Medical Tourism Services and Consultant To India

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					                            Medical Tourism To India

We are International Patient Service consultant to hospitals in Major Cities of
India which includes New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kerala. Since the last
seven years the founder member has been involved in rendering top class
medical services to patients from across the globe. We channel people from all
over the world for speedy and affordable medical help.

At My Medical People we:

   1. Take care of everything related to your trip in India starting from treatment,
      tickets, accommodation to local or International travel.
   2. With experience we know which hospital suits your profile the best.
   3. Tie up with only the most modern hospital.
   4. Keep a check on all services that you may use.

And most important flying to India for treatment does not have to be
stressful, here is why:

   1. Hospitals that we tie-up with are ISO, JCI and NABH accredited.
   2. 'No Waiting Period' allows you to plan your visit at the time you desire.
   3. Affordable and world class treatment.
   4. You can choose your doctor and hospital so you stay in control at all
   5. A wonderful holiday destination, should you wish to travel around.
   6. 24x7 local helpline, so that there is an answer whenever you have a

Surgeries We Undertake in India:

Treatment is available for almost all diseases. Procedures are conducted by
specialists through modern techniques and equipment. The number to medical
conditions treated is far more than what is mentioned here, for the ease of
browsing we have picked the most popular ones.

       Cardiology (Heart Care)
       Orthopedics
       Spine Surgery
       Gastric
       Cosmetic Surgery
       General Surgery
       Genitourinary surgery
       Fertility Treatments
       Transplant Surgery

       Cancer Treatments
      Dental Treatment
      Neurosurgery:
      therapies at Ayurveda Health resorts:

Why Medical Tourism To India:

Top class medical facilities and service combined with low cost compared to
most countries in the world. India has been the host to patients for over two
decades now and the top brass hospitals are well experienced in handling

International Medical Insurance Claims for India

You may use international insurance policy, subject to approval from your
insurance partner and acceptability by the treating institution.

If You are Looking for best quality and Affordable Medical treatment with best
medical practices and Equipments to India and looking for a Experienced
Medical Tourism Consultant and Planner.

Contact Us:


Call us: +91- 9910485454

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