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About us

  Finware               Smart Software for Smart Brokers

                        Finware provides software and technology
                        services to mortgage brokers in Australia
                        and New Zealand. A young company, we
                        have secured our position in the industry by
                        focusing on a single core market – mortgage
                        brokers. Our products are designed to
                        increase the effectiveness and professionalism
                        of mortgage brokers and the greater market.
                        Our flagship product, iLend™, was launched
                        in 2002, since then our product range has
                        continued to evolve and grow.

                        We now boast a comprehensive range of
                        mortgage broking software solutions, which
                        have been specifically designed to support
                        a range of business operations from small
                        independent brokers, businesses with file
                        administrators through to large aggregator
Our unique              groups.
software design         • iWeb™
guarantees broker
                        • iCalc
scalability. Ensuring
                        • iNews
Finware is able to
                        • iRefer
support you, as
your business           • iLend™ Lite
grows.                  • iLend™ Lite Plus
                        • iLend™ Standard
                        • iLend™ Platinum

                          Australia Phone 1300 762 444
                          New Zealand Phone 0800 450 177
Products and services

    iLend™                Mortgage Broking Software

Finware’s flagship product iLend™ is the essential sales tool required to
run an organised and profitable mortgage business. Key features of
iLend™ include:

•   Flexible security options to suit       •   A fully customisable workflow,
    any size organisation regardless of         an invaluable tool for ensuring
    their geographical diversity.               quality control and optimising
•   A comprehensive Customer
    Relationship Management                 •   Loan management tool allowing
    (CRM) system for reporting and              you to keep track of all your loans.
    mail merge.
                                            •   Commission management
•   Lenders borrowing capacity                  including importing multiple
    calculators allowing you to enter           commission statements (Aus Only),
    your clients details once and get an        reconciling them and then creating
    accurate borrowing capacity for             your own commission statements for
    multiple lenders.                           brokers and referrers.
•   A lender Product Database updated       •   Off-line system design which
    daily that is financially guaranteed        ensures functionality without waiting
    for accuracy called iGuarantee              for internet access or coverage. Be
    (Aus only), allowing you to search,         capable wherever and whenever!
    sort and compare products.
•   iLodge™ (Aus only), allowing you
    to automatically populate and
    electronically lodge your
    application forms.
•   Lender document library,
    keeping you up to date with all
    your document needs.
•   Mortgage calculators
    supported by graphs, including
    extra repayments and lump sum

                                  Australia Phone 1300 762 444
                                  New Zealand Phone 0800 450 177
iGuarantee Commitment (Aus only)
We are the only Australian software         Through the Platinum Service, Finware
provider to financially guarantee           provides you with:
the accuracy of our product data.           •   A formalised documented and
iGuarantee was launched in January              automated workflow including
2006 and in this time we have                   automated reminders and tasks,
received an incredible response             •   Built-in auto-populated letters,
from brokers, who recognise the                 emails and forms such as
benefits that financially guaranteed            Disclosure Document and Reasons
information provides.
                                            •   Commission management,
Platinum Service                            •   iLodge™ auto-populated
                                                application forms (Aus only),
iLend™ was designed as a
customisable product, to support            •   Auto-populated NZMBA
                                                application forms (Aus only),
individual business needs and
points of difference.                       •   On-site customised training by
Our Platinum Service utilises a
                                            •   Ongoing account management.
comprehensive business analysis
and planning approach, to review
your requirements and ensure
you maximise your investment
in iLend™. Using a business
consultation model, we gather
information on your business
processes and then iLend™ is built
to your specific requirements.

“ atrina, we couldn’t be happier with the way you have conducted yourself
 in putting our deal together with Finware. Your professionalism and service
 oriented nature are commendable and I wish that more of my staff had your
 service ethic. Needless to say, our agents that are using your software are
 delighted with it as it only adds value to their respective businesses”Matt, QLD

                                Australia Phone 1300 762 444
                                New Zealand Phone 0800 450 177
Overview of Finware product features
management                                     Business marketing tools
    iLend™                    iWeb™                      iCalc                    iNews                    iRefer

