                            memBerShip enTrY requiremenTS

                                                                                                         ASSOCIATE (ANIA)

                                                                                                  Advanced Diploma in Accounting;
                                                                                                   University Degree in Accounting
                           Learn at your
                              own pace                                                                  MEMBER (MNIA)

                                                                                                Advanced Diploma in Accounting
                                                                                                     + NIA Program (Stage 1)
 online learning                                                                            + 3 years of relevant industry experience;
The NIA Program is delivered by online distance learning,
                                                                                                 University Degree in Accounting
through the Graduate School of Business at the University of                                + 3 years of relevant industry experience
New England. The dedicated staff understand the many
pressures students face and are there to offer vital support.                         PROFESSIONAL NATIONAL ACCOUNTANT (PNA)
By studying through distance learning you have full control of
                                                                                                 Advanced Diploma in Accounting
the pace (and place) of your study. You can fast-track your
                                                                                                   + NIA Program (Stage 1 & 2)
education and complete the program within 12 months, or                                          + Mentored Experience Program;
should work and family commitments demand it, you can take                                                     or
up to 5 years.                                                                                   University Degree in Accounting
                                                                                                      + NIA Program (Core)
                                                                                                 + Mentored Experience Program
   Although the majority of work was done remotely
there was a sense of comradeship and team work
                                                                                               FELLOW PROFESSIONAL NATIONAL
especially when getting involved with discussion topics.                                            ACCOUNTANT (FPNA)
                       John Huber PNA, Chief Financial Officer,
                                                                                                     Holds current PNA status
                              Autopak - Vetlab Group Pty Ltd
                                                                                             + 10 years experience (5 years senior level)
                                                                                                     + 7 years full membership
                                                                                                               The nia program

 nia program STrucTure
The NIA Program is delivered by the University of New England
(UNE). It provides rigorous postgraduate education resulting in
the award of a Masters Degree and/or a Graduate Certificate.
You are required to undertake either four or eight subjects to
advance to PNA status depending on your undergraduate

 memBerS WiTh Tafe qualificaTionS
The program provides a unique pathway for members with TAFE
qualifications to gain a Master of Commerce (Professional
Accounting). If you have an Advanced Diploma in Accounting (or
equivalent) there are eight subjects in the NIA Program to be
completed before you advance to the PNA level of membership.
Initially, you must complete the four-subject Graduate Certificate
(Stage 1); allowing you to progress from the Associate (ANIA)
level of membership to Member (MNIA) status once you’ve
gained three years of work experience.                                                             Take your
On completion of Stage 1, you can then undertake the                                           career higher
remaining four subjects (Stage 2) to gain a Master of Commerce
(Professional Accounting) allowing you to progress to the PNA
level of membership on completion of the NIA’s Mentored
Experience Program.
Please Note: TAFE Graduates must have a minimum of two years relevant work
experience to commence the NIA Program.

 Tafe qualified memBerS paThWaY

        nia program STage 1                                                          nia program STage 2

                                                                                    MASTER OF COMMERCE
                                                                                 (PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING)
                                                    OPTIONAL EXIT POINT
                                                                                Core Subjects                          ADVANCE
 Core Subjects
                                                         Advance to MNIA           Issues in Company
    Strategic Management for
                                                         Status                    Financial Reporting                 Advance to PNA
    Professional Practice
                                                         Apply for a Public        Issues in Auditing                  Status
    Business & Professional Ethics
                                                         Practice Certificate      and Professional Practice
 Elective Subjects
                                                                                Elective Subjects
    Choose Two Electives
                                                                                   Choose Two Electives

                                                                                                                    Note; Please see overleaf
                           compleTe The 3-Year nia menTored experience program                                      for electives.
                                                                                                                                     The nia program

 memBerS WiTh degree qualificaTionS                                                            nia program deliverY

If you have a degree in Accounting from a recognised university                               The NIA Program is offered as a joint initiative between the NIA
you need only complete the four core subjects of the program                                  and the University of New England (UNE).
and the NIA’s Mentored Experience Program to become a                                         The teaching staff are members of UNE’s School of Business,
Professional National Accountant (PNA).                                                       Economics and Public Policy and the School of Law.
On completion of the four core subjects you’ll be awarded a                                   learning online
Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting from UNE. If you
wish to gain the Master of Commerce (Professional Accounting)                                 UNE is renowned for its distance learning programs with more
you will only have a further four elective subjects to complete.                              than 16,000 students studying externally.