CRM                        Ready-built               Updated and              Email newsletter         Lead capture
                           broker websites           managed by               with your                and management
Lender borrowing           in a choice of            Finware                  corporate                tool
capacity                   templates                                          branding
calculators                                          ‘Skinned’ and                                     Multiple lead
                           User-friendly             branded to               Ready-to-send            allocation
Lender product             content                   match your               content                  method
database                   management                website                  provided
                           system (CMS)                                                                Loan updates or
iLodge™ (Aus only)         giving you                No fuss, same            Professionally           status change
                           the ability to            day set-up               written articles         notification via
Lender document            update your                                                                 TXT or email
library                    own content
                           or add pages              Drive additional         Ability to easily
Mortgage                                             traffic to your          add your own             iRefer integrates
calculators                                          website using            stories or articles      with iLend™
                           Unlimited choice          ‘mortgage                                         allowing lead
                           of pages to suit          calculators’*                                     information to
Workflow tool                                                                 Measure and
                           your business                                                               be synchronised
                                                                              track your clients’
Loan management                                                               ‘open’ and ‘click-
tool                       Dynamic content                                    through’ rate            Time-out
                           available; news                                                             mechanism to
                           updates to                                                                  ensure leads not
                           ensure your                                                                 accepted are
                           website remains                                                             reallocated
                           current                                                                     within 24hrs
                           Analytics to                                                                Multiple
Mail merge                 review site traffic                                                         reporting
                                                                                                       options to
Auto-populated             Search engine                                                               professionally
application forms          optimisation                                                                communicate
                                                                                                       with your referral
Diary note tool                                                                                        source
(NZ only)

* Industry research has shown that the term ‘mortgage calculators’ is one of the hottest search terms on search engines in the
  Australian and New Zealand mortgage industry.

                                               Australia Phone 1300 762 444
                                               New Zealand Phone 0800 450 177
    iWeb™                Websites

Many mortgage brokers lack the time or resources, to maintain their own
website. With the majority of today’s clients being ‘time-poor’, internet
searching is a key tool to finding a suitable mortgage broker. To maximise
your business growth, you need an active website presence. Our iWeb™
product does exactly that.

iWeb™ has been specifically designed for the mortgage broking industry. Our
iWeb™ solution offers a range of website designs, utilising core functionality and
search engine optimisation (including mortgage calculators) to showcase your
business in a professional ‘easy-to-use’ on-line presence.
Essential information required for any mortgage broking business is included in
each package, making it a cost effective solution, even for a sole operator. Each
site is dynamic, with the provision of weekly industry news articles for your
                                                              “We use Finware for
Additional iWeb™ features include:
                                                               all of our lender
•   Choice of a wide range of templates for your               information, procedures
    website design,
                                                               and workflows, data-
•   User-friendly control panel giving you the                 base management
    ability to update your own content or even add
                                                                (CRM), commission
    additional pages as required,
                                                                payments and electronic
•   Simple enquiry form to gather
                                                                lodgement (iLodge).
    contact details from potential clients,
                                                                I am a little biased,
•   Analytics to review site traffic,                           but I often say that our
•   Easily expandable to include                                website (iWeb) is one
    other Finware products such                                 of the best broker
    as iRefer,
                                                                websites that I have
•   Ability to create password                                  seen.”Adam, NZ
    protected member areas,

•   Dynamic content available;
    news updates to ensure your
    website remains current.

                                   Australia Phone 1300 762 444
                                   New Zealand Phone 0800 450 177
     iCalc           Mortgage Calculators

Research has shown that the term
‘mortgage calculator’ or terms closely
related, are the hottest search terms on
search engines in the Australian and New
Zealand mortgage industry. By using our
iCalc product you could increase your
search engine ranking and drive more
traffic to your website.

Website visitors          iCalc offers you a range of web-based mortgage
                          calculators. Your calculators are maintained by
will stay longer
                          Finware, and are ‘skinned’ and branded to your
on your website           website.
with graphical            The calculators allow your clients to graphically view
mortgage calculators,     a range of different loan payment and borrowing
increasing the            scenarios, based on their individual needs.

chances of                Our iCalc suite includes;

enquiries through            •   Borrowing power
your website.                •   Extra repayments
                             •   Loan comparison
                             •   Loan repayment
                             •   Lump sum
                             •   Split loan
                             •   Stamp duty (Aus only)

       Due to Finware’s system integration, your mortgage calculators
       could be functioning on your own website by this afternoon!

                            Australia Phone 1300 762 444
                            New Zealand Phone 0800 450 177
       iNews                    Email Newsletters

Keep your business top of mind with your clients by sending them a
regular newsletter. iNews is written and managed by Finware on your
behalf, while still giving you the ability to add your own articles.
With articles focusing on client retention and
invoking new business enquiries, iNews
can help turn your website investment
into an interactive lead generation tool.