Please Note: Subjects may change or be modified at any time and some rules apply to subject   Learning online takes advantage of all the latest technology to
sequence. Not all subjects are offered in all trimesters.                                     provide you with the ultimate flexibility in learning wherever
                                                                                              you are in Australia.
nia program elecTive opTionS
                                                                                              gain cpe hours
NIA program electives for both members with degree
                                                                                              Each subject in the NIA program gains 40 hours of CPE.
qualifications and TAFE qualifications include:
                                                                                              how long does it take?
     Advanced Financial Accounting
     Issues in Management Accounting                                                          The NIA Program is designed to be studied part-time by
     Law of Commercial Associations                                                           distance learning to allow members to complete the program
     International Accounting                                                                 whilst working.
     Taxation Law                                                                             You can choose to study either one or two subjects per trimester.
     Advanced Taxation Law                                                                    If studying two subjects per trimester, the Graduate Certificate
     Managerial Finance                                                                       can be completed in 12 months and the Masters in 2 years.
All members applying for a PPC must show evidence of the                                      However, you may choose to complete only one subject per
successful completion of studies in Australian corporations law                               trimester and can have up to five years to complete the full
and Australian taxation law.                                                                  program. This allows you to balance study with work and
                                                                                              personal commitments.
Please Note: Subjects may change or be modified at any time and some rules apply to
subject sequence. Not all subjects are offered in all trimesters.

degree qualified memBerS paThWaY

                      nia program (core)

                 GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN                                                                     ADVANCE
                                                                                                     Advance to PNA Status
  4 Core Subjects                                                                                    Optional continuation to
       Strategic Management for Professional Practice                                                Masters of Commerce*
       Business & Professional Ethics
                                                                                              *Through the completion of four more
       Issues in Company Financial Reporting                                                  elective subjects.
       Issues in Auditing and Professional Practice

                             compleTe The 3-Year nia menTored experience program
                                                                The nia program

                         assessment methods
                         Most units are assessed by a combination of assignments and
                         examinations. Examinations are held in centres around Australia
                         and internationally. Some units are assessed by assignment
                         only. Assignments are electronically submitted and a marked
                         hard copy is returned.
                         Trimester duration
                         There are three 15 week trimesters that commence in January,
                         May and August respectively. Not all subjects are offered in
                         each trimester. Most subjects are offered once per year.
                         optional ‘weekend schools’
                         Some subjects on the NIA Program have weekend schools in
                         Sydney or other capital cities where demand requires. These are
                         optional for NIA members and are a great way to meet other
                         members on the program.
                         how much does it cost?
                         The NIA Program is full fee paying. The cost per subject in 2010
                         is $1,400. You may be able to claim the fees as a work-related
With the NIA Program     tax deduction. Please seek advice from a Registered Tax Agent.

you’ll earn a lot more   The NIA Program is eligible for FEE-HELP; the Australian
                         Government’s loan program.
than CPE points          Find out more at
                         To enrol in the NIA Program, you must meet the following
                         •	 	 ust be a current financial member of the NIA at
                            the level of Associate (ANIA) or higher.
                         •	 	 tudent members are not eligible to enrol in the NIA
                         •	 	 AFE qualified members must have a minimum of two
                            years relevant work experience.
                         •	 	 on-Australian residents must meet UNE’s English
                            language requirements for admission.
                         Note: Other requirements may need to be met before
                         your application is approved