Key features of iNews include:
   •   Monthly email newsletters,                         “ o all the Finware staff, I just
   •   Professionally written articles,                    wanted to say how impressed
                                                           I am with the product and
   •   Unlimited number of
       subscribers,                                        professionalism I have
                                                           experienced. I’m a new broker
   •   Measure and track your ‘open’
       and ‘click-through’ rate*, and                      but from a software background
       drive traffic to your website,                      and after analysing the
   •   Add the personal touch with                         competitors, iLend™ came out
       your own introduction and                           on top for features and price.
       articles,                                           After this I had to cross my
   •   Customised to your corporate                        fingers that the service that’s
       brand,                                              always promised by software
   •   Be seen as provider of quality                      companies was going to be
       service,                                            delivered – and in Finware’s
   •   Increase customer loyalty and                       case, it definitely was.”
       protect your trail.                                 Bradley, NSW

* The success of your email campaign is measured by a client’s ‘open’ and ‘click-
  through’ rate. These two industry measures help you understand clients that
  have opened your initial email and then ‘clicked through’ to your website.
 In the last 12 months, Finware has exceeded industry averages with our email
 newsletter ‘open’ rate of 30% and a ‘click-through’ rate of 6%.
 The finance industry average email ‘open’ rate is 24.7% and ‘click-through’ rate is 1.8%.
 Source: Bronto Email Marketing Company, Statistics March 16, 2008.

                                         Australia Phone 1300 762 444
                                         New Zealand Phone 0800 450 177
    iRefer                Referral Tracking System

Many mortgage broking businesses are underpinned by structured
referral programs. These relationships are more sophisticated, and your
referral partners are looking to you to provide timely updates on loan
progress and settlements.

Finware’s iRefer product provides just that. iRefer is an on-line standalone
product with the ability to integrate with iLend™. iRefer is a highly adaptable
referral tracking system and is suitable for either a simple business model or a
national brokerage with multiple corporate referral partnerships.

Key features of iRefer include:
•   Integration with your own website,

•   Customisable lead capture
    information i.e. name and phone
    number to a full application form,

•   iRefer integration with iLend™
    allowing lead information to be

•   Multiple lead allocation methods        •   Loan status change notification
    i.e. by postcode, or referrer to            back to the referrer, client and
    specific broker,                            broker via TXT or email,
•   Multiple distribution                   •   Multiple reporting options,
    communication methods
    including email and TXT,                •   Customised application to reflect
                                                your corporate branding and
•   Time-out mechanism available                website design,
    i.e. if no acceptance of lead within
    24hrs, lead is reallocated,             •   Accessible from separate
                                                geographic areas for referrers and
•   With integration to iLend™ any              brokers via your website.
    loan status updates will update

                                  Australia Phone 1300 762 444
                                  New Zealand Phone 0800 450 177
  Services                Smart Software for Smart Brokers

Support services
We believe mortgage software is not about having buttons that can do
this or that, or special features. It’s about the team that stands behind the
system. We have a solutions-based team who genuinely want to help.

Clients can access business support using our on-line iSupport Solution, between
the hours of 8am – 6pm (EST). Logged support requests are prioritised within the
Support team, based on task severity. Finware Support is committed to resolving
individual queries, as quickly as possible to ensure you are functioning to your
optimum capacity.

Finware boasts a comprehensive list of training
solutions for your business, along with a flexible
approach to delivery including;

   Training Module 1 – Introduction to iLend™
   Training Module 2 – iLend™ Refresher Training
   Training Module 3 – iLend™ Advanced Training
   On-site Training
   Train the Trainer
   Training Library – On-line Tutorials
   Webex Training (remote training using
   Webex technology over the internet)

                                Australia Phone 1300 762 444
                                New Zealand Phone 0800 450 177
Further information or to
arrange a demonstration

To arrange a demonstration or for further information on any of our products
or services, please contact us directly:
Australia email or call 1300 762 444
New Zealand email or call 0800 450 177

How to order
           To download a Finware purchase order go to:
           New Zealand

           Australia 1300 762 444     New Zealand 0800 450 177

           Send an email outlining which products you are
           interested in and a consultant will contact you to:
           New Zealand

                                 Suite 117, Jones Bay Wharf (Pier 19-21),
                                 26-32 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont, NSW 2009 Australia
                                 Phone: 1300 762 444 Fax: +61 2 9225 9775

                                 New Zealand
                                 PO Box 137-172, Parnell, Auckland 1151
                                 Phone: 0800 450 177 Fax: +64 9 523 8028

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