                                                                              Every member counts
                                                       The nia program

                   STepS To applY
                  1. Join as a financial NIA member at Associate (ANIA) level
                     or higher.
                  2. If you are working towards PNA status, ensure you register
                     with the NIA’s Mentored Experience Program.
                  3. Apply online with UNE at
                  4. Provide a certified copy of your latest NIA renewal notice to
                     submit with your UNE Application.
                  5. Provide certified copies of transcripts of your academic records.
                  6. Provide certified copies of evidence of identity and citizenship.
                  7. TAFE qualified members need to provide a resume
                     demonstrating a minimum of two years relevant work
                  8. Overseas students must provide evidence of meeting
                     UNE’s English Language Requirements for admission at
                  9. Ensure you submit the UNE Application before the
                     application closing date.

Set your career    hoW To applY
     in motion    You should apply for admission to the NIA Program directly
                  to UNE by applying online at
                  Admission and Closing Dates
                  Trimester 1 – 2010
                  Applications Close: 30 November 2009
                  Trimester Starts: 18 January 2010
                  Trimester 2– 2010
                  Applications Close: 12 March 2010
                  Trimester Starts: 10 May 2010
                  Trimester 3 – 2010
                  Applications Close: 2 July 2010
                  Trimester Starts: 30 August 2010

                                                                       Every member counts
                                                                                                              The nia program

 SuBJecT ouTline                                                     at providing the student with a more thorough appreciation
                                                                     of not only the ‘art’ of auditing but also of the environment
gSB 600 Strategic management for professional practice               in which it exists. The unit is primarily concerned with
(Trimester 1 2010)                                                   contemporary auditing issues. The readings specified are not
                                                                     intended to be definitive or exhaustive but to give students
This unit explores the concepts, methods and analytical tools
                                                                     an insight into the different aspects of the literature.
necessary for understanding the dynamic nature of strategic
management in different organisations. The objective is to           Students are encouraged to read beyond the listed material to
enable professionals to deal creatively with strategy issues and     supplement their understanding of the subject.
develop meaningful solutions in professional practice, client        Note: This subject meets ASIC’s ‘prescribed course in auditing’ requirement to
business and larger bureaucratic contexts.                           become a Registered Company Auditor. Members must still satisfy ASIC’s
                                                                     academic and skills requirements.
Offering a practical, hands-on approach to strategic analysis,
it provides the foundation for strategy formulation with an
                                                                     gSB 602 issues in management accounting
in-depth discussion of the development of strategic alternatives
                                                                     (Trimester 1 2010)
and methodologies for improving the calibre of strategy
implementation and execution.                                        This unit looks at the design of accounting systems to facilitate
                                                                     effective management control of organisational activities. It
gSB 751 Business and professional ethics                             requires consideration of the wider context in which the
(Trimester 3 2010)                                                   accounting system is set and the way accounting information is
                                                                     used by those to whom it is provided. Case analysis is used
GSB 751 focuses on the ethical dimension of business activities.     extensively in this unit. There is a focus on developing skills
The process involved in making ethical judgements is made            which will enable you to be an articulate and informed preparer
explicit and the justifications that might be claimed to underpin    of management information. This is achieved by revisiting the
these judgements are considered. It is not the aim of the unit       technical aspects of management accounting and examining
to provide conclusive answers to a set of specific ethical           their appropriateness in the context of competing yet
questions; however, it is argued that moral reasoning is a           interdependent social relationships in the workplace.
rational activity. That ethical concepts are contested and there
are no simple answers is stressed.
                                                                     gSB 603 international accounting
                                                                     (Trimester 3 2010)
gSB 601 issues in company financial reporting
(Trimester 2 2010)                                                   This subject does not study individual accounting rules or
                                                                     standards in any great depth. The focus is on how rules and
The theme of this reading/discussion seminar program is              standards differ from country to country and the impact of
the evaluation of annual report form and content. Financial          differences on individual company accounting practices and the
statements are examined in the context of a conceptual               reporting of profit and measures of shareholder equity.
framework for financial reporting, corporate governance, global
reporting initiatives and accounting standards. The discussion is    Certain accounting standards have more significance
problem and research oriented, dealing with current issues in the    internationally and these are studied in greater detail.
financial reporting area. Special consideration is given to social   For example: Accounting standards concerning consolidation
and environmental reporting issues.                                  accounting, foreign currency translation, corporate income
                                                                     tax and segment reporting are considered because of their
                                                                     direct impact on the comparability of multinational corporate
gSB 604 issues in auditing and professional practice
                                                                     financial statements.
(Trimester 1 2010)
This subject provides postgraduate students a program of study
in contemporary auditing issues. It builds upon the basic
principles introduced in undergraduate auditing units and aims
                                                                                                        The nia program

gSB711 managerial finance                                            gSB 750 Taxation law
(Trimester 3 2010)                                                   (Trimester 3 2010)
This unit addresses issues that are faced by a financial manager     This unit provides a broad introduction to the law of taxation in
or a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of a corporate form of            Australia as it relates to business, based upon the general tax
business organisation.                                               law model, where tax payable is a function of the excess of
                                                                     income derived over allowable deductions incurred.
The principles and techniques learned are in most cases
applicable to other forms of business and non-business               An important focus of the unit is in its emphasis on:
organisations. The unit can broadly be divided into two parts: (i)
                                                                     •   Identifying tax-related issues that occur in typical cases;
analytical aspects and (ii) making financial decisions. The
analytical aspects cover issues such as the time value of money,     •   Learning how to source and apply the legislative and other
risk and return and valuation of bonds and stocks. These form            materials that determine the implications of those issues;
bases for financial decision making.                                     and

The unit focuses on four major financial decisions: investment       •   Reaching correct conclusions - expressed in concise and
decisions or capital budgeting, financing decisions (including           verifiable terms.
IPOs), capital structure decisions and dividend decisions.
                                                                     gSB 606 advanced Taxation law
gSB 641 advanced financial accounting                                (Trimester 2 2010)
(Trimester 3 2010)
                                                                     This unit explores contemporary areas of taxation law not covered
This unit examines the issues relating to the accounting for         in-depth in undergraduate studies.
a company or group of companies.
                                                                     It will provide students with the capacity to demonstrate a high
Emphasis is placed on the preparation of accounts and corporate      standard of comprehension of the structure and application of
financial statements to comply with statutory requirements.          the Australian law of fringe benefits tax, capital gains tax and
Areas covered include: consolidation accounting, equity              goods and services tax.
accounting and joint venture accounting practices, principles
and related accounting standards. Students are required to
become familiar with the current issues that concern corporate
accounting and financial reporting in Australia.                       At the end of the program you will have a much
                                                                     broader exposure to not just accounting but to how
gSB 749 law of commercial associations
                                                                     accounting fits into a broader business environment.
(Trimester 2 2010)
Students will be provided with a sound understanding of                                                         Roger Nicholls FPNA,
the law relating to commercial associations with a particular                    Property Information Coordinator, Logan City Council
focus on companies.
Among the topics covered are: the legal nature of partnerships;
joint ventures; trading trusts; companies and other forms of
association; the rights and liabilities of members; the rights,
duties and obligations of managers, directors and other
officers; financing; winding up and dissolution; securities
controls; and takeovers.
                                                                                                                        Every member counts
ContaCt InformatIon
NIA Head Office
Level 6, 555 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne Victoria 3000

For further information on the NIA Program
please visit or
contact the NIA on 1800 625 625.

Information may also be obtained by
contacting the Graduate School of
Business at UNE.

Tel: (02) 6773 3542



   I am very satisfied with having achieved something
so meaningful.
                         Mark Holzworth PNA, Associate Director
                             Retirewell Financial Planning Pty Ltd

OCT 09

  Every member counts

